The Nutcracker (JIMP#3)

A sexy big-busted girl enjoys smashing men in the groin gaining Jim an enemy for life

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

This is based on a real person and true events. The surname has been changed to avoid giving offense

(c)JIM P 1995
At the age of 14, Kim Shrubb was the first girl in our form to sprout a huge pair of boobs. Although many who followed were bigger, it became common to refer to a large breasted girl as “having a pair of Kim’s”. She probably had 44″ boobs, but these looked enormous owing to her petite build, around 4’6″ with a slim body. She had an attractive impish face with grey eyes and sandy brown hair.

She soon learned to exploit her assets. Unbuttoning her blouse, she would tantalise the boys with her deep cleavage and heaving chest. When she walked, her breasts bounced about like she had two balloons stuffed up her blouse. No matter how hard boys tried to chat her up, she would lead them on and drop them before they ever got anywhere. She told them that she was “saving herself for the right man, not little boys”.

Once, when we 15, we were being taught chemistry by a new student teacher that all the girls fancied. Kim walked in with her blouse wide open and a bra that made her breasts swell like two grapefruits out of the top. The teacher asked her to button up her blouse, but she stood against the blackboard in front of him, thrust out her chest and swung her torso from side to side like a belly- dancer. Her boobs danced around in a very erotic manner, so much so that almost every male in the room must have had an erection. “Cor you’ve got a big one, sir” shouted one of the more bawdier girls. Red faced, the teacher fled from the room to the accompaniment of laughter.

When we reached the 6th form, we had our own special block separate from the rest of the school called the ROSLA (Raising Of the School Leaving Age named after some Government bill repealed before we reached 16). The upper floor of the ROSLA was entirely the province of the 6th form, the lower floor being for foreign language classes. The upper floor was divided into two sections, one half had a study area and a classroom, the other half was one large communal lounge/dining room. One half of this room had a small half height walled off kitchen and a group of tables and chairs. The other half of the room consisted of two long rows of opposing sofa-like chairs with low coffee tables between them. This is where we spent our lunch times and break periods and very often our ‘study’ periods!.

One hot summer’s day, a group of us were playing cricket (yes I know its stupid to play it indoors, as we later found out!). I had a go at bowling to Kim. She leaned forward waiting for the ball, giving me an awesome display of her breasts as they dangled in front of me, half out of their blouse!.

Soon afterwards, after being reprimanded for breaking a window (not me, but someone else distracted by Kim’s dangling whoppers!), I was playing cards with Kim and a group of other boys. We were joking around and playing the game, when the boy sitting next to Kim jokingly said “Not surprising that ball went through the window with Kims’ tits hanging out like that!”. Kim emitted a strange low growl that raised in frequency and intensity. The rest of us looked at each other wondering what was wrong with her. Suddenly she dropped her shoulder nearest to the boy and powered her elbow like a piston hard into his groin whilst yelling a karate-like cry.. I winced in sympathy as he doubled over in agony, knocking over the card table and falling to the floor to roll around in pain.

A few weeks later, a group of us went on a trip for a biology field study. Throughout the week, Kim was being chatted up by a guy named Kevin. Kevin whose one of the school’s basketball heroes and most of the girls fancied him and he took advantage of that. One evening before going to bed, I was in the hotel corridor talking to a few friends when Kim came out of her room wearing a short skimpy nighty that barely hid her assets. She walked to Kevin’s room and knocked on the door. Kevin opened the door and obviously thought she had come for some nooky. Kim gave him a resounding slap around the face. “How dare you!” she said in an indignant voice and kneed him in the groin. As he crumbled up in pain, she casually turned and walked back to her room. That was when we started calling her “The Nutcracker”.

Live in the 6th form was much better than in the lower years, mainly due to privileges such as the ROSLA and ‘study’ periods and the fact that most of the disruptive elements had left school leaving, in the main, students who were serious about studying during lessons rather than playing intimidation mind games with the teachers. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason an obnoxious creep called Scott had stayed on. Scott had a large round face covered in freckles, which often got him called ‘Spot’!. He also wore thick lensed glasses that made his eyes look unusually large. He had the sort of face that one gets an urge to land your fist in, and several people with lesser self control usually did!. It wasn’t just a case a bullying a poor unfortunate. Scott behaved obnoxiously – bullying younger girls and boys and making a general nuisance of himself.

During one afternoon break, I was sitting in the ROSLA when Scott approached. “Lend us a fiver, Priesty” he said. “Get lost” I replied, knowing that he would never return any money loaned to him. “Cor she’s got a nice arse, Jim” I heard him say. Looking up to see what he was referring to, I could see Kim leaning against the low wall which surrounded the kitchen area talking to another girl.

She had her back towards us and I had to agree that Scott was right. She had a small tight arse, the shape of her buttocks clearly apparent under the tight seat of the trousers she was wearing.

I was amazed when as bold as brass, Scott walked up behind Kim and started to caress her backside. “Why don’t you feel my tits as well, while you’re at it” Kim told him in an angry voice. To my disgust the creep took her seriously and reached his arms around her and started massaging her breasts through the thin blouse she was wearing. By now, the whole of the room had fallen quiet, watching this pervert. There were gasps of shock as Scott now bent his knees slightly so he could rub his groin into her backside whilst visibly drooling.

Calmly, Kim turned around, reached forward and rested her hand on his genitals. She moved her hand in slow circles until a bulge could clearly be seen in his trousers. I could hardly believe it when she slid her hand down the front of his trousers. The silence was shattered when Scott screamed out in pain as she clenched tight and squeezed his scrotum. With her other hand she loosened his trousers and then twisted his balls this way and that, Scott crying in agony. She yanked his balls up forcing him onto tip toes and proceeded to lead him, mincing, up and down the aisle to jeers of derision. Finally she released her grip. The relief on Scott’s face was short lived as she kicked him hard between his legs.

Scott doubled in agony and moved his hands to cover his groin. Kim pulled his hands away and kneed him in the nuts. As Scott stood bent over in agony, she walked around to the back of him and treated him to a swift kick between his legs from behind. Scott started to sink towards the ground, but Kim put her arm around his neck and punched him in the kidneys. She then walked around to his front and pulled him up by his testicles and powered her knee into them once more.

Scott fell to the floor, rolling in agony. Kim kneeled on his chest and landed a solid punch to his battered groin. Scott tried to move his hands to protect himself, but Kim got there first. She roughly grabbed his testicles and began yanking and squeezing. Scott was yelling and blubbering like a baby, but she showed no mercy. After about 5 minutes she stood up and stomped heavily on his groin, Scott’s torso bolted upright and she kicked him viscously in the face, making his nose bleed profusely. Scott’s body fell back to the floor where he lay almost motionless.

I wasn’t sure whether Scott had been knocked out and nor had another girl who suggested calling a teacher to administer first aid. This sparked a row with Kim who reckoned that he got everything he deserved. It got to the stage where the two girls were facing each other off. I was quite looking forward to some sort of catfight, when Scott emitted a groan.

Maybe it was because he had come around in the heat of an argument, but Kim put her foot on his crotch and started to roll his balls around under her heel. Scott tried to squirm out, but his tormentor ground her heel down hard on his scrotum squashing it underfoot until he was screaming in agony. Using the low wall of the kitchen for support, Kim placed both feet on Scott bringing all her weight to bear onto his balls. My groin was aching in sympathy. Suddenly the bell rang out signalling the end of the current session. “I have to go to class now” Kim said, still standing on Scott’s nuts, “You’ve been saved by the bell, you disgusting pig”. With that, Kim got off him and stamped hard on his groin and calmly walked off to her lesson, leaving Scott a whimpering mess on the floor. Everyone else just walked over him on their way to their own lessons, nobody liked him enough to offer any help. I saw the girl who argued with Kim deliberately step on his nuts and grind them beneath her heels!.

A few days later, I was in the newsagent near the school buying some crisps & sweets during the lunch break. Kim came into the shop and we walked back together. It was a hot summer’s day and Kim was wearing a short skirt and a flimsy blouse unbuttoned quite low, her large firm breasts plainly visible through the taut thin fabric. Since I was much taller than she was, I had a breathtaking view of her deep cleavage and ample breast bouncing around down the front of her blouse I was getting quite aroused and a bit worried about what Kim might do to me if she noticed. Kim was telling me how she really got turned on by dominating Scott and enjoyed having total control over him like that.

Just then as we were walking down the road, we were stopped by a man in his mid-thirties. He told me to clear and grabbed Kim’s. She moved towards him and drove her knee hard three or fours times between his legs. He tried to protect himself with his hands, but she yanked them apart and kicked his testicles. She grabbed him by the shoulders and drove her knee hard into the pit of his stomach. The air left him with a loud whoosh and he slumped forward. She kneed him in his face, drawing blood from his nose. She then stepped back and launched a side kick straight into his genitals causing him to bend at the knees in agony. I was getting really turned on watching this petite big busted schoolgirl make mincemeat out of a grown man.

She landed another side kick into his side. As he moved his hands to where she had kicked him, she moved forward and punched a fist into his balls. He grabbed them in agony and she slammed her foot into his stomach. As he bent forward in response, she placed her hands on the back of his head and brought her knee up hard into his face. He let out a yell and started to straighten up clutching at his bloodied face with his hands. Placing her hands on his shoulders, Kim kneed him in the groin. He sank to his knees on the ground, tears in his eyes with his hands covering his aching nuts.

Kim stood over him and looked at me with a sexy smile on her face. She was obviously enjoying the control she had over him and so was I (she couldn’t fail to notice my hard-on). She then kicked her antagonist in the face, causing him to bring his hands up to protect his battered face, allowing her to stamp her foot into his unprotected balls. The man grabbed himself, keeled over, and let out a dreadful moaning sound. She raised her leg bent at the knee and stomped him in the groin again and again until he was retching all over the pavement. With a wicked grin on her impish face she moved towards me, hooked my arm in hers and led me off back to school, trying to look innocent!.

I don’t recall any more incidents until the end of the term before Christmas. The teachers bravely decided the 6th form could have a disco party after school one night. I arrived early and was standing around watching the girls in their party dresses. Kim arrived tottering on high heels, wearing a low cut blouse and a short skirt. She stumbled and fell to the floor landing on her backside, legs splayed out, showing her black stockings and suspenders. I went over to help her up and could smell that she had been drinking. Scott appeared beside me “I’m telling Sir, you’re pissed unless you give me what I want” he sneered. She ran her hands over her breasts to emphasise her assets whilst in a slightly slurred voice replied “And what is it you want, as if I couldn’t guess”. Scott was practically drooling and led Kim out of the main room and into the deserted study area. I thought I’d better follow to make sure she would be alright.

As I entered the room, I saw that Scott and Kim were down to their undies, Kim still with her stockings and suspenders. Kim was in the act of removing Scott’s pants. She noticed me and gave me a little wink. She put her hand around Scott’s penis, erect with expectation. She started sliding her hand up and down arousing him further, the creep letting out moans of pleasure. Suddenly she grabbed his testicles and squeezed tight, he cried out in pain and his dick became flaccid.

She released her grip and began to tease his prick by stroking it with her finger, and it hardened again to be brought down by a knee thrust into his balls. Grabbing his hands and forcing his arms outstretched to the side she drove a kick straight between his legs. She moved forwards and grabbed his penis and dragged him in agony to the other side of the room where she forced him to get on top of a table. She clambered on top on him with his face facing her arse. She reached between his legs and massaged his soft cock until it started to stiffen. She leaned forward and began to give him a blow job. Kim tongued the tip of his cock. .Scott closed his eyes and moaned “ooh that’s good”. She ran her tongue down the length of his shaft and swirled around his balls.

I was beginning to leave the room in disgust at the act that was occuring, when Kim beckoned me with her  finger and gave me a wink. I halted to see what she was up to. She took his dick in its entirety into her mouth, moving it up and down his shaft. Scott was in ecstasy by the sound of him, and I wished that I was in his place. She started sucking, and it was obvious that he was about to come. His moans suddenly turned to screams as Kim clamped her jaws tight biting hard. She began pulling and yanking at it with her teeth so much that I thought she would bite it off!.

I thought she had gone too far over the top and tried to stop her. She pushed me against a wall and pressed her body right against mine with her thigh between my legs. She told him “don’t try and stop me. My knee is 3″ from your groin. If you don’t back off, you can say goodbye to your genitals”. She raised her knee pressing it into my crotch for emphasis.

She turned back to Scott and grabbed the base of his dick in one hand and the tip with the other and began twisting it and bending it. Scott was in absolute agony.

After several minutes of this treatment, Scott was sobbing like a baby. Kim got off him and stood in front of him. Without warning she raised her hand which was held flat and rigid and brought it down like an axe straight into his groin whilst shouting a Karate yell. Scott’s torso shot up from the table, his mouth open gaping, eyes wide with shock, and then fell back again. Kim hammered another Karate chop to his groin. The reaction was the same. She repeated this over and over, delivering a series of Karate chops to his nuts. His responses gradually got weaker and weaker until finally he was not moving at all as she smashed her hand into his privates.

She turned to me and pulled me to the floor. She was like an animal on heat as she unzipped my trousers, pulled down my pants and took my cock into her mouth. She pursed her lips into a tight ring tantalising every inch of my dick with her soft wet lips. She totally engulfed me, her nose tickling the hairs at the root. She pulled back, exerting a gentle suction as she drew her lips across my rigid dick. Once more she plunged her mouth down my shaft. She repeated this until I could not help thrusting my stiff prick back and forth fucking her mouth. Skilfully her tongue darted and flicked over the wet underside of my penis, until I thought I would lose it. Timing it perfectly, she withdrew her mouth, stripped off her knickers and mounted me. Her pussy stroked up and down in increasing rapidity until both climaxed in a chorus of moans and cries of pleasure.

Scott never came back to school the following term. One of the boys said that he heard something about Scott having a bad case of groin strain or something!.

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