Before embarking on her gruelling fitness regime Charlene, 36, was just a normal mum-of-two who enjoyed going running.

A keen runner and fitness enthusiast.

That is Charlene Harvey, aged 36, from Malmesbury, in southern England.

Or was, rather. This cute mother of two with a dazzling smile and a job in accounts decided to hit the gym alongwith her husband.

Just nine months later, she was on stage at Manchester, flexing her muscles. Yes, for Charlene had transformed – from a rather plain physique to a bronzed goddess rippling with muscle and sinew. 


Here’s Charlene now:


Look at those long, gloriously hard biceps that rise from the shoulders, mightily arching their way to to the elbows. See those striations of the sinews in her forearms.

There’s another photo of her where the veins look like rivulets in the midst of mountains of muscle.

Those abs – as if chiseled out from rock.

The glistening thighs with hard slabs of muscle on them… tapering away to a sexy set of shins and feet…. Perhaps the only thing that hasn’t changed about Charlene is her smile!

I could go on about Charlene… For I am fascinated by the transformation that she has undergone. From a very regular woman next door, to an icon of perfection. She says her target is eight percent body fat. Yeah, 8%! An average woman typically has between 25-30% fat. It takes a lot of hard work – exercise and strict diet, to reach that level.

To do all that in a space of nine months and to win trophies at bodybuilding competitions – Charlene has shown us how hard work and focus can make such a dramatic difference. Her work ethic and determination are inspirational. I hope she wins many more trophies, and shows us the way to a healthier, more fit life.

Check out more of Charlene at:




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