Before embarking on her gruelling fitness regime Charlene, 36, was just a normal mum-of-two who enjoyed going running.

A keen runner and fitness enthusiast.

That is Charlene Harvey, aged 36, from Malmesbury, in southern England.

Or was, rather. This cute mother of two with a dazzling smile and a job in accounts decided to hit the gym alongwith her husband.

Just nine months later, she was on stage at Manchester, flexing her muscles. Yes, for Charlene had transformed – from a rather plain physique to a bronzed goddess rippling with muscle and sinew.  Continue reading Transformations

The Red Rage [KK#3]

The swirling crimson cloud was everywhere. The warrior princess ran along the long, pillar lined corridors of the palace at Shaktinagar. A soldier burst out of a guard room. A swing of her sword and she had nearly decapitated the man.

Loud screams of death rent the air. Women and children wailed in the streets. Ashes and smoke rose to mingle with the red haze that seemed to drive everyone to frenzy. Kamsakanya, the warrior princess, was now up on the ramparts. She ran like a deer, expertly dodging or deflecting the arrows that were shot at her. She ran full steam into the archer. Her momentum plunging the blade into the man’s gut, picking him up bodily by the sword hilt. She paused for just a moment, to pull out her sword from the dead man.  Continue reading The Red Rage [KK#3]

The Bronze Lady’s Punishment [KK#2]

Professor Pyare Lal wiped the sweat off his brow. The temperatures in the month of May were at 48ºC. The hired labour was going slow, heat and dehydration making them lethargic. It was not an easy job, chipping off the compacted earth, gradual sifting of soil, making careful inventory of each and every pebble, lest it turn out to be a valuable gem, or a priceless historical artefact.

Satellite imagery had revealed a fairly uniform mound in the sparsely populated wasteland outside the town. A mound which had no reason to be there. Using cutting edge science and a lot of hard work, the middle aged professor had unearthed the remains of a Bronze Age town.

He had finished most of the excavation work over the last six months. He and his team now had an exposed area which they could map fairly well. They had mapped out the markets, residential area, the central pond, the temple, guardhouse etc. They had also uncovered a massive ruin with broken columns at the northern periphery, which could be a residential or administrative building. It was this spot that had given the Professor most bother.  Continue reading The Bronze Lady’s Punishment [KK#2]

The Nataraja of Kanshet [KK#1]

Mushtanda the wrestler came to Shaktinagar, the capital city. Rupashakti was a prosperous kingdom, well known for its patronage of the performance arts. In particular, the capital city Shaktinagar was renowned as a cultural hub, where performers from far and wide would show their dancing talent in a week long annual event that had gained fame across the land.

King Chandradeep also encouraged physical activities, and in particular loved the sport of wrestling. His akhadas had some of the best known wrestlers of the time.  Continue reading The Nataraja of Kanshet [KK#1]