May the best man win?

There was a magazine called “SKILL”, published in Britain, which was devoted to wrestling and strength. The magazine may have been stopped publishing sometime in the sixties, or perhaps the seventies. But as to that, information is sketchy.Hamida Banu

Nevertheless, in the mid-1950’s, there was much correspondence in the magazine, of a woman from North India, named Hamida Banu. It was said she was a princess, or at least a wealthy person, who was exceptionally skilled in the art of wrestling.  Continue reading May the best man win?

Tilottama [TT#1]

A tale from Hindu mythology, of how a lethal combination of beauty and power brought down the immortal Asura brothers Sunda and Upasunda.


The land was bled dry.

The wild land south of the Himalayas had been slowly transformed into a rich, vibrant land of opportunity and bounty. The fertile land was nourished by river silts and seasonal rains. Agriculture flourished and the land was perhaps the most populous on Earth. Lush forests and ample mineral resources helped the transform the primarily agrarian communities into trading societies. These grew to become some of the most prominent cities in the world, famous trading hubs for natural produce and a melting pot of cultural and artistic talent.

Altruistic kings with vision and monarchs with military might; they lived, fought and died here. They left their marks on the land, some deep, some faded. There were some who bled the land dry, too.

Of these, the tale of Sunda and Upasunda is remarkable. For these were warriors so powerful that there was no kingdom major or minor that could stand up to them.  Continue reading Tilottama [TT#1]

The Little Monsta!

Imagine this: It’s just another day at the gym. You walk in, plan to do your cardio, maybe a few reps with weights. Enough to get the blood pumping and to feel a bit sore in the muscle. And then you bump into her – a woman with a thick, pumped musculature. You check her outDanielle Reardon (48) – wow! She’s so… so  buff! Man! You could not get close to her level of build without being blessed. You can see that she’s a naturally gifted athlete, too. And then she turns towards you… she has a beautiful face with a dazzling smile.  Continue reading The Little Monsta!