The Kickboxing Amazon Princess (LADYD#1)

Royal bodyguard learns the hard way not to get in the way of the lethal legs of an angry princess.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

Obvious who Lady D is based upon. I loved watching her on TV to see her large powerful muscular calves flex. There were also the photos of her doing ballet on a boat showing powerful quads and again a TV showing her in a bikini walking on a beach with powerful thighs flexing which given her height must have been formidable. The photos in the gym, the two princess dressing as policewomen and her learning kickboxing is based on fact.

(c)JIM P 1995

Keith walked along the dark footpath through the park towards the palace. At his side was Prince A. The prince was sloshed, for want of a better word. He had been celebrating the end of another tour of duty with Her Majesty’s Navy with some of his fellow officers down-town. Keith hated the long tours of duty at sea, as His Royal pratness ponced about in his helicopter pretending to be “one of the boys”. He was supposed to be his bodyguard, but he was more often used to intimidate or beat the crap out of “the lower ranks” for the amusement of A and his officer cronies.

At the entrance of the park, the chauffeur had been ordered to stop the Rolls because the prince wanted to walk the rest of the way. Actually Keith had to admit that this wasn’t a bad idea. It was a lovely moonlit night, the chill of coming winter hadn’t yet made its presence felt but it wouldn’t belong. Maybe the walk would help to clear His Royal arsehole’s head. As they walked, Keith pretended to be amused by his crude jokes and remarks. He wasn’t how most people expected Royalty to behave, but then again that seemed to be a growing trend nowadays. Keith hated the upper class bastard and his family. Social parasites, the lot of them, living the life of extreme luxury at the expense of the depressed downtrodden masses who paid for it all through the exorbitantly high taxes.

Keith couldn’t complain – well he could, but it was either this or the dole queue. Fourteen years service in the army and made redundant overnight at the end of the ‘cold war’. At his age, 35, he didn’t stand a chance of getting a mainstream job. As far as companies were concerned nowadays you were only fit for the scrap heap once you reached 35, after all there were plenty of youngsters to pluck off the unemployment line and they could pay them less too. An ex-army mate persuaded him to become a bodyguard. A short spell guarding oil-rich sheikhs when they came to London to ‘do’ Knightsbridge and then he was offered the chance to become a Royal bodyguard. He jumped at the chance, a prestigious post that would look great on his C.V. Six months at sea with the prince had soon tarnished his rose-tinted glasses.

As they neared the palace, Keith noticed two Women Police Constables (WPCs) by the gates. One was tall and slim, the other shorter and dumpy. Apart from that, Keith paid it no more attention until they tried to enter. “You are not allowed in here Sir. Be on your way” said the tall policewoman barring their way. Something about the cockney voice sounded false, it didn’t ring true. Keith became alert and studied the two women as best he could in the poor lighting. “Don’t be so bloody stupid” the prince shouted “I’m a bloody prince, now out of my way”.

“And I’m princess D” the tall WPC replied, and both women burst into sniggers. Keith caught a glimpse of red hair under the cap of the dumpier WPC. Both women wore tall black caps with a black & white chequered band around it and a badge at the front. They had authentic looking black jackets with lapels, metal buttons, a belt with buckle around the waist and shoulder panels with a button & WPC number in metal letters and numbers. Both wore black leather gloves, white shirts buttoned high with wide black and white checked ties. Each carried a black leather shoulder bag. Black knee length skirts and black nylons completed the picture. Keith noticed that the tall one was way over 6′, probably 6’4″ without heels – wait that was odd!. She was wearing shiny black leather high heels, not the dull regulation flat soles. The shorter one spoke, catching his attention “Be on your bloody way or we’ll nick yer” she said in an obviously false cockney accent. In the gloom, the penny clicked – the dumpy one was the prince’s wife princess S, and the tall one was her sister in-law princess D!.

Keith relaxed, the girls were playing a prank on the prince. In his drunken stupor he didn’t recognise his own wife and sexy sister-in law in disguise. He began to get really offensive now and tried to barge through. “I’ll have you sacked, you’ll never work in this country again, you .. you lesbian dikes!” he yells. Unexpectedly, the tall princess WPC grasped his hand, twisted his arm out and up to the side making him bend forward. “I’m sorry sir, but I have to arrest you for breach of the peace” she tells him. There was a quick motion as her skirt lifted up and she kicked him full in the face.

For a moment Keith was stunned as he saw blood pouring from the prince’s nose. He watched in amazement as the shorter princess WPC walked in front of her husband, still restrained by his sister in-law, and kicked him hard between the legs. “arghhh” the prince cried aloud as his nuts seared with pain. “This little prank has gone far enough girls” Keith spoke as he moved forward to stop them. The tall princess WPC released the prince and turned to face Keith “Take the night off. That’s an order” she told him in her soft upper class voice. The voice was very sensual like cream pouring over strawberries, it was a turn-on all by itself. Unfortunately it distracted Keith for long enough for the princess to lash out her long shapely nylon-clad right leg deep into the pit of his stomach. The power behind the kick also surprised Keith, lifting him clean off his feet and sending him flying backwards several feet.

The pavement slammed into his back knocking out any remaining breath he had in him following the kick. “I’ve taken up Kickboxing” he hears her say from somewhere up high “I’m rather good if I don’t say so myself”. He had to lay on the cold paving stones awhile to catch his breath and pull himself together. Then he struggled to his hands and feet. He was about to get up when a pair of legs filled his vision. High heeled black shoes causing her feet to arch sensuously, slim ankles tapering into long slender calves sheathed in sheer black nylons. From his position he noticed that her long right calve muscle was quite thick adding to their sexiness. “Go home now before you get hurt” her voice said “you wouldn’t stand a chance against my legs”. He struggled to his feet to be met by the sight of her lifting her left leg high up, hitching her skirt up, to reveal beautiful long shapely legs sheathed in sheer black stockings with garters. Her thighs looked quite thick compared to her height, but before he has another thought, her foot smashes hard into his face. Keith barely felt hitting the pavement again, the kick had totalled dazed him, it had almost kicked his head off.

Keith had done his fair share of unarmed combat training in the army, in fact he was quite good, but he had never expected such a powerful kick from such an elegant woman as this. He knew that if it had been any harder that it would have knocked him out. As it was he had to lie there a long time before he could even think about sitting up. A guardsman came over and helped him to his feet. “Are you okay sir?. What happened?” he asked. “It’s okay. Palace business” Keith replied “Did you see two WPCs er .. assisting the prince back to the palace?”. “Why as a matter of fact I did sir” the guardsman replied “They went that-a-way”. Keith went as fast as he could in the direction indicated. The princesses had used a side entrance. The security officer recognised Keith and waved him through as he rushed into the palace.

Soon he sees the princesses in front of him climbing a long stairway. They are slowed down by the prince. The red-head has her husbands right arm bent behind his back and pushed up high. As Keith follows he can’t help staring at the tall blonde’s calves as she climbs. Long slender calves sheathed in black nylon with a thin black seam running up the middle. Her calves are amazing, her ankles are so slim and taper along slowly before reaching the thick bulging calve muscles. As she climbs, long solid diamonds of muscle bulged and played in her calves in a kind of erotic dance. The back of her skirt tensions and relaxes emphasising the long shapeliness of the legs underneath. The sight is very sensual, very sexy indeed. He has a raging hard-on by the time they reach the top.

“Go on” she tells the smaller princess and turns to face Keith. This is the first time he has actually met the princess in person and he staggered at her beauty, sexy with a sophisticated elegance. Short blonde hair, under her policewoman’s cap, framing her long slender face. Large blue eyes mesmerise him. She has a long slender roman nose, good cheekbones, a sensuous mouth, very kissable, which when she opens shows pearl white teeth. Her figure is long and athletic almost boyish . Her long slender neck meets broad shoulders and a wide back, tapering slowly to her waist and out to her pelvis. He can make a nice pair of medium sized boobs underneath the white blouse. Dramatically long legs the rest of the way to the ground. Her skirt is knee length, showing off her sexy calves sheathed in black nylon and tipped with black leather high heeled shoes. She could easily pass for a supermodel with her looks he thinks to himself.

He is captivated, he cannot tear his eyes away from her face as she continues to look at him. She walks towards him smiling “You’re either very loyal or very stupid” she tells him “either way you disobeyed me”. She raises her long right arm. It swings down in a blur of motion, the side of her flat rigid hand slashes into the right side of his neck followed by a chop to the left side. The next moment he finds himself on the ground looking at her high heels. “Worship me” she demands. He reaches for her right foot and kisses the curving top of her foot. He works his way pass her slim ankles and starts kissing his way up her seemingly endless shins. At the same time he caresses the back of her calves with his hand, feeling their firmness through the nylon. He reaches her knee when she orders him to stop. “Stand up” she demands. He obeys. With her right hand she raises the hem of her skirt. “Look at me” she orders as his eyes are drawn down. He looks up captivated by her radiant beauty, then she seems to rise up, her long right leg rises into his field of vision and her foot smashes into his face like a rocket. Before he knows it, he is on the floor again his head in a daze. “Now go home” he hears her voice “otherwise I will punish you severely”.

Keith forced himself to roll onto his side so he could watch where the princess was going. For a moment he was distracted as he enjoyed the sight of her calve muscles rippling and bunching as she walked up the corridor, giving him another hard-on. She turned and entered a room on the left, releasing Keith from his trance. He got to his feet and followed. This was going to be difficult, his job was to protect the prince but his attackers were his wife and sister-in law, both royalty so he had to be diplomatic. However the blonde princess had already knocked him down several times, even if she wasn’t a princess he’d be reluctant to fight such a gorgeous creature.

He entered the room – it was a small gymnasium he didn’t know about before, but then again he’d been at sea most of the time in this job. Both princesses were still in their policewomen uniforms. The blonde princess had just pivoted on one foot and drove her long right leg hard into the prince’s stomach. “orrph” the wind exploded from the prince as his body shot backwards, his feet leaving the ground, into an exercise machine behind. The freckled faced red-head pulled his face close to hers by the scruff of his neck. “Recognise me now?” she said with surprising venom. “Yes – of course darling” he replied. “You’ve been seeing that American actress slut again haven’t you?” she asked. “No darling …” his reply was cut short by his wife’s dumpy knee ramming up hard into his groin.

The prince collapsed to the ground, sitting against the exercise machine clutching his balls moaning with tear filled eyes. Keith started to move forward to intervene as the tall blonde approached her brother-in-law, raised her right leg high and placed her foot on his face, pressing it back. Keith came to a stand-still watching as her tight skirt rose up dramatically mid thigh on her raised right leg. Due to the slit in the back of the skirt, he can see almost to the top of her long left and her matt black stocking tops. He can’t help it, his erection springs into life. The long muscle in her left calve is very pronounced, bulging sensuously. She presses down hard on the prince’s face, leaning her body forward to bring her weight to bear. “Then explain how the whole of Fleet Street are covered with pictures of you snogging the bitch”. “Please D, don’t hurt me” the prince pleaded.

“That’s enough your highness” Keith spoke up finding his voice. He went up behind the blonde and put an arm around her neck. Keith manhandled the princess back off the prince into the middle of the gym. “I warned you” she says, grabs his arm and leant forward. For an instant, he felt her shapely backside against his groin as she lifts him enhancing his stiffness. Then he is sailing over her shoulders, his back slamming into the floor. “Don’t you know we’ve been trained in self-defence” she tells him as she looks down at him with a smile “I enjoyed it so much I had advanced tuition”. He looks up to see her plant a foot on his chest, her calve in front of his face. He can’t resist it, he reaches out and runs his hand over her slim ankles and up her long but firm calve. Because of her height, her slenderness is deceptive, close up her calves are quite thick and strong. The feel of her strong calve under nylon excites him. She pushes down on him, pressing her heel into his chest “remove your hands” she orders, he complies. From his position he notices a hint of strong thigh muscle curving out above her knee before it disappears under her skirt.

She removes her foot and orders “Stand up and take your punishment like a man”. “arggh arrghh Keith argggg help arggh” Keith looked at the prince. His wife was dragging him by his goolies across the floor. Keith got to his feet to help. The tall blonde intercepted him. He saw the determined look in her lovely face as she swept her hand down in a chop towards his neck. Keith raised his arm quickly to block the blow. The princess turned her back to him slightly and drove her elbow straight into his solar plexus. “arghh” he cried in surprise. Her hand slashed down in a chop to the back of his neck. He started to fall but she caught him in an arm lock. She turned her hips into him, bent and threw him over her hips. “That’s more like it man. Put up a fight, give me a good workout” she says as he hits the floor.

“Sod this for a lark” Keith thought. He saw the prince laying on the floor, his wife’s ample arse sitting on his face smothering him. “Best place for him” he thought. Then he realised that he would be probably be out of a job if he didn’t save him. Cautiously he got to his feet watching the tall leggy blonde in front of him. “Please let me do my job your highness” he told her. “I punish disrespectful servants” she tells him. “I’m only trying to do my job and protect the prince” Keith told her as he started to walk past her to help the prince.

Suddenly he felt his wrist being grabbed and turned into a painful hold. “Well you’re not doing a very good job of it are you?” she said as Keith felt a kick to the back of his thigh which nearly caused his legs to give way. Before he could regain his balance, the blonde had grabbed his neck and pulled his head forward causing him to lean forward. He watched helplessly as she powered her knee with devastating force into his solar plexus. Agony exploded in his middle and he fell to the floor, curling up with the pain. “Not much of a bodyguard are you?” he hears her soft posh voice sneer. Keith couldn’t reply at the moment he was in agony.

Slowly the pain eased. He looked across at the prince. His wife had removed her panties and was sitting with her crotch over his mouth. “I’ve got you where I want now” he heard he say “give me a good licking or I’ll get D to use you as a kick bag”.

The tall blonde had her back to him. With caution Keith rose unable to tear his eyes from her amazingly sexy calves stretching the sheer black nylons she wore. The long diamonds of calve muscle gently tapering quite wide called to his manhood. His groin stirred as he watched her walk over to an exercise machine and raised her foot upon its seat. Her black policewoman’s skirt rose up at the back as she bent forward to remove her shoe giving an incredibly sexy view of strong muscled calves & sexy legs. By the time she repeated the show with her other leg, Keith was aching badly for her.

He started to approach her. He wanted her bad, maybe he could chat her up or something. She turned and smiled her sensuous smile as she saw him approach. Suddenly she hitched her skirt up with her hands, Keith looked down at the long legs almost losing it at the sight of her stocking tops. His distraction was nearly fatal, before he knew it she had spun around, swinging her left leg around, hammering her foot in his throat. Keith hit the ground hard coughing and spluttering, clutching his throat which she nearly crushed. “Admit it my legs are too much for you” she taunts. “Christ that could have killed me” he thought as he choked and grasped for air.

The coughing began to ease. Keith looked up to see the blonde towering above like a giantess. As he watched, she raised herself onto her toes and hitches up her skirt. Keith notices that her thighs are actually quite thick if you take her tall height into account. She lifts her right leg and stretched it out in front of her. “I wanted to be a ballerina” she tells him “but I grew too tall”. The long stocking-clad thigh muscle bulges with hidden power, the sight re-awakens his ardour. She lowers her leg to the floor. “Stand up” she demands.

Eagerly Keith got to his hands and knees, hoping that he might have a chance to get his hands on those incredible legs. He started to rise but she steps forward trapping his head between her thighs. “There’s no escape now, you pathetic excuse for a bodyguard” she sneers. Keith looked up from her leggy prison at the gorgeous face high above him. He ran his hands over her smooth sexy legs, not quite what he had in mind but good enough for now. Then he felt her thighs bulge and grow solid. He never expected such power as his head was squeezed by her sexy legs. He felt the long thick thighs bulge prominently from her leg and he began to see spots of light. “Strong aren’t they” he hears her say above the sound of his blood rushing in his ears. “That’s the result of years of ballet training, playing tennis and swimming every day” she continues. He is trapped firm, he stops struggling knowing it is useless and enjoys running his hands over her firm strong thighs. “I work out everyday in the gym. At first it was just to tone myself up after having two kids. Then one day I discovered I could really lift heavy weights with my legs. I put on more and more weights to find out just how much I could lift. I loved it, I got more and more hooked. I wanted to know just how strong they were so I called over the gym owner. I knew he had been taking photographs of me working out and selling them to the press”.
John the gym owner was ecstatic, he had just developed the photographs taken from  the secret camera in the women’s changing rooms. Princess D full frontal nude in the showers, water cascading off her gorgeous super-fit body. He had creamed himself twice just looking through them once. Judging by the amount he got for the last lot of her working out in a leotard, this should make him a million!.

One of the assistants came running up. “The princess wants you to look at one of the machines” she told him. “Can’t you deal with it?” he grumbled. “She asked for you by name” was the reply. He went to the private room where she worked out to have a look. He entered the room, surprised to see no bodyguards. The princess sat on a machine in a bright yellow leotard, she was delicious, he thought. “I think there’s something wrong down there” she pointed to the mechanics at the base of the machine, spreading her legs. John’s cock stiffened as he remembered her naked body in the photos and the thought that he was going so close to her. Maybe an accidental slip to run his hands up those thighs, he planned

John got down to look, suddenly the princess closed her thighs around his head and squeezed. She squeezed and squeezed with all her might, enjoying the way his face turned red. “arrhh please no stop it” he begged as her strong legs crushed his skull relentlessly. “Taken any more photos of me recently?” she asked. “arghh no no” he said. Her legs tightened. “okay okay yes in my office on my desk” he confessed as his head swam. “If I ever catch you taking any more I will make your skull my personal thigh machine to work out on, understand?” she told him loving the feeling of power. He didn’t answer, D crushed down on him with every sinew in her body straining until he went limp between her thighs.

When he came around the photos and negatives were gone.
“I almost came there and then!. Ever since then I’ve pumped hard working my body so to the public I’m just their supermodel princess, but underneath I’m an amazon”. With that her legs tightened with an almighty squeeze. Keith could see her quads now standing in bold relief through the sexy sheen of her stockings. The power was immense, he didn’t have a chance – he struggled uselessly for a few seconds then passed out.

Keith came around to find him himself on the floor of a small gym. For a while, he sat puzzled as to where he was. There was one other person in the room, a tall blonde woman in a white blouse hitching up a black skirt showing her stockings and garters literally kicking the stuffing out of a punch bag. It all came back to him now, this was a princess who had repeatedly floored him and finally crushed him out. As he got to his feet, she saw him and stopped her workout. “About time too. I thought you were never going to come around tonight” she told him.

“Where’s the prince” Keith asked. “Oh he’s giving his wife her conjugal rights” she replies stretching her leg against a wooden beam like a ballet dancer. Keith’s manhood stiffened as she stretched her long stocking-clad legs. “God she’s got sexy legs” he thought. “You’ve probably lost me my job through your silliness” he tells her. “Well you should act more like a bodyguard and give me a good workout” she says lowering her leg and turning to face him.

“I don’t want to fight you” Keith says. “Then I’ll destroy you” the princess replies. Keith saw a blur then felt his nose crack as a lightning fast kick hit him full in the face. Still rattled by the kick he barely saw her bring her leg back bent at the knee and shoot out again i n a blur smashing his nose again. He felt the blood flow freely now, tasting it on his lips. He saw her bring her leg back again bent at the knee, he raised his arms just in time to block another kick aimed at his head. The power of the kick surprised him and bruised his arms. “Better” she said.

Too late he saw her come in close, lean slightly back, raises her long left leg and slam it hard into the back of his skull. “But not good enough” she told him. Stunned he saw her come in again, against his nature he tried to punch her, but she ducked. Coming up she raised her left leg high, bent at the knee and snapped her foot solidly into the side of his face. “Fight or I’ll turn your face to mush” the amazon princess said.

Staggering in a daze her felt her grab his hand and wrist and twist it forcing him to bend forward. Suddenly she kicked him hard in the kidneys, then twisted his arm right back, forcing him to bend further. A solid chop landed on the arteries on the right side of his neck. “Suffer then” she said. She forced up upright and lifting her sexy legs high powered a devastating kick to his head that sent him reeling backwards.

With his head spinning, Keith tried to keep his balance, determined not to be floored by this tall leggy babe princess. The blonde had other ideas, pivoting on her left foot, she drove her right leg hard and deep into the pit of his stomach. Keith’s body folded around her dainty foot, his feet leaving the ground. The power of the kick sent his crumpled body flying through the air to smash into the wall of the gym. He fell to the floor, badly shaken and badly winded.

The sight of nylon-clad shins in front of him reminded him of his situation. He looked up at the longest, smoothest, sexiest legs he had ever seen. “Get up and show me how you would protect your charge”. “No, your highness, I can’t bring myself to hit you” Keith pleaded. “Stand up now or I’ll kick you into mincemeat” she said and stepped her right leg back ready to kick.

Keith stood up and followed the princess to the middle of the room. He was becoming pissed off of getting thrashed by such a sexy woman. “Now fight for your job” she said. She grabbed his left arm, lent to one side and kicked her left leg in a graceful but fast arc high towards his head. Keith used his right arm to block the kick which stung him. He freed his left arm and wound back to punch. The punch hit thin air, then he watched astounded as the princess jumped off the ground about two feet, rotated in the air, lifting a leg as she did. In the blink of an eyelid her long leg spun around and hammered into the side of his face.

The kick savagely twisted Keith’s and he stumbled back across the room. “Shall I kick your head right off your neck?” he heard her ask. He looked to see her with her skirt hitched her skirt, showing her stocking tops, and gracefully kick her leg straight up catching him with a resounding thud under the chin. Keith’s head snapped back scrambling his brains. “I’m a bodyguard crusher” she says as her long shapely right leg lifts high into the air. It seemed to hang there for a second, Keith’s attention distracted by the bare white flesh above her stocking tops leading up to her crotch. He realises his mistake when her foot smashes into his already broken nose. Keith staggered back trying not to fall. “I’m going to stomp you underfoot like an insect” he hears her say and looks up to see her crotch in the air a few feet in front of him, then her foot appears from nowhere hammering his face as she delivered the flying drop kick. The room spun around and he hit the floor watching the ceiling circle above him.

After a while the ceiling stopped spinning and Keith sat up. Across the room he saw the amazon princess walking towards him, only wearing the white blouse, a skimpy pair of briefs and those sexy stockings and garters. He watched the play of the muscles in her thighs as she walked. Her thighs were relatively thick compared to her height, and he could see why. Those thighs were strong with muscle developed from years of exercise. They weren’t defined like a bodybuilders or athletes, but they undoubtedly strong. They were also very erotic and by the time she got to him, he had a raging stiffy. He started to rise “Perhaps we can go for a drink?” he asked dying to get his hands on those legs. Suddenly he is grabbed by the hair and his head is shoved face up between a pair of stocking-clad thighs. “Cor what a pair of legs” he thinks as he admires the fine muscularity of her long stockinged thighs. She squeezes and he feels her thighs bulge under the sheer nylon. “Please your highness no” he pleads. “You couldn’t give me a good workout so here’s your punishment” she said as she squeezed down hard. An enormous pressure constricted his skull from both sides and he felt her quads bulge under his hands. He tried not to scream out as she raised herself onto her toes increasing the pressure. It feels as if his skull is going to explode at any second and his vision has blurred completely. He screams out begging for mercy. Suddenly he finds himself free and he falls to the floor, his head hurting like hell.

Not giving him time to recover, the princess is upon him, wrapping those sexy long strong legs around his waist and locks her ankles together. “So much for the fairy tale princess, eh?” she says as she flexed her legs. Keith felt like he had been caught in a vice, her grip was so strong. “I bet Snow White couldn’t crush the seven dwarfs the way I’m going to squeeze you like a tube of toothpaste” she teases as she crushes down with those long, strong dancer’s legs: “arhh please your highness no please” Keith begs as the pain increases to unbearable levels. “Oh yes beg for mercy, I love to hear your beg” she says. Raising and supporting her body with her arms, she straightens her legs to increase the pressure. Finding it increasingly painful to breathe, Keith tries to prise her legs apart but she flexes her legs again increasing the pain. “Resistance is futile” she tells him “I told you that you don’t stand a chance against my legs”. The pressure builds and Keith watches in horror as her quads bulge like shiny rocks under the sheen of her nylons. He struggles futilely for a few moments until he no longer has any energy. “Who is the better fighter?” she asks him. “orhhh you are your highness, please no more” he begs.

She releases him from her leggy vice but Keith’s freedom is short-lived. Keith feels her nylon-clad legs snake around his neck. Before he can react, she has caught his neck in the crook of her right leg with her left against the back of his neck and her ankles locked. In an instant Keith couldn’t breath, she was throttling him in an awesome grip. “The papers call me princess thigh you know. They don’t know how right they are” she says. He tried prising her calves apart but they were locked solid. He felt her calve thickening and bulge as she increased the pressure. His head swam and vision blurred as she held tight. It wasn’t long before he passed out.

Keith came around and once more found himself on the floor of the small gym. The princess still in her white blouse, panties and stockings and garters was working out her legs on a weight machine. He looks closely and notices that it is on quite a high setting. Then he stares in wonder as her quads bulge large in resistance to the machine, the sheen of her stockings beckoning to his manhood.

“Ah mister sleepy head has woken up” she says. She gets off the machine and walks towards him. Quickly he gets to his feet prepared to teach the rich bitch a lesson “Please your highness, I don’t want to hurt you”. She laughs “Hurt me!. You’re the one who’s going to be hurt”. Suddenly the princess is upon him like a angry tornado, powerful kicks flash out so fast that her long legs are a blur of motion. Keith tried to defend himself but her kicks get through raining continuously down on his head and body. His blocks are useless, he might block one kick, but another always gets through. The strength of her kicks are astonishing, rattling his brain. In desperation he starts throwing punches, but she moves back out of his reach. Unfortunately for Keith, he is still within reach of her sexy long legs as she continues to pound him in a torrent of never-ending kicks. Her energy seems boundless, she is a whirlwind of leggy action, hammering him hard with lightning fast kicks one after another. She doesn’t seem to falter or tire, a look of steely determination shines in her eyes. She is too fast and her kicks too strong for him. Keith is now punch drunk, totally unable to defend himself. Finally one last hay-maker slammed into his face and he fell, his face a bloody mess, onto the floor.

He lay there panting, his head swimming and in pain. “Who hurt who?” she teased. He looked up helpless as long strong nylon-cased thighs swallowed his head. Those long silky deadly legs wrapped themselves around his head. His face is pushed right against her crotch, the perfume of her sex exciting him. “This is how I really like to punish men” he hears her say. Then she starts to squeeze. Keith’s hands come up to her thighs, but there is nothing he can do but feel her thighs bulging under her sheer stockings. She jolts more power into the scissors. Keith’s vision blurs and he can only hear the sound of his own blood pumping in his ears. “Can’t you take it mister softy?” she teases as she raises her body increasing the power of her legs. The pressure is too much, Keith screams but his cries are muffled by her panties. “Oh yes scream into my fanny. The vibrations really turn me on” she tells him. He slaps her thighs to indicate submission. Another powerful surge threatens to crush his skull. He can’t help it, he screams again into her crotch. “Oooh yes that’s right” she says softly. His head is spinning and he starts to feel faint. To his surprise she releases the scissors and he gasps for air.

Suddenly her long deadly thighs are wrapped around his neck in a choking neck scissors. “You disappoint me” hears her as he tries in desperation to breathe “I thought a bodyguard would give me a decent workout, but I was wrong, you’re no match for me”. Keith felt the smooth, lean, muscular, long, legs cut off his air completely. He tried to struggle hoping to free himself but she responds by raising herself with her arms and straightening her body and legs. He sees her quads spring into life so close to his face. Desparately he tries to struggle but its no use, her legs are far too strong. She holds tight tensing every muscle in her delicious body until she feels him go limp between her legs.

Then she came, squeezing it through every muscle taut with sexual energy, there was a horrible cracking noise but she was too busy enjoying her climax to stop now. Her desires sated, she relaxed and opened her legs. She rolled Keith out from her legs, his neck distorted. “Oh damn. These commoners must have weak necks or something” she thinks with a tinge of guilt. She tests his wrist for a pulse, yes its there fairly weak. She walks over to the telephone on the wall of the gym beside the door and calls the palace doctor “Ya, its D here. Another broken neck for you. O.K. Ya”. She turns and heads for the shower.

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