The Case of the Pantyhose Society: The Taxi Driver [PANTYHOSE #1]

Elegant women in pantyhose use martial arts to get confessions from bad men.

SPOILER: Parisian taxi driver tries to rape a leather clad woman with a hot figure but plain face who knocks him out. He comes around in a special dojo where he is forced to attack the woman again. Madame Coralie beats him again with Krav Maga then forces to watch another man beaten up by the street fighting skills of pretty tomboy Madame Sofia and the Judo skills of the mature buxom Madame Virginie.

Madames Coralie, Michelle and Sofia are based on women I’ve worked with. Madame Virginie is influenced by Titanic Toni Kessering (Francis).
by Jimp based on an idea by Karate2hose
(c)Jim P 2015

Part 1: Madame Coralie

It was a dusky Parisian Friday night in late autumn when unattached women unwound in bars after a long week’s working for the system. The city types are the best, loaded with money and unafraid to knock back pretty looking cocktails that were deceptively stronger than they appeared. At the end of it all, they would need a taxi home. That’s where I come in. My name is Jacques and I drive a cab for a living. I too liked to unwind on a Friday night and find a bit of female fun, so here I was sitting in a dark corner in a bar watching the women. There was a group of them at the bar. All were quite good looking, chic and provocatively sexy as only French women can. By the look of their stylish designer clothes I knew they were professional career women who earned a good wage.

There was an attractive slim mature oriental possibly of Chinese or Hong Kong origin in her late-50’s with fine streaks of silver in her hair wearing a smart stylish power business jacket with a tight pencil skirt and high heels. Petite, slim and exotic perched on a stool with her legs crossed she projected a smug air of authority. She was a lot older than I was looking for but she had great legs that were sheathed in tan coloured nylons. Given her height and build they were long and slim with hard pads of calve muscle. I think a bit of calve muscle on a woman is very sexy and hers were just right, slim and prominent enough to be feminine and not so large that she could be mistaken for a man in a dress. I like my women to look like women. As I watched, she crossed her legs causing the shapely calve to spread out as it rested on top of the other knee. Next to her stood a taller younger woman possibly in her mid-30’s with a slender but slightly boyish yet pleasing figure. With very short sandy blonde hair and a pretty cheeky youthful face she gave the impression of a grown-up tomboy although her business suit dress was stylish and expensive. Her skirt came down to just above the knees, but what I could see of her legs were shapely and pleasing. They too were sheathed in tan nylons, I now noticed that in fact all 6 of them did.

A tall eye-catching blonde of similar age was next. I’m 5 foot 9 and she must be touching 6 foot. Quite beautiful her shapely figure was in proportion with her height with breath-taking long legs under a tight knee-length pencil skirt. Her long golden hair cascaded in elegant coiffured curls past her shoulders. Stylish and chic, her face was finely exquisite with a sleek slender nose, small blue eyes and mouth that was set in that arrogant look that beautiful women have. Standing next to her was a chunky squat petite brunette with short close-cropped hair. I was going to dismiss her as short and fat except as she turned her face to speak with the others I saw she was actually very attractive with a small youthful face with a small sleek nose, a sensuous small pouting mouth and high cheekbones. She also wore spectacles over her small eyes which gave her a sort of sexy secretary look. I’d say she was in her mid to late twenties and it was also clear that she had a sturdy upper body with a large firm bust. She too wore a smart business dress that clung to her large sturdy yet feminine shaped frame. A knee-length skirt prevented a good view of her legs but as she turned her back to me to speak to the oriental I gasped at the size of her calves for they were truly enormous with her high heels making large rounded defined slabs of muscle bulge out. They were larger than I liked on a woman, yet they were definitely feminine like a dancer’s rather than those of some freaky muscle woman.

Next was a plump mature woman who must have been in her late 50’s. Well dressed in an expensive silk dress with a squarish reasonably attractive face and short brown hair. Perched on a stool she wore top quality tan coloured pantyhose on her short thick legs and large shapely calves. I was about to dismiss her but as she turned side on to me, my dick stirred at the sight of a phenomenal wide low hanging thrusting bust. As with the oriental, she was much older than I would bother with except that huge bust would be fun to play with.

I couldn’t see the final member of the group very well as she sat on a stool with her back to me, yet it was her that caught my eye and drew my attention. Tall and willowy with an hour-glass figure, she had pale blonde hair that was all puffed up and curly in some sort of perm stylishly cut around her ears and falling just above the shoulder line. An expensive top of the range stylish slim-line black leather jacket that came down to her hips was tailored to show off her long slim shapely torso and shimmered sexily reflecting the light. Below this was a matching black leather mini-skirt so tight that it clung tightly to a small compact backside like it was shrink-wrapped. It was so short that it exposed an eye-watering length of tan nylon right up to the top of her thigh that made it clear that the sheer hosiery she wore were les collants or pantyhose the Americans call them or tights to the English. As a connoisseur of women I knew that, like the others, they were of the highest quality, probably Wolford the most expensive brand in Europe. With her legs folded at the knee I gazed in appreciation of her long slim perfect thighs. Hanging down below the knee were long stylish boots which clung like a sexy second skin to her long slim shins and beautiful semi-tear drop shaped calves. Polished with a high sheen, the soles were low with a pointed metal toe and wickedly high metallic stiletto heels. Suddenly in a ripple of light from her leather skirt she crossed her legs, a movement so elegant and sensual that it stirred my groin. She continued to chat to her friends while knocking back her cocktails as did I my wine. The boots looked expensive made of soft-leather that emphasised the shapeliness of her calves and feet elevated as they were with a good 6 inches of heel. It was a gloriously sexy sight indeed and I was content to sit there and watch her.

A few minutes later, the oriental said something and the blonde turned to look my way. Merde! I was so shocked I forgot to look away. As hot as her legs were, it was let down badly by her face which was long and plain, bordering on ugly. Beneath a blonde fringe thick dark eyebrows sat low over small brown eyes set in a cold hard gaze atop a wide nose and thick lipped mouth fixed in a grim pout. Her cheeks were long and heavy and her chin too square. Apart from a little lipstick she wore no make-up. Sacre bleu what a waste, I could bear it no more and looked away. When I looked back to examine her friends the ghastly blonde was now sitting side-on and I couldn’t help noticing that her figure from the side was just as impressive as from the back with a flat stomach and a large firm ample bust protruding like a slinky leather clad playthings on her chest. It was a stunning figure, just a shame about the face. I tried to ignore her and select another more to my liking when the leather-clad blonde stretched out her near-side leg and my eyes travelled the amazing long slim pantyhose sheathed length down to those sexy slinky form-fitting high-heeled boots. Wow she had sensational legs. I actually had to force myself to look away and concentrate on the others. But as I sat there sipping more wine, my eyes kept returning to that sexy lean leather clad woman in boots, her long legs and tantalising figure. I ordered another bottle of wine and watched the blonde sip more cocktails while chatting with the others. The more I drank, the more I yearned for that body. I could always put a bag over her head I suppose. Not that you’d see her face in the dark anyway. I know that would be cruel but needs must.

Suddenly it must have been her round because she got off the stool and faced the bar-tender to place the order. I stared at her wonderful hour-glass figure from the broad shoulders tapering in on either side down her long leather clad back to her narrow waist before sweeping out to a tight leather clad covered arse. With a steady stiffening in my groin my eyes lustfully took in her legs before I realised that she was looking back at me over her shoulder. Before I could look away, she leant forwards to collect the drinks. Her skirt was so short and tight that it rode up exposing the small firm rounded lower orbs of her buttocks covered in tan nylon hose. ORRRRRR! BERDOING! In an instant I had a boner of epic proportions. ORRRRRR! I just couldn’t stop looking and lusting at the back view of her. ORRRR! She had an absolutely sensational figure and great legs and I desperately wanted to give her one or possibly more. I was so hard that I no longer cared what she looked like. I just wanted to run my hands up and down that sexy leather clad figure and get inside her pantyhose and give her a good seeing to. So I stayed in the corner sipping my wine with a real strong hard-on unable to take my eyes of the tall willowy leather-clad blonde, her tan coloured hose and her sexy leather boots.

Half an hour later she got up to make her farewells, preparing to leave alone. I quickly dash outside to wait by my cab. Finally she emerges onto the street, the low street lighting helping to mask her features but not her figure or the sexy clothes she wore. “Taxi Madame?” I offer stepping forward. She accepts and asks to be driven to a posh residential area close to Place Vendôme but I have other ideas. By the time she notices that I have driven down a narrow deserted alley, it is too late. “This isn’t the right direction. Where are you going? Stop this car this instant” her voice is refined and quite low in pitch giving it a sexy husky edge. She becomes more agitated as I centrally lock the rear doors. I park at the end of the poorly lit alley and turn off the ignition. Quickly getting out of the cab, I go to the rear door before unlocking it with the remote on the key fob then opening it wide. Out comes one long shapely high-heeled boot followed by the other reaching for the ground as she swung around on the bench seat to exit like a lady. The leather mini-skirt slid to the top of her long slim thighs as she moves towards the door. The sight of the gusset at the apex of her legs inflames my lust. “Oh no you don’t love” I give her shoulders a hard push intending to send her sprawling onto her back so I could pull them down then take her.

Instead as her back hit the cushion she smoothly rolled up her legs in front of her until those gloriously long thighs were almost touching her front with the soles of her long shiny boots and heels pointing towards me. I saw the reflective shine of metal soles but was distracted by the sight of the thick coloured pad of her gusset peaking at the inside of the base of her legs like an open invitation to plunge right in. PHROAR! I leant forwards to pull down her hose. A sudden streak of reflected street light shot towards me. WHOP! WHAM! “Orrrrraghhhhh!” I wailed as both metal heels drive right into my navel like hammered spikes closely followed the metal-plated soles like mallets against my belly. My body creased forwards only to see those long legs continuing to snap straight. A surge of feminine leggy power lifts me completely off my feet, hurling me staggering across the pavement barely able to keep my balance. “Orrrragg orraggg!” I groan in agony at the sharp pain trying to wind me watching helpless to stop the unattractive blonde stepping from the cab.

She turns to walk back towards the main road, her long legs eating up the distance with the leather skirt stretching tight in a tantalising manner while her high-heels click-clack with sharp rapports echoing loudly in the alley. Merde! I become alarmed she will reach the main street and flag down a Gendarme patrol. Groaning, I force myself quickly to my feet and run after her intending to give her a slap, and drag her back to the cab by her hair if need be then spread her lovely legs and take her hard. “Bitch!” I cry as I rush up from behind and grab hold of the back of the soft leather jacket. Suddenly her left elbow snaps up level with her shoulders and slams back towards the side of my face. BLAM! my face whips around scrambling my senses with my left cheek hurting. I barely register the tall lanky blonde spin around to face me. BLAM! an open palm strikes right into the middle of my face violently jerking my head upwards “Argh!”. Something brushes swiftly up the insides of my thighs then hammers into my balls like a cannon-ball. BLAM! “Arghhhh God” she’d just kneed me in the groin!. I like to think of myself as a tough guy but it had all happened so fast. BLAM BLAM BLAM leaving me creasing over my aching balls looking at the high-heeled leather boots as the snooty leather-clad bitch stood over me. “How’d you like that taste of Krav Maga?” she laughed contemptuously as I tumbled to the street clutching my aching balls. I had no idea what she was talking about and looked up, along long feminine hose-clad legs to a short leather mini-skirt with hands on her hips of her leather jacket with a look of pure condescension. Usually they are scared witless but this blonde vixen wasn’t even afraid or attempting to run away. She stood there so confidentially with arrogant smugness that I had a stirring of strange excitement in my throbbing groin. So the ugly bitch with the hot bod had taken a few self-defence lessons at one of the trendy classes for young trendy women and thought she could take care of herself by elbowing me in the face then kneeing my nuts. I wanted to teach her a lesson, show how useless her self-defence lessons were in real-life. My dick became stiff despite my throbbing balls at the thought of getting to grips with the snotty bitch, overpowering her and taking her anyway. I liked a woman who tried to fight back instead of just screaming and crying like a child. It made it much more exciting and actually turned me on, so much so that all thoughts of my aching balls disappeared as I launched myself at her and managed to get my hands around her throat.

Instantly her neck thickened as she lowered it into her shoulders then her fists shot up on either side before slamming down upon my elbows breaking my grip. Her left hand shot towards me, slamming into the bridge of my nose and stabbing her fingers into my eyes. “Arhhhhh!” my eyes throbbed and watered. Instinctively I lashed out with my fist in the general direction of her face. “Yah!” her forearm slammed vertically into my elbow numbing it as it knocked my arm away. I caught a glimpse of her long hose-clad legs bend forwards as her short leather skirt stretched tight while her right arm lifted across her chest, bent at the elbow. “Yah!” her elbow rose with terrible speed towards the middle of my chest. BLAM! “Nnnnnnnarghhh!” my sternum was hammered hard pushed inwards driving my breath out. The next instant her knee shot up between us making me flinch in fear she was going to drive it in my nuts again. “Yah!” it dropped swiftly, her metal-soled boot stomping the inside of my right knee. “Nnnnargh!” barely had my leg begun to give way when her hands slapped either side of my head and that mini-skirt flicked up as she drove that dreadful knee between my legs to hammer my balls swinging like a wrecking ball. “Yah!” BERLAM! “Orrrrrrrr!” it struck with such dreadful power that I felt my whole body momentarily jerk into the air before coming down upon my feet screaming mentally at the soul-destroying agony ravaging my testicles.

The next instant she grabbed my right hand with one hand and the wrist with the other then bent it right back. Faster than I could cry out she twisted my arm and bent my hand behind me forcing me to bend forwards looking down at the ground. “Arghh!” I yelped as she kept me in that position while she stood arrogantly off to the side behind me. “Just look at how helpless you are, you pathetic man” she sneered keeping my hand pressed back at the wrist. “You’re no match for me. I’m a far superior fighter than you’ll ever be. Bow down before my natural superiority, little man”. She pressed the back of my hand against her chest forcing me to crouch lower. “You’re so powerless I could snap your wrist in an instant with my breasts” she laughed openly at my humiliating position. Inside I raged as I quickly discovered that the slightest movement to escape caused crippling shooting pains in my arm. I glanced to the side and caught sight of those sexy high-heeled boots and slim hose-clad legs. She was provocatively all woman yet physically dominating me and it made my dick lurch. “You can’t even bring yourself to look at my face. Let’s see how pretty you’ll look after you’ve met my knee” “No!” I screamed as her nylon clad knee leapt up towards my bowed face. SPLAP! Her knee struck my face like a hammer hitting an anvil. “Arghh!” there was a terrible crunching and warm wet blood poured as my head whipped back. I would have fallen to the ground except the leggy vixen still held my hand bent against her chest which kept my body’s motion painfully in check.

Just then my eyes were blinded by the headlights of another car turning into the alley. Perhaps it was the Gendarme, I’ll tell them that the crazy woman had attacked me instead of paying the fare. But as it pulls up behind the cab and the lights dim as the engine switches off, my heart sinks as 5 figures emerge from the doors, the other women from the bar. “No, it’s not the cavalry” the leather-clad booted demon stressing my wrist close to snapping point laughs. Rather than come and help their friend, they just stand and watch. Keeping me bent over, the willowy blonde yanked on my arm forcing me to turn my head towards her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her raise her elbow. “Night night. Yah!” Her pointed elbow rushed down towards me. BLAM! the point of her elbow punched the apex of my neck, I saw myself rushing towards the pavement as everything faded to black.

Part 2: Madame Michelle

I come around to find myself curled up on a soft matted floor trapped inside a small metal cage. Scrambling to my knees in a space where I was barely able to move, I grabbed the bars of the door and found it locked. Looking out I saw a large well-equipped gym with all kinds of weight machines and exercise contraptions at one end. Thick rubber mats were laid across the floor in a large central area at the edge of which my cell sat with 6 wooden stools arranged in a row close by. I had many fares to and from gyms, bright shiny affairs with crowds of trendy people in designer exercise clothes, loud pumping music and big windows. This was nothing like that. For a start, the only windows were skylights set into a high ceiling that reminded me of an old-fashioned warehouse with thick wooden beams crossing horizontally set much lower down creating an open false ceiling from which were suspended fluorescent tube lights. Hanging from some of these beams in one corner were a large number of male mannequins, a disquieting sight that made me look away.

The low murmur of voices draws my attention to the far side perpendicular to my cell. Sitting behind a row of Bistro tables with fine table clothes are a number of very well dressed women wearing customs from top Parisian designers and draped in furs and jewellery, some of which looked liked they cost more than I would ever earn in a lifetime. These privileged bitches sat there looking down at me with arrogant snobbery with glasses of disgracefully expensive wine in their hands as if expecting a floor show. All of a sudden their attention was drawn to something behind me. I looked around to see a changing room door open from which walked the 6 women from the bar. Gone are the business jackets and skirts, replaced by light elegant and feminine blouses with plunging necklines and tailored to emphasise their feminine figures. Some wore very short skirts, others wore no skirts at all. However, all wore luxury sheer tan pantyhose. The plain blonde who had attacked me still wore her high-heeled leather boots and short leather skirt. Above the waist was a thin black top that barely covered her hips and stretched tightly over her splendid figure emphasising a large firm bust that jiggled erotically as she walked with the others towards the stools. She might have an unattractive face but her body was hot as hell and made my dick stir. In fact all 6 of them had great legs made all the more sensational by being shown off to their full extent in those hose and high heels. Except for the booted blonde, those heels are slipped off as they take their places on the stools in a showy sensual way to reveal light reinforced toes.

I felt uncomfortable as their eyes stared at me, with fake come-on seductive smiles as they moved about on the stools, their legs continually in motion in a sexy leggy dance. Those that wore skirts hitched them right up to the top of their hips. Those that didn’t, didn’t need to. They swivelled about with wide smiles slowly stretching out their shapely legs, sensuously raising them into the air and emphasizing their sexy curvy lines with their hands. They all have very sexy legs and the provocative sight of them showing them off to their full extent in tan coloured hose is irresistible to watch and I am soon turned on by the sight especially when some begin to open both legs wide to show they had nothing covering their crotch other than the dark gusset. The sexy leg show went on for ages, impossible not to watch and impossible not to get turned on by, for these women had great legs and knew how to show them off at their most potently alluring. ORRRRR! I feel myself getting heated and my dick is rigid at the sexy sight.

The mature oriental slides off her stool and slowly walks towards the front of the cage. The petite slim feminine mature woman wears a very short black pleated skirt with a light silky black blouse. Her legs are long and slim with hard well-defined muscled calves that are a joy to watch as she walks purposefully slow with an enticing side to side sway of her slender hips. Attractive to look at, her face is pleasantly rounded with small almond-shaped eyes, a short squat nose, high cheekbones, a medium sized mouth and shallow chin. Her black hair with wisps of grey is styled in a short bob. Standing by the door, she addresses the watching women in a strong authoritative voice that belies her petite size. “Look how feeble minded he is. The sight of a few women in nothing more glamorous than Wolford pantyhose leaves him drooling with a hard on”. The posh bitches at the tables laugh at this. Before I open my mouth to protest, she turns around. Looking up at her from my hands and knees I can see her gusset peeking out beneath her very short skirt. ORRR! I couldn’t tear my eyes away. “Do you disagree Jacques?” before I can answer she quickly dropped into a very low crouch with her legs spread wide exposing her crotch provocatively between long sexy legs and raised upon her toes which emphasised her hard brawny calves. THROB THROB she stared openly at the moving bulge in my trousers as it formed a tent-pole that throbbed with pure desire. “You see! Pathetic” she laughed and the rich ladies laughed too.

“Let me out! You can’t do this! Who do you think you are?” I protested. The oriental produced a key and turned it in the lock. I heard it click open. “Actually I can. I am Madame Michelle, a lawyer by profession but you will call me Mistress as you will address all of the women here” What the F**? I’m not into that kinky crap. A man is the stronger sex and I won’t bow down to no woman. The view up her legs was beautiful as she stood straight, never taking her eyes off me. “I am chairwoman of this exclusive club” she added as I pushed the door open then crawled out. “You are a prolific serial rapist who uses his job to abuse young woman against their will as some kind of vile perk” she accused as I stretched out the kinks before rising to my feet. “The Gendarme have numerous complaints from victims against this man yet claim it is only his word against theirs. He claims that the women had no money to pay the fare and offered sex instead” “’s true” I said bringing myself to my full height to loom over her. She was barely 5 foot 3 at most and was really getting on my nerves. “Prove it” I snarled. The oriental cougar didn’t seem fazed. “You will sign a confession admitting your guilt” “Never” I snap back and go to push past her roughly on my way towards what looked like an exit.

“Hai!” a loud shout makes me jump as a light blur streaks up towards my face. BLAM! a glimpse of a small foot smashing into my face and the taste of nylon as my head whips back so violently I hear a crick in my neck and my vision explodes into dark and bright patches. “Hai!” I caught a glimpse of her pivoting around on one heel, lean away with her right leg raised bent at the knee then snap straight. BLAM! her sole hammers my jaw snapping it up so hard my teeth clash as my head is whipped back again. “Hai!” I barely see a tan coloured blur streaking forwards as she angles her lithe hips towards me. WHUMP! a dainty foot hammers hard against my gut like a sledge-hammer. “Orrrraghh!” my body jerks back creasing around my middle while the air is cruelly driven from my diaphragm. A split-second glimpse of gusset and sleek hard muscled calves is no compensation against the terrible belly cramps. Still leaning away, her shin folds back at her raised knee with her crotch fully exposed. She really had hot legs. “Hai!” a nylon-clad foot rockets towards me. “No!KKKKKKKK!!” her sole slams into my throat. “Kkkk kkk!” my hands fly up to my neck, the horrible sensation of something obstructing my windpipe choking me fills me with dread as the hot legged oriental MILF draws back her shin once more. Her slim hard calves flex and the deadly legged woman strikes as fast as a snake. “Hai!” I’m looking along her long slim leg as her toes punch the base of my neck. WHUMP! my body jerks and I feel faint as my knees turn to jelly. “AEEEEEEEEEE!” her voice rises into a terrifying scream. Frozen to the spot in terror I am stunned as she spins her back on me then flings herself backwards until her hands slap the mat then flips her long slim sheathed legs overhead in a rapid walk-over backflip. In the blink of an eye she springs from her hands to her feet with a subtleness that keeps my dick hard then leaps up right before my eyes until her crotch is level with my astonished face with her left leg bent beneath her and the right bent in front. “YAH!” her shout makes my dick lurch as her right foot snaps towards my jaw. BLAM! blinding pain wrecks my vision as I whip right over backwards. BLAM! my back slams into the rubber matting. I lie there as the room spins around me unable to understand how such an elegant attractive looking mature petite slim woman could have knocked me down so quickly.

“You see how easily a woman with a black belt in karate can assert total superiority over a man with her legs alone” Madame Michelle’s voice comes from above. I force open my eyes and gaze at her slender but hard muscled calves right before my eyes feeling both ashamed and yet strangely turned on that this MILF with such great legs had floored me in seconds. “You see how she can remain elegant and graceful as she dominates him with her legs. A woman’s legs are her deadliest and sexiest weapons”. I like to think of myself as a big tough guy who doesn’t take no crap from anyone certainly from no woman no matter how good looking she was. As I tried to push myself up her foot appeared on my chest and a surprising surge of power firmly pushed me back down. The sight of that dainty foot with the reinforced toes of her hose made me remember how deadly fast her legs were. So I lay there trying to plan a way to take her down and get past her but got distracted looking up her thighs to her nylon-covered crotch with rising lust.

Part 3: Madame Coralie

Madame Michelle signalled towards her companions and the plain blonde slid off her stool. “You have already met Madame Coralie as your intended victim but did you know that she is also a top hospital anaesthetist and krav maga instructor?”. I tried to rise but her sleek calve flexed as a strong force flowed through her foot pressing me back to the floor keeping me put. “You are invited to attack and rape Madame Coralie”. My mouth dropped open in shock at hearing such an outrageous suggestion. “Are you crazy! I wouldn’t touch her with a bargepole”. I tried again to push myself up, this time she didn’t try to stop me. “And certainly not in front of an audience” I pointed at the posh ladies sitting at their bistro tables. “Hai!” Madame Michelle’s leg kicked forwards at groin height like a lightning bolt stopping barely an inch from my balls. My heart leapt into my mouth at the sight of that dainty foot rushing towards me and breathed a sigh of relief as she lowered it back to the floor. “If you succeed, you will go free with a million Euros for your troubles”. My ears pricked up at that. “Fail or refuse, Madame Coralie will beat you until you beg her to stop and willingly sign that confession, whereupon you will be handed over to the Gendarme”. The oriental stepped back only for the leather-skirted booted vixen to take her place. I loved the way that her tight top stretched over her slender frame emphasising her big breasts with her nipples jutting out so much that I was uncertain whether she wore a bra. The short leather skirt moulded itself to her slim hips and the tops of her thighs reflecting the lights in the room. A shiny slinky magnet for the eyes.

“I wear leather because I want to” she stated with venom. “It proclaims that I am a strong independent woman who is unafraid of looking sexy”. Yes, sexy body but ghastly face. “I hate men like you. Unable to see the real beauty of a woman within”. Maybe my face betrayed my thoughts because her voice almost became a growl. Her hard brown eyes seemed to burrow into me making me uncomfortable so I looked away. “You can’t even bring yourself to look at my face yet you lust over my body. Here let me give you some encouragement”. To my astonishment, she took hold of her top and began to pull it off over her head. As it slid up the first thing that caught my eye was the sexy V line rising from the top of her skirt then the long inward tapering slopes from her hips to her slim waist. As more was revealed I gaped in surprise at her taut stomach with six sexy slabs lightly embossed upon it – she had a six pack! I had never seen a woman with a six-pack before in real life and they looked really sexy on her slim lanky creamy white belly.

The top slid up to her neck and I stared in open desire at her chest. “34G and all natural so get over it” she said curtly as a black lacy bra with pink bows and frills was exposed. Small low-cut cups with large erect nipples pushing out the fabric supported two sensational fully rounded orbs of pleasure that met in the middle in a curved X and a wonderful cleavage. ORRRRR! I couldn’t stop looking as they jiggled about while she removed the top then threw it on the floor. “Rape me” she snarled “If you can” she added with a cruel chuckle then leant forwards and gently swayed her sensational perfect breasts from side to side enticing me. ORRRRR it was tempting, she had an amazing body despite her looks and if there wasn’t an audience I probably would have. “You know you want it” she purred in a husky voice that caused a growth spurt in my groin. She stood up lifting the front of her leather skirt to reveal she wore nothing beneath her tan coloured pantyhose. “Take a glimpse at paradise” she purred as I stared at the very visible mounds beneath the gusset at the apex of her long legs. Spreading her legs, her hand stole to her crotch and stroked provocatively. “No man gets in there without my invitation. A whole world of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams lies in there”. Oh Lord! The ugly bitch had my dick pounding, my heart racing and sweating like a dog in heat. ORRRR I could take it no more and stepped towards her.

Her eyes widened with excitement, her body preparing to fight. I remembered what she had done to me in the alley and how her self-defence techniques focussed on hitting with her elbows and kneeing me in the balls. I wasn’t going to let her do that again so as I rushed forwards I saw her raise her elbow ready to strike. Dropping low at the last moment keeping my head close to my shoulders I grabbed her around the waist as we collided pushing her down to the mats. No sooner was her back to the floor but before I had put out my hands to stop myself falling on top, her right leg was there between us kicking upwards. WHOMP! The sole of her boot hammered hard against my chest while her stiletto drove into my belly. “Orrragh!” I groaned in shock as my forward motion came to a shuddering jerk at the end of her long slim leg. I felt the leg beneath me give way slightly thinking it was my weight until an unexpected surge of leggy strength hurled me back upright. As quick as a snake, she placed one hand on the mat and swung her leg around low backwards. BAM! Her heel slammed into the back of my knee sweeping my legs from under me and sent me crashing to the mat on my back. No sooner I was down than she flipped over to her hands and knees facing away from me with a tantalising view up her short skirt. In a blink of an eye a long stretch of tan nylon streaked back towards my face. “Yah!” BLAM! the metal sole struck right beneath my chin into my throat. “Kkkk! Kkk!” my hands flew to my neck as my windpipe again closed tight. “Yah!” I barely caught sight of her long leg blasting back before the metal sole crashed into my jaw. BAM! The power of the blow was so strong that as her leg continued to straighten it lifted my head up and drove it back so fast my brains scrambled and my vision blurred out. BLAM! My back slammed into the mats and I tried to cling on desperately as everything whirled sickeningly around me and my vision greyed while fighting the light-headedness from overwhelming me and praying that she hadn’t crushed my windpipe.

“See how easily and quickly Madame Coralie defended herself from the rapist using her legs alone” the mature oriental’s voice rang out as the room began to slow down it’s spinning. “So elegant, so chic but she had a little help from these, yes?” I looked up to see that the blonde was facing me with her right leg raised bent at the knee with the toe of her boot resting on the bars of the cage, her hands upon her hips and an arrogant smirk upon her lips. ORRRRR! despite my state I am still turned on by the sight of her amazing long sexy nylon-clad legs brazenly exposing her gusset and angling her impressive bust in my direction. “Those Karate boots are custom made from the finest leather. Soft and elegant. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Available from Madame Virginie to only her most select clientele” the oriental explained while the blonde’s legs re-ignited my desires which drove me to my feet once more. “The soles are titanium plated”. The blonde turned swiftly straightening her leg towards the audience. Balancing on one foot, she kept the other perfectly steady horizontal to the mat while her eyes never left mine with a wicked smile upon her plain face. “You quite clearly saw the devastating effects those had upon our rapist here” the rich women laughed. That made me angry. So that was her secret. “The six inch heels are also made of titanium. Guaranteed not to break and most effective at inflicting severe pain to a man like THIS!”

That barked command made me jump and in that moment the blonde stepped quickly towards me then turned side on. In a heartbeat, her leg shot out sideways driving the heel straight into my sternum. “Yah!” VLAMM! “Ouuff!” my breath caught in my chest as if she had just fired a nail-gun into it. “Likewise the titanium pointed toes are designed to inflict maximum damage like THIS” Before I could even scream, the blonde’s leg snapped out driving the wicked point of her right boot right into my nut-sack. BERLAM! “iiiiiieeee!” I screamed as the force of the cruel kick lifted me to my toes before collapsing to the mat and curling up in pain as if I’d been hit in the balls with an ice-pick. “Ouch” a pointed boot prodded me. “Boots like these can castrate and disembowel a man” the blonde’s voice came from above me. “Kiss them or I will demonstrate”. Curled up rocking in pain I was in no state to argue so reluctantly placed my lips on the hard toes of her boots and kissed them while the watching women smirked at my weakness.

“Some of you may be thinking that Karate boots give a woman an unfair advantage against a big tough rapist but she is more than a match for him. Watch”. An unzipping noise made me look up out of my pain to see the ghastly-looking leggy bitch slide off her right boot then repeat the process with the left. Of course she made a seductive show of it, bending forwards to let her big rounded breasts dangle in her bra as she removed the boots. Finally that leather skirt fell to the floor and she stepped forwards. I found myself looking up as she stood astride me with her hands on her hips with two tan-coloured columns sloping in to her crotch. Wow! She had the longest sexiest legs that I’d ever seen and was aroused even after that ball-busting. Forcing my gaze along her firm ribbed stomach and over her thrusting breasts, I saw her look down at me with a smirk. “Come on, get up. See if you can do any better now that I’m not wearing my boots” she said in a mocking tone. It was hard not to let my eyes drift down to the mound at her crotch and barely concealed bush. “I’ll even promise not to kick you. I think you need all the help you can get”. The posh women chuckled scornfully at that. “Or are you ready to sign that confession? I think you’d better, you’ll only get hurt” more scornful laughter. Angrily I tried to grab her ankles but she skipped nimbly out of the way laughing.

I scrambled to my feet to find her waiting there in just her bra and hose, taunting me with that hot slender body. I rushed forwards and threw a punch at her ugly face. Both her arms flew up trapping mine then yanking it suddenly to her right throwing me off balance. A glimpse of rising thigh. BLAM! “Arghh!” her knee slammed against my side. A powerful bruising blow that made me instinctively lean to protect my aching side. BLAM! an elbow punched my jaw whipping my head back in a blurring blaze of light and pain. I sensed movement in front of me. VLAMM! “Nnnargh!” a knee drove right against my sternum leaving me gasping and dazed. I had barely began to stoop forwards when her arm slipped around my shoulder increasing my bending. A flash of tan nylon as her knee cannonballed right into the middle of my belly. “Orraghh!” I wailed as my whole breath was driven brutally out of my body as if my soul had been ripped out. ORRRAGH! I folded up around her knee with her upper thigh pressing against my chest. BLAM! I felt the point of her elbow piston down upon the back of my neck at the base. “Arghh!” BLAM! I hit the mats before I even realised I was falling.

Lying panting and in pain I heard Madame Michelle’s exotic voice. “The knee and elbow are the hardest parts of the body. Look how effective they were to put him down fast”. Angry and in pain I got up but to my alarm the ugly bitch rushed forwards, her arm stretching out to grab the top of my head and twist it sharply to the side even as her thigh began to rise. PAF! her knee rammed viciously into my temple scrambling my senses. “Harrghhh!” I cried with blinding pain lancing through my skull. Too dazed to stop her, the crazy blonde slid around to my side while clamping one hand around my chin pushing while she pulled back my head by my hair. WHAM! her knee hammered right into the small of my back like an express train. “Arghh!” I yelled as my back gave way bending me like a bow. As I felt my back give way, the leggy bitch moved like quicksilver circling around in front of me, still with her hands on my head. Suddenly she was pulling my head forwards and I tried to scream as I saw her nylon-clad thigh spring up. BERLAM! Her knee struck my face like a hammer hitting an anvil. “Arghhh!” I felt my nose break and my teeth buckle while my lips kissed nylon.

My senses so badly shaken up I was helpless as she seized my wrist pulling up my arm behind my back with one hand while the other was upon the back of my neck keeping my face bowed. I saw a slight sparkle of her tan hose as her knee shot up once more. “No!” I cried BERLAM! Her knee pounded the side of my face brutally mashing my cheek and smashing my side teeth. With my face throbbing in agony and bleeding profusely I found myself twirled around by my arm and thrown chest first against the cage. “Such lightning-fast reactions. An unstoppable feminine fighting machine” The oriental remarked. Before I could try and push myself away a sexy shapely tan-coloured calve hooked itself over my shoulder pinning me against the cage. BLAM! The side of a fist slammed into the base of my neck. “Argh!” my shoulders jerked up under the impact, clenched my eyes and felt woozy. If it hadn’t been for the cage in front of me, I would have fallen. Without pause, the plain-faced blonde grabbed my hand and spun me away from the cage. My vision cleared in time to see a long nylon-clad thigh soaring incredibly high with her knee terrifyingly fast towards my face. CRUNCH! My head snapped upwards as her hard knee smashed underneath my jaw like someone had taken a mallet to it. All I remember was my head whipping back scrambling my senses with an extremely painful jaw.

Part 4. Madame’s Sofia and Virginie

I must have blacked out for the next thing I hear is a commotion; a man’s raised voice. Looking up I see the 30-something tomboy standing behind a tall muscular man with his arm bent behind his back with one hand and her other forearm across his throat in a choke hold. A broad laughing smile was on her cheeky-looking face as he struggled yelping in her grip. He looks a real brute, what the English call a CHAV. As the slender young woman marched him around I saw he was sporting a fresh black eye. This was the first time I had studied the pretty tomboy close up and I liked what I saw. A simple short-sleeved white blouse covered her slender though boyish figure, barely covering her crotch and cut high over her hip giving full show of the tan pantyhose that sheathed her lovely slender legs.

“Look how effortlessly Madame Sofia controls a man much bigger than herself with a simple hammerlock” Madame Michelle’s voice rang out. “As well as being a top-class lawyer, she is also a black belt in street fighting disciplines”. The slight oriental stepped in front of the struggling man giving him a hard look. SWISH! SWISH! With a rapid threatening movement of arms she adopted an aggressive looking fight stance with both hands raised with open palms and fingers together as if she were about to deliver man-breaking Karate chops. He immediately fell still. “Matthias. You are a pig-headed thug who allows his son to bully other children. When their mothers complain to you, you intimidate them and on several occasions have physically assaulted them” “Prove it” he sneered, although wary of the potent-looking petite woman before him. “The Gendarme claim they have insufficient evidence to press charges. You will give them that by signing a confession” “Go f*** yourself. Arggh!” the short-haired blonde pressed his hand higher between his shoulder blades forcing him to his toes. Then with a spin of his arm out to the side she twirled him around to face her and released his arm. I saw him appraise her delightful figure particularly her nylon-sheathed legs. Not bad, I knew he was thinking for so did I.

With a cheeky grin she raised her fists which seemed inconsistent with such a pretty young woman yet she managed to took quite tough in a sexy way. “I was brought up as the only girl with three older brothers”. Her voice was soft and pleasant but the accent coarse as if she had come from the working class suburbs. “I had to make them respect me and show them who was boss. With these”. She glanced towards her fists. Matthias’ eyes went wide with surprise and doubt unable to believe such a sweet faced thing was capable of such violence. His hand momentarily went to his eye and I knew who had blackened it. Madame Sofia pointed at him then began laughing. “Look at his face! Look at his face!” she squealed in amusement while the brute’s face darkened.

“Sofia, enough!” the oriental MILF barked. “Brawling with fists is not very lady-like. She turned to address Matthias “The only way you are getting out of here is to sign this confession. Alternatively rape Madame Virginie and I will give you a million Euros for your trouble”. At that point the plump mature woman I had seen earlier approached wearing a short-sleeved floral print blouse that hugged her wide low-hanging breasts and hung down to her hips below which were tan pantyhose that barely concealed a hairy pussy. Although slightly thick, she had good legs with strong calves. “I ain’t f***ing, gah gah” he turned into a drooling idiot as her blouse opened to expose a massive amount of wide thrusting low hanging cleavage right down to the curving arcs formed by the lower part of her titanic breasts. She was clearly not wearing a bra. I also notice her well-defined traps sloping at an angle from her creamy white neck to her an equally well-defined line across her clavicle but it was that enormous wall of breast and plunging cleavage that caught my attention and that of Matthias. “38H, all natural and far more than any man can handle” she teased in a low sultry voice that had my dick stiffening with the sound alone. “All yours if you are tough enough to take it”. The oriental had backed away and the tomboy had released his arm leaving him standing there gaping at the mature woman’s plunging bosom.

With hands on hips and small grey eyes watching him hawk-like over a short wide nose, Madame Virginie turned her upper body towards the side letting him see her dramatic side profile that had him groaning like a moron “ORRRR!”. I shared his opinion of her stunning huge bust and felt jealous as he stepped forwards to get his hands on them. He was so obsessed with her breasts he forgot about the tomboy still behind him. She crept up behind with a cheeky grin on her youthful face, raised her knee level with her hips then snapped her leg straight driving her foot straight between his legs from behind. I winced as her foot shot out the other side as her long shin clubbed his balls. BAM! “Orraghh!” he wailed in shock then involuntary took a step forwards to find the busty mature woman waiting. As quick as a flash she slipped an arm around his waist while grabbing his wrist with the other hand. Pulling his arm across the front of her waist, she turned her hip into his crotch then leant forwards, her big frontage wobbling as they dangled loose inside her blouse as she swiftly levered his body over her big rounded hips. Astonished I saw his feet leave the mat and rotate rapidly over her hip. For a moment all I saw was his body pivoting over her hip atop a sturdy but shapely pair of tan-nylon clad legs. His head turned to point downwards before rotating completely upside down before hurtling towards the mat. KASLAM! His back hit the mat hard. A strange lurch went through my dick while my balls momentarily contracted at the sight of a mature plump woman throwing a much larger man to the ground.

“As you can see our favourite top business woman Madame Virginie is a black belt in ju-jitsu and shows that even a fuller figured woman can be sexy, elegant and expend minimum effort in completely dominating a man” Madame Michelle informed the posh ladies watching.

The exceptionally busty woman still had hold of his arm as she stood by the top of his head. I could only imagine what it must be like looking up at that massive wide protruding busty shelf that hung so low almost level with the top of her navel; I was certainly stiff just watching from a distance. “Argh!” A sharp twist of his wrist forces him over to his knees before her legs. “Argh argh!” with a cold aloof look of contempt and stern-faced superiority she bends his hand right back while rotating his wrist forcing his face towards the floor. “Look at how Madame Virginie is in complete control with the minimum of effort while remaining feminine and elegant” “Argh!” she forcibly twists his hand again while keeping his arm straight until his face is pressing into the mat. His arm held vertically behind his back with his hand bent right back at wrist she steps in front of him and presses her toes against his mouth. “Kiss it or I’ll break your wrist” her low sensual voice commanded. The buxom woman gives out such a strong sense of mature commanding dominance that I’m absolutely hard for her. “NOW I said!” her raised voice made my dick jump. “Argh argh OK OK please arghh!” the big tough was writhing and grovelling at her nylon-sheathed feet. His lips extended to kiss her toes even as she maintained the punishing wrist-lock. “See how he submits to the power of her tan pantyhose, the symbol of our society as the most elegant and feminine of les collants”

Maintaining his straight arm and painful wrist-lock the mature woman steps over his back while turning around to face his head. Her large shapely calves swell powerfully as she puts her forearm against his elbow and levers him to his feet. “Arghh” the big brute squeals all the way. “You’re going to need a lot of staying power to keep up with me” she taunts saucily while looking  powerful and dominant as she forces him to his feet. Suddenly she spins him around by the arm before releasing him. He goes stumbling off towards the eagerly waiting Madame Sofia.

With fists raised the blonde with small blue eyes, slim nose and a touch of freckles, kicked up out a lovely hose-clad leg. “Hai!” WHUMP! Her sole struck right on his sternum. “Orrragh!” he stopped dead in his tracks with a look of shock. “Hai!” her hose streaked out again, her top billowing up to reveal the waist of her hose as her shin arced around to club him hard in the side. BAM! “Argh!” his face contorted as his body jerked to the side. Ouch I winced at the memory. Her blouse flew up again showing her hose as she quickly spun around, leaning back, her right leg soaring high. “Yah!” WHUMP! The top of her feet hammered the base of his neck. The big brute jerked, his arms flying up in a spasmodic twitch before dropping. He stood there, his eyes momentarily unfocussed. “Note how the reinforced toes protect against running when delivering a good kick to a man”

“F***ing bitch! I’ll fix you!” the thug recovers and lurches towards the smirking short-haired tomboy with fists raised. Madame Sofia’s eyes widened with excitement. Before he had even thrown a punch, she darted in low towards him with her fists balled. WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP! her fists move blindingly fast as she repeatedly pounds his gut over and over. WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP! She is punching him like a punch-bag so fast he is unable to react. His upper body slopes inwards as his mouth hangs open in shock. WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP! Her alternating fists drummed a continual rhythm on his belly shocking his diaphragm preventing him breathing properly and stunning him into inaction. Come on man! Jeez don’t just stand there letting some sweetly-smiling tomboy beat the stuffing out of you! WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP! Her fists may be small but they punched hard with strong sinewy muscle showing in her arms. WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP! The brutal punishment went on, his body jerking in open-mouthed agony with every punch while the pretty tomboy in the blouse and pantyhose nails him like a punching machine, not slowing down for a second. Her sweet face is constantly smiling with unbridled glee as she busts his gut with youthful enthusiasm. The brute begins to crease up in winded agony. Her punches stop as she entwines her arm in his in an arm-lock to stop him falling to the floor then drew back her right fist.

“Sofia!” Madame Michelle admonishes in a stern voice her flawless oriental features showing exasperation with the enthusiastic younger woman. “That will do. Try to act more like a lady”. “What’s that bulge in your trousers, young man?” Madame Virginie chuckles. “Look! He’s got a blooming hard on. He likes it” Madame Sofia laughed causing uproarious laughs from the watching  women. She was right unable to defend himself, the thug had grown a rigid trouser-tent. He wasn’t the only one, there was something animalistic and sensual about a slender pretty woman annihilating a much bigger brute’s gut with her bare fists. “You’re just like my older brothers. A spineless wimp” she laughed, still holding him upright as she could a man with severe stomach cramps.

“Catch Virginie” she cried. Leaning away and turning side-on to the stooping thug, stretching his arm, her leg rose bent at the knee in front of her. I saw his eyes travel along her raised knee following the tan-nylon thighs to her gusset with open lust as the attractive round-faced blonde deliberately held the pose for longer than necessary. “You looking at my crotch?” she accused “Dirty man! Hai!” her leg uncoiled like a lightning bolt slamming her sole solidly against his sternum while letting go of his arm. He went stumbling back with mouth wide in a silent winded scream right into the waiting Madame Virginie.

The plump mega-busted mature woman grabbed his arm and pulled it over her shoulder as she spun right around. Until they were to back to back. Leaning sharply forwards I was stunned as his feet whipped up from the floor as he went flying over her shoulder backwards to slam into the mats on his already badly winded belly. BELAM!

Part 5. Madame Coralie

Oh crap! Matthias looked as good as finished. I’d seen enough and went to make my escape while everyone was distracted by the two women trying to lift the poor guy by his arms. I only got to a raised crouch when a long slim pair of legs looking sensational in tan pantyhose stepped in front of me. My heart sank as I looked up at a slim firm stomach with a taut six-pack above which was a black bra cupping a beautifully rounded pair of 34G sized breasts. “You’re not going anywhere until you either rape me or sign that confession” Madame Coralie said with a cold smirk. Swiftly  turning her side to me her right leg bent slightly inwards then in the blink of an eye rose level with her hips as she leant away. “Hai!” a tan blur shot towards my face. BLAM! Her sole thundered into my left cheek, her leg continuing to straighten driving my face hard to the right. A brief of glimpse of raised leg and exposed gusset as my face whipped right around causing my body to spin in a dizzying blur of motion. My head spinning I barely made out the tall willowy figure moving to stand before me.

“Yah!” a sexy nylon clad rocket blasts from the floor. BLAM! Her sole hammers into my jaw in an almighty high kick that nearly rips my head off. Before I can cry out the slim blonde spins right around, her knee rising then snaps out a long sexy limb of destruction. “Yah!” BLAM! a powerful arcing high kick to my head quickly follows the first. Dazed I didn’t even see her come up close, twist side-on, grab her own wrist then ram the point of her elbow back right into my balls. WHAMP! “Aiiinnnnnggggh!” I wail as a tsunami of pain explodes in my groin. With her left elbow in my nuts she pulls back her right hand then hammers the palm hard against her left fist. WHAMP! Her elbow hammers in further. “Ooooooo!” immense aching pain flares in my groin with such intensity that tears run from my clenched eyes. I began to slump in soul-destroying agony when elbow swings up vertically, hammering beneath my chin. WHAM! my head snaps up jerking my body upright only for her knee to rise fast with the foot angled towards me. A brief glimpse of crotch as her leg straightened then the foot rushed towards me like a freight train. BLAM! The sole slammed into the side of my jaw at the end of a sexy nylon-clad leg. My face whipped around in a dizzying blur. A split-second later her foot hammered the back of my head. THUMP! my head snapped back totally scrambling my senses while my knees turned to jelly. BLAM! I hit the mat.

“Look at the sheer speed with which Madame Coralie put down the rapist. That’s what any skilled woman can do with confidence”. My eyes trying to focus glimpses long slim legs filling tan pantyhose to her hips, an hour-glass shaped bare mid-riff with a sexy defined six-pack and large firm rounded breasts cupped in a skimpy bra. The sight of her plain unattractive face topping that hot sexy lithe body was like a bucket of cold water in the face.

Before my head cleared, the leggy blonde leapt down pressing her right knee on the inside of my elbow and applied a wrist lock. “Arghh arghh!” I yelped as her knee dug into the joint numbing it. “Oh man up!” she sneered as she forced me to roll onto my belly as she raised the level of my arm. “Arghhh arghh!” soon I was flat on my belly while she stood over me with my arm raised behind my back, my hand bent back at the wrist. “Now crawl like the useless worm you are” she hissed twisting my hand around forcing me to crawl helplessly around her yelping all the while. I was completely powerless to stop the ugly hot-body humiliating me. “Treat a man rough and make him hard” she remarked. Weirdly enough my dick was indeed rock-hard and beating against the mat. She then used my arm to force me onto my back and placed a foot on my chest like a victorious fighter. I found myself once more looking up along her pantyhose clad leg and gusset, taut ridged stomach and big rounded breasts with a raging boner. “Look at my face” she urged. I couldn’t bring myself to do it and spoil the moment. “Nnnnn!” her foot pressed down firmly upon the centre of my chest compressing my lungs. “I said look at my face” she growled. I did and found my dick beating with the terrifying power this amazing young woman possessed. Her dominance was so tangible that I was highly aroused. “Beg your Mistress to let you lick her feet” her wide thick lipped mouth said as her eyes bored into me. “Do it now” she urged with menace. Maybe I hesitated because the next second, her reinforced nylon-clad toes moved onto the base of my throat and pressed down. “Kkkk kkk!” I grabbed her slender shin and calve but could not stop the choking while she leant over watching me with an arm resting upon her lovely long thigh. “Kkkk kk!” my head was swimming.

“Urkk!” with relief her foot moved back to my chest. “Next time you won’t be so lucky. Well, have you got something to say to me?” I felt such a fool but I had no choice besides I was actually getting turned on by the rough way she was treating me. “P..please Mistress Coralie. Please let me lick your feet in worship” my voice sounded feeble and I could hear the posh women laughing. Her foot moves over my mouth and she points a finger at me. “Kiss it” she demands. Feeling humiliated and turned on in equal measure I obey, trying not to think about the dirt she may have picked up and the rasp of her nylons against my tongue. “Ladies. Just imagine your husband or the gardener worshipping your feet like that” Madame Michelle said and the women chuckled.

“Open your mouth”. I hesitate. Her foot leaves my mouth. A tan lightning bolt strikes my groin. BLAM! “Orrrrrrrgh!” I wail as her foot stomps my balls. While my mouth is open she pushes her toes right inside. “Lick them”. Scared she might mash my balls again, I move my tongue around a cramped mouth to obey. Trying to ignore the rasp and taste of nylon in my mouth and the humiliating laughter of the female audience, I focus on the long slim shin with half-pear drop shaped calves rising up from the foot stuffed in my mouth. As I lick her toes the best I can, my eyes follow the long tan coloured thighs up to the top of her hose and her beautifully rounded slim hips. My eyes slipped down to the dark gusset between her legs re-igniting my erection after that brutal stomp. “Men are so weak and pathetic. Look he’s still got a stiffy no matter how hard I degrade him” the tall lithe hot-bod announced before extracting her toes from my dry mouth. Trying to turn away from her scornful gaze, I freeze in horror. Standing in the doorway of the changing rooms with a broom in her hand looking right at me crying with shame is a face I only know too well; my wife!. There’s a horrible hollow feeling in my gut as the bottom falls out of my world making me not even care as Madame Coralie knelt behind.

Pulling my left arm straight out behind me, I feel her arm pressing down upon the back of my elbow while she bent my hand up with the other. “Argh argh!” the long-legged blonde cranked up my arm in agonising jolts while slowly moving around me forcing me to turn to follow or break my arm. “Look at the total control Madame Coralie exerts over the filthy rapist. He doesn’t stand a chance”. In this painful agonising manner she rose steadily to her feet forcing me up with her. All the while getting stiffer at sheer overwhelming power she had over me. Facing me nose to nose, her plain unattractive face was right up against mine. “Kiss me or I’ll break you even harder” she growled. Unable to look at her face, I glance down at her big firm rounded breasts cupped in a skimpy bra. PHROAR! Her body really turns me on and I eagerly slip my hands around her waist to pull her close until I felt those big boobs pressing against my chest. Trying to focus on just her thick-lipped mouth with a sheen of scarlet lipstick I brought my lips against hers. As my lips brushed hers a strong tingle of sexual electricity shot between us and I found myself kissing her with a passion no longer caring what she looked like while my dick beat like crazy. The willowy blonde broke off the kiss and I gasped as her hand slid over the front of my crotch stroking my erection through my trousers. “You couldn’t even bring yourself to look at my face when you first saw me” “Orrrr orrrrr!” I moaned trying to trust my crotch into her hand. “But now you are going to kiss me while I make you spill your seed”. With that she unzipped me and took out my erection and began to vigorously pump it. Everyone was watching, my wife was watching. She must have read my thoughts. “Try and stop me and I’ll break your balls so bad that you’ll never be able to have kids”. Terrified to resist, I let her do it, my dick getting irresistibly hard and my balls filling up fast. “Witness the ultimate humiliation of a man. The woman takes full control of his sex”. The rich bitches leant forward at their tables watching in rapt attention. Madame Coralie owned me body and soul, she leant close with her eyes burrowing into mine, her lips barely an inch away. “Do you want to cum?” “Ohhh yes please let me cum mistress” I was desperate for release. But instead of the pleasure I anticipated her hand suddenly stopped and clamped just beneath the head of my swollen manhood. “Kiss me with passion and mean it”. I was so frantically worked up that without hesitation I began kissing her passionately. I continued to kiss her getting really worked up while the pressure built up in my dick. Suddenly her tongue was in my mouth wrestling with mine. “MMMM MMM MMM!” I thrust my hips frantic for release but her fingers were like a clamp preventing the huge burst of spunk that would have otherwise exploded spraying all over her pantyhose.

Suddenly she broke off the kiss and pushed me away and stood staring at me with her hands on hips while my dick bounced up and down uncontrollably right on the verge of blasting. “I’m not doing this for your pleasure but for your humiliation”. Her brown eyes bored into me as she raised a hand to her open mouth and bit on a nail with a cheeky smile as if coming to a decision. “Wank yourself off in front of me” She demanded to gasps from the watching women. It didn’t take long I was so desperate that I worked myself off while looking at the long slim legs and big breasts of the unattractive faced blonde mistress. “NNNNNARGH NNNNARGH NNNNARGH!! I came in huge spurts as I had the strongest orgasm that I had ever experienced. While under the watchful eye of the willowy blonde with a satisfied smile on her face.

I heard a voice that sounded like my wife too low to make out. With the full horror of what I had just done hitting me, I looked over the blonde’s shoulder right into the face of my wife, blazing with anger speaking with Madame Michelle. I heard the Oriental’s reply and it chilled me to the bone. “Of course. We run special classes free of charge for those wronged by male aggression. By the time he comes out of jail you will so skilled that he will have no choice to worship and obey you”. The thought of my plain little mouse of a wife knowing martial arts terrified me. The thought of a woman that I felt so comfortable with having such dreadful knowledge scared me and yet strangely excited me. More quiet words. “Of course you can. Please be my guest”. With her eyes ice-cold and a stony expression my wife began to walk towards me. A petite plump mousey brunette in dour cleaner’s overalls. I tried to back up but the leggy blonde was behind me and I knew there was no escape. “Please Stephanie. It’s not what it seems. I can explain” I begged as she stepped closer. “Explain this” she growled in a hard voice I had never heard her use before. The look of fury in her eyes terrified me but before I could do or say anything. BLAM! My wife’s knee hammered right into my balls moving so fast that I never saw it. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! “Arghh! Narhhh! Arghh!” Her knee struck again and again, each blow stronger than the last and increasingly jerking my feet off the ground. Rising up and down like a piston engine, the cheap supermarket sheer black hose she wore blasted terrible pain into my groin. I’m sure my wife would have mashed my balls to paste if Madame Michelle hadn’t placed an arm around her shoulders and gently led her away.

Reeling in agony, I fell to the mats a broken man in more ways than one hoping to be left alone to curl up as the terrible intrusive ache throbbed throughout my being. “OFFFFFH!” the hot-bod dropped onto my chest, her long slim tan-coloured thighs sloping down from her crotch to pin pinning my biceps to the floor. With her hands upon her hips, her torso was magnificent tapering in from slim hips to a pronounced pinched-waist then tapering back out to that stunning bust. Although not a massive as Madame Virginie I can’t help looking up at it in pure lust, even though my balls hurt like hell. I didn’t even care that my wife might be watching, I longed for the hot body on this slim goddess regardless of her looks and had a wild yearning to feel those long hose-clad legs slide forwards around the sides of my head while the gusset at her crotch covered my mouth. “Please mistress sit on my face. Let me worship you” I groaned. Suddenly her hands are around my neck strangling it. “GRKK! GRKKK!” I croak, powerless to move my arms. “You don’t tell me what to do, you little worm!” she growled while her hands wrung the life out of me. “I’m not here for your sick perversions” “Ulp!” I swallowed deeply as her hands relaxed their deadly grip. “You are going lay still as my seat while we watch the rest of the show before I make you sign that confession” she said then violently twisted my head to one side so I could see Matthias had been forced to his feet.

Part 6. Madame’s Sofia and Virginie

Standing behind him facing his back, Madame Sofia, had Matthias in a full nelson. Both arms were looped beneath his pits with her hands wrapped around behind the back of his head, with the fingers inter-laced pressing upon his neck. This forced his arms into the air in a V shape. The pretty short-haired tomboy laughed as he struggled lurching from side to side to try to escape. Her laughter lines and cute freckles made her look adorable and younger than she actually was. Despite his twisting and turning she kept him under control with her slender arms, which were taut and firm. Her shapely slender legs were spread for balance, shown in their whole beautiful glory by the high cut of her blouse and the tan pantyhose. I loved the play of the sleek muscles just beneath the surface of her smooth thighs and calves as the cute woman struggled to subdue him.

Suddenly Matthias bucked hard lifting her feet off the ground breaking her grip. Her arms slid out as her feet dropped to the mat. In that instant he spun around and started blasting punches to the cute tomboy’s face before she knew what was happening. BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM! big fists slammed into her face without mercy sending her head jerking back and forth like a sick marionette. Her pretty face bobbed helplessly and blood flowed. BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM! Oh God he really was going to beat the crap out of her! Come on Matthias! Deck the bitch then we can punch our way out of here together! A look of grim determination appeared on her blasted face. As his big fist thundered towards her face again her arm shot up, deflecting it with her forearm. WAP! Immediately her own fist shot out towards his gut. So pumped up he swiftly leapt back and she barely grazed his belly. With a crazed look like a wild animal, he pounced to drive his fist forwards once more. BAM! she blocked the punch again, biting her lip in concentration. The big thug was determined and hurled yet another punch. BAM! The back of her right forearm deflected the blow as her left fist slammed into his exposed side. BLAM! “Urgnnn!” he winced in pain. Red with anger his right fist swung again at head height; except the gritty blonde wasn’t there. Swiftly dropping to one knee, her taut right arm drove her fist solidly into his gut VLAAM! “Orrrrrrrraaghh!”. BLAM! a straight forward no-nonsense punch fully connected with his face. BLAM! another lightning-fast punch rocks his face sending him reeling in disbelief. Her hose on full display beneath her short blouse, the blonde puts a sexy leg forward while her slim taut arms flex as she throws another punch too fast for him to stop. BERLAM! a powerful upper cut hammers his jaw whipping his head right back sending him stumbling back across the room. She looks so sexy and powerful with her short shirt and pantyhose as she keeps pace with him, her face blazing sheer hatred. He tries to raise a block but she’s too fast. Her arm blasts forward, her fist striking his chin. WHAM! BLAM! her fist strikes again in an eye-blink and he tumbles to the mats.

The tomboy rushes forward to haul him physically to his feet. My dick becomes quite stiff at the sight of an attractive though battered short-haired woman pull up a much bigger heavier thug to his feet. Holding him up with one hand, I saw the look of fear in his eyes as the angry 30-something wildcat drew back her fist. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her fist was a blur as it pounded his face again and again. His upper torso kept flying back under the impact but she just pulled him back towards her to slam another fist in his face until she could hold him up no more. KASLAM! His back hit the mats heavily. Madame Sofia stood over watching him, her lovely legs wide apart, her fists raised and her chest rising and falling as she breathed heavily. It was clear that she wanted to pull the groaning man at her feet up again so she could punch him some more but something made her stop. Her breathing slowed, she lowered her fists and brought her arms by her side while bringing her legs together as if standing to attention. Turning to face Madame Michelle, the attractive tomboy bowed formerly at the waist. As she did I got full sight of her lovely compact backside barely concealed by her tan pantyhose. PHROAR I couldn’t help getting another boner. The Oriental MILF faced her and returned the formal bow. After their earlier exchange I imagined that the older woman had just forgiven her for beating the crap out of him with her fists instead of being more lady-like.

Matthias was tough, I’ll give him that. The way that pretty freckle-faced tomboy had slugged him, I’d probably have never got up again if that were me. However he actually winced in fright as she stretched out a lovely long right leg and pressed her foot against his mouth. “Kiss it or I’ll stomp you again and again until you’re nothing but a bloody red smear on the mats” she told him in a tough no-nonsense voice. To my disgust he didn’t even hesitate as I had and began kissing her delightfully arched foot. “Get your tongue out. Give my soles a good clean or I’ll stomp your face to mush”. Again he obeyed without question to the amusement of the watching women. I was shocked that he was wimping out. Finally the cute tomboy pressed her sole against his face and gave a hard push sending him sprawling across the mat.

“See how the big bully man is brought so low by a woman Reduced to nothing more than a humble foot-licker” the women laughed loudly at that and I saw Matthias’ face turn red with shame and anger. Glowering at the cheeky tomboy who had humiliated him, he began to force himself back to his feet although noticeably with some effort. The way he glared at the short-haired blonde looked like he wanted to kill her. She defiantly glared back showing no fear as though only too happy to trade punches with him again, lady-like or not.

He forgot about his anger when a 5 foot 7 exceptionally well-endowed woman in her late-50’s stepped in front. Her floral-print blouse was undone past the naval and opened daringly wide to expose a phenomenal amount of breast and incredibly long and deep cleavage while just barely keeping a degree of modesty. Although she was showing her massive breasts off like a shameless whore, the rather plump woman had an air of sophistication with a confidence to display her tantalising wares in front of a thug like Matthias. Like the others she wore tan pantyhose, on full display. Although her legs were rather thick they were also very shapely, especially her large calves, all the more alluring sheathed in nylons. With a sultry smile she placed her hands either side of her wide low-hanging bust. “Are these too big for you?” her low seductive voice certainly had my dick twitching. “N.Nooorrr!” he groaned as she folded her arms beneath her enormous busty shelf squeezing them together and making them rise up like inflated balloons in between the loose edges of her blouse. Such a large wobbly shelf of breast was pushed up without spilling from her blouse that he could have eaten his dinner off it. Matthias was speechless. “The more amply-endowed among you will already know how simple it is to turn a man into a drooling moron with a glimpse of breast” Madame Michelle continued her running commentary. Never taking her small narrow penetrating grey eyes off him, the plump woman let her stacks drop, two massive mammaries falling like bouncing bombs inside her blouse. “Orrrrrr!” “Don’t forget to breathe” she purred as she turned in front of him to present her top-heavy side profile. The mature Oriental chuckled “That is what is crudely known as the cock-blaster”. ORRRRRRRR! I could certainly see why as the stance emphasised the incredible length of her sloping bust, how low they hung and how far her nipples were in front of her belly. ORRRR! My dick was absolutely rigid and I had to fight the urge to rush over there and take her myself. The tent in Matthias’ trousers was back at full mast.

Her small grey eyes fixed him as her knowing smile pushed up her cheeks. “Are you looking at my breasts again?” she chuckled with a saucy smile that pushed up her cheeks. He was unable to tear his eyes from that massive slope that plunged so wide and low over the top of her belly. “See anything you fancy sir?” she teased turning slightly blasting his eyes with full sight of that deep cleavage set in a vast plain of creamy white bosom. She seductively ran her palms down the front of each breast. “Big aren’t they? Why don’t you come and get it if you’re hard enough. Oh you are?” she said with a saucy chuckle pointedly looking at the wildly twitching trouser tent which moved like he had a ferret in there. He stood transfixed, sweat forming on his brow as the buxom woman stepped right up to him. “I know a way to fix that” she purred softly running a finger down his cheek which made his Adam’s apple bounce like crazy. Suddenly her thick nylon-clad leg moved with unexpected speed driving a wide knee right into his groin like a rocket. CRUMP! “Niiiiiiiiieeee!” he squealed as her big knee hammered his nuts against the anvil of his body. The mature woman smiled coldly as the knee slowly rose higher grabbing the front of his shirt keeping him balanced until his toes were barely in contact with the floor. “No man hits a woman and gets away with it” she growled as he rocked back and forth with the agony of his crushed nuts on her elevated knee.

Still holding the front of his shirt, the short-haired brunette lowered her knee. His soles had hardly touched the floor when she suddenly yanked his upper body hard to his right with her hands while sweeping her left leg sideways into the side of his right knee with a glorious view of the waistband of her hose and her ample backside. “Woah!” in the blink of an eye he tripped then went tumbling over sideways as her shapely thick leg continued to lift his knee higher to speed him on his way. BERLAM! The back of his head and shoulders slammed into the mat closely followed by his legs as he cartwheeled into the floor. Immediately the big woman stepped astride his body with her legs upon either side of his waist. Bending slightly at the knees to reach down, her hands grabbed his right hand and lifted his arm vertically upwards from his back. Twisting his hand palm upwards she bent back his fingers then knelt upon his shoulder joint as she bent back his hand. “Argh argh please no!” “Look how completely in control Madame Virginie is. She could break his wrist and arm in an instant. Magnifique!” “Arghh arghhh no more please. I give, I give!” the big tough squealed in agony. “Oh no. You’re getting off that lightly” the buxom mature woman told him. Holding his hand back with one hand she pressed against the elbow joint with the other and forced him squealing and writhing in agony to his feet once more.

Moving swiftly for her size she turned her back on him while pulling his arm over her shoulder. The back of her blouse rode up over the waistband of her hose giving a brief glimpse of her large peach of a backside before it thrust back into his groin. Leaning forwards he was loaded him onto her broad back with his feet dangling. In the blink of an eye he whipped over her right shoulder, his whole body rotating in the air as she bent sharply forwards. His head was a blur plummeting towards the mat as his legs flew up into the air before flipping over. BERLAM! the top of his back slammed into the mat moments before his arse then legs.

“How long do you really think you can last out with me?” the buxom Judo woman teased in a sultry voice as she ruthlessly poured on another armlock to force him to his feet without a pause. “I maybe approaching 60 but I’m more than you can possibly handle” she teased once more her sultry voice suggesting double-meaning. Although clearly dazed, Matthias’ eyes widened to see that all that activity had loosened her blouse exposing her large areolae and prominent nipples. “Don’t drool on the mats, dear” she teased then grabbed the front of his shirt and roughly pushed him away from her, the movement making her unfettered breasts bounce around in a way that made my dick lurch then immediately pulling him right back towards her. To my utter astonishment the plump woman fell backwards, thick nylon-clad legs and deep shapely calves rose to plant both feet in the groin of the onrushing man as she pulled him down as if to fall on top of her. A split-second later, her back rolled as it hit the mat and her legs straightened with the brute on the end as they powered him high up into the air while flipping him over her body. Those big legs sent him hurtling across the mats while flipping heels over head. KASLAM! His back hit the mats hard. I had never seen a woman perform a stomach throw in real life and had never realised how incredibly feminine and sexy it was. My dick was absolutely throbbing and made me realise what a skilled and dangerous woman this big breasted MILF was. “Such skill, such finesse and executed with such feminine grace”.

Matthias seemed well out of it as Madame Virginie once again applied a brutal arm lock to force him to stand. He just stood there with his head lolling looking dazed while the big breasted woman pulled his arm over her shoulder as she turned her back to him. Pulling him against her back, she thrust back her ample backside and leant forward enough that he was spooning her. I heard a nylon rasp as he slid up onto her backside and thought she was going to slam him over her shoulder again but instead she held him there with his crotch pressed against her buttocks while he stood on his toes and her titanic breasts dangled freely and visible inside her loose blouse. “Urrrr” I heard him moan as he seemed to be struggling with sweat breaking out on his forehead. “Hnnnnn!” he moaned again. I could only imagine what it felt like to have my groin balanced on her big broad backside with a rigid erection in the deep crevice between her full rounded buttocks. “Nnnnnargh!” it was driving him insane. “That’s it. You fight it. It will only make it cum all the stronger” the buxom woman teased. I was certainly getting very turned on just watching and imagining what it felt like. “Orrrrr!” Matthias was rolling his head trying to fight it but losing fast. “ORRR ORRRR!” he began sweating and groaning as she kept him finely balanced on her ample backside that resembled two beach-balls trapped inside a tan nylon bag. “I can feel that you like my backside in your groin” she chuckled. “I can feel your puny manhood sinking between my big firm buttocks. How long can you last?” “ORRRR ORRRR!” he was moaning like crazy perched up there with his groin on her arse. “Not very long at all by the sound of it” she chuckled as the guy threw back his head and rocked it back and forth.

“Let’s see how you like it when I use my bum to throw you” she momentarily lowered his feet to the mat then suddenly leant forwards. He was just a blur flying over her shoulder sent hurtling into the mat. KASLAM! He slammed into the mats so hard that he actually bounced. His tent was lurching like crazy then his eyes saw the mature buxom Judo Goddess lean over him with her huge wide wall of breast dangling overhead atop pantyhose clad legs. “NNNAARRGH! NNNNARGHH NNNNARGH!” he let out an orgasmic cry as he thrust up his crotch three times as if stabbing the air with his dick before falling back down. An embarrassing patch of dampness spread out over his groin. As he fell back shagged out and dazed a satisfied smile appeared on Madame Virginie’s lips as she stood over him looking victorious. “Once again, a woman proves her dominance over a man both physically and sexually humiliating him” Madame Michelle’s voice rang out.

The contrast was stunning between the big muscular man lying on the mat and the short plump mature woman standing in victory astride his body. Her blouse lay open exposing her amazing big breasts that showed that was no man that had beaten him. The wide waist with curving sides mocked the man’s fit body. Upon her wide hips were her hands in the universal sign of feminine disapproval next to the waist band of her tan pantyhose showing without shame, her hairy pussy through the sheer nylon. Below this her short thick but shapely legs sloped down upon either side of his chest with her foot tapping impatiently. “Up!” she commanded in a stern voice. I think the guy was still dazed because his wobbling head lazily raised itself to try to focus on the source of her voice. It was only when she leant forwards, letting her amazing bust dangle like a unstable cliff face, while reaching for his hand that he came to life. “No! No! Please No! I give I give. Please!” he whimpered pathetically. The big tough was whimpering on the ground, absolutely terrified of this big buxom Judo woman who together with the younger cheeky tomboy had completely broken him. “No more, please. Please let me sign that confession, please” He whimpered to the magnificently full bodied mature woman.

Part 7. The End

I tried to look away in disgust as Matthias willingly signed his confession but the tall willowy blonde who was pinning me still held my face in her slender hands. Madame Coralie twisted my face to look up at her plain face sitting on a hour-glass figure with her taut stomach flaunting a six-pack and a skimpy bra cupping sensational breasts. “Now it’s just you and me” she said with an arrogant smirk as she looked down at me pinned between her sensationally long slender legs sheathed in tan nylon. Unable to use my arms which were pinned beneath her legs, looking up at her sitting on my chest I felt so helpless. She looked so dominant sitting there that strangely I found the position beneath exciting. A wicked smirk appeared. “You seemed quite excited when Madame Sofia beat that man helpless with her fists” a shiver went down my spine as I recalled that furious tomboy smashing Matthias’ face with her small fists. “Now it’s my turn to be naughty” She chuckled then holding my head steady with her left hand, balled her right fist in front of my face and pulled it back to her hip. “No!” I cried in terror “Please no. I’ll sign, I’ll sign” I found myself yelping in fear.

“Arrr” she sighed in mock sympathy “You forgot the magic word”. With that the gusset of her hose leapt forwards as her long legs slid against the sides of my face until it could go no further. “Kkkk!” she was now sitting on my throat with her crotch pressing against the underside of my chin. “Arghhkkk! Argkk! Argkk!” her crotch began to thrust forwards and back, pressing my head back hard arching my throat exposing it to more of her bodyweight choking me. “Argkkk! Please Kkkk!” Frantically I racked my brains for the word. “Argkkk! Argkkk! Mistress grkk!”. With relief she stopped thrusting. “There that wasn’t that difficult was it?” she mocked then rose and walked off as the bulky young woman with short hair and glasses brought over the document to sign. Kneeling by my side watching me with a cold stern face as I signed it, I couldn’t help noticing how enormous her calves were. I no longer had the energy to try and resist to be beat down by whatever it was she did to develop those muscular beauties.

I had just finished signing when I heard a commotion. The buxom mature plump woman was kneeling behind Matthias who was sitting on the mats. She had rolled up her sleeves to stretch a thick beefy left arm down the side of his neck. Bending at the elbow, a thick solid looking forearm clamped around the other side of his neck. The front of his throat wedged tightly in the crook of her arm as she pulled her big arm, which now seemed very solid, tight grasping her right arm for support. Her arm bent a thick strong looking triangular shaped forearm up the right side of his head and clamped her hand upon the top of his head. Then she yanked his head back hard at an angle. His hands flew up to the arms locked tight around his head desperately tugging and pulling at her thick arms but shockingly was unable to budge them. “Behold the sleeper hold” Madame Michelle’s voice rang out. “A hold that any woman can quickly learn and apply with no need for great strength or skill”. Matthias’ eyes were already flickering and half-closed even as he kept tugging at her arms in vain. “With this simple but effective hold, a woman can cut off the oxygen and blood to their brains rendering them unconscious in a matter of seconds”. His hand slipped from the crook of her arm that looked incredibly tight around his neck while his other hand still managed to cling on to her thick strong looking forearm by the side of his head. “If the hold is prolonged a woman can inflict brain damage or death, which of course we do not condone”. His other hand now slipped down to the mat as his eyes began to roll up inside the lids.

There was something so powerful and sexual about this mature woman knocking out a man with her bare arms that I barely registered the return of the tall willowy blonde by my side. “However a skilled woman like Madame Virginie can safely prolong the hold keeping a man on the edge for a long time to let him savour the power she has over him”. Suddenly the big busty woman wrenched his head hard to the right then to the left. I saw his eyes open in shock looking dazed as she cruelly worked his head from one side to the other yanking him back from passing out. Her big firm arms kept working him like that, cruelly working the hold making him suffer a long drawn-out embarrassment as she kept him on the edge of consciousness. His hands flapped around him until they found her big nylon clad thighs and to my amazement began to stroke them. “Look at how turned on he is by the knowledge that this mistress is in complete control, able to put him away at a moment’s notice”. It was true for he once again sporting a big bulge in his trousers. I didn’t blame him for the sheer ruthless power this woman was exerting over this big tough guy had me absolutely rigid. “You bore me now. Night night” her husky voice finally told him and I saw her tense her big arms around his neck. His eyelids fluttered and closed as his whole body relaxed. He was right out with a damp patch spreading rapidly where he must have cum just before he passed out. My dick was thumping like crazy and I struggled not to do the same thing then the big woman went and knelt on the guy’s his stomach and flexed her big firm arms in victory. “Nnnnuurgh! Nnnurghhh! Nnnurghh!” I creamed my pants hard with the sheer ruthless dominance of the buxom woman.

“Urrrr you dirty pig!” My head whipped around at Madame Coralie’s voice. She was standing behind me and the first thing I noticed was that she had put back on her sexy high-heeled leather hooker boots. Before I could react, a black boot leapt towards me. PAF! “Arghh!” she kicked my head onto its side and placed a metal heel into my temple and began pressing down. “Arghhh arghhh arghhh!” I kept screaming as she put her weight behind that heel which twisted and turned trying to drill into my head. I kept screaming as the boring pain in my temple went on but oblivion didn’t come too soon.
I tried to compose myself as Inspector Moreau switched off the transcript of the Gendarme’s interview with the Taxi driver translated into English for my benefit. I tried not to let on that I had been turned on by listening to the fate that had befallen these men. “Jacques was found in the back of his cab a short distance from Place Vendôme following an anonymous call. His hands were tied behind his back with a pair of pantyhose, tan naturally. A used pair was also stuffed into his mouth and tied in place”. I didn’t ask how he knew they were used. “He was badly beaten with a nose broken and trauma to his groin consistent with his interview. The bully, Matthias, was found in a similar condition only a few streets away”. He paused and looked at me.

“So. What do you think Monsieur Priest?” He failed to hide the biting sarcastic tone from his voice. “Interesting. A group of female vigilantes extracting confessions to help the Gendarme secure convictions that they couldn’t otherwise get”. His eyes narrowed “We can’t have members of the Public going around kidnapping men and beating a confession out of them. For one thing it is illegal and they are themselves breaking the law and therefore criminals” he stated adamantly. “So you are discounting the signed confessions?” “Not entirely. Both men confirmed their confessions during our interviews” “So what does the Paris Gendarme want with a poor English Private Detective?” “You investigate secret female societies skilled in the arts martiaux, non?” His mouth showed his distaste. “Yes I do. However I see no direct connection with your vigilantes so I do not understand why you have come to me”. To be honest his attitude was getting to me. Why should I help him track down and arrest a group of women helping taking scum off of the streets? “Because attached to the nylons placed in the taxi driver’s mouth stapled to the signed confession was this” He slid a small rectangular piece of card across the desk towards me. Picking it up I stared in dumbfounderment at my own business card. “I have no idea how they got this” I said in shock “I’ve only ever been to Paris the once for a, er, business meeting” [JIMP#14] “My boss, the chief, thinks this is significant and tells me that I must not return to Paris alone. You will help us find these violent women” the look on his face showed that he disagreed.

I was about to refuse his offer when I flipped over the card and saw what had been scribbled on the back –  9546. My eyes must have widened in shock “Ah yes, Monsieur Priest. I was meaning to ask you about those numbers“ he said with a smirk “They mean something, yes?” “Yes” I gasped “They mean that I was wrong. This group of women are somehow involved with the World-wide secret sisterhood that I have been dealing with, and…“ “Yes?” “I need to get a passport pretty damn quick”.


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