Carmen ~ Their Last Mistake [CA#1]

A cool night breeze on a sultry summer night, a rarity in this city famous for night-time temperatures above 30°C. But then this lake in the southern part of the city was well known as a place where the local bourgeois would often come to cool down after a day full of sweat and grime. But that used to be in the old times, when air conditioners were largely unknown and the best respite against dehydration was a glass of water with Glucon D. The current crop of people here preferred to retire to their homes after dusk, preferring the soft hum of split AC’s to the gentle lapping sounds of the lake waters, and an occasional mosquito bite.

On such a night, Carmen and Sonal were enjoying a stroll, the pleasant breeze occasionally creating goose pimples on the exposed skin of these ladies. The stroll was meant to get over the slight high that the white wine had given them. Which in itself was an excellent accompaniment to the vegetarian continental fare served at the Rowing Club. 

Carmen had been invited to Kolkata by Sonal, for a workshop on body strength and flexibility. Carmen a world renowned dancer, martial artist, fitness exponent, had never visited India before. And she was loving it. Sonal, a charming host, was an accomplished dancer. Carmen was impressed by the strength that Sonal could command in her calves and thighs. Sonal was a quick learner as well, picking up dancing and fitness tips from Carmen. All this while, they had built up a great rapport as well, swapping jokes, sharing stories of their cultures, and generally becoming fast friends.

The walk along the lake bank took them towards a green stretch lined with tall Gulmohur. That’s where the killers were.

Raka, Poltu and Murugan were derelicts, living off odd jobs, and the occasional act of kindness. Abandoned at an early age near Howrah station, these hardy boys grew up tough. By the time they were 16, they were already well known at the local police station, and were more than handy with blunt and sharp weapons. In a few years, they were introduced to “Nasha”, a habit that demanded ever increasing sums of money. Drawn into a spiral of crime, they became history sheeters, each with an ever increasing list of crimes against their names. Such small time criminals rarely live beyond the age of 30, usually the victims of addiction, or a bullet, or a knife in the ribs.

Raka, Poltu, Murugan (The RPM gang), were a bit different from their common brethren. Raka was the brain. Sharp and analytical, he used to plot their misdemeanours, and had a back-up plan ready always. Poltu was the weapon, a silent, methodical killer, good with a knife. Murugan was the enforcer, a health freak given to manic gymming; he had a muscular body and was known for his brute capabilities. What the RPM gang had was this unique sharing of capabilities and responsibilities, which more often than not would help them get away with their escapades. They were getting more dangerous and ambitious.

It was their ambition and team work that made their heist of a jewellery store successful. With the police in hot pursuit, they had managed to disappear off the face of earth for more than a week. It was in the wooded area near the lake where they had carefully concealed themselves, and were waiting for an opportune moment to escape the city.

Formidable as a gang, confident in their abilities, they were lethal. But they had their weaknesses as well – women. Often after their heists, they would visit the red light areas for a night of hectic drugs and sex, often leaving behind battered women too scared to complain.

A week of deprivation, being on high alert and deprived of peace of mind, they had become cagey and were starting to snap at each other. So when they saw two rather attractive ladies walking in a secluded stretch near the lake, they all decided to gang up on the women.

“Kothaay jachcho aamar rani? Ekhaane aasho – AAREY! Goriii! Aey dekh re sala, eto maal gori re!” “Sala tatka magi sala… aj raate thushbo puro..!” <Where are you going, my queen? Come here – Hey! Fair skin! A look guy, this one’s a foreigner! What a piece of ass…I’m gonna fuck her tonight…”> And so on went the inane declarations of primal, ugly male desire. These were accompanied with a lot of genital rubbing and such intimidatory tactics.

In a low voice, without changing her expression, Carmen said, “Sonal, I got this…” “Wait Carmen, let’s do this together, it’s been a while since I’ve crushed a demon underneath.” Carmen turned to Sonal with an astonished smile “When this is over, we’ll exchange notes…” “Sure, Carmen…I told you about how Durga vanquished the demons, let’s re-enact the story”. [Note: Durga is a goddess of Hindu legend. She was created from the life force of the trinity of Hindu gods, an omnipotent being who vanquished the most evil of demons, Mahishasura.]

Poltu, the smallest and fastest of the lot, grabbed at Sonal first. He had his deadly razor in hand, ready to make her submit to the threat of a slit throat. What he didn’t expect was a classic judo move that twisted his wrist so awkwardly that the razor clattered to the road and a sharp pain shot up his arm. THWAP! went a kick to his midsection. He was knocked off his feet and landed heavily, the breath knocked out of him.

The brawn, Murugan, saw this and grabbed Sonal’s arms from the back. His huge hairy arms wrapped around her in a bear hug. Sonal was swept off her feet.

“AIE-YAAH” A dazzling au batido move from Carmen took everyone by surprise. She cartwheeled and slapped her foot to the side of M’s head. The blow might have felled lesser mortals, but it just surprised him enough for Sonal to break loose.

Suddenly, it wasn’t proving to be so easy for RPM to take these women. Better sense might have prevailed had they not been so sex deprived, or maybe their egos wouldn’t let them retreat. “Poltu,” said Raka “Oder paa gulo dekhechish saala…bhalo jor aachey…saala ki kick dilo Murugan ke”. <Did you see their legs? They’re damn strong! What a kick that was to Murugan’s head!> Warily they converged on Carmen and Sonal again.

“I’ll take the brute; you go for the thin one. But be prepared for that nasty blade of his, Sonal”. Sonal nodded her assent. As Poltu lunged with his knife, Sonal feinted with a kick, but pirouetted away at the last moment. Poltu slashed faster, but Sonal gracefully danced away. A vicious downward swipe and Sonal barely managed to skip away, though not before the razor caught on her skirt and tore it from her hip, down the left side. The dim light highlighted Sonal’s sexy thighs, accentuated by the prominent bulge of the quadriceps muscle. In his rage to catch her, Poltu stumbled on the cobble stones and almost lost his balance. Sonal needed that moment to give him a vicious kick that swung him round and felled him.

Murugan was strong, very strong. As strong as a bull, but slower. He was trying to swat Carmen with his palms, but she was like poetry in motion, escaping his heavy blows in incredible acrobatic fashion. With every other swing of his arms, Carmen managed to land stinging jabs or kicks to his face and chest. A few attempted haymakers later, he was panting. Carmen took this opportunity to deliver a flying kick just below the neck. The giant flew of his feet and landed heavily on his back.

Raka was watching this intently. His clinical mind had figured out that he should be entering the fray only if both his friends were on their feet, so that they had the tactical edge.

He was goading them: “Poltu, Murugan, saala oth…duto maagir kachhe mar khachhish?”<Poltu, Murugan, get up you pigs! You are getting thrashed by the two chicks> the two got up groggily. “Murugan, otake samla (pointing to Sonal), ami ar Poltu eke dekhchhi.” <Murugan, take her (pointing to Sonal), Poltu and I will handle this one.>

Grunting, Murugan rushed towards Sonal. “Don’t let him grab you Sonal”. Sonal had backed off, and Murugan had gained significant momentum. When he was almost upon her, she rolled onto her back. As he reached down, she brought up her powerful legs and pushed the big fellow clean over her. Her incredible leg strength and his momentum made him fly several feet and land face down.

Continuing her roll, Sonal was on Murugan’s back and had pinned him down by sitting on his upper back. Bringing his arms over her thighs, she grabbed his chin and pulled back. A gasp of pain and an agonised expression appeared. Sonal was now laughing “Aaja saand”<Come, you ox.> and pulled him so hard that his upper body arched. Moving his torso between her calves, she squeezed him with the force of a machine vise. “AAAARRRRGGHHHH” was all he could say, as his bulging eyes expressed a mixture of shock, pain and disbelief”. Sonal reduced the severity of her hold, letting Murugan speak…”Muh oh…muh…khoma koro…” <Forgive me> “Keno? Aamake dhorey kee koraar ichchey chilo” <Why? What did you intend by grabbing me?> Suddenly Sonal leant back so hard that the big man shrieked like a child. She let him fall back, and turned him around. She then pinned his palm under the heel, and repeatedly slapped him. The big man was blabbering now, begging her forgiveness. His free hand helplessly moved from her knee to her bulging calf. Finally, in resignation, he said “Aami sesh hoye gelaam…aar parchi naa..aaaahhh” <Can’t go on, I’m finished>. Sonal was now in blood lust. She jumped up and slammed his chest with her foot. He jerked, as if in seizure, and lay still.

Carmen quickly calculated that the physically dangerous Poltu needed to be despatched first. So she used a combination of handstands and feints to disorient the knife fighter. A rapid side move with a handstand, and she kicked him so hard and fast, he was unconscious before he hit the ground. Now Raka was alone and sweating. In his analytical mind, the seed of doubt had grown into a full-fledged jungle. He saw no escape from these two furies. So he did the logical thing: supplication. He fell on his knees and said “Ebarkar moto chhere dao… ar konodin tomader pechhone asbo na”. <Let me go, please. Will never bother you again.> Carmen said, “Whatever”, and proceeded to lash him with a series of kicks and punches that rapidly made him kiss the ground.

A few feet away, Sonal had launched into a dance, with fluid, graceful motions that ended with stomps, nudges and kicks to Murugan’s body. The big ruffian was crying like a child: His tattered kurta had come off, and dark bruises and welts covered most of his torso. Sonal placed her foot on his chest, enjoying the rough feel of the brute’s hair in her soft soles. She rubbed with more pressure, squeezing his chest cavity so that he had difficulty breathing. All resistance had left him. Instead there was reverence. A child like look came over him. He began to massage her feet and feel her calves. His hands were surprisingly soft on her calves, perhaps realising, and soaking in the fact that he was pinned down by a superior force that he could not fight, but only admire. His slow rubbing gave Sonal goose pimples. She was beginning to like that fact that this giant was like a toy under her. She smiled at him seductively. Murugan’s childlike eyes glazed over. A big peak started forming in his pants. He was moving both his palms up and down Sonal’s bare calves, as if he were stroking his own dick. Soon, he came with a spasm. He bit his lip and closed his eyes. A smile lingered on his face.

Sonal was smiling too, for she knew she would now be ending this. So she leapt into the air, perhaps as much as five feet, and landed on his sternum. An audible crack sounded, he spouted blood from the mouth. Multiple broken ribs had punctured his lungs. “Bol Mahishasur,kirom laglo Ma Durga’r pa?” <Speak, Mahishasur, how did you like Ma Durga’s leg?>

Carmen left Raka, who was prone, and caught a fistful of Poltu’s hair. With great body strength, she pulled up his body, such that he was just dangling, with no support on his legs. BLAM! WHACK! THUD! CRACK! SMASH! Her piston like right arm was a flurry of motion as it delivered blows to his face. After a dozen blows or so, she stopped and turned his face to the light. There was no evidence of any facial feature, except for a dangling broken jaw. The rest was a bloody mess. She then reached down and grabbed his crotch, and with one hand already gripping him by the hair, pulled him up above her head. She carried the half dead man like that for a minute, and then dropped him like a sack onto the still prone Raka.

Sonal had in the meanwhile brutalised Murugan’s chest so badly, it looked like a carcass that had its ribcage torn open. Her legs had completely pulverised the chest and was now going SQUISH into the pulpy mess inside. Murugan had died of grievous injuries to his chest cavity.

Carmen walked over to Sonal “Hey, don’t you think you should now leave this carcass aside? I’ve got one each left for us both…

“Why don’t you do the Taandav with this one…” Carmen pointed to Raka. “He’s relatively unhurt”. “Ummm…yeah, I’ll teach him the last lesson he’ll ever learn”. Sonal bent towards him and slapped him a few times until he came to his senses. As he tried to get up, she brought her legs around his torso, and began squeezing him with her calves. “Aaaaaaarrrrrhhhhhhh…..Maaaaaaaah”. He tried his best to shift, move and hit her legs to escape, but Sonal’s legs, especially her massive calves, were like the grips of a giant pair of pliers. The round balls of muscle were beginning to intrude into the delicate part of the ribs on the lower side. Slowly, inexorably, she tightened her grip. Her legs started moving closer. It was as if Raka would be cut into two by her scissoring legs.

Carmen had pulled up Poltu to his feet. Incredibly, he had one eye still open. The nose was squashed, and the mouth was drooling with blood and other debris, with the chin distorted by the broken jaw. “Mewo aa, mewo aa”. <Don’t hit me, don’t hit me> That’s all she could make out coming from his tortured face. “I can’t understand what you’re saying, Bro, can you be clearer? Huh? No?”. Her foot flew and delivered a snap kick to his groin. The man shuddered and his good eye rolled up into his head. She let him fall again, and proceeded to furiously kick his body like a football. THWACK, WHACK, THUD! Until all that remained was a bundle of decimated flesh with an assortment of broken bones.

Sonal had constricted Raka’s midsection so much that he’d stopped resisting. Just his jaws and eyes kept moving wildly in an uncoordinated manner. Sonal calves had balled into and broken most of his lower ribs. His liver would have also been irreparably damaged. Then in a sudden, savage move, She twisted her legs hard. The snap of breaking ribs could be heard sharply. His midsection was completely ruined. A trail of blood ran down his mouth. Letting him drop, Sonal did a quick hop-step victory dance, and jumped high and brought her right leg crashing down fiercely right on top of his heart. Sonal foot crashed through his ribcage, pulverising the heart and causing instant death. A spray of blood landed on the victorious duo, as if hell itself had welcomed the evil trio to its fold.


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