Wrestling my Little Sister (BOBP#1)

Bobby is humiliated wrestling his powerful younger sister in his garden then again in front of the whole school

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

The story about him and his sister Jackie came about due to postings on alt.amazon-admirers from news articles about parents worried about their eldest son because their young daughter was a gymnast and working out with weights and getting stronger than their older brother. I just thought what if I were in his place and found that I liked women with muscles?  I wouldn’t get away with writing a story like this nowadays and there are a few edited versions I had to do to pass the censors. This is the original.
(c)JIM P 1995
This story takes place following the events in JIMP#6 where 14 year old Bobby Priest, whilst trying to help his private detective father Jim, encountered Lady Helen Windthorpe, the Dominant Horsewoman.
Saturday had come again which meant escape from school and time to muck about with my mates. It was an unusually warm autumn’s day, probably the last before the cold bite of winter makes its presence felt. Mum had been a bit overprotective recently following my run-in with the legs and feet of Lady Helen [JIMP#6]. She made it clear that she didn’t want me straying to far from the house. Well sod that, I’m 14 not a kid like my 12 year old sister.

Mum and Dad had gone out shopping at Milton Keynes, mum wanting to finish off Christmas shopping before the prices got hiked up. I was told to stay in the house and look after Jackie. However I reckoned she would be alright on her own. My mates ‘Superrod’ Johnson and Chris Moye had come over to the house and we were about to go out and lark about.

“Right I’ll just tell Jackie we’re off and then we can go” I told them walking into the garden where my kid sister was practising her gymnastics. Jackie had been doing gymnastics for many years now and she was by far the best in the local team, competing in regional and national competitions.

She was about 5’1″ with long golden hair currently tied back with a red ribbon into a ponytail, blue eyes, a small slender nose and a small mouth that smiled a lot. She was very pretty, even I had to admit that. Superrod said “Hang about Bobby, there’s no rush, we don’t need to go just yet”. I turned around to face him and saw he was watching my sister “She’ll be a right babe when she grows up. Ooh what a bod!”.

She stood with her back to us, preparing for some exercise. Her body was tight and athletic. Broad shoulders tapered slightly to her waist and out to her curving hips. The leotard she wore was cut disgustingly high (I thought) and did nothing to hide her round tight buttocks, glutes hardened by years of competitive level gymnastics. “Cor what an arse. I wouldn’t mind getting up there” Superrod muttered. “That’s my kid sister you’re talking about!” I said. I looked back to see her bending over and touching her toes showing virtually all her buttocks atop her slender legs the backs of which were quite muscled. I had to admit the sight was sexy and felt aroused, reddening in embarrassment that my own kid sister could have this effect on me.

She straightened up and raised herself onto her toes. Her well toned calves exploded in solid diamonds of muscle. She lowered herself and turned sideways on to us and started limbering up her arms which rippled and swelled with muscles I didn’t know she had. I was shocked to see that the skin-tight Lycra was almost translucent showing clearly the outlines of small swellings of her young but maturing breasts with her nipples jutting out. It also showed her well developed abdominal muscles like an iron grid etched across the tight fabric of her leotard.

Raising her right leg she stretched it out in front of her at 90 degrees to her body keeping it straight all the time. “Great legs. I’d bet she’d look good in a mini skirt and high heels” Chris muttered. I had to agree, with her leg stretched out like that I noticed how shapely they were – sensuous curves along her calves, and the front and back of her thigh. Her outer thigh bulged that for a moment reminded me of Lady Helen and her leggy embrace.

Without touching it to the ground, she swung her leg right back, caught it with her hand and pulled it right up behind her back in a amazing display of suppleness. As she did this, I noticed the leg biceps at the back of her leg bulge large and strong. I felt my dick stiffen and brought myself out of my trance. What was I doing? ogling my kid sister!. I turned to the others “Come on let’s go”. They were transfixed, bulges very evident in their trousers!. “Come on let’s go” I repeated.

I looked at Jackie’s face and she smiled at me mischievously. “ooorrh look at that” Chris moaned as she lowered herself slowly to the ground doing the splits. The skin tight fabric of her leotard moulded itself into her slit. I couldn’t take my eyes of her crotch as she got lower and lower. With her back straight, her legs got wider and wider apart in an astonishing display of  suppleness, balance, and control. “orrhhhh” we moaned.

Smiling sweetly she spoke in her soft childlike voice “Oh hi boys I didn’t see you standing there. I see you liked that, you’ll love this”. She placed her hands on the floor and raised her body until it was held aloft by her straight arms. She swung her legs forward, spread wide apart, presenting her crotch fully for us. “orrrh my god” I moaned, my erection becoming uncomfortable as it strained against my trousers.

Trying to look like little miss innocent she lowered herself to the ground and told us “glad you liked that. What about this?”. She turned her back to us and laid down. Slowly she raised her body and her long shapely well toned legs together in perfect unison until they pointed to the sky, supported only by the back of her neck and her arms. She spread her legs wide and slowly started to lower them until they were at right angles to her body, once again giving us full view of her barely covered crotch. She lowered her legs further, still spread wide until her feet almost touched the ground. Her legs forming an inverted V in front of her, her crotch openly on display not to mention her lovely tight buttocks.

“oooohhh gooddd” Chris moaned loudly, a wet patch spreading on the front of his trousers. He rushed into the house to clean himself up, face red with embarrassment. Superrod’s massive bulge after which he got his nickname was twitching in his trousers like a small tent. “Ohh God, Bobby, if only she was older” he too went into the house to relieve himself.

“Don’t you want to go to the bathroom too?” Jackie asked, all sweetness and light. I faced her. She was standing again. “I’m disgusted at the way you flaunt your body like that?” I told her. “Like what Bobby?. I don’t know what you mean?” she replied innocently.

“You know what I mean” I retorted. “Do mean this?” she said as she stood astride, raised herself on tiptoes and went into a semi-crouch. Each leg turned outwards from each other, her calves and inner thighs bulging drawing my attention to her wide open crotch fully presented to me through that near translucent leotard. It was more than I could bear “nnnngh nnngh nnnnghh” I shot my wad into my trousers in three massive spurts. Red-faced I entered the house to clean up, my not-so innocent little sister laughing behind me.
I emerged from the bathroom. Superrod and Chris were waiting. “Are we going or what?” Chris asked. “Yeah, I’ve just got to tell Jackie then we’re off” I replied as we went back downstairs. “Man, you’re sister needs a good seeing to” Superrod said. Shocked I told him “Leave off!, she’s my kid sister. She’s not even a proper teenager yet”. “Some kid sister” he replied as we entered the living room.

Jackie was sitting at the dining table sipping a can of drink. I walked over to her and told her “We’re just going out for a while, okay?”. “No it’s not okay. Mum said we were to stay in the house” she replied tartily. “Well tough, I’m off out” I snapped. “And I’ll tell mum” she said. “You do and you’re in dead trouble” I said getting angry, shaking my fist at her. “Ooooh I’m really scared. I’d make mincemeat out of you just like that upper class woman did to you” she sneered. “Sssh shut up about that. You don’t tell mum and dad that I’ve gone, right?” I told her. “Oh boys, want to know who really beat up Bobby?” she shouted. “Shut up kid!” I hissed angrily. “I’m not frightened of you. Let’s arm wrestle for it” she said out aloud.

“You what!” I said surprised. “You heard. Let’s arm wrestle. If you win, you can go out and I won’t say a word. If I win, then I can choose a forfeit for you. Agreed?” she said smiling sweetly. I was stunned, I didn’t know what to say – my own little sister seriously suggesting we arm wrestle!. Superrod said “come on Bobby get it over with and lets get out of here”. I looked at the tight bunched muscles in her arms from all that weight training she did, but what the hell, I’ll have no problem beating a 12 year old girl “Yeah okay” I said confidently.

We cleared a place on the table. Due to its width we had to face each other diagonally across one corner. We brought our right arms together, elbows touching, wrists vertical and locked fists. Her hand was a bit smaller than mine and her arm was a bit shorter, so she had to put her left hand under her elbow so she could reach high enough. I was surprised at how firm her grip was. I looked at my sister’s oh so pretty face, for a moment getting lost in her lovely blue eyes. Superrod was right, she was turning into a real babe. She gave a little pout and then smiled sweetly “Ready to be beaten big brother?” she asked. “You don’t stand a chance” I replied.

We each drew a deep breath and began: This is going to be easy I thought to myself as I started to push against Jackie’s arm. However her arm was going nowhere. I could see the tendons in her wrist stand out as she withstood me as I tried to budge her. “You can start anytime you like” she said smiling as I strained against her. That pissed my off and I pushed with all my might. Still her arm did not move. Then it did move, but not in the direction I wanted!. Slowly she started to push my arm down. Straining hard, I tried to resist. I noticed how strong her forearm looked, slim at the wrists and wide at the base with veins popping out under the strain. Thick ridged bulges of muscle stretched the thin fabric of her leotard in a rather disturbing manner. “Going down” she said grinning at me.

I began to grunt and my arm trembled under the exertion. For a moment I managed to halt my arms’ downward progress at about 30 degrees from vertical. I tried to back her arm back, but it felt as if I was pushing against a iron bar. Straining with exertion she slowly began to push my struggling arm closer and closer to the table. No this wasn’t possible!, I couldn’t let this happen!, I couldn’t let my 12 year old sister beat me in front of my friends. No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop the inevitable. With a final surge of power, she slammed the back of my hand into the table top. “Bobby! what the fuck!” exclaimed Chris. “Jeez man!” Superrod uttered.

“Oh dear Bobby, little sister is stronger than big brother” Jackie jeered “now you have to pay the forfeit”. “Get stuffed, Jackie. You got lucky. Caught me by surprise that’s all.” I retorted “You’ve just got strong forearms from the weight training you do for your gymnastics. You need them to hang from bars and stuff that’s all. You wouldn’t stand a chance in a real fight”. “A gymnast could wipe out an untrained boy like you anytime” she replied “in fact .. I choose the forfeit and I choose .. we’ll wrestle.”

“Forget it shrimp” I replied laughing “Let’s go boys”. I got up from the table and started to walk across the room to the door. “I’ll tell the whole school how I beat you in arm wrestling” my sister said aloud. Hell! she would as well. Spinning to face her I told her “you shut up right or I’ll do you”. “Come on then big brother, let’s see who is the strongest. Let’s wrestle!” she shouted “We’ll do it in the garden on the grass. No submissions – that’s for wimps. Two knock-outs decides the winner “. If my mates weren’t here, I’d just ignore her, but she was making me look a wimp “okay you’re on. Let’s do it”. “Okay, but I’m going to change into my bikini, I don’t want to get this leotard dirty, I need it for competitions” she told me heading for the stairs “I think you should wear your bathing pants as well to make it fair”.

“Ok, she’s gone, let’s go” I said to the others. “What and miss the babette in her bikini. No way!” exclaimed Superrod.
I changed into a pair of red bathing shorts and went down into the garden. “Very snazzy Bob” said Chris. “wow get a load of that” Superrod uttered.

I turned around to see my younger sister limbering up in a small white bikini. Her body was childish yet athletic, sleek-sinewed, supple, and perfectly conditioned from years of competitive gymnastics. The slopes of her neck tapered out to wide shoulders capped with round hard muscle. Her arms were slender but showed signs of vascularity especially down the front of her arm and forearms. Her triceps also seemed quite pronounced. She had a broad back that tapered to her waist and out to her hips. Slabs of abdominal muscles were clearly visible in her firm flat stomach. Her outer thighs were quite thick and strong looking, unnerving me as I remembered how Lady Helen’s strong muscular legs crushed me helpless [JIMP#6]. Nevertheless she was my kid sister and I was sure I could beat her.

“Right let’s go” she said and crouched with her arms ready to grapple. I rushed at her intending to push her to the ground. Our bodies collided but she held her ground – it was like running into a brick wall. We were locked together again, arms straining as we fought for supremacy. I was astounded at how strong she fought. Back and forth we strained until Jackie tripped and we tumbled to the ground.

Jackie landed on her back and I nearly fell on top of her, landing on my hands and knees. Quickly I grabbed her hands and tried to push her them to the ground. She pushed back hard and I couldn’t budge them. I looked at her arms and was astounded to see her biceps bulging out of her slim arm like two small mountains. My arms trembled as I tried with all my might to pin her hands to the grass but her arms were unyielding. “It’s no use big brother, I’ve already shown that my arms are stronger than yours” she said in a strained voice as she resisted me.

She began to buck her body making it difficult for me to maintain my grip. Freeing her hands and reached up to wrap her arms around my neck, pulling my head down to her body. I was totally unprepared for the cords of steel-like muscle that bulged from her arms strangling me. I put my right hand out to her stomach to steady myself and felt in wonder the hard edged ridges of her abdominals. I tried to slap her stomach but it was like slapping a brick wall. I tried to pull her arms away and was shocked to find that everywhere I grabbed was silky-smooth flesh rippling with tautly flexed sinews. “I’m going to tear your neck right off your neck with my arms” she taunted as she tensed her arms so tightly that she cut off the air from my throat. I was desperate to breathe. “What’s wrong big brother ?. Little sister’s arms too strong for you?” she taunted. My head began to swim and my vision blurred as she choked me. My movements got weaker and I felt faint. I was desperate to find some way of releasing her hold. My right hand felt something jutting out from her bikini top – her nipple. Hating myself for what I was going to do, I grabbed her small breast, squeezed and twisted as hard as I could. “arggh. You bastard!” Jackie swore as she released her arms to pry my hand from her boob.

Gasping for air I rolled off her and tried to crawl away to put some distance between us. I heard her “I’ll make you pay for that. This was going to be friendly but now I’m going to crush and humiliate you so badly that you’ll wish you’d never been born”. Then she was upon me. Grabbing the back of my head she slammed it face-first into the grass. Kneeling astride my back, she grabbed my right arm and yanked it high up my back. “I’m going to pull your arm right out of its socket” she hissed.

“Arrghh!” I cried as my arm was pulled beyond comfort. “Higher higher” she yelled as she continued to pull it up. My arm was in so much pain that I really feared that she would really dislocate it if she continued. I tried to roll to my right to ease the pain, but she shoved her knee in the pit of my back and wrapped her other arm around my neck.

She pulled my neck back whilst she pushed into my back with her knee at the same time she tortured my arm. I heard her laugh “This is fun big brother. We should do it more often. I’m really getting a buzz out of thrashing you. Shall I break your neck or your back or your arm?”. I was choking under her arm, my shoulder, arm and back were in agony.

I tried to swing my left hand, curled into a fist behind me as hard as I could. A lucky blow caught her in the kidneys stunning her long enough to free my neck and arm. Using both arms on the ground, I pushed myself up to my hands and knees, dislodging the unwelcome passenger on my back.

She landed on her backside. I got behind her and wrapped my arms around her neck. “Now I’ll show what I do to naughty little bitches who are too sure of themselves” I taunted as she struggled to pull herself out of the head lock. She raised her body bent backwards in a bridge, supported by her legs bent at the knees. I held her neck tight and squeezed as hard as I could “Not so tough now are you little squirt” I said. Bending forward at the waist, she pulled me to her back. “There’s no escape little sister” I teased. With an almighty push with her legs, she straightened her body sending me toppling to the ground with my sister falling on top of me. She got up in a crouch, turned and did the splits on top of my astonished face. With her supple legs wide apart she pressed her crotch into my face smothering me. “I bet you wish you were in his position” she said aloud to Superrod. “Orhhh yes please” he replied. For a moment, I found it quite erotic. I reached up with my hands, marvelling over the contrast of her strong muscled yet sexy legs. “He’s getting a hard-on” I heard Chris say “Oh! that’s yer sister Bobby!”. Chris and Superrod laughed, I flushed with embarrassment and tried in vain to move her legs. “There’s no escape big brother” she said as pressed her crotch down really hard and started to grind it into my face. Air came in snatches as she moved around on my face. “This feels good” she remarked. I tried arching my body using my arms and legs, but my head was pinned by her body weight. “Keep still” she ordered, but I twisted and struggled so much that I finally managed to make it difficult to keep me pressed.

She jumped back onto my stomach. I raised my hands to push her off, but she grabbed them, leant forward and tried to push them towards the ground. With trembling arms, I pushed back stopping their descent. She raised herself up and added her body weight to the downward pressure, slowly my hands were pushed into the lawn. Laying her body on top of me, she locked her legs inside of mine. Due to her shorter height, this meant she had to move back a bit to lock her shins inside my calves.

This allowed me to push back her hands, but soon I had other things to worry about as I found my legs being pulled wide apart. “You’re going to do the splits big brother” she teased as I tried without success to resist. It was useless, her young gymnast’s legs effortlessly pulled me apart in a grapevine press. The pain between my legs was severe. “No, no, please you’re really hurting” I begged. “Oh dear, little girl make big boy cry with her strong legs” she taunted. She pushed even harder, her strong supple legs an irresistible force. “Arggh please you’re going to pull them out of their sockets” I cried as ligaments stretched to breaking point. “Flipping heck look at the way her thighs are bulging” I heard Chris utter in disbelieve. I didn’t need to look, I felt as if I was going to be torn apart up the middle “arghh, please Jackie please, I give I give”.

The pressure stopped and she released the hold. I sat up to massage my aching crotch. “Remember I said no submissions” I heard Jackie say. Before I could protect myself, her legs snaked out from the side to capture my neck. My neck was sandwiched under the back of her left thigh and the top of her right leg. She grabbed my left arm and pulled my head back to the ground. From my position I could see the back of her thigh and her small tight backside inches from my face. My throat was held tight between her calve and the back of her leg – and then she squeezed!. “arrkkk” my neck was savagely choked by her strong legs. Her leg biceps bulged irresistibly into my throat. My vision blurred and my head swam, it felt as if she was going to tear my head off.

She eased off the pressure and began brutally twisting my arm. She twisting it around, then held the elbow with one hand while she pulled my hand back with her other hand. She bent it back hard. “No please you’re going to break it” I begged “argh please Jackie arkkkk” she tightened the scissor hold preventing me from talking. “I tell you when you can speak. I control your body now” she said, the frightening thing was that it was true – my little sister had me helpless. I tried to grab her shins with my free hand but her legs were locked tight. She played with my arm, bending it to breaking point, then releasing the pressure and then bending it back again. “arkk arkkk” I tried to beg her to stop but her legs were too tight around my throat.

Once more I felt the fearsome leg biceps bulge instantly cutting off my air. She raised her body off the ground and squeezed my neck with a fearsome surge of power. I could feel the blood pound in my head and I could nothing but blurs. I tried to scream as I felt my throat on the verge of collapse and my head being torn off as her leg biceps bulged like a grapefruit with irresistible power. I didn’t stand a chance, within seconds I felt myself slipping away.
The next thing I remember was a cold splash of water against my face. I opened my eyes to see Chris and Superrod looking down at me. “Christ man, your little sister really put you away” Chris said “We thought you weren’t never going to come around”. Superrod helped me to my feet. “She does weight training for her gymnastics” I tried to explain. “Never mind Bobby, Tell her she’s won and let’s go” Superrod told me. “No way!” I said “That little bitch needs to be taught a lesson!”, I was furious, “No 12 year old girl makes a fool out of me!”.

Jackie was tumbling and leaping about on the lawn when she saw me. “Oh big brother is back from his little sleepy-weepy”. “Shut up talking like that. I’m going to make sorry you ever started this” I replied angrily. “You’re sure you’re man enough to take me?” she taunted as she raised her right arm and slowly flexed it. Her slender arm thickened and a rock solid biceps grew bulged out of her arm like a small mountain. “Think you can handle these?” she taunted. She raised her other arm and flexed a double biceps pose. I looked the amazing curves in her arms – slim wrists tapering dramatically to thick forearms, the deep arc of her triceps and the thick bulging biceps standing proud. Okay so I may not be the sporty type, but my 12 year old sister had bigger muscles than I had!.

She put her arms behind her head and flexed her abdominals – slabs of muscle stood out in bold relief from her stomach like a washboard. I was even more unnerved when she put out her right leg and flexed. “I’m going to crush you helpless between my legs” she said as her quads bulged ominously. She turned to the side and raised her left leg backwards. “Remember this?” she said as her large leg biceps bulged with the frightening power that had put me away so easily. “I’ll have you begging for mercy” she said “but I won’t show you any”.

I couldn’t back down now in front of my mates, but those muscles frightened me. I decided that I had to pin her and beat her quickly. Without warning, I rushed at her and caught her off balance. I fell to the ground on top of her and tried to get her into a body scissors of my own. However she struggled hard. We tussled on the grass straining against each other. I managed to get her in a headlock with my arms. “Say goodnight little sister” I taunted as I squeezed with all my might. Jackie lifted her legs into the air and showing great flexibility she brought them right up behind her head, bending herself double and slid her calves around my head. With her strong legs she started to pull my head forward then slid my head further between her thighs. With a sudden twist she slammed my head into the ground with her legs, my body falling head over heels to land on my back.

Jackie grabbed my legs and bent them towards my head using her body weight to press them down. “argh no no please Jackie” I cried in pain as she pushed my legs well past my limits of flexibility until my toes were touching the ground above my head. “Let’s limber you up a bit big brother” she taunted as she lay her body weight on the backs of my legs and started bouncing up and down. “No no god please no” I begged, but the little torturer was enjoying it too much to stop. She leant forward pressing my legs back until she was able to bring her face close to mine. “Kissy kissy” she said and pouted her lips. I saw my chance and I took it. I grabbed her hair in big clumps either side of her head and pulled hard.

“ow ow you cheat let go” she yelled as I tugged hard. As she moved back to try and get out of my reach, I was able to bend my legs back to normal, pushing her away. I tried to get to my feet, but Jackie rushed me from behind and pulled my feet from under me. I fell on my chest. Jackie grabbed my ankles, pushed them against the back of my thighs, and then sat on them. “No please Jackie get off” I begged. Jackie responded by grabbing my hair, pulling my head back and then seizing my neck in her hands. Then she started bouncing up and down “Giddy-up horsey” she yelled. “Argh no no please stop” I pleaded fearing she was going to break something. She pulled my neck back so hard that it my spine as it was bent back. “Please no no” I pleaded with tears in my eyes. “Oh you boring cry baby” she teased “Not putting up much of a fight are you?”.

Jackie got off me and moved by the side of my head. In fright I tried to get up in order to get away from her, but she was quicker. Her strong legs flashed out to envelop my head and squeeze tight. Grabbing my hair, she slid my head higher between her thighs then pulled it around to push it face first into her crotch. Despite myself, being pressed so close to her budding sex aroused me. “Oh look, big brother has a big hard-on for his little sister” she said aloud.

Raising her body up with her hands, she straightened her body and legs. I felt awesome power flow through her legs crushing my poor head. I never expected such awesome strength from such a little girl. I felt her silky thighs bulge with rock hard muscle as she squeezed tighter and tighter. My vision blurred and my face hurt as my cheeks and jaw were crushed in a humiliating show of pre-teenage female strength. My head swam as she brought me to the point of passing out. “Oh no you don’t” she said as she relaxed her hold long enough for me to recover before crushing down again with fearsome pressure. “Please Jackie please have mercy” I cried, tears streaming down my cheeks. I was in such pain I didn’t care who heard me, I just wanted the torment to end. “No mercy for you big brother mine” I heard her reply. However, she released my tortured head. I lay down on the grass and wept as an awful headache pounded through my skull.

“Get up cry baby” she ordered. “Leave me alone” I begged as I got to my hands and knees. I started to crawl away from her but she was having none of it. She jumped upon my back getting me in a head lock and pulled me to the ground, clamping her thighs around my waist. She pressed her body right into me, holding my neck tight in her strong arms and bringing her face close to mine. “You know I really enjoyed making you boys cream yourselves earlier.” she whispered in my ear “I loved the way you moaned Bobby. I want to hear it again”. She began to lick my ear then my face and the side of my neck . Despite myself I felt myself get aroused. I tried to pull away but I was held fast. A powerful squeeze constricted my stomach and back “argghh”. She held me painfully like that for about a minute, with me uselessly pawing her thighs feeling her living columns of steel crushing me so thoroughly. Her legs relaxed slightly and she continued to work my face and neck with her tongue. “Look he’s got a stiffy” said Chris “fancy getting a hard-on for your sister yeegh”. She twisted my head to look at her and kissed me firmly on the mouth, probing her tongue inside. I was helpless to resist and I felt myself get harder and harder. She moved down to my nipples and swirled her tongue around them. “Oohh no Jackie you mustn’t” I pleaded as she drove me insane with lust. More and more she licked. “Do you want me?” she asked. “oooh Jackie ooh god yes please”. “I don’t think the boys quite heard that” she said and then licked my face some more. “Yes yes I want you” I blurted aloud before realising with embarrassment what I had just done. I had just said out loud to my mates that I wanted to make love to my own sister and she’s so much underage!. I felt sick with myself.

Then she released my body from her leggy prison. Still holding my neck with her arms, she turned herself around and then replace the hold on my head with her legs. She lay front down on top of me, then slid her legs away from me until I was only held by her strong calves. I grabbed her calves and tried to pull them off my neck. I strained, sweat dripping off me and I thought I was starting to move them. She grabbed my legs and then sat back. I looked up to see her small tight arse descend onto my face!. Pulling on my legs she tried to bend me double, while I was struggling not to be suffocated by her shapely buttocks. “mmmph” my objections were smothered by her backside. Then she opened my legs and started pushing them out to each side forcing me to do the splits. “Mmmmm!” I tried to scream in agony but I got for my efforts was a mouth full of arse. Suddenly she clenched her glutes – it felt like iron balls were crushing my face between them. She relaxed and I panted for breath, then again her glutes tensed squashing my face. She held tight for what seemed an eternity and I started to blackout. She relaxed, dropped my legs, raised her backside and turned around to slap my face hard “Oh no you don’t. I’ve not finished with you yet” she said.

She leant over and started licking my ears and face again. Before I could react, she sat down in my lap. “Ohh what a nice bulge you have for your sister” she said. She started to gyrate and move around. “No please Jackie you mustn’t” I pleaded as her movements had an unnerving stimulating effect on my nether regions. “Why it’s its getting bigger brother dear” she said. “Please don’t do this Jackie” I begged, but she started rubbing her arse hard along my shaft under my shorts. “oohhh oohhh Jackie please noo” I moaned as lust overrode my reservations.

She slid back onto my stomach and I felt her hand slide inside shorts. “No Jackie please no” I begged. I tried to sit up tugging at her to try to stop her. She stretched out on top of me and wrapped her legs around my head in a vice-like grip. There was nothing I could do, I was powerless to stop my sister as she took my cock out from my shorts. The feel of it in her hands felt good.  “Isn’t it ugly” I heard her say as she started stroking it. A sudden warm wetness engulfed my cock. “NO!” I cried as I realised that she had taken it into her mouth. I groaned softly as she engulfed my shaft feeling her warm, wet, softness envelop it. “This isn’t right” I told her but one half of my brain was enjoying it and wanted more. She removed it from her mouth and started circling it with her tongue. She worked her way from tip to base to tip again – I had never felt myself get so stiff. “Mary Slater tells me that this is the way to enslave a boy” she told me between licks.

She kissed the tip and slipped her mouth down as far as the base of the helmet. “oohhh Jackie no you mustn’t oooohh” I groaned as she sucked away. Slowly she moved her head back and forth along my shaft – in and out, in and out. I was in rapture, I had never felt anything like this before. She settled into a slow, steady rhythm “ooooh Jackie ooooh you’re so good” I moaned. My breathing became more rapid and so did my sister’s movements. Involuntarily I moved my hips back and forth felt ready to come. She was now sucking it with vigour. “Cream him Jackie” I heard Chris tell her. I remembered we were being watched but she had me helpless to do with as she pleased.

“Oh god, oh god” I panted as I felt it coming. Suddenly she clamped her fingers around the base of my cock, preventing ejaculation. “Beg brother dear” she teased. She started giving little licks, each one driving me wild for release. “please please” I begged wanting release. She took it whole into her mouth again and I felt as if I was going to explode. “Please Jackie please” I begged. Finally, she released her hold and my cock exploded like a volcano. “nnnngh nnngh nngh” I moaned loudly as each spasm shot from my body. “Ice Cream, get it, I’se Cream” Chris joked. I suddenly realised that my sister had given me a blow job in front of my mates. My face went red with embarrassment.

Jackie released me from her leggy prison and turned around to sit on my chest. “I’m getting bored with this big brother” she told me “You’re such a wimp, you’re not giving me a good enough fight. I’m going to finish you now”. She lifted my head and clamped my neck between her thighs. She locked her ankles, raised and straightened her body and squeezed. “arrghh” I yelled as she crushed me helpless. I put my hands on her legs and felt the power surging through her lovely thighs. She swiftly twisted her legs from side to side, my neck forced to follow. My head was swimming and I couldn’t see clearly. For the second time that day my little sister put me away with her strong muscular legs.
That evening around the dining time was when I knew that Jackie was going to prolong the mental torture. As I looked at her sitting opposite me, she opened her mouth forming an O and licked her tongue in a circular motion. The effect upon my cock was instant, it stiffened in remembrance of the pleasures of that tongue and mouth. Every opportunity she had, she would repeat her little trick and the effect was always the same. The turmoil this caused in me was immense, the embarrassment and shame of knowing that my own little sister could make me ache badly for her. But the worse was yet to come.
The following days at school were hell. Jackie and her friends kept looking at me, whispering and giggling. Superrod and Chris weren’t much help either “Want some I’se Cream Bobby, heh heh” they taunted “Want a bodyguard to save you from your little sister, heh heh”.

The final straw came one break time when I was walking on the lawn with Superrod and Chris. We came across Jackie and her mates. She had on her white school blouse, blue tie, short grey pleated skirt, white socks and black shoes. “Oh Bobby” she called. I looked, she formed an O with her mouth and licked her lips with her tongue in a circular motion. My cock immediately stiffened. “Look see, I have him well conditioned” Jackie told her friends “He’s aching for it”. “Shut up Jackie” I told her. She walked right up to me “What are you going to do about it?. You’re not strong enough to fight me. I wiped you out once, I can do it again”. I saw red, I lunged at her and we fell to the ground struggling for supremacy.

Jackie got behind me and wrapped one arm around my throat. Her biceps bulged underneath her blouse cutting into my throat choking me. She grabbed my right arm and bent it hard behind my back. Pulling my body back tight against hers, she stretched her legs around my waist and hooked them just under my knees. Her strong legs started to widen forcing my not so pliable legs painfully apart. “arrhhh no Jackie no you’re tearing me apart” I cried, tears in my eyes from the incredible pain as her flexible strong legs stretched mine beyond their limits. “I haven’t even started, cry baby” she teased as she leant forward, pushing my chest towards to the ground. “No please” I was crying now with the severe pain shooting through my ligaments in my crotch. “I’m going to tear you legs right out of your sockets” Jackie taunted. “arrggh” I cried at the tremendous pain. I started lashing out with my left arm swinging it behind me. A lucky blow caught her in the kidneys, disrupting her efforts for long enough for me to act. I forced my torso back hard, pushing Jackie to the ground beneath. She lost her grip on me and I freed myself.

I turned around and seeing my sister with her back to the ground decided it was payback time. I grabbed hold of her calves, lifted them up and forced them to the ground high over her head. I used my body weight to lean on them to press them home. Unfortunately, she was so supple that she didn’t seem to be in any pain. In fact, pinning her like this with my crotch pressing against hers was disturbingly sexy. By now a crowd had started to form. “Ohh Bobby what a nice hard-on you’ve got for your little sister” she said aloud. Guffaws and laughs came from the crowd and I flushed with embarrassment. Slowly she began to raise her legs away from the ground. I tried leaning harder pressing my full weight down onto the backs of her legs. I could see the strain on her face, but still her legs were moving lifting me up as well.

Her legs got to about 30 degrees from vertical, when she raised her body using her arms and slid her legs around my head and locked her ankles. My natural reaction was to grab her legs with my hands to try to prise them apart. She twisted her body and swung her legs towards the ground. Trapped between her legs my head had no alternative but to follow, my body somersaulted head over heels as she threw me heavily to the ground to land on my back. The wrench on my neck was painful that I thought for a moment that she had broken it.

I looked up straining under the power of her legs to see the crowd had got bigger, it looked like the whole school had come to see a 12 year old girl beat up her 14 year old brother!.

“Big brother isn’t frightened of a little 12 year old is he?” she teased and I frantically grabbed at the legs that were crushing my skull. She squeezed down with an awesome burst of pressure and held tight. My head swam in blackness and patches of red and yellow and I thought I was going to pass out. “Go on kill him” I heard someone in the crowd yell.

She released her hold and turned me on my back then sat on my chest. She looked down at me, opened her mouth and ran her tongue around it. I couldn’t stop the reflex action that caused. “Bloody hell, he’s got a stiffy!””Look everyone he’s got a stiffy for his sister!””Pervert!””Go on kill the pervert Jackie!”. My face went red with embarrassment.

Jackie leant forward, wrapped her arms around my head and rolled to one side pulling me with her. She wrapped her muscular legs around my waist, leant back and flexed. My back and stomach felt as if they were being crushed between steel cables. “Little sister’s legs make big brother cry” she taunted as tears rolled down my cheek at the immense agony around my middle. I grabbed at her legs only to feel her thighs bulging with power a young girl like this shouldn’t be allowed to have. I felt the scissors tighten even more and felt my face go red. I tried to twist and turn hoping to break the hold, but she raised herself on her hands, straightened her body and legs and powered down even harder. I couldn’t breathe! she was crushing my middle so much that I couldn’t breathe. I began to panic, what can I do?. A bridge that should do it!.

Desperately I arched up, twisting and turning, digging my feet into the ground as I tried to break my sister’s vice-like hold. Jackie pulled me tight against her body and wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt the bulge of her biceps through her blouse cut into my throat. I was gasping for breath as she strangled me with her arms and locked within crushing grasp of her powerful thighs. My head swam and welcomed the inevidentable as relief from the pain and the humiliation of being wiped out by one’s own little sister in front of the whole school.

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