The Return of the Dominant Horsewoman (JIMP#6)

Bobby Priest gets a painful lesson on how to serve an upper class woman.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

Lady Helen Windthorpe was also inspired by Amanda Donohoe’s character in “The Lair of The White Worm”

(c)JIM P 1995

(Bobby’s Story)
Dad’s become a private detective, refusing to become a contractor after getting made redundant as a computer software designer. We all thought he was crazy at first, but now he’s landed a job bringing in good money investigating a series of break-ins at Bristlingdown Manor, the estate of  Sir Humphrey Smthye-Jones. He’s still keen on it despite the thrashing he got from some upper class horsey bird (JIMP#4). What a wimp, fancy getting  beaten up by a bird and a bit of a babe apparently.

He’s looking through Sir Humphrey’s family archives trying to get an idea what these potential thieves are after. These break-ins have happened over  many years without anything being taken. Like weird or what.

Dad wants me to continue checking the perimeter of Bristlingdown Manor for  breaches where someone could get in uninvited. The estate is huge and I was only able to complete half the job on the day dad got beat up. One of Sir  Humphrey’s bodyguards gave me a lift to a gate on the far side of the  estate. The gate was a large iron affair and usually kept locked. The man unlocked the gate and let me out. I found myself on a footpath, close to  where I had left off my previous check.

Equipped with a map of the estate, a backpack with some food and drink, my Walkman and trusty game-boy in hand I set off. The estate boundary was skirted by a large stone wall built many years ago. By now, most of it was overgrown with shrubs and plants.

I went as far as I could along the footpath, but then it parted direction  from the estate. The only route was to go across a fence into some fields  belonging to some farmer or other. The fields were huge and I could not see  anybody about so I climbed over the fence and continued my trek. Several  times I had to climb over a hedge, low wall or fence to get from one field  to another to keep on track.

As I started to climb over one particular stone wall I noticed that from the  top someone could get over the adjoining estate wall with not too much  difficulty. I tried it, the difference between the top of the two walls was  only about 5′. I pulled myself to the top and sat looking over the estate.  There was only a tree nearby otherwise nothing blocked my view, if I wanted  to, I could have jumped down into the estate. How would an intruder get back  again ?. Perhaps he had a mate who lowered a rope ladder or something. There  was a nearby tree that looks like it could be easily climbed and used to get  back onto the wall.

Pleased with myself I prepared to get back down to the lower wall of the  field. Then I noticed tyre tracks across the field coming close to the wall.  I tried to follow from where they came. They seemed to go to a gate at the  far side of the field. Just then a flash of light caught my eye. In the  distance I could just make out a person sitting on horseback. He or she  moved off and I got down hoping that it wasn’t the landowner.

I went over to take a look at the tyre tracks. Too big to be a car, too  small for a farm machine. Probably a 4 wheel drive vehicle of some sort.  Something off-white caught my eye by the side of the tracks. I picked it up  to find it was an empty matchbook with “Ireland Conservative Club” on it. I  suppose it and the vehicle could belong to the landowner, but Dad might  think it was a clue so I put it in my pocket. I moved on to the next field  before resting by a hedgerow to tuck into my provisions.

It was early evening by the time I reached the main road which passed the  long tall wall that fronted the estate. I was hot, exhausted, my feet ached  and I was thirsty, having long finished the last of my supplies. I sat down  by the roadside and rested a while. After a few moments, a flash looking  white two seater sports model drew up alongside me. An attractive woman  leaned out of the window and asked in an upper class voice “is anything the  matter, young man?”.

She was in her mid-thirties with an oval face, a slender nose and a  plentiful mouth with thickish lips. Her hair was drawn back under a head  scarf and she wore a large pair of dark sunglasses with round lenses. From  what I could see of her body, she was well endowed and wore a khaki coloured  top.

I told that I was tired and thirsty after walking around the borders of  Bristlingdown Manor all day. “Well hop in and I’ll take you somewhere you  can rest and have something to drink” she told me. I accepted and went  around to get into the passenger seat.

As I got in, I noticed she wore a tight short khaki skirt that had hitched  up so much that I could see her stockings and suspenders. What an incredibly  sexy sight, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Dark green high heeled shoes  leading to slender ankles sheathed in Khaki coloured stockings running up  long shapely legs. Dark green stocking tops surrounded her thick middle  thighs from which white suspenders ran over plenty of upper thigh before  disappearing under her short skirt. I had never expected to see a woman  wearing stockings and suspenders in a real life situation, yet here was one  showing the lot. My dick stiffen in arousal. “I’m Lady Helen Windthorpe, and  you are?” she asked. “Bobby Priest”. As she drove, her large boobs, at least  a 42DD, bounced around inside her top in an erotic manner that made it  obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I didn’t know where to look, her  bouncing breasts or her sexy legs. Whenever she pressed the clutch pedal the  thickness of her thigh flexed into solid looking muscle. For some reason I  found the sight very sexy. She must have noticed me looking because she told  me “I ride and train horses you know. That’s how I keep in shape and keep my  legs strong”. She smiled as I turned red in embarrassment. “How old  are you,  Bobby?” she asked. “Fourteen” I replied. “Do you have a girlfriend?”. “ur  not at the moment”, “what a big bulge you have in your trousers. Well I will  have to see to that won’t I?”. I could hardly believe what she just said. My  heart started to pound in anticipation. I think she wants me to bonk her, oh  yes please I’d loved to get my hands on those incredibly sexy legs and those big boobs. Maybe she is one of these nymphomaniacs Superrod Johnson keeps  telling
me about and she’ll do it all night long!.

She pulled into an isolated large detached house and parked the car. I got  out of the car and walked around the front waiting for her to lead the way.  She got out of the car and unfolded to about 6’5″. Her legs are indeed long  with strong outer thigh muscles. She walked to the steps at the front of the  house and started climbing the steps. Her calves were long, shapely and  muscular. When she climbed diamonds of muscle of her calves bunched and  relaxed. I found the sight quite erotic. The muscle at the back of her upper  leg also bulged with shapely sexy muscle.

We entered the house and she led me to a kitchen that was probably bigger  than my living room at home. She sat me down at a table and got me something  to eat and drink. She sat down on the table top next to where I was sitting,  her skirt riding up to show her stocking tops. What a distraction, I  couldn’t help but look, my dick getting harder all the time. She removed her  shades and scarf letting her long light brown hair to tumble down her back.  She leant across to pour herself a drink, her large breasts swinging freely  inside her top inches from my face. My erection was now a tent throbbing  within my trousers.

She sat up straight again and as she drank, she watched me with a knowing  smile on her face. Had she done that on purpose ?. My suspicions were  confirmed when she finished her drink and slid along the table top to sit in  front of me legs apart. I’m positive that she had made her skirt ride up  further on purpose for I could see her long sexy stockinged legs all the way  up to her crotch. I nearly creamed myself when I saw that she wasn’t wearing  any knickers. Filled with lust, I wanted her badly. I reached out and  grabbed those gorgeous legs. “Oh god, you’ve got incredibly sexy legs” I  impulsively told her as I ran my hands up and down her legs. “I really want  you” I told her marvelling over the contrast between the silky fabric of her  stockings and the soft warm feel of her upper thighs. “Like father like son”  she said, as I wondered what she meant she raised her legs out of my hands  and rested her calves upon my shoulders. Her hairy snatch was presented in  front of me, where else could I look?, my dick was really straining  painfully against my trousers.

“Do you want to make love to me?” she asked softly. “Oh yes, please, please”  I quickly replied. “You are of course under-age?” she said. “Please, please,  I won’t tell” I begged. “Let us play a little game. If you win, I let you  have me. If I win, you satisfy me” she told me. I wasn’t really sure what  she meant, it sounded good either way!. With that she moved forward and wrapped her thighs around my neck. I raised my hands and felt her stocking  clad thighs, boy did they feel sexy.

As I caressed her legs she asked “Do you know what an amazon is?”. I started  to answer “Yeah, they’re those warrior babes who fought the ancient Greeks  aren’t agggh!!”. Her thighs bulged and turned to steel under my hands as her  leg muscles crushed inward on my neck so tight that I could not breath. I  could not even breath through my nose as her legs had constricted the air  passages in my throat so much. Strange horrible strangled noises sound from  my mouth as I struggle in vain to breath. Loudly she berated me “You never  use foul Americanisms in my presence. You will speak proper English you  lower class scum. Understand?”. With that she shook my head from side to  side while iron clad slabs of strong feminine muscle maintained their deadly  grip. “Understand?” she repeated. I tried to speak but all I heard was a  strangled croak. She released the pressure slightly which was just as well  as I was starting to feel very dizzy through the lack of air.

I tried to gulp in air, but could only do so in short shallow bursts since  she still had a strong grip on my neck which prevented my taking deeper  breaths. “Do you think women today can show amazon ideals ?” she asked. “you  what?” I asked. She tensed her legs once more, I thought that she would not  only crush my throat but take my head off as well. I grasped uselessly at her  legs trying to prise them apart to get some air. Desperately I struggled, but in the process knocked over my chair making things worse as my body  added its weight to my trapped neck. My vision blurred and blackened. Still she maintained her relentless grip around my neck. I no longer had the  energy to fight back, my arms and legs were limp and weak. Just as I felt as  if I was about to black out, she relaxed her legs. Frantically I breathed in  quickly as though I had just been underwater for five minutes and had come  up for air.

“Do you concede or do you want to play some more?” she asked. I was no longer interested in sex, I just wanted to get the hell out of there so still gasping for air I told her “you win… you win”. “Have you heard of  oral sex?” she asked. I remembered Superrod boasting of how girls would do  anything to give him a blow job, it sounded great. The thought of this woman  licking my dick re-awakened it in anticipation. “Oh yes please” I replied  keenly reaching down to undo my trousers. She tensed her legs again and then  relaxed once she knew she had my attention. “No no silly boy, like this”.

She grabbed my head and moving forward on the table she pulled my face right  up against her crotch. “Lick it you common piece of dirt” she demanded. I  wasn’t sure what to do or whether I liked it. Her fanny filled my vision,  her hairs irritating my lips and her smell filled my nostrils. It also  wasn’t that easy to breathe with her sex in my face. Suddenly her thighs  turned to steel as she squeezed down hard. My head was under awesome  pressure and involuntary my hands went to her legs. I was shocked to feel  her quads bulge huge with sheer power. My cheekbones and jaw felt like they  would explode at any second and I screamed in agony. My cries were muffled  by her crotch. I heard her moan “ohhh yes” and relax her frightening grip.  “Start licking commoner or I’ll crush your skull the next time” she told me.  I didn’t need to be told twice. Not really knowing what I was suppose to do,  I started licking away.

I quickly found what was right by the moans of pleasure she made as I licked  away. She pressed herself against my face and started to gyrate. Her musk  filled my senses and I found myself getting aroused at the pleasure I was  giving her. She started grinding hard against my face moaning quite loudly.  Probing deeper, I was rewarded with a hot wet thrust against my face. At the  same time she squeezed her thighs so hard I saw black patches and explosions  of light. Her grip relaxed and she continued mashing against my face.

Moments later she shuddered, let out a cry and crushed my head more tightly than ever before. My vision blurred, my head throbbed and I felt dizzy. She  relaxed and ground her soft wet pussy harder and harder against my face.  Then suddenly she started bucking her body, thrashing and undulating wildly.  She was crying out a series of loud moans as her orgasm reached her peak. A  series of powerful surges and spasms coursed through her thighs threatening  to crush my skull like an eggshell. Mercifully I fell unconsciousness, a  welcomed relief from the terrible pain lancing through my head.

I came around slowly to find myself on the floor. My head ached badly and I  had the taste of hairs and her sex in my mouth. Spotting the sink I rose  slowly and went over to wash the taste from my mouth. I then went over to  try the door but it was locked from the other side, so I returned to table  and sat down and waited. What did she mean “like father, like son” ?. She  said she trained horses and she is obviously upper class. Could this be the  same woman who beat up Dad ?. All the clues seemed to point that way. If she  got Dad between those legs, no wonder he didn’t have a chance. Well I was  stupid to allow her to place my head there, I won’t get caught like that  again. All thoughts of sex had gone from my mind, if that was her idea of  sex then I didn’t want any. When she returns, I can easily overpower her,  okay she’s a lot taller but hell she’s only a babe. As long as I avoid  getting trapped between those legs then I’ll be okay.

I heard the sound of a key entering the lock and turning. I stood up and  walked over to the door to jump her. The door opened and I prepared to spring. I stopped dead in my tracks as soon as I saw what she was wearing.  She towered above me like a giantess, her height pushed to nearly 7′ by the  longest stiletto heels I had ever seen. Those incredible heels adorned sexy  black wet look PVC boots that come almost to the top of her thighs. She must  be standing on tip toe in those heels, the shape this made her feet was  incredibly sexy. Her large breasts were barely contained in a tiny black PVC  bra and her crotch was covered by small black PVC panties. In between lay  the vast expanse of her stomach, hard and firm. Her hair was tied up pulled  to the back of her head in a bun, giving her face a severe look. A necklace  with a black Indian style goddess with multiple arms and legs dangled from  her neck. Long black PVC gloves covered her arms coming almost to her  shoulder. In her hands she holds a riding crop. The overall image is incredibly erotic and dispite my resolve, my dick becomes erect with lust.

She looks down upon me glaring and turns to shut the door. I can now see  that she is in fact wearing a  small thong, a thin strip of material running  up the crack of her cheeks. Virtually all her firm shapely arse is on show.  “ohhhh” I let out a low moan of desire. With my cock aching for her, I move  forward and touch her sexy backside. She turns and gives me a karate chop to  the side of the neck. Wincing with the pain, I barely see her effortlessly  raise a leg off the ground, bent sharply at the knee and snap her foot  straight into my face. My head snaps back hard like I was kicked by a mule.  Before I know where I am she spins and lands the other foot in my face. I  stagger back dazed feeling the warm blood pouring from my nose.

Stepping forward, she turns to the side and shoots her leg out sideways hard  and fast driving her stilettoed foot deep into my belly. The force of the  blow lifts me clean off the ground and I land on the floor badly winded. I  roll around the floor moaning and clutching my stomach in agony, feeling as if I might throw up.

“Get onto you hands and knees, you miserable commoner before I stomp you  into the floor” she orders. Despite the pain in my stomach and my face, I  oblige not wanting to see whether she would carry out her threat.

“Let me show you how I break in horses” she told me as she stepped in front  of me. She turned her back to me and placed her legs either side of my head.  She lowered herself into a semi-sitting crouch and pulled my head up firmly  between her thighs and clamped them shut. “First I must CRUSH all resistance  out of my new horse” as she said this, her muscular thighs squeezed my head  hard and held firm. I felt my head contracting under the leggy pressure, my  cheeks threatening to break and my jaw feeling as if it will dislocate.  “There will be no disobedience, horse” I barely heard her above the sound of  my blood rushing through my squashed ears. She squeezed pulses of pressure  through her legs battering my tortured skull. Flashes of black and red were  in my eyes with each wave of pressure. “Total obedience, understand?” with  that she stepped on my hands with her feet, straightened her legs stretching  my neck, at the same time squeezing really hard. The pain was too much and I  screamed aloud. “Will you obey?” she asked. “yes yes please stop” I begged.  Satisfied she released my head and got off my hands.

Trembling I stayed on my hands and knees, my head spinning and aching badly.  I then felt her sit on my back and shove her riding crop across my mouth.  “Walk” she orders. I obey and start crawling on hands and knees while she  rides me. We are nearly across the room when she applied pressure to the  crop in my mouth to the right. I don’t know if that means anything so I  continue. “Halt” she orders. She clamps her legs against my sides and  squeezes hard. The grip is painful and my kidneys and other innards hurt.  “please no” I beg, with some difficulty with a crop across my mouth. “When I  pull to the right, you turn right. When I pull to the left, you turn left.  If I pull evenly you halt. Understand?” she asks. She squeezes even harder,  the pain around my lower back and sides becoming unbearable. “arggh please  please I understand” I beg. She relaxes her legs and pulls the crop to the  right. Despite my aching skull and painful headache I carry her to the  right. She forces me to carry her around the room for a good half an hour  until she gets bored with it. “Whoa” she orders at the same time pulling on  the crop. I halt.

She gets off and I rest on my knees massaging my aching mouth. Then slowly I  start to get to my feet. “Who told you to get up” she steps forward and  launches a devastating kick to my face dropping me back  to the ground.

As I lay on my back with my head reeling from the blow I become aware that  she is standing over my waist. She puts her foot on my groin forcing the  stiletto into my balls. At the sharp pain, I grab at her  foot to try to  remove it. She presses down even harder “Don’t touch my foot” she orders. It  feels as if my balls are going to break. Frantically I grab at her foot but  she presses down even harder. I scream at the pain. “Remove you hand from my  foot or I’ll destroy your balls forever”. I don’t want to remove my hand,  the pain is excruciating, but I can tell that she means it so I move my  hands fractionally away from her foot. She releases the pressure a bit and I  move my hands further away. She releases the pressure a bit more. “Why were  you looking around the outside of Bristlingdown Manor ? she asks. “I was  checking how secure it is” I replied still in pain from her foot on my  balls. “Thinking of breaking in were you?” “No, no. Sir Humphrey has had  some break-ins so he hired Dad and me to check on things” I replied.

She removed her foot from my groin and I breathed a sigh of relief, but it  was short-lived. She traced her stiletto along from my groin and up to my  belly button. Then she placed it in my belly button and pressed hard. Agony  shot through my stomach and again I grabbed for her foot in desperation.  “Hands off” she ordered and stepped down even harder causing me to scream  aloud in pain until I moved my hands away. She reduced the pressure and  asked “Why would Sir Humphrey hire a private detective to look at his  security. Surely a security firm would be more appropriate?”. How did she  know that dad had become a private detective ?.She must be the woman who  attacked dad and she’s been checking up on him!. An increase in the pressure  from her foot reminded me to answer “Sir Humphrey hired him to find out who  is responsible for the break-ins and what they are after, because nothings  been taken”. She moves her stiletto along to my chest and pauses. “I could  break your ribs with my feet and puncture your lungs with my stiletto. Would  you like to see that?” she asked mockingly. “No please no” I pleaded.

She smiled and traced her stiletto to the base of my throat. Then she pressed hard, the stiletto painfully driving into my throat choking me. The  sharp pain in my throat and the inability to breath shocked me and I  desperately grabbed her foot trying to lift. She stepped down so hard that I  thought that she would surely pierce my throat. I tried to scream but all  that came out was a horrible croak. “Hands” she ordered. Reluctantly I  obeyed and she reduced the pressure. “What has the great daddy detective  discovered ?” she demanded. “uurkkkk” I tried to reply but I couldn’t talk,  the stiletto was crushing my vocal cords as well as blocking my airways. She  reduced the pressure enough for me to reply  “uurk nothing uurk found  nothing urk”. “Has he no idea at all?” she mocks. “No, uurk, knows nothing  erkk” I croak. She drags her stiletto up my throat, over my chin and to my  mouth. “Don’t you think women look sexy in stilettos ?. Kiss it poor boy”  she commands.

I am terrified of this woman now, she seems to enjoy inflicting pain with  her legs. I kiss her stiletto, suddenly she rams it right into my mouth and  tries to drive it down my throat. Frantically I grab at her foot trying to  lift but she simply laughs and steps down harder. Her stiletto forces its  way to the back of my throat and I feel like gagging. Wait! that’s it she’s  trying to make me gag and drown in my own vomit, my god she’s trying to kill  me!. I try to squirm and struggle but its no use, I try again to move her  foot but by now I am feeling so weak, the stiletto is obstructing my air  passages making it difficult to breath. I am starting to feel light headed  and am having difficulty holding down the bile that filled my mouth.

Suddenly I heard the door bell. “Damn” she utters and withdraws her heel  from my mouth. “Who the hell can that be?” she exclaims as she storms off  out of the room, locking it behind her. For a while I just lie there,  clutching my tortured throat and coughing badly. I then realise that I have  to get out of here before she returns or else I’m a gonna. I looked around  the room, there is one window by the sink. Still weakened from my ordeal I  manage to clamber onto the sink unit.. It is a sash window and I manage to  lift the lower sash up. I look at. I’m about one story drop to a gravel  path. I don’t fancy that, but I don’t have much choice. I stick my legs out  of the window and roll onto my stomach. I back out off the window until my  legs are dangling over the edge and my chest is on the window ledge.  Carefully I move out until I am just supported by arms. Slowly I lower  myself so I am hanging by my hands. This way I reduce the distance of the  drop. I release my grip and fall to the ground. The landings rough and I  graze my hands and knees on the gravel, but I haven’t got time to worry  about that.

I run towards the front of the house, slowing down to make sure its clear.  Out front I see a 4 wheel drive car with a distinctive number plate “COLE1”.

The front door is ajar but I can’t see anyone, so I run like hell down the  drive. Coming to a road I didn’t know which way to go, so I just went right.  I ran and ran until I could run no more. Eventually I was forced to a slow  walk, my feet aching badly now. It was getting dark, but the road seemed  endless. Suddenly I heard a car approach behind me and slow down. How could  I be so stupid, she’s probably come looking for me in her car. I tried to  speed up, but the car draws up in front of me. “Okay sonny Jim, what’re  you’re doing out here?” a man’s voice spoke. I looked up to see a  policeman’s head sticking out above the car. Relieved I rush forward and  babble how this woman caught me, tortured me and tried to kill me. I’m not  sure if he would believe, but he must have saw the state I was in and calmed  me down. He then got me to tell my story more calmly. When I had finished he  got onto the radio and called the station.

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