Cameraman Thrashed by Female Presenter (JIMP#2)

Jim drunkenly tries to assault a sexy middle-aged TV presenter who beats him up with her sexy legs before delivering a unique form of justice. 

This is based upon well known British T.V. presenter Sue Lawley. The name has been changed slightly to avoid offence.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal  age of consent in your country do not read on.

My name is Jim Priest. Until recently I was working as a computer software engineer but was made redundant because I was too senior a grade and my company wanted to employ cheaper younger staff (though they said it was because of the recession – crap!). No computer firm will  employ someone over 35 so recently I’ve been working as a contract television contractor. Strange change of job ?, not really more an unusual stroke of luck really.

About 15 years ago, just after I left university, I was lucky to get a spell as a trainee cameraman. Being technically minded, I soon picked up  the hang of things and I was moved from off-peak children’s television to a film crew for a peak time nation-wide news and general entertainment programme.

One of the show’s presenters was the popular Sue Doreley. She usually wore smart women’s business suits consisting of a jacket, a tight skirt with small slits at the sides and a white blouse. She is about 5’8″ with a slender body with a low slung full bust and long legs. Her hair is short, light brown and frames her face which is attractive almost elfish with brown eyes, arched eyebrows, a slim nose, a nice mouth and a firm chin. At that time she must have been in her mid-thirties. I found her a very good looking woman.

One of my regular assignments was to go with a small crew of technicians to film on-the-street interviews with members of the public on various topics ranging from politics to the light-hearted. Myself and the rest of the crew would have to follow Sue down the street until she managed to persuade a passer-by to stop and answer some questions. It was during such times that I couldn’t help but notice that she had a very sexy pair of shapely calves shown off to advantage by her high heels. Her calves were elegantly muscled and as she walked, bulged in a manner that I found very stimulating. Often she would wear sheer black nylons which I was certain were stockings by their sheen. I increasingly found it difficult to tear my eyes away from her calves as we followed her up the street.

One hot sunny day, we were to meet Sue in a nearby high street to film an on- the-street survey survey on whether men liked having their bottoms pinched by young women. When Sue turned up, I could hardly believe my eyes. Instead of her usual business like dress she was wearing a very small pair of tight shorts, high heeled black knee length boots and a T-shirt. “Its much cooler in this heat and fits in with the tone of the item don’t you think?” she replied when the director asked about her appearance. I could hardly speak, she had the sexiest pair of legs I had ever seen on a woman. They were shapely and firm and drove me wild with desire. Throughout the day, I had to film Sue from behind as she crept up on men, pinched their bottoms and then asked whether they liked it. Her victim’s reactions were always the same – anger as they spun around to confront their molester and then eyes opening wide as they recognised Sue and then practically drooling as they noticed what she was wearing. The director didn’t need to remind me to keep the camera aimed at their faces to keep the bulges in their trousers out of  shot!. They weren’t the only ones who were aroused – I had the sight of  Sue’s small firm backside in tight shorts and her legs and boots all day as I filmed her. I wasn’t the only member of the crew walking around with a hard on that day I can tell you!.

The sexual tension was too much for one of the sound crew who sneaked up behind Sue and started caressing her bum. She spun around and gave him a swift kick in his groin. We all winced as we heard the solid thud of the foot of her boot as it drove hard and fast between his legs. The poor man doubled up in agony, his mouth opening and shutting like a goldfish and with tears in his eyes. Then he collapsed to the floor, puked and passed out. She stood over him, legs apart, hands on her hips and she challenged us “anyone else want to try and feel my backside ?”. None of us dared risk it! As soon as we could we excused ourselves and went to a public convenience to relieve our collective pent up frustrations.

From then on, Sue was restricted to studio interviews only and wore her usual business-like attire. I gathered that the female producer of the show had given her a good telling off. Despite that, the office was flooded with mail from appreciative male viewers.

That was then, this is now. I have been lucky to get a contract as a cameraman for a political chat show hosted by Sue. Sue recognised me from all those years ago and I was pleased to see that she was as good looking as ever. The shows were serious affairs and I was a bit disappointed when Sue wore trousers with her business suits. After a couple of weeks, Sue started wearing tight skirts for the shows and I was pleased to see that her calves were as sexy as ever, if not more so.  It was also a treat when Sue sat down in her seat for the interview and crossed her legs. Her tight skirt would ride up revealing plenty of sexy firm thigh, a sight that aroused my ardour!.

On the final day of my contract, I took the rest of the technical crew out to the pub for several rounds of beer. I must admit that when we returned to the studio, that I was a little bit worse the wear for drink, but the director didn’t seem to notice. Sue turned up wearing a blouse and jacket, a black leather mini skirt, high heels and what I was certain were sheer black stockings.

My job was to shoot Sue from the front during the interview with a high ranking politician. As she sat down, her black leather mini-skirt rode up giving me a view of sexy thigh. She then crossed one of her long legs over the other. I could hear the sound of nylon upon nylon and her skirt rose up so much that I could plainly her stocking tops causing a response in my manhood. I don’t think I was the only one to be distracted by her legs, Sue was verbally wiping the floor with the politician. From my position I could see that she was making it difficult for him to concentrate by leaning forward to make a  point, uncrossing her legs and then crossing them again as she sat back again to let him answer giving me and him a glimpse of her stocking tops. The director nearly had a heart attack as he instructed us to change camera angles because Sue was showing too much leg. I tried hard not to look at her legs and to concentrate on filming, but they were too hypnotic. I feel a bead of sweat running down my face as I tried to hide the tent-like bulge in my trousers. The sight of those sexy legs in stockings & suspenders combined with a leather mini skirt were beyond male

As soon as the show finished, I excused myself and went off intending to relieve myself in the toilets. When I got there, I found it was full with other members of the crew making no attempt to hide the fact that they were doing the same!. I went back into the corridor to wait and saw Sue walking past me on her way to the dressing room, calve muscles bulging sexily as she walked. Maybe it was the effect of the drink combined with the erotic effects of her legs, that leather mini-skirt and stockings, but suddenly I wanted to relieve myself with the real thing!. I follow her down the corridor and down to the basement where her dressing room is.

As I entered the room, I could see Sue with her back to me, her jacket removed, that leather mini-skirt and nylon clad calves enhancing my lust. She looked around and acknowledged my presence “I’ll be with you in just a moment, Jim”. I could see the outline of her bra under her blouse, her pert nipples prominent. She turned back to the dressing table giving me another opportunity to admire her calves.

I speak my thoughts aloud “you’ve got beautifully muscled calves”. “Not bad for a woman of my age eh ?”, she replied. “They’re fantastic like the rest of your legs” I exclaimed. “Why thank you. I like to keep myself in shape by swimming, dancing, tennis, keep fit & aerobics.” she tells me. “I also recently have taken up weight training to keep my body firm.” She continued.

I couldn’t stand it no more, I quickly walked towards her and as she turned at the sound of my footsteps, I grabbed her in my arms and kissed her passionately on her lips. The feel of her lips on mine drove me into a frenzy. I moved my hands down to her backside enjoying the feel of her small firm buttocks through her leather mini-skirt. She started to struggle and moved her head to one side to avoid my kisses. “No, what are you doing?, you’ve been drinking!” she exclaimed. Despite her struggling, I somehow managed to force her to the ground.

Straddling her, I unbuttoned her blouse letting it fall open wide. I ran my hands over her stomach, enjoying its firmness, then moved my hands up to her bra, massaging her breasts through her bra cups. She tried to stop my with her arms, so I pinned them to the floor with my hands. I leaned forward to kiss her mouth, but she began to ram the upper part of one of her legs into my crotch. Although it was the soft part of her leg, it still made my balls ache. I let go of one of her hands to try and push her legs down. As I did so, she slapped the palm of her free hand into my face pushing it back and upwards. She raised her thighs and managed to roll me off her and over to the side. Before I could react, I saw her turn to face me and felt her knee drive hard into my balls. With the pain, I curled up clutching my groin groaning with my eyes watering.

Through my blurred vision I could see Sue get to her feet and walk across the room to the telephone. As she picks up the receiver, she looks at me obviously enjoying the sight of me writhe at the pain in my balls. As the pain begins to subside, I noticed that I had a good view of her legs. Sue noticed and a little smile came to her lips as though a wicked thought has crossed her mind and she replaced the handpiece of the phone.

She moves next to the chair in front of the dressing table and raises her right leg to put her foot on the chair and starts to remove her shoe. Her mini-skirt rode right up revealing her sexy legs in their entirety complete with her stocking tops and suspenders. I gave a small groan of lustful appreciation and feel my aching loins re-awaken.

With one shoe removed, she lowers her foot to the floor and repeats the manoeuvre with her other leg. This time I can see right up to a skimpy pair black lace knickers. I give a much loader lustful groan as my cock becomes rigid.

“You really turn me on. I want you so much” I exclaim as I rise from the floor and lunge towards her. I am stopped in my tracks by Sue driving a  solid punch into my gut. My breath rushes out of me explosively and I  stoop forwards almost 90 degrees in response to the blow. I look up to see her raising her leg bent at the knee with the toes curled back. Suddenly she snaps her foot into my face. Stars explode in blackness front of my eyes and I move backwards a few steps my body straightening as I shake my head to clear it. I see Sue move forward, hammering another punch into my stomach burying her fist nearly to the wrist. Once more I am winded and almost bent double, my mouth moving noiselessly as I try to catch my breath.

I hardly notice Sue stepping forward and wrap her arm over my neck forcing my head against her side looking out behind her. Suddenly I’m in sheer agony as she repeatedly drives her knee like a piston into my belly. Blow after blow forces the air from me and turns my stomach muscles to jelly. She grabs tufts of my hair either side of my face and forces my head to look at her. “Still think you’re man enough to handle me?” she spits out. She then forces my head to look towards the ground and in horror I watch helplessly as her knee rams into my face. My head snaps backwards and for a moment all I can see are patches of bright light and darkness.

I stagger backwards and my head clears enough to see her lift her right leg in a graceful almost balletic kick straight into my aching gut. I am forced several steps backwards with the power of the blow. I am winded and double over in agony only for my face to meet her foot smashing into my nose. Intense pain lances through my brain, I can feel blood flowing from my nose and my legs turn to rubber beneath me. I try to move away from Sue but my legs collapse under me and I fall to the floor battered and exhausted. I can hear her laughing at me. I lie there for a while, letting my head clear and trying to regain my breath. I look up and see that Sue has removed her mini-skirt and is standing in front of me showing off her stockings and suspenders in all their glory. Like a dancer, she stretches out her right leg in front of her pointing her toes to emphasise the shapeliness of  her calves and thighs. Despite my aches and pains, the sight of her sexy legs and the sheen of her stocking is erotic. She repeats the manoeuvre with her other leg. I feel an erection growing once again. Lowering her leg to the ground, Sue slowly raises herself on tiptoe. The sight is driving my crazy. Still on tiptoe she turns around. A lustful groan escapes my lips at the sight of her small tight buttocks and her bulging calves. Obviously satisfied at the response she turns back to face me.

Losing all self control I get up from the floor and rush towards her intending to make love to those gorgeous legs. Before I can reach her, her right leg kicks out straight into my face, savagely knocking my head back. I barely see her right leg lashing out again, burying her foot deep into my gut. I fold over in pain and feel the ball of her foot smashing into my face.

I stagger back under the impact, my head spinning. I vaguely make out her foot making a beeline for my face. I try to avoid it but I am too groggy and she is too quick, her foot lands square on the side of my face. The room turns crooked, my vision blurs and I feel my body slam against the floor.

I lay on the carpet for a good five minutes, panting heavily as my head slowly cleared. I see Sue Doreley standing a few paces in front of me with a smirk on her face. “I thought you would have known better after seeing what I did to that sound man all those years ago. What a wimp, come on, get up and fight back” She taunts.

“No more, please” I beg and slowly I get to my feet and move towards the door, but Sue blocks my path. “Oh no, you don’t get away with trying to rape me that easily” she says. Part in anger, part in fear, I launch my fist towards her face. She side-steps and I punch thin air. I look around to see a half-kick converging with my face and I taste her stockinged foot slam into my mouth. Before I can move, she kicks me again in the mouth with the top of her foot. I fall backwards, my progress halted by a chair behind me. I look up and see the ball of her foot smash into my face. My head snaps back once more so hard that I am seeing double and have difficulty in keeping balanced and sink to my hands and knees.

Shaking my spinning head, I see Sue’s lovely stockinged feet in front of me. I look up, what a mistake, she raises her knee and stomps me in the face. My head sways back and forth, everything has gone dizzy and I feel nauseous. I hear her let out an almost sexual moan of pleasure. I feel another kick and another and another. I feel the blood running down my face as my head jerks up and down like a punch bag. “Please stop, please” I am actually crying and begging for mercy but she spins on her left heel and powers the sole of her right foot into my face. My vision swam in funny colours, I feel faint and I collapse to the floor.

I am lying there, my head swimming as I try not to pass out. I can hear some rustling noises, but am too concerned about not passing out. Then I feel a weight upon my face, I look up and all I can see is a bare hairy fanny sliding back and forth over my mouth and nose. I find my mouth full of hair and her juices making it difficult to breath as she rubs herself off on me. She increases her tempo and grinds down so hard that I am afraid she will break my nose, suffocate me or drown me at the same time. She works herself into a frenzy her fanny slobbering all over my face until her moans reach a crescendo as she climaxes. For a while she just sits there on my face suffocating me with her sex.

Finally she moves back onto my chest, pulls my head forward by my hair, stretches out her long legs and slides forward until my head is firmly clasped between her thighs, my face mashed against her fanny. I move my hands to her thighs and feel the softness of her bare skin. “I’ve always wanted to do this” she says and locks her ankles together and squeezes hard. I am surprised at how firm her thighs become as she tenses her legs and the strength of the crush against my skull. She leans back and straightens her body, lifting her bottom. I feel her thighs become rock hard and swell under my hands. The pressure against my head causes me to let out a cry but my mouth is muffled by her fanny.

She releases the pressure and lowers herself back down to my chest. I hear her letting out small moans as opens her legs slightly and yanks my head by my hair up so that my neck is between her thighs. She then clamps on her scissors again and I am shocked to find her strong legs constricting my air supply. I grab at her legs with my hands trying to break her hold, but she leans back once more, straightening and lifting her body to get more leverage. This causes my neck to stretch as her thighs rises adding to my discomfort and making it more difficult to breath. The blood is pounding in my ears but I can hear her moaning again in sexual excitement. Her legs feel like steel cables under my hands, stretching and squashing my neck so much that I can’t swallow let alone breath. In desperation I try to thrash around to break her hold, but she holds her vice- like grip firm. Slowly but surely, I feel myself slip into unconsciousness to the sounds of orgasmic moans in my ears.

I came around to find myself in an empty dressing room. Unsteadily I got to my feet and saw my reflection in the dressing table mirror. My face was a bloodied mess. I cleaned myself up as best I could and quickly left the building before anyone could ask me any awkward questions. That was the last time, I’ll have too much to drink!.

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