Corporate Warrior, Part 2

When Paul arrived for work on Tuesday morning, he felt a presence behind him. He turned around and saw that it was Christina. She smiled at him.

“Everything’s all taken care of,” she said. “Now if you’ll follow me to my office, I have a surprise for you.”

Paul was bursting with curiosity as he followed his manager. Once they were inside the office, Christina closed the door. “I’ll get right to the point,” she said. She motioned for Paul to turn around. He did so and to his great surprise saw David standing there. David did not look very good. He had a broken nose, a black eye, and several nasty bruises on his face. “I believe David here has something to say,” she said.

David cleared his throat. “I’m sorry I attacked you,” he said to Paul. “That was a very rude, cowardly, and stupid thing for me to do, and I’m very sorry.”

Paul was too shocked to say a word. “Very good, David,” said Christina. “Now, I believe you have a little document to write, so you’d better get to work,” she continued.

“Yes, ma’am,” answered David, as he hurried out of the office.

As soon as David had left, Paul’s mouth dropped open as he stared at Christina. “Wow, you rock!” he finally managed to say. “So, you must have hired some pretty tough guys to teach him a lesson, huh?”

“I didn’t hire anyone,” said Christina. “I didn’t need to.” “You mean you did that yourself?!” asked Paul, shocked. “But he’s… and you’re…” He looked more closely at his manager. Today, she was wearing tight black pants that emphasized her well-muscled butt and legs, and a sleeveless black top that showed off her strong arms.

“Wow, a chick who can kick ass!” he said. “I love that!” He suddenly blushed as he realized what he’d said.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Christina. “I like a guy who can appreciate a strong woman.”

“Well, you could definitely kick my ass,” Paul said, wishing he had his briefcase with him so he could cover his growing erection with it.

“As soon as David sends his little statement to the executives, I’ll officially promote you to your new position,” said Christina. She suddenly leaned over and gave Paul a long kiss on the lips. “See you around, sweetie,” she said. As he left the office, Paul had a look of shock on his face, courtesy of the kiss he had just received. He had to pinch himself to make sure this wasn’t some sort of wonderful dream.

After David had written his statement and sent copies to all the top executives, he went straight to the lab to start his work. He had no chance to slack off, as Christina kept a close eye on him all throughout the day. She made sure that he did all his work, was always careful with the chemicals, and didn’t bully anyone. She had also allowed him only fifteen minutes for a lunch break, saying that this policy would continue until he had given several weeks of hard work. At the end of the day, David groaned in exhaustion. Actually doing the work he was supposed to do was so much more tiring than the lazy, half-assed way he was used to doing things. He grabbed his stuff and headed for the exit, planning to go straight home, watch some TV, and drink a nice cold beer.

Suddenly, his path was blocked by a large figure, which turned out to be none other than his uncle, Mr. Allen. “What the hell is the meaning of this?” growled Mr. Allen, as he waved David’s statement paper in his face. Suddenly noticing the bruised and battered condition of his nephew’s face, he added, “And what the hell happened to your face?”

David, hanging his head in shame, told his uncle everything. When he had finished, Mr. Allen scowled at him. “Let me get this straight,” said Mr. Allen. “You not only got yourself beaten and humiliated, but you got yourself beaten and humiliated by a girl! I thought you were big and tough, the way you always brag about how you win all those bar fights. And now you get beat up by a little girl?!”

“I couldn’t help it!” whined David. “She must be some sort of kung-fu expert or something, theway she pulled those moves on me.”

Mr. Allen shook his head in disgust. “And to top it off,” he continued, “you actually do what she orders you to! What kind of a man are you?!”

“She threatened me!” said David. “Besides, I was still dizzy and confused when she made me do it!”

“I’ll say,” muttered Mr. Allen. He grabbed his nephew by the shirt collar. “Now listen to me,” he said. “We’re the Allen family. We’re rich. We’re powerful. No one messes with us and gets away with it. When that bitch Christina threatened you, you shouldn’t have caved in to her. You should have come to me! I have connections. I could have solved your problem! Now, we can still clean up this mess, but it’s going to be a lot more complicated because of your stupidity. Here’s what we’re going to do…” Mr. Allen continued explaining the rest of his plan to his nephew.

It was past 7:00 that evening when Christina headed out to her car in the dark parking lot. Working late was becoming quite common for her. Suddenly, she was startled by the appearance of two large men. The first man was overweight and balding, with a scarred face. The other was just as tall as his companion, but thinner. He had black hair and a smirking face. The two men scowled angrily at Christina. “Well, well, well,” said the fat man. “If it isn’t the little blonde crusader.”

Christina rolled her eyes. “What the hell do you want?” she asked.

“We’re just here to deliver a little suggestion,” said the black-haired man. “We’re here to suggest that you and your wussy friend Paul both submit your resignations to the head of the company by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. And you should also write a note that says you blackmailed David Allen into writing his statement paper, and send a copy to all the executives. If you don’t, something very bad will happen to both of you.”

“And what if I’m not afraid of a bunch of lame threats from a couple of William Allen’s hired thugs?” she asked.

“Aggressive little thing, isn’t she, Johnny?” said the black-haired man to his companion.

“She sure is, Slick,” responded the fat man. “But aggression isn’t going to get her out of this one.” He turned to Christina. “We’re here to put you in your place, blondie,” he said. “You’d better do as we say, or else.”

“I know where my place is,” said Christina. “My place is teaching lessons to ugly assholes like you.”

“Why, you little bitch,” growled Johnny. He took a swing at her. She danced out of the way easily and kneed him in the gut. Johnny doubled over in pain. Slick charged forward, but several fast punches to his face, courtesy of Christina’s fists, knocked him to the ground.

Johnny grabbed Christina from behind. She stomped hard on his foot. He howled in pain and let her go. Without looking, she kicked out hard behind her, hitting Johnny in the chest and sending him flying backward. She then turned her attention back to Slick, who had gotten up and was now shaking his head dizzily. He charged towards her and tried to hit her in the face, but she dodged his attack and high-kicked him in the jaw. Slick fell to the ground again.

Johnny was now trying to sneak up on Christina from behind. Just when he had almost reached her and was about to launch an attack, she suddenly drove her elbow into him. She then spun around, tripped him to the ground, and kicked him in the head several times, knocking him out.

Slick was lying on the ground, moaning in pain and making angry threats. She went over to him, lifted her right leg up until she was doing a full vertical split, and smashed her leg down onto his head. Slick bounced, then lay still.

Christina took out her cell phone and called the police. A few minutes later, a squad car arrived. She made a statement to the police, and Johnny and Slick were hauled off to jail.

The next morning, as David arrived for another long, weary day of closely supervised hard work, his cell phone rang. It was his uncle, William Allen. “Something went wrong last night,” came Mr. Allen’s voice. “Johnny and Slick didn’t check in. Something must have happened. I’m going to take the day off from work and devote my energy to getting this business straightened out. The police might come poking around, so if they ask you any questions, don’t tell them anything if you know what’s good for you.”

“Don’t worry,” said David. “I ain’t sayin’ nothin’ to no cops.”

“Good,” said Allen. “I’m going to teach that little bitch and her wimpy friend not to mess with the Allen family.”

Christina called Paul into her office. Once they were inside, she closed the door. “I’ll get right to the point,” she said. “Did anyone threaten you last night?”

Paul looked surprised. “No,” he said. “Why?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” she answered. “Just that a couple of thugs tried to bully me into quitting last night.”

“What happened?!” he asked, alarmed. “Are you okay?”

Christina laughed. “I’m fine,” she said, giving his shoulder a squeeze. “But the guys who tried to attack me aren’t feeling so hot. I kicked their asses and now they’re in jail. They’d better hope that none of the other prisoners finds out that they got beat up by a girl.”

“Wow,” said Paul, impressed. He stared at her for several seconds, then said, “Can I ask you something? How did you learn to fight so well?”

“Well, I grew up in a rough neighborhood,” she began. “My dad walked out on us when I was six. My mom always said that women should know how to take care of themselves. She was a martial-arts expert and she taught me how to fight. Whenever I saw a bigger kid beating up on a smaller kid, I’d intervene and…”

There was a sudden knocking on the door. “Police!” came a voice. Christina talked briefly with the police. The cops then looked for Mr. Allen, but were informed that he was not available. After that, they questioned David, but he didn’t tell them anything. After questioning several employees, none of whom seemed to know where Allen had gone, the police left to see if they could find Allen anywhere.

After they had gone, Christina pulled Paul into her office and closed the door. “I watched the cops as they were questioning people,” she said. “And I noticed something. Jessica, that slutty girl who works in the front office, was very nervous when she was being interrogated. I’ve suspected for a while that the little whore’s been sleeping with Allen. I bet she knows where he is. If you see her do anything strange, keep an eye on her.”

A few minutes later, Paul noticed Jessica slip off. Making sure that she didn’t see him, he followed her. She went into an empty meeting room and closed the door. He walked up to the door and listened. He heard her on the phone. “Yeah, the cops were just here,” Jessica was saying. “I didn’t tell them anything, and neither did David. I’m pretty sure they don’t know what you’re up to.” A pause of several seconds, then, “Sure, I’d love to join you. You can get them to let me go for today? Great. I’ll be right there. Bye.” Paul quickly walked off before the door opened. He hurried to tell Christina what he’d heard.

“Let’s follow her,” said Christina. She handed him her car keys. “Go out and start the car, honey. I’ll be right out. I just have to make sure that David doesn’t get suspicious.”

Paul took the keys and turned to leave, then stopped suddenly. “Should we call the cops?” he asked.

“I think we both want to have the satisfaction of getting Allen ourselves,” answered Christina. “We can call the police after it’s all done.” Noticing the nervous expression on Paul’s face, she added with a wink, “Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll be there to protect you.” This remark brought a smile to Paul’s face, as well as an erection underneath his pants. Covering his woody with his briefcase, he hurried out to the parking lot.

Christina darted back into the lab. Making sure that no one saw her, she grabbed David by the neck. “You’ve lucked out for a little while,” she said. “Some company big shot wants to have an emergency meeting with me. But don’t think you’re off the hook. You’d better be a good boy while I’m gone. Remember what I told you. If you try anything funny, I’m going to kick your ass really bad in front of everyone and really humiliate you.” She ran off, leaving David in the lab with a scared look on his face.

After making quick and clever excuses to her boss for both herself and Paul leaving, Christina hurried out to the car. The engine was running, and Paul was sitting in the passenger seat with his briefcase on his lap. “Jessica’s just leaving,” he said. Pointing, he added, “That red car right there is hers.”

Giving Paul a quick kiss on the cheek, Christina followed Jessica out of the parking lot and through the streets, taking care to stay far enough behind so she wouldn’t get suspicious. After about twenty minutes of driving, the red car pulled into the parking lot of a hotel. Jessica got out and went inside the building. Christina and Paul followed at a distance. Jessica walked quickly through the hotel lobby towards the back of the building, where the meeting rooms were. She knocked on one of the doors. It opened and she slipped inside, closing the door behind her.

Christina and Paul walked up to the door and listened. “Don’t underestimate her, Red,” a voice that was recognizable as Mr. Allen’s was saying. “She may be a little blonde girl, but she’s got kung-fu skills or whatever you want to call them. She beat up my nephew, and she probably beat up the two guys I sent after her yesterday. When you go to collect from her, take at least four men, and make sure they’re good men. Men who know how to fight. Even Little Miss Kung-Fu won’t be able to handle that.”

“Relax, Mr. Allen,” came a gruff voice. “When you hire Red, you hire the best. I have a good crew ready. We’ll take care of everything. Tonight, if you want it. Just make sure you have the money ready.”

“It’ll be ready,” came Allen’s voice. “Tonight will be great. I know where she lives. Here’s the address.”

A female voice was heard, presumably Jessica’s. “I’ll be happy to see her get taken down a notch,” she said. “She thinks she’s so smart.”

Christina opened the door and calmly walked into the meeting room, Paul right behind her. He closed the door behind them. The three people who were already in the room stared at the newcomers in shock.

William Allen, a large, ugly man with graying hair, was seated at the far end of the meeting table. On his left was a big, rough-looking man with red hair. On Allen’s right was a slender, athletic-looking brunette who was wearing a blouse that showed a lot of cleavage.

“How the hell did you find us here?!” shouted Allen angrily.

“Oh, we have our ways,” said Christina. She tossed her long blonde hair in a dramatic fashion. “You disappoint me, William. First, your wimpy nephew gets his butt kicked by me. Then, those two thugs you sent after me last night also get their butts kicked by me. Now, I catch you in the act of hiring ol’ Red here and planning to send even more thugs after me. If you have a problem with me, why don’t you get the balls to confront me on your own?”

“Watch your mouth, blondie,” growled Allen. “People like you need to be put in their place. You should have just done as I said when I told you to give that promotion to David. Now look at the mess you’ve gotten yourself and your wimpy boyfriend into.”

Christina advanced on Allen threateningly. Red pulled out a gun and pointed it at her. “Not so fast,” he said.

Allen grinned evilly. “It’s over, girlie,” he said. “You and Mr. Weakling over there had better start writing your resignations right now, or else you’re both dead. Get to work.”

Paul suddenly turned off the lights. The meeting room had no windows and was plunged into complete darkness. Loud, angry shouts came from Allen, Red, and Jessica.

Red pointed his gun around wildly in the darkness. Suddenly, a pair of booted feet impacted with his head as Christina performed a flying kick. Red flew backwards and crashed against the wall, his gun sailing loose.

Allen, meanwhile, had managed to reach the light switch and turn the lights back on, revealing the current scenario in the room. Christina was standing in a fighting stance, fists ready. Red was seated against the wall, holding his head in a daze. Paul was standing in a corner, while Jessica was still seated at the meeting table. With a loud roar, Allen charged Christina. She responded by doing a powerful spin kick that hit her opponent in the head. With a grunt of pain, Allen fell to the floor.

Jessica saw that Red’s gun had slid under the table and started towards it. Paul saw her and tripped her to the ground. She let out a string of curses and kicked him in the groin. Paul screamed in pain and fell to the floor, clutching his injured family jewels. Jessica got up and stood over him, laughing. However, her laughter was suddenly interrupted when she was tackled by Christina. “You slutty ho,” said Christina angrily as she punched Jessica repeatedly in the face. Christina looked around and saw that Red was getting up. “I’ll finish dealing with you later, bitch,” she said as she gave Jessica a final punch and turned her attention to Red.

Red pulled out a knife and advanced on Christina. Just when he was about to attack, she suddenly did a lightning-fast kick that sent the knife flying out of his hand. He growled and swung a punch at her face. She ducked and socked him in the gut. She then grabbed him and headbutted him, sending him backwards. He bumped hard into the wall.

Allen had now gotten up and was trying to sneak up on Christina from behind. She knew he was coming, however. When he got close enough, she launched a powerful back kick that sent him stumbling backwards. Spinning around, she kneed him in the family jewels. Allen clutched his wounded groin and fell to the floor screaming in pain. He tried to get up, but was knocked back down again when Christina’s knee smashed into his face. She then delivered a brutal kick to his head that knocked him out and shut him up.

Red shook his head to try to clear the dizziness from it. He picked up a chair and raised it as if he was a wrestler on WWF Smackdown. He swung the chair at Christina, who ducked under it, then kicked him hard in the chest. He sailed backwards and dropped the chair. Christina launched a roundhouse kick that hit Red in the head, then fired a flurry of strong punches into his face. He moaned and stood there shakily. Seeing that Paul was watching her from his position on the floor, she winked at him and performed a standing back handspring, kicking Red. He fell to the ground.

She looked around. Paul and Jessica were both lying on the floor, Paul still clutching his groin and Jessica shaking her head dizzily. Allen was out cold. Red was starting to get up again. Christina calmly waited for him to finish standing up, then launched a vicious high kick that slammed into his jaw. Red fell to the floor face first, and stayed there.

Christina walked back over to Jessica and sat on her (large) chest. She punched Jessica in the nose. “That’s for helping Allen,” she said. She punched her again. “And that’s for being a skank,” she said. She punched Jessica one final time, knocking her out. “And that was for Paul,” she said, with a determined look on her face.

Christina hurried over to Paul, who was just now sitting up. She helped him to his feet. “Are you all right, honey?” she asked, a concerned look on her face.

“I’ll live, I guess,” he said. “And I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” she asked.

“Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help,” he answered, staring glumly at his shoes. “I guess Allen and his thugs were right. I am a wuss.”

Christina gave Paul a tight hug. “You have nothing to be ashamed of,” she said. “You did great. You turned off the lights. You stopped Jessica from getting to the gun. And don’t let those guys make you believe that you’re a wuss. They’re the wusses, because they’re the ones who got beat up by a girl.”

Allen, with a groan, shook his head and opened his eyes. Paul took out his cell phone and called the police, while Christina picked up Red’s gun and pointed it at Allen, who was smirking. “You don’t got nothin’ on us,” he said. “Johnny and Slick, if they’re in jail, ain’t gonna talk. When the cops get here, I’ll just say that you were the ones who assaulted us. It’ll be our word against yours. We’re gonna walk.”

“I don’t think so,” said Christina. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a tape recorder. “I’ve got everything you said right here on tape,” she grinned. “Even your big-shot high-priced lawyers won’t be able to get you out of this one.” Allen looked as if he was about to pee in his pants. Christina and Paul looked at each other and laughed.

Red and Jessica woke up a few minutes later. A few minutes after that, the police arrived to find Christina holding three very depressed-looking criminals at gunpoint.

Allen, Red, and Jessica joined Johnny and Slick in jail. As for David, he didn’t last long at the company without his uncle’s protection. He was soon fired for incompetence and eventually ended up working at McDonald’s.

Paul retained the promotion to the main lab that he rightfully deserved. Christina so impressed the company’s board of directors with her actions that she was given Allen’s old executive position.

Christina and Paul hugged each other after receiving news of their promotions. She then gave him another long kiss on the lips, as Paul smiled blissfully.


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