Mohini – Fire and Ice [MO#2]

A take on a tale from Hindu mythology. Mohini the seductress saves the gods from a rampaging demon.


The degeneration of asuras continued as the centuries passed.

By nature, the asuras were greedy for power. This is the tale of an asura who by dint of penance and intellectual prowess, gained great power. And how that power went to his head. Literally.

History remembers him as Bhasmasur – the asur of ashes. He was a great and wise Asura king, renowned for his intellect and determination. He was, like all other great asura kings, hungry for power. Too hungry, in fact. 

After establishing his empire, he wanted to become the most powerful being in the universe. So he prayed to Siva, one of the trinity of supreme gods. He prayed continuously for many years, without interruption, and Siva was moved by his devotion.

He granted this devoted asura a wish. To which Bhasmasura immediately asked for immortality. Recalling the follies of gods who had granted near immortality to his predecessors, Siva refused. He explained to him that immortality could not be granted to anyone, since it was not something given to mortals.

Dismayed, Bhasmasura begged Siva. He cajoled, pleaded, but to no avail. That was the moment when Bhasmasura felt discontent and disllusionment. He instinctively began to hate the lord to whom he had devoted many years of single-minded worship. Gritting his teeth, he asked Siva for the ability to reduce to ashes anyone he touches on the head. The ascetic lord absent-mindedly granted the boon.

Bhasmasura’s eyes flashed. He asked Siva if the boon really works, to which Siva asked him to try it out. Bhasmasura then smiled and came towards Siva, his hand extended towards Siva’s head.

Being blessed by Siva, the boon would be extremely effective. It came as a shock to realise that his own devotee was now attempting to finish him off… and he had no counter for the boon that he had himself granted! Siva recoiled and fled the place. But Bhasmasur was determination personified. Wherever Siva went, Bhasmasur followed. There was no place on any plane, mortal or astral, that Bhasmasur wasn’t able to follow Siva into. It seemed that the trinity would be reduced to a duality; The fundamental balance of the universe was in question.

Hassled, harried and hurt, Siva rushed to Visnu the creator. The lord lay with his eyes closed, a smile on his face. “That should teach him to not go granting boons without thinking of the consequences” Visnu thought. Siva implored him, asked him for his help, to no avail. But Sri was there, and Parvati, Siva’s wife, was her good friend.

So she stepped away from Visnu, and told Siva that she would save him. Incredulous, Siva only gaped at her. But for a god at the verge of annihilation, he was willing to accept any help. He went down on his knees and paid obeisance to her.

Sri transformed herself to Mohini, the eternally beautiful woman. Before hope could transform into lust in Siva’s eyes, she left the abode

Bhasmasura had passed through the land of snow. Piles of ash marked his trail, the ashes of man and animal touched by him. Mohini watched as Bhasmasura made his way towards her.

She took a brief dip in the ice cold water of the lake, and came out like a radiant angel. Her long hair tracing her fine facial features. The wet silk cloth barely hid her strong and sexy body. The round shoulders and sinewy arms dripping with water and sex appeal in equal measure. The impressive fullness of her bosom was accentuated by the darkness of the areola seen through the sheer cloth. At the centre of each, proud nipples stood out like juniper berries.

As she slowly came out of the water, her narrow waist and full hips swayed and thrusted. The power and intention in them could not be denied. As she put her leg on the stones of the bank, her thighs swelled to indicate the thick and dense musculature underneath the thin fabric. Her bulbous calves seemed to absorb rays of the sun and glow with power and beauty.

Bhasmasura’s march through the snowy land was halted by this sexy apparition coming out of the water. He ran towards her, and asked her who she was. She said that she was an apsara of the lake. Aroused by the sight of this comely maiden with the strong thighs and calves like marble, Bhasmasura asked her to marry him. That was of course a dimly cloaked request for a hard night’s fuck.

Mohini laughed. She told him that she would only marry someone who could keep pace with her dance. Bhasmasur agreed to that, and decided to dance with her.

Seven days and nights they danced. Many dance forms, the most exotic Naga dances as well as fertility rituals from Misr’. They tried it all, but Bhasmasura would not fall prey to the trap Mohini was laying for her.

So after the week was gone, Mohini said “You are truly a great dancer.. You movements are so fluid… I feel wet between my legs. Come to me, Bhasmasur… I will take you for my lover now. Bhasmasur had now become weak from the seven days of rapture he had undergone – Mohini’s dance had shown him infinite possibilities. He was completely enamoured with her. So he told her that he was exhausted and wanted to rest.

Mohini came to Bhasmasura. She taunted him: “Is the king of asuras going to admit defeat to a nymph of the lake? One who stood in front of Siva for years, now can’t stand before a woman?”

Bhasmasura went on his knees: “O mighty nymph of the lake! Do make love to me, I have stood and meditated in Siva’ name for years. Do not deprive me of my pleasure.

Mohini laughed. This time she put her leg on Bhasmasur’s chest and pushed him away. Unable to take the humiliation, he rushed at Mohini, intending to ravage her and plunge his seed into her womb.

Mohini moved to her side and tripped the rushing Bhasmasura. The asura fell heavily on his chest. Mohini put her foot on his back, and pressed. Unable to breathe properly due to the weight of the foot, he wheezed. Mohini smiled and pressed her foot hard. Bhasmasur felt as if a banyan tree had been planted on his back. Mohini kept varying the pressure, the indicator of which was the size of the bulge of her calf. The massive pressure made Bhasmasur go deeper into the soft earth. Mohini was burying him alive.

As he lapsed into unconsciousness, Mohini picked up his limp left arm and pulled it up. She twisted his arm around until the joint ruptured.

Then she pulled up Bhasmasur by the hair on his head, She held him up, so that his dangling legs signified his helplessness and her total victory.

“Now, Bhasmasur, it is time for you to pay. For showing disrespect to Siva. For using your powers wantonly.

So saying, Mohini caught him by his right wrist. Slowly, inexorably, she turned his fist towards his head. With the other hand, she pried open the fingers. The effort made them both sweat. The fine sheen of sweat made both her arms radiant with power. Her corded muscles could be seen, twisting his hand towards his doom. She had gripped his legs between hers, so that he could not thrash about.

Slowly, inexorably, she defeated the strength of Bhasmasura. As his hand moved towards his head, Bhasmasura realised the futility of the fight. He realised that he was being subjugated by the most sexy woman in the universe, and that there was no shame in dying in front of her. He smiled as his hand made contact. The eyes glazed over as red hot cracks opened all over his face, and in a puff of ash and brimstone, he was released from the trials and tribulations of birth and death. He had achieved moksha in her grip.

The ash coated her lower legs, the dark shade a stark contrast against the glowing white skin that showed in patches on her bulging calves. The ash highlighted the contours of the massive bulging muscles that undulated with power as she slowly walked away.

From behind a rock, Siva had been watching the battle with fascination. Aroused by her might and sexiness, he couldn’t resist his natural impulses, and spilled his seed there.

The Siva devotees come to pray here every year even today, at the Ling of Siva that rises with the coming of winter. They say the ling rises due to freezing of water in the season. I like to believe it happens whenever Siva remembers that terrific battle between the wild asura and the most mighty Mohini.

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