Girls Vs. Zombies

The sign at the edge of town read, “Welcome to Paradise Valley. Population 1706.” Despite the number, not a soul seemed to be stirring. There was no sound, just an eerie quiet. A dense fog clung to the ground, and a light drizzle was falling.

The silence was broken by the sound of a car engine. A black SUV with five people inside appeared on the horizon and headed towards the town. Danielle, a pretty girl with long wavy brown hair, was at the wheel. Her boyfriend, Larry, a short guy with glasses, was riding shotgun. In the back seat sat Misty, a sexy Asian girl with long jet-black hair. Next to Misty was her boyfriend, Greg, a big blond guy with the look of a simple-minded surfer. Finally, there was Rania, a Middle Eastern beauty with dark brown hair that went down to the middle of her back. Rania had just gone through two very violent experiences and didn’t feel quite ready to get back to dating and boyfriends just yet, preferring quick, casual one-night stands at the moment. All five of them were nineteen-year-old college sophomores on their winter vacation. Danielle pulled the vehicle into a gas station. “We’d better fill up here.”

Greg looked around. “Dude, there’s, like, nobody here,” he said in a surfer voice. “This place is like, deserted.”

“That’s weird,” said Rania in her slight Lebanese accent. “There should be *somebody* around. But the whole town looks empty.”

“Something just doesn’t feel right about this place,” said Misty. “It’s creepy, like something out of a horror movie.”

“Yeah,” added Larry. “We should get out of here as soon as possible.”

“We’re not going much of anywhere without more gas,” said Danielle. She swiped her credit card in the slot, then removed the gas pump and inserted it into the tank. “Well, this works, at least.”

“I’m gonna see if anyone’s there so I can get a bag of chips,” said Greg. “Any of you want anything?”

The others shook their heads. Greg headed towards the gas station mini-mart. Larry walked off on his own, shaking his head as if to clear it.

Danielle’s elegant face was expressionless as she pumped the gas. “So do you want to talk about it?” Rania asked her finally.

“Talk about what?”

“Oh, come on, Dani,” said Misty. “We’ve all noticed it. The way you’ve been down and depressed these past few days.”

Danielle looked around furtively, then whispered, “Well, it’s just that…I’m going to break up with Larry.”

“What? Why?” asked Rania. “Are you guys having problems?”

“No,” Dani answered. “Not really. It’s just that…we have so little in common. Sometimes I find myself wondering why we got together in the first place.”

“Hey, I don’t have much in common with Greg,” said Misty. “I mean, look at us. He’s this blonde surfer dude who says ‘dude’ a lot and I’m the stereotypical nerdy Asian girl. But we have fun together.”

“Well, Larry and I don’t,” said Danielle. “Not anymore. We…” She stopped suddenly. “They’re coming back.”

“No one was inside, and the place was locked,” reported Greg. “Weird.”

“Let’s get out of here,” said Larry.

“Agreed,” said Danielle, replacing the gas pump and closing the gas tank door. She looked over at her boyfriend, still trying to decide how she was going to tell him.

They all piled back into the car. Dani turned the key in the ignition, but it didn’t start. “What the hell?” she said, after trying several more times without success.

“Maybe the gas pump wasn’t working after all?” suggested Greg.

“No. I saw the gas flowing. Anyway, even if it didn’t work at all we still had a little in the tank from before.”

“Pop the hood,” said Rania. “Let me take a look.” Rania knew a fair amount about cars and fixed her own when it had trouble. But after examining several different things, she had to admit she was stumped. “Everything seems to be in perfect working order.”

“Crap. The car’s busted and there’s nobody here,” said Larry.

“We could try calling somebody,” suggested Misty. She took out her cell phone, then frowned. “That’s funny. No service. There should be service. We’re not that far out into the middle of nowhere.” Everyone else took out their cell phones. None of them had any service either.

“You were right, Misty. This is just like the beginning of a horror movie,” said Danielle. “Everything going wrong at once, including the whole town disappearing…it can’t be a coincidence.”

“We could be stuck here,” said Greg. “Unless…we took someone else’s car.”

“Greg!” scolded Misty, playfully slapping him on the ass.

“Just sayin’…”

“Maybe we should try knocking on some doors,” said Rania. “Maybe someone is here. We can ask them for help.”

They began walking around, but none of their knocks elicited any response. Suddenly, Larry gave a shout. “Check this car out. The key’s in the ignition.” He tried the door. “And it’s unlocked.”

“Small-town trust,” murmured Danielle.

“Let’s knock on the door of the house first,” said Misty. But there was no response to the knocking. Greg peered in the window, but reported that the house seemed empty.

“Shall we?” he asked, pointing to the car. “I mean, we’ll, like, bring it back, of course.”

“Fine,” said Misty with an exaggerated sigh, but breaking into giggles and kissing her man on the cheek.

Everyone climbed into the car, with Greg behind the wheel. He turned the key…and it didn’t start. “Uh-oh.”

“This is just how the movie would go,” said Danielle. “I bet none of these cars work. We’re stuck here. And then there’s gonna be the part where the monsters come.”

“There’s no such thing as monsters,” said Misty. “But we are in deep shit.”

“Looks like we have no other choice, guys,” sighed Rania. “Let’s get our stuff from our car and start walking. I remember it was about twelve miles to the next town. If we start now we should be able to get there before dark.”

They went back to the SUV and gathered what they needed. They then started hiking out of town. “Damn, this fog’s getting thicker with every step we take,” commented Larry.

“What was that sound?” asked Danielle suddenly.

“I didn’t hear anything,” said Misty.

“Stop and listen.” A low but spine-chilling and inhuman growl came from the distance. It was impossible to tell which direction it was coming from. The fog was everywhere. “See!” said Dani. “It’s the monster!” She began shrieking with nervous laughter.

Rania came over and held her. “Relax, Dani. It’s probably just an animal.”

“Probably a bear,” added Greg. The growl came again, closer this time.

“I have to admit, that doesn’t sound like any bear I’ve ever heard,” said Misty.

“Uh…guys?” said Rania. Her normally deeply tanned face had gone very pale. She pointed to the left. Through the fog appeared a pair of glowing red eyes, advancing on them. As if on cue on a movie set, all five of them, including the guys, let out high-pitched girlish screams at exactly the same time.

“I hate to say ‘I told you so’, but this time, I really did tell you so!” said Danielle, her teeth chattering. She turned to move in the opposite direction…and stopped cold when she saw another pair of red eyes coming at the group.

“Shit. They’re everywhere,” said Larry. Red eyes were coming at them from every direction. The closest pair of red eyes emerged from the fog, revealing the eyes to be attached to a savage-looking creature that appeared to be…a zombie?

Determined to be a masculine hero, Greg charged forward with a roar, kicking the zombie in the chest. It was knocked backward, but came at him again and bit him, taking a large chunk of flesh out of poor Greg’s neck. He fell to the ground, bleeding and screaming. More zombies appeared and began feeding on his body.

“NOOOOO!” screamed Misty, charging forward, determined to avenge her fallen man. She high-kicked the nearest zombie in the face and was rewarded with a sharp CRACK. Her kick had broken its neck, turning the undead creature dead again.

“Let’s help her get these fuckers!” said Rania, performing a front tuck somersault to take her closer to the zombies. She punched one’s head with her leather-gloved fist, pulverizing its skull into bloody pieces. “See, they’re not so tough!”

Fists and feet flew as they fought back against the monsters. Suddenly, a high-pitched but male scream rang out. “Larry!” shouted Danielle, still showing concern for her man even though she planned to break up with him. Larry had disappeared into the fog. Dani charged in the direction of his scream, but a snarling zombie blocked her path. She tripped it to the dirt, then finished it off by kicking its skull, causing blood and gore to erupt from it. She continued running, trying to save her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Rania and Misty were almost surrounded by zombies. Rania did a handstand, splitting her legs 180 degrees. She then spun around, kicking all the zombies around her and knocking them down. Leaping back to her feet, she began stomping zombie heads into mush. For the final creature, she raised her right leg in a full vertical split, then brought it down onto the zombie’s head with tremendous speed and force, utterly destroying it.

Misty was facing three zombies, two in front and one behind. She performed a standing back handspring, kicking both of the zombies in front of her and breaking both their necks. She then thrust her elbow behind her, impacting the third creature’s skull and pulverizing it.

“Dani! Where are you!” shouted Rania.

Danielle emerged from the fog, her black leather gloves dripping with zombie blood. “I killed a bunch of them, but Larry’s gone. They must have carried him off.” She let out a sniffle. Misty knelt down by Greg’s corpse (the parts the zombies didn’t like, anyway) and covered her face with her hair. Rania hugged both of the other girls tightly.

More growls came from the fog. “Come on. We have to get back to town,” said Rania. “We’re too exposed out here. We need to find shelter.”

Misty stood up. “And some weapons,” she added, in the mood for killing after having watched her boyfriend get eaten alive.

“Three girls against the zombies,” said Danielle. “Just like in a cheesy horror movie.”

“Except we’re NOT going to get eaten,” said Rania. The three young women certainly made a sexy and powerful picture. They were all wearing tight, low-cut jeans and tight white T-shirts. The combination of their short-sleeved shirts and black wrist-length leather gloves showed off the girls’ slim but very well-toned arms. Hints of six-pack abs were visible between shirts and jeans and the ladies’ asses looked great in their tight pants. The girls were well-proportioned also. Rania was the tallest at 5’8″ and 125 pounds, with a very firm pair of 34B breasts. Danielle stood at 5’6″ and 120 pounds and had an impressive 34C rack. Misty was the smallest at 5’4″ and 112 pounds, with a perky pair of 32B’s.

They made their way back to town as fast as they could. On either side of the road, red eyes glowed through the fog, indicating the presence of more zombies. Finally they reached the outermost buildings of the town.

“In the movies, there’s always a gun shop conveniently located nearby for the heroes to grab weapons from,” commented Danielle. “Let’s see if we can find one.” All three girls, because of their tomboyish natures and their non-aversion to violence, were well-trained with weapons.

The girls began looking. They encountered a few stray zombies along the way. Rania reached out with her gloved hands and broke one’s neck. Danielle punched another’s skull into goo. Misty broke yet another’s neck with a well-aimed spin kick. “The growls are getting louder,” noted Misty. “More are coming. We’d better hurry.”

But a search up and down the streets revealed no gun shop. “This town is probably too small to have one,” sighed Rania.

“Uh…guys?” said Danielle suddenly in a squeaky voice. A large group of zombies was advancing on them. The girls gulped and ran for the nearest building, which was labeled “Paradise Valley Historical Society.”

“The window,” said Misty. She ran up to it and twirled her body sideways. She then fired a powerful side kick into the glass, shattering it. The girls quickly climbed inside, then dragged a heavy wooden cabinet over to cover the opening.

Rania let out a loud sigh of relief. “We should be safe in here.” She turned around…and came face to face with a zombie with very sharp teeth. “Yipes!” she cried out. The zombie growled, but before it could bite, Rania had kicked it in the head so hard that its brains splattered all over the wall.

“You okay, Rania?” asked Misty.

“Yeah, killed the bugger before it could nail me. C’mon, let’s clear out the rest of this place.” The girls explored the building, but didn’t find any more zombies.

“Hey, look what I found!” Danielle shouted. Rania and Misty hurried into the room Dani was in, which was labeled “Military History.” On the walls were various weapons, including swords, daggers, axes, flintlock muskets, and a crossbow.

Misty’s dark eyes lit up. “Now we can really get to killin’,” she grinned.

Rania examined the guns. “These are all old flintlocks,” she said. “Slow to fire, clumsy, and unreliable. Plus I don’t see any gunpowder around, which we’d need to fire them. There are arrows for this crossbow, though.” Rania was an expert archer and bow hunter. She picked up the crossbow and a quiver of about fifteen arrows. She also took an eight-inch dagger in a sheath, which she attached to her belt.

Misty, who studied swordswomanship as part of her brand of martial arts training, picked up and tested several swords before finally selecting one she decided was the perfect weight and feel for her. Meanwhile, Danielle chose a medium-sized battle axe and performed a demostration by using it to decapitate the statue of a general, which was standing in the center of the room. “Should we hole up in here?” asked Dani.

Misty said, “We should cover up all the other windows before the zom…” Her statement was interrupted by the sound of glass breaking and the roars of many hungry zombies.

“Too late,” said Misty, Dani, and Rania at exactly the same time. Despite the seriousness of the situation, they couldn’t help giggling when they realized what they had done.

“Go, out this window!” Rania shouted, turning deadly serious. Danielle smashed the window open with her axe and she quickly leapt through, followed by Misty. Zombies began pouring into the room.

Rania took aim with her crossbow at the zombie in the front. The arrow flew through the air, went right through the first zombie’s skull, and embedded itself in the head of the creature behind it. Both zombie heads exploded, sending blood and gore everywhere. The Lebanese beauty looked down at the weapon in her hands, impressed. As the two now-headless zombies fell to the floor, Rania began reaching for another arrow, then stopped. A mass of zombies was approaching rapidly and there would be no way to recover her arrows. She turned and jumped out the window after her friends.

The girls regrouped outside the museum. “It’s like they know exactly where to find us,” said Misty.

“In the movies, zombies can smell human flesh,” said Danielle.

“This isn’t a movie, Dani,” said Rania. “Misty’s right. There’s something suspicious about all this. Also, zombies don’t just arise out of nothing. I think somebody created them.”

“If that’s true, we’re in even deeper shit than we thought we were,” Misty sighed, tightening her grip on her sword.

“Let’s think positive,” said Rania. “Whoever’s behind this is going to learn the hard way not to mess with three sexy girls with lethal weapons.” That brought cheers and warrior cries from Misty and Danielle.

“We could try escaping from town, but if those zombies caught us in the open and surrounded us, we’d be done,” said Dani. “We’ve got to find someplace solid and easily defendable.”

A growl came from behind them. Three feminine, brunette heads whirled around, long silky hair whipping behind each. Rania shot the zombie standing there in the head, then went over and retrieved her arrow, pulling it out with a squishing sound. “Which way?” she asked.

Her question was answered by loud zombie growls. The girls hurried off in the opposite direction. They rounded a corner and came face-to-face with two zombies. Misty beheaded the first with her sword. Danielle hurled her axe into the other’s skull.

The young women kept moving. Zombie growls came from all around them. At first they only bumped into one or two zombies together, which they dispatched swiftly and easily, but soon they were running into groups of eight or ten.

They quickly found an effective way to deal with them. The girls formed themselves into a “V” shape, with Rania in the back center position. She would fire arrows into the center of the group of zombies, splitting the survivors into two groups. Dani and Misty would then each finish off a group with their weapons. When all the zombies in the little mob were neutralized, Rania would collect her arrows and the warrior maidens would move on.

“We can’t go on like this forever,” Misty said, casually kicking the head of a zombie she had decapitated like a soccer ball, sending it flying a good forty meters. “The zombies are coming at us in bigger groups every time. One of them grabbed my throat and I had to cut its arm off before I finished it by stabbing it in the head.”

“What’s that?” said Danielle suddenly.

A large gray building loomed out of the fog in front of them. “This could be the solution,” said Rania. A sign in front of the building read STATE PRISON. “We might be able to find some guns in here, if they haven’t been taken away. Even if they have, this place has solid walls. It’ll be hard for the zombies to break in.”

The girls used their athleticism and gymnastics skills to leap over the barbed-wire fence and onto the prison grounds. “Look out!” shouted Dani. A zombie was standing on the roof of the prison. It had a red fire axe in its raised right hand, ready to throw. Rania whipped her crossbow around and nailed the creature with an arrow right between the eyes just before it could hurl its weapon.

“Damn, girl,” said Misty, impressed. She affectionately patted Rania on her firm ass.

Rania blushed a little. “Thanks, but the distance was only about 80 meters. Pretty easy shot…uh-oh.” Several more zombies appeared on the roof, each with an axe or billy club in its hand. Rania began shooting them as fast as she could, but some of them managed to throw their weapons before they died. One axe came flying straight at Danielle. She did a standing back handspring as it came at her. The axe flew safely between her legs as she was upside down. Dani landed elegantly on her feet and sighed in relief. She picked up the extra axe and threw it right into the skull of a zombie.

A club flew right at Misty. She reached out and actually caught it, then hurled it back at the zombie that had thrown it. The heavy club slammed into the zombie, knocking it off the roof to its death. Soon all the zombies had been dispatched and the girls high-fived each other. Rania frowned as she counted her remaining arrows, knowing that she couldn’t recover the ones on the roof. “How many left?” asked Dani.

“Only nine,” sighed Rania. “C’mon, let’s get inside.” The door was locked, but Rania kicked it down.

The prison was dark and damp, and had a terrible stench. A lone zombie came out of the shadows. It was wearing a prison guard’s uniform. After shooting it with her crossbow, Rania examined its equipment as she was retrieving her arrow. “No gun. Just a club. The guards inside usually don’t carry guns because it’d be too easy for prisoners to grab them.”

Two zombies in orange prison uniforms appeared. Danielle cut one’s head off with her axe. Misty sliced the other in half at the waist with her sword and watched as the upper half began crawling towards her. When it got close enough, she stomped its head flat. “I guess that confirms it,” said the Asian beauty. “The whole town turned into zombies…or more likely, *got* turned into zombies.”

“Let’s find a room that’s easily defendable,” said Rania.

“And one without this awful odor,” Dani added. They walked down the corridor. Cells were on each side. They rounded a corner into another long corridor…and stopped abruptly. At the far end were a dozen zombie dogs. They snarled and salivated when they saw what they thought was fresh meat. Then they charged. “Oh, fuck,” said Danielle. “This is straight out of Resident Evil.”

Rania began shooting them, but they were very fast. She managed to take out half of them before the other half were upon them. Dani swung her axe in wide arcs, braining two dogs. Misty used her sword like a fencing champion, cutting off three canine heads. Rania threw her dagger into the last dog’s eye. The young women caught their breath. “That was actually one of my favorite parts of the video game,” said Danielle finally. “Oh, and the movie too.”

They continued through the prison. As they moved, zombie prisoners and guards began following them. Soon a large group was after them. There were still nothing but cells on either side of them.

At the end of the hall was a door with a large glass window built into it. Danielle tried the handle. “Locked.” Cursing, she punched the window with her leather-gloved fist. As the glass shattered, she reached in and unlocked the door from the other side.

“Nice punch, Dani,” said Misty.

“Thanks, but we gotta go,” Danielle replied, gesturing behind her. The delay had allowed the pursuing zombies to get very close. Rania, still in the rear, put all her strength into a donkey-style back kick. Her boot struck the lead zombie in the neck, breaking it. The now dead again undead creature fell, knocking three more over. By the time the surviving monsters had recovered, the girls had gained twenty meters.

One more door, this one unlocked, and the young women found themselves in the prison exercise yard. To the right was a high concrete wall, and a guard tower was visible in the distance. To the left, the open yard stretched away in inky blackness. Another door was visible directly ahead of them, across the yard. Rania kept watch with her crossbow while Misty and Danielle dragged over a heavy steel shelf full of sports equipment and pushed it against the door they had just gone through. “That should hold those fuckers,” said Misty.

“Uh…guys?” said Rania in a small and frightened voice. The other two girls looked up, following Rania’s pointed finger. From the open space on the left, a huge mass of zombies was advancing on them. Meanwhile, the zombies that had been chasing them began banging on the door behind them.

“MotherFUCKER!” shrilled Dani.

“RUN!” shrieked Misty. They ran for the other door. Misty tried the handle. “Shit! Locked!”

Rania kicked the door with a high-pitched scream. “It’s steel! I can’t kick it down!”

The pretty girls looked at one another. “Looks like this is the part where we make our last stand,” said Danielle.

The three of them touched their leather-gloved fists together. “Together to the end. Now let’s hunt some orc…er, zombie,” said Rania. Dani and Misty smiled despite their fear. All three ladies were big fans of “Lord of the Rings.”

Rania, standing in between and slightly behind the other women, fired shot after shot from her crossbow into zombie skulls as fast as she could. Danielle began braining zombies with her axe. Misty sliced zombie heads with her sword. Monster after monster fell to the skills of the lethal beauties, but more kept coming to take their place.

Rania, out of arrows, shouldered her crossbow and drew her dagger. Stepping forward, she began stabbing zombies in the head. At the same time, she punched zombie skulls with her other fist, pulverizing them into red goo, and unleashed high kicks from her booted feet, each blow breaking a zombie neck. Dead zombies were piled high in front of the girls, but there seemed to be an endless number of the creatures.

“We have to kill them faster!” shouted Misty. “Let me try something.” She took a couple of steps forward. Rania and Dani stared at her. Misty took a deep breath, allowing the zombies to come closer and closer. She had to time this just right. When they were at the perfect distance, she raised her sword to neck level and with lightning speed swung it in a circle around her, cleanly decapitating six of the creatures. She waited for more to approach and repeated the move, cutting off five more zombie heads.

Misty’s daring attack gave the girls some breathing room, and they went to killing with even greater efficiency. “You’ve got balls of steel, girl!” said Danielle as she cleaved a zombie’s head in half. “In a feminine way, of course.”

“I think we’ll all have nuts of steel after this,” replied Misty, slicing her way through a zombie’s thighs and stomping its head into paste as it fell.

They continued fighting for what seemed like hours, although in reality it was only a few minutes. As another wave of zombies pressed in, Rania suddenly stared, hoping her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her. They weren’t. “Look!” she shouted excitedly.

Sure enough, this was the last wave of zombies. Behind them was only empty space. With feminine warrior cries of passion and excitement, the girls finished off the rest of the zombies. When the wave had been stopped, Danielle and Misty began moving among the corpses, stomping flat the skull of any zombie that showed any sign of movement. Meanwhile, Rania picked up her arrows and shot down a few stragglers roaming around the yard. When they were sure all of the creatures were dead, the girls took deep breaths and stared at the gory scene they had created. At least two hundred dead (again) zombies were piled on the ground. There was blood everywhere, including all over the girls’ clothes. “Wow,” said Dani. “Did WE do ALL that?”

“We sure did!” said Rania, thumping Dani and Misty on the back.

“We are so good!” Misty sang out. After whooping and shrieking and celebrating for a few moments, the young women made their way cautiously across the exercise yard, weapons at the ready. At the far end they found another door. It was locked too, but as it was made of wood Rania was able to destroy it easily with a fierce cheerleader-style kick.

Inside, there was a set of steep, narrow stairs, and also a zombie wearing a uniform that read WARDEN. Misty walked up to it, positioned her sword low in front of her between the zombie’s legs, and jerked it violently upward, slicing the ex-warden in half from crotch to head. Blood flew everywhere.

They went upstairs. On the second floor, three passages branched off. The middle one was labeled “To Guard Tower.”

“Guess we can try it,” said Dani. The stairs to the guard tower took them outdoors again. On the way up, two zombies rushed them. Rania cut one’s head off with her dagger. Dani simply grabbed the other and threw it off the stairs to its death. They reached the top and looked down – and gasped. Hundreds and hundreds of zombies were on the ground around them.

“This must be the whole fucking town,” groaned Misty, yanking her black hair in frustration. “How are we ever going to deal with THAT many?”

Rania’s dark brown eyes suddenly lit up. In the tower, bolted to the floor, was a 7.62mm machine gun. “With that,” she said excitedly. Misty and Danielle turned to look and their eyes lit up too.

Rania took aim and opened fire, mowing zombies down by the dozens. She let out a high-pitched warrior cry as she pumped hundreds of bullets into the helpless creatures.

“Hey, I want a turn,” said Misty.

“Me too,” Danielle piped up.

Rania reluctantly stepped away from the gun. Misty jumped forward into position. Dani gave her a dark look.

“Well, I *did* ask first,” said Misty.

“Fine,” sighed Dani. “Just leave some for me.”

Misty began slaughtering zombies, laughing sadistically as she cut them down. When her bloodlust was finally satiated, Dani took over. She machine-gunned zombies until the weapon clicked empty.

“Only twenty or thirty left now,” grinned Rania. “Let’s finish ’em off and go home.” The others grinned too, but all of their smiles turned to frowns when a gunshot rang out and a bullet slammed into the wall six inches from Danielle’s brunette head. All three girls dropped to the floor as fast as they could.

“Don’t tell me zombies can shoot guns now!” Misty growled.

Rania, peeking through a gap in the tower wall, spotted a uniformed man on the next roof over. He was armed with a sniper rifle and was taking aim again. A split second later, another bullet crashed into the wall above them.

“Nope, it’s a man!” said Rania. She drew her crossbow and inserted an arrow. She waited for the sniper to fire another bullet, then, as he was working the bolt on his rifle, popped up and fired a quick but expertly aimed shot. The arrow nailed him right in the heart.

“Looks like we’re starting to find the real evil here,” said Danielle coldly. She gripped her battle axe tightly. “This is going to be even more fun than killing zombies.”

The girls swiftly made their way down the stairs, on the alert for any more snipers. Re-entering the main prison building, they rounded a corner…and almost bumped into three men in camoflauge uniforms.

The men had guns and tried to draw them, but the sexy women were much too quick for them. Misty impaled one right through the center of his chest with her sword. Danielle raised her axe high over her head and brought it down with tremendous force onto another man’s skull, splitting it in half. The third man tried to run, but Rania shot him in the kneecap with her crossbow. With a cry of agony, he fell to the floor. Danielle and Misty dropped their medeival weapons and each picked up a pistol from a dead man. They pointed them straight at the third man’s head.

Rania re-shouldered her crossbow and smiled wickedly at the thug. “All right, asshole, now you’re going to give us some answers,” she snarled.

His only response was to spit and growl, “Fuck all you cunts.” Rania looked around and noticed a loose brick on the ground. She picked it up and tossed it into the air, then unleashed an ultra-powerful palm strike into it, pulverizing the brick into hundreds of tiny pieces. The man began trembling in fear. How could such a slim and beautiful girl be that strong and lethal?

“Don’t let my slender body fool you,” she said with a cold smirk. “My body is perfect for three things: fucking, torturing, and killing, and you’re only going to be the recipient of the last two. If you don’t start talking, I’ll do a palm strike on your arm. Care to have your arm bone end up like that brick? Then I’ll keep doing them until you start talking or run out of bones to break, whichever comes first.”

Instead of answering, the man bit down on something, then keeled over, choking and turning purple. Rania recognized the scent of bitter almonds. “A cyanide capsule.”

“Wow,” said Dani. “Whatever it is they’re hiding, it must be big.”

“Let’s keep going,” said Misty. “We can capture another one and make sure to get rid of his cyanide capsule. Then we can make him talk, and then we can kill the fucker.”

“A good plan,” came a smooth and refined voice from behind them. “Too bad you’ll never have the chance to implement it.” The distinct sounds of a pistol being cocked and a shotgun being pumped accompanied the voice. The girls all groaned, disgusted with themselves for getting caught with their pants down.

“Yeah,” sneered another, rougher voice. “Now drop your weapons.” Having no choice, the girls obeyed.

“Now turn around,” said the smooth voice. The girls did so and saw two men standing there. One was an average-sized guy in a white lab coat, armed with a pistol. The second was a big man in camoflauge, carrying a shotgun.

“You young ladies certainly are amazing,” the man in the lab coat said in his smooth voice. “I never thought you’d kill so many zombies. But it doesn’t matter. You’ve reached the end of the road.”

“Who are you?” said Rania.

“My name is Dr. Birkenstein. This here is my captain of mercenaries, Mr. Pike. I and my associates are entrepreneurs.”

“And just how the fuck does that work out, with you and your zombie army?” Misty demanded.

“Such bad language. Naughty naughty,” Birkenstein chuckled. “But seeing as how you’re going to die anyway, I don’t mind telling you. I have created a virus that turns people into zombies. I tested it on this town and it worked spectacularly. I’m going to unleash it on several more towns, then sell the antidote to the government for the very reasonable sum of $1,000,000,000.”

“You fucker,” said Dani.

“Watch it, bitch,” growled Pike in his rough voice, pointing his shotgun at her.

Rania, despite being scared, was thinking hard, her mind spinning like a top. “You isolated this town for your little ‘experiment.’ You probably have a device that jams cell phone signals, right?”

“Indeed I do. Smart brunette. I also have another machine that produces a chemical fog. Not only does it reduce visibility, it also prevents any motor vehicle’s engine from starting.”

“I figured it was something like that. But if you wanted this town so isolated, why not keep us out? You sounded like you were expecting us.”

Birkenstein chuckled again. “You may think I’m a greedy bastard, but money isn’t my only love. I also enjoy watching girls fight monsters in horror movies. Then I realized that I’d have the opportunity to do something even better when I created the zombies. I’d be able to watch girls fight monsters in real life. A little side experiment, if you will. So with the help of a familiar face, I lured you in here.”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Misty.

The doctor called out behind him. “Please step forward now.”

Another man appeared. He was short and wore glasses. He was… “LARRY?!” said all three girls, their mouths dropping open.

Larry sneered evilly. “That’s right, bitches, it’s me.”

“But WHY?” cried Danielle.

“I read your diary,” said Larry. “I knew you were going to dump me. Well, no one dumps me and gets away with it. So I decided to get revenge.”

“You read her diary?” said Rania. “Sheesh, you were an asshole even before you did all this.” Larry gave her the finger.

Danielle was seething with rage. “You COCKSUCKER!” she screamed. “You faked your own death and let me get all emotional over it! You made me risk my life trying to ‘save’ you! I can’t believe I ever thought of you as boyfriend material! I’m going to rip your fucking head off and shove it up your ass!”

“You ain’t in no position to do that, cunt,” Larry snapped, but there was fear in his voice. He turned to the other two men. “Let’s finish them off.”

“Yes, let’s,” said Birkenstein. “For all the trouble you’ve caused us, you’re going to be eaten alive by zombies. We’re just going to leave you here and let in a whole bunch of z…” He paused, considering something. “You know, I don’t want to take the chance of you girls using your martial arts skills and actually beating the zombies. You’re just a little *too* good. Pike, go get some rope and tie them up.”

“Yes, boss,” said Pike. He handed off his shotgun to Larry and hurried down the hall, reappearing a few moments later with several lengths of rope. Approaching Rania from behind, making sure to stay out of the line of fire, he prepared to tie her first.

Rania noticed that while Birkenstein was still covering them with his pistol, Larry was simply holding the shotgun and not aiming it at them. She tilted her head slightly, signaling Misty and Danielle to be ready.

Rania struck with lightning speed. She whirled around and grabbed a shocked Pike, then threw him over her shoulder in a classic judo throw. Pike flew through the air and crashed right into Dr. Birkenstein. Both men went down in a tangled heap of arms and legs. The doctor’s pistol went flying across the room. Dani and Misty leapt into action with the skill and speed of elite commandos. Misty raced towards the pistol, while Danielle did a roundoff followed by a series of back handsprings directly at her ex-boyfriend.

Larry had just been standing there, thinking his comrades had everything under control. When Rania launched her sudden attack, he was taken completely by surprise. Now, seeing his stunning but furious ex-girlfriend backflipping at him at lightning speed, he froze like a deer in the headlights. Finally he began raising the shotgun, but it was too late. Dani kicked him with both feet as she backflipped right into him, knocking him to the floor and sending the shotgun sailing. Landing perfectly on her feet, Danielle picked up the shotgun and aimed it right at Larry’s head. Meanwhile, Misty had picked up Birkenstein’s pistol and was now pointing it at the doctor and Pike, who were sitting up and groaning.

“Well, well, well,” smirked Rania in triumph. “Looks like the tables have turned.” She walked over to her crossbow. Picking it up, she inserted an arrow and aimed it at the doctor.

“Now now, let’s be reasonable,” said Birkenstein. His voice was still smooth like a used car salesman’s, but there was an element of fear in it as well. “If you let us go ahead with the plan, we can cut you in on the profits. Ten million dollars each. Doesn’t that sound nice? You can have everything you ever wanted. Isn’t that a lot better than viol…”

He was interrupted by Misty, who walked over to him and kicked him in the stomach so hard that he doubled over and began dry-heaving. “Nah, I like violence better,” she said.

“Then go ahead and shoot us,” said Pike.

“Oh no. You cocksuckers aren’t getting off that easy,” snarled Rania, backhanding Pike across the face with her gloved fist and grinning when she saw his blood spilled. “Your deaths are going to be much slower and more painful. We’re going to show you the same mercy you would have shown us.” Turning on Birkenstein, she backhanded him too and said, “That was for assuming we’d ever be dumb enough to believe that you’d let us live, much less share in your profits.” The guilty look on the doctor’s face indicated that he had indeed been lying through his teeth.

“And for you,” hissed Danielle, glaring furiously at Larry. “You traitor. You are the most despicable little dick in the history of the universe. I can’t believe anyone would sink as low as you did. The pettiness, the cowardice, the betrayal…” She shook her head. “Let’s beat and stomp these fuckers. This dipshit’s mine.”

“I’ll take the big guy,” said Rania, advancing on Pike.

Misty grinned wickedly and pointed at Birkenstein. “I was hoping you’d be mine.”

The girls tossed their weapons aside and raised their fists. The men climbed to their feet, all trembling in fear. They had been watching the beautiful women go through zombies like a knife through butter and knew that their chances of survival against these lethal martial arts vixens were basically zero.

Misty and Birkenstein approached each other cautiously. The doctor faked a left, then tried swinging a right. But Misty was too fast and too smart for him. She blocked the punch easily with her slender forearm, fired a jab to his cheek with her left, and blackened his eye with her right. Kicking him in the chest to knock him backward and set him up at the perfect distance for one of her specialties, she then unleashed a devastating aerial cartwheel kick on him. Her size 7 boots smashed into his head one after the other, knocking him to the floor. The Asian hottie kicked him in the side three times while he was down, breaking three ribs in rapid succession. She laughed as he howled in pain.

Pike decided to try being the aggressor and charged at Rania. She waited calmly as he rushed closer and closer, then suddenly stepped to the side and smashed her elbow into his head when he reached her. Pike saw stars and before he could recover, Rania slugged him in the gut, then broke his jaw with a high kick to his face. She kneed him in the groin, headbutted him, and finally fired a spin kick into the side of his head, knocking him down.

Larry was trembling in fear. He had neither Birkenstein’s brains nor Pike’s muscles, and unlike the other two, he was facing a bloodthirsty ex-girlfriend. He actually wet his pants like a coward, causing Danielle to break into laughter. “Pussy,” she taunted him. He tried to run away, but Dani caught and tackled him easily. She grabbed him by the hair and pounded his head against the hard floor several times, then turned him over and bitch-slapped him across the face several times with her leather-gloved hands. Soon she turned to punching instead. She first concentrated on his jaw, hitting him again and again until eight of his teeth had been knocked loose. Moving upward, she broke his nose with a single punch. Standing up, she savagely kicked him in the head.

Birkenstein staggered to his feet and was greeted by Misty’s knee being rammed into his midsection with extreme force. This time, instead of dry-heaving, he actually threw up. The petite girl laughed at how strong she was. She pummeled his gut with rapid but powerful punches, then fired a fierce low kick to his nuts. As the doctor screamed like a girl, his hands flying to his wounded family jewels, Misty did a handstand and kicked him in the face. Blood sprayed out as her boots made contact. Liking the effect, she repeated the move. She followed that up by balancing on her right leg and kicking him in the head ten times with her left in a series of machine gun kicks. The final kick knocked him down again.

Rania stomped on Pike’s face as he was down. Cursing in pain, he climbed to his feet, but met no relief, since as soon as he finished standing Rania greeted him with a brutal uppercut. She stepped back a little to be at the right distance for some leg action. She did a low roundhouse kick that broke one of his ribs and a high roundhouse kick that slammed into the side of his head. As he stood there, dizzy, she performed a perfect backflip kick on him, sending him down. Leaping on top of him, she drew back her fist. “My arms may be slim, but check out how toned and veiny they are,” she bragged. Displaying her strength, her punch knocked three of his teeth loose. Two more punches gave both of his eyes shiners.

Danielle, taking out her rage, went into a frenzy of kicking and stomping the downed, helpless Larry. Her kicks battered his skull, broke his ribs, pounded his internal organs, and sent fragments of bone into his lungs. After dozens of kicks and stomps, she did a double knee drop onto his chest, then punched him in the face 20 times in a row. By the time she was finished, her black leather gloves were utterly red and bloodsoaked. Performing a back tuck somersault to launch herself off her victim and back to her feet, Dani began kicking him in the groin. Her relentless barrage of ultra-powerful kicks gradually turned his testicles into unrecognizable paste.

“Finishing time, Doc!” Misty sang out. Birkenstein tried to sit up, but he was in too much pain. His eyes widened in pure fear when he saw the little Asian girl coming at him with her sword in hand. With a smirk, Misty cut off Birkenstein’s arms, then his legs, and left him to bleed to death.

Rania grabbed Pike by his hair, lifting his head. “You’re going to be the next victim of my trademark fatality,” she proclaimed. “I first did this one on the asshole who murdered my sister.” With that, she began kneeing him in the face with extreme strength and speed. Pike’s already bruised face was turned into pulp as her knee smashed into it again and again. After a dozen brutal blows, she prepared a final, ultra-powerful strike to his weakened skull. Her knee drove right through his skull bone, splattering his brains everywhere.

The semi-conscious Larry had seen what had happened to his comrades and literally shit his pants. Dani, standing over him, laughed. “You’re not going to get off as easy as they did,” she snickered. She picked up his bruised and battered body. The slender 120-pound girl was strong enough to carry him easily. Taking him outside, she threw him off the ledge. The two-story fall didn’t kill him, but he broke several bones upon landing, including both his ankles.

Growls came and red eyes appeared in the fog. Larry’s face turned white with horror. Sure enough, zombies appeared, moving towards him hungrily. He tried to crawl away, but he was in too much pain to move. A few seconds later, the zombies were upon him. His screams went on for several minutes as he was slowly eaten alive. Dani watched the scene with satisfaction. Soon all that was left of her ex-boyfriend was the parts the zombies didn’t like. “Burn in hell, cocksucker,” she snarled as she spat down on his remnants.

Rania and Misty joined her on the ledge. “Got it all out?” Rania asked.

“Now I do,” Danielle answered. She put her head in her hands. “I can’t believe I picked such a loser for a boyfriend. And I can’t believe anyone would sink that low. He had this coming.”

“They all did,” said Misty. “That Birkenstein must have no soul, doing what he did. And the same for the mercenaries who went along with him.”

“We stopped him. That delusional scientist got stopped by three teenage girls. I hope that was the last thing running through his mind before he died,” said Rania. She shook her brunette head. “The evil in this world…”

“Well, we still have work to do,” she went on. “There are still zombies left.”

From the safety of the second-story ledge, the girls finished off the remaining thirty or so zombies. Rania used her crossbow, Misty used the shotgun, and Danielle fired a pistol in each hand. When the last zombie fell, the girls looked at each other in satisfaction, then held each other in a tight hug.

A search of the premises revealed the cell phone jammer and the fog machine, both of which they turned off. They then made their way back to the car for the long ride home. To their great relief, the engine started perfectly this time.

They drove out of Paradise Valley and never looked back. The next day, the state police and the FBI swooped in, but found no answers, only questions. Even in death Birkenstein had covered his tracks well. The zombie bodies had decayed into dust and only the bodies of Birkenstein and his men remained. The authorities were never able to solve the mystery of the vanished townspeople. It was a secret that only Rania, Misty, and Danielle would ever know.