The Little Monsta!

Imagine this: It’s just another day at the gym. You walk in, plan to do your cardio, maybe a few reps with weights. Enough to get the blood pumping and to feel a bit sore in the muscle. And then you bump into her – a woman with a thick, pumped musculature. You check her outDanielle Reardon (48) – wow! She’s so… so  buff! Man! You could not get close to her level of build without being blessed. You can see that she’s a naturally gifted athlete, too. And then she turns towards you… she has a beautiful face with a dazzling smile. 

When I first saw Danielle Reardon (no, not live, but on YouTube) it was a jaw dropping, eye popping moment for me. For she is so dense with muscle! It’s like as if god spent time lavishing her body with layer upon layer of muscle.

Check out some of the photos of her physique – see the amazing muscle development and vascularity, in contrast to the sexy, tapering torso.


The back, shoulder and arms really stand out together as she holds her position in a pull up, taken as a freeze-frame.


Aren’t those arms just bursting with power!?!eade4eabddc52b1946dd0dd777f06061

Dani is not just a mountain of muscle. She is a trained cheerleader and weightlifter too. She has a masters degree in Sport and Exercise Science. All that, for a woman who’s in her early twenties!

I think what sets Dani apart from the rest is how natural has it been for her to put on so much muscle, yet remain a bubbly bouncy woman who likes to have fun.

There is a hot debate on how muscular a woman can be, and what level of muscularity defines or defies feminity. I believe there is no such limit – it is all a matter of aesthetic sensibility. A woman with a larger frame can put on more muscle than a man with a smaller bone structure (although testosterone does give the man an advantage). Dani has managed to put on huge muscle, without losing her feminity one bit.


Wouldn’t you agree?

Check out her videos at her channel and her FaceBook page:

All images are snapshots of videos or jpegs from image search. I hold no copyright on these.



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