The Last (THE LAST#1)

Prophesy of a world dominated by powerful amazons.

I just fancied doing something slightly ‘off the wall’ yet tied in with the underlying story arc.

The following story may contain descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.
(c)JIM P 1995

I have received this mail through a worm hole in the Internet –
I am the Last of the Last. These are my final thoughts. The true history no longer exists now except for in my mind as passed down verbally through the last few generations. As I prepare to die, I commit these memories to thought mail in the hope that someone somewhere is still using the forbidden Web.

The Rise of the Slits
Once there was a land called USA and it was fair. The Slits looked at the Sticks and they envied their power. “Sticks have exploited Slits for thousands of years. Slits must have equal power in ruling the land. It is politically correct”. The ruling Sticks pondered this and agreed because indeed it was politically correct.

But the Slits were not content. They looked at the Blacks and saw that they had been given positive discrimination. “Slits have been exploited far longer than the Blacks. Slits must be given positive discrimination”. The rulers thought about this and agreed because indeed it was politically correct.

The Slits sought positions of power, but in those days there were very few job vacancies. “More Sticks than Slits hold positions of power. Sticks must be made to step down to hand their positions to Slits. It is politically correct”. The rulers debated this and were uneasy, but there were more Slits than Sticks in the rulers and thus it was law.

Many thousands of Sticks lost their jobs to Slits. They were angry and protested loudly that this was not politically correct. The ruling Slits sent the police and army to silence the protesters. Many said that this was not politically correct. “It may not be politically correct but it is right to destroy the protesters because they are endangering the USA way of life”.

“Slits should have the freedom of choice of Stick sperm when choosing the father of their child. Sticks must donate their sperm in banks. It is politically correct”. The rulers agreed that this was politically correct and it was law. So all Sticks in the land donated sperm but unknown to them their were sterilised at the same time. The remaining Sticks in the rulers said that this was unjust, but they were silenced and so it was that the Slits inherited USA.

The Death of The Web
At that time USA culture was highly invasive in all other cultures, and soon the message of the Slits spread to other nations. Slits around the world copied the USA rulers and many inherited their lands too.

But the foretold of the consequences on The Web and many listened even Slits and many were afraid. A small group of Slits, the Amazons said “Sticks should not be persecuted but should be made to worship the power of the Slits”. But the ruling Slits had louder voices and drowned out all opposition.

The ruling Slits commanded the SoftMicro to close down The Web and thus it was. However, small Nets still lived. Most were not in USA and the ruling Slits were angry. They created the Net Busters to seek out and destroy all Nets in the name of the USA way of life.

The Queen of the World
Now once upon a time there was a land called UK. The people in this land were depressed and downtrodded by a few rich and powerful. In this land there lived a beautiful Princess. The Princess was full of grace and the people loved her saying “Indeed she is the fairest in the land”.

But her husband, the wicked Prince, could not see the beauty of the Princess and was enchanted by an ugly old dragon. The beautiful Princess was outcast from the Palace and the wicked Prince became King with the ugly old dragon as Queen. The people were angry “The Prince is indeed wicked that he cast aside the beautiful Princess for that ugly old dragon”.

This pleased the beautiful Princess and she heard the message of the Slits and this pleased her too. She worked her body ’til it was beautiful and strong and she mastered martial arts. One day she went to the Palace and slew the ugly old dragon and the rest of the Royal Family with her kickboxing. It is said that she kicked the King so hard with her long beautiful strong legs that she knocked his head clean from his shoulders.

The people rejoiced for they loved the beautiful Princess and she crowned herself Queen of the World. The people of UK were pleased. The President of USA, the Queen of the Slits, was not pleased for she coveted the title for herself. She demanded that the Princess hand the crown to herself, but the Princess refused.

The President came to UK, for in those days machines flew in the sky like birds, to confront the beautiful Princess. The President fought valiantly but she was no match for the beautiful deadly long legs of the Princess and soon her head was hanging lifeless from her broken neck.

So it was that the beautiful Princess indeed became the Queen of the World. She built a Palace in USA in a city called LA and declared it Capital of the World. The people of UK and USA rejoiced for they loved the beautiful Queen.

The ruling Slits were happy too for the Queen was not interested in politics only the glamour and power of her position.

The Coming of the Long Dark Winter
The ruling Slits demanded that all the peoples of the World show homage to the beautiful Queen. But many refused. The Queen herself visited many Stick rulers and the people were enchanted with her beauty. They cheered as the Queen slew their leaders with her beautiful but lethal long legs.

The Arab Sticks said “Lo! behold the folly of the West”, but they were sorely surprised when the Islamic Slits arose and crushed them between their powerful thighs.

The Euro-Sticks were alarmed by the events and outlawed the more militant Slits. USA Sticks were conscripted and sent into Europe to liberate the Euro-Slits and send them to USA. The ruling Slits then dropped The Bomb on them ,USA Sticks, Euro-Sticks and all. Unfortunately some Euro-Sticks managed to launch their own Bomb before burned in the light.

Many tell how the sky caught fire and the northern hemisphere burned to a crisp. The Slits and the few remaining Sticks fled South to sit out the long dark winter that covered the World for many years.

The Last
The people emerged from the cavehomes in the new springtime after the long dark winter. Much had changed. The land had changed and so had the people. Many Slits returned to the old forbidden ways of pleasuring themselves on the sticks of the Sticks. Such Slits said “why destroy the Sticks when they can worship us and give us so much pleasure”.

The ruling Slits were disgusted but knew they would be overthrown if they did not act to pacify their people. Thus it was that over the long years in the cavehomes ruled by the Slits, the Slits had engineered themselves to be bigger and stronger. True Sticks had been eliminated, their place taken by the obscene Mules. These impotent cruel parodies of Sticks had muscular bodies for hard work, handsome looks and enormous sticks for pleasuring Slits. Worse of all, these obscene creatures had a fanatic devotion to the Slits and low intelligence.

In other cavehomes, Slits had lived in peace with the Sticks. The Slits here too became bigger and stronger, but the Sticks were let be. In return, the Sticks worshipped the powerful bodies of the Slits calling themselves the With the coming of the new springtime, other Slits came hence and demanded the destruction of the Stick admirers so they can be replaced by Mules.

The Sticks rebelled and fought long hard battles against the Mules who tried to replace them. The Mules were big and strong and skilled in martial arts. Many Sticks died, but killed many more Mules. For though the Mules were better fighters, the Slits had given them low intelligence and the Sticks easily outsmarted them.

The Slits saw this and were angry. “If a job is worth doing well, leave it to a Slit” they said. The Sticks had no chance against the mighty Slits and soon were crushed.

Some Slits said “We should not destroy the last of the Sticks for then they will be extinct and that is politically incorrect”. But the ruling Slits said “yes it is politically incorrect, but it is tradition and the USA way of life”. And so it was that the last of the Sticks were hunted and captured. One by one they were terminated slowly and painfully for the enjoyment of the Slits.

The Last of the Last
I am the last of the last. Those who have gone before me have spoken of other lands where Sticks live in peace admiring the Slits, but this seems fantasy to me.

My execution day draws nigh. My wife claims the right to terminate me. She has changed greatly since the days in the
cavehome where I admired her. She stands in front of me and flexes her mighty arms. I tremble in fear at the mountainous biceps before me, larger than my head and bulging with power. I remember how she terminated my best comrade. She enveloped his tiny head within those massive arms. Slowly her mighty biceps expanded, my comrade’s head barely visible amongst her huge arms. Ever so slowly her biceps grew bigger and bigger until she cracked his skull like a walnut.

There is an objection. my mother too claims the right to terminate me. “I who brought this disgusting Stick into the world claim the right to terminate him”. My mother stands before me and flexes her powerful huge thighs. I tremble in fear at their enormity.

My wife and my mother fought for the right to be executioner. My wife crushing her opponent in her mighty arms. Although aged, my mother is a supple and a skilled warrior and despite the crushing embrace wraps her awesome thighs around my wife’s body and crushes her into submission.

And so it was I was placed at my mother’s feet. I perform the ritual of admiration, worshipping the powerful body of my mother. I am then placed between her mighty legs. All I can see is her powerful thighs as she envelops my head for the last time. My death will be a long one, the Slits wringing every last drop of enjoyment with the termination of the last of the last. And so it was that I have had time to relay my thoughts to the forbidden Web in the hope…..I…..oh the pain … my jaw has dislocated and I feel the bones of my cheek exploding under the relentless power of my mother’s mighty legs. I ….I…I am the last…of the…last…..

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