Domination at the Women’s Institute (JP#01)

The ladies of the WI demonstrate to their men folk that they are not meek and humble.

Mrs.Knight is based upon Rosalind Knight’s character in “Carry On Teacher”. Matron Crawford – Joan Crawford in “The Caretakers” showing that she really was too much too handle. Miss Primm & Proper inspired by Miss Primm. Sandy, Judo-Boy’s mum, inspired by er Sandy.

By Jimp based on a suggestion by Stefano
(c) JIM P 2011

**Part 1: Mrs. Knight**

I lay in bed watching the reflections of car headlights on the ceiling as they rushed past outside. Sleep no longer came easily to me, not since that kid wiped me out on the mat [JACKIE#03]. The thought of how my Judo had been no match for the little blonde gymnast in her school uniform had me stiff again as it had done every night since. The inevitable prospect of wanking one off over the short athletic girl who dominated me completely beckoned until I heard heated mumbling through the bedroom wall. I put my ear against the wall. “But I don’t think Glenn is ready dear” I heard dad say. Judo Boy, everyone calls me Judo Boy except for my parents. I couldn’t make out mum’s reply then THUMP “ouch!” THUMP “ouch!” WTF? Strange noises and what sounded like muffled cries from my dad. It sounded like a scuffle was going on in there, which was bizarre. Then I made out a muffled voice “OK OK tomorrow night. He can go.. Ouch.. We can go together”. Dad’s voice sounded strained. What the hell was going on? I’d never heard anything like that before. It almost sounded like they were fighting, which was dumb as both my parents were old and dull as dishwater. Dad had just retired as an aircraft engineer and mum was an ordinary housewife. They never did anything more physical than play cribbage. The vision of Jackie’s powerful muscular legs returned and I had no choice but to whip one off before I had any chance of sleep.

I had forgotten all about the strange noises until the following evening when I was getting ready to go out. “Mum, is my gi washed?” I asked as I entered the kitchen. Although she celebrated her 59th birthday a couple of months ago, Mum is not bad looking for an old wrinkly. She stood 5 foot 7 to my 6 foot 1 with straight shoulder length silvery blonde hair which swept off her forehead on the right and flowed down both sides of her face over her ears. Her face is a long oval with high broad cheeks and a deep chin. Light eyebrows arch closely above small green eyes and a long prominent nose leads to a full mouth wearing light pink lipstick. With a firm chin and neck, there was little to indicate her age apart from smile lines which creased from the bridge of her nose together with other wrinkles around her chin and eyes as she smiled at me. “At 21, maybe you should learn to wash it yourself. This isn’t a laundrette” she teased. She was a little plump but that’s what mums are like isn’t it? A sleeveless blue dress showed off pale fleshy arms and disturbingly quite a bit of the top part of her bust. I tried to avert my eyes. Mum has a magnificent 36dd bust, I know because I looked in her wardrobe, and the dress she wore was pulled in to a 26 inch waist with a sort of corset on the outside that just emphasised her bust even more and her broad 38 inch hips. “Anyway, we are all going to the WI tonight” she told me. “What? That boring place with the old biddies” I complained. “Do what your mother tells you, Glenn. No arguments” Dad spoke up from the kitchen table. He was tall and lanky with short greying curly hair. Oddly he seemed to be avoiding looking at mum and seemed a bit subdued, had they been arguing? Then I recalled the strange overheard conversation. Was that what it was all about? What’s the big deal about the WI that she had to drag me along for?

Half an hour later we were in the garage and dad went to open the garage door. As mum opened the passenger side front door, I noticed seams at the back of the sheer tan coloured nylons that adorned her thick pear drop shaped calves. I watched as she got into the seat bending her legs to swing them into the car. The hem of her skirt rose up and I caught a glimpse of a dark band of nylon before she closed the door. I got in the back, wondering why my mother was wearing stockings to the WI.

The Women’s Institute met in a low long squat single storey building close to the centre of town. I was expecting to see a load of old biddies standing around next to stalls with homemade cakes, pickles and clothes, and that sort of stuff. No way did I imagine to see a lot of women of various ages standing around the sides of the hall overlooking a large central area covered with gym mats. It almost looked like a dojo. This impression was reinforced by the fact that the women wore stylish form-fitting white satin silk kimono style dresses that were wrapped around and held in place by a simple white belt. These glossy garments resembled a sexy gi jacket that would only be any good in the bedroom. The lengths differed from very short indeed like a micro skirt to those that came mid-thigh or to the knee. Likewise the women wore a variety of nylons on their legs, although all were sheer most wore black but some were tan and others wore close weaved fishnets. All of them wore high heeled shoes, some with higher heels than others.

The kimono style dresses were very eye catching with high lustre reflecting the light in a pleasing manner with every movement. Each was tailored to flatter the figure with a pulled in waist, which in many cases included an inbuilt corset. This emphasised rounded hips and supported the bust giving the ladies an impressive hour glass figure with many having a breathtaking overhang on their chests. There must have been at least thirty women and I recognised a few, this being a small town. “I’m just going to change. Stay here with your father and don’t get into any mischief” my mother warned then walked away. No problem, I was enjoying admiring the women’s figures in their sexy silk jackets and nylons which was giving me the horn. “What’s going on dad?” I asked my father. I was surprised to find his face flushed with downcast eyes. “Er, just watch Glenn. You will find this, er, most interesting” he replied sheepishly.

Suddenly my eye was caught by the steely gaze of a woman I knew. Miss Primm and Proper looked like she was in charge. I don’t know her real name but that’s what the lads called her because she’s got this really snooty look and looks down at you as if you were beneath her contempt. Probably in her forties, she has a stern authorative face and wore a lot of makeup. The top of her long flat cheeks were rouged and quite wide before tapering towards a narrow pronounced chin. Small slender eyes with cold brown irises glared from beneath thick eyebrows that formed two straight lines above a patch of dark blue eyeliner on her eyelids. A dark ring of black mascara added a smouldering look to her hard eyes. Her nose was wide and sleek ending in a point with slightly flared nostrils. A pronounced groove between the two vertical ridges on her upper lip ran down to a small perfectly formed mouth coated with deep red lipstick. It was fixed in a sexy pout although it was also tight lipped and disapproving. As usual, her light brown hair was pulled back and tied behind her head in a bob. A deep fringe of soft straight hair reached her eyebrows. “There you are Glenn. You are just in time for Mrs. Knight’s demonstration” her voice was hard with a posh edge that never asked you to do anything but commanded. Like my mother, she was slightly plump and ample busted. In fact, the woman was the local librarian and well known among the boys for the old fashioned bullet bras she wore that made her bust stick out like twin torpedoes which looked like they could take your eye out.

I had only ever seen her dressed conservatively before and so with mounting excitement, I ran my gaze over her body. The satin kimono dress clung to her ample plump body reflecting the light with every move, hugging her wide hips and plunging dramatically over her thrusting breasts. Oh what a pair! My heart began to race and my face warmed. The edges of silk that wrapped around her body didn’t meet up until somewhere just above her belly button, leaving a very wide, deep plunging V neckline across which was a cat’s cradle of white laces. This showed off a vast amount of her full rounded breasts right down the middle and as they curved away from each other before disappearing into the dress. She was clearly not wearing a bra yet her breasts well very well toned and firm without the support. The dress was also sleeveless and she wore long white gloves that stretched over her plump arms to above her elbows. Below the hem, I was excited to see black stocking tops on the sheer black nylons that sheathed her thick shapely legs and shoes with what must have been at least 12 inch heels that made her tower over me. Why is she dressed like that? She looked more like a domme than a librarian.

She came to a halt right in front of me, staring in my eyes with a disquieting gaze. “I’m so glad you could make it Glenn” she said coldly. “You will help Mrs. Knight when she’s ready. I will tell you when” she instructed in her crisp sharp posh voice then turned away and clapped loudly. CLAP CLAP. The hall fell silent and all eyes turned towards her. “I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Knight has brought her husband along tonight and will give us a demonstration in lifting and manipulation of the disabled”. WTF is so important about this crap that I had to miss my Judo practice?

Just then a woman appeared at the other side of the mat pushing a man in a wheelchair. I recognised him. Frank, he used to be in my Judo club until some idiot broke his back. He must be 29 or 30; his wife must be about the same age although her prudish look made her seem much older. The white silk kimono hugged a very slim body with a pleasing hour glass figure. From fairly wide shoulders, her torso tapered steeply to a tiny waist then curved out again to nicely rounded hips. She had a medium sized bust which the tailored dress thrust out into a very nice steep sloped frontage. Standing around 5 foot 6, her slim figure made her look taller. Her upper legs were hidden as the dress came down to her knees but below that she had extremely shapely calves sheathed in sheer black nylon and emphasised by high heels. Very slim ankles swelled out into a large curvy semi-peardrop that wobbled nicely as she walked. They weren’t muscular but full of appealing feminine curves.

There was a bed set up in the middle of the room and it was towards this that she wheeled her husband. She looked very uptight and prudish with very clean cut lines and the top of her kimono worn high so that only her long swanlike neck showed. Wavy brown hair was set in an old fashioned hairstyle looking like something out of the 50’s. Cut high upon the forehead, a curl of hair stylishly tumbled down to her brow on the right from where it pushed back and curled around the ear. On the left her hair was swept back into fashioned parting from where it swept elegantly over her ears and curled around the base of the skull. Most startling of all was a hawkish appearance with straight eyebrows set very low over wide staring brown eyes which bore a touch of mascara and eye liner, and a long beak like nose. Her face was small and square with a smooth complexion, a rounded chin and a wide thin lipped mouth wearing dark pink lipstick.

Stopping by the bed; the woman went to her husband’s side and tucked her slender arm under his. Wasn’t anyone going to help her? He was much more heavily built than she was; there was no way she had the strength to lift him from his chair. Then to my surprise she leveraged him to his feet using what looked at bit like an armbar. She then pressed a small rounded hip against his side and slipped an arm around his waist while pulling his arm over her shoulder. A stirring began in my cock as the slender woman gently loaded her big heavy husband onto her hip as if to throw him then manipulated him easily onto the bed. “You see how Judo allows a woman to move a much heavy man around without the need for physical strength and without injuring herself” Miss Primm and Proper said loudly.

Mrs. Knight walked around to the far side of the bed to allow us a better view, her satin kimono moving tightly around her thighs. Now that my attention had been drawn to it, I saw that she was indeed using leverage to position her husband with his head on the pillow and the thought made me stiff. I like women who do martial arts; it really turns me on, except there are no decent looking birds at my Judo club, just a few ugly tomboys. Suddenly her husband gave a yelp of pain and I was shocked to see that the uptight looking woman had applied an armbar with the crook of one arm pushing down the shoulder joint while stressing the lock with his wrist. Her face was calm with a stern expression as she forced her husband to roll onto his stomach whereupon she applied a hammerlock, pressing his hand high up his back towards his shoulders causing him to squeal again. “Of course, he now knows that he is no longer the head of the house as the woman also uses Judo to obtain his compliance” Miss Primm and Proper explained while the young square looking woman let her husband linger in the painful hold. My cock was really growing stiff at this unexpected display of female dominance.

That posh voice cut in again “Of course, it would be wrong of us continue the demonstration upon a disabled man. Glenn, go and help Mrs. Knight”. If they wanted a demonstration of Judo, I’d be more than happy. I was much taller and heavier than that strait laced woman and I would enjoy getting my hands on that slim hour-glass figure. As I walked across the mat, she came around the bed to meet me. To my surprise, she stared at me with a hawkish hungry expression which disturbed me. Her eyes were so wide that the whites were visible as she stared at me eagerly from under very low arched eyebrows. Beneath her prominent beak of a nose, her mouth spread wide into chilling smile emphasising her high cheek bone and pointed chin making her look predatory almost feral. “Hello Glenn, remember me?” she asked in a soft elegant voice that spoke of a privileged middle class education. “You used to bully my kid brother Joey. Now it’s my turn to bully you”.

Without warning, her hand flew out and grabbed my arm then turned quickly pulling it over her shoulder. Her small backside bumped into my groin and bent forward then a fraction of a second of dizziness as she whipped me over her shoulder in a devastatingly fast Seoi-nage. KERSLAM! In the blink of an eye, my back hit the mat. WTF she threw me! No sooner had I thought that than her small fist punched my throat. THOCK! Kkkkchh! I began coughing violently. “See how easy it is for a woman to quickly incapacitate a much larger male” Miss P & P’s voice boomed around the hall as I curled on the mat in a coughing fit. “Even if he is a black belt; Show him your belt, Rosy” There was female laughter all around me. Still coughing, I looked up to see Mrs. Knight lifting up the white silk belt that tied her kimono.

Her hawkish gaze disturbed me; she was twitching with excitement and eager for more. “Come on Glenn. You can do better than that. Oh I do hope you can do better than that” she was panting with eagerness, her eyes so wide that it was kind of scary. She wanted it, well oh boy was I going to give it to her, no stuck up bitch makes a monkey out of Judo Boy. Shaking off the coughing, I got to my feet to teach her a lesson but was shocked to find her crouched in a wrestling stance, her arms open ready to grapple and her legs wide apart. The satin dress stretched tight between her legs, riding up giving a view of sexy stocking clad thighs. “Yes, more” she gasped highly excited, the whites of her eyes showing. But I wasn’t going to let that distract me, I went straight at her and before she could a hold on me, I fell back and threw her across the mat in a perfect Tomoe nage or stomach throw.

I got up quickly and turned around planning to punish her with an armbar. However, I was shocked to find her throwing herself forward from her back onto her feet in a stunning display of dexterity. Landing in a very unladylike crouch, her legs were so wide apart that her kimono rose up her slender thighs to reveal thick black stocking tops and suspenders. The sight was incredibly sexy and stimulating but a shiver went down my spine as she eyed me up like the bird of prey she resembled. Her nicely outthrust chest rises and falls quickly and her eyes are completely wild eyed with rabid excitement. Her body is waving back and forth, tensing like a spring in barely suppressed anticipation. Jeese, the strait laced woman had become some a wild creature. I actually felt apprehensive as she stomped one pace forward in that wide leggy crouch like a Sumo wrestler. She is so hyped up that she can only utter one word; One word that chills me to the bone. “Hungry!” she gasps in a voice thick with excitement.

She took another stomping step towards me, with those crazy wide eyes staring at me hungrily. Her crazed eagerness freaks me and puts me off my stride. “Watch how Rosy defends herself from a big bad male wolf” Miss P & P announced. Bugger that, I wasn’t going to let her get the chance. The crazy eyed woman lurched for me with her hands spread wide. Expecting her to try to go for an easy throw, I made a grab for her right arm to do it to her before she did it to me. However she seized my wrist with her other hand, turned her back into me while hooking her arm over my elbow and applied pressure to my wrist. Ouch stupid! I never expected her to do that. “Look at how easily she outwits the big dumb male” Miss P & P raised a chuckle of female laughter. Ouch I’ll show her, the sour faced bitch. I went to kick the back of Mrs. Knight’s legs from under her but with a speed I didn’t expect; she sidestepped quickly and whipped my arm straight then twisted my wrist forcing me to bend at the knees. “Look how effortlessly she brings the big lug down to her level” shut up you irritating bitch! The satin hem of Mrs. Knight’s dress kicked up with a blur of sexy black nylon. BLAM! The toe of her shoe hammers me right on the jaw. I stagger back with a room full of applause ringing in my ears.

“See how his machismo won’t let him admit defeat at the hands of a mere woman” Miss P & P was really getting on my nerves now. I’ll go for a Ouchi gari, a leg reap to get her to the ground but one look at the woman froze me in my tracks. With the whites of her eyes showing, she looked hyper. Her body was twitching like she was dosed up on caffeine and swaying back and forth eager to get to grips with me. The uptight looking woman opened her mouth and licked her lips greedily. “Garrr!” her shout took me by surprise and suddenly the hawkish woman was upon me. “Hai! Hai!  Hai! Hai!” high piercing screams made my crotch lurch as her slender hand rocked my neck with a series of chops, slashing each side alternately. “Hai! Hai!” she was fast, her eyes wide and breathing fast and heavy as though sexually stimulated. “Hai!” baring her teeth in wide crazed grin the side of her hand slashed down hard against my carotid artery. Everything went dizzy and I felt faint and nauseous.

“Huh huh huh” I looked up at the sound of heavy panting and froze. The seemingly prudish woman hawk-like face glared at me ferociously as if I were her prey, licking her lips and panting heavily with heightening arousal again. Grinning inanely she raised her open palm. That totally freaked me and I lashed out but her hand chopped my wrist then seized it. “Hai!” the side of her hand chopped hard against my neck and the next second I found myself on the mat not remembering how I got there. A pair of big meaty shapely calves in sheer black nylon stands before me. “A woman has a natural capacity for mastering the martial arts. She is more flexible, more intelligent, more calculating and has greater stamina” that irritating voice lectured.

Bull! I wasn’t taking any of that feminist clap-trap and I wasn’t going to let myself get beaten up by a female again, especially one who looked like a snobby bureaucrat, a tax collector, school inspector or something. She was waiting for me, her torso swaying back and forth with uncontrolled excitement rolling up her sleeves to her elbows and spread her legs wide stretching the satin dress between her legs with her arms wide ready for combat. Her mouth broke into a predatory smile. “Yes, more!” she gasped, panting lustfully, spoiling for a fight. Strangely this combined with the moves she had so far demonstrated turned me on and I mirrored her stance ready to take her on. “See how he refuses to admit that he is beaten. Which is why a woman must always put a man down hard” that irritating voice lectured. I rushed her, hoping to take her down quickly but found myself entangled with her arms. My greater height and strength soon overpowered her but she remained ecstatic and hyper. I slipped an arm around her back to perform an O Goshi, a hip throw. BLAM! Pain exploded in my gut driving the breath out of my lungs as her knee slammed hard into my stomach. “Yes!” she gasped with glee. BAM! A small hard fist hammered right on top of my winded gut. “Yes!” she cried with mounting passion. BAM! Ohhhhh a solid punch to my ruined gut. “YES!” she screams in near orgasm. BLAM! Orghhhh. Her fist drives deep with no resistance from my weakened gut.

“Observe how helpless he is against her defence” that irritating snobby voice states the obvious. Arghhh I can’t breathe, my diaphragm has been flattened under the barrage of blows. I am too badly winded and can only watch helplessly as she grabs my wrist and slides an arm around my back, pulling me close against the sexy silky kimono dress. Her low lying eyebrows arch with a satisfied smile upon her face as her hawkish eyes and nose stare at me. She looks quite smug and superior and her sexy dominance turns me on. “You lose, I claim my prey!” she whispers in my ear then I’m stunned as her warm wet tongue licks hungrily around my ear, the sensations causing my dick to rise rapidly. That feels so good even though I couldn’t express it because my diaphragm was barely working; I close my eyes in pleasure. I feel her turn her waist, pressing it against me. It was such an intimate sensual feeling that before I realised it she had leant forward and used her hip as a pivot point to lift my feet from the floor. My body swung over her hip as she leant further forward to send me head over heels towards the mat in an O Goshi. KERSLAM! My back slammed into the mat at her feet.

“Sssss!” I hissed as the fall knocked what little air I had managed to suck in, back out again. Mrs. Knight had retained my arm during the throw and now pulled it vertically straight and was pressing her knee against the elbow. “Ssss!” Ouch! She was bending my arm back forcing me back to my feet. “Look at how easily she degrades and puts the much bigger male in his place” the irritating posh voice pointed out. My severe cramped gut made me feel so weak and helpless that I couldn’t stop the uptight looking woman in the form fitting satin kimono dress seizing my wrist with both hands with a wicked smile on her lips. “Argh!” I gasped looking down at her large shapely nylon sheathed calves as she pulled my arm straight across the front of her hour glass figure. “Argh!” Jeese no, she twisted my wrist forcing me to bend then turned away from me using the side of her waist to stress the lock while locking my upper arm by wrapping an arm over it then seizing my wrist. “Argh!” Jeese! She applied a painful wristlock then raised my hand while holding my upper arm tight against the side of her body forcing me to bend further forward. “Arghhh!” she forced my arm almost vertical forcing me to my knees. “Crawl, worm!” the wild eyed woman instructed with a manic grin. “Argh!” I had no choice; my arm was on the point of breaking. My face went red with embarrassment as a room full of women laughed at my impotence, but no men joined in. The way that she was dominating me was somehow exciting and I found my dick stiffening.

Suddenly the feral prudish looking woman twisted the armbar forcing me onto my heels and bent my arm behind my back and pressed it right up between the shoulder blades. Maintaining the hammerlock, Mrs. Knight’s arm hand snuck around my waist and made me gasp in shock as it slipped down the front of my trousers. “See how males are easily aroused by a woman’s dominance, so she must assert her authority in that department as well” that voice was grating on my nerves, I’d like to put that bitch in her place Orrr! However, she was right about one thing, I had an absolute boner for the wide eyed hawk faced woman and her hand was pumping it up even harder. Orrr! She was good. With my hand locked behind my back, her scary hawkish face peered close to my shoulder with a wicked predatory smile. “That’s it you big bully. Mess your pants in front of all these people. That will teach you for bullying little children” she whispered in my ear then stuck her tongue in it again. “Orrrrrrr!” the tactile slobbering of my ear and her pumping hand was too much. Argh! With one arm pressed high up my back, she was wanking me off while driving me crazy with her tongue working my ear. Ohhhh! I moaned, the woman was too good, she showed no mercy as she pumped my dick abusing me in front of everyone including my parents. Oh God! Mum and Dad were watching, well actually Dad wasn’t watching he was looking down at the floor with a look of disappointment. No, I couldn’t, my parents were watching but the hawk faced woman was too good with her hand and tongue and I quickly reached bursting point. “Nnnn nnnn nnnn nnnnnnahh!” I moaned with a mix of ecstasy and humiliation as I creamed my pants.

Feeling weak and drained in post-orgasmic haze, I could only watch feeling utterly humiliated as Mrs. Knight withdrew her hand and rubbed a big sticky white glob in my face, raising another chorus of laughter. Then she released my arm and got up leaving me kneeling on the floor with shame burning my face as I watched her big shapely calves walk towards the bed. At that moment, I wanted to be anyplace but here. “Let’s leave Mrs. Knight to see to her husband and move onto our next demonstration” that irritating voice sang out. Shamefaced I got to my feet, my eyes looking for signs of a toilet door but I could see none. A creaking springy noise made my eyes dart back to the bed. What I saw made me gobsmacked. I had expected Mrs. Knight to be helping her husband back into his wheelchair, but instead she was on the bed sitting high on his chest pinning his shoulders with her slender nylon clad legs that held his head firm on either side. The hem of her silk dress had slid back to reveal stocking tops. I couldn’t help staring at the sexy sight. “Did you enjoy that Frank? Did you enjoy watching me dominate a young man? I think you did” she asked the face wedged between her sleek nylon clad thighs. The erect tent in the front of his trousers confirmed her claim. “Mmmmm!” his protests were smothered out as she slid her crotch forward onto his face. The hem slid further back revealing suspender belts and, Gulp! She wasn’t wearing knickers! A hairy pussy pressed on her husband’s nose and covered his mouth. “Any complaints now Frank?” she asked, her wide eyes staring down at her trapped spouse along her beakish nose. “Mmmm!” “I take that as a no” she said. She slid back slightly uncovering his mouth. “Now Frank, you will show me your appreciation” she ordered. Despite feeling like a peeping tom, I continued to watch with morbid fascination. “No Rosy, not like that. It’s dirty!” he gasped, his face showed revulsion.

The dominant hawk faced woman wasn’t going to take that for an answer. She lifted his head and tucked her meaty right calve beneath it. Then she moved her left leg to force out his arm before returning her knee to the side of his head. Argh!” he cried as she applied a vertical arm bar and stressed it. At the same time his throat was pulled against the underside of her upper leg. “You will obey me Frank, or I will break your arm” she told him coldly. “Argkkk Nnn nno Rosy!” he cried in pain but his cries were cut off as she slid her pussy over his mouth while maintaining the armbar. That must be hurting like hell; she was bending the base of his locked arm against her waist as she sat on his face. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” his muffled shrieks were alarming. “Now show your appreciation Frank. I won’t ask again” she commanded in a stern voice. He had no choice; he must know that she could break his arm in that position or strangle him against her leg. “Oh that’s right dear” she moaned softly and closed her eyes. I knew that he was doing as he was told and that began to stoke my fire again. “Mmmm yes” she moaned, her body giving little riding movements as she forced her husband to service her while his own erection was throbbing in his trousers. God she seemed so hyper and horny and excitingly dominant. I was glued like a voyeur. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she looked right at me while her body moves sinuously in rhythm with her husband’s devotions. Her smile widens into a predatory grin. “It’s alright Glenn. You can watch then it can be your turn” she says with hungry eyes “I’ve plenty more for you” she said. Somehow that scared the crap out of me and walked away with the sound of her mocking chuckles burning my ears.

**Part 2: Matron Crawford**
“Glenn!” Mum’s voice attracted my attention. Worryingly she has changed into one of those white silk kimono dresses that shimmer with every move. Coming down to about mid-thigh, a good deal more of her thick shapely legs, sheathed in sheer tan stockings, are on show than a mum ought to. “I..I er need the bathroom” I explained as I reached her. “No Glenn, I told you to stay out of trouble. Now you will just have to live with your shame until we go home” her soft voice had a stern edge. “Now come here and watch” she told me. “Er..Isn’t that a bit short for you?” I asked with trepidation not sure of how she would react. Luckily she didn’t seem to take offense. “What this? Don’t you think I’ve got rather good legs for my age?” she said brightly with a smile and with that she lifted up the hem to show her stocking tops. Oh God! I couldn’t stop looking. I was staring at my mum’s legs and thinking how great they were. I noticed dad was looking too. “Yes, I thought so too” she said with a chuckle lowering the hem and turning around to watch something. The high heels made sexy diamond shapes stand out on mum’s large shapely calves and I mentally kicked myself for perving on my mum.

Miss Primm and Proper addressed the watching women, her tailored white satin dress pinched her plump waist emphasising her ample bust “In the dojo you will only wear a short white satin kimono with stockings, suspenders and high heels. Nothing else” she said with her gaze travelling across the crowd then lingering on me as she added “A bra for the more endowed lady if you must”. Trigged by her words, my eyes went straight for her splendid cleavage. A satisfied pout appeared on her lips and her stern gaze moved on. “No knickers. You must be ready to dominate men sexually at all times. To remind them who is boss not just in combat but also in the bedroom”. I must have misheard because, phroar! I couldn’t keep my eyes off those big full boobs visible through the laced front of her satin outfit. The stuck up cow had a great pair on her, I’d give her that. “Outside you should wear skirts or dresses, never slacks or leggings” she told them. I fully agreed with that. “Stockings, suspenders and high heels but no panties; You must remain feminine and elegant at all times, ready to assert your dominance on any man or boy at any time in any place” she looked and sounded really snooty but I couldn’t believe the words coming from her tiny pouting mouth. “He may be the man who doesn’t give up his seat for you on the crowded train. He may be the boy with his headphones on too loud. You must be prepared at all times to impose your will and ridicule their sexual capabilities and miniscule fighting skills”.

WTF feminist claptrap was this? I thought this was the WI? She was looking at me again with her pinched expression, as if daring me to laugh or make some remark. I felt my dick reawaken under her wilting gaze and tried not to look at her boobs. Finally she turned towards the mat, giving me a view of those laced up big bouncers from the side. I spotted a fine silver necklace with a circular pendant of some busty Indian bird dancing with loads of arms and legs, nestling in her deep cleavage. “Matron Crawford will now demonstrate, with the help of her sons and husband, how being 58 is no impediment when maintaining disciple with patients and staff at the local hospital” she announced.

From a room at the far end of the hall emerge four men wearing full karate gi with high grade black belts. All are well over 6′, muscular built and mean looking with shaven skinhead cuts. Three of them look like they are in their late 30’s and the more weather beaten crinkly one obviously the father. I recognise one of the sons as Steve whose face was in the local papers as a right viscous bastard who should have went to prison but somehow got off scot-free. He had the highest belt ranking and I was disgusted somebody had taught a thug like that Karate. The men formed 2 lines looking distinctly uncomfortable. A slim woman who looks about 5’4″ tall walks down their middle towards where we are standing. The first thing that catches my attention is her figure which is very slim although not a pronounced hour glass as Mrs. Knight, yet pleasing on the eye. It tapers slightly from square shoulders to her waist then curves out to nice rounded hips. Her stomach looks flat and firm, though bust is disappointingly small. Her silk kimono is so short that it is barely covers his crotch and is cut high upon her hips exposing her best asset which is absolutely sensational legs. Although slender the way the muscles under her skin move as she walks suggests latent strength like dancer. Sheathed in sheer black nylon stockings with stocking tops high up upon the leg with black suspenders, they really are very sexy for someone her age. As she walks, her smooth legs swell with strong outer and inner thigh muscles and strong toned calves bringing back memories of my defeat with that young gymnast.

Despite a hot body her face is startling. Although not outright ugly, neither did I find her attractive and thought her face mannish. It looked quite big compared with her slim body and was rather long with a high forehead and a prominent chin. Her eyes were long narrow blue eyes made feminine with thick eyelashes and mascara but above this sat very thick black eyebrows which I thought repulsive. A long broad nose sits between those eyes and leads to a wide mouth with thick lips covered in a smear of red lipstick. She showed her age too with deep crease lines curving from the sides of her lower nose around the corners of her mouth highlighting her broad flat cheeks and wrinkles lining her high forehead. Thick wavy hair, dyed red, swept back from her forehead into a high wave on top of her head and continued down to her small ears.

“I have worked for the National Health Service for over 40 years and for many of them as Matron” her voice was loud, strident and stern with a slight rasp. Being surrounded by a bunch of toughs in full gi didn’t seem to bother her. “Frankly I am fed up with the namby-pamby liberal attitudes of interfering politicians and businessmen sticking their politically correct opinions where they are not welcome” She stood ramrod straight with her hands on hips with her head slowly turning to make eye contact with each and every one of her audience. “Patients and staff alike should be dealt with a strong hand and discipline” she said. “Bert” she said quietly and her husband stepped towards her. His wife stood absolutely still as he came up behind her then struck like a viper. In the blink of an eye, she had seized his hand and twisted his arm under her armpit while applying a double wrist lock. “Ouch!” Bert cried as his wife leant back bending his arm the wrong way against her side and forcing him to his knees. It was quite exciting watching a small woman overpowering a much bigger man, although it uncomfortably reminded me of how Mrs. Knight overpowered me. “Ouch!” her face remained stony as she let her husband, who was a mean looking bastard, suffer in humiliation in front of all these women. “That is how easy it is to subdue an unruly patient who won’t take his medicine” she explained while Bert grimaced in pain.

Releasing her husband, she addressed the women while Bert returned to his place in line. “On the ward, Matron rules supreme. She is Queen; the absolutely authority. Nowadays youngsters seem to think they have freedom of speech to question my will. This is how I assert my authority” She explained. “Simon” she said quietly nodding to one of her sons. Simon stepped forward, looking mean, and for a moment they faced each other off holding each other’s sleeves. The lean muscles of her thighs flexed and waned as she opposed him. Suddenly she spun around and whipped him over her hip in a devastatingly fast O Goshi. WHAM! His big heavy body slammed loudly against the mat. That was beautifully executed, she was good. His mum gave a throaty chuckle “That’s how to put your staff in their rightful place”. Simon got to his feet looking slightly flushed and looking down at the floor and returned to the line.

“Some men hide behind knives, but they are fools if they think that will get the better of Matron” her strident voice said. She nodded to another son “Paul”. Another tough stepped forward and pulled out a thick stick that had been tucked into his belt. He came at her with his arm raised, plunging the stick downwards like a dagger. Showing no emotion and reacting fast, the slim mature woman crossed her arms vertically stopping the weapon before it struck. Quickly, one hand seized his wrist as she wrapped up his upper arm with her own. Pushing forwards towards his side, her rounded hip pressed against his buttock as nylon clad leg hooked around his near leg from behind. Her outer thigh bulged with strength as it swept his leg forwards while she bent forwards. In the blink of an eye, he was riding backwards over his mother’s hip as she threw him. WHAM! His back slammed into the mat at her feet. I was impressed by how she controlled his fall, turning so that his body described a high arc causing my groin to tighten.

“As Matron you have to deal with yobs trying to steal drugs. But a single woman is more than capable of totally dominating several men at once with the training we give you” the scary looking old woman told the watching women. All four men stepped towards her and she turned to face them, looking stony calm. Simon came at her with a punch. “Hai!” his fist was a blur but she was incredibly fast nimbly twisting out of the way. As his fist shot past, she turned her back on her son, seized his forearm and pulled it over her shoulder giving it a twist then savagely pulling down. “Argh!” he cried as his mother bent his arm the wrong way. Shoving her nice small backside into his groin, she quickly leant forward. KERSLAM! The next instant his back was hitting the mat as she whipped him over her shoulder while retaining his arm. Wow! The old woman was good and so fast. Her body was so slim and the way she moved so supple that it was easy to mistake it for that of a young woman. If only her scary face didn’t betray her age. Applying a wristlock she pulled his arm vertical then placed a foot on her son’s mouth and ground it with a stern look of superiority. That act of domination by a mother over her son had reawakened my ardour.

Paul like what she was doing to his brother and rushed at her rather than waiting his turn. He was almost upon her when, to my excitement, the old woman fell back lifting her son up in the air on the end of a gorgeous nylon clad leg which was painfully positioned in his groin. Ooh I winced at the thought as her hefty son flew head over heels over his mother’s lithe body. So rapid was her throw that he landed on his back several feet away. Wow! What an amazing Tomoe Nage! The stiffness was spreading to my dick. Just as Mrs. Knight had done, the scary faced woman bent her legs, placed her feet on the floor then pressed herself back onto her shoulders before throwing herself forwards to her feet. My dick hardened fast at that awesome display of flexibility; wow I bet she was great in bed.

No sooner was she on her feet than her husband was upon her trying to hook his leg around hers to set her up for a sweeping throw. But instead of his wife being slammed to the mat, she countered by hooking her own leg around his and raising it forward off the floor while leaning forward. KERSLAM! He went over backwards. This amazing old woman with the scary face and firm slim body was throwing her sons and husband around like confetti. “Ouch!” Bert squealed as his wife went down on one knee close to his shoulder, tucked his forearm beneath her arm then applied an armlock stressing his elbow. “Arghh! No Jo No Argh!” he cried as she brutally punished his arm.

Steve rushed his mother, looking angry, his hands raised open palmed. She whirled to face him and I was excited to see her adopt a fight stance. Surely she didn’t know Karate as well? “Hai!” they both yelled in unison. He was fast but his scary mother was faster. Barely had he raised his leg when there was a blur of shear black nylon and the sole of her shoe smashed her son right in the mouth. BLAM! Wow what speed and what flexibility for her age. Her kimono shimmered as she folded back her foot with the knee still raised level with her small bust. The grimace on her son’s face showed that the kick had been real and had really hurt yet her face was stony hard. “Hai!” she shouted and the next second her shoe snapped right back into his mouth. Showing no concern for the damage she was inflicting upon her own son, the strict fierce looking old woman lowered her foot to the mat and adopted a wide legged fighting stance with her hands raised. Steve clutched his mouth and wiped away a trickle of blood with a look of pure malice.

But the attack came from another direction. Bert came in fast from the side and was almost upon his wife when she turned at the last second, grabbed his gi jacket and instantly dropped to the floor. Rolling on her back in a lighting fast double legged stomach throw, her husband was hurled high into the air and sent clean across the mat. “Hai!” Steve’s foot struck the mat hard barely missing his mother who had rapidly rolled aside. The stern frightening looking woman quickly flipped to her feet to face her son. “Hai!” Steve snapped a lightning fast kick at his mother but she was amazingly quick and his rising foot collided with her raised shin. Her knee had shot up as high as her chest so fast that it was just a blur. “Hai!” her raised leg snapped straight blasting the sole of her shoe into her son’s face. BLAM! Wow! Her sleekly defined calves wobbled on impact with his face. They were really going for it, hammer and tongs. “Hai!” “Hai!” their shouts came one after the other as both snapped high side kicks towards each other. BLAM! The long slender leg of the stony faced woman out reached her son and hammered the toe of her shoe against his cheek. The hem of her ultra short kimono had risen to show off a fantastic sexy bare backside as it had rotated to deliver the kick. Steve clutched the side of his face wincing in pain as his mother’s foot returned to the floor. Still she showed no emotion, like her face was set in concrete. She adopted wide legged fighting stance with her open hands ready for more action. God she was amazing, such dominant power, she had my pecker up.

The other brothers came to Steve’s aid closing in on their mother from either side. My dick grew with anticipation as she stood prepared for combat with a chilly emotionless face. Her form fitting satin kimono jacket shimmered in the light as did the sheen of the stockings covering her sexy slender but strong legs. The old woman moved so deadly fast that it caught both of them unprepared. “Hai!” “Hai!” her leg flashed catching Paul on the side of his neck then spun and hammered hard across Simon’s gut. THUD! WHUMP! Paul looked dazed while Simon began to crumple forwards. “Hai! Hai!” a blaze of black nylon and shimmering satin marked the path of her lightning fast leg as it shot up vertically in an axekick then dropped down upon the back of her son’s neck like a guillotine. Pounded to his knees, his mother followed up with a brutal stomp to the side of his neck that sent him sprawling to the mat. My cock was absolutely rigid; the stony faced old woman was tearing them apart.

These were tough brawlers used to a fight and sporting a bloody mouth, Steve shoved aside his brothers and father in his rage to get to his mother. “Yah!” he yelled pumping his large fists in a barrage of punches and kicks but none made contact as the chilly woman blocked them all. Suddenly she made her move. As he drove a fast punch towards her face, instead of blocking she moved like a sleek satin clad panther, nimbly ducking to the side catching his wrist and slammed her palm against his elbow. “Hai!” She cried. “Arghh!” he screamed in terrible pain. Jeese she could have broken it! How could a mother do that to her own son? “Argh!” he screamed again as she whipped the damaged arm into a hammer lock behind his back then stomped the back of his right knee. Have driven her son to his knees before her but facing away, the scary woman pulled his poor arm between her strong sexy stocking clad legs. Reaching behind her small backside she seized the wrist while at the front she held his upper arm. Suddenly her outer thighs swelled with power, her stockings stretching over the smooth rocky shapes as she scissored against his elbow joint. “Arghh! Arghh! No!” he cried. God she was so cold blooded and ruthless torturing her son’s damaged arm with her strong legs. Her legs weren’t as muscular as that gymnast’s but they looked strong enough to make me feel uncomfortable. She only stopped when her husband and the remaining two sons came at her at once. Steve fell to the mat clutching his elbow, grimacing in agony with a red face.

With mounting tension I watched as three gi clad black belts moved in on the stone calm woman from all sides. Suddenly she was a whirlwind of action amidst a frantic frenzy of high speed punches and kicks which she blocked with seeming ease. Striking suddenly like a cobra, her hand snapped out and seized her husband’s wrist in a lock forcing him to bend   while her foot blasted sideways deep into Simon’s gut. “Hai!” “Borph!” he spilt his breath explosively and doubled over. “Hai!” a spinning kick sent her stocking clad legs head height hammering Paul’s jaw. With her armlock still forcing Bert to bend forwards, she flipped her body forwards, bending double at the waist while her leg snapped backwards blasting her husband’s face. “Hai!” BLAM! His head whipped back, his face bloodied. “Hai!” springing upright, the fierce woman drove a back kick deep into his gut. “Orpph!” he lost his breath and crumpled. On his feet again and with a visibly damaged arm, Steve shot a kick towards his mother but she was too fast, too unstoppable. “Hai! Hai!” a black stocking clad leg shot up sideswiping his kick followed by a devastatingly fast axekick that snapped her son’s head back in a spray of blood while the top of her thigh bounced of her small chest as she did the vertical splits. The leggy tornado tore her way through 4 black belts. “Hai!” She leapt into the air and fired a powerful kick that nearly ripped Simon’s head off and sent him sprawling to the mat. “Hai! Hai!” a satin clad whirlwind of destruction pushed through Paul’s defences to chop his groin and throat in rapid succession, dropping him to the floor. Bert tried to get up, but his deadly wife quickly crouched low in a spinning kick that scythed both legs from under him. As he landed on his backside, she grabbed both hands and pulled his arms straight then bent double hammering a brutal back kick into his throat. Her husband collapsed in a horrible coughing fit.

Simon was on his knees trying to get up. With a strange look of cold excitement his mother took a long stride across the mat towards him, her sheathed leg kicking through. “Hai!” THOWK! She kicked him so hard in the head that his body flew backwards several feet then lay still.

Within probably 20 seconds, the old woman had completely battered and floored 4 high ranking black belts. My dick was throbbing so hard that I began rubbing the front of my trousers. “Oorrr!” I gasped as my mother’s elbow hammered me in the side of my ribs. “Stop it!” she hissed.

A terribly battered Steve rose from the mat, his face red with anger and his lips snarling. “Hai! Hai! Hai!” with a series of desperate shouts, he came at his mother in a flurry of kicks that drove her back defensively up against the bed in the middle of the floor. Thinking he had her cornered, he came at her with an evil smirk. “Hai!” BLAM! Her leg flashed up in the narrow space between their bodies, the sole of her shoe punching his jaw solidly. “Hai!” within a second her foot had bent back at the knee then snapped out towards his jaw. The big thug managed to catch her foot and tried to hold on as she tried to wriggle it free. The nylon sheen on her firm calve muscles as they flexed into prominent hard diamonds as she tried to free her foot was sexy. Suddenly it broke from his grip and immediately fired back, the sole striking the base of his throat. BAM! Steve broke into a coughing fit but his stern faced mother showed no mercy. “Hai!” a sexy stocking clad leg kicked high clubbing his son across his chest like a crowbar. BLAM! The sound it made was so loud there was no doubt about the power of her kick and little surprise that the big man dropped to his knees. His mother stood over him in a fight stance with an impassionate expression while he coughed and groaned. The shimmering lustre of her short satin kimono just emphasised her femininity.

The guy just didn’t know when to give up and shakily pulled himself to his feet even though one arm hung useless at his side and he looked totally beat. Shockingly Steve pulled a knife from his sleeve. “Hai!” the short slim woman struck like a viper, the edge of her hand striking the side of his neck. “Argh!” he cried. “Hai!” the very next second she chopped in the same place. “Argh!” the knife fell from his hand, his eyes rolled up and he flopped to the mat. The scary mannish faced old woman was the picture of female dominance as she posed over her fallen son with her open hands raised ready for action and her strong sexy sheathed legs askance. I was rubbing the front of my trousers before I realised it. “Borrph!” I gasped as my mother’s sharp elbow drove back into my gut. “I told you to stop that!” she hissed with her face looking back over her shoulder. Jeese, I never expected that. I tried to ignore my aching manhood and watched to see what would happen next.

Her husband and the other two sons came at her punching and kicking. Again she calmly blocked all of their blows then suddenly stepped close to her husband, slipped an arm around his waist, turned and flipped him over her hip. Simon and Paul managed to land a few blows on their mother but Matron Crawford was tireless in dominating her men folk. “Hai!” a blur of black nylon and her shin clubbed against Simon’s neck, the kick lifted the back of her satin kimono revealing a bare and beautiful small backside. “Hai!” a spinning kick took Paul in the side of the cheek. “Hai!” she followed up with a ruthless high side kick to her son’s throat sending him coughing and spluttering to the mat. Spinning back to Simon, She jumped into the air and kicked Simon straight in the face causing him to stumble and fall to his knees. “Hai!” her slinky stocking clad leg kicked again, a brutal front kick that caught him under the jaw and whipped his head back so fast that his body crashed backwards into the mat and lay motionless.

Surprisingly Steve had recovered and looking completely crazed attacked his mother once more, no doubt unable to accept that he was being beaten by his own mum. There was a flurry of punches and kicks; Steve was looking frantic as each blow was successfully blocked by his stony faced mother. She just stood there calmly blocking each of her son’s blows. When she made her move, it came fast and hard. “Hai!” a sexy leg shot forwards striking her son right on the heart. THUD! “Orgh!”. “Hai!” She pivoted on one heel and blasted a side kick against the top of his chest. “Hai!” her loud shouts echoed around the hall as she leapt up and smashed his face with a brutal high kick. My God! Her kicks really rocked his body hard; the tough looked like he could hardly stand. “Hai!” the scary old woman’s sexy slender leg was as blur as it hammered into the side of his face, causing his knees to wobble unsteadily. This high ranking karate expert was being totally thrashed by his own mother.

“Hai!” BLAM! She was as quick as lightning, he never had a chance, the top of her shoe hammered into the side of his neck and he went down. Steve was on his knees, panting, looking up at his mother with a strange expression that I couldn’t make out was loathing or awe. The old woman didn’t say a word or show any sign of emption on her severe face. She stood in front of him, the shimmery kimono jacket hugging her slender body, cut high to show off her hot legs all the way from suspender belts to her feet. The diamond shaped slabs in her calves bulged as she swung a leg forwards. BLAM! Straight in the face, the force of the blow hurled him to one side.

“Discipline must be enforced at all times” the ruthless Matron addressed the watching woman in her strident voice. Steve slowly forced himself to his knees, a grim look of determination on his bloodied and battered face. Suddenly the knife was back in his hand. He was tough but his mother was tougher. As he lunged unsteadily from his kneeling position, she skipped out of the way and the side of her hand slashed his neck. “Hai!” she shouted so loud it made me jump. The knife fell to the mat as the thug faced the floor with screwed up eyes and his bloody mouth hanging open. Looking like a vanishing Amazon, his brutal mother came up behind him and raised both hands formed like knives. “Hai!” her loud shout made me jump again as her hands slashed down either side of his head and chopped him hard on both sides of his neck.

Her husband scrambled across the mat on hands and knees and tried to revive Steve. The hard faced woman stood on the mat seemingly oblivious to four big male black belts on the floor around her clearly unable or unwilling to carry. She was magnificent, so utterly dominant in her martial arts skills and her legs so hot in those nylons. “Finally, males must be trained to show proper respect” she said. Placing her hands upon her hips she glared down at the beaten Karate experts at her feet with a hard stern look of superiority. To my amazement, her husband and sons crowded around her feet, reaching up to feel her stocking clad thighs that seemed to swell with strength and feeling her calves. The stony faced victor basked in the adoration. The men worshipped her legs with increasing passion and in horror I saw them whip out fully erect dicks from their gi pants and begin wanking themselves off with one hand while feeling her legs with the other. Oh my God! That was so revolting but I couldn’t stop watching as they worked themselves into frenzy. She is so magnificent and I was so aroused that I wanted to do that as well and started rubbing the bulge in the front of my trousers.

Suddenly mum is in my face, her green eyes staring into mine along her sleek prominent nose. Her plump figure looks full and shapely in the satin kimono. I gasped as I felt her knee press between my legs. Her mouth smiled wide with a twinkle in her eyes as she pressed her wide knee firmly against my balls. “Mum!” I gasped in shock. Looking down at the top of her thigh sticking out from between my legs, the sheen of her tan stockings is entrancing. Her hem slides back to reveal dark brown stocking tops and a suspender belt running over her plump creamy skin. Her smile widens pushing up her cheeks as the knee lifts higher forcing me onto my toes. “I told you to stop that, didn’t I?” she hissed. “P-people are looking” I whispered. The smile didn’t drop and her eyes hardened. “Let them. I’ll give them a demonstration of punishing a disobedient son who masturbates in public” she whispered back. WTF? Mum hadn’t spoken to me like that since I was a little boy.

Orrr! The feel of mum’s firm knee against my balls and the top of her meaty thigh pressing against my erection only made matters worse. I could just imagine my dick rubbing over those sheer nylons. Oh crap! I was so worked up that my mum’s leg was driving me wild. I tried to slide my dick against it in small movements hoping she wouldn’t notice, but mums know everything. Her knee jerked upwards pressing harder against my balls. “What are you doing? Stop that!” She hissed. The top of her kimono had fallen loose showing a vast expanse of the top of her huge full breasts. Orrrr! Her big boobs made me even hornier. “Were you trying to shag my leg like a horny dog?” she asked harshly. Before I could reply her knee lifted even higher so that I could now barely totter about on the tip of my toes. “Mum please” I begged, people were watching except Dad who had his back turned pretending that he hadn’t noticed. Mum’s broad cheeked face came so close that I could make out her fine age wrinkles. “If you can’t control that thing I will” she hissed.

I felt relief as her knee lowered away from my balls, but my heels didn’t have time to return to the floor. THUD! “Argh!” her knee jerked swiftly into my balls. “Arrr!” It was only a tap but it blooming well hurt. But she didn’t remove it, she kept it pressed hard. Her hands reached for the front of my t-shirt and pulled my face close to familiar maternal features I thought I knew so well. “Next time, I’ll do it for real. Understand me Glenn?” she whispered. “Y-yes” I gasped, my balls aching with just that small tap of her knee. She lowered her knee and stood before me, looking at me with an amused smile. People nearby were still watching, I felt so embarrassed. “You understand me Glenn or do I have to explain it to you?” she asked. I nodded my head, I couldn’t believe it, my mum had just tried to bust my balls. She probably hadn’t touched me down there since I was a little baby, what had gotten in her?

“Good” with that she turned her back towards the mat where Matron Crawford’s sons and husband had just shot their load at her feet. I looked at the floor in shame trying to avoid eye contact with anyone who had seen my humiliation. There was nothing else to look at except the back of mum’s legs and her nice large firm calve muscle. “Is everything alright, Glenn?” crap! She was looking over her shoulder at me smiling. She had caught me looking at her legs. “Are my seams straight dear?” she asked and hitched up the back of her dress. God! I was sweating looking at the back of my mum’s stocking tops and suspenders and unable to tear my gaze away. “Y-yes mum” I stammered. She smiled, smoothed down the back of her dress and turned her head back.

**Part 3: Miss Primm and Proper**
Miss Primm and Proper took the mat to address the women. Dressed in a sleeveless white satin kimono, I had to admit that, although a bit plump, she had an eye-catching hour-glass figure due to a corset fashioned into the dress. What really stirred the groin was the top and centre of her large full breasts visible through the lace up front. They rose and fell softly with her breathing. Although her thighs were a bit plump they were smooth and very appealing in sheer black nylons. By contrast her calves were slim with 12 inch heels giving them a nice shape. Behind her I see two rows of objects like wooden blocks and stuff, some raised on trellises. Her haughty face with the sour pout scanned the audience as a troop of men came out of a door on the far side wearing gi. “The men from the local Karate club are with us tonight ladies. I have a little wager with their Grandmaster that we will be taking over control of their dojo and they will become our practice dummies, and right dummies they are too” she said raising a few twitters from the women and hard glances from the men behind her. The men are of various ages and builds with different grade belts.

Miss P&P turned and strode over to the objects where one of the men was waiting. He was quite tall and heavily built, perhaps in his mid to late fifties and highly graded. She went to stand at the start of one row while he stood by the next. “Grandmaster Kevin, If you will begin?” she said, the corners of her mouth turning up in a little smirk. That needled him but he composed himself as he stood in front of a stack of around a dozen wooden boards resting between two trellises. Focussing, his palm wavered back and forth a few times. “Hai!” His hand broke through the wood to cheers from his students. Despite the ache in my balls from mum’s tap with her knee, my groin began to tighten with anticipation as sour puss stood in front of a similar stack. Smiling at the Grandmaster she raised her hand. “Hai!” Jeese that made me jump! With no warm up or anything the side of her hand slashed down and the wood exploded into kindling to the applause of the women. OMG! That was amazing, whereas he just broke the boards in two, she totally disintegrated them.

Both moved onto the next object. The statuesque woman watched with her gloved hands on her hips and her bust thrust out as the Grandmaster readied himself before a stack of six thick slates resting on two large upturned bricks. There was a smug look of superiority upon her face as he focussed, moving his hand back and forth several times controlling his breathing. “Hai!” he smashed the slates in two to more cheers from his students. My throat went dry, I began to feel warm and my dick stiffened as the stuck up woman faced her stack of slates. There was no preamble; she just got down to business. “Hai!” She yelled making my dick lurch. The slates shattered as she drove her hand through them. Not just split in two, but completely shattered into many pieces.

Next a couple of students held up a set of four household bricks in a row contained within a wooden frame. “Hai!” After working himself up to it the man punched through but then I saw his eyes go wide. His haughty mature opponent squared up to a set of twice as many bricks. One leg was placed slightly forward of the other giving a glimpse of a thick girth of creamy white skin beyond black stocking tops. “Hai!” Her fist disappeared in a cloud of brick dust as it punched through with such force that the two students supporting the frame staggered backwards.

Grandmaster Kevin’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. “Yours have been pre-cut” he accused. Miss P&P placed her long gloved hands on her hips with a face of indignation, her chest gently heaving. Boy was she stacked! “How dare you! You know perfectly well that your students checked them all out early on” she glared at him with her big bust swelling up so much that I hoped they would burst from her satin dress. She turned to address the women. “See how the male tries to shift the blame for his inadequacies” the buxom woman said to sniggers of laughter which made him turn red with anger. “I’ll take your row then” he snapped. “Oh very well if you must” she sighed theatrically, her twin torpedoes straining at the laced front. They exchanged places and found themselves facing a pile of 3 patio slabs supported very low to the floor. Again the Karate expert took time to prepare. “Hai!” his foot stomped down splitting the slabs in two. The sour faced woman removed her heels then turned her back on the pile. “Hai!” without hesitation she stomped a long sexy stocking clad leg down behind her at an angle. BLAM! The slabs crumbled into rubble. She gave a smug smile while my eyes followed the long line of her leg enjoying the view of her sexy lingerie and exposed bare buttocks. Some of the students were shifting uncomfortably with definite bulges in their gi pants.

A daunting cube of bricks faced them next. Cemented together, each was 4 brick lengths wide and 6 deep elevated to waist height on a column of bricks on either side. Once more the man took ages to prepare. “HAI!” he swung a forward kick driving his foot most of the way through the bricks. With a smug smile on her small lips and her satin kimono shimmering she walked up to her brick cube. Her thick thighs looked hot under the sheen of her stockings and with that full figure there was no doubt that she was all woman. Once again there was no preparation. “HAI!” a lightning fast side kick blasted out and fragments of brick shot out in all directions. Jeese! Her kick seemed so much more powerful than his, my cock stiffened in appreciation.

The Grandmaster stopped and stared at the next object, a stepped stack of three thick slabs of concrete each at least a foot thick supported across a couple more slabs. He looked indecisive, trying to psych himself up moving his hands back and forth then stopping and starting again. “Oh for heaven’s sake do hurry up. We haven’t got all day” Miss P&P told him. Her large boobs wobbled alarmingly as she strode over to her stack. “Don’t, you’ll break your hand” he urged but she didn’t listen. In her shimmering sleeveless kimono so short that her stocking tops were on show, she walked up to the daunting object. “Allow me to demonstrate how a woman would do it” She said with a condescending smile. “HAI!” She screamed so loud it made me jump. BERLAM! The side of her hand smashed through the top slab and half way through the second, the force of the blow opening up a big crack that split open the remaining slabs. There were gasps of admiration from the watching women and gasps of shock from the Karate students. Placing her gloved hands on her hips and thrusting her large bust she taunted “Well what are you waiting for?”. He faced the object once more and tried to compose himself, his hand wavering back and forth while his students offered words of encouragement. Again he seemed to take forever before he struck. “HAI!” He yelled and his hand slammed into the top slab then a look of anguish crossed his face then he stepped back cradling his hand. “There you see truly how weak men are” Miss P&P told the watching women in her irritating snob voice.

Her magnificent frontage wobbled excitingly as she stepped in front of a large slab of marble. No way! She raised her right arm with the long glove running half way up her plump upper arm. For a moment she seemed to glare at the slab with a pouting mouth. I am sure many men had withered under that gaze but that alone wouldn’t cause the marble to break. “HAI!” her hand flashed down slicing through the thick marble slab like a hot knife through butter. OMG! My cock was positively throbbing, and to think that I thought that I could put the stuck up bitch in her place.

The pouty snobbish looking woman sauntered in front of a thick steel plate, at least 2 inches thick held upright in a frame. Her generous hips swayed when she walked. She stared at the Grandmaster, still cradling his hand, with her cold eyes and a slight smile. “Aren’t you playing no more?” She taunted. “HAI!” Her tall plump body moved with surprising subtleness, spinning while leaning to one side hurling a long thick leg towards the steel plate. KERRANG! Her foot lowered and the Grandmaster’s mouth went slack at the large hole punched clean through. He looked totally shocked. The implied power was shocking and too much for some of the men watching. “Urrrrrrrr!” There were some soft groans from around the hall including a couple of his students as they creamed themselves then looked sheepish. “Mnnnnn!” A sharp elbow digs me in the ribs. “If that hand goes anywhere near your pants you’ll be in big trouble” Mum hissed.

Suddenly Mum is in my face with a wicked smile pressing her plump body right up to me. Disturbingly I can feel her big soft breasts against my chest and for a second I thought she was going to shove her knee in my balls again. To my horror her hand brushed the front of my trousers and before I realised what she was doing she had unzipped my flies. “Mum, no!” I gasped trying to grab her hand to stop her. “Ouch!” I yelped as my little finger was bent back. Mum looked me in the eyes with a wide grin. “You won’t last through if you keep on like this” she told me then her other hand was diving inside my pants. “Ouch!” I tried to stop her with my other hand but mum cruelly bent my finger back hard. “Don’t interfere, Glenn. Mummy knows what’s best for you” she said with her eyes sparkling as she fished out my erection. “My you are worked up aren’t you? Well Mummy will soon sort that out” with that she turned her back on me then pulled up the back of her kimono. I couldn’t help looking at her wide ample bare backside. “Like Mummy’s arse, Glenn? Daddy does” she said. Oh God! She was looking over her shoulder at me with that wicked wide smile. The worse of it was that the sight of that wide creamy peach had my dick even stiffer. Pulling me close against her back, the feel of her backside against my erection broke down my resistance. My rigid rod sank between her warm soft buttocks in a downwards direction. Ohh! Oh it felt good as the big luscious peach completely enveloped my erect manhood, even though I knew it was wrong. I got a shock as I saw Dad standing in front of Mum trying to avoid eye contact with me. “Orrrr!” I moaned as the pillows surrounding my dick clenched turning hard then softening. “Mummy’s been doing some exercises to make her bum strong. I thought you might like it. Daddy doesn’t last long in there” she smiled at me over her shoulder and clenched her buttocks again. “Orrrr!” that felt amazing like a giant hand slowly pumping my dick.

“HAI!” a shout makes me look up and I notice Miss P&P over at the Grandmaster’s steel plate having just punched a big hole straight through. All around the hall men are losing it. One old wrinkled crone looking 90 used her hands vigorously to bring off her aged husband and middle aged son while giving a blow job to another son. She must be very good as white stuff is soon spurting everywhere. Other men are being wanked off by their wives while others masturbate uncontrollably. Dad has his eyes closed in a stupid expression of pleasure. By the way mum’s arm is moving I guess that she is giving him a handjob. I’m shocked to realise that she’s doing both of us at once!

Suddenly Mum angled her arse forward and slid her buttocks back and forth along my rod. “Orrhhh!” I know it’s my Mum but this is just heavenly and I’m feeling so horny. Mum’s ample bum stops moving but that’s all it takes and I humping her backside like a rabid dog. Mum angles her backside further forward and I feel my erection rubbing her naughty bits. The very thought just drives me crazy. BAM BAM BAM BAM I’m really humping her backside in crazed lust, so hard that my thrusts are making her body rock back and forth. “Ohh ohhh ohhhrrrrrr!” Mum moans in pleasure as she cums and that’s too much for me. “Nnnnnargh nnnargh nnnnnargh!” I shoot my wad between her sexy ample buttocks and hear my Dad’s moans of pleasure. As I withdrew my flaccid dick from her backside the shame hits me and I feel really bad. “Now put it away both of you and watch” Mum scolded, pulling out some wipes from the depths of her Kimono to clean herself. All around the wild moment of sexual frenzy dampens down as men finish messing themselves. Feeling shagged, I watch Miss P&P wondering what will happen next.

The plump woman in the tight fitting satin kimono had put her high heels back on and was addressing the Karate students. All of whom looked at her with a mix of fear and lust with many unable to keep their eyes away from the laced up neckline that plunged so dramatically over her thrusting breasts. “You are now our practice dummies for when our ladies wear out their husbands and sons” she said with her hands on her hips and a look of snobbish superiority. Her stocking tops and a bit of suspender belt were on show and some of them openly couldn’t tear their gaze away. “Go over there now so that the ladies can use you” she told them in a voice that didn’t brook dissention.

“Stay where you are!” the Grandmaster cried. Miss P&P turned to bring her chilling gaze to bear upon him and I saw his eyes drop to her outstanding bust. The corners of her pouting lips turned slightly up in a satisfied smile then she squeezed her upper arms at the sides of her chest making her big whoppers swell up, straining at the laces holding her dress together. He gawped at the sight. “I won our wager fair and square” she said looking down at him along the length of her sleek nose. “You couldn’t handle it, just like you couldn’t me last night in the bedroom” she sneered. “You weren’t much of a man then either” she added. That infuriated him. “You stuck up bitch! I don’t know what trick you pulled to do that” he nodded to the pile of rubble she’s created. “But no mere librarian is going to take my students from me” he told her angrily.

“Try and stop me, Kevin the small” she smirked, her cheeks pushing up as she did. “Why you! HAI!” he yelled and went launched straight into an impressive series of high kicks rapidly approaching her. It ended with a fancy roundhouse spinning kick, leaning back low as he blasted his foot right towards her grinning face. Miss P&P wasn’t flustered. With shocking speed, she caught his foot a bare inch from her face and pulled it high above her head sending him to his backside on the mat. “There you are ladies. Typical man, all show and no substance” she explained.

Sour puss leant forward, her big rack dangling in the wide open space at the front of her kimono pressing against the criss-cross laces. “Do you need a hand dear?” She teased holding out a long gloved hand. He was absolutely fuming. “Lesbo bitch!” he snapped knocking away her hand. As he got to his feet, I noticed Miss P&P’s face tighten. “Hai!” He suddenly kicked towards her face but in an act of flexibility and speed, the plump woman snapped her knee to chest height blocking the kick then in a flash straightened her leg blasting her heeled foot right into his face “HAI!” BLAM! He staggered under the blow but came right back angrily with more kicks. “Hai! Hai! Hai!” Kicks rained down on the busty mature woman but she just stood calmly batting his foot away with a casual flick of a hand making him even more pissed. “Hai! Hai!” A torrent of rapid punches shot out which she easily blocked staring at him as if he were nothing more than a pesky insect. “Look at how the male wears himself out like a raging bull” she said casually blocking another high kick aimed at her face. He began to lift his leg again but she struck first. “Hai!” BAM! the top of her foot hammered across his chest in a blur of sheer black nylon. His face winced but she was now on the offensive. “Hai!” she spun devastatingly quickly and powered a side kick driving the sole of her foot so hard against his chest that his feet left the mat. His expression was pained as he regained his footing. The busty woman continued her leggy assault. “Hai!” BERLAM a long slightly plump leg shot sideways in a kick so powerful that it buried her foot in his gut and drove his body several feet back through the air. WHAM! He crashed into the mat and crumpled in agony trying to fight his cramped stomach as his students gasped with dismay.

“Women naturally have much stronger legs than men” she explained while the Grandmaster’s eyes creased as he strained for air. “They are the downfall of many men” she added. All male eyes in the room gravitated to those legs. Slightly plump and looking incredibly long in 12 inch heels, they were also sexily sheathed in sheer stockings. “They can be used to entrap a man with their allure, which is why you must wear stockings. They can scissor a man helpless and throw him around the bedroom” she said. She looked down at the Grandmaster who was forcing himself to his feet although his mouth was tight. “And of course kick him half way across the dojo” she smirked.

“Are you ready to apologise for your foul accusation?” she asked the Grandmaster as he faced her. He gave his answer. “Hai! Hai! Yai! Yai!” his stocky body looked powerful as he blasted kick after kick towards the mature woman driving her on the defensive although blocking every kick. Suddenly she pushed through his attack batting away his kicks and stepped right up close to his body. “Hai!” her stocking clad knee shot up quickly into his chest. BLAM! “HAI!” she screamed as a thick thigh slab of nylon sheathed leg whipped skywards in an amazingly nimble axe kick. BLAM! The Grandmaster’s head snapped back so hard that he stumbled and almost fell to his knees. “HAI!” she yelled with barely suppressed rage, her leg scythed around in a circular kick that displayed lingerie and bare buttocks. BLAM! The back of her shoe clubbed the side of his head with a solid thud that bowled him over sideways.

He wasn’t giving up though, although floored, his leg scythed around close to the ground but Miss P&P nimbly skipped over it then raised her knee. BLAM! Her foot stomped down on his balls. “Oiiiiiiieee!” he wailed as every man in the hall winced in sympathy. His torso automatically lurched up dragging his face creased in agony. BLAM! She spun around and back kicked his face, sending it back to the mat in a spray of blood. She looked down at him with a sneer of contempt. “Why did God put men’s reproductive organs in such a vulnerable place?” she asked. She looked at the audience “So that they are easy for women to use to subdue them”. “Foul..kick” Grandmaster Kevin gasped. She looked down at him placing her hands on her big bust and wobbling her breasts. “Do these scare you?” she asked. She leant forward so they hung low eliciting lustful groans. “Are you ready to do some grovelling?” she asked but he didn’t answer.

“Men must always be punished harshly for verbal insults against women” Miss P&P explained as she drew back her leg. I saw panic in his eyes and he tried to quickly scramble away but he was too slow. “HAI!” the sheen off her stockings left a residual trail on my retina as it rocketed skywards in an incredible axe kick. BLAM! The amazing supple kick brutally hammered the kneeling man’s head sending him flying across the mat leaving a mist of blood. She looked magnificently victorious as she put one hand on her hip, staring down at the floored Grandmaster. I loved the glimpse of creamy white flesh with suspender belts running vertically at the top of her plump thighs above the black bands of stocking tops. “Men are stubborn and sometimes you must be cruel to be kind” her snobby voice explained. “Apologise now or I will make an example of you” she told the man on the mat.

He glared at her balefully and spat out a globule of blood. “Clean that up at once” she told him in a tight voice. Barely containing his rage, the Grandmaster flung himself from the mat with the corners of his lips turned in a snarl baring his teeth. He collided with her with such force that she fell over backwards. As she fell, her big shapely legs came up bent at the knees. In the blink of an eye his falling body made contact with a foot in his groin then the leg sprang straight lifting his body high in a devastatingly strong throw. His body flew halfway across the mat and slammed on his back. KERSLAM! Wow! That was a great throw, I never expected the stuck up bitch to be that good.

That throw must have really scrambled his senses as he was had problems getting off the floor. He tried again then stopped as the thick plump thighs of Miss P&P stood before him. I saw his gaze travel up her body lingering over the sensual hour glass figure caused by the pinched waist and big bust. “It takes a while for it to sink in through their slow thinking brains just how much better women are than men in all forms of combat” She said looking down at him with an air of superiority. The man stood up, having none of it. “Hai!” he hurled a kick at the tall mature woman but she caught his shin beneath her armpit. “Hai!” the side of her hand chopped his knee. “Arghh!” he cried in agony.

Releasing his leg, she pulled his arm over her shoulder as she turned; pulling him against her back before thrusting her ample backside into his groin. Placing one foot forward, she leant slightly forward loading the Grandmaster onto her buttocks. One of her legs trailed back and my eyes travelled along its long length, admiring the hint of firm muscle in her slim shapely calves and following the seam up the back of her stockings to the tops and bare skin above. The haughty lady was taller than him especially with 12 inch heels and as she bent forwards his feet were left dangling in the air as he lay along her back with his groin riding her backside. To my surprise she didn’t throw him. “Judo is the most feminine of martial arts. It maintains a woman’s dignity and femininity” she addressed the women showing no discomfort of having a man resting on her back. “None of that fighting like a man nonsense” she added then straightened slightly then pulled him forward him so that his groin slid up and down her backside. “Mmmmurrr!” a sigh escaped the man’s lips, his eyes showing that he was getting turned on. He must have had an absolute boner with his dick running in that channel between her big sexy buttocks, I know I would. “As Mrs. Knight demonstrated, Judo is not only useful for defence. Its principles can be used to aide lifting and manipulation of the disabled or infirm” she explained. “Ohhhhh” he moaned softly as she made small adjustments to her stance that kept him sliding back and forth across her sensational peach. “A woman can use Judo to assert her sexual dominance especially in the bedroom” she said. With that, she stood straight, allowing his feet to touch the floor for a brief second before bending forward again. “Ohhh” he moaned as his groin rode over Miss P&P’s lovely big rounded peach. “Look how quickly he loses all self-control of his private parts” she said as she straightened and leant forward again. “Ohhh!” his eyes closed in an expression of bliss. His feet were lowered again then she leant forward once more but this time slowly bending almost double like a upside U pin. The Grandmaster found himself balanced with only his groin in contact with her body, pressing against her sharply bent backside “Arrrrr nnnghh nghhh nnnnar!” he moaned ecstatically as he spilled it.

Some of his students looked like they had the same reaction. “You dare” my Mum hissed watching me eagle eyed. The top of her kimono was very loose and I had an effort to tear my gaze away from the ample mounds of the tops of her breasts.

KERSLAM! This time Miss P&P did throw the disgraced Grandmaster over her shoulder to the mat. He looked up along those long legs with longing in his eyes. “Sorry..I’m sorry I called you that name” he spluttered with his eyes glued to that awesome frontage. “Apology accepted. Now tell your students that they are the property of the WI” she instructed. A man in turmoil slowly stood under her steely gaze, his eyes travelling up her long legs and over the tailored pinched waist with a mix of pure lust and fear.

Maybe it was the look in his eyes or the tension in his arms but his fist had barely moved when she struck. “Hai! Hai!” her fists rapidly hammered each side of his body. They may have been quick punches but they sounded very solid as they struck and the gasp of pain on his face testified to their strength. “Do you remember that steel plate I punched through?” she asked. “Do you really want to find out what effect a punch like would have on your body?” her voice was stern.

BLAM! Her knee shot up into his gut. BLAM! Before I could blink it hammered home into his gut again. BLAM! And again. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Like a non-stop piston, she repeatedly destroyed his gut sinking her knee deep. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The blows rocked his body not letting have time to crease over in agony. The sides of his mouth turned down in abject misery and his eyes creased tight. Finally she let him crumple forwards. BLAM! Hard knee clad in sheer nylon met soft face. BLAM! Hard knee slammed right between his legs so hard that his feet left the mat. He was barely standing but the female wrecking machine hadn’t finished with him. “Hai!” leaping up into the air she cruelly drove her knee into his face. He went down like a floppy toy clown with a bright red nose to his knees. Swaying, he managed to grab hold of one thigh for support. Her legs looked so hot in sheer black nylon stockings that on the one hand I thought he was a lucky bastard to be clinging onto one. With a cold look of distain and a sour pout the dominant Miss P&P raised a gloved hand. “Hai!” a chop to his neck sent him the rest of the way to the mat. My dick went absolutely rigid as he lay without moving, clearly well out of it.

His students shifted uncomfortably, some edging forward as if unsure whether to help their fallen Grandmaster. Her cold haughty stare stopped them in their tracks. “Do you really think you can handle me when he couldn’t?” she asked. She walked right up to them and stood in front with her hands on hips. All of them had visible boners and some were practically drooling at the sight of her ample bust. “Can you handle me?” she asked one young man who only came up to her chest. He began trembling visibly as those large full mammories pointed in his face. “Mnnnn” he moaned. Miss P&P moved on, leaving him in his embarrassment. “Or you?” she asked another. Her gloved hand enclosed the tent in his gi pants. “Nnnn nnn nnn” he moaned. She stopped at another. “What about you?” she asked. She took hold of his hands and slowly ran them along her pneumatic satin clad curves. He began to sweat profusely as his palms carefully tracked every sensational curve. As she led his hands over and around her sensational stack, his composure broke down and he completely lost it. “Nnnnnnar Ohhhhh” he moaned.

She faced them all looking stern with her leg coyly bent sufficiently for her suspenders to show as a reminder of her femininity, not that they really needed it with that bust. “Now you know the real power of a woman and why men are barely worthy to worship at their feet” her voice was scathing as she scanned them with her penetrating cold eyes, her small mouth tight and sour. “On your knees, now!” she said loudly with such authority that I had to stop myself getting down to the floor. Most of the students obeyed instantly but a few hesitated. “Hai!” Miss P&P’s long thick leg whipped around in a high circular arc clubbing one of the students still standing around the head sending him sprawling to the mat. “I said NOW!” she shouted. The remaining students flung themselves on the mat in haste.

Staring down with contempt at the nearest, the buxom mature woman stepped forwards. Her big firm looking plump thighs straddled his head as she used her hands to lift his face and parked it right in her bare crotch. As the big legs held his head fast, the lucky sod brought his hand to her hips. “Mmmmm! mmmm!” he moaned into her muff. Miss P&P closed her eyes with a satisfied expression. “Arrr yes!” she sighed. “As you can see a woman can use Judo, arrr!, to get her way in the bedroom” she addressed the women, most of whose eyes were wide with a hungry desire to try out this move. “If the man refuses to co-operate, a bit of Judo will put that right” with that the dominant bitch seized his right hand and pulled it into an armbar. “Mmmmm!” his muffled cries got louder as she stressed his elbow. “Arrrhh yes!” she sighed. “That is just one of the ways a woman can use Judo to take pleasure from a man” she added. “MMMM!” she stressed his arm again making him shriek into her pussy. “Oh yes! I’ve found something you’re good at, at last” she mocked making small thrusts of her crotch over the student’s face. “Stop it!” she scolded, stressing his arm harder. “MMMMM!” he screamed. “Did I tell you to lick me? No. Do that again and I’ll snap your arm like kindling” she scolded. He evidently stopped because she released the armbar. “Now whip it out and worship me” she ordered. The young man didn’t hesitate; with his face bent back stuck in her crotch, he pulled out his erect todger and started pumping it furiously with his hand. With a smug look of superiority on her haughty face she looked at the other students, kneeling, watching intently with their own tents bulging. “That goes for all of you” she commanded. An orgy of masturbation broke out around the tall woman’s high heeled feet.

“Control your men please, ladies” the stern faced domme instructed as many men in the audience began to join in. Even I was tempted until I saw my mother’s stern gaze.

**Part 4: Mum**
CLAP! CLAP! Miss Primm & Proper clapped for everybody’s attention. “Ladies, that concludes our demonstrations for this evening. The time is now all yours” the buxom stuck up looking woman said. Great the sooner I get out of here the better. I looked around for the exit. “Remember these fine young men are available if you exhaust or break your own” she added. Those 3 women that gave the demonstrations were crazy. Although it was a veritable wank-fest, all these men doing it in public was deeply disturbing.

“Come here Glenn” Mum called. I gasp as her hand feels the front of my trousers. A wide smile appears pushing up her cheeks, her eyes twinkling as her blonde hair surrounds her face. “You can’t walk around with that in front of all these ladies” she says. “What are you on about? Most of the men had their dicks out wanking not long ago” I replied. “Enough of that kind of language, young man” she scolded but her face was still smiling causing the wrinkles to show around the sides of her eyes. “Can we go now?” I asked. “Do you know what happens next?” her smile became slightly predatory which unnerved me. “No. What?” She brought her face right up close so that we were almost touching noses. Although she is quite pretty, she is still my mum and the intimacy made me uncomfortable. “Now I kick your arse and your Dad’s” she said in a soft almost sensual voice that made all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

KERSLAM! The sound of a body hitting the mat made me look around in time to see the wrinkly old crone I saw earlier with one son on the mat, slamming the other. KERSLAM! KERSLAM! All over the hall, women in satin kimonos resembling sexy gi jackets were slamming their husbands and sons around like they were confetti. I was shocked by how good most of them were. “Arghh arghh!” the little white haired old lady was now on the mat, with each of her son’s arms locked beneath hers and a skinny black nylon sheathed leg draped over his face. Jeese! I wouldn’t like to meet her in a dark alley.

I brought my attention back to my Mother. Mum’s such a kidder. She’s not into exercise and only strict verbally, she never gets physical. I laughed uneasily remembering the demonstrations I witnessed and how 3 unassuming women completely kicked the arses of men who were black belts, including myself. “How’re you going to do that?” I chuckled. Mum didn’t stop smiling and lifted up the hem of her white satin kimono to reveal her legs clad in sheer tan coloured stockings and suspenders. While not possessing the corset-enhanced hour glass figure of Miss P&P, Mum is less plump and her thick legs are shapely and good looking. “With these” she says indicating her legs. “And this” She turned around showing her bare bottom which disturbingly reminded me of how she relieved me earlier on. Trying not to look at that big creamy peach, my eyes fell to her calves. The high heels she wore really gave them a great shape and the diamond shaped muscle was quite visible. Actually they were quite hot. Had she been exercising? Not with this bunch of loonies, I hope.

“Argh!” A cry drew my attention. Matron Crawford had applied a wrist lock to her husband and was making him dance in pain. Her sons were watching, all with boners. She turned her back against him stretching his arm across her side and forced him to his knees. Boy does she have great legs. Steve moved in to deliver a chop which she caught then twisted his wrist making him whimper. Wow! The scary woman now had two men under her control at the same time. She shoved their twisted hands between her sexy strong thighs as Paul and Simon came at her from either side. The scary looking woman grabbed an arm each and whipped them down in an arc flipping both head over heels in a double spinning wrist throw while her husband and other son were on their knees in painful armlocks applied by her hot legs. Wow! The scary woman was dominating 4 guys at once.

Dad’s voice interrupted “Sandy, go easy on the bo..” WHUMP “Orrrrgh” he groaned as to my complete amazement Mum swung her heeled foot into his balls. “Did I tell you to talk?” she asked with a tight smile. Her foot was still stuck between his legs and I couldn’t help noticing the patch of bare skin above the dark brown band of stocking top. “ dear sorry dear” he gasped. WTF? He actually sounded scared of her. What a wimp! Mum is such a placid nice friendly woman, just like a mother should be. Lowering her foot, to Dad’s relief, she turned her blonde head towards me with a wide toothy smile. “It’s alright dear” she told me in a warm reassuring voice. “I’ll go easy on you for your first time”.

I placed my hand on Mum’s shoulder, the silk felt good under my hand. “Come on Mum, let’s go home. It’s no good acting all tough, we know what you’re really like” I told her. “You’ve been spending too much time with thes..” BLAM! “BERLORPH!” Mum’s knee appeared out of nowhere hammering right into my gut. The cramp was so bad that I began to crease up. “Don’t you talk to me like that” Mum scolded. BLAM! “…..” Orrrr she did it again. It really hurt but I was too winded for any noise to come out of my mouth which dangled open uselessly. I was devastated unable to draw breath. Mum had never hit me before and I was really surprised that she could lift her knee that high and that fast. “Don’t you ever talk like that about the WI again” she hissed with her plump arms around my neck while her knee pressed my diaphragm flat. Oh God! I couldn’t breathe. I felt weird, dizzy. Dear God! My Mum had destroyed me within seconds. Strangely my cock began to get stiff again. “Otherwise I’ll feed you to Mrs. Knight” Mum added. I followed the direction of her eyes and saw the manic wide-eyed woman with a young Karate student flat on his back while she applied a cross-body armbar, moaning with pleasure as he shrieked and writhed in agony. Her eyes opened and saw me then flew wide as she licked her lips hungrily. Oh God! She sent shivers down my spine and I looked away quickly.

Orrrh I couldn’t inflate my lungs Orrr. Holding my shoulders and facing me Mum stepped to my side. With shock I realised what she was trying to do but I was paralysed in my winded state to do anything but stand there and let my own sweet mother reap my leg away and lean forward. I couldn’t believe it as I went backwards over Mum’s broad hip. BLAM! My back hit the mat and I found myself floored, winded and looking at the seams at the back of Mum’s stockings. God! She threw me! My mum actually threw me! I gawped at her strong looking calve muscles, her lower legs pushed into a sexy shape by her high heels and felt an unhealthy attraction. Mum looked back at me over her shoulder. “You’re not the only who knows a bit of Judo” she told me.

She looked down at me with a condescending smile as if I were some mere white belt. That really pissed me off. How could I be so stupid to be caught out so easily by an untrained woman? Especially my Mum. So the WI had taught her some moves and she thought she was an expert. Well I was ready to give her a taste of real Judo. Orrr once these damn cramps stopped. From this angle, her stocking clad legs seemed to go on forever and were very sexy. “What’s wrong Judo Boy? Has Mummy knocked the wind out of your sails?” she sneered. “Sandy, go easy” my Dad interrupted. I watched in disbelief as in a heartbeat, Mum pulled his arm over her shoulder and leant forward whipping him over her shoulder. BERLAM! I heard him hit the mat hard. Wow! That was a well executed Seoi-nage but I was stunned that she had actually used it and so skilfully. My Mum knew Judo, she really knew Judo! To my disgust my dick got stiffer and I couldn’t stop looking at her backside and thinking what a great arse she had and no wonder it had brought me off so easily.

My Mum’s new skill aroused me and I got to my feet wanting to grapple with her. I grabbed the front of her silk Kimono but even before I had a chance to turn to throw her, her long leg pushed between my legs and hooked around my right leg. Pressing forward she lifted my foot from the mat. Oh crap not again! BAM! My back hit the mat. My Mum looked down at me with a smug smile. “That’s right dear you keep trying and one day you might be as good as me”. My ears burned at the insult. I’d been doing Judo since I was 11; she must have only just begun. “Beginner’s luck” I mumbled. “You keep telling yourself that, Glenn, as I kick your sorry arse” Mum replied.

“Sandy, please” Dad was on his feet again. But Mum looked excited. “Hai!” BAM! Jeese! Mum shouted unexpectedly and punched Dad right in the face. I couldn’t believe my eyes; she had just punched Dad right in the mouth. “Did I ask for your opinion?” Mum’s voice was hard. “Hai!” BAM! She shouted again making my dick lurch smashing Dad in the face again. From his expression and the sound of it, I knew it hurt. “Hai!” Another punch to his face left him staggering back with a trickle of blood from the side of his mouth. Good God! Mum was beating up Dad! This was just so unreal and from the wide smile upon her face, she was enjoying it.

Mum stood before him with her arms on her hips. She gave such an impression of self-confidence and strength that my dick was still getting stiff. Where had she learnt to punch like that? The answer was obvious – from these crazy WI women. Poor Dad was practically shaking in his boots. “S-sorry, d..Mistress” he whimpered. WTF! Surely Dad wasn’t that much of a wimp? Mum just smiled and raised her hand. “Hai!” Jeese that made me jump. The side of her hand slashed down and chopped the side of Dad’s neck. His body jerked as though he’d just been tazered. Jeese I never knew she could do that.

Dad might have wimped out, but I wasn’t going to. I had already had my Judo skills thrashed by one of these crazy women and I certainly wasn’t going to let it happen again, especially to my own Mum. I began to get to my feet. “Do you want Mummy to Karate chop you senseless?” she said with a sparkle in her eyes and a wide smile. “Like this. Hai!” she chopped my Dad’s neck again and he jerked like a puppet on a string then collapsed against her body with his face in her ample cleavage then slid down to her waist. “Do you want to stop Mummy beating up Daddy? Come on then” she called in a sing-song siren’s call. Mum raised her hand. “Mum no!” I protested. “Hai!” Mum’s hand flashed, Dad’s body jerked and he collapsed to the floor. “Mum, stop this” I told her. This was madness, why was she acting like some kind of superwoman? “That’s right, come to Mummy” she sang, her eyes sparkling and her smile wide showing her white teeth.

Remembering my mistake with Mrs. Knight when I rushed her, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. Approaching Mum cautiously, I was going to go for a sacrifice throw of my own. Wary that she might try to chop me, I grabbed the front of her kimono intending to get this done quickly. I tried to suppress the disquiet when she likewise grabbed the front of my T-shirt. Quickly I shoved her away intending to pull her back quickly and throw her. But to my horror, she pulled me forwards and fell back. No! A Tomoe Nage, Mum’s leg came up into my groin as she used my own momentum to roll me over the top of her. Woah! Everything went topsy turvy as she whipped past beneath me in a devastatingly fast stomach throw. KERSLAM! My back hit the mat hard. My God! What a great throw. Before my brain stopped spinning, Mom had pulled me to my feet and fell backwards again. Woah! This was even faster than before and I barely saw her whizz past below me before I whipped head over heels and slammed into the mat once more. KERSLAM! Oh God! She was good. Please no, this can’t be happening. She can’t be better than me, it wasn’t fair.

Orrrrh! That throw was so quick that I almost blacked out. My head was spinning and I felt nauseous. I was vaguely aware of a great looking pair of long legs standing over me wearing stockings and suspenders. “Is Mummy beating you with her Judo? Is she too much for you to handle?” she teased. From this angle I could see right up under her short silk kimono style dress and, ulp, her bare muff. Shaking the daze from my head, I went to sit up but suddenly found my Mum’s crotch in my face pressing me back to the mat. “Mmmmm!” I moaned until with horror as I felt her pussy lips on my mouth. I looked up over Mum’s belly and had another shock. Our short grapple must have pulled the top of her kimono loose and the edges had been peeled back from her big boobs as far as her big aureoles and nipples. That really made me uncomfortable, but I couldn’t stop looking. “Mummy likes sitting on your face” she said with a saucy smile. “I will do it more often from now on”. I was very conscious of her pussy pressing against my lips. Although I knew that it wrong, I couldn’t help the way my body reacted. My dick went rigid as I felt subjugated in such a sexy manner by my own Mother.

Pinned under my Mum I could really see how her short satin kimono resembled a sexy gi jacket with her big boobs poking out. Oh God this was really turning me on, I was a real sick puppy. She looked down at me pinned helplessly between her big thighs. “You better get used to it son because this is how it’s going to be from now on” she told me. That wasn’t what you wanted to hear from your Mum, no matter how attractive she was. “Mmmm mmmm” I protested as she bore her weight down on my face and moved around mashing her pussy in my face. It felt gross yet at the same time exhilarating and highly sexual. “That’s right. Mum’s in charge now” I heard her say. In this embarrassing position there was no where I could look but up at my Mother. I saw her look back then smile. “Mmmm!” a hand touched my groin feeling my stiffy through my trousers. “Good. You like Mummy on your face and are responding to my superiority in the correct manner” her words were like hammer blows to my dignity.

“Now lick it and show how much you love Mummy” I couldn’t believe my ears. That was so disgusting and degrading for any man, and so wrong for a son to do to his own mother. “Mmmm mmmm!” I groaned as she mashed down and squirmed all over my face. Oh God I was so hard I nearly came then and there! “Do as you’re told, Glenn” she commanded. She was so domineering. It was like something off one of those naughty web sites, you know the ones with some old bird dressed in sexy PVC or leather getting some poor sod to eat her. Er…or so I’ve heard. Oh God I really wanted to. She was turning me on so much but every time I went to stick out my tongue I baulked at doing it to my own mother.

I felt her weight lift from my face as she rose. “I see I need to explain how it is to you” she said looking stern. With shock I saw Dad standing there. How long had he been there watching Mum sitting on my face! I felt myself flush with shame. Shockingly he just stood there trying to avoid eye contact and with a stiff bulge in his trousers. I recalled the strange noises from their room last night and suddenly had an insight of what had been going on. Just as I thought Mum couldn’t shock me any further, she opened the top of her kimono exposing her large full formed breasts. “Come and get it, Bert” she demanded. “Ohh Sandy” he moaned at the sight of those beauties, but he seemed to be scared of her. “If you hope to have any during the next week, you’d better do it now” she snapped.

Dad stepped forward as if to grab her. Her hand flashed so fast that all I saw was a blur. “Hai!” she chopped him on the side of the neck. His body jerked once more then stood stone stiff. Oh Jeese, it looked like he was paralysed! No, she can’t be that good! The thought of such scary power in my mother’s hand had my dick absolutely rigid. Mum’s face turned to me with a smile. “You see, Glenn. You don’t stand a chance against me. I’m much better than you at unarmed combat and the sooner you get used to it the better” she said while Dad just stood there looking petrified. Ohhhhh my dick was so stiff that I thought it couldn’t get any harder but it did at the implications of Mum’s words. She had turned from a caring motherly figure into a fearsome dominatrix to be worshipped. Mum turned her side towards Dad. Pulling up the hem of her kimono dress to expose her stocking tops, she rubbed her hip against the front of his trousers. “Nnnnnnn!” a moan of release escaped his lips and the tent in his pants deflated as a damp patch spread. “Hai!” Mum screamed making me jump as she drove her elbow into his gut. WHUMP! His upper body snapped forward around his stomach as if he had been made of cardboard, an expression of agony on his face and his mouth wide open as a hiss of air rushed out from his body. “Hai!” Her fist drove hard slamming deep into his ruined stomach. WHAM! The features of his face melted into abject misery and his body tried to bend further forwards but Mum cruelly pulled his head up by a clump of his thinning hair.

I couldn’t just watch while Mum beat the crap out of Dad. I hurled myself at her to stop her. “Hai!” BLAM! “Oooooooh!” She moved like lightning, despite her size. I found her knee buried deep in the pit of my stomach with such force that my feet were lifted clean off the mat. Badly winded again, I began to crease forwards. “Hai!” a blur of sheer black nylon sped towards me. BLAM “Orrrrrrgh!” I moaned as her knee hammered my sternum while the top of her thick thigh slammed lengthwise along my chest. Too immobilised to stop her, I found my head tucked beneath her arm looking down the back of her silk kimono. “Hai!” I nearly wet myself. BLAM! Her knee hammered into my already ruined gut. Jeese she was beating the crap out of me! BLAM! Argh! Her knee slammed into the top of my thigh giving me a dead leg. I felt her leg move again. BLAM! Ouch! Her knee slammed into the top of my thigh again but this time her whole leg kicked through lifting my leg backwards off the mat. Suddenly I was falling forward with my head tucked under Mum’s arm. I felt Mum’s back hit the mat then her feet were in my groin and in the blink of an eye my entire backend was being lifted high as she straightened her legs. Woahh! I felt the power of her legs as she released my head and hurled me high in a really strong double-legged sacrifice throw. KERSLAM! My back hit the mat very hard.

I was having a hard time getting to grip with the idea that my Mum was some kind of superwoman. “Oh dear poor Judo boy’s being beaten up by his mummy” she taunted as I lay on my back gasping. Strangely the thought of getting to grips with my mother became so uncontrollably desirable that my dick began to throb. I quickly got to my feet to face her again eager to see what else she had. Mum hitched up the hem of her dress. Wow! Her slightly plump legs looked great in stockings. “Glad you like my legs. You’re always looking at them” she said. That wasn’t true, but now I was gawping openly at my mother’s legs before I realised my mistake. “Hai!” BLAM her leg was a blur as it kicked so high and blasted my face. I clutched my aching face in shock at how incredibly flexible she was. “Bet you never thought mummy could kick as high as that did you?” she said with a strange smile. No, I certainly didn’t, shocked that Mum had turned into some kind of super fighting machine that made my dick ache all the more.

In a fraction of a second, she fell to the floor swinging her leg around low to ground scything my legs from under me. BAM! I hit the floor in an instant. Oh God! She was amazing; she was completely whipping my arse. My dick was absolutely beating away driving me to my feet wanting to be dominated again by my Mum. “Hai!” BLAM my head whipped under a powerful high kick that was so fast that I barely saw it. “Hai!” WHUMP Orrrrrgh a long stocking clad drove a heeled shoe right into my still aching gut. Super dominant Mum didn’t stop. She turned her back into me and pulled my arm over her shoulder then lent forward. I was so worked up in anticipation of being thrown again by my mother that time seemed to slow down. Orrr the feel of her ample backside pressing into my groin was electric. I could remember how my dick felt between those lovely bare buttocks. As she loaded me, I could feel my aching erection sliding up her arse then I was tumbling head over heels through the air. KERSLAM! By the time I hit the mat, I had totally creamed myself.

Shagged, I just lay there. I saw Miss P&P sitting on the mat with Grandmaster Kevin locked in a figure 4 headscissors. The back of his head was resting on the inner thigh of one leg while his neck was caught in the crook of her leg and it looked like her sexy stocking clad legs were squeezing him helpless. “Look at how weak you are” I heard her tell him. His hands were on the raised leg bent over his neck, one on top of her thigh, the other on her long sloping shin. But rather than trying to free himself he was feeling her legs and was sporting a boner. She turned his face towards her crotch and pulled it right against it. “Mmmmm!” he moaned but I don’t think it entirely in pain, his tentpole was twitching. “In your rightful place at last” she told him. She looked incredibly dominant as she scissored his face into her pussy. “Now do it” she demanded. The tent in his gi pants twitched wildly as Miss P&P closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure. “Mmmm!” he moaned. “Faster” she demanded, her slightly plump thighs squeezing hard. The Grandmaster took his erection out of his gi pants and started wanking. He stood no chance. “Arrghh Yess Yess Arghhh!” she moaned throwing back her head in ecstasy squeezing down hard while the Grandmaster shot white spurts into the air. “Arghhh arghhh oh yes” she sighed and opened her legs to let the limp unconscious man flop onto the mat.

Most of the other men around the hall are now humping away desperately at their wives but increasingly more are masturbating while their partners or mothers look on pouring scorn on their inabilities to satisfy them.

BLAM! The sound of a body hitting the mat very close by made me look around. Mum had just thrown Dad again. She had retained his arm which was now vertical between her legs which looked hot with the sheen of her stockings reflecting the light as she stressed his elbow. “Argh argh no please!” he yelped writhing at her feet. Maintaining the punishing armbar, Mum stood astride his head. “Aren’t you playing anymore? Is Judo Boy all worn out” Mum asked me. I looked away from her face and had to gulp as my eyes became glued to her bare breasts sticking out from the top of her kimono. Ulp! I looked away when she chuckled “It’s alright dear. It’s only natural”. “Argh Argh!” Dad yelped as she lowered herself into a crouch above his face. A stiff bulge rose in his trousers as her bare pussy hovered above his face. “Watch and learn, Glenn” she told me. “Mmm mmmm!” Dad almost sounded ecstatic as Mum’s muff covered his nose and lips. “Do a good job, Bert, or I’ll break your face” she demanded then reached back to pull his dick from his trousers. “Mmmm mmmm!” he sounded delirious. “Arghh yes, Bert” she moaned closing her eyes and looked up as she stroked his rod with one hand. It was disgusting but I couldn’t look aware. “Ohhh!” she moaned softly, pumping away at his rod while he licked her from below. “Come here, Glenn. I can do you with my other hand” she gasped breathlessly bucking her hips while she worked Dad. “Or take you in my mouth”. Oh God! I was disgusted by this wild orgy breaking out all around me; yet I was really tempted to stick my dick in her wide luscious mouth and hump it but somehow the offer of a blowjob from my Mum grated against my morals. “Ohhh ohhhh yessss!” she moaned as jizz flew about from between her closed hand on Dad’s cock.

Sighing in contentment, Mum stood up. “I’m so glad you’re here, Glenn” she told me. “Daddy just can’t handle my demands anymore. The more I  train, the stronger and more demanding I become” she said looking at my groin smiling. I suddenly realised that I had a boner from watching Dad pleasure Mum. To my horror Mum tried to undo my fly. “Mum, no!” I gasped trying to stop her. “Hai!” BAM! the side of her hand slashed down on the side of my neck. My body twitched wildly, temporarily not in my control. To my alarm I found her warm hand enclosing my stiff dick and she used it to lead me over the bed in the middle of the hall. Dad followed sheepishly close behind.

Mum sat before me on the edge of the bed with her legs astride. I tried not to look at her muff. She looked up at me as I stood between her open legs which pressed against my thighs. “Now do you understand who is boss in the house?” she asked sternly. “Yes. You Mum” I felt like a naughty child being reprimanded. A sexy stocking clad leg lifted up and stretched out, with surprising nimbleness, a shapely calve backed shin to the side of my neck. “And if I have any more nonsense from you I will hurt you bad” she said with a wide smile then pressed her shin hard against my neck. “Very bad” she added. “I will use you and your father to practice on wherever, whenever and however I like. Do you understand?” The feel of her shin pressing against my neck reminded me of the dominant martial arts Goddess that she had become and my dick grew rigid. “Yes” I gasped. “Good” she said then returned her leg to the floor.

“You will also share with your father the responsibility for worshipping me and satisfying my pleasure” Mum said. My ears burned but I couldn’t look away from her steely gaze. I felt her calves move against the inside of mine then with a sudden surge of unexpected strength they began to pull my feet apart. “Mum, you’re pulling my legs apart!” I exclaimed in shock at how easy she did it. I had to lean forward to place my hands on the bed for support. “Strong aren’t they?” Mum smiled and began to lean back on the bed. I was stunned as my feet were lifted from the mat while my legs were stretched apart like a wishbone. I was rising into the air with my legs pulled wide apart in some weird sort of grapevine press, tilting over my mother’s body. The feeling of total helplessness; of being completely physically dominated by my mother and the unexpected strength in her legs had my exposed erection absolutely rigid. Mum lay back on the bed and continued to lift me with her legs, my hands scrambling on the bed sheet to maintain balance until I was poised over her. That’s when she unhooked her calves and let me slid down between her nylon clad legs. I felt my erect dick slid against her bare pussy. “Do it” she demanded. I just couldn’t help myself and plunged right in banging away at this Goddess like a horny dog. Ohhh it felt so good, I just kept on going enjoying her moans of pleasure until I could keep it in no more and exploded inside her in a burst of ecstasy. I collapsed exhausted on the bed. Then the shame of what I had just done in front of a hall full of people hit me like a mallet to the face. My Mum’s voice was soft and soothing as a finger stroked my cheek. “Things are going to be a lot different from now on, Glenn” she said. “You’ll just have to get used to it, like your Dad did”. I watched as Mum got up and started to slam Dad around the mat once more. Yes things were going to be different all right. I now had a superwoman Mother to physically dominate me and to worship all night long. The thought made me smile and I felt my groin begin to stir.

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