Training Teacher (JACKIE#01)

Jackie dominates a bullying teacher with her powerful body and lethal legs

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

The follow up to the wrestling my sister story caused quite a stir with other authors also re-using some of the features. Again this is the uncensored version that other sites wouldn’t carry. The teacher throttling Jackie is based upon a real event featuring me
(c)JIM P 1995
Until she had wiped out her older brother in front of the whole school [BOBP#1], everyone at school who knew her thought that Jackie Priest was a quiet pretty 12 year old who excelled at gymnastics. Now boys looked at her in fear remembering what her strong body had done to Bobby. Girls thought she was some kind of abnormally strong freak and a sicko for creaming her brother. All that is except for Mary Slater and Ling Chan.

Mary was also 12 and Jackie’s best friend. Her slender 6’0″ frame with the hourglass figure, long brown hair, sultry looks, long legs and rapidly maturing breasts drew admiring glances from males of all ages at school. Even 16 and 17 year olds tried to chat her up. She came from a rigidly Catholic family who wouldn’t approve of their pre-teenage daughter going on dates. However, she had “enslaved” a few of the best looking senior boys in the quiet corners at the back of the school grounds.

Ling was a year younger than Jackie and Mary. A petite 4’8″ 11 year old oriental with short black hair. She was the one who taught Mary who in turn had taught Jackie how to “enslave” boys.

Jackie had found that she enjoyed dominating her older brother and it awakened feelings she never knew she could have. There was a new Romanian gym instructor who had offered tuition for the more advanced gymnasts in her gym club. Jackie qualified and was thrilled to find herself growing stronger under the intensive weight training regime. She spent more and more time in the gym after school working out or doing her gymnastics training.

Although Ling was also in her gymnastics club, she didn’t qualify for the special tuition nor did she seem interested when Jackie invited her to weight train with her. “Girls don’t muscles to train boys” she told her for the nth time as the three girls walked around the back of the school building one lunch time. “Quite right, one only needs dangerous curves like mine” Mary said running her hands over her lanky body emphasising her remarkable figure. “Oh but it feels so good to crush a boy helpless between your thighs” Jackie replied. Ling stopped and lifted up her right leg high. “My legs pretty strong not visible muscle like yours but pretty strong” she said as she turned it from side to side. Jackie could see the firmness of the thighs and a hint of muscularity developed from years of martial arts. Ling lowered her leg, turned her back towards Jackie and raised herself upon tip-toe. Her calves exploded into large diamonds of muscle barely contained by her short white socks “not bad for little Chinese girl eh?” she said.

Just then Justin Smith walked around the corner. All the girls fancied him, he was handsome and well-built, but he was 17 and didn’t look twice at 12 year olds. Except for Mary that was. He gave an admiring glance at Mary who stuck out her chest to make it look larger than normal. “Hi there” he said giving her a wink. “What did you call me?” Ling suddenly said. “Nothing” he replied surprised. “Called me a little slantie-eyed yellow git did you?” she continued. “No, no of course not” he said.

Suddenly Ling’s petite frame exploded in a fury of action. Her pleated skirt flew up as she jumped up, her legs smashing her foot into the middle of his face. She whirled around, skirt flying high, burying her foot into the depths of his gut. He didn’t have time to fold over because Ling’s leg rose in a blur kicking him in the throat. Another lightning fast kick slammed into the side of his head, rattling his brain and he started to fall to the left. Another kick rocketed the left side of his head sending him to the right to meet the ground. Ling jumped onto his chest delivering a series of open handed chops to his neck. His yells of pain were smothered when she slid forward covering his face with her crotch. “You see big white boy scared of little Chinese girl” Ling taunted “be quiet or I suffocate you”.

Justin’s cries stopped and Ling slid back onto his chest. “Will you obey me?” Ling demanded. “Get off me or I’ll report you” he said. Ling’s hands were a blur as she hit sensitive pressure points inflicting pain all over his upper body. “Please please stop” he begged, tears in his eyes. Ling turned around and sat on his chest, undoing his trousers she proceeded to give Jackie and Mary instruction in more advanced techniques for enslaving a boy with her tongue. Jackie and Mary were amazed, Ling seemed to keep him hard for ages, working him with the minimum of effort yet denying him release although he begged and pleaded for it. Finally the bell signalling the end of the lunch break sounded. Ling got off Justin and released her grip. “Nghhh Nghhh Nrghhh” he shot his pent-up load, his body jerking on the ground. Fully spent, he lay back on the ground for a few moments. “Get to your feet slave or I kick face to back of head” Ling demanded standing over him with her hands on her hips. The boy scrabbled to his feet, pulling his trousers up. “Look at your mistress slave” Ling demanded. The boy looked at her, quivering in fear. The petite oriental opened her mouth slightly and ran the tip of her tongue around her lips. Justin’s manhood sprang immediately to attention. “Oh what a big boy!” Mary exclaimed. “You are mine now” she told him then nailed him with a lightning fast kick to the groin. Ling turned and headed with Jackie and Mary to the nearest entrance to get to their next classes leaving Justin rolling around on the ground in agony.
Jackie dreaded the next lesson. Geography with Mr. Jefferson. It wasn’t that she wasn’t any good at it, but for some strange reason Jefferson, or “Hitler” as the kids called him behind his back, kept on picking on her. She couldn’t understand it, she tried hard but he always singled her out for a verbal lashing calling her a “dumb blonde” and he would go ballistic whenever he handed her homework back “what do you call this?, how dare you insult my intelligence!. Don’t look like that at me you stupid dumb blonde. This is crap, what is it Priest?. Come on I haven’t got all day. What is this Priest?. Crap! why don’t you answer me?, are you thick or something – C R A P  crap!”. He would then fling her homework book down marked “E” with big red letters. She would nearly be in tears but she refused to give the bastard the satisfaction. She couldn’t understand it, her work was as good as anyone else’s but she always got an “E”.
Mike Jefferson watched passively as the 2nd form entered the classroom and took their seats. He noticed Jackie Priest enter and observed as the 5’1″ pretty blonde walked to her desk. Something about her stirred his attention, maybe it was her tight athletic body, broad shoulders tapered slightly to her waist and out to her curving hips. Or maybe it was those long shapely legs barely hidden by the short grey pleated skirt she wore. Every step caused her calves to bulge into solid diamonds of muscle stretching her short white socks, something Jefferson found disturbingly sexy.

As she sits down he looks at her pretty face. She reminds him of the beautiful women he has met in his forty five year life, all stuck-up bitches every last one of them. They stick their noses up at him as if to say “I’m so beautiful, I don’t associate with ordinary looking people like you”. He knows he shouldn’t really take it out on the girl but he does.

Suddenly he sees her eating crisps. “Priest!” he yells as he descends upon her “You insubordinate upstart bitch!”. He grabs her by the collar and hauls her to her feet knocking over her chair and moving the desk in the process. “You do not eat in class!” he shouts at her as he shakes her about. The crisp lodges awkwardly in her throat causing Jackie to choke, but he doesn’t seem to notice her turning pale. She starts coughing and drops the bag on the floor spilling its contents. “Bloody stupid bitch!, pick that up” he demands releasing her collar.

Jackie is p’d off now, suddenly she remembers the effect she had on her brother and his mates. Instead of bending at the knees, she stands slightly astride with her back fully towards him and bends at the waist. Her short pleated skirt rises up high at the back revealing her buttocks barely covered by skimpy white knickers. “Bend at the knees girl” Jefferson mutters admiring the back of her well toned legs. He stares at the large muscled calves jutting out of her short school socks, the large well toned muscles of her hamstrings and her tight round glutes displayed in front of him as she bends. He had never imagined that the back of a woman’s legs could be so sexy and that backside, oh my word, so round and tight, incredibly erotic. He feels himself getting stiffer. “Er sir you’ve got a big one! hee hee hee”. This brings him out of his trance to the sniggers circulating the classroom.

Red-faced he tells her “Priest put that bag in the bin!. You’re be sure to get a report sent home to your parents for such intolerable behaviour”. No she can’t allow that, Mum and Dad would go spare. Why should she be punished because of this stupid jerk. “No way sir I spent the last of my pocket money on this” she says in defiance, facing him with her hands on her hips.

Jefferson tries to take the bag from her but she grabs his hands. He is surprised by how strong her grip is “must be all that hanging on asymmetric bars or something” he thinks. She pushes against his hands, he tries to resist but his forearms are forced backwards and down. Jefferson tries to push back but is shocked to find that he can’t. His wrists and forearms ache from the pressure the girl is exerting, he pushes back as hard as he can but he can’t stop her. “What’s wrong sir?. Not strong enough to handle a 12 year old girl” she says. Actually she will be 13 in a couple of weeks, but 12 sounded more humiliating. Sweat dotted on his brow, every fibre of his arms straining he finds himself forced to bend his knees to relieve the pain in his forearms. “How can she be this strong?” he wonders “its not right”. He looks into her pretty face which is sweetly smiling. “On your knees slave!” she says “bow to the superiority of a 12 year old girl”. She pushes his arms right back forcing him the final few inches to his knees.

She lets go of his hands and stands with her hands on her hips smiling as she looks down upon him. The rest of the class are tittering. “You’re in deep trouble now Priest” Jefferson tells her as he starts to get to his feet. Jackie was worried now, she had started this but didn’t know how to stop it. She had to stop him making trouble for her, but how?. She was surprised that she was able to force a grown man to his knees. She had beaten her older brother easily with her gymnast trained body but could she take on a grown man?. She had no choice, she couldn’t let this creep ruin her life.

Jefferson was complete unprepared as he watched in amazement as the young girl hurled herself into his body, pushing him to the ground. She landed on top of him and started grappling with him. He was completely unprepared for her strong upper body strength. The sleeves of her blouse stretched taut over bulges in her arms that exerted an irresistible power forcing his wrists to the floor above his head. He tried to resist but was astonished to find that her arms were too strong for him. He started to lurch and buck his body, her much lighter body unable to pin his chest. Suddenly an awesome force pulled his legs out in opposite directions, stopping his movements. He tried to press his legs together again but with no effect. He couldn’t believe that her legs could be as strong as this, but he could feel their awesome irresistible power forcing him spread-eagled. “You’re a big strong man, surely you’re not going to let a 12 year old girl rip your legs right out of their sockets” he heard her say. She continued to stretch him wide, he was shocked to find that there was nothing he could do to stop her, her legs were too strong. As she stretched him, her body pressed hard against his. He felt her crotch and chest press against his body but he was in too much pain for this to be exciting. Her pretty face came provocatively close to his. He looked into her blue eyes as her legs slowly tore him apart.

“Oh my god! look at the size of her thighs!””Her legs! they’re like a stallion’s””Jeez look at them bulge!”. Jefferson didn’t need to look, he could the power of her legs tearing him apart. The pain in his legs was excruciating as he was stretched beyond his limit. He tried to push inwards but he was no match for her legs. “I’m much more supple than you. Let’s do the splits” she said. “Argghh no no please stop it stop it” he cried in agony as he legs were forced wider apart. The sinews in his legs screamed in agony as they were stretched beyond his limits of flexibility. “Please please no more” he begged. “Go on Jackie rip his legs out” he heard someone call out. “No please” he cried in horror that she might actually comply.

Suddenly she let go of his wrists and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. Was that a biceps growing into his throat, that’s not possible she’s only 12!. He started to choke as the rock hard muscle dug deeper and deeper into his neck. Somehow she found even more power in her legs and continued to press his legs further apart. “Arggh! please you’re tearing me in two!” he cried, tears coming to eyes due to the riveting pain in between his legs. “Let’s limber you up a bit sir” Jackie said. He tried to protest but her muscles choked off his voice. He was in no doubt now that she had biceps, staggeringly big ones too by the way they felt under his hand as he searched in vain for a chink with which he could release himself. Strange strangling noises came from Jefferson as she concentrate on the headlock, his face beginning to drain of colour. Then she returned her attention to her legs laughing at how easy she could stretch him. He could hardly breath, oh my god surely she can’t be this strong!, he could feel her choking off his air. The pain in his legs became too much, he could feel the tendons tearing, red hot stabs of pain shot lanced through his crotch. He wanted to scream but all that came out was a horrible croak. He felt light headed and dizzy. Suddenly she released him.

Jefferson lay still for a while gasping for air. Then he sat up and massaged his aching legs, his face burning red as the class laughed at him. He couldn’t believe how a pre-teen girl had done this to him. Well he was not going to stand for it. “Priest you’re on report” he said, he meant his voice to be commanding with authority but what came out was shaky and feeble.

“Bad choice” he heard her say. Before he could move she had grabbed his right arm and yanked it up high behind his back. Placing her right foot in between his shoulder blades, she began to press down at the same time as she pulled on his arm. “Shall I rip it off?” she asked the class. “Yes” came back the unanimous yell. “No no please no” the grown man cried as pain shot through his shoulder and across his back. “Pick on me and I’ll pick on you. It’s as simple as that sir” she told him twisting his arm for added pain. “ok ok you win just let me go” he pleaded. Jackie stretched his arm to the max, twisting it as she did so, at the same time she pushed hard, her quads bulging with power. “Noooo!” he cried as his tendons burned with ripping pain.

Finally she released his arm and stood back. Jefferson got to his knees nursing his tortured arm. The kids were laughing at him, jeering at him. “What a wimp””Mr.Softy””Softy Jefferson”. Something snapped inside of him, he suddenly sprung at her. “You f’king bitch I’ll pound you pretty little face into mush” he yelled as her grabbed at her. Jackie tried to get a good hold on his flailing arms, but he was all over the place. With her arms on his chest, she pushed hard. There was a sound of fabric tearing as Jefferson stumbled back. Jackie looked down at her blouse, most of the buttons had been pulled off and there were big tears across the shoulders.

Jefferson recoiled in fear at the look of anger in her eyes and the strange fierceness in her face. She angrily took off the blouse and flung it in Jefferson’s face. “Look what you’ve done you stupid man!” she yelled “that was brand new!. You’re going to pay for that!”.

Jefferson gaped at her upper body, stunned at its muscularity. Her neck tapered down into her shoulders, the ends of which were capped with large round muscle. Her body tapered down from broad shoulders to quite a slender waist and out again to her hips. Her arms were vascular, veins prominent stretched over biceps and triceps that bulged as she clenched her fists in anger. Her bra covered breasts were small but her chest had a cleavage of striated muscle. Her abdominals were amazing, a washboard of muscle, each slab separated from the next by deep cuts. Not only was this young girl muscular but the definition put many amateur male bodybuilders to shame.

He trembled as she tensed her arms in front of her, cords of muscle rippling and bulging like some wild animal trying to get free. He didn’t want to be here, he couldn’t stand the thought of those awful muscles crushing and tormenting him. He lunged at her driving a punch into the young girl’s stomach. There was a loud slap as his knuckles met the rock hard landscape of her abdomen. Jackie grunted but was not hurt. Jefferson’s hand stung from the impact, he looked up to see her smiling at him. The class gasped loudly as their teacher drove another punch into their classmate’s gut. Again she grunted, a little louder than last time, but the man had obviously hurt his hand against her sculpted stomach. “Having problems are we sir?” she smiled sweetly. She was shocked that a grown man had tried to punch a young girl, anger blazed in her mind as she said “here let me show you”. Jackie stepped forward and drilled a punch deep into the man’s gut. The air exploded from the teacher’s cheeks and he seemed to curl up around her fist, his face a mask of agony.

Jackie moved in, turned her back towards him and put a headlock on him and pulled him tight. Jefferson’s jaw hurt as the young girl’s strong arms locked tighter. He grasped uselessly at her arms and felt her rippling triceps and bulging biceps crushing his head. He reached under her legs with one hand and grabbed her by the crotch and lifted her. He had to admit the feel of her crotch in his hand felt good.

“You filthy pig!” Jackie yelled in outrage. Holding his head with one arm, she began pummelling his face with the fist of the other. Wham Wham Wham. Jefferson had to let go, her punches were devastating. He could the blood pouring from his nose and mouth. Her punches had scrambled his brain and in a daze he saw her triceps bulge as she tensed her right arm, then her elbow rocketed back fast smashing into his gut. Badly winded and bloodied, the man sank to his knees.

Jefferson caught his breath back. Suddenly he was aware that she had straddled his head facing away from his body and clasped her powerful thighs around his head. He tried to pull his head out but she squeezed tight making escape impossible. “I’ll teach you for attacking a poor innocent defenceless schoolgirl” he just about her say over the pounding of the blood in his ears. He reached down and tried tugging at her ankles, but it was like trying budge steel posts. He saw spots before his eyes and his vision blurred. Moving his hands up to her sock covered calves, he felt how large and muscular they were. He was ashamed, how could such a pretty young girl exert such terrifying pressure with her legs. He moved his hand to her thighs hoping to find some-way of easing the awesome crush threatening to split his skull. He felt soft warm skin drawn taut over the rock hard muscle. Astonishment turned to fear as he ran his hands over her huge quadriceps, each muscle group clearly defined and bulging awesomely. He was sure he could hear his skull creak about to give way under the awful pressure. His hands encountered her bulging outer thighs. Then he felt them expand enormously as a terrible surge of power sent his head spinning in sheer agony. Scream, scream all he could do was could scream till he was hoarse as the mighty legs of the 12 year old took him to the brink of blackness then she let him go.

Jefferson fell to the floor on his back, openly weeping, the worse headache of his life pounding through his skull. A weight on his chest brings him back to reality. The blonde girl has sat on his chest with her back towards his face. She takes hold of his legs and begins to pull them and back. “I saw this on telly once” she tells him. As his legs are pulled back hard, his diaphragm is cramped so bad that he can hardly breathe. “Please Jackie no” he gasps as he watches her shapely backside in front of his face as she slides closer and closer towards his face as she pulls his legs back further and further. “Kiss my arse” he hears her say before she lowers herself to sit on his face. He can’t breathe at all now, her backside is smothering his nose and mouth and his diaphragm is cramped. Panic sets in as he fails to find any air, he feels himself slipping towards unconsciousness. Just at the last moment she releases him and rolls to one side smiling as he gasps for breath.

“Poor sir, beaten by a little girl” Jackie teased “Here let me give you a cuddle”. He looked up in alarm as the girl wrapped her muscular arms around his neck. He lifted his body trying to get away. Bad mistake, this allowed her to snake her legs around him, her muscular thighs swallowing his waist. He felt her large calves clasp him tightly across his lower back, locking him in position. The vice-like grip of her strong legs dug into his waist as she slowly exerted the pressure. “Nooooo!” Jefferson cried as he tried to twist and turn but his body was held firm between her powerful thighs and her biceps pressed against his throat. He knew it was no use, the only thing he could do was to lie there, struggling for breath, imprisoned by this young girl. She built up the pressure slowly savouring every moment knowing that the hated teacher could not withstand her. “Arrhhh” he was forced to use what little breath he had to cry out as he felt his innards crushed between her bulging thighs. “Not so tough now are we sir?” she taunted “picking on little girls”. Stretching her body, despite the awkward angle, Jackie powered down a final surge of energy through her legs. She could feel the hated teacher try to buck and arch as her thighs constricted his abdomen to the point she felt something was going to give.

She released him and watched as he lay face down panting for breath and sobbing. “Big boys don’t cry” she taunted. The class laughed aloud. “Leave me alone” he cried. The pre-teen man destroyer replied by jumping onto his back. “No no please” he cried in alarm but it was too late. Jackie sitting facing his legs, grabbed his legs and pulled them right. “No please” the teacher cried like a baby as the young gymnast bent his body backwards. Her arms rippled as she threatened to turn him into a human pretzel. Within seconds he was blubbering as Jackie poured on maximum pressure. “Please please you’re going to break my back” he sobbed.

Stilling holding his legs, Jackie got off his back and started dragging him on his stomach around the room. Jefferson, tears streaking down his cheeks turned red with shame as the class jeered and laughed as he was dragged past them. She dragged him to the front of the class by his desk. Twisting his legs, she forces him onto his back. “Get on that desk” she orders. “Please Jackie leave me alone” he whimpers.

Hitching her skirt up and with her legs astride, she moves into a semi-crouch opening her legs wide and raising herself onto her toes. Jefferson gawps at the large diamonds of calve muscle, the thick bulging hamstrings and the muscular curves along the top of her legs. His eyes follow the thick cords of her inner thighs to where they meet at her crotch. He finds the sight incredibly erotic as well as frightening. Maintaining the pose she stretches out her arms to either side of her body and starts to bend them at the elbow up towards her head. From her slender arms, large firm biceps grow slowly until they peak like two small mountains on her arms, her triceps growing in the opposing direction. She flexes and relaxes several times pumping her arms up. Each time, her biceps seem to get bigger and harder. Finally she holds the double biceps pose, still flexing her calves and inner thighs and tensing her washboard abs. From his position on the floor she looks like a female colossus bulging with power packed muscle. “Get onto the desk or I’ll cuddle you again” she says. The thought of those bulging arms and legs wrapped around his body again terrifies him and he quickly scrabbles onto the desk. “Please Jackie don’t hurt me” he pleads, crying with fear.

Smiling she climbs on top of him and plants her backside on his face to the amusement of the class. “Fart in his face Jackie!” someone shouts. “Pee on him” “Crap on him” says another. There are loud gasps as they see her undo his trousers and dish out his manhood.

Jackie is uncertain about this. Maybe she’s taken this too far, but she can’t back out now. Physically dominating him wouldn’t be enough, he would recover and then report her or make other sorts of difficulties for her. No, she had to make sure that he never bothered her again, she had to enslave him!.

Sliding off to the floor over his head, she grabbed his arms and pulled him until his head and upper body dangled over the edge of the table. She then clasped his head firmly between her legs and bent over.

Jefferson was shocked when she exposed him to the class, then he was scared as she shoved his head between her legs. The expected crushing squeeze didn’t happen, she simply held him firmly. He felt the bulging hamstrings marvelling at how sexy they felt. Then she bent over and he saw her lovely tight arse above him. They really were very sexy, he reached up to touch them and felt them turn into rock hard balls as she flexed her glutes for him. She flexed them several times seeing the stimulating effect it was having on him. “er sir’s got a stiffy” someone sniggered.

“No!” Jefferson cried as a warm wetness engulfed his rod. “Jackie no you musn’t!” he cried and was rewarded with a powerful burst of pressure around his head from her legs. “Oh my god””gross””Jeezus” cries of astonishment came from the class. He had girlfriends in the past who had given him blow-jobs, but they were nothing like this. Somehow the young girl was skilled in applying the minimal contact to gain the maximum result. Her tongue flicked, licked and tickled everywhere. His cries for her to stop soon gave way of moans of pleasure as her mouth and tongue drove away all thoughts of the illegality of the situation. Massaging the sides of his member, she took him all the way into her throat. “Oh Jackie oh Jackie oh Jackie” he moaned lustfully. He tried to buck his hips in rhyme with her motion but a skull shattering crush from her legs forced him to stop. Sensing he was about to cum, she gripped the base of his rod and pressed her fingers tight against the urethra, preventing him from cumming. The pressure built up against her fingers, but she hang on tight as she worked on him some more. “Please Jackie please let me cum” he moaned loudly drawing giggles and guffaws from the class. He had never felt so big before. She worked him tirelessly, denying him the release he wanted so badly. “Please I have to cum so bad” he pleaded “I’ve got to”. She shut him up with another squeeze of her strong legs and continued working him. He felt so hard that he thought the skin would rip. The pressure in his sacs was so painful and his balls hurt bad. Several of the boys were jerking themselves off in full view of everyone and some of the girls were shifting about uncomfortably in their seats mesmerised by the remarkable events happening before their pre- teenage eyes. Jackie sucked and stroked him for another quarter of an hour while he was in absolute agony from the denial of release. Then she released his head from her leggy prison and stood at arm’s length. She released him. “nghgh nghgh nhhghg arrr arr arrrRRRRR”. His body bucked and rocked as though someone had passed a thousand volts through his body. His cream shot high into the air in huge spurts. “Oh my god””gross!””Jeez that one nearly hit the ceiling”.

Spent he hangs back limply over the table’s edge panting for breath, absolutely drained of energy. He feels himself dragged back onto the table and looks up to see the 12 year old dominatrix kneeling astride his chest flexing her biceps. “You’re mine now sir” she tells him and opens her mouth into an “O” and runs her tongue around it. The effect is instant, he is shocked to find himself stiffening. He wants her so much. He leans his head forward into her crotch and starts nuzzling her panties.

Shocked, at first Jackie doesn’t know what to do. Then as his tongue probes underneath her knickers, shock turns to anger and disgust. “Don’t do that” she yells. He feels her hold his head and stretch her legs out either side. He thinks she is getting more comfortable so she can enjoy his worship of her. Then an awesome crush envelops his head, blurring his vision instantly. He can hear the pounding of his own heartbeat in his ears as the ferocious grip tightens further. Every sinew of her body tightens as she crushes down on the man who just tried to inviolate her. She sees his eyes glaze over then close and he goes limp between her legs. Breathing heavily opens her legs to let the limp unconscious form of her teacher flop back onto the desk.

Getting off him she reaches for his jacket, takes out his wallet and removes some notes. “That’s for the blouse he owes me” she says challenging her classmates with a glare. No-one says anything, no-one dare. Most were stunned at this young amazon standing before them with more muscle than most of the boys in the room will ever have in their lives. Others were trembling at the thought of who would be next?.
Jefferson was forced to go back to work. He had already taken three days off, any-more would need a doctor’s certificate and he couldn’t bear the thought of admitting that he had been beaten and sexually assaulted by a 12 year old girl. The next two days were hell, kids would snigger as he passed, and he found himself darting around a corner when he saw Jackie Priest approaching.

Things seemed better following the weekend break, but then the afternoon came around. It was class 12c! he was sweating with fear, he wanted to go home, but the way his head was glaring at him reminded him that he could never reveal the truth without incriminating himself.

He entered the room and waited too ashamed to look up as the class filed in. Then he was aware of Jackie in her school uniform approaching his desk. He rose from his chair and nervously backed against the blackboard (except it was green!). She walks around to the front of the desk and places her hands on it. Slowly she lifted herself off the ground, keeping her body and legs straight. Leaning forward on her straight arms she brings her torso horizontal to the desk. Then she swings her legs forward either side of her legs. Her arms block her crotch but the sight of her wide open legs stirs him. Maintaining her body weight on her arms she swings her legs back and raises her body fully upright supported only by her arms. “My god no wonder she has strong arms” he thinks as she holds the position as steady as a rock. Her pleated skirt falls down, the sight of her rock hard glutes exciting him further. Swinging back down again she slowly threads her legs in between her arms and brings them up held straight in front of her face. She holds the position allowing him to admire her sexy shapely legs, the bulging hamstrings and her glutes. Finally she opens her legs in opposite directions forming an inverted “V”.

The sight of her legs splayed open with her crotch fully presented is too erotic for him. He steps forwards towards the girl, badly aching for her and wanting to sink himself into that lovely crotch. “Oh Jackie oh god you’re wonderful” he moans as he runs his hands over her socks feeling the large muscled calves beneath them. He strokes her hamstrings trembling at their obvious strength. With trembling hands he traced her inner thigh muscles to her crotch.

“Oh god Jackie I want you” he moans as he strokes her crotch , generating titters and guffaws from the classroom. Suddenly she raised herself higher and encloses his head within her lethal thighs. “No Jackie please” he begs quaking in fear as he feels trapped by her incredibly defined legs. He looked at her face, she opened her mouth slightly running the tip of her tongue around it. “Nghgh nnggg nggg” he creamed himself. Spent, he looks into her blue eyes and sees fire. “I thought you would have learnt your lesson last week” she tells him in a stern voice “obviously I must teach you again not to touch me without my permission”. He panics as he feels her thighs bulge with raw, unadulterated power. The pressure is terrible and blinds his sight immediately in a blurred haze. He grasps uselessly at her legs feeling her awesome quadriceps and hamstrings. He cries pitifully sobbing in fear as he knows her muscular strength far exceeds his. Skull splitting pressure clamps down hard. He wails in terror fearing that she will crush his skull like an eggshell. Once again the 12 year old girl crushes the fully grown man into oblivion.

Jackie Priest never got a bad mark in Geography ever again. –

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