Tilottama [TT#1]

A tale from Hindu mythology, of how a lethal combination of beauty and power brought down the immortal Asura brothers Sunda and Upasunda.


The land was bled dry.

The wild land south of the Himalayas had been slowly transformed into a rich, vibrant land of opportunity and bounty. The fertile land was nourished by river silts and seasonal rains. Agriculture flourished and the land was perhaps the most populous on Earth. Lush forests and ample mineral resources helped the transform the primarily agrarian communities into trading societies. These grew to become some of the most prominent cities in the world, famous trading hubs for natural produce and a melting pot of cultural and artistic talent.

Altruistic kings with vision and monarchs with military might; they lived, fought and died here. They left their marks on the land, some deep, some faded. There were some who bled the land dry, too.

Of these, the tale of Sunda and Upasunda is remarkable. For these were warriors so powerful that there was no kingdom major or minor that could stand up to them. 

Sunda and Upasunda were the sons of a powerful Asura king. These mighty warriors were twins, conceived and born together, they grew up inseparable. They played, studied and practised together. Growing up, they shared the same plate of food, slept on the same bed, and even shared their wives.

When it was time to be kings, they prayed and practiced austerities to Brahma. Pleased by their devotion, they were granted a boon to be invincible as long as they did things together.

As kings, they looted and pillaged their land. Being possessed of a mighty army, and themselves being indefatigable in battle, they defeated all other kings and rulers nearby.

Such was their depredation that cities and villages were abandoned. Lawlessness prevailed and men feared to travel, either alone or in convoy. The forces of Sunda and Upasunda pillaged all settlements, leaving death, gloom and despair all around. Even the dwellings of sages and mendicants were pillaged. Their altars were desecrated, women carried off and even milch animals slaughtered.

Taking up arms against the carnage, the Gods took up arms against Sunda and Upasunda, but were themselves were attacked and defeated. Such was the power of the twins that the Asura force was close to knocking down the celestial gates.

The Gods prayed to the powers that be. Inevitably, Brahma regretted. It is surprising to note how the holy trinity can be swayed by the prayers of mortal beings that ask for immortality. Ego is universal truth, perhaps a remnant from the birth of the universe itself.

Since no man, mortal or otherwise, had been able to stand up to the terror of the twins, it was decided to invoke Shakti, the female power.

Brahma prayed himself, and asked for a power that would be able to defeat Sunda and Upasunda. Shakti answered his wishes with a small jewel box.

When Brahma opened the box, he found grains, as tiny as a sesame seed. Putting them on his palm, the ‘seeds’ glittered and grew in size. The seeds seemed to be gems, all of different colours and hues. Each gem cut perfectly, shining with perfect clarity.

The gems all came together and coalesced into a human form. She was named Tilottama, a name that combines ‘Til’ (Sesame Seed) and ‘Uttama’ (Ultimate; perfect). In other words, she was the ultimate form of woman power – the perfect combination of beauty, symmetry and power.

Gazing upon her primal beauty and glory, even Brahma, Shiva and the gods began to get drawn to her majestic form.

Tilottama created a red silk garment to hide her resplendent beauty. She addressed the august gathering: “I am humbled to be chosen for the mission of eradicating Sunda and Upasunda.” Looking at the lust filled gazes of the gods and higher beings, she decided to leave, lest she had to use her immense powers on them!

She immediately got on the task of tracking the Asura kings down.

South of the Vindhyas, Sunda and Upasunda were enjoying the good things in life. Camped in a fair land with many blossoming trees and shrubs, they were relishing food and wine, entertained by music, a bevy of dancing women who they would consort with freely.

Tilottama walked into the camp, seeming oblivious to the party going on. She was wrapped in a sheer red silk dress that clung tight to her skin. She had a bunch of flowers in hand.

Captivated be her appearance, the musicians stopped playing. The entire camp seemed to have been stopped in their tracks. Annoyed by the sudden ceasing of the music, the twins turned their gaze on the disruptive figure that had just strolled in.

They were both stunned by Tilottama’s beauty.

Her face was perfect – symmetry of features sharp and well formed. It was impossible to look at those eyes and not be captivated by their magnetic hold.

Only once she let you divert your gaze, would you see how flawless her skin was. Bare shoulders, neither too broad nor too narrow. Her arms were long. Their shape and form indicating superb muscle tone, yet neither muscled nor veiny. The fingers, just perfectly formed.

Her torso, dominated by firm, supple breasts that had no sag at all. One could make out the thrust of her nipples and just the barest hint of her areola through the sheer fabric. The silk went round her body, tracing the outline of her gently narrowing waist, showing enough of her ridged abdominal muscles.

Tracing the red silk further down, it covered her hips – athletically ample yet not too large. Thighs that were strong yet not too thick. The fabric had started to tear at the place where they went round her calves.

The calves shone in the gentle sunlight – mini mounds of buttery skin that proudly rose to shine and show off their smooth hardness.

The feet, clean inspite of being bare, had the thinnest of anklets. There were perched at a point where the shin finished the taper to begin the flare of the foot.

A hundred pair of eyes wandered over Tilottama’s body. They touched her with love and reverence. No word was spoken for a long time.

Tilottama smiled at Sunda and Upasunda. The twins got off their seat, galvanised. They both rushed to her. Coming to her, they both went to their knees.

Love, marriage, heaven, beauty, praise, sex, lust. Those were some of the words the twins uttered in a gush, trying to get her attention desperately.

Tilottama just laughed. Like a wind chime, her laughter carried across the camp. People dropped instruments, trays, knives, arms and rosary beads at that wondrous sound. And then she started to dance.

Tilottama danced like a doe. She moved with the wind, flitting like a butterfly. She twirled her body like a dandelion seed in a gentle draft. She cupped her hands and her fingers moved like a budding flower’s petals.

Many a man could not resist her beauty and glory. Some rushed at her, but could not catch up with her dainty athletic moves. Some couldn’t resist their natural urges, and fell upon the ground, their body jerking orgasmically.

As her dancing reached a high, she held out her hands – “Which one of you would be my consort? Which one will be at my knee? Alas, I can only give my love to one man, not two!”

Sunda and Upasunda were now like musth driven elephants. They knocked down the camp about them, throwing things around and trampling the abovementioned men whose bodies were racked by orgasms.

Tilottama held out her arms to them. “Which one of you in worthy?” She asked.

Sunda and Upasunda grabbed her right and left arm respectively. They pulled her in opposite directions, each trying to drag Tilottama away from the other. They had retrogressed to the times when they were kids, fighting for a lump of jiggery; such was the charm and glory of Tilottama.

Suddenly she pulled them close. Turning them around, she wrapped her arms around each one’s neck. The grip tight enough to choke them.

The twins struggled to release that grip. Even as they fought her strength, their bodies and minds were surrendering to Tilottama. Their mighty erections pushed out from their smallclothes. They struggled and kicked. But the sweet smell of Tilottama’s body was like opium to their minds. Soon, their fierce struggles lessened. They rubbed against Tilottama’s soft yet hard body. What their eyes, ears and nose couldn’t comprehend, they tried to touch her body to understand. Their bodies were slaves now. Their backs bent, trying to feel and rub against the generous curve of Tilottama’s hips. They moaned, as the undulations of her waist pressed against their stretched backs.

Tilottama smiled and tightened her hold. Flexing her arms, she constricted the twins’ throats. Even though they couldn’t breathe, Sunda and Upasunda rubbed against Tilottama’s torso. They rubbed themselves like bitches in heat. Their eyes were half closed, teeth biting into lips with the occasional tongue flicking. They both hung onto Tilottama’s strong arms, moving in tune with the gentle movement of her hips.

In a high state of arousal, they rubbed their loins, massaging themselves as Tilottama’s sensuality drove them relentlessly to a high they had never experienced ever. Even as they were close to collapsing from asphyxiation.

Snapping her sinewy arms around, she suddenly banged their heads together. Disoriented and in pain, the brothers fell to her feet.

Tilottama grabbed them by the scruff of their necks and picked them up bodily. “They say you are indestructible. Hmmmm is that right? I see two bickering boys instead of the mightiest Asura kings in front of me.”

She threw Upasunda heavily to the ground. Turning round Sunda to face her, she cupped his face in her palms and brought him close to her. She smiled. With devastating effect. Her looks, her eyes, her lips, had the effect of sending shock waves through Sunda’s brain. “Aaahh hhnnn unnnnn…” he went… as he lost control of his bodily functions. Eyes unfocused, a big smile on his face, saliva spilling over from his mouth. His body jerked, spasmed, as waves of extreme pleasure coursed through his body. His lungs heaved and legs gave away. The hips jerked rapidly, uncontrollably, as he orgasmed. Liquid spilled out from the folds of his loincloth, wetting it completely, running in streams down to his calves. “nnnnnnnn… uuunnnhhhhaaaa” he went, as Tilottama held him up by his face only. Letting him spasm until he passed out.

She let him drop in a heap, lying in a puddle of his bodily fluids.

Moving onto Upasunda, she pulled him to his feet. Suddenly turning him around, she held him fast against her body. Her right arm went around his chest; the left went low, just below the navel. She held Upasunda tight, letting his back feel her ample bosom. Taking a deep breath, she swelled her chest more, pushing his body sensually with her breast, even as she tightened the arm around the chest. Upasunda was feeling his body being sexily squeezed by a hard arm against soft yet firm breasts.

Upasunda had a raging erection going. His cock was pushing away the sheer silk undergarment. The wild throbbing of his heart could be seen as his organ rocked visibly.

Tilottama started to move her left arm up and down. She was massaging the part between his navel and the groin. She was softly pulling up at the slight tummy bulge, and pushing deep into his pubes. Each pull up and push down was more intense and deep that the previous one. The intense rubbing was making Upasunda moan with intensity. Suddenly Tilottama reached down and grabbed the silken material below his waist. With one sharp tug, she had ripped off the loincloth completely, exposing Upasunda’s grotesquely engorged cock.

Grabbing him by the neck and the waist, she lifted Upasunda in the air, above her head. The Asura screamed, and grabbed his organ and jerked off furiously. A fountain of fluid burst out from his organ, spraying everywhere. His legs and arms jerked like a puppet’s. As the spasms eased, Tilottama dropped him like a sack onto the ground, next to his brother.

As the twins lay there, bodies gently twitching and faces contorted with pleasure, Tilottama straightened them up, laying them next to the other. She then put her right foot on Upasanda’s chest, and left on Sunda’s. She stood on them, watching them grimace, as their chests compressed. The Asura twins both put their hands on her legs, feeling her smooth skin in their hands, running them across the powerful bulging calves, feeling the raw power and sensuality of those legs.

Putting her hands on the hips, Tilottama did a slow dance. She swayed her hips, moving them round and round. Her butts, large and firm, moved up and down as well. The scene was like a slow erotic thrust-grind. The swaying was also making her weight shift on the twins’ chests. They exhaled with the pressure of her legs, as well as with the sensuality of her movements.

Getting down from the chests, Tilottama let Sunda and Upasunda recover some breath. She then pulled Sunda to his feet. Holding his hands at the wrists, she asked him: “Sunda – they say you brothers are invincible. If so, how is it that you have been seduced, beaten and almost killed by a woman who carries no arms?” “Maya! Maya” . “You are a Goddess whose beauty and might are incomparable… even so, old Brahma promised us invincibility as long as we fought together! How is it that we surrender to you ?!?”

Tilottama laughed. “I am the personification of Shakti. I have no regard for boons or blessings.” She commanded: “Describe my body, Sunda. Tell me what you feel. And tell me in all detail; otherwise my beautiful knee will rise to devastate your family jewels.”

Sunda spoke: “O Immensely fair and radiant Lady! You are so perfect. You are so beautiful. Your vision captivates my mind. Your body is not only beautiful, it is strong. When I look at your eyes, or your legs, or your…your uh… bosom, my mind goes crazy. Desire burns me from the inside. There is nothing I want to do, other than run to you and become a part of you…”

Tilottama nevertheless holds Sunda by the shoulders. And then suddenly sinks her right knee onto his groin. Sunda jerks, as if hit by a charging bull. His body flies a little distance, landing unconscious.

She picks up Upasunda next. She holds him up like a child, with a hand in each armpit. Upasunda’s legs dangle helplessly in air.

“You can’t resist me, Upasunda. My body, my beauty, my power and glory. They ravish you. Tell me what you feel. Now!”

Upasunda moans, and then starts to speak: “Oooohhh…. Your arms, they are long… no… they are just perfect. So graceful, so beautiful… so strong. You lifted me without any effort. Soft, velvety smooth skin. But I could also feel the hardness of the muscle underneath. Your fingers – so beautiful…makes we want to be grabbed, pinched, twirled, squeezed and jerked off in them. Ohh Supremely beautiful woman, please pleasure me. Give me release…”

Tilottama replied: “That I shall, Upasunda. Tell me, how does it feel, the first time you laid your eyes on me… how was it?”

Upasunda: “Ohhh… I just wanted to give up everything and run to you….”
Tilottama: “Yes, Yes. You, a powerful Asura king. To whom the three realms bow. Me – a simple woman. Feel the difference, Upasunda. You were impossibly mighty, you and your brother challenging the immortal gods even.”
“And me, a single, unarmed woman. Now, look how it has turned out…”

Upasunda: “Oh! Yes”

“How I have taken you and forced you both to your knees before me.

Upasunda: “Oh! Yes”

“How I have stood before you as you have dropped to submission like a shaking leaf. How I, deliberately, wilfully, have made you moan like a bitch in heat, and slaver at my feet in supplication.”
Upasunda: “You ravish me. You drive me wild; make me lose control of my body.”
Tilottama: “How does it feel to be dominated, Upasunda? How does it feel to realise that nothing, no one can look eye to eye to a Goddess? How does it feel to find your place beneath my feet?”
Upasunda: “Oh yes, my Goddess… You dominate me. You rule me. I belong to you, only you. I do not worship Brahma, nor do I want to do any more penance. As long as I know that I shall live at your feet. Or die underneath.”

“Then die, Upasunda. Die, as you deserve to.” So saying, Tilottama pushed him to the ground. As Upasunda lay there helplessly, she stomped on his chest. Upasunda’s breath came out like an explosion. His eyes went wide with shock. WHAP! WHACK! WHACK! KRRRAK! KRAACK! Went Upasunda’s ribs, as successive stomps broke their way into his ribcage. Upasunda lay there, vomiting blood. Finally, Tilottama put her foot on his head, and crushed it like an orange.

Having finished Upasunda, She went upto Sunda. Using the heel of her foot, she began to mash his arms. Sunda screamed, wordlessly. Since he was in shock. Tilottama’s feet mashed the Asura’s biceps into shapeless blue and black pulp.

Pulling up his leg from the ankle, she brought her foot down at the knee, breaking it and bending it in the direction opposite to which it was supposed to move.

Having mangled him thoroughly, she put her foot on his neck, crushing it progressively until the vertebra had snapped.

Thus was wrought the end of Sunda and Upasunda, terrors on earth.

A bright flash of light, and Brahma materialised in front of her. Looking around, the venerable God erupted in anger: “I gave them the boon that they could only be slain by themselves… You were supposed to entice them so that they would fight over you and eventually kill each other. But you have killed them yourself! How could you do this? How could you kill them, and disregard my boon?!?”

Tilottama laughed at the God. She got up and said: “Oh Brahma! You are knowledgeable, you are a creator. Yet you give boons to all and sundry flawed creatures that pray to you and perform rituals. Time and again, you and Shiva have been proved wrong – think Bhasmasura and Andhaka. Think MAHISHASUR!!!”

“It is every time that Shakti saves you. Erases your mistakes. Makes wrongs right. The wrongs that you perpetrate when your egos inflate! I do not follow you or your boons. Look at me! I am the glory of Shakti, power and beauty combined in one perfect body!”

That left Brahma gaping… for even he was feeling the effects of Tilottama’s charm! After a while, he managed to stutter…. “T…Til…Tilottama, if my boon is proved wrong… imagine – gods, Asuras, people, everyone will lose faith in us. The Vedas will themselves lose sanctity. Our culture, our structure – everything will collapse like the end of the universe. And it is still not time for that… This is a disaster.” Brahma, feeling week, sank to his knees.

Tilottama turned around. She saw a God, an old God, one whose ego had been shattered. She realised, it was not time for the Yugas (ages that come in cycles, signifying the birth and rebirth of the universe) to come to an end.

So she just went up to Sunda and Upasunda’s bodies. The brothers had loved each other. It would not be fair to separate them now. She moved their arms over each other. “Even in death, you will not part.” She whispered.

“Brahma, do not worry about your boon. The world will think they died fighting each other, over me.” She looked at Brahma. “It is not yet time for Satya Yuga to begin again”.

Brahma licked his lips. “The universe owes you, Tilottama… Would you like to come back… with me???”. She looked back at him with disgust. “Even though you are with Sarasvati, knowledge is not what you have imbibed from her.”

Tilottama strode away from the place. Little wildflower bushes sprouting where her bare feet left impressions in the stony soil.

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