Squeezed by the Landlady (JIMP#1)

Jim Priest gets a taste of what’s to come as he is squeezed between the powerful legs of his landlady, legs developed from years cycling up a steep hill each day. She forces him to pay rent in an unusual way! 

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

This is based on a real person and true events. The surname has been changed to avoid giving offence

During my second year at university, it was necessary that I found a place to lodge. This was because space in the halls of residence were limited. The university maintained a register of homes where students were welcomed to stay at reasonable cost. Leaving things a bit, the only addresses that were left were several miles out from the university, but I knew a second hand shop near the campus where I could buy a bicycle. I tried the phone number of a woman called Ms. Jakes and we discussed the arrangements which consisted of bed and breakfast only, leaving me to get my other meals at the university’s refectory. She sounded a warm pleasant woman and she seemed satisfied that I wasn’t some kind of yob, so we agreed that I would stay with her.

That afternoon after lectures, I was able to persuade a friend who had a car to give me a lift with my belongings to the address I had been given. The car had a roof rack to which we attached my bicycle. The house was about 5 miles from the campus, the last mile being a very steep hill. “You’ll never cycle up there”, my friend told me, I had to agree.

Ms. Jakes met us at the door, she was single and in her late forties. She was 5’10”, with short wavy blond hair which she wore in a bob which made her face look severe. She had a plain sharp angular face with blue eyes, a long nose, small mouth and a hard jutting chin. Her body was boyish with small breasts and wide hips. She wore a tank top with the sleeves cut away above her shoulders revealing lean firm arms. Over her long legs, she wore grey skin tight leggings made of some rough textured material. My first impression was that she had fat thighs, but as she helped carry my luggage in, I could see that they were hard, firm and thick and shapely in a matter that certainly didn’t suggest fat. As she led me upstairs to my room, I noticed how her calve muscles bulged quite large as she climbed the stairs. I found the sight quite sexy. I thought no more about this as I unpacked my things and settled in.

Over the next few days, I noticed that she always wore tank tops or T-shirts, skin tight leggings and high heels. Normally I would not find such a mature and plain looking woman appealing but I found legs which were shapely in a manner I had not seen on a woman before. Her ankles were slender and tapered out to long wide calve muscles which jutted out from the fabric of her leggings. The backs of her legs had sensual curves and I found her tight well formed buttocks incredibly sexy. Her long thighs swept out with sensual curves that strained her leggings. All in all, I thought she had the shapeliest sexiest legs I’d ever seen on a woman, if only she wouldn’t wear those damn leggings!.

I first I dreaded the return journey to the house because of that steep hill. Most cyclists like myself had to get off and push the long laborious climb to the top. On my first slog up that hill, I heard a bicycle bell ring. Turning around, I saw Ms. Jakes cycling past me with hardly any effort at all. I stopped and stood in amazement at the muscles in her thighs and calves bunching and bulging as they powered past me. As she moved out of sight, I realised I had an erection which I quickly tried to cover before anyone noticed. Later that evening as she sat on the sofa in the living room watching T.V., I sat in the adjacent armchair admiring her legs. She caught me staring at her legs “why are looking at my legs like that young man?” she asked. I remarked “I can’t get over the way you cycled up that hill, you must have very strong legs”. She laughed and replied “oh they are strong all right, what with cycling up that hill almost daily for the last 30 years or more”. She seemed to accept my answer and turned back to watch T.V. while I stole furtive glances at her legs wondering what they really looked like under those leggings. From then on, I looked forward to my journey home to watch this amazing woman’s legs pump away as she rode up the steep incline.

I was now addicted, I would look at those legs at every opportunity. I would wish I had x-ray eyes so that I could gaze upon her bare legs without those leggings getting in the way. I began to deliberately follow her as she went upstairs just to watch the way her calves would pump up as she climbed. I spent most my evenings in the living room, instead of my room like most students. I would sit down pretending to read the newspaper or watch the television but taking every opportunity to admire her legs. When she walked around the room, I could see her thighs and calf muscles flexing under her leggings in a manner that I found so erotic that I often had to leave the room to hide my massive erection.

One evening I sat down at the opposite end of the sofa from the legs of my desire. I plucked up courage and moved up next to her. She looked at me as if to question what I wanted. Nervously I told her “I really would like to feel how strong your legs are”. With that, I put my hand on her leg and felt the firmness of her thighs through her leggings. “They are so firm” I exclaimed as I began to run my hands over her legs. Suddenly she flexed her thigh muscle and I was speechless as I felt my hand moved outwards by the powerful bulge that strained her leggings. She relaxed and her thigh returned to its normal size. Once more she tensed her thigh and I felt my manhood ache at the sight and feel of the swelling muscle. Again she relaxed her leg and told me “why don’t you take a look at my calves, young man”. Excitedly, I reached down for her right foot and lifted her leg up high, keeping it straight. I ran my hands over her muscular calves, which she flexed for me. I told her that her calves looked very sexy especially when she wore her high heels. She thanked me for my compliment and let me explore further.

My hands wander along the backs of her legs, finding the curve of her leg biceps highly sensual. I found the contrast between feminine curves and rock hard muscles erotic. I was getting so hard I thought I would burst from my trousers. I ran my hand along the inside of her leg right down to her crotch. “Oh god you really turn me on, I want to make mad passionate love to you” I exclaimed. With that she simply laughed and lifted my groping hand away and moved her raised right leg to hooked itself around my head and brought the other leg up to join it on the opposite side. Her legs forced me to the floor in front of her and she shifted her body forward to the edge of the sofa bringing my head further up her thighs. She just held me there for a while, my head held firm between the legs that aroused me so much. I raised a hand to each leg, feeling the sensual firmness of her thighs through her leggings, my cock aching with desire. She gave a wicked little smile, locked her ankles together and squeezed tight. I felt her thighs bulge with power beneath my hands. My head was spinning as it was crushed in a vice-like grip which squashed my cheeks and ears uncomfortably against the side of my face. I tried to pull her legs apart with my hands but I could not move the mighty pillars of muscle. I could only feel the thickness of muscle as they bulged so much that my fingers lost their grip as they expanded to huge proportions. The pressure was terrifying, my cheekbones felt as if they would give way at any moment. My vision was blurring and my head throbbed like a drum. I desperately struggled and squirmed in vain to get out of my leggy prison but my head was held tight. I saw Ms. Jakes’s hands grip the sofa cushions as she poured on so much power I thought my skull would cave in. I was in agony, stars spun in front of my eyes and I rapidly spun into unconsciousness.

I came round to find myself on the floor in front of Ms. Jakes’s feet. Groggily I got to my knees intending to get to my feet but was stopped when she quickly wrapped her thighs around my neck and gave a gentle squeeze. As an automatic response my hands went to her legs as if they could help me!. She looked straight into my eyes and a with a soft almost purring voice said “Now you know how strong my legs are, young man. I really enjoyed crushing you between my thighs. I’m going to keep you there all evening”. She kept my head prisoner for a couple of hours, held by a light but firm grip. If I tried to move, she would punish me by crushing hard. Every now and then, as if to remind me, she would give a gentle playful squeeze. I found the situation stimulating and when she released me, I left the room with a massive hard-on and went upstairs to relieve it and rest my aching head.

The next morning, Ms. Jakes acted as though nothing had happened and I hoped that she would soon forget the incident. That evening I entered the living room to watch some television. Ms. Jakes got up from the sofa and stood in my path, flexing her legs. My eyes travelled up her leggings which could not conceal the muscle they strained to contain. I noticed that she had removed her shoes. As quick as a flash, she kicked out a leg and drove her foot hard into my stomach. I bent forward, folding up like an accordion as my breath whooshed out of me. I tried to look up only to see her leg coming up to smack her foot in my face. My head snapped back under the force of the kick and I staggered backwards in a daze. My head cleared slightly only to see a high kick plant her foot once more into my face and I fell hard to the floor, head spinning.

She got down to the ground and lay her body on top of me, grabbing a hand in each of hers and hooking her calves around mine. She tensed her arms to force my hands to the floor either side of my head, the tendons in her arms sprung to life like steel cables. I pushed back determined to stop her, but her arms were as strong as mine. We were locked in a stalemate until she tensed her mighty legs sending surges of pain up my legs as my legs were forced spread-eagled. Distracted with the pain in my legs, she pinned my arms and concentrated on forcing my legs further apart. “Stop stop” I begged, but she continued to apply the grape vine press until I thought she was going to tear my legs apart. I screamed as the pain coursed through my legs and crotch. She held me firm for a couple more minutes before releasing me and rolling off to one side.

When the pain subsided a bit, I started to get up off the floor. Ms. Jakes snaked out her legs placing my neck in the crook of one leg while the other was held straight behind it. She locked her ankles together and forced my head viciously to the ground holding my in her deadly leggy triangle. She tightened her legs as though they were scissors trying to cut my head off. My throat was crushed so much that I couldn’t breath and I frantically grabbed at her legs trying to loosen them and get some air. She gained more leverage by raising her body off the ground supported by her arms and straightened her body tensing her legs closing the scissors shut as I spun into blackness and stars.

When I came to, my throat was in agony. I found that somehow Ms. Jakes had moved me to the sofa. As I started to rise up from the floor, those lethal thighs enveloped my head and once more she put me in her leggy prison for the rest of the evening. Repeatedly her thighs would gently squeeze and relax arousing me. As soon as I was about to come, she would squeeze down hard to move my mind from pleasure to pain until my erection had subsided. She toyed me with all evening until she eventually let me cream my trousers. She released me and in embarrassment I went upstairs to clean myself off and get some rest.

The next morning, Ms. Jakes told me that she was going to get me to pay her part of the rent for the week. I went to the bank during my lunch break and withdrew the necessary amount. That evening, I cautiously entered the living room to find Ms. Jakes wearing only skimpy bra and panties. I stood and gawped at the amazing image of womanhood that stood before me. Her small breasts didn’t hold much interest for me, but I did find her rock hard stomach sexy. Her legs were amazing, I had never seen so many muscles on a woman’s legs. They were adorned by long powerfully sweeping outer thighs and another shapely muscle opposing it.

In between was a third muscle group looking like a long ‘V’. She turned her leg outwards to the side to show inner thigh muscles radiating from her crotch, this really made me hard. Turning side on she lifted a leg backwards and flexed her leg biceps. “Get on the floor and worship my calves and thighs, young man, and think about how much damage they can do to you”. For a moment I hesitated, my mistake was quickly rectified as a powerful kick to my stomach lifted me clean off the floor and I went flying across the room to land heavily on my back.

As I struggled to regain my breath, she straddled over me like a female colossus. I reached up to run my hands over her calves and across her thighs. I was spell-bound as I felt the firm muscles bulge and flex. I could not believe how soft her skin remained as it stretched over the steel-like contours of her legs. I was captivated as her tensed thighs grew much larger than their normal size becoming sharply defined and bulging with power. I found the contrast between her feminine curves and powerful muscles unbearable erotic and I was unable to stop my erection from growing.

She got down in front of me and before I could escape she had snaked her legs out and brought the front of my neck hard into her crotch. I felt her inner thighs bulge, two pincer-like cords of muscle cutting into my neck. These sexy muscles that had really turned me on earlier were too much for me to handle, my air was cut off instantly and I blacked out.

I came around, my throat aching after its punishment. I could only think about getting to my room looking forward to a good night’s rest. I didn’t see Ms. Jakes sitting on the floor behind me until it was too late. Her calves came around my neck from behind and she squeezed my already tortured neck. I could feel the sides of her calve bulge into my neck. She slowly increased the pressure until I was thrashing trying to escape and making all sorts of gagging noises. She was in total control and just too much for me to handle. She was toying with me now, fiercely twisting my head to one side and then the other. I was really worried that she was going to break my neck. Finally she flexed her mighty calves and gave one good, hard squeeze that almost caused me to black out again. She released her grip and moved round to the side of me.

Before I could do anything to stop her, Ms. Jakes forced me to sit up by pulling my hair. My body found themselves between her thighs. I quickly tried to get, but she snapped on a painful scissors hold and I fell back in agony. I arched my back to throw her off, but her legs were too strong. Her thighs crushed me like a pair of boa constrictors, muscles bulging under my hands as I uselessly tried to relieve the pressure. It was like being cut in two by two sexy pillars of muscle. I tried to twist and turn but not could not move in that mighty grip. Her legs were crushing my stomach and causing my kidneys to ache. The woman slowly poured on more and more power until I was screaming in agony. Every time I took a breath, her strong thighs tightened, tighter and tighter. I could see her thighs bulging as I felt the power course through her legs. I was crying with the sheer pain of it all and I thought I heard her moan before I became a limp unconscious rag.

I came around once more, face into the carpet, my throat and stomach feeling sore and bruised. I looked up to see Ms. Jakes had removed her bra and panties. Despite my pain, the sight of her naked body gave me an instance erection. She beckoned me over to the sofa where she sat down. I moved to her in the blind hope that she was at last going to let me make love to her. “Now you make a down payment on your rent” she said as she pulled my head between her thighs and forced my face right up against her crotch. She gave a little squeeze causing me to release a muffled cry against her fanny. “Ooh that felt good” she said and she started to grind her crotch against my face. She released her grip and told me to start licking. I did not hesitate to comply and at first I was enjoying servicing her with my tongue, getting aroused myself at the same time. As my tongue probed deeper, she got wetter and started to writhe and moan, occasionally crushing down hard as she sighed with pleasure. Beads of sweat ran down my face as I started to realise my fate. I tried to pull away but I could not move. As her excitement mounted, the contractions of her thighs got stronger and stronger. She’d squeeze my head so tight I thought I was going to die. The pressure was unbearable as Ms. Jakes neared her climax. She suddenly flexed her awesome thighs and I thought my skull would be crushed like an eggshell as a sharp blinding pain stabbed through my head. She threw head and screamed like  she was possessed. Her entire body stiffened like a board as she squeezed her way through a massive orgasm. It seemed to go on forever as she crushed my helpless head in her ecstasy. The pain was too much and I blacked out even before she had finished her orgasm.

I staggered to bed that night with the worse headache I could imagine. From then on, Ms. Jakes demanded that I ‘service’ her in the same way at least twice a week. However, her idea of foreplay was to crush me helpless between her legs. At other times, she would keep me prisoner with my body between her thighs. She would repeatedly apply a gentle squeeze and then relax, arousing me until I creamed myself. She even started to ride my erection for her own pleasure, not mine. She could take me again and again, stiffening my ardour by pulsating her strong vaginal muscles. Every night I would go to bed totally exhausted. I endured the pleasures of her powerful thighs for the first term of university before her demands became too much for me. Although the thought of what she could do to me really turned me on, the physical reality was painful and exhausting. We parted amicably and occasionally I could not resist visiting her for a good squeeze.

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