Enter the Japanese Schoolgirls ! (JIMP#5)

Scott is beaten up by 4 oriental schoolgirls in his care, and sexually humiliated.

I wouldn’t get away with this story nowadays. I was merey trying to show how depraved Scott was.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.
(c)JIM P 1995
Scott entered the Job Centre, took a quick glance at the almost empty vacancy boards and join the queue of miserable looking depressed people. This was now a well worn routine. He had been unable to hold down a steady job ever since he left school. He was now 35 and the longest job he ever had was 8 years as a funeral assistant. Unfortunately he was sacked when he was caught making love to a corpse. “She was a babe with a great body. It wasn’t my fault. She was asking for it” he reflects bitterly. That was 5 years ago, apart from a few seasonal part-time jobs he hadn’t been able to get a permanent job since.

Slowly Scott moves closer to the young woman sitting behind the desk. She has short light brown hair with a slender but buxom figure and wearing a business skirt & jacket. “Nice looking, good pair of tits” he thinks to himself “I wouldn’t mind giving her a good seeing to”. In some ways she reminds of him of “The Nutcracker”[JIMP#3]. “I would have had her too. Jim Priest just stood there watching. I bet he put her up to it” he thinks with venom.

Eventually he reaches the front of the queue. He leans over the desk peering down the front of the young lady’s blouse. “cor what a great cleavage. I’d like to stick my cock down there” he thinks becoming aroused. “Please sit down, Mr. Morris” She tells him in an exasperated voice. “Oh no, not him again” she thinks to herself “I feel like smacking the freckled face odious creep hard in the mouth”. She stares at him until he lowers his short slightly overweight bulk into the chair in front of her desk. She thinks “He always comes to my desk to gawp at my breasts or knock something on the floor so he can try and look up my skirt”. She was broken from her thoughts by Scott knocking a pamphlet off her desk. “Oh I’m sorry Mary. I’ll pick it up for you” he says with a grin on his face that she is tempted to wipe off. “Damn name badges” she thinks to herself as he retrieves the pamphlet. She clamps her knees and calves together tight to spoil his view.

Retrieving Scott’s records on the computer, she enquires “How did the interview with McCrakens go last week?”. “Oh, er, they said they were looking for someone younger” he replied. “Yeah, Yeah” she thinks “More like they found him repulsive like everyone else”. She notices that he has plasters bound around the arm of his glasses again and his face is slightly bruised. “So someone else couldn’t resist punching his obnoxious face in. Probably the guy at McCrakens” she thinks. “No full time jobs this week again, I’m afraid, but there are a few seasonal jobs going” she tells him as she hands him some cards containing job details to look at.

Mary suppresses a smirk as she recalls Mr. Johnson mimicking Scott when they were at school together. “Oooh my balls, oooh my balls” he would cry in an imitation of Scott’s whinging voice as he minces around the office clutching his groin. In her mind she can just visualise it. She’d get up from her desk, walk right up to him, unbutton her blouse and pull it wide open to give him an eyeful of her ample fleshly orbs. She could imagine the bulge in his trousers aching for her and then WHAM she’d slam her knee into his nuts, savouring the feel of his soft balls being crushed by her hard knee.

He is still starting at her cleavage. “Nothing there luv” he says. “What about the camping guide job?” Mary asks, desperate to do anything to stop him coming back for the rest of the summer. “Na!, I mean I know about tents an’ all that. I mean I’ve done quite a bit of camping, but looking after kids. Forget it darlin” he replies. “oh no you don’t you bastard” she thinks to herself and says “Oh it no trouble. There will groups of 5 or 6 Japanese students aged between 14 and 16. They all speak some English and are over here to get some practical experience with the language and see some of our cultural heritage. Camping trips to our countryside is proving very popular. They won’t be any trouble. You know how disciplined these Japanese are?”. She is winging it now, anything to get rid of the git. “I don’t know” he starts to say, but Mary thinking fast butts in “I have to insist you go for jobs for which you have the necessary experience otherwise we will have to stop your dole money”. “oh, okay” he mumbles. “Bingo!, he fell for it” she thinks with a sigh of relief. Before he has time to change his mind, Mary has phoned up the company and has fixed an appointment.

Much to Scott’s surprise the interview goes well and they agree to take him on for a trial period of 3 weeks. During this time he is supervised by a more experienced man and takes small groups of Japanese boys and girls camping in various regions of the English countryside. He actually finds he enjoys getting away from the wife, the rundown city suburbs and the demoralising shadow of unemployment. He finds that his charges are on the whole well behaved and respectful, although they like playing loud music and mucking around as much as any other teenager. Some of the girls are rather cute, he finds them pleasant to look at, but he knows they are too young for him. Passing his trial period, he is allowed to take the groups of boys and girls unsupervised.

The weeks pass and Scott makes his way to King’s Cross station to pick up a new group of Japanese teenagers. Looking around the large entrance hall beneath the vast high ceiling he spots Anne Cunningham. Anne is a permanent member of the cultural exchange. She is a stern looking woman in her forties and around 5’11” compared to Scott’s 5’5″. Her hair is white, curly on top of her head and severely cropped to the sides and at the back. Her face is long with a wide nose and a jutting chin. She glares at Scott through her glasses with steely grey eyes. She looks like a track athlete, long slender body, wide shoulders, small breasts and long strong runner’s legs shown off to full advantage in shorts. She is wearing flat sandals but it is obvious that if she were wearing heels that her large strong looking calves would show powerful muscle. She is wearing a sleeveless top and Scott can’t help but notice her broad shoulders and vascular arms. It is obvious that she works out. Those muscles make him nervous.

He is surprised to see a group of four girls and no boys. The are wearing school uniforms. This consists of a white blouse and a black pleated skirt. The blouse has a wide collar and cuffs are blue with 3 white stripes. On their feet they wear shiny black shoes and very short white socks.

“Right I’ve shown these girls the delights of London, now its your turn to show them our lovely countryside” Anne tells Scott. “There must be some mistake, no-one said anything about all girl groups” he replies. “Girls, run along to the newsagents for a few minutes will you?” She says. When the girls have gone she turns to Scott and grabs his hands in hers. Slowly she turns her forearms towards him and forces his arms back towards his body. “No, please no” Scott begs as he is forced to his knees under the power of her arms which are now thick and bulging with muscle. “I don’t like the look of you and I’m a pretty good judge of character. If you rape or otherwise sexually abuse these girls then I’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks. Understand ?” She tells him. With that she bends his forearms back until they touch his upper arms “Yes yes I understand” Scott begs. She releases him and shakily Scott rises from his knees, blushing red from the stares of all the commuters and other passengers laughing at him.

When the girls return, Anne introduces them to Scott. As usual he has difficulty remembering the names. However this time he is breath-taken with Ayako, the eldest of the girls. She is extremely beautiful, her oval face framed by black hair worn in two long pigtails, brown oriental eyes, a slender nose, and a small mouth. She smiles so pleasantly that he cannot resist smiling back. Realising that Anne is watching him, he starts pushing a trolley with their luggage, leading the girls to catch their train.

On the train, Ayako sits opposite Scott. Looking at her sweet innocent angelic face, he has to try hard to suppress not so angelic thoughts. “You married, Scott?” she asks. “Um, yes” he replies. “Yes married alright”he bitterly remembers, to his younger cousin Julie. “It wasn’t my fault” he thinks. He remembers how one summer, Sharon and her parents came to stay with Scott’s family. He was 23 and she was 16, reasonably attractive, a bit on the large built side though but with big boobs. He remembers being tantalised by the sight of her in tight T-shirts and skimpy shorts. Finally one day he saw he enter the bathroom for a shower, he had to take a peek. The sight of her buxom body dripping with water was too much for him, his erection painfully pressing against the fabric of his jeans. She hadn’t noticed him yet, still engrossed in her shower. He removed his trousers and the rest of his clothes and got in behind her. He slid his hands around her body and began to massage her large soapy wet boobs. The feel of her slippery wet body against his as she struggled to get away from him was so erotic that he thought he would come. However she didn’t like it and struggled hard, forcing him out of the shower. He started to fear that she was too strong for him. Somehow he managed to pull her to the floor and got on top of her. Her resistance seemed to evaporate as soon as he started kissing her. Eagerly he slipped inside her, gave a few humps and released his load. Unfortunately, the noise of their struggle had been heard by their parents who found them naked on the bathroom floor. Scott was forced to marry Sharon, even though she had an early miscarriage. The marriage was a sham, they didn’t love each other and she is very uncooperative in bed, leaving Scott very undersexed.

Throughout the journey Scott gave them the usual spiel about the English countryside and got them to talk about their life in Japan. All the while he couldn’t keep looking at Ayako who always seemed to be watching him and acknowledging his glances with her contagious smiles.

After several hours they arrived at their destination at a large nature reserve. They were to set up camp in a clearing in the woods close to the shores of a small lake. Scott helped the girls to set up their tents and set about preparing a simple meal over the camp fire whilst the girls explored the locality. Ayako comes over to give him a hand. She sits down on a large log opposite with her knees in front of her giving him a glimpse of white knickers beneath her pleated skirt. He can’t help himself looking between her legs at the view. “She’s only a young teenage girl” he reminds himself “oh God she’s gorgeous, I’d love to get up there. Come on control yourself. Must be ‘cos I don’t get it at home. I bet she’s great in the sack”. He finds himself getting stiffer and stiffer.

The other girls arrive for the meal. Ayako moves forward to crouch on her feet to dish up the food. He now has full view of her brilliant white knickers and her crotch. The sound of giggling pulls him out of his trance like state. He wonders if they are giggling at his erection which he tries to cover with his plate. After the meal, the girls help wash up then go off to play in the early evening light. Seeing Ayako wander off alone he decides to follow her discretely down to a small inlet of the lake surrounded by a light crop of trees.

He moves slowly through the trees trying to make no noise. He sees her, she has removed her shoes and socks and is in the process of stepping out of her pleated skirt. Breathing heavily with mounting excitement Scott watches as the beautiful young oriental carefully folds her skirt and lays it neatly on the ground. “great legs” he thinks “I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on them”. She unbuttons her blouse, removes it and folds it carefully placing it next to her other clothes. “coooor what a bod” he thinks as he admires her flat firm stomach and her bra holding her small maturing breasts. Her young body is toned and firm. He is surprised to see that her underpants are cut really high over her hip, a sight that makes him have to unbutton his trousers to ease his growing bulge. He can hardly believe his eyes as she removes her bra and panties and enters the warm waters of the lake.

“oh god she’s really asking for it” he thinks as he watches her frolic naked in the lake with the sheen of water enhancing the sensualness of her maturing body. Scott removes his trousers and pants and walks forward intending to take her. A rustle of leaves behind him stops him. He turns to find the smallest of the girls fast approaching him. She is only about 4’6″ with a cute face and pigtails. “um ah I…” he starts to splutter desperately trying to think of an explanation, but the girl is upon him.

Grabbing his T-shirt around the neck she falls backwards pulling him down. For a moment Scott fears he is going to land on top of the little girl but she straightens her legs sending him flying over her head to land heavily on his back. Recovering from the shock of the throw, he tries to get to his feet but she grabs his hand. Turning, she thrusts her small backside into his crotch, bends and throws him over her shoulder.

He hits the ground hard and she leaps down on top of him to grapple with him. “She’s only a small girl I can handle her” he thinks, but she fights like a wildcat putting him in a variety of painful Judo holds. She completely overwhelms him. Putting him in an arm lock, she twists his arm behind his back whilst forcing his face into the ground. “arrrgh let go let go you’re breaking my arm” he yells. The girl laughs and forces him to his side with her sitting above him pouring on a painful armbar. “No more please” he begs but she shows no mercy. Still holding his arm she rolls onto her back with his arm between her legs and her feet planted against his body. Then she pulls his arm at the same as pushing with her legs, stretching his arm. It feels as if she is going to pull his arm out of its socket. “No no please stop” he begs. She bends one leg to get closer to his body and puts the other over his head with his neck in the crook of her leg. She leans back applying more pressure to his arm. This causes Scott’s chest to rise forcing his neck against the crook of her leg, choking him.

He is beginning to feel light headed when she releases her hold. He rolls over to his knees and re-composes himself. From the corner of his eye he sees the little girl smiling at him “You want to play more Judo Scott?” she asks. In fright, he gets up and starts to run – straight into one of the two girls who had appeared. She has long hair and a determined face. She grabs his T-shirt, turns her side into his body and throws him over her hip.

She leaps on top of him, locking her arms around his neck. Scott tries to move her off his body but she tightens her hold strangling him until he stops resisting. She brings her face close to his. She kisses him passionately slipping her tongue inside his mouth. Scott feels arousal again, but it is premature as she tightens her choke hold until he is on the brink of passing out. She then releases him and leaves him on the ground to recover.

Scott looks up to see three Japanese schoolgirls looking down at him smiling. The little one who wiped him out with her Judo. The long haired one who nearly strangled him unconscious and the large built fat one with the short hair. He decides she is the weak link and scrabbling to his feet makes a dash for freedom. Unfortunately for him, she is not fat but large boned and very strong. He collides with her, but instead of knocking her out of the way her body stands firm. She wraps her arms around his lower abdomen and lifts him off the ground. He can hardly breathe, her bear hug is so tight. She releases him allowing him to fall to the ground.

Moving behind him, she wraps her strong right arm around his neck, choking him unmercifully in a painful headlock. Suddenly she loosens her hold enough for him to breathe properly. It was then he saw Ayako walking towards him, her naked body dripping wet from her swim in the lake. The sun glints of the water droplets on her body giving her body a wet shiny look. “what a body, what a body” he thinks becoming fully erect at the sight. She walks right up to him pressing her wet body against his. His cock throbs against her body wanting to sink itself into her, but he is held firm by the arm around his neck. “very bad Scott” she says “what is this?”. She takes his manhood into her hands and starts to massage it. While her hand was stroking the shaft she purred “we must relieve this stress, no ?”. He let out a moan of pleasure, “oh she’s good, incredibly good” he thinks. Sliding her hand back and forth like a piston, he feels harder and bigger then he has ever felt before. He feels as if he is going to explode with the biggest orgasm he has ever had at any moment under the expert hands of this marvellous oriental.

He starts to thrust the lower part of his body as if he were fucking her hands. “oh god oh god” he exclaims as he feels imminent release. Just as he feels the sperm about to explode from his penis, she removes her hands. “please oh please” he begs but she simply smiles and moves his own hand to his cock. Desperate for release, Scott masturbates himself the last few steps to his orgasm whilst four Japanese schoolgirls watch him laughing.

Spent and exhausted he relaxes his body, but he is still held in a headlock. The strong girl then changes the hold and starts to apply pressure to the nerve points at the base of his neck. To his horror he is unable to move and feels extremely dizzy. “Time for sleep Scott” she whispers in his ear. He feels weak and his head is spinning. He feels the girl put one arm across his throat and the other up the side of his head. She locks her hands cutting off part of the blood supply to the head. Scott feels as though he is slipping away, in the distance he can just make out three schoolgirls, one naked, laughing, but their laughter seems remote.

The girl completes the move by stepping one strong leg across Scott’s body to hold him down while she pulls his head upwards. At the same time she tightens the lock at the side of his head cutting off the blood supply. Dispite feeling distant from his body Scott feels pain and then slides into darkness.

The following morning, Scott feels apprehensive as he awakens. To his surprise the girls have cooked him breakfast and carry on as though nothing has happened. To his relief this seems to be a permanent state of affairs so he begins to relax. During the day Scott takes the girls to several local places of interest in the surrounding countryside.

They break for lunch by the side of a canal watching the boats on the water. Lying on top a nearby barge is a buxom brunette in her mid-twenties wearing only sunglasses and an extremely tiny bikini. She soaks up the sun with her magnificent firm tanned body. Scott leaves the girls and walks over to get a closer look. “You are in my sun, go away” she tells him in a distinctly northern accent. The lure of her golden body and her large heaving breasts drive him wild with desire and he leaps onto the boat. Before he can get his hands on her, a large heavily built man emerges from the cabin. “Oh! what the bloody hell do you think you’re doing ?” he yells. Scott swiftly jumps back to the tow path, with the man closely following. The man grabs him by the scruff of the neck and menacingly raises his large hairy fist. “I’m gonna smash yer face yer little git” he sneers. “Uncle, uncle, are you all right?” four Japanese girls chorus (& the like). Reluctantly the man lets Scott go, telling him. “If I ever see you drooling over my girlfriend again, I’ll have yer. Schoolgirls or no schoolgirls”.

That evening back at the camp following their meal, the girls go into their tents leaving Scott the chance to drink a can of lager. When they re-appear, he almost chokes. Four Japanese schoolgirls have transformed into four sexy firm bodied teenaged girls in skimpy bikinis. “Never mind Scott. You not need old woman in bikini when you have us, eh?” they tease. They saunter about trying to look sexy. Remembering his ordeal yesterday, he tries to ignore them, but it is hard (& so is something else!).

Seeing they were not reaching him, the girls go to play in the lake. “Good. More time for another can of lager” he thinks. He settles down to drink and dream about the woman on the barge and what he would have done to her if that ape hadn’t been there.

Maybe it was the combination of the lager and the warm heat of a light summer’s evening, but Scott suddenly awoke with a jolt not realising that he had been dozing. Before him were three girls their skins glistening in the sunshine. He feels his manhood stirring and in panic gets up, intending to return to his tent before he got further aroused. He was too late, they run up to him and tried their sexy posing again. “oh dear I’ve dropped my comb” one girl says and she leans forward giving him full view of her slippery wet maturing breasts dangling in her bikini top. “oohhhh” he moans lustfully and his cock springs into life. “oh look a shell” says another girl as she leans forward presenting her small tight backside to him. “ohhhh” he moans, his erection becoming unbearable against his shorts. The other girl is doing limbering exercises, exposing her crotch to him as she stretches out her legs. He nearly creams himself at the sight He runs quickly into the nearest tent and removes his shorts and pants intending to relieve himself.

“Scott what you are doing ?” he hears. Startled he turns to see Ayako lying on her sleeping bag wearing a very skimpy very see-through black negligee and a skimpy pair of black knickers. In his haste he had entered her tent where she had come to read quietly. He turns to leave, but the sight of her nipples clearly visible through the flimsy material is too much for him. He jumps on top of her kissing her on the mouth passionately. He gets his hands inside her negligee to maul her breasts. She struggles wildly but his weight pins her to the ground. He slobbers and drools all her over her. She feels disgusted and screams for help. The other girls rush in to the cramped tent to help and he is stunned by a chop to the neck.

One arm is yanked back so hard behind his back that he yells in pain fearing it will break. He tries to struggle but the girl applying the hold is in complete control and forces him out of the tent. She moves his arm away from his body and throws him head over heels to land heavily on his back. Not given time to catch his breath, two girls grab his arms and apply an armlock. He is forced to his feet under the threat of both arms being dislocated. Standing suspended between them he sees Ayako move slowly in front of him, cold fury in her eyes.

She barks out something in Japanese to the fourth girl who shouts out something. Moving so quickly that her leg is a blur she kicks him hard in the mouth following up with a lightning fast kick to his stomach. Racked with pain, his breath is forced violently out of his body. At the same time he is hurled backwards with the force of the kicks, but his arms are locked firm and his captors pull him back.

The girls give him a few minutes to recover before he hears the girl shout something else in Japanese. He quickly guesses the meaning as Ayako spins and delivers a powerful back kick to his face. He feels his nose break and warm blood flow down over his lips.

He hardly has time to breath when he hears another word and Ayako lands a crushing blow with her foot to his windpipe. “oh my god oh my god I can’t breath, she’s crushed my throat” he panics, but after several seconds that seemed to go on forever he is coughing and spluttering violently.

His captors force him to stand straight. Another word and Ayako slams the top of her foot into the side of his neck. He reels in agony with the blow but is forced to stand erect. Another word and the teenage demoness in the black negligee turns, leans slightly away from him and smash a kick he hardly sees to his face. His head is snapped back viciously and for a moment he doesn’t know where he is as his brain is addled under the impact. His legs go weak at the knees and he tries to sink to the ground. However the sharp pain in his shoulders force him to stand up.

Everything seems out of focus and his head feels as if it is swimming. He becomes aware that Karate practice has finished and is stunned as Ayako forces her tongue into his mouth. He feels his manhood stirring once more and gasps as she moves her attention to somewhere a schoolgirl should definitely not pay attention!. “No no you mustn’t” he begs as he feels her run her tongue over the head of his cock. His protests are silenced when he feels the moist warmth of her lips and tongue as she skilfully massages. “oh god this girl is good” he thinks as the beautiful young oriental began giving him the best blow job he had ever had.

He let out a moan of pleasure as she wraps her warm lips around his shaft. She totally engulfs his dick like a sword swallower and slowly moves up and down it, driving him insane with lust. She controls him with her tongue and throat muscles building him up slowly. “oh that’s good that’s so good” he moans as he starts to thrust his pelvis back and forth as though he were fucking her face. She starts to increase her rhythm faster and faster until he feels bigger than he ever had before. She starts sucking as though she intends to milk him dry. That was too much for him, he desperately wants release but she stops, withdraws and stands up smiling. Gyrating his pelvis, on the brink, ready to come he begs “please please oh please”. The two girls that had been holding him captive for so long remove their arm locks and stood aside smiling. “Fuck yourself Scott” Ayako ordered. Desperate for release and without hesitation Scott worked himself off. It didn’t take long, she had time it just right, within seconds he was moaning loudly and creaming himself all over the place.

Following his release, he stands awhile, breathing heavily, all feeling of tenseness removed in the afterglow of his orgasm. He becomes aware that the girls are laughing at him and red-faced he turns to go back to his tent. Ayako blocks his way, the beautiful oriental girl in a skimpy black negligee who had twice sexually humiliated him. He can hardly believe as she leaps high into the air. She extends one leg towards him, momentarily exposing her crotch before her foot hammers into his face. Scott’s world explodes in severe pain and brightness. He doesn’t feel the ground smash into his body, he is out cold long before he hits the ground.

Time passes. Soft warm sensations flood into Scott’s unawareness. For a while he just lies there soaking in the sensations before he opens his eyes. It is twilight, he is outside with only his T-shirt and nothing else. The memories come flooding back to him and red with embarrassment and anger he tries to get up. He is prevented by the point of a walking stick thrust into his chest. “Stay where you are young man” he hears a voice.

He looks up into the face of an elderly white haired man dressed in an expensive looking leisure suit. “Piss off old git” he spits. “Shall I thump him now sir?” he looks around and sees a large thuggish man with a scar across his face approach fists clenched. “No No Hawkins. That may not yet be necessary” replies the old man. Scott starts to say something but the old man stops him “Just shut up and listen” he tells him. “Some may say you are well and truly in it”. “Yeah in it deep” Hawkins sneers.

“Look piss off” Scott says. “Oh dear Scott Morris. Very foul language. Not very becoming of someone who is supposed to be chaperoning four delightful young Japanese schoolgirls” the old man tells him. “Yeah and who fucks them instead” jeers Hawkins. “I never touched them” Scott protests. “Oh come come. How does it look ?. You are lying here exposing yourself and you tell us that. Who’s going to believe you?” the old man explains “Here he is your honour. Forced to marry his cousin after he raped her and sacked for making love to dead women”. “Who the hell are you?” Scott asks, he is now fearful, how do they know so much about him “Anyway I didn’t screw them”. “But we have pictures dear boy. Look here” the old man shows Scott a photograph obviously taken the day before with a telephoto lens. “Looks to me as if you are forcing these sweet innocents to indulge in sexual acts. Look you are forcing her to massage your penis. And the photographs we took this evening were disgusting”. “But it wasn’t like that” Scott protests. “Ah but that is what it will look like to the court won’t it. However that may not be necessary if you, ur, agree to do a little job for me” the old man says.

“What do you mean?. What do you want ?. I haven’t got any money if that’s what you want” Scott retorts. “Ha! what do I want with your money ?. No, No, lets just say an old acquaintance of yours, Jim Priest. Ah I see you remember the name, good. Well Mr. Priest is doing something for, ur, how shall I put it, a professional rival. I want you to find out what he is doing and what he finds. You will phone this number on Monday at 8:30am otherwise these photographs will find their way to the chief of police’s desk by 9:00am. Is that clear?” with that the old man throws a business card at Scott’s face and starts to walk off. Scott looks at the card, it is blank, apart from a central London phone number. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do with those schoolgirls, pervert!” Hawkins sneers as he kicks him in the ribs before hurrying to catch up with his master.

The next morning Scott cleans himself up as best he can. He is supposed to take the girls to see some more sights on their last day but is embarrassed to show himself with such a badly bruised face. “We can see the sights, but we much rather stay here and practice Judo” the girls tell him. He is in no doubt who they will practice Judo and he would rather endure public ridicule.

The following day they took down their tents and caught the train back to King’s Cross. At the station, Anne is waiting for them. She is wearing a tight sleeveless top which does nothing to hide her muscular arms and proudly shows off her abdominal. She is also wearing a tight pair of running shorts and plimsolls. Scott is terrified of what she will make of his cuts and bruises and what the girls will say. She is glaring at him as they reach her. Before either of them can say anything, the smallest of the girls stands on the bench wear Anne was sitting and says “Thank you honourable Scott. We now give traditional Japanese farewell”. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him full on the lips. If that wasn’t enough she forces her tongue into his mouth, stirring his manhood.

She finishes her kiss. Scott hardly has time to breathe another girl takes her place and repeats the kiss until his cock is positively throbbing. Her place is taken by the large built girl, she wraps her strong arms around his waist squeezing him tight as she tongues his mouth. Finally Ayako repeats the definitely non-traditional farewell. Scott grabs her backside passionately and pulls her tighter, but releases her in fright at a loud deliberate cough from Anne.

“What the hell do you think you are doing Scott?” she yells “What on earth have you been up to with these little girls?. Girls run along to the newsagent will you, there is something I must explain to Scott”. He is so terrified that the thought of fleeing doesn’t enter his head. He watches the girls walk to the nearby newsagents. He sees Ayako turn, open her mouth slightly and run her tongue sensuously around her lips. He can’t take it no more, they have worked him up hard with their erotic kisses and instinctively he masturbates himself in the middle of a busy King’s Cross station.

Moaning loudly he comes again and again in his trousers. As he starts to realise what he has just done he sees Anne biceps tense and bulge in a way he didn’t like. Like a lightening strike, her powerful guided muscles punches him hard in the face. The blow rattles his brains and he staggers back from the impact. She stops him from falling by grabbing his arm and pulls him back to meet her fist again. He is almost out on his feet when he feels her wrap her muscular arm around his neck. He feels her bicep choking him. Then there is intense pain as she powers her knee hard into his groin. He wants to curl up in agony but her crushing bicep holds him firm. She waits until he has recovered a bit and again smashes her knee into his nuts. “I’m going to make you eat your balls” she yells at him. In excruciating agony Scott is vaguely aware of a policeman approaching. Anne’s vice-like grip removes itself from his neck and he falls to the floor and curls up in a foetal position in agony.

With no evidence against Scott and the girls refusing to say anything, the Police reluctantly let Scott go. The police officer feels an overwhelming urge to punch Scott in the face but he controls himself.

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