Hey, Rey!


ReyAn orphaned girl. A scavenger on a desert planet. The next big hope for the Galaxy. 

See the movie for all the good reasons – great story, lovable characters, nail biting action, and of course, the return of Solo and Skywalker.

See the movie also for the spunk in the character of Rey. How this girl stands up for her friends, for what’s good. For her fortitude, and the way she turns the tables in a game of mental oneupmanship.

May the Force be with Rey!


The ‘mental oneupmanship’ line has been deliberately chosen to avoid spoilers.

Image taken from https://www.komar.de/en/products/photomurals/star-wars.html?tx_komarproducts_category%5BpUid%5D=4937&tx_komarproducts_category%5Bindex%5D=1&tx_komarproducts_category%5Baction%5D=showCategory&tx_komarproducts_category%5Bcontroller%5D=Product&cHash=ed2f271c095d0034a909c74389e96acf

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