Death Of A Princess (JIMP#14)

Jim gets calf-scissored for following a sexy office worker then gut busted by a Sloane-ranger in Paris. A Battle Royale takes place between two powerful upper class Amazons.

The following story contains descriptions of violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Any likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

Princess D was inspired by a real-life strong legged princess. Adriana was based on a woman at work as was Vanessa, although I also took inspiration from the naturally muscled socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.

(c) JIM P 2010
Recap: Novice private detective Jim Priest investigates a series of break-ins at a stately home dating back over a Century. A series of encounters with dangerous women led him to uncover a trail of corruption involving politicians and a millionaire arms-dealer. He also discovers a secret room at the manor containing strange Indian artefacts and a long lost diary of a Victorian explorer.

D-Day minus 10
I spotted her as soon as I had left the coffee shop where Professor Maurice Dupont had been briefing Sir Humphrey and myself on his slow progress in translating the ancient artefacts that I had uncovered at Bristlingdown Manor [JIMP#13]. The news was disappointing as was my own failure for new leads on the perpetrators of the break-ins at the Manor; and no results meant no paychecks from Sir Humphrey. Luckily the tabloids had paid handsomely for my side of the story behind the airfield raid [JIMP#11] and brought in new business – mainly digging up the dirt for divorce cases, but it paid the bills. Walking across the precinct towards the bookstore opposite, strode a petite woman with a sexy pair of large black nylon clad muscled calves. Even from a distance I knew they were something special. I knew it was wrong but I had to get a closer look. Quickly saying my farewells to Sir Humphrey and the Professor, with another warning to be wary of his Departmental secretary Jean [JPECHO#1] (another small woman with powerful calves), I strode across to the bookstore where the calves had stopped to look in the window. Slender ankles rose from very high heels tapering to two thick solid slabs of muscle jutting out from each leg with a deep cleft between them covered with the sensual sheen of sheer black nylons. On any woman these would have been eye catching, but on a woman standing around 4’8″ with heels (at least 4 inch stilettos I was sure) they were mind-boggling. The woman wore a light grey business jacket over which cascaded thick wavy dark brown hair tumbling mid-way down her back. Below this was a matching tight fitting short skirt, which ended well above the knee, with a small pleat at the bottom. As I approached, the woman turned to enter the store, allowing me to note that she was of medium build with a white blouse covering an ample bust; she was both buxom and leggy!

Feeling like a stalker I followed her, moving to an array of new titles giving me the chance to study her as she moved around the store. She was gorgeous, around late 30’s or early 40’s with the slightly dark complexion of a southern Mediterranean complete with sultry smouldering looks. Turning away to avoid eye contact, I pretended to study the books on display in front of me. Suddenly large muscular calves filled my vision as the woman moved to the same display standing slightly in front of me. I could do nothing but gawp and fight the urge to reach down and touch them! After a few minutes browsing, she turned to look directly at me, one eyebrow slightly arched and her brown eyes sparkling mischievously as she gave me a knowing smile. With a flush of embarrassment I realised that I been caught out and had better stop acting like a pervert and head back to my car, which I had parked down a quiet side road at a nearby business park.

A few minutes later, I was walking up the pedestrian bridge to the railway station beyond which was the business park when I noticed the same raven-haired beauty climbing up a set of steps to my side. I’m sorry but my instincts got the better of me. Stopping at the station newsagents until she had walked past, I followed her down the slope that led to the footpath towards some offices. I was mesmerised by the way her mighty calves flexed and flowed as she moved ahead of me.

Turning a corner ahead of me into a small park often used by office workers during their lunch break, I lost sight of her behind the hedge that framed the green. Being early morning, the park was empty and for a second I thought I’d lost her until a rich warm voice spoke from behind me, “So you are following me”. I turned around to see the brunette sitting cross-legged on a bench to the side of the entrance. I couldn’t but help notice how her short skirt had ridden up revealing plenty of strong thigh encased in sheer nylon and the massive meat flaring from her slender ankles. She noticed my attention, “Or is it these you are following?” she purred with a wicked smile running her hands over the thick muscle as she bounced it on top of her knee. “I, …I” in my embarrassment I was speechless. Still smiling, she patted the bench to the space on her left “come, sit down. I’d like to talk to you”. She noted my hesitation “No, really” and again patted the bench while giving me a warm inviting smile.

Flustered I sat down next to her. Smiling she extended her hand which I shook. “My name is Adriana,” she purred in a soft sexy voice. “I’m Jim” I replied. Smoothly she brought her legs in front of her, bent at knees until her feet were on the seat. Stroking the outside of her legs while studying me with her head slightly tilted she told me “This is what a lifetime of walking in high heels does to a woman’s legs”. “They are magnificent,” I blurted like a fool. Smiling coyly she said, “Why don’t you take a closer look, Jim?” Swivelling towards me, she tucked one foot against the side of my backside whilst raising her outermost leg bringing a beefy calve right in front of my face. “Feel it Jim, caress it, that’s what you want isn’t?” she purred “it’s okay go ahead”. It’s not everyday I get a beautiful woman inviting me to touch her legs. I know what you’re thinking, I should have seen it coming but I was too absorbed feeling how firm and large that muscle was and admiring the sharp deep ridge that separated it from the rest of her lower leg to notice that she had brought her other leg up behind my back. Suddenly the trap was sprung and I found one big slab of meat crushing my throat while the other compressed the back of my neck. “Grrk” I croaked as rock solid muscle bit deep constricting my airways with shocking power. A solid wall of thick hard flesh swelled against my throat growing so large that my head was being painfully forced up to make way. Choking, feeling light headed and with a real fear that she was going to decapitate me, I desperately tried to prise apart her deadly grip to no avail, everywhere I felt huge unyielding flesh. The next second, I was pulled to my knees on the ground as my sexy assailant swung her legs and body around to face forwards.

Taking advantage of my momentary disorientation, the sexy petite Amazon repositioned her calves both sides of my neck and clamped down. Raising herself with her hands and straightening her body, Adriana squeezed down so hard that black spots danced before my eyes and my ears rang. The massive bulk of her calves pressed against my shoulders levering my head back painfully. Under my hands her thighs turned hard and bulged with power through the silky fabric of her tights as she scissored me ruthlessly. I tried to beg her to stop but couldn’t find my voice; I felt as though I was tuning out, all noise had ceased except my heartbeat. Suddenly the terrible pressure stopped and I knelt there panting trying to catch my breath, my neck held in a firm grip, my hands upon her thighs. Adriana looked amused “Now you know how I deal with unwelcome attention Jim Priest. The last man who tried to feel me up ended in A&E with a cracked skull”. Leaning forward she looked me in the eyes “You will listen very carefully to me Jim Priest”. I realised she was using my surname which I hadn’t told her. She gave me a short squeeze that made me gasp in pain. “Listen to me. Every time I tell you something, I want you to blink both of your eyes twice to acknowledge that you heard it. Understood?” Another short powerful crush – blink blink.

On this piece of paper is a telephone number. She paused, looking as if she expected an answer – blink blink. “Not an English number but French” – blink blink. This number is valid for one day only, this coming Sunday – blink blink. You will call this number on Sunday at precisely 9 o’clock in the morning – blink blink. Under no circumstances will you write this down, understand? -blink blink. The lady you will speak is very important, you will show her respect – blink blink. I don’t know why but you are about to get the answers you’ve been seeking these last months, I hope you can handle the truth. Now I am going to knock you out and leave this in your jacket. A friend of mine will make sure you don’t get mugged while you sleep. Alarmed I took a firm grip on her thighs and tried in vain to release myself. Clearly amused she rewarded me by squeezing tighter. There was nothing I could do; her legs were too strong. The pressure stopped “Oh, one more thing. If I ever catch you following me again I will crush your head so badly that you’ll be drinking your meals through a straw”. Adriana started squeezing again then paused with a wry smile on her lips “On the other hand if you were to ask me out for a nice expensive meal, I might consider it and let you worship my legs when we got back to your place”. With a look of concentration on her sultry face and the swell of her thighs beneath my fingers, she Adriana straightened her body once more and crushed me relentlessly between her calves, shaking me from side to side and raising herself up and down. It was probably only seconds but it felt like several long agonising minutes before I slipped with relief into oblivion.

D-Day minus 9
The Evil One was in a foul mood. Seated around a large antique conference table was her dwindling band of acolytes. Nervously they cast quick glances at the 6 men and 6 woman of the elite death squad standing behind them and at the only door to the room. None of them dared looked in the corner of the large ancient room where in the shadows stood a black robed figure, its face hidden in the depths of a hood. Following the coverage by local media of the raid on John Davidson’s airfield and the unexplained death of the Millionaire arms-dealer and local councillor Reginald Cole [JIMP#11], the National media went into a feeding frenzy each trying to outdo each other as the trail of corruption unravelled to the upper reaches of Government. Scapegoats in high office were made to save others. The balance of power behind the scenes shifted. “Freedom of the Press!” their leader shrieked as she paced back and forth across the top of the room like a caged tiger “by the time I’m finished with them, they will wet themselves before they print anything other than what I tell them!” The hooded figure spoke in a strong feminine voice “You will do nothing that threatens The Plan”. Enraged The Evil One shouts back “I AM The New World Order!” “SILENCE. SIT DOWN!” It was the sort of voice humans were instinctively programmed to obey without question. Angry with herself for complying, the greying woman at the head of the table turned her withering stare at the robed figure only to bite back a retort as she found herself looking into red eyes – blood red with darker red irises and black pupils. Moving slowly from the shadows, the figure pushed back her hood to highlight an elegant mature woman with slightly greying brown hair. Across her face ran a broad red stripe at the level of those disturbing eyes. As she moved, her robe fell open to reveal a black cat suit hugging a powerful athletic figure that even the death squad eyed with caution. Halting near the far end of the table, the woman closed her red eyelids for an extended moment then opened them to reveal normal eyes with brown irises. Speaking softly to the hushed room she told them “There is one who has betrayed us all and brought this upon you”. Nodding towards The Dragon, the deadliest of the squad, she continued “Your plans for power and greed by separating her from The Crown against our wishes has triggered her desire for revenge”. “Her? Surely not?” The Evil One expressed surprise. “In 9 days time, she plans to reveal the truth. She must be stopped”. A look of malice spread across the ageing leader’s face and she turned to address The Dragon “It’s time to claim the prize dear”. The mysterious woman interrupted “No, not her. Send another. We dare not risk enacting any part of The Prophesy”.

D-Day 23:40 BST (GMT+1)
The Princess entered her hotel apartment to freshen up before her meeting with that detective fellow. She didn’t recognise the security man in the corridor, must be new she thought. To her surprise the room was occupied. “Vanessa, what on earth are you doing here at this time of night ?” she enquired of the slim brunette in front of her “shouldn’t you be in London being Nanny for the boys?” [Most upper class boys have a Nanny until they are at least well into their 30’s – or so I’ve been told :-)]. “No, it’s my day off. I was just in Paris doing some shopping and thought I’d pop in” the woman answered in husky sophisticated voice with a faint slur. “You’ve been on the Bolly again dear, haven’t you?” the tall blonde asked accusingly “I’ve told you about that”. “It’s my day off” the sultry brunette whined, “Anyway all Sloanes drink Bolly, even you”. D asked, “So what have you been buying dear”. Vanessa replied “white nut crackers just like yours” both women laughed at the in-joke, it’s what the Princess called the very sharp pointed shoes that were all the fashion, after a stalker got past security only for the Princess to stop him with a solid kick in the groin. The sound of agony was terrible, the man wouldn’t stop crying in pain as he rolled around the ground. The report from the hospital said the ball sack had been severely punctured and one testicle ruptured beyond repair.

Vanessa watched as D slipped off her shoes then removed her light blue blouse and selected a high-necked black top from the wardrobe. “Black top” Vanessa murmured. “What?” D queried. “You never guess who I met shopping”. The tall blonde was in no mood for games as she pulled on the top and got ready to remove the matching blue skirt “just get on with it Vanessa, I need to get changed”. “Me!” came a voice from the en-suite bathroom. D spun in horror as the “The Dragon” entered the room. People who knew her called her that, although not to her face, it was an unkind but apt description. A fierce face with piercing grey eyes, prominent nose and a firmly set mouth, framed by a curly short mane of blonde hair. Wrinkles and a slightly flabby neck made her appear much older than her early 50’s. Standing less than 6′ in her heels, she was a good deal shorter than D’s 6’4″. She was dressed in a tight low cut white top which showed off her large breasts and deep cleavage. Over this she wore an open light white jacket with a matching knee length pleated skirt, nylons and heels.

“That top’s a bit young for you dear, don’t you think?” The Princess sneered. “I get no complaints from your husband, darling” the older woman replied “it always makes him rock hard”. D shook her head in disgust “Ex-husband. He’s all yours, you are welcome to him”. “You were never a match for me” the mistress sneered as she stood in front of her former love rival with her hands on her hips. For a second, D’s blue eyes blazed in fury, her mouth tight with anger, and then she regained control “If my ex prefers older women than that’s his lookout. Now if you will excuse me. Vanessa be a dear and get out the grey suit”. “Grey suit” Vanessa murmured. “What?” D queried.

“You lost to me in love, now you will lose to me once more” the fierce looking woman said. “I’ve told you, he’s all yours” D responds wearily. “Oh I know that, but you’ve been a naughty princess who needs to be punished” the antagonist replies. Without warning the mature blonde jumps, her pleated skirt falling back to reveal white stocking tops and suspenders, as a powerfully musculed leg kicks the younger woman hard in the chest.

The Dragon’s brutal stomp propels the Princess’s body backwards across the room and against the wardrobe. With a look of anticipation, the fierce woman runs forward, leaps and turns, driving a kick so powerful against her chest that D’s body is pile driven through to the back of the wardrobe smashing it to pieces. Vanessa winced at the sound of breaking ribs and the harrowing cry of pain as the older woman demonstrated the other reason some people called her The Dragon.

Teeth bared with excitement, eyes wide, The Dragon pulled up the front of her skirt. The Princess could only stare in amazement as the thin white nylon stockings stretched over powerful bulging quads and thick strong calves. She knew her adversary was a skilled horsewoman but those weren’t the legs of an equestrian, she sensed the hand of something larger than just a marital affair. The frightening woman leant back slightly then hammered out a ferocious kick aimed at D’s damaged chest. The younger woman anticipated this, and raised her arm to block the kick. A loud crack of bone snapping and cry of pain resounded in the room as her arm absorbed a kick that could break through walls.

Weeping D clenches her teeth knowing she must turn the one-way onslaught. As the powerful Dragon launches a ferocious high kick towards her head, D kicks out a leg sweeping the blow away harmlessly. Forcing herself to ignore the pain, she stepped forwards to slam her foot into her opponent’s stomach.

Vanessa watched the Princess’s long shapely leg hammer into The Dragon’s gut. With a glimpse of sheer black stockings and suspenders stretched over thick powerful thigh muscle, the older woman was lifted from her feet and propelled across the room to land heavily on her back. As she watched the thick diamonds of muscle bulge and play under the nylon seams as D walked in obvious pain towards her floored attacker, Vanessa realised that she would have been unable to take out the Amazon Princess on her own. It was no surprise when D stopped to watch in surprise as The Dragon rose to her feet, unwinded, Vanessa knew from bitter experience in training that underneath that white top was a stomach built like a brick outhouse that could take blows that would fell most mere mortals.

Keeping out of the way, Vanessa watched as the two upper class Amazons closed in a brutal melee of powerfully muscled legs inflicting a non-stop barrage of kicks. Skirts lifted and swirled around continually kicking legs.  The amount of long shapely leg on show with stockings and suspenders not to mention small white knickers would have been a leg man’s erotic dream. Most of the kicks were blocked by the other woman, lips and teeth holding back the pain indicating the awesome power being stopped. Occasionally kicks got through hammering heeled shoes like industrial pistons against mere flesh and bone causing untold damage. Both opponents were perspiring heavily as the exertion and bodily damage took its toll. The leggy Amazons followed each other in a deadly dance around the hotel room, never taking their eyes off one another, muscular legs continually lashing out towards each other. Wooden furnishing of all description was smashed into firewood forming no resistance to the power of a woman’s leg in misdirected or deflected kicks.

Vanessa also moved around the room trying to get out of the way of the leggy onslaught. She was in no doubt the serious possibly fatal injury that would result if she got hit by a flying leg. She knew The Dragon was a lethal trained killer but the Princess had the height advantage and the longer reach of her legs was taking its toll on her opponent. Suddenly the Princess was able to launch a series of awesome headshots that must have felt like someone swinging a baseball bat at your head and sounded the same too! As The Dragon stepped back on unsteady feet, D put all her remaining strength in an almighty high kick that ended with the top of her thigh against her chest in a flexible display that snapped The Dragon’s head back so savagely that she was out cold before her feet left the floor and her back crashed into the carpet. Vanessa was stunned that a former member of Royalty with nothing more than Ballet and a bit of kickboxing for fitness training had just destroyed the most feared member of the elite death squad! She suspected those red-eyed women had been training her on the side, she was too good – way above Vanessa’s capabilities.

Breathing heavily, one arm hanging loosely, the Princess stood astride her fallen foe like some sexy legged Colossus pausing as if to study her leggiwork (well she didn’t use her hands did she?). Both women were badly battered and bruised with ripped clothes. As if coming reluctantly to some decision, D raised her long magnificantly built right leg sheathed in what remained of her nylons high so that the top of her mighty thigh rested against her damaged chest. She was just building up to bring her leg down in a deadly axe kick when the side of Vanessa’s right hand smashed down into the side of D’s neck from behind. “Haiii!” It was an act of desperation because Vanessa knew in her heart that she would be next to feel the lethal wrath of the Amazon kickboxing Princess against whom she didn’t stand a chance. Bringing her full force into the chop, it was a blow that could have smashed through several layers of brick. The effect against an exposed carotid artery in a human neck was devastating. Unbalanced in a standing splits, the tall blonde toppled senselessly to the floor across the unconscious Dragon in an ungainly pile of legs and lingerie.

“Oh no no no, I think I’ve killed her” moaned Vanessa. Kneeling down she put her fingers to the Princess’s neck “oh buggeration” then tried her wrist “Ahh her pulse is very faint. I daren’t adminster the drug. Get the Doc to take a look”.

Mark watched as Vanessa left the room and entered the hotel corridor that he was guarding. She looked pale and distraught, the wine she was draining from a glass spilling over its edge as her hand shook. “What’s wrong?” he asked with concern, Vanessa was usual very calm and composed “It sounded like a rock band was demolishing the room instead of a quiet dispatch”. Walking unsteadily towards to the tall muscular man the woman answered in slightly shaky husky sophisticated voice “We, Ur, we need recon”. Mark’s face drained “Recon, we haven’t got time for reconstruction!”.”And ur recovery” Vanessa added, her lips whispering “The Dragon”. “She’s not even meant to be here. You were meant to do the job, she trusted you, you were meant to take her by surprise”. “Oh I did that all right. She didn’t suspect a thing, the poor cow” The edge of her right hand hit her left palm in a chopping motion. Vanessa was known to be a bit scatterbrained, but Mark didn’t doubt her ability for this vital mission. “She’s um I might have hit her a bit too hard – no, she’s still alive. She was about to kill The Dragon”. “She beat The Dragon” Mark uttered in astonishment. “oops” Vanessa tottered slightly  “You’ve been drinking again” he scolded “never drink on a job”. “It’s only Boly. Sloanes drink Boly, water is so common don’t you think?” she replied. Running her hand up and down the front of his trousers, Vanessa teased, “She’s all yours. Make it look good and I’m all yours tonight”. Mark batted the hand away angrily, she was well aware of his sexual orientation. “Tsk Tsk” she tutted “what a waste”. Just then another muscular man appeared pushing a laundry trolley into the vacated room “quit talking and get moving” he reprimanded. “Be right with you Joe” Mark said “I need to call recon and recovery”. Knocking on the door of the adjacent room, he turned to Vanessa, he pointed to the room opposite “Oh! She has a visitor. Army Intelligence brought him up”. “Its Jim Priest” he continued “The private eye who uncovered the Davidson connection” he explained to her quizzical face. “Well then” she said with a smile “it must be my lucky day. I’ll meet you at the rendezvous point as arranged”, adding with a chuckle “don’t be late big boy”. “Leave it Vanessa” Mark replied entering the room “There’s no time for your silly games, this place will be swarming with spooks and Paparazzi very shortly”. The door of the next room opened, 2 men and 1 woman left. The woman was a good looking tall blonde wearing a light grey suit over a high necked black top with white sharp pointed shoes. At first glance the woman was the image of the Princess, good enough for strangers and CCTV anyway. She was a professional double especially selected for this mission and surgically ‘enhanced’ “Ah Yup Luv. How’s tricks” the tall blonde asked in a broad Newcastle accent. Mark shook his head “Just get in the lift and don’t speak or it’ll be you in that car tonight” he warned “all that plastic surgery and deportment lessons, what a waste of taxpayers money”.
As I sat in the large opulent hotel apartment, I pondered how this had suddenly become a very long day indeed. The shock of who I was actually about to meet hadn’t really worn off and I felt seriously out of my depth. I massaged my neck; still a bit stiff from Adriana’s calve scissors.

I heard a lot of muffled noise from one of the rooms further down the corridor then voices outside but could not make out what was being said. Then the door handle moved and the door began to open. Trying to calm my nerves as best I could I stood up and hoped I looked presentable. An elegantly dressed sexy tanned looking woman entered the room and shut the down behind her. In her mid-thirties, the woman was about the same height as myself, 5’8″, although her heels made her taller. She had dark brown hair which fell in waves and curls clear of a high forehead to below a very broad pair of shoulders. An expensive black silk jacket buttoned at the front covered a torso, which tapered dramatically from those wide shoulders to a very slim waist and hips. Some people might have called that a boyish figure, but there was no doubt about her femininity as she wore a very short black silk mini skirt covered with loads of little fringes. Her legs were bare, long, slender and toned ending in a pair of open topped shiny black-heeled shoes.

Fixing me with a piercing stare with narrow grey eyes emphasised with dark eye shadow, thin black eyebrows and thick lashes that provided a sultry appearance, she spoke “Mr. Priest. I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting but the Princess has been quite busy”. Her voice was elegant, upper class with a seductive throatiness although there was a slight slur to her words. “How much longer? It’s very late” I replied as we approached each other. To complement those sexy eyes, she had a sleek nose and a rounded chin; a dusting of freckles covering a light tanned complexion. However I felt her face was slightly overlarge for such a slender body, long with wide broad cheeks with a wide mouth and plump lips glossed with red lipstick that were set in a smile that somehow seemed predatory. “Don’t worry I will take care of you” she said extending her hand towards me. The way she said that and that wide smile unsettled me. As I shook her hand I decided that she was undoubtedly attractive but something about her disturbed me. A slight smell of alcohol confirmed that she had been drinking. “The Princess asked to meet me in person at midnight sharp” I replied, trying to keep calm and sound confident.

“Well she is indisposed right now. You will be dealing with me instead” she replied, that smile starting to annoy me or was it a smirk? Tired and irritable at travelling all day and being stalled by this woman at the last moment, I snapped back “I will speak with the head woman herself and not her maid thank you very much, whoever you might be!” I caught a flash of anger in those steely grey eyes, a twitch of her tiny skirt then a long lean right leg shot out catching me hard in the groin. As I crumpled to the floor, clutching my aching privates she berated me “for your information, the Princess is not the top woman but a has-been!” I looked up with tears in my eyes as she start unbuttoning her jacket “My name is Vanessa, but you can call me Goddess and I’ll be your interrogator for the night”.

Removing her jacket and walking to a coat stand by the door, I couldn’t help notice the tight hard muscles in her slender legs flex. They weren’t large but they seemed compact and rock solid, shining with healthy muscle tone. Wavering slightly as she turned then walked back towards me, I could see the slight definition of her quads bulging in her taut slim legs. Oh no, not another woman who wants to scissor me! and my neck hadn’t recovered from the last one. Forcing myself to my feet, I thought I could avoid those legs and use my greater bodyweight to manhandle her to the bed where I could pin her down and get some answers.

As I tore my gaze away from those sexy toned legs, I saw that my assailant wore a sparkly black strapless top that showed off clearly delineated traps sloping from her neck to her wide shoulders with a lovely defined line running along her clavicle. But what stopped me from rushing her were her arms. Adorning each slender arm were solid rounded shoulder caps and a long solid looking bicep along which ran a prominent thick-corded vein. Her forearms were incredibly vascular writhing with thick veins. Noticing my attention she smiled “Can you believe I get these from shopping? Carrying around all those heavy bags of designer clothes is such hard work”. No I didn’t believe it and said so “you must work out with weights”. “God no!” she replied “I’ve naturally got very low body fat. If I lift weights, these swell up like balloons and I look like a man. Horrible. Anyway enough chat, more pain”.

I paid for my inattention. Vanessa had moved close to me, folded and tensed her right arm, I watched in fascination to the way her small biceps swelled with thick muscle before I realised her intention. Whump! Her arm shot forward powered by her right bicep plunging a fist deep into my unprepared stomach. Whump! allowing me no time to catch my breath, her left fist bit hard into my gut. It was moments like these when I wished I were the athletic type with a hard 6-pack abs, instead of a slightly overweight man with middle-age spread. Whump! her right fist powered hard into my gut. I was bent over in agony, frightened that I was going to die because I couldn’t breathe. Whump! please let me breathe. Whump! need air. Whump! she was really powering her punches into my gut without mercy. Next thing I knew, a hand slashed down chopping me hard on the right side of my neck. Black spots clouded my vision and feeling faint I collapsed to the luxurious thick carpet.

Trying to remain consciousness and trying to regain my breathe, I was dimly aware that Vanessa had moved to the dressing table to clumsily remove her shoes then with some difficulty step out of her short skirt. I was embarrassed that a clearly intoxicated woman was capable of giving me a beating. To my pleasant surprise Vanessa wore a tiny white thong, a small triangle of cloth protecting her modesty held up by what looked like tooth floss. Smiling she turned to face me “The Princess worked out every day and was an expert kick boxer yet I destroyed her. So what a chance does a flabby overweight old man like you have against me?”. My gaze kept slipping to that tiny thong but her words disturbed me, had this sexy woman somehow hurt the Princess?.

With that predatory smile upon her lips, Vanessa walked towards me, in what was obviously intended as a sexy walk but ruined by a slight druken stumble. The sight of those long toned legs flexing brought me back to my senses and tearing my gaze away from her crotch I tried to stand up. Unfortunately Vanessa was quicker, taking a long stride, she pivoted and a long right leg shot out towards me. There was nothing I could she was too close and too fast. The top of her bare foot slammed hard against the carotid artery on the left side of my neck. I fell back to the floor feeling slightly sick and weak as dark spots wove their dizziness around me. I desperately fought to remain consciousness but it was difficult.

By the time I had managed to clear my head enough to look up, Vanessa had removed her top and was rolling it up lengthways with her hands. She did mean to strangle me with it? Not taking my eyes off her, I cautiously got to my feet backing away from her. “Come now Mister Priest, don’t you want to play with me?” she mocked. She was clearly not embarrassed by her near nudity. Her breasts were small and, now no surprise to me, her stomach was tight, toned and vascular with a slightly defined 6-pack showing as she breathed. Her figure may have been boyish but there was nothing boyish about that incredible body. I marvelled at the way it tapered like an inverted triangle, her small firm breasts perfectly positioned, that hard stomach. She took a step towards me. I looked up quickly, trying not to let her distract me with that hot body but my eyes kept slipping back.

“You chose the losing side Mister Priest. Did you really think we would let those red-eyed freaks run things?” she spoke “No, Mister Priest, Britain will be run by its proper owners – the upper classes. We may be only 1% of the population but we have 95% of the wealth and we fully intended to take the remaining 5%”. I had no idea what she was talking about, was it the drink?

Still wringing her top in her hands, I backed up as she got closer and found myself backed against the wall “I could have knocked you out twice if I had wanted to or killed you”. “Once with that kick and once” she chopped her hand into her palm “that’s how I took out her ladyship. Save yourself a world of pain Mister Priest and tell me about your planned clandestine meeting with the Princess”.

I was now positive that this woman had attacked the Princess. Whilst not a great fan of Royalty, I had a great deal of respect for the Princess. If she was lying hurt in her room, I had to alert someone. Vanessa was too slow to react as I suddenly barged past her and ran to the door. Pausing to push down the handle and pull the door open, Vanessa threw her body into my back slamming the door shut. Pinning me against the door, I felt my arms pulled behind my back and my wrists tied with her top. Spinning me around, I caught the fierce expression of anger on her face as she pulled me forward by my shoulders then slammed me against the adjacent wall. “I thought you were more of a man than that, running away from a beautiful sexy woman” she sneered as she pushed her legs between mine and pressed her almost nude body against mine. Her strong thighs pushed between my legs and forced them apart with ease into a vertical approximation of a grapevine press. I could feel her hard erect nipples pressing against my chest and her breathing seemed heavy, not with exertion but with excitement. Her wide pupils confirmed this as she brought her face close to mine so we were touching noses “Tell me why you are here? Who do you work for Jim?”. Slowly Vanessa began licking me around the neck and ears then kissed me passionately on the mouth, her tongue slipping inside in a forced French kiss. Pressed up close she didn’t fail to notice my body’s reaction. “Oh you like that don’t you?” she purred stroking my groin hard in a manner which could have brought me off in no time had she continued, “Well you won’t like this”.

Stepping back she slammed a hard right then left punch into my gut before launching a rapid non-stop barrage of punches as if I were a punch bag. Whack whack whack whack…. although each individual blow wasn’t that strong that initial double whammy left me winded and her fast pummelling made it hard to regain my breathe. With my stomach burning, I sidestepped to avoid her punches. “No!” she yelled slamming me back against the wall. Pressing her marvellous topless torso against me, she pushed her upper thigh between my legs and against my groin. Leaning in close, she whispered in my ear “Do that again and after I’ve busted your gut I’ll bust your balls” then gave my ear a long lingering lick. To emphasise the point she moved away slightly and gently tapped her knee into my groin twice.

Wham! Wham! whack whack whack… the onslaught resumed, this time her punches seemed much stronger. I tried to tense my stomach muscles to resist the blows, which helped a little until..Wham! every now and then she threw in an extra hard punch to break down my defences as wells as to wind me. Her eyes sparkled, whack whack whack whack, her pupils were wide with excitement, whack whack, wham! her nipples were so erect they looked like they could pierce bricks! whackity whackity wham! the sheen of perspiration emphasised the glow of her virtually naked body as she worked havoc upon my gut. I could no longer harden my stomach against her blows. I felt ashamed that I was standing here letting a sexy woman pummel me. Wham! whack whack whack, her toned muscular arms worked like pistons repeatedly driving her fists into my gut. whack whack whack wham. I could no longer stand straight, my middle bending double under the onslaught; I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to turn away from the onslaught but she moved with me, her body flushed with her exertions not letting up in the punishment of my stomach. I tried to turn away again but she kept with me still punching hard and fast, the veins in her arms like thick vines pumped up with blood. Wham! whack whack whack I really couldn’t take anymore. Moving quickly before she could block me I stumbled to the centre of the room out of her reach.

“No!” she shrieked as she stalked towards me “I warned you!”. Down on one knee trying to regain my breath I raised my hands in defeat “Please..” pant, pant “I ..tell” pant. She looked disappointed; she was clearly enjoying busting my gut. “I tell..” I repeated trying desperately to calm my breathing. “You better give me a good reason not to put you out of my misery” she growled.

In between heavy breathing, which made me sound like a some kind of pervert, I told her how I was passed the telephone number leaving out the embarrassing bits involving Adriana in case that gave Vanessa any more ideas about beating me up. “Where have they put the Bolly ?, busting a man’s gut makes me so dry” Vanessa pondered as she wandered away to find a drink “Keep talking, I can hear you”.

D-Day 09:00 BST (GMT+1)
Not knowing whom I was dealing with and maybe the result of watching too many TV shows where the baddies traced a call to trap the victim whilst they were still talking, I decided to take a few precautions. Through the dodgy dealings of Kurt, my Sister In-Law’s husband, I had the unauthorised use of a small local office while the security guard turned a blind eye and watched out for any unexpected visitors. Carefully I dialled the number that I had been given.

The phone was picked up after a single ring “Who’s calling?” a posh sounding lady answered. “Jim Priest” I answered “and you are?”. “No Mister Priest, you will find that out later tonight when we meet in person. You wouldn’t believe me if I were to tell you right now” the voice was soft and sensual, actually quite a turn-on. It didn’t sound like Lady Helen, the upper class Amazon who made me suffer using her legs [JIMP#4] and then did the same to my son Bobby [JIMP#6], but I had my suspicions which I voiced. She laughed, “No, I am not Helen. In fact I was the one who told her to direct you to Councillor Cole and the others”. A suspicious thought cross my mind “That was just to distract me from what was going on at the Manor, wasn’t it ?”. I also remembered several warnings, including one from Lady Helen to stop my investigation. “I admit that was true” she answered; “however that has backfired. You were surprisingly efficient at stirring up the hornet’s nest and now there have been attempts on my life. I need your help”. I was surprised “help ?, from the deadly women I’ve encountered, you are better protected than anything I could offer”. There was a pause as if the woman was thinking before she continued, “Let’s just say there are different factions at work here. I will explain more tonight. Things are becoming critical here and I need you to expose the threat to the world’s press just like you did with Davidson”. “How do I know this is not just a trap to silence me?” I asked. With urgency in her voice she spoke quickly “Please Mister Priest even now Dark Forces will be tracing this call. You put us both in danger”. “I need more than that” I said. “If I wanted to get rid of you Adriana could have put you in hospital where we could have made you disappear. Besides why I would fly you to Paris First Class and put you up in an expensive hotel if I were going to have you killed?” she explained. “Paris?” I was lost for words. “Quickly now, do you have a pen and paper ready Jim?” she asked. Fortunately I had prepared to make notes and told her so. “Good then write this down; BA…”. Writing down the string of letters and numbers, I recognised the first group “That’s a British Airways flight”. “Correct. You’ve a pre-paid early evening flight to Paris today. Open return although I’ve only booked one night for you at the hotel” she replied “Oh! and I’ve arranged for a new passport for you to collect when you pick up the ticket. Goodbye Mister Priest. We’ll speak again tonight”. The phone went dead. Shivers went down my spine, how could she know that I hadn’t renewed my passport when it expired shortly after being made redundant from my last job?. What clout did she have to pull strings to have a new password issued for me without my knowledge? The phone ringing disturbed my thoughts. Picking it up I heard the voice of the security guard “A black car has just pulled up in the car park. Two geezers in sharp suits and sunglasses have got out. Don’t like the look of them. If its you they’re after, get out the back way now. I’ll delay them”.
Whump!, Vanessa’s foot disrupted my telling of this morning’s event by kicking me in the gut. She had returned with a bottle of Bollinger in one hand and a glass in the other. “Absolute tosh!” she said sternly placing the bottle on a side unit “Do you really expect me to believe that some unknown woman slips you a phone number which you call and another woman offers you a flight to Paris. Oh and the bit about the men in black? That’s just horse manure”. “It’s true” I replied breathlessly “what’s more your lot followed me”.
Driving down the A1(M) at a steady 60 miles per hour, I spotted the rusty white Mini in my rear view mirror. Not that it was difficult to spot, thick black smoke followed in its wake. Sometimes I wished that the Police stopped polluters like that, there was no way that car was road-worthy. The plumes of smoke put out by the car were still distant in my rear view mirror as I joined the M25 westbound. The men in black at the office where I made my call made me paranoid, was I being tailed ?. Stepping on the gas, I sped up to 70mph keeping an eye on my mirror. Accerelating, the rustbucket was putting out so much thick black smoke that I thought the engine would catch fire any second. Keeping up the top legal motorway speed for as long as I could, I noticed the Mini dropping further behind as it failed to keep up. Soon I was forced to slow down to 60 then 40 then 50 then 40 and so on, as I hit the ‘mandatory speed controlled’ section of the London orbital (kerching! money making scheme to catch out honest drivers with random speed limit changes between different gantries laden with ‘safety cameras’ – speed cameras to you and me). I could see a white dot in the rear distance highlighted against black plumes, with so many cameras on this part of the M25, I was sure the car would be pulled over any time soon.

Unfortunately as I pulled off and headed down the Eastbound M4 towards Heathrow, my tail was still behind, closer than I would have thought possible unless the driver had ignored the speed limit changes. My paranoia was confirmed as my tail followed me as I drove past the exit for Terminals 1 to 3. Leaving the M4 at junction 3, I headed South down The Parkway, Cranford Park on my right. I was back on my old stomping ground, I was raised here, learnt to drive here and passed my test here. This is where my local street knowledge would shake off the annoying pile of junk following me. Continuing straight over both the Bath Road and the Great South West Road, I’d hoped my tail would turn right following the most obvious routes into Heathrow. However a tail of smoke several cars behind told me, I had not lost it. Driving as legally fast as I could, I swung into Fagg’s Road then took a right into Staines Road at the next junction. My pursuer got stuck at the lights enabling me to put a good distance between us. Taking a left into Bedfont Road I turned off as soon as I could into the back streets of Feltham and navigated a route I was certain no-one could follow. Arriving at my sister’s house, I was lucky to find a parking space on the crowded street. My original plan had been to leave the car at Diana’s to afford the pricey Airport charges and take a bus to the Airport. However, my Brother In-Law Mike was about to begin a late shift at the Airport and insisted on giving me a lift. As we approached the perimeter road, I was dismayed to spot a familar cloud of smoke from a few cars behind. Saying my farewells, I jumped out of the car and headed straight to the check-in desk. By the time my pursuer had parked their car, I was planning to be airside in the first class lounge.
“Well it wasn’t us. The boys lost you at that off..” Vanessa replied suddenly stopping herself as she realised she had said too much.

“You know it’s the truth because here I am waiting to see the Princess” I replied. Smack! Vanessa slapped me hard across the face “Don’t you back chat me you common piece of filth”. “You mean to tell me that you honestly know nothing and that she was going to explain all tonight?” she asked. I nodded. “Then I’ve no reason to keep you alive have I?” she sneered. Vanessa moved to grab the front of my shirt, meaning to haul me to my feet. “British Intelligence” I rushed out. “What?” Vanessa released my shirt and glared at me. I had to distract her, all the time I had been speaking I had been using my fingers behind my back to work away at the crude knot Vanessa had put in her top. “And French Secret Service” A bit a longer was all I needed.

I explained how a senior member of Army Intelligence met me at Charles De Gaulle. Actually it was General Philip Warpinton who claimed to be a close personal friend of the Princess but I pretended not to remember the name. He was a typical high ranking military type, tall medium built immaculately presented in full uniform festooned with ribbons, short smartly trimmed greying hair with matching moustache. For some reason I instantly liked the man, he seemed open warm and friendly, at first chatting amiably which put me at my ease. As we faced each other in the back of the chauffeur driven limousine as it sped into the centre of Paris, he expressed surprise that the Princess had arranged to meet me. He might have been surprised but I was in shock when he told me who I was actually meeting!. The General confirmed that there had been attempts on the Princess’s life including tampering with the brakes of her car. “Don’t trust anyone Jim” he confided, “something big is going on and I don’t like it. French secret services are swarming over Paris like flies and I can’t find out why. I have a nasty feeling some of our people may be involved”. Leaning forward to straighten my tie, he slipped his business card into my shirt pocket “The chauffeur is French Secret Service” he whispered, “he thinks I doesn’t know”. Arriving at the impressively elegant Hotel Ritz I found myself with keys thrust in my hand and shown to the most expensive hotel room I had ever found myself in where I could freshen up before my meeting. Shortly before midnight I was escorted to the even more extravagant suite I now found myself in.
“And now you’re on your own” Vanessa said “with me”. A nasty wide smile appeared on her face. She leaned forward, her hands reaching for my shirt. Before she could grab hold, I sprung up into her body tackling her to the plush carpet with my now freed hands. Quickly lying on top of her using my body weight to pin her, I grabbed Vanessa’s hands and forced them to the floor either side of her head. My feet tried to find her legs to get her into a grapevine but found themselves tangled. I was consciously aware of lying on top of a sexy virtually nude woman and found the situation exciting. At first she struggled like a wild animal but I held on with grim determination. Finally she relaxed beneath me, panting with an almost sexual excitement, a look of wild ferocity in her eyes. “Who do you work for?” I asked, “what’s happened to the Princess?”. “Take me Mister Tough Guy. Take me hard” she said in a breathy voice “you know you want to. I can feel your erection pressing against me. You want me bad”. “Tell me who you work for” I repeated trying to remain focussed. “Only thing is, you’ll have to take my knickers off to take me and then I’ll have you” she smirked “You’ve no chance against a member of the elite death squad”.

Suddenly Vanessa achieved what I was unable to do and her feet locked around the inside of my shins and pulled my legs wide apart. She had me in a grapevine press yet she was underneath me!. I tried to resist but her legs had pulled mine too far apart. With a grin on her face she raised her forearms forcing my hands slowly back as I tried in vain to keep her pinned. She was a lot stronger than I realised. “Ooh! you poor commoner. Is a nude upper class girl whipping your sorry arse?” she taunted as she pushed my hands further away from the floor. Despite the pain in my outspread legs, I tried to raise my torso to put more of my weight behind my arms only to reach stalemate. “You’ll soon tire doing that whilst I’m young, strong and rich” she sneered. She was right; I was flagging, thinking hard of how to get myself out of this. Flopping back down on top of her, I kissed her passionately on the mouth, following her as she shook her head trying to stop me. Vanessa started bucking her body to dislodge me. That was the cue I’d been waiting for because she had to release my legs to do that. Pushing myself away from Vanessa, I quickly rolled off and got to my feet narrowly missing a wild kick from the wild woman aimed at my head.

“You’ll pay for that!” she shouted as she unsteadily got to her feet. I rushed her slamming her back into the wall behind. Grabbing her hands, I pulled them above her head and barred them with one arm against the wall. I started hammering punches of my own into her toned vascular midriff. I don’t like hitting women, but this one was trouble and I needed information. “Who do you work for?” I repeated as began pounding her gut with all my strength. Unfortunately my fists seemed to make little impact on her rock hard stomach no matter hard I tried. In fact my hand was starting to hurt. It was like punching a brick wall. Vanessa laughed “Is that the best you can do?. Here let me show you”. With that she pushed my arm away grabbed me and flung me against the wall in the same position I had just had her. Whump Whump Whump her right fist had no problems embedding itself deep in my stomach. Her pumped up slender muscular right arm punched so hard that I was in tears with the pain and the inability to breathe. Releasing my hands, she ripped my shirt apart, buttons flying everywhere. “Ooh! What a pretty shade of pink Jim” she exclaimed. Whump! helpless to do anything to stop her, Vanessa’s small but thick bicep slammed her fist really deep in my middle and did not remove it. Leaning against me she pressed against her fist preventing me from drawing breath. Feeling faint I grabbed her wrist, frantically trying to remove it from my body but the grinning topless beauty was too strong and I was too weak from the onslaught against my gut. “You messed with the wrong people Jim” she sneered, “your silly investigation annoyed too many people in power to let you live”. Deprived of oxygen and weakening fast I began to fail my arms and legs around. A lucky kick caught Vanessa’s shin. “Ow!” she cried stepping back to massage her shin.

I was in too bad a shape bent double in pain trying to breathe to take advantage. Mistake! Vanessa flung her arm around my head in an underarm headlock and repeatedly rammed her knee into my gut. Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!. She kneed me so hard that she was lifting my feet from the floor with each devastating blow.

The onslaught stopped and I was flung to the floor with such an unbearable pain in my stomach that I’d feared she’d inflicted some serious internal damage. I was barely aware of Vanessa grabbing my head and forcing it back onto the seat of a chair that she had moved behind me. The next thing I knew, the gut buster (did I tell you she was almost naked?) climbed onto the chair and pushed her crotch into my face. The smell of exertion and sexual excitement flooded my nostrils as the back of my head was pinned to the seat as she sat on my face resting her arms on the back of the chair with her legs folded, shins resting upon my shoulders. “Ohh! oh! umm yes! mmmm!” Vanessa moaned in pleasure as she brutally rubbed her crotch against my face. I raised my hands only to feel her naked tight buttocks sliding back and forth rapidly on my face. She was pressing her crotch down so hard and going berserk against my nose and mouth, I was finding it hard to breath. “mmmm ohhhhh” she was like a wild woman raping my face in a frenzy as she celebrated her victory over me once more demonstrating her superiority over my battered and bruised body. I was beaten and knew it, there was nothing I could do but endure the rough treatment this moaning Amazon took on my face. “ohhhhhhhh” finally she came – rubbing herself long and hard in deep slow slides all over my face. Sated in her lust she sat motionless panting hard as I tried to breathe shallowly what little air I could.

Finally she slid down my body to sit in my lap giving me a long hard French kiss. “Oh that was good Lover” she purred, “I see you want one too”. It was then that I realised how hard I had become in response to her display of sexual dominance. “Shame I haven’t got time for another one Lover” she continued “But I’ve got to go now”. Locking me in another headlock, she forced me forwards onto my front. Placing her knee in my back she wrapped one arm across my neck and around my chin whilst locking it place with her other arm raised vertically up the side of my head. “This is a sleeper hold” she explained “I compress your carotid arteries cutting the blood flow to your brain and within a matter of seconds you will become unconscious”. Speaking softly in my ear she continued “and I keep on doing this causing irreparable brain damage, suffocation then death. Night Night Lover. See you in the next life”. With that she pulled my head right back in her hold whilst pressing against the small of my back with her knee. In vain, I pulled at her arms but was unable to budge them in their deadly embrace. I could feel the swell of her small hard bicep dig into my throat restricting my airways chocking me. Frantically I pawed at her arms to no avail, I felt dizzy and weak, my heart pounding loud and fast in my ears. It felt as though I were distanced from my own body that I was just an observer through someone else’s eyes. I began to feel very warm and sweaty, a sick nauseous taste in my mouth. My ears rang whilst all other noise faded out and I started to slip away.

“RELEASE HIM” A strong commanding female voice cut through my awareness. I felt Vanessa’s strong arms unfold from my neck, her weight lift from my back, my head falling to the floor. Through my daze I could hear Vanessa’s voice, “You’re not one of them, nngghh”, the sound of blows against a human body, a body hitting the thick carpet. Another voice spoke; it sounded a bit like the first woman “Take her to the van for questioning. We must find out what they’ve done with D. Hurry!”. Footsteps heading towards me. Trying to focus through the fug, I willed myself to turn my body to look at the newcomer, but for some reason it wasn’t obeying. “Keep still” a woman’s voice soft sounding concerned. A pair of hands turned me onto my back. I felt warm and profoundly tired but I tried to force my eyes open and to try to focus. I got the impression of a Nun, long blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty face but these were glimpses caught in waves. Fingers rested on my neck and the face spoke “Good, you’re alive. That means I can kill you myself”. The fingers grabbed a nerve and my vision blurred; everything was going grey “You are mine to kill. It’s my right. No, not now Jim. I want you to suffer long and hard for what your family did to mine and for what you did to me. By the time I’ve finished with you, you will be begging for me to put you out of your misery and I’ll be only too happy to oblige”. Fingers tightened and I passed out into painless oblivion.

D-Day+1 08:25 BST (GMT+1)
I awoke to find myself lying on a strange bed, fully clothed in an unfamiliar room. Looking around my confusion cleared, this was my hotel room – the Princess!. Throwing back the sheets I leapt out of bed and rushed to door. Catching the lift to the hotel lobby to alert reception. General Warpinton spotted me as the doors opened. “What the hell happened to you?” he said as he walked across to me. I looked down; my shirt was open revealing a bruised abdomen “The Princess..” I said. “Not here. As far as I know, you were the last person to see her alive” he said as he led me by the arm towards the restaurant off the main lobby. As we walked, I spotted a large TV screen, the volume muted. I just stopped and stared at the scenes of carnage displayed. “Terrible lost. A car accident, or say the French authorities” the General told me. “No, I didn’t get to meet her. There was this woman” I started to say. “Shh! not here” the officer interrupted “we’ll find a quiet spot and you can tell me all about it”.

“There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.”
Queen Elizabeth II, 1997

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