The Amazon Barmaid (JIMP#8)

Amazon barmaid Cynthia destroys 2 men sent to silence Jim with her powerful muscles

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

Gene Eneg Bilbrew’s amazing Iron Woman was the inspiration for Cynthia.

(c)JIM P 1995
The man crashed through the undergrowth, the sound of his own heavy breathing loud in his ears. His legs felt like lead, his lungs burning with exhaustion. He heard the sound of the dogs close behind him, barking with excitement as they hunted their prey. Not far behind them would be the horses ridden by the aristos. Pain shot through his calve as one dog sank its fangs into him, another leaps up clamping its teeth firm around his arm. He falls to the ground and the pack is upon him. The game-wardens pull the dogs of the bloody but still living human mess. The tall balding middle aged prince handed his rifle to his pre-teen son. “It is ur.. time for your ..ur..first kill”. The tall beautiful blonde rode up snatching the gun away from her son “I won’t have my son involved in this barbaric sport”. “Its okay mama they are only animals. The sub-humans don’t feel a thing. Thatcher taught us that we are the herdsmen and we must cull the unemployed” She was about to retort when her mobile phone rang. She was about to ignore it when she saw the “privacy” light flashing. Someone was calling encrypted. Let the Americans protest, she’ll be damned if she will hand over her private key to held in escrow. She moves away for privacy and answers the phone “Ya, D”. “H here. Jim P has taken the bait. I’ll keep an eye on him”. “No you will leave the country for central immediately, I want no trails. o.k.”.”o.k. ya. bye”. A shot rang out, the wretched unemployed man was put out of his misery.

“Would you care to comment on the allegations, Councillor Cole ?” Frank McIntosh, editor of the local paper asked. “No comment” Reginald Cole replied rushing up the grand staircase to the entrance of county hall. I followed Frank. Cole entered the building and our way was blocked by a large brute of a man. He was over 6′, a large muscular build and a scarred face “No entrance for the public” he grunted. “This is a public building. The public have the right to attend council meeting” I said. “Wanna try it ?” he replied raising his fists. We decided against this and walked back down the stairs.

Walking back to Frank’s car we met Councillor Jack Smith. He was an opposition councillor who had previously paid me to undig dirty dealing in Cole’s ruling party. We told him about not being allowed in to a council meeting. “Sorry chaps, but it’s that bastard Cole. The sooner he’s voted out the better, but he always seems to stay in power”. I explained to him how I had some new leads that might expose Cole. “I’ll pay any necessary expenses. It’s about time that bugger was nailed. He’s too clever by half in covering his tracks. Nail him good, Jim, expose him to the public so he can’t hide behind his friends in high places”. We said our goodbyes and he went off to the meeting.

“Are you a member of the Ireland Conservative Club ?” I asked Frank. “Of course, I am a member of most clubs in this area where the influential and newsworthy go. Why do you ask?”he replied. “Oh its just something Bobby found the other day. It might be nothing but anyway I fancy a drink”. “Nothing to do with the fact that Cole’s a regular ?” Frank asked. “I honestly didn’t know that Frank. Let’s go then. Maybe some of the regulars can shed some light on his activities”.

We drove out to Ireland, a small village a few miles from Bristledown Manor. Frank signed me in as a guest under the snobbish glare of the doorman and then we headed for the bar. The bar was a in long room. At the far end was a stage used for whatever functions they had there. In the middle was a large dance floor, surrounded by tables and leather backed seating. About a dozen people or so were currently seated drinking and chatting. The bar itself was long and well furnished.

The barmaid came over to us on the other side of the bar. She was a mature stern looking woman, probably in her early fifties. She had short white curly hair, a severe face with a double chin. Her eyes were grey and bright, and her nose was thickish. I guessed her height to be around 5′ 8″ with a squat powerful looking build that intrigued me. Her neck was thick and tapered out to a very broad set of shoulders covered by the loose black jacket she wore. It could have been padded but I was certain they were the real thing. Her upper torso tapered dramatically from her wide shoulders to a medium sized waist and out again in a wide hourglass figure. A low cut white blouse revealed that she was quite well endowed. “Can I help you gentlemen” she asked. “Two pints of Whetherreds please” I replied. She fetched the glasses and pulled our pints. I gave her the money and she walked to the back of the bar to the cash register. This gave me a chance to look at the back of her legs. She wore a knee length black skirt and very high heeled black shoes. Sheathed in very fine meshed black fishnets were the largest most awesome looking calves I have ever seen. They must have been at least 19″ of sheer muscle flaring out in dramatic contrast to her slender ankles. I am amazed at how such a straight laced woman could develop such huge muscular calves. They seem bigger than my former landlady when I was at university (JIMP#1). I wish I could see if her thighs were as well developed as her calves. I must admit that I find something terribly erotic about women with muscular calves, sometimes causing my downfall (JIMP#1 & #2). It really turns me on to watch their calves bulge and bunch up as they walk.

I heard Frank say something but I was too distracted. She turned and approach us again with my change then went off to serve another customer. “I’m sorry Frank, I didn’t quite catch that” I said. “What’s this all about Jim?” he repeated. “What do you know about Lady Helen Windthorpe?” I asked. “Not much. She came back from India after parents died about 10 years ago. Keeps herself pretty much to herself, but there’s been rumours that’s she into S&M and some strange Asian religion”.

“Any relationship with Cole?” I asked. “Not that I know of. He hardly seems her type. She’s very stuck up with a superiority complex. Doesn’t like us lower classes much” he told me. “I have a copy of a dossier she has on Cole.” I told him “Copies of newspaper articles, council minutes, that sort of thing”. “He’s up to all sorts but he never gets caught” Frank replied. “Cole diverted the town by-pass by several miles so it wouldn’t cross land owned by John Davison” I said. “The millionaire local arms dealer. Yes I know. Very secretive man. Friends in high places and all that”. “He also got the council to agree a million pound renovation grant to the owner of rundown riverside houses. The landlord – John Davison. He got the council to award a grant to a boy who failed all his exams to send him to Cambridge, when there were more deserving cases. The boy was Davison’s son. He also got the council to agree a million pound grant to a poor farmer who happened to be the same boy when he got kicked out of university.”

Frank introduced me to some of the regulars and we asked about Cole. The general consensus was that he was a crook and a scoundrel. “ah! used to own a small second hand car business you know. Suddenly he’s got four large garages selling new cars. Tax payers money I wouldn’t be surprised”,”That bastard took our village pond away from us. Claimed it as part of his own land. Turns out council never re-applied for it to be registered as public property. Convenient for him wouldn’t you say”. The opinions were along the same lines. Plenty of suspected misuses of power but no hard evidence.

While Frank talked some more people, I decided to chat to the barmaid “Do you know Councillor Cole?”. “He comes in here often, love” she replies. “I don’t think much of him though”. “Have you ever seen him with John Davison?”. “Not really. Davison’s very secretive. Hardly ever leaves his property”. Despite her fierce appearance, she was actually quite amiable. I ordered another pint. She pulled the pint allowing me to admire her ample chest and the deep cleavage on show. I then noticed the necklace dangling around her neck. It was an ebony figure of a large breasted Asian goddess with many arms and legs – exactly the same as what Lady Helen wore!. “Do you know Lady Helen Windthorpe?” I asked. “That stuck up cow!. No, never comes in here. Not posh enough for the likes of her”. “That’s an interesting necklace you are wearing. May I see it?” I asked. For a moment she seemed flustered then she changed the subject. “What’s your name love?. I haven’t seen you in here before”. “Jim, Jim Priest, and your name ?”. “Cynthia Parrish” she replies, “I’m only helping out here while the usual barmaid recovers from having a baby”.

“Cynthia …. I ..ur.. I noticed that you’ve got splendid calves. Do you do some kind of sport” I nervously asked. “I like to keep fit that’s all. They’re a bit too big for most men’s liking” she replies. “Not for me. I think they are very sexy”. “Why thank you” she replies. “I was thinking of staying quite late. Is there anywhere I can get a room for the night?” I asked. “Not around here, love. But.. er. since you seem like an admirer of Amazons, I’ll let you stay in one of the spare rooms upstairs next to mine if you like” she gave a knowing wink. I was caught totally off-guard. Maybe she is horny and fancies me, I think to myself. She may look like a bit of an old dragon but the thought of getting my hands on her large breasts and those calves aroused me. “Yes please..ur.. I mean if you don’t mind?” I said hoping not to sound too eager. “Not at all love, not at all”

Bob Allingsworth pulled his car up outside the club, switched off the engine and waited for his prey. He was looking forward to this. “Just frighten him off. He’s been asking too many questions and I don’t like it” Cole told him. Bob intended to do more than just frighten him off. He gave a wicked chuckle as he remembered sinking his large fists deep into his last victim’s face and the sound of his skull cracking. He didn’t build his body up to be bigger than anyone else not to be able to use his muscles for real. Lifting weights was all very well, but he preferred smashing people to a bloody lifeless mess with his muscles.

He waits and waits but there’s still no sign of him. He gets out of the car and approaches the club. “He’s going to spend the night with Cynthia” Jack the doorman tells him. “He must be desperate”. They both laugh. “Come back around midnight. I’ll let you in before I shut up”.
I helped Cynthia tidy up the bar and then followed upstairs, her huge calves bulging awesomely as she climbed the steps. She removed her jacket before showing me where everything was. As I followed her I could hardly believe the powerful shape of her back – broad shoulders tapering dramatically to her waist and out again to her hips. She showed me to my room to settle in “I’ll be back later love to see if there’s anything you want” she told me before leaving. Oh boy, what have I got myself into, as I thought about the prospect of seeing if her body was really as powerfully built as I suspected.
Bob followed Jack up the stairs. Jack unlocked the door with the skeleton key. Slowly he opened the door and seeing no-one around, entered. “You take the room on the left, and I’ll do the right”.

Bob entered the room to find Jim preparing for bed. “Who are you?” he asked. “I’ve come to show you what you get for sticking your nose in where its not wanted” Bob replied. He grabbed Jim by the arm and pulled him towards him. His fist lashed out into his. Jim fell back heavily against the wall. The man with the scar bends down and pulls Jim up by the collar and smashes his fist into his stomach.

Meanwhile Jack entered the other room. He stopped in amazement at what he saw. The old dragon of a barmaid is wearing a strapless black leather corset and fishnet tights with very high heels. She is facing away from him at an angle lifting a large dumbbell. Instead of being large and flabby as he always thought she was, her body is powerful looking. He stares in disbelief at the incredible contrast between her wide powerful shoulders, her waist and her hips, like an over emphasised hourglass. Her back is like a contour map, covered with muscle. Her high heels show off her large muscled calves and he can tell the shapely bulge at the back of her large legs is muscle. Her arms are thick, but not with fat, but with solid muscle, large biceps bulging as she pumps the weight. She puts down the weight, turns and notices him “oh! Jack you gave me a fright….how did you get in here?”. Just then there is the sound of thumping and bumping from the next room. “What’s going on in there?” she starts to walk towards him to get to the door. He sees a lamp on a dresser by the door, grabs it and raises it to smash down upon her head.

Despite her mass, her leg flashes out in a blur of motion and delivers a devastating kick to his stomach which is so powerful that it lifts him clean off the floor, sending him flying backwards to half bury him in the wall.

Badly winded and stuck in the plasterboard wall he watches her approach. She raises her arms and flexes a double biceps pose. He is horrified to see her thick arms solidify into two massively peaked biceps towering above her arms. At the same time, her breasts are raised up by her chest muscles, two large hemispheres of womanly flesh rising above the top of her corset. For some reason he finds the contrast arousing. but he hasn’t got time to dwell upon it. Reaching forward she pulls him from the wall by his arms and forces him to stand in front of her. He feels his arms being slowly forced downwards, forcing him to his knees.

He looks up in terror as she wraps her huge thighs around his head. He feels her flex and his skull feels like it would crack any moment. He puts his hands on her thighs, astounded at their sheer size. As she squeezes, he feels the muscles spring to life crushing him helpless. He screams at the sheer pain coursing through his skull. His head is throbbing in agony and he can’t open his eyes enough to see clearly. Flexing her huge thighs once more she crushes him into unconsciousness.

Bob smashed the chair that Jim Priest had been using for protection. “Now I’ve got you, you bastard” He didn’t expect Priest to put up this much resistance, and so was caught by surprise when the bedside clock radio smashed against his temple. He grabs hold of his victim and brings his arm back to smash him. “Pick on someone your own size” a female voice says behind him. He turns to see the barmaid standing in the doorway, hands on her hips and legs astride. Damn that Jack, surely he could handle a mere woman. As she walks towards him, he realises that she has a powerful looking build. He is no stranger to bodybuilding. He works out regularly himself. She looks more like a powerlifter than a bodybuilder he thinks. Thick muscle bulk, little definition. Recognising the danger he lets go of Jim and turns to face the woman “You better leave before you get hurt, you old battle-axe” he sneers.

He rushes at her and crashes into her body. She stands firm like an immovable rock. Their bodies press hard against one another, their hands locked in a trail of strength. Bob is astounded at how strong she is, she doesn’t budge an inch. He takes a glance at her arms and is shocked to see massive peaked biceps bulging under the strain. He tries with all his might to force her arms back, but he can’t budge her. Slowly he feels his arms being forced back no matter how hard he tries to resist. He tries to sweep her foot away with his leg, but she anticipates the move and locks his lower leg with her calf and trips him.

He looks up to see her standing over him, legs astride arms on her hips. “Tell me what you are doing here and you won’t get hurt” she says. That pisses him off, that’s his line!. He looks at the feet in front of him, high heels emphasising slim ankles flaring out to calves so large and muscular that most male bodybuilders would kill for. He starts to get to his feet “Great calves. You sure you’re not a man?” he sneers.

When his head is level with her middle he suddenly drives himself forward into her stomach only for his head to hit a solid wall of muscle and a grunt from her as she absorbed the impact. She pulls him up, spins him around and locks his head and neck against her body beneath her arm. He is shocked to feel her massive arms expand against his neck, crushing him in a brutal side headlock. He feels his throat constricted cutting off the air from his head. He can see stars & can hear the blood pounding in his ears as her massive biceps crushes into his skull. He grabs at her arms, feeling her large forearms and huge biceps, but he cannot budge them. He is starting to feel faint and his head hurts as her mighty arm crushes relentlessly into his skull. “I shall crush your skull like an eggshell” he hears her despite the blood pounding in his ears. Blindly he kicks out to his side and catches her on the shin. She is caught by surprise, giving him the break he needs to escape

Swiftly he wraps his arms around her neck “Now feel a real headlock you old bag”. He squeezes tight determined to wring her to death. She tries to twist her body to break the hold, but he moves with her to prevent her. “This will be the last time you mess with a real man, bitch” he sneers “It’s no use struggling. There’s no escape for you” he laughs. Suddenly she lurches forward throwing him temporarily off-balance. At that moment she bends her body forward, pulling Bob onto her back. But Bob won’t release his headlock. She heads towards the open door and swings his side into the door edge. Once, twice, three times he is slammed hard before he releases his grip and slides off her back to nurse his bruised side.

Determined not to be beaten by a woman, he moves cautiously towards and makes another grab for her head. However she moves inside his reach and wraps her huge arms around his mid-section in a bear hug, crushing him against her body as though he was a rag doll. He feels himself being lifted and his feet leave the ground. She slowly increase the pressure with her powerful arms, crushing his body against her large breasts. He squirms helplessly with absolutely no chance of escaping her deadly embrace. He puts his hands on her arms but all he can feel were her biceps swelling like grape-fruits from her thick arms. The power of her arms was frightening, he fears that his ribs and back will break at any moment. His back pops and cracks as she squeezes him in her Amazonian arms with such force that he can no longer inhale. He yelps as she gives a strong jerk against his diaphragm, squeezing the remaining air out of him. She increases the pressure further, he can hear his insides popping. Smiling at his discomfort she said “Not such the brave boy now are we?. Look how easily I can control you”.  Then with seemingly little effort, she jolts his body with a burst of pressure, pressing him tighter and tighter against her massive chest. He feels himself starting to go limp in her mighty arms. From somewhere at the back of his mind he draws upon the last reserves of energy he has and out of sheer desperation, draws his arms back, and brings his palms hard against her ears. “agh you bastard” he heard her. He repeated the blow twice more before she finally drops him, clutching her head in pain.

He lies on the floor breathing heavily to recompose himself. He recovers enough to pull himself a safe distance away from the woman so he can fully recover. After a few minutes he gets to his feet and sees her staring at him. “You better give up now boy, I’m much stronger than you and a far better fighter” she taunts.

He sees red and moves forward to take a swing at her face. She ducks, coming up to grab his arm with one hand. Her other hand is placed on the his shoulder of the arm she is holding and pushes down on it whilst twisting his arm with the other hand. Involuntarily he bends forward and she drives a fishnet clad knee hard into the pit of his stomach. The air rushes out of him as the side of her hand chops down upon the back of his neck. Then she forces him upright and swings his arm over her shoulder whilst she bends forward pushing her backside into his crotch. Bob sails through the air, his flight describing an arc as she holds on to his arms, to land heavily on his back.

Still holding his arm she lowers herself to his right hand side at right angles to his shoulder. She pulls his arm between her legs, bending her right leg at the knee pressing against his body while she bent his arm over it for leverage. Her left leg lies across him, his neck in the crook of her leg. She pulls his arm and he feels his chest being raised up forcing his neck tighter against her leg. She tightens the hold until he is choking. He tries to use his free hand to lift her calve but she tightens the hold further making resistance useless. “Why are you here?” she asks. He doesn’t answer and she tightens the hold choking him. “uurgh to silence…Priest urkk”. Just when he thinks he is about to pass out, she releases the hold and still holding his arm, forces him to sit. She twists his arm behind his back forcing him to his feet.

He kicks back and catches her shin allowing him to break her hold. He turns and slams his fist into her face. She staggers back under the impact. He follows her and punches her again in the face. She blocks the next punch and moves inside his reach to grab his collar in both hands. Raising her leg bent at the knee, she plants her foot in his stomach, leans back pulling him towards the ground on top of her. As she hits the ground, her legs straightens sending him flying head over heels over her to land heavily some feet away.

Bob knows how to fall. He comes to feet quickly and moves in to hit her again. She catches his arm, turns to put her side against his body and throws him over her hip to the ground. He dodges just in time as her high heel narrowly misses his throat.

He rolls and tries to get up but Cynthia catches his arm, pulls him back and wraps her mighty arms once more around his neck. Bob groaned under the awesome pressure as her biceps tried to expand into his throat. He drove his elbow back as hard as he could into her stomach. This caused her to loosen the hold enough for him to bend over, pick up one of her legs and pull her off her feet. Bob fell down on top of her driving his elbow into her middle. She sat up in response and he slugged her face. He then climbs on top of her and tries to spread her out in a grapevine press.

To his horror, he finds that he cannot force her hands to the ground. In fact, as she recovers from the blow she begins to bend his arms upwards. He can see her awesome peaked biceps straining hard. Neither can he force her legs apart with his, they are immovable. Suddenly she releases his hands and rolls him over getting on top of him. “Now I show you what a real grapevine press feels like, you wimp” she said. She forces his arms towards the ground. He pushes back as hard as he can, slowly but inevitably her biceps force his hands to the ground and pin him down. Her legs pull his legs wider and wider apart. He has always prided himself on his powerful legs which he works out just as hard as his upper body, but they are no match for her legs. “Argg no please you’re tearing my legs apart” he cries. “Cry baby, not man enough to handle a mere woman” she taunts as she pins him spread eagled on the ground, her thighs bulging enormously with power. He screams aloud with the pain in his crotch, he is certain she will pull his legs out of their sockets at any moment.

She releases him and stands up. Bob sees Priest approach and whisper something in her ear. She raises her arms and hits a double-biceps pose, large peaks of solid looking muscle rising from her arms. Her large breasts also rise with the pose. Priest feels her arms and kiss her passionately, the bulge in his trousers apparent. “Ugghh fancy getting the hots for an old trout with muscles. urgh you pervert” he sneers in disgust as he gets to his feet.

The two combatants collide once more in the middle of the room. Bob tries to catch Cynthia in a bear hold but she wraps her arms around his neck and threatens to pull it off. Then she slams her fist into his face causing him to drop her. They clash again, their bodies straining against each other. Their arms lock onto each others’ shoulders in a battle of strength. He can’t believe that she is holding him off. In desperation, he drives his knee into her crotch. As she nurses her pain, he gets behind her and slides his arms under her armpits forcing her arms out of dangers way and brings his hands around to the back of her neck. He locks his fingers and  presses down on her neck at the same time as pulling her shoulder back with his arms.

She takes a deep breath and spreads her lats. Amazed, he feels his hands being forced apart as her girth increases before him. Her broad back turns into a mass of rippling muscle as his hands are forced away from her neck. He tries to pull his arms through, but she traps them beneath her armpits. She takes hold of his hands and pulls him tight against her

She back him into a wall and then sweeps his legs away from under him still holding his hands. She lets him fall so that his face is behind her backside. Bob watched in horror as her ample backside moves back squashing his face deep into it. He was glad she was wearing that corset. For a moment he thinks she is trying to suffocate him. Then he feels her clench her buttocks. Her glutes turn into rock solid balls crushing his face with amazing irresistible pressure. He screams with the pain but his cries are muffled by her arse. She relaxes and then flexes her mighty glutes again and again, battering his face relentlessly.

She releases his face and arms, turns and asks “Had enough mister softy or do you want more ?”. “Piss off bitch” he spits, no woman is going to make a fool out of him. “Just wait till I get to my feet then I’ll teach you a lesson”. “Oh I can’t wait” she sneers. In anger he pulls her ankles away from under her and she falls to the floor. Bob leaps to get on top on her, but she brings her knees up in front of her so her feet are in his chest. She grabs his hands and straightens her legs. Shocked he watches helplessly as she lifts his body high off the ground with her legs. She hold him there, legs firm and solid. “Who sent you?” she asks. “Piss off bitch” he replies. She bends her legs at the knees lowering his body down towards her chest, then suddenly she straightens her legs and lets go of his hands. He goes flying back at high speed into the wall behind “orfff. You bitch, you’re dead meat”. He jumps on top of her, intending to pummel her into the ground. She brings her legs up and wraps them around his waist, her ankles locked. He laughs “You can’t hurt anyone like that darling, you…argg..”. Waves of pain shoot through his sides as she clamps down hard. Instinct brings his hands to her legs to feel her large thighs bulging awesomely with power. This can’t be happening he thinks, you need very strong legs to scissor someone from the front like this. He shouts out as she tenses her legs further. She was lying with her back on the ground scissoring him from the front while he was kneeling above her. She tries to straighten her legs more to increase the pressure. He can’t believe the power of her legs. Drawing in his concentration, ignoring the pain, Bob collects his senses and then lashed out smashing his fist towards the direction of her head. The blow catches her chin and she releases him.

He rolls over on the floor to put some distance between them before catching his breath and debating how he was going to beat this amazon. That’s what she was, a bloody amazon, no ordinary woman could make him work hard in a fight like that, let alone a man.

He watches in disgust as Priest gets to his knees and runs his hands up either side of her thighs and across their width marvelling at their girth and powerful shape. He starts kissing her thighs “Oh god you really turn me on”. Bob starts to laugh but stops when she tenses her powerful thighs and sees their awesome size. Priest starts to get to his feet kissing the flat stomach of her corset and over her large boobs. As he works his way up to her arms, she flexes a mighty, massive biceps which he kisses passionately. He takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately on the lips.

Bob gets up and moves towards the embracing couple. He pushes Priest roughly to one side and punches her in the stomach. His fist slaps hard against her firm stomach getting a grunt out of her. He punches at her face but blocks it and drives her fist in return towards his stomach. Bob tensed his abdominals to absorb the blow, but her fist smashes them
to jelly.

He sees her bend down, wrap her right arm around his neck and grab hold of his crotch with her other. Straight backed she partially rises lifting him until he is lying horizontal across her knees. She re-adjusts her grip, places one foot in front of the other and lifts him like a powerlifter high into the air above her head. Bob looked down in horror. Her thick mighty arms held him aloft steady as a rock. He gazed in dread at her thick sinuous forearms, the rippling bulk of her extended biceps and thick knots of muscle of her shoulders. From his elevated position he can right down the front of her corset at her ample chest but that gives him no pleasure. He can see she has her thick strong legs wide apart. Then she lowers him down across her broad shoulders and slowly raises him again. “I like a good workout” she states as she repeatedly lowers and lifts him. He watches with fright as her pumped up biceps become even more rugged and powerful looking.

She lowers him to her brawny shoulders once more and turns him so he is facing backwards. He looks down and gasps at her formidable triceps forming a diamond-shape. He can see her ample but strong buttocks, tight and round, and her huge calve muscles. “Who sent you ?” she asks. “Go screw yourself” he replies. W .. H… A…. M….!. She had swung her upper body round, smashing his face into the wall. He can feel blood gushing from his nose and mouth. “Who sent you ?” she repeats. She swings her torso again, smashing his face once more hard against the wall, blood splattering everywhere.

Suddenly she brings his body down fast in front of her. Bob feels as if he is falling fast but suddenly she stops him. He feels one of her knees press into his back. “I could have broken your back now tell me” she demands. “No- one” he mutters. “Liar” she states and drops him the rest of the way onto the ground. Grabbing him by the neck, she picks him up and slams him face first into the wall.

She catches him on the rebound, wraps her arms around his waist, lifting him up on to her hip so he was horizontal. She walks to the wall and dove forward, pulverising his face once more.

Bob tries to loosen her hold around his middle and manages to bend back one finger. “arrrg” she drops him to the floor. He looks up to see her standing over him. beckoning with one finger to get up. She raises one arm and flexes. He gulps as an awesome bulge of muscle grows from her arm. She repeatedly tenses and relaxes her arm, pumping it up, it seems to grow bigger and bigger each time. She bends down to pick him up again and he kicks out at her stomach. There is a solid thud as the toe of his shoe encounters solid muscle under her corset

Bob gets to his feet and drives a punch at her middle. It connects with her solid stomach, and she grunts again. Before he can pull his arm back she catches it. “I’ll fix you” she utters through gritted teeth. Stepping behind him, she bent his arm back. Bob tries to go with the motion, but he finds that he can’t. With her other hand on his shoulder, she twists his arm up high behind his back forcing him to the ground. There is a loud cracking noise and Bob screams as intense pain shoots up his arm.

“Who sent you?”. “nnn-n fuck you” he stutters. She shoves his head between her thighs so he is looking behind her. She then bends and wraps her arms around his waist and lifts him until he is upside down with his head trapped painfully between her awesome thighs. “Who sent you?” she demands. Bob feels her mighty arms crushing his waist at the same time as her powerful thighs crush his skull. He doesn’t know which pain is worse. He can’t help from screaming in agony. “Tell me” she demands tightening her holds further. “o- k…o-k” he utters, barely able to get
the words out because of the dual constriction. “Who?” she demands tensing her legs and arms together. Bob feels like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed at both ends. “Cole .. Cole sent me”. She releases him and he collapses to the ground, panting heavily.

She gets to her knees and tries to grab him. Despite his broken arm, Bob tries to lever his upper body and good arm against her. He strains with all his might, but her upper body strength is too much and she forces him to the ground. She wraps her arms around his head and her thighs around his waist, then squeezes tight. Her arms are crushing his head and her thighs are crushing his middle. Frantically he grabs her legs, only to feel them bulge to unreal size as she applies another burst of power. He screams aloud, it feels as her legs are cutting him in two, whilst at the same time trying to twist his head off his neck. He feels her tense her body, then an awesome surge of power flows through her
arms and legs. “He didn’t stand a chance” she utters as Bob’s body goes limp.
The Police had left with our assailants. I persuaded Detective Michael Jenkins that we will come to the station in the
morning for questioning and if he could keep the presence of the two quiet for now.

I went back to my room and removed my night-gown and once more prepared for bed. The door opened, standing in the door was Cynthia, stark naked except for her high heeled shoes. Slowly she raised her arms and flexed her massive biceps, her breasts rising at the same time. My cock instantly went stiff at the sight. I approached her and ran my hands over her biceps “oh god you really turn me”. Suddenly she lifted me up and carried me over her shoulder to her bedroom and lowered me to the floor.

I looked up to this amazon standing astride me, hands on her hips. Tentatively I reached a hand towards her ankle and caressed her shin up from the slim ankle that tapered out to huge heart-shaped calves. “Oh, Cynthia, your calves drive me wild” I told her. I was getting really turned on now and wanted to worship this amazing woman. She walked over and laid on the bed. “Worship me, little man” she demanded. I quickly removed my pyjamas and lay down at her feet working my upwards with my kisses and caresses. She couldn’t wait she leant forwards and pulled me up towards her spreading her legs wide apart. She took my stiff cock in one hand and thrust it into her. She then wrapped her legs around my waist. I started to thrust uncontrollable with wild abandon but she clamped down with powerful vagina muscles. In amazement I felt her strong internal muscles caress my manhood running up and down it like a tight mouth giving me a blow job. I felt as though I was about to come, but she stopped me by applying one set of muscles and then got me going again with another. “Only a true amazon can perform the ultimate domination of men – sexual  domination” she tells me. It felt as though she was keeping me going for ages until she finally climaxed. As she did so, she tensed her legs, crushing my chest tight in her mighty thighs. The pressure was unbearable and I started to pass out with her wild screams of pleasure sounding distant in my ears.

I came around, my chest sore. “I haven’t finished with you yet” I heard her say. She grabs my head between her immense thighs, face up. She sat up and flexed her enormous upper body, knowing the sight would arouse me. She pulls me forward with her legs forcing me to get to my knees. She slides me into her and again blows my mind with her amazing sexual muscles. She keeps me on the brink for what seemed an eternity before she climaxes, straightening out her legs crushing me out once more.

I come to find her lying next to me. She began flexing her enormous arms, clenching her fists and started squeezing her arms upwards. Her biceps swelled dramatically and I run my hands over it getting aroused once more. This time she gets on top on me and rides me over and over until I am absolutely exhausted. I can only lay there as I feel extremely ill – my heart is pounding rapidly in my ears and I feel out of breath and I can hardly move a muscle. “Remember Jim, a real Amazon is lethal in more ways than one. I could kill you sexually and no-one would be suspicious” she whispers in my ear as I drift into sleep, absolutely exhausted.

The prince screamed out loud. His wife’s sexy long but deceptively strong legs sheathed in sheer black stockings and suspenders crushed down on his balding head. “I’ll teach you for disobeying me” she says. He could feel her shapely thighs bulging with power under his hands as she increased the pressure. She held the hold tight until she felt him go limp between her thighs, then released him to head for the gym and another work-out.

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  1. The spouse and also I definitely really like your blog in order to find bulk of ones post’s to become just what I’m searching for. can you present guest copy writers to write down articles for you?


    1. If you mean put up your stories, I’d rather you set up your own WordPress site and I can include a link. If you mean suggest ideas for my stories, then I do welcome these, however I cannot guarantee that I will be able to use them or when. I have also had difficulties in the past trying to work with others who have had ideas. You can contact me on


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