Hospitals can be Dangerous Places (JIMP#10)

A powerful matron overwhelms Scott whilst a Nurse breaks bones battling 2 murderous thugs with her Aikido skills

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

I’m not happy with this one. I tried to describe Aikido moves and think I failed plus I let myself down in the proof reading. I liked Matron Charles and wrote a longer story part-inspired by Carmella Cureton, featuring her recently based upon the comment she makes here about how her sons pay her respect.

(c)JIM P 1995
Darkness, all I could see was darkness. And in the darkness something moved. Something black, but you could sense it’s presence emanating evil as it moved. It moved through the darkness spiralling in towards me and as it moved it grew, elongating itself so that eventually it would smother everything. I tried to hide but there was no escape, it closed in spiralling closer and closer.

I gave a cry then awoke in a cold sweat. A dream, a stupid dream. I lay back and pondered its significance then gave up and went back to sleep.
Scott entered the hospital and made his way to the top floor. There was a police officer patrolling the corridor. Scott lurked in the shadows by the stairwell until the policeman had turned his back, then he snuck across the corridor into an office on the other side. All he had to do now was wait for the chance to get into Sir Nigel’s private room and interrogate him about whatever it was that Jim Priest was up to.

Suddenly a matron entered the room Scott was hiding in. She was a mature woman of West Indian origin and extremely large built. Her massive boobs bounced under her dark blue uniform like two mammoth water filled balloons. She didn’t see Scott hiding behind the door and went to the roster chart pinned to the notice board on the opposing wall. “What a huge fat nigger” Scott thought to himself (he is a racist). He noticed her massively muscled calves that bulged and flexed as she walked even though she was wearing flat soled plimsolls. Foolishly he dismissed this as a result of supporting her massive fat bulk.
Police constable Johnson patrolled the corridor, cup of coffee in his hands. This was boring guarding the stuck up minister, Sir Nigel, who was in a private room at the far end. He turned and started walking back. He didn’t see a door on the right open and two youths sneak up behind him. An arm came from behind and pulled his head back, a blade swished from left to right cutting deep cutting deadly.

The youths carried his body to the storage room they just left and hid him behind some boxes. “f’king laugh ain’t it eh?” laughed one. “f’king brilliant” sniggered the other.

Shutting the door behind them they snuck quietly up the corridor.
The matron turned around and saw Scott. “What the hell are you doing in here?” she demanded “You ain’t allowed in here. What have you stolen?, empty out your pockets”. “Get stuffed big fat nigger. Go back to your own country. Us English don’t have answer to wogs like you” Scott shouted. “Ah a racist eh?, well I think you need to be taught some respect” the matron replied as she approached Scott. Scott tried to ward her off but she grabbed his arms and pushed them easily out to his sides. She then wrapped her massive arms around his body and pulled him against her pillow-like chest in a devastating bear hug.

“orrrghh” Scott felt himself dangling in the air, crushed against her ample breasts that squashed like cushions beneath his chest. But they did not ease the awesome crush around his middle that threatened to cave his chest in. “Where’s your white supremacy now little man?” she told him as he struggled to breath. She held him so tight that his chest couldn’t expand when he tried to breathe. He put his hands to the woman’s massive arms and realised too late that they weren’t fat when he felt rock solid muscle bulging awesomely underneath her sleeve. She effortlessly pulled him tighter against her chest. His face turned red and his body went rigid just for a moment before he went limp in her mighty arms.
Sir Nigel laid in his hospital bed fuming. He had told the police that a gang of unemployed commoners had broken into his home and beaten him up badly. He was too ashamed to admit that it was his pregnant ex-mistress who thrashed him thoroughly with her karate skills [JIMP#9]. Because nothing had been stolen, the police had thought it was a politically motivated attack and had insisted on putting him in an isolated ward “for his own protection”. They had even denied him the use of a phone “in case the political activists tried to trace the call”. That was why he was fuming, he couldn’t warn Cole and the others about this private detective Priest.

Just then the door opened and two unruly lads entered the room. He guessed they were in their late teens or early twenties, shabby looking in T-shirt and jeans. “This is a private room, get out before I have you thrown out” he told them. “f’king bastard” one swore at him. “Unemployed I shouldn’t wonder. You all should be put down instead of scrounging dole” Sir Nigel replied. “Oh we’ve a job all right mush” one lad told him as he approached the bed “In fact we’ve a message from Maggie”. He drew out a knife and slashed it across his neck blood splaying everywhere across the pillows and bed-covers.
Sister Susan Francis entered the private room to check on Sir Nigel. To her horror she saw a youth standing by the bedside laughing as he watched the minister’s lifeblood drain into the sheets.

She turned immediately to leave the room to call for help, but a second youth she didn’t see standing behind the door pushed her roughly with both hands against her breasts shoving her back. She tripped and fell undignified to the floor with her legs splayed. Grinning he closed the door and pushed a stack of chairs against it “Er Frog look what’ve got here. A nurse. We like women in uniforms don’t we Frog?”. “Ph-roooorh, look at that Spud, sheer black stockings and suspenders. Coor great legs love” said the other youth. “I’m a sister actually” Susan replied as she closed her legs as elegantly as possible and rose to confront the youth by the door “Now get out of my way so I can get help for this poor man”.

Spud looked at the woman in front of him and laughed “You’re not going anywhere love. We want a good feel of your stockings”. Fairly plain looking, he thought, about 5’10” with short black hair, a long oval face , brown eyes, heavy eyebrows, a slightly bulbous nose and a wide mouth. “Nice legs shame about the face” he says “but then we’re not going to be looking at your face when we’re giving you one”. The youths laugh. He guesses she is in her mid to late thirties “A bit for my liking, never mind probably means you’re more experienced”. They laugh again. He looks at her body, slender, average build with long legs. “Bet you’ve got a hot bod under that to go with those legs” he says as and steps towards her. “Probably goes like the clappers like that other nurse. What was her name Spud ?” called Frog. “Candy, nurse Candy. Yeah she went all right” Spud sniggered.

Candy Bateson!, she was the pretty young nurse who was brutally raped and murdered last year!. Everyone liked her, she was pleasant, charming and a good worker. Susan was shocked. In anger she snapped a front kick to Spud’s front knee, causing him to flinch backwards. Grabbing his arm with both hands she stepped forward, twisted and threw him over her hip to crash to the floor. “You murdered that sweet innocent girl!” she exclaimed as Spud tried to get to his feet. “Not so innocent by the time we’d finished with her. Heh heh. F’king lark, eh?” sniggered Frog.

“You bitch. I’ll teach you” Spud said as he picked up a blood pressure meter, approached her, raised it and swung it down towards her head. Susan raised her arms, crossed and straight to trap his arm blocking the block. Still holding his arm straight, she turned her backside into his body, bent at the waist and threw him over her hip.

“Jeez Spud can’t you handle a simple woman?” Frog said in disgust and walked towards the sister. Susan grabbed him by the shirt. Turning sideways, she lifted him off his feet and threw him down hard onto his back. “Candy was a warm wonderful person who everyone loved. She didn’t deserve to be your plaything to use and discard” Susan told the youths, tearing filling her eyes as she remembered the warm-hearted young nurse.

She was angry now, she knew she should go and get help but she was so livid at what these yobs had done that she wanted to take the law into her own hands. They might be unlucky and get a life sentence but nowadays that meant three or four years in jail and then release with good behaviour. Life should mean life, and if the system wouldn’t give them it, she would. She moved towards Spud who had got to his feet. “I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done” she told him as she brought her arms inside his and then moved her left arm up and over his right arm, grabbing him above his elbow with her hand on the underside of his arm. Moving to his left side she captured his wrist between her arm and the
side of her body. “We get a lot of attacks on nurses these days” she tells him as she places her left foot in front of him and her right foot behind him. “So I learnt Aikido to defend myself from the likes of you” she says as she brings her right arm behind his body and gets a good tight hug on him. “I’m going to punish you bad” she continues. Pushing him slightly forward to off-balance him, she brings her right foot and hip across the front of his body, bends forward at the waist and throws him over her hip.

Sister Susan caught a movement out of the side of her eye and turned in time to see Frog lunge at her with a knife coming overhead towards her head. With a few inches to spare, she manages to raise her arms to block the knife. Moving one arm over his, she uses her elbow to pulls his elbow in tight against her chest. Then she bends his arm back. “aarggh” he cries in agony. “Drop the knife or I’ll break your arm” she orders “and don’t think you’ll get any preferential treatment just because you’re in a hospital”. “arggh” Frog has no choice, he is forced to drop the knife.

Still locking his arm against her body with her right arm, Susan grabs Frog’s shoulder with the same arm and pulls his body to lean over backwards, while stepping her leg forward so his back rests against it. Frog watched in horror as her left hand held flat and rigid delivers a chop to his exposed throat. Susan lets him fall backwards to the floor, clutching his throat choking. “That always works a treat on drunken old men who think a nurse is fair game for a grope” she tells him as he coughs and splutters before her feet.

Susan went over to check on Sir Nigel. He was probably dead, it might be too late but maybe could be saved if she acted now. She reached towards the red button above the bed to call for assistance, but before she could reach it, Spud pulls her away violently. Spud wraps his arms around her and pulls her into a bear hug. “Say you prayers bitch” he sneered as she gasped for breath, her feet barely touching the ground. “argg” she cries as she feels the strong hold of the youth. She had to act fast, she wouldn’t be able to stand much more of this. Despite her blurred vision and light-headedness, she finds his face with her hands and pushes up under the chin with both hands. At the same time she struck with her knee, not really knowing where it would hit. “Jeez….” Spud drops her and bends forward nursing his groin “bitch…bloody bitch”.

Susan got to her hands and knees, panting heavily to catch her breath back. Slowly she rose and headed towards the door to get help. As she reached out to move the chairs stacked in front of it, a arm reaches out from behind and wrapped itself around her neck. “A tough bird aren’t you?” Frog says in her ear “well let’s see what you’ve got. Come on Spud pull yourself together and help”. Still nursing his groin, Spud approached and lifted up the hem of her uniform. “Corr! f’king hell what a sexy pair of legs!” he exclaimed as Susan’s sexy long legs were revealed in their entirety sheathed in sheer black stockings and suspenders. “Worr I’m having some of that” he said as he started tugging at her knickers. Susan’s right leg kicked up fast and hard right between his legs. For a moment Spud just stood there his mouth opening and shutting noiselessly. Then he let out a moan and sunk to his knees clutching his groin.

At the same moment Susan grabbed Frog’s choke arm and bent forward shoving her shapely backside into his crotch, then throwing him over her head.

Frog hit the tiled floor hard. His back hurt like hell from her throws and his head was in a daze. He looked up to see the nurse grab his arm and twist it hard. “On your feet. I haven’t finished with you yet” she tells him as she forces him to his feet. Placing her foot in his gut, she grabbed him by the front of his shirt and fell backwards, flipping him over her body. Frog landed with a thud, his back once more battered by the tiled floor.

“You’re not man enough to handle me. You’re just little boys” she sneered as Frog groggily got to his hands and knees. “Bitch” he mutters. “What did you say?” she demands walking towards him “apologise”. Frog stands but before he has a chance to defend himself she grabs one of his hands. Lifting his arm high in the air, she leans her body into him and throws him over her hip. His body flies through the air in an arc pivoted by her holding his hand to land heavily on his back. He cries out as the pain sears once more through his back.

Spud could see that Frog was in trouble. She was standing over Frog waiting for him to get up so she could throw him again. Spud found the fallen knife and picked it up then got to his feet and lunged at her back. Susan heard the rustle of clothes behind her, spun around to see a knife plunging towards her chest. Her arms shot out in an instant grabbing his knife arm with both hands, one holding the wrist, the other at the back of his elbow. She twisted his arm and forced him to the ground. “Boys shouldn’t play with knifes” she told him as she knelt by his side “someone might get hurt”. Spud screamed as she applied downwards pressure to his elbow while pulling on his wrist. There was the crack of bone as she broke his arm. “oh god oh god” Spud cried in disbelieved “she’s broke my arm. oh god” he wept.

Frog looked in horror as his mate cried in agony, his arm bent at an unnatural angle. “You bitch” he yelled as he ran across the room and aimed a kick at the nurse as she got up from the floor. Susan turned her body and brought her arm across the path of the kick catching his leg. She then stuck his knee hard with her elbow. “arghhh” Frog screamed as she dislocated his knee.

Susan approached Spud who had now gotten to his feet. “Leave me alone for god’s sake” he pleaded as she neared. “Like you left Nurse Candy alone eh?” she replied. Spud tried to punch her with his good arm, but she blocked it with both hands up. She grabbed his arm with her forearm against the inside of his lower arm, turned her backside into his body and bent forward throwing him over her hip.

“Please get a doctor, you’ve broken my leg” begged Frog. Susan bent down to face him “Oh what a baby it’s only a dislocated knee. Now I think you owe me an apology?”. “Get stuffed” he spat. She slapped his ear. “arggh” Frog cried and looked up in time to see Susan’s elbow drive hard itself into his face. His nose broke and blood spurted over his face, but his torment wasn’t over with yet. Susan stomped her foot hard into the pit of his stomach. “brghhhrgg” Frog collapsed clutching his middle, badly winded.

Susan walked towards Spud who cowered in fear as she stood over him. “No please no have mercy” he begged. “I’ll show the same mercy you showed Candy” she told me as she sat on her knees behind him and brought her right arm around his neck. “This is a blood choke” she told him “I do hope you enjoy it, because I certainly will”. She brought her biceps and the edge of her forearm onto the sides of his neck forming a tight seal. She put her right hand into the crease of her elbow and against her left biceps and brought her left hand behind him to rest on the back of his head. “arkk” Spud could hardly breathe within the tight hold. He felt the pressure increase as she brought her elbows together and shrugging back her shoulders. He felt her chest in his back as he lay helpless and snug in her arms, the blood circulation cut off from his brain. He started to go limp in her arms but she held the choke for another 30 seconds to make sure he wasn’t faking it. She released him and let him flop to the floor.

Frog was shocked “You’ve, you’ve killed him” he stammered nervously. “No, he’s having a little sleep. Now where’s my apology?” she asks. Despite his knee, Frog uses the bed to pull himself to his feet. “Who said you could get up?” Susan tells him as she grabs his arm and chops him on the side of the neck. Frog collapses on the bed. “Imagine thinking you cowards could face me in a fight” she laughs as she pulls Frog up by the arm. She turns to the side and bends to load him onto her back then threw him over her hip.

“orghh my back” he cries. He looks up in fear as Susan reaches down, applies an arm bar and forces him to his feet again. “Please no my leg’s killing me” he cries “I apologise I apologise”. He watched as she moved her body directly beside him and reached around his waist with both arms. Bending at the knees, she swings her hips under him and leans back slightly so that his body leaves the ground. “Admit it, I’m too much woman for you to handle” she sneers, turns his body and drops him on his back.

Frog cries aloud at the punishment his back is receiving, but the sister from hell shows no mercy. “You’re not fit to be called human” she sneers as she grabs his arm forcing him to his feet once more. “Please, you’re too much woman for me to handle. No more please” he cries. Facing his body she bends forward placing her head against his right side. Frog sees an opportunity and wraps his arm over her neck and locks it “got you now bitch”. But that was what Susan was hoping for. She grabs his wrist with her left hand and places her right hand over his left shoulder. “Die bitch” Frog says, tears still in his eyes as he tries to tighten the headlock. Susan drops her left hand down and reaches between his legs and grabs his arse. “oi! stop that” he exclaims in surprise. Swinging her hips into him she lifts him to a horizontal position, with his chest across her shoulders. “Still want to fight ?” she asks as she slams his body to the ground.

Susan looks at the pathetic sobbing youth lying by her feet. For a moment she considers calling security, then she sees the dead minister brutally murdered in a hospital bed. She bends down and once more forces Frog to his feet. He doesn’t resist her, all the fight has gone from him. “You’re disgusting. You don’t deserve to live the way you treat people” she tells him. Holding his hand with her left hand and grabbing his forearm with her right, she places her right foot against his left hip. She squats down on her left leg, letting her weight fall back causing Frog to lose his balance and fall forwards in a corkscrew manner. He hits the floor and rolls onto his back. Susan slips her right leg across his body and swings her left leg over his head. The feel of her nylons against his face and the view of her suspenders gives Frog a hard-on. Then he is crying is agony as she leans back stretching his arm. “arggh you win you win please let go” he begs.

Releasing his arm she climbs on top of him and hooks her feet under his thighs. “No no” he tries to bump her off but she rides him supporting her weight with her hands above his head. “It’s no use struggling. I’m in control” she tells him looking down into his face. He feels her pulling his legs wide apart with her sexy legs “aghh my knee please no” he cries in pain. Suddenly she is punching him in the mouth. Frog raises his hands to defend himself and Susan grabs his wrists. Putting her right elbow down beside his head, she brings her left arm under his upper right arm and grabs her right wrist with her left hand. Keeping her elbow on the ground she pulls his arms down to the floor to tighten the hold. She lifts up with her left arm pouring pressure onto his arm “Shall I break it?” she asks. “arghhh no no please no” he pleads.

She changes the hold, placing her right hand on his right wrist, she wraps her left arm around his right arm at the elbow. Bracing his wrist she lifts up with her left arm against the back of his elbow. “Jeez Jeez no no please no” he begs as his arm is tortured. “Make a lot of noise don’t you for someone so tough?” she taunts as she bends his arm further.

Frog watches helplessly as the sister climbs on top of him still holding maintaining the arm bar. He sees her shapely leg and a glimpse of stocking top as she extends her left leg straight out and swings it around over his head. She falls back perpendicular to his side letting her right leg go across his shoulders. Her hips are tight to his shoulders with her feet on the ground. He feels his arm being pulled back, as she does so she rotates his hand so that the inside of his elbow is facing straight up. He feels the heel of her foot dig into his head and neck as she pulls him towards her. He sees her lean back, raise her hips and pull down on his arm. “arghhh no no please no” he cries. He feels like his arm is being pulled out of its socket and his arm will break at the elbow.

She keeps him in the hold for what seems an eternity, torturing his arm and deriding him for thinking he could fight her. Then suddenly she released the hold and he was free. Frog rolled over to his left side so he could massage his tortured right arm. Suddenly he was pushed onto his stomach and he felt her weight on his back. He tried to push himself up with his arms and his good leg but she hooked her legs under his thighs and pulled them wide apart forcing him to the floor. Then he felt her elbow drive into the top of his spine. “argghg” he screamed. His head was pulled back, an arm came around under his chin and another reached around and pushed his face back under the base of his nose. He then felt her arms wrap around his neck and started choking him. “How many other poor defenceless people have you killed?” he heard her ask, but he couldn’t answer – he couldn’t talk and he could hardly breathe. He felt his head swimming as the choke tightened. He began to see spots before his eyes and his ears were ringing. He could hear her voice recede in the distance talking about law and order and some crap like that, then there was blackness.
Scott came around to find himself shoved through the gap in the back of a chair with his face looking up. “Ah you’re awake, good. I can continue your lesson” he heard her voice. He looked to the side and saw her. She lifted up the hem of her uniform to reveal her titanic thighs. Scott quaked in fright, like her arms, her thighs weren’t fat but thick solid pillars of muscle that gleamed with the ebony sheen of her skin. She straddled over him and he looked up in fear at the largest, most muscled thighs he had ever seen. Wide long columns of sensual black feminine muscle ending in her naked hairy crotch. She lowered herself into the chair to sit on his face. “I have four sons about your age. This is how I taught them to respect their mother. Even now they are grown men they still come round to pay their respect” she told him as she forced his nose right up into her slit.

Her massive thighs swallowed his head and held him in a firm but menacing grip as she settled down to some work at her desk. All Scott could do was lay there, half-starved of oxygen, his skull pressed on either side by a firm pressure. Any attempt to complain was smothered by her crotch and resulted in a mouth full of hair. He reached up for her legs with his hands and was staggered by how large and firm they were. She kept him there for about an hour, working behind her desk. No-one could see him and he was resigned to his fate. Everyone wondered why Matron was in such a good mood, if only they knew!.

Occasionally she would slid about on his nose. As it approached her tea break, she began to work herself off on his nose, her motions becoming deeper and faster. Her juices began to flow all over his face as she slid harder and faster on his face. Then she came! – Scott thought his skull would explode as her massive thighs squeezed hard with her climax. He felt her thigh muscles expand and bulge to an awesome size as the pain tore through his head. Even if he could, he never had a chance to scream, he was crushed out in an instant.

Matron Caroline Charles shoved Scott’s limp body into the locker under her desk and then went for her tea break.
Spud started to come around. For a moment he didn’t know where he was and why his arm hurt so much. Then he saw Frog’s prone form on the floor and the sister sitting on his back. He remembered now, they were minding their own business enjoying themselves when this bitch from hell came in and started throwing them around. Quietly he got to his feet and started walking towards the door. Suddenly Susan was in front of him. “Going somewhere?” she asked as she grabbed his T-shirt. Pulling him forward, she put her foot in his stomach, fell back and flipped him over her to land heavily on his back.

Spud looks up to see her walking towards him. Quickly he scurries backwards trying to get away from her. She smiles at him “Not so tough now are we?”. He feels the wall behind him. “There’s nowhere left to run so stand up and take it like a man” she tells him. “Please no” he pleads. She reaches down grabs his arm and twists it savagely into an arm lock “get up or I’ll break this one as well”. “No please don’t” he pleads but the pressure on his arm reaches breaking point and he is forced to rise. Spud strikes out but she blocks it with her right hand. She surprises him by bending down with her head beside his body and putting her left shoulder to his waist with her hands behind each thigh. Moving her feet so they are on either side of his left foot, she swings her hips under and lifts him onto her left shoulder. Spud is airborne, he feels her swing his legs up high to the right, rotating his body slightly to the left slightly and then he is falling. He cries out in pain as his body slams into the tiled floor.

She is upon him immediately. He tries to get away but she slips her right knee in front and across his abdomen, bringing her left leg behind him. He is surprised as her long sexy legs squeeze tight. Spud struggles uselessly as her legs hold him captive. “It’s no use struggling. My legs are too strong for you to handle” she tells him. He feels the shear of her stockings under his hand and gets excited by it. He runs his hand up her leg, feeling the strong firm muscles play underneath to her stocking tops. His hard-on grows in his trousers. “You disgusting beast. You will suffer pain under my legs not pleasure” she tells him. She brings her right arm across his neck and under his chin. She reaches reach through with her left hand and grabs her right wrist. “grkkk” he croaks as her forearm crushes into his trachea. His discomfort is made worse as she raises her hips, pushes his body forward slightly holding tight with her strong legs and pulls back with the choke hold.

Spud stopped struggling. It was useless, the woman held him in the painful hold for ages lecturing him about his evil ways. Suddenly he is free, but not for long. She wraps her legs around his neck, her right calf behind his neck, left knee over her right foot locked by her left foot. She moves so that her legs are parallel to his shoulder line, grabs his arm and pulls it across her lower torso. “There’s nothing sexier than choking a man out between your legs” she tells him as she squeezes her knees together. Spud can do nothing except lie there as she chokes him. She plays with him, choking him to the brink of passing out, then relaxing allowing him to recover before choking him again. She toys with him for a good ten minutes then noticed Frog regaining consciousness. With a final mighty squeeze she sends Spud spinning into

Frog pulled himself to his knees. Suddenly the nursing sister was kneeling beside him. “Let me help you” she says. “No please you’re too tough for me” he begged. She reached across and locked his arm in an arm bar. “Get up or I’ll break it” she ordered. “No please” he was forced to his feet. He was too frightened to stop her as she stepped forward and wrapped her arms wrapped around his body, one hand grabbing the other wrist, her head, turned left, against his chest. “Isn’t this cosy, darling?” she said in a sexy voice. Then she hooked her right leg behind his left leg and pulled it away. Frog hit the floor hard, screaming as the pain jarred his dislocated knee.

“Come on, stand up and fight like a man” Susan challenged. “No please leave me alone” Frog begged. “You’re no fun. I’m bored with you” she tells him as she bends his arm viscously behind his back and pins it with her chest. “Please no please I’ll give you anything just let me go” he whimpers. Ignoring him, she puts her other hand on his chin and forces it back hard. He screams loud until she breaks his neck
Scott came around to find himself still imprisoned between the mighty brown thighs of the matron. She kept him there for nearly another hour, occasionally gently rubbing back and forth on his nose until it is time to do her rounds then she orders him to lick her. He hesitates not wanting to do such an act. An awesome squeeze of power that threatens to split his skull makes him comply. It seemed to take an age before she eventually came. Trying to suppress her moans, she orgasmed, grinding her pussy into Scott’s face, soaking him with her juices and tensing her massive thighs around his skull. Scott tried to scream as terrifying pressure threatened to crush his skull. He was out in an instant and his body dumped in the locker while she attends to her duties.
Spud awoke to find the sister in front of him. She opened her legs wide and hitched the hem of her uniform up. He had to admit that she had the sexiest legs he had ever seen – long shapely and wearing sheer black stockings and suspenders. His erection started to grow. “If you want them, you better come and get them” she said in a sexy husky voice. Cautiously he pulled himself up and approached her. She waited until he was right in front of her, then hooked her left foot behind his calf and kicked out with her right at the inside of his knee. His leg gave way immediately and he fell in front of her. She stretched out her long sexy legs around his neck and hooked her feet. Arcing her back, she started to squeeze. “argh” Spud never realised that legs so sexy could be so strong as they choked him. She twisted and turned forcing his trapped neck into all sorts of painful angles.

Spud was in agony as the sexy legs scissored him relentlessly. Eventually it all became too much for him and he started to feel faint. He felt as if he was rolling and then realised that he was!. She had rolled him to lie front down on the floor with the side of his face pressed against the bare crotch of the nursing sister from hell. He could feel her right leg wrapped around the back of his head holding him tight against her. He gazed at her left leg in front of his face, sexy, strong, black stockings and suspenders giving him a hard on. Her left leg is held straight pinning his useless right arm. His left arm is held in an arm lock. “Good, you are awake. I’ve decided you will pay Candy back for the sexual assault upon her body” Susan told him. Before he had a chance to ponder what she had said, she pulls on his left arm and increasing the pressure with her leg on his head, forcing his face to turn and press into her crotch. “Lick me” she orders. Yes please he thinks to himself, the feel of those sexy stockinged legs entrapping him turning him on. He licks and licks, she gets more and more excited and her juices begin to flow, exciting him even more. Every muscle in her body tenses as her orgasm washes over her, not realising that she has pulled his arm so tight that she has broken it and that she has crushed him out against her strong legs.

She sits silently regaining her breath looking at the carnage in the room. This would take a lot of explaining, but what the hell, she felt that justice had been done.
Time dragged slowly for Scott. Time and time again he would come around to find his face under the crotch of this fearsome woman. Time and time again she would sit on him for long periods of time, gently moving on his nose until she either works herself off on his face or she demands him to satisfy her with his tongue. Time and time again she would climax and crush so hard with her legs that he feared for his very life before he slipped into unconsciousness. It was a long working day for Matron, it seemed even longer to Scott, his head pounding with the worst headache of his life.

Early evening approaches. Scott comes around to find himself lying on the floor. He looks up and sees matron closing the door. “It’s time for me to go home now” she tells him as she walks towards him. “No more please no more” he begs, tears running down his eyes, his face white with fright. “Oh, I’ve done with sitting on your nose for one day” she says. No comfort for Scott, he dreads to think what she might do next. “Please leave me alone” he begs. Sitting on the edge of the table she asks “Have you learnt respect ?”. “Oh yes, yes, I respect you lots and lots” he babbles quickly. “Get up from the floor and tell me to my face” she demands.

Scott gets to his feet and walks over to her “I respect you” he says nervously. Slowly she unbuttons the front of her uniform and opens it. “Do you respect these?” she asks as Scott gawps at a huge stiff white bra straining to contain her massive boobs. He feels his cock stiffen “oh yes they’re marvellous” he replies. “Feel them. Show them your respect” she orders. He doesn’t need to be told twice, he cups his hands and massages her enormous mammaries. “oohhh they’re sexy” he moans and bends his head forward to start kissing them.

“Do you respect these?” she says. Scott looked up to see that she has slipped her arms out her uniform. His mouth fell open as he looked in horror at her massive solidly muscled arms. Slowly she flexed both arms at the same time. Huge biceps grew so big her already massive arms doubled in size, then further increased as she tensed them, solidifying into massive peaks that seemed bigger than his head. “I used to be fat you know” she tells him “Many many moons ago. Then one day I was putting away my first husband’s weights and I decided – what the hell why can’t a woman build a new body for herself”. Massive mounds of bosom with a huge cleavage formed as her pecs pulled her breasts up. Scott found this incredibly erotic and he wanted to continue to pay his respect to those, but he feared her massive biceps. “Feel them” she orders. Tentatively Scott puts his hands on her arms marvelling at their solidity and density. He put tried to put both hands around one arm, one above and one below but he couldn’t contain them. “Kiss them, respect them” she demands. Scott obeyed, he began kissing her bulging biceps while caressing them with both hands. He was surprised to find he had a raging erection, for some reason the muscular power of this big black woman was incredibly feminine and erotic. His kisses turned to licks and then sucking on the massive peaks. He was really getting carried away. “That’s enough” she says as she pushes his head away.

She pulls the hem of her uniform up over her hips and stretches out her massive legs either side of his body “Do you respect these?”. Beads of sweat run down Scott’s face as he remembers the terrifying force her thighs had inflicted on his skull. He look as she tensed her legs. Her huge thighs thickened some more and solidified into dense slabs of solid muscle. “Yes I respect them” he says fearfully. “Please don’t make me put my head in there again. Please” he begs.

She wraps those massive pillars of feminine muscle around his waist and locks her calves. “urrghh” Scott groans as he feels the strong constriction around his middle, his face turning red as he strained to prise her legs apart. “It’s no use struggling. I’ve had many many years of practice making men pay respect” she says. She flexes her right biceps in front of his face, its mighty peak towering, her brown skin gleaming and taut. “If I ever see you around here again, I will show you how I loved my four late husbands to death” she tells him “Once I get my thighs around you when you are inside me you never come out alive unless you totally satisfy me – and I take a lot of satisfying”. Leaning back on the table, she slowly raises her legs together with his trapped body. “ughhhh” he groans as her grip tightens and lifts him off the floor. He watches in disbelieve as she brings her legs vertical with his body sandwiched in between held firm looking down at her. “No one can stand the full pressure of my thighs” she says. Scott felt the huge muscles of her thighs tense and continue their unstoppable crush against his sides. The pressure was unbearable “please no please no more, you’re killing me. You’re too strong for me” he begs, tears filling his eyes at the immense pain in his middle.

“Why I’ve hardly started” the black amazon replied as she squeezed even harder. “No no please I beg you. I’ll do anything for you. arghh, I’ll give you anything you want. please have mercy” he is crying like a baby now, he had never felt such awful pain in his insides as her legs tighten like a steel vice around his middle. She continued to crush him with her legs, Scott screamed aloud in agony as he felt his sides crack and pop. He tried to beat his fists on her thighs in a desperate attempt to get loose. But his punches were ineffectual against her powerful legs. She was crushing him so tight now that he couldn’t breathe, his aching head span in warm red and black. His body flopped and hung limp held aloft by her mighty legs like a human flag. She tensed her legs even tighter and seeing no response dropped his body to the floor.

“Well Caroline” she said to herself as she put her arms in her sleeves and buttoned up her uniform “I only wished this happened more often. There’s nothing like teaching a man a bit of respect now and then to keep a woman happy”. She laughed to herself as she left the room “Shame I can’t keep him as a pet. Damn shame”.
The skinny Indian woman in decrepit clothing huddled in the corner of the interview room, screaming and yelling in her language. She was getting hysterical. The interview with the interpreter had to be abandoned yet again.

“What was that all about?” Police detective Jenkins asked as the man of Asian descent entered our room. “It’s very difficult to understand her” he said “she’s a simple uneducated poor peasant woman from a small farming village in Andhra, the south-eastern state of India.”. “So how could she afford to pay to get smuggled into Britain?” Jenkins asked. “Slave labour” I said “Ship simple uneducated peasants from a poor country to become the slaves of the rich in the West. Get them to replace the positions the likes of you and me would have served less than a hundred years ago”.

Suddenly the lights went out. “Where’s the bloody backup generator?” yelled Jenkins. Minutes passed before the emergency lighting came on. “Where’s she gone?” the interpreter yelled. We looked in the interview room, it was empty.

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