The KickBoxing Fight (BOBP#2)

The school bully is destroyed in a kickboxing match with a younger oriental girl

The following story contains descriptions of violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

The first part of this was inspired by watching a  TV news item about a 8 year girl beating a 12 year old boy in a kickboxing match. She thrashed him in seconds on National TV – how would you feel to have your embarrasment broadcast to the nation! I wondered what would happen if she ended up starting the same school years later. I had to write a version that didn’t mention the ages even though there are no sexual elements involved and based on true events. This is the original.

(c)JIM P 1996
My first experience of a real live kick-boxing fight happened 3 years ago when I was 11. At that time, Dad was working for a computer company who demanded that he relocate over 80 miles away or be deemed to have resigned. As it happened, in the end we never managed to sell the house and Dad got made redundant anyway. Anyhow, Dad and Mum had gone off to the rush-rush overcrowded congested overpriced Thames Valley to see what sort of hovel we could afford if we could sell the house. None of us were very happy about it.

Myself and my younger sister Jackie, then aged 9, had been left in the care of Mr. and Mrs. Chan who were the parents of Jackie’s friend Ling. Ling was a small slip of a girl, a year younger than Jackie and to be honest I never really paid her any attention, after all I hadn’t really started to notice girls yet.

When we arrived at their house, we were herded out into the back garden. Ling was there in a blue tracksuit kicking a tree with a very thick rough bark with her bare feet. “This is how we kick-boxers toughen feet up” she explained as she continued to hammer the tree, shaking the poor thing about “Want to try Bobby?”. I declined the offer, it didn’t seem like a good idea. “What’s this about kick-boxing?” I asked. “Ling does kick-boxing” Jackie explained “she’s very good”. “Want to fight Bobby?” Ling asked between hammering the defenceless tree with graceful sweeping kicks. I thought that wouldn’t be a good idea either, although she was only an infant, I didn’t want to risk it.

Luckily before the girls could pursue the matter, Mr. Chan called us “We go now children, into the car”. I enquiringly at Jackie. “Oh did I forget to tell you” she smiled sweetly “Ling’s fighting in the finals today and we’re going to watch”. No wonder she forget to say anything, she knew Mum and Dad would never agree, them being pacifists and all that.

On the short drive to the venue, Mr. Chan explained how he had encouraged his little girl to take an interest in the martial arts that were so much part of the tradition and culture of his country. He told us how proud he was that his little girl worked so hard that she had reached the finals for the under-14 class. “You should do martial arts too Jackie” he told my sister “Very good for building confidence, fitness and self-defence”. Jackie didn’t seemed interested being so much into gymnastics. I breathed a sigh of relief – the last thing I wanted was my younger sister turning into some sort of female Bruce Lee and using me for practice!.

“Mr. Chan, I thought kick-boxing was from Thailand not China?” I asked hoping to change the subject in case Jackie changed her mind. “Ah, well yes. But you see Bobby, small towns like this have little choice. Sensei is decent honest man, even though he is not Chinese” he gave a little chuckle “Ling learnt well. I am most pleased”.

Half an hour later we were sitting at the front of the arena which buzzed with hundreds of people all speaking at once. The excitement built up as Ling was herded into the ring by her trainer. She wore a white T-shirt that showed off her slender arms, her slender legs were covered by loose silk slacks. Her long black hair was tied back in a pony tail that only emphasised her youth. Opposite her, her opponent entered the ring. The programme said that his name was Kevin Sharpe and he was 13. He was about 5’8″ stockily built and wore a simple white T-shirt with white shorts. He punched his boxing gloves into each other in anticipation. A smile came to his face as he faced the petite 8 year old girl, slender built standing at around 4’5″. I was going to enjoy this, the girl didn’t stand a chance, he was going to pulverise her.

The seconds left the ring, leaving the referee who called the badly mismatched combatants to the middle of the ring. I could Kevin smirking at his friends and relatives in the capacity crowd as the ref went on about a good clean fight, no doubt he was already thinking that he was junior kick-boxing regional champion. So engrossed was he in self-congratulation that he barely heard the bell signalling the start of the first, and without doubt the only round.
This was going to be easy, Kevin though as the bell rang out. Suddenly he saw a blur of motion and a small foot slammed into his face rocking his head back hard. He had hardly time to blink when the girl’s foot slammed into his face again scrambling his brains. Realising he was in danger, he blindly kicked out, his vision blurred from the blows. He hit thin air, but she didn’t hesitate. Her leg shot out like lightning down the inside of his leg driving her foot straight and deep into his gut. Instinctively Kevin started to bend forward. He could just make out the small girl stepping towards him. Lashing out with his arm, he tried to punch her in the face but she blocked it easily with her arm and hammered her knee straight into his solar plexus. Pain exploded in his middle. He would have cried out but he didn’t have time, a small boxing gloved fist caught him square on his chin and he fell to the mat. “1 ur 2 ur” he could hear someone counting but he didn’t know who. His head span wildly and black spots kept appearing and disappearing before his eyes. “5 ur 6 ur” “come on Kevin, get up, come on, she’s only 8 for Pete’s sake” he knew that voice, now who was it?. He tried to raise himself to his elbows but the effort was too much, blackness flooded his vision and then washed over his brain.
I couldn’t believe it, Ling was like grease lightning her kicks and blow demolishing her older opponent in seconds. In less than quarter of a minute the 13 year old boy was lying flat on his front knocked out cold by a small 8 year old oriental girl.

The Chans and my sister were ecstatic and I was herded backstage as they went to congratulate Ling.

About a year later, Kevin Sharpe transferred to my secondary school. There were rumours about him nearly killing an older boy who poked fun at his defeat at the hands and feet of a younger girl. We soon learned not to cross him, he was a bad tempered arrogant son-of-a-bitch always trying to prove he was top dog. Many kids were turned into a quivering bloody mess on the ground as he took on boy and girl alike.

He worked out constantly at the gym with weights building his body with muscle which he liked to show off at every opportunity. By the time he reached 16, he was a junior bodybuilding champion. Girls thought he was dishy and tried their best to attract him. However, he’d rather tease them, sending them delirious by flexing his muscles for them. I saw several girls turned into moaning imbeciles as he got them to run their hands over his thickly muscled torso and peaked biceps. “Ah too bad darling. Can’t handle me can you ?. Not woman enough for me” he would laugh as the girl would flee red-faced with shame.

When Ling started at our school last summer I couldn’t wait to see Sharpe’s face when he saw her. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to notice her mingling among all the other first years. That was until last Friday.

It was lunch time and I was idling strolling down one of the many corridors in the old building of the school. The Manor was a school that had kept adding new extensions or buildings over the years without any regard for consistency. The wing I was currently in was the original school building put up in the 1800’s or whenever. The building was a single storey laid out like two squares side by side in a sort of squarish figure 8. Okay, Okay so I was just idling around. I was following Mary Slater OK?.

It was hard to believe that Mary had only just turned 13 and was in the same class as my younger sister. The fact that she was 6′ tall made her seem much older and she caught the eye of almost every older boy with a stunning hourglass figure, long brown hair, developing chest and long long legs. She wore the regulation white blouse that stretched over the slopes of her decent sized boobs that seem to grow bigger every time I see her. I had seen her a few corridors back, bending at the knees facing my direction to get to her locker which was on the bottom row. Her short grey skirt rose right up to her crotch, exposing the longest legs I’ve ever seen in my life, they seemed to go on for miles and miles. I’ve met other tall girls and they always seem lanky with painfully thin legs. Mary was different, she seemed average build if you ignored her height. Her long shapely legs drew my eyes like a magnet, running up their length to the white knickers just visible under her skirt.

She looked up, her dark sultry eyes with thick lashes made me weak at the knees. Standing up with her books she gave me a knowing smile before turning and heading off down the corridor. My manhood stirred with desire and I decided to follow.

I had just followed her around a corner into the long corridor down the back of the ‘8’ of the old building when I saw a commotion ahead. “Get out of the way, Chinkie” a loud boy’s voice said. “Don’t talk to my friend like that you pig” it was Jackie!.

Jackie was confronting Kevin Sharpe and a group of his mates in the middle of the corridor. He was now nearly the same height as Mary who was standing by Jackie’s side along with Ling. At last, maybe my cute little sister will crush the arrogant bastard between her strong gymnast’s legs. Maybe the older boy will teach her a lesson she won’t forget in a hurry, after all I hadn’t forgiven her for humiliating me in front of the whole school [BOBP#1].

“I’m not talking to you darling, but to the yellow faced git” Kevin retorted. “Why you…” Jackie made a move towards the boy as though to punch him in the stomach but then I saw Ling reach out and stop her.

“I can handle him. Him all mouth, no action” Ling said. “I whipped you bad before. I do it again” Ling told the boy. “Why don’t you slanty-eyes learn to speak proper English”, the boy’s mates at his side sniggered. “You were 13 year old big head and I were little 8 year old girl. You kissed floor pretty quick” Ling said. The boy looked at her and just froze “No, it can’t be”. “What wrong big boy ?, you’ve suddenly gone pale” the girl taunted. The sound of girlish tittering came from a group of girls standing nearby. Funny however a crowd always forms at school at the slightest hint of a fight. “You Chinks all look the same to me. I could turn you into hamburger little girl” the boy replied. “Yeah go on Kevin” one of his mates egged him on. “We fight, yes ?” Ling. “Anytime yellow bitch. I’ll splatter your brains all over the school if need be” Kevin retorted. “No submissions. Fight til you drop” the girl said with confidence. “Right, go and get some gloves from the gym, Harry” the boy told one of his mates. “No gloves. Gloves for wimps” Ling replied. “OK, it’s your funeral short stuff” Kevin retorted.

I helped with the other kids to clear the desks making an open space in the centre of the room. Kevin and Ling disappeared into separate nearby classrooms to change. After a few minutes they both entered the room which was now packed with kids anxious to see spilled blood, not caring whose it was. Kevin had stripped down to his boxer shorts, showing off his well defined muscular body for all to see. Girls all around the room, except for Jackie and Mary, squealed in delight “Ohhh wot a hunk””I want some of that”. By comparison, Ling looked like a little schoolgirl in her P.E. gear, a white vest and short pleated skirt. This was a mismatch if ever I saw one, the small oriental surely didn’t stand a chance this time.

Kevin stood grinning at the crowd and flexing his muscles to the delight of the girls. Ling stood impassively watching him with a look of disdain on his face. “Put the kettle on girls I’ll be finished in a minute” Kevin called out to the crowd “we’ll be having a Chinese take-away soon, heh heh”. Ling said nothing and moved back with her arms raised and her body supported by her right leg, her left leg lifted slightly ready for action.

“It’s clobbering time” the macho-boy yelled as he charged at the smaller girl. He turned on one foot and unleashed a lighting fast kick with a whip like action towards Ling’s face. Instantly Ling turned to one side bringing her shoulder up to take the blow. In the blink of an eye she had turned back to face him, stepped onto her front leg, lifted her right leg and started to turn. Her torso shifted to the right and her right leg was a blur as it curved to land her foot square on in the middle of Kevin’s muscle-ribbed gut. All this happened in an instant. Kevin seemed unaffected by Ling’s kick and fired a roundhouse kick towards her chest.

Ling’s small body was driven half a dozen steps across the room, her face grimacing in pain. Smiling Kevin followed and shot off a kick that arced at high speed towards her face. Ling’s arm flashed intercepting the kick, moving as it absorbed the blow. As quick as a flash, Ling span on her left, leant slightly back and fired a kick high into the air straight into the boy’s face.

Ignoring the trickle of blood that now left his nose, the older boy lifted his right leg ready for another kick. Before he could complete the move, Ling kicked out low to his supporting leg and Kevin dropped to his knees.

“Floored by little girl again” Ling taunted as Kevin rose to his feet “you not good enough. You don’t give good workout”. “F’king bitch. I’ll send you back to China in a box” Kevin spat and then charged at the smaller girl and kicked out. His kick hit empty air and Ling took him by surprise by stepping in close, spinning a full 360 degrees, jumping up and ramming her elbow straight into his face. The gasps were audible as blood gushed from his mouth. Ling was a tornado of action shooting a back kick into his gut, snapping a kick into his face, and moving close to power her elbow into the boy’s gut ripping through his muscled defences.

“Barggh!” the air exploded from Kevin’s mouth as he involuntarily bent forward only to receive three rapid fire kicks to the face. Somehow, the boy managed to block the next kick and kicked back. The girl turned, taking the blow on the shoulder and turned back firing a lightning fast kick to her opponent’s bloodied face. The small whirlwind of destruction seemed unstoppable as she span and kicked out, her leg a blur as it hammered into Kevin’s face, stomach and ribs. The older boy was firmly on the defensive desperately trying to block her blows, but unable to stop them all.

Then in an impressive display of suppleness, Ling’s right leg arced through nearly 360 degrees snapping Kevin’s head back hard with her foot. Before he knew what was happening, Ling leapt right up close and shot her knee into the top of his leg. Kevin’s face showed pain as he instinctively took his weight of the hurt leg. Ling’s knee shot out again hammering straight into his stomach.

“Baarppphh” a winded Kevin bent forward in reaction to the blow. Ling raised both arms, fists clenched and brought them down like a guillotine upon the back of the boy’s neck. “Arghh” the older boy cried out and somehow managed to stagger away, but not before a lightning fast kick smashed his nose, snapping his head back in a spray of red rain.

The small girl didn’t give him a chance to recover, she leapt high and span at the same time so that the sole of her foot smashed into Kevin’s neck. The boy stumbled and fell to the floor, rocking from side to side on the floor, looking totally dazed. Ling stood with her legs astride and her hands on her hips “Apologise racist scum or I really set to work on you. I only toy with you and you know it. Little 11 year old Chinese girl make 16 year old big English boy hamburger. On your feet. Have some more”.

The laughter rang out around the class, even his so-called friends. It was about time this arrogant bully got his just deserts and to be thrashed by a small 11 year old girl made it even better. “Shut up! shut up” Kevin shouted, his face burning red from anger or shame I couldn’t tell which. Wiping the blood from his mouth, he got to his feet and approached the petite oriental. “You got lucky bitch. Now I’m going to show you why little girls shouldn’t play with big boys” he said.

He fired off a rapid volley of kicks aimed at her head but she blocked them all, her face wincing as she absorbed the pain. His face was a mask of sheer hatred as he drove the smaller girl backwards across the classroom with a non-stop barrage of kicks which she blocked, though the pain was obvious. Suddenly he aimed another kick at her head and not only did she block the kick, but caught his foot then shot a kick down the inside of his leg straight into his battered gut. “Pooor” Kevin bent forward and watched helplessly as the girl stepped forward and delivered an open-palmed chop to the side of the neck followed by her knee to the jaw. Kevin stumbled backwards trying to get out of her range, but she followed him driving a sharp kick to his ribs followed by some punches to the head which he barely managed to block. The boy looked frantic now as he tried to block her punches and get in some of his own which she equally blocked. She feinted a punch to his gut, he lowered his right arm to deflect it and suddenly a thunderbolt kick smashed straight into his bruised and bloodied face. His head was thrown back and Ling took advantage of his weakness to deliver a series of swift kicks to his left ribs that left him clutching his side in agony.

The older boy seemed to completely lose it and flailed out with his arms frantically trying to hit the smaller girl who blocked or stepped out of his range. There seemed to be tears in his eyes as the girl lead him like a matador around the room teasing him as he missed with his punches. Suddenly she ducked beneath a particularly wide punch and once more drove her knee straight into his gut. “Pfhoooogh” Kevin doubled over in agony only for his head to be brutally rocketed back by a savage kick to his face that left his face a horrible managed mess.

“No no” tears ran down his brutalised face as the class erupted in jeers and calls of abuse at the ruined bully. This was now a slaughter, everyone could see it. Everyone that is except for Kevin, probably that dense skull and small brain couldn’t understand defeat and he rushed at her again kicking out in a blind uncontrolled rage. Ling easily blocked all his kicks and replied with a flurry of incredibly fast kicks to his stomach, chest and head. They were so fast that one could barely see them, Kevin’s body jerked and rocked like a punch bag as the small girl kicked hell out of him.

“N-N-No no no” he cried, tears rolling down his bloodied cheeks as super-fast kicks punished his face and body. The small oriental went absolutely ballistic hammering his face and body with a non-stop barrage of kicks. Kevin’s face disintegrated in a mass of ugly black blotches and red blood. He was totally unable to stop her lightning fast onslaught, he just stood there crying. Suddenly she raised her right leg high bent at the knee and snapped her foot hard into his face rocking it back hard in a spray of blood. Then she simply stopped, turned and walked away.

What the hell was going on?. Jeers and complaints sounded from the assembled onlookers as the small girl reached the edge of the cleared floorspace, Kevin still standing upright and motionless in the middle. Then there were gasps as we all watched in amazement as the tall boy’s body just crumpled to the floor, an unconscious bloodied and bruised mess.

Everyone then filed out of the room, nobody wanted to stay behind and help Kevin.

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