Busted! (PANTYHOSE #8)

Thieves try to rob a shop where the women deal out a painful crushing beating

To be honest I was struggling to maintain enthusiasm in continuing this saga by this stage. Mademoiselle Natalie is inspired by one of the early Lusa girls of the same name

by Jimp based on an idea by Karate2hose
(c)Jim P 2016

Part 1. Madame Michelle
I wandered onto Vendôme Square trying not to look overawed by the majestic buildings. In this most prestigious of places in Paris, the architect has designed each building to be identical with graceful arched ground floor windows and tall-windowed second floors while pilasters and ornamental pillars give that classical feel. Alongside high-class residences there were swanky shops including several famous jewellers, and a number of well-known dress designers as well as the very expensive Hotel Ritz and Hotel Vendôme. In the middle of the square a statue of Napoleon I looks down from a tall column dressed as a Roman emperor.

The whole place catered for the rich and famous. This was where the super-snobs do their shopping. Hard-working normal people like you and me were not welcomed. The burly doormen and shop detectives gave me the evils watching for any excuse to hand out a beating. I made my way outside the lingerie shop and watched for a while trying to pluck up the courage to enter this most feminine of stores. Two shifty looking guys seemed to be doing the same and gave me suspicious glances. They looked as scruffy and out of place as I did. I pretended to walk away to look at another shop before circling back. Unlike some of the other stores the boutique had an open-door policy allowing anyone to enter without an appointment or a gold credit card. There was also no big burly tough on the door to keep out the riff-raff. Indeed I saw the back of the two guys from earlier tailgate a young woman into the shop. Maybe she was the girlfriend of one and I felt a pang of jealousy because she was a very attractive well-dressed sophisticated looking young woman. Maybe scruffy was the new trendy look for rich young men? I felt nervous entering a store that catered exclusively for women and even more so that this was such a high-class establishment. Taking a deep breath to compose myself I decided if those two could do it then so could I. Trying to enter as casually as I could, I hoped not to draw any attention. More than that, I prayed that I was not recognised for my last visit to this place did not go too well [PANTYHOSE #4].

The boutique was a veritable temple of femininity and elegance which did nothing to calm my unease. Every well-lit display of flimsy undergarments made me feel an intruder. Making my way as unobtrusively as I could to a door at the rear, I took a casual look around to make sure no-one was watching. I spied the shady guys enter the changing rooms which was odd but it wasn’t my concern. Quickly opening the door, I went through then closed it behind me. Climbing the stairs I found before me as stealthily as I could, I recalled how last time I was following the large powerfully muscled calves of Madame Julia. She had been a spy within the Gendarme for the secretive group of female vigilantes known as The Pantyhose Society. At the top of the stairs was another door behind which was the office that served as their headquarters. Steeling myself I pressed down the handle of the door, opening it and walked right in.

“Come in Monsieur Priest” said a familiar soft feminine voice with slight Oriental tones. A slender figure sat in front of a desk watching a computer monitor. “Did you not think we had CCTV cameras placed around the store?” Madame Michelle smirked. A demure smile on a slim medium sized mouth graced a small attractive rounded face pushing up high cheekbones. Her almond-shaped eyes stared at me atop a short squat nose, beneath short black hair worn in a bob and shot through with silver strands, an indicator of her 50+ years. She was an attractive woman and the silk kimono-style dress clinging to her slim body made it look soft and feminine. A delicate shade of blue featuring large patterns of flowers in shades of purple and red, the sleeves were long and wide while the hem fell to her feet. Around her slim waist was a wide cream coloured band of silk. It made her gorgeously attractive in that wide-eyed beguiling way that only Oriental women can. Demure and extremely feminine with the shimmering silk imparting a sensual erotic look, Madame Michelle looked delicate and innocent. Except from my previous encounters with her, I knew different. “Very nice” I remarked “But aren’t Geishas Japanese rather than from Hong Kong?” “Beauty and elegance is not restricted by national boundaries, Monsieur Priest” she smiled, lighting up her small face.

She placed her hands upon the arms of the chair and smiled. “You just can’t stay away. Can you Jim?” she purred seductively “You want to worship your mistress again don’t you?”. I suppressed a pang of lust yearning at the memories invoked by her words for this good looking mature Oriental was fully capable of inflaming my desires. “As tempting as that is. I must decline because it is about time you answered my questions” I tried to sound stern but she was clearly not impressed. “Are you going to interrogate me, Jim?” she asked coyly stretching out her right leg through a concealed full-length slit.

Casually placing her toes upon the edge of the desk she arched the top of her foot into a sensuous convex curve. This swept into a long stretch of shin backed by a sexy semi-pear drop of hard muscled calves rising at a shallow angle to her raised knee. The breath-taking sight then descended in an equally glorious expanse of thigh. I tried not to stare but I am just a man. Simply put, the long slender leg now on display from shoeless feet to the top of her thighs was one of the sexiest that I’d ever seen. Sheathed in sheer tan-coloured pantyhose of the highest quality that was the trademark of the society, it was very stimulating. “Yes Jim” she said, her voice dripping with seduction “Come and give me a good interrogation”.

Oh boy! Struggling against the strong urge to kneel before her and run my hands along those beautiful legs, I tried to focus. “You lured me to Paris by planting my business card on one of your victims” I accused. “A serial rapist. He deserved it” she proclaimed lifting her foot and stretching it towards my chest like a sexy nylon-clad cobra. “To involve me in a case where a master criminal escaped justice because he was a member of the Super Rich” the bitterness seeped into my voice. “Yes, that was regrettable” she sighed as her dainty toes lightly danced over my chest. God she was such a tempting creature! It really was hard not to grab her and kiss her passionately. “I really thought you had dug up enough evidence to jail him, but underestimated the insidious nature of the judicial system to protect the rich” She sounded genuinely regretful while her toes left a distracting trail of sensual tingles. “So the Global Elite get away with it yet again” “No, dear Jim. The Moroccan got what was coming to him. I made sure of that. He’s been put firmly in his place”. Orrrrrrr! I tried not to groan as her foot lowered and gently stroked the front of my trousers. “And how about you Jim? Are you ready to get in your place?” She asked in a sensual inviting tone. Lord! it was difficult to ignore the effect her foot was having on my groin. “The numbers you wrote on the back of my business card, 9546. What do they mean?” I asked.

In answer she struck like a viper, her hands grabbing my wrist while swiftly launching herself from her seat. Coming to her feet, she twisted my wrist with both hands while quickly swinging my arm in a forward arc. “Woah!” I yelped at the shock of being launched into the air as my feet were whipped from the floor. The room became a nauseating blur as my body was pulled into a tight forward roll, cartwheeling helplessly at the side of a slender Geisha before she cast me away like a piece of rubbish. Helpless to stop it, the floor rose up much too fast to meet my spinning body. BLAM! “Arghhh!” I cried arching my back with the pain as it slammed hard against the floor, the agony travelling like a shock-wave along my spine. I’d just been skilfully thrown by a feminine petite sleight-built mature woman and the thought was as exciting as it was intimidating.

“Oh Jim” Madame Michelle sighed in mock sympathy. I tried to focus my eyes, which kept trying to spin around in their sockets. The lean long toned nylon-sheathed leg peaking from the slit in her skirt like a saucy Geisha was a constant reminder of her femininity. “Why don’t you ever learn that I am simply too much woman for you?” With that the good-looking woman bent my hand hard at the wrist and forced me yelping to my feet feeling weak and foolish to be dominated by such a feminine woman. With a burning enthusiasm in her slender almond-shaped eyes, she whipped me around to face her. Taking a good firm hold of the upper part of my arms, the side slit in her dress parted as a long leg rose swiftly, bent at the knee. A lanky shin with shapely muscled calves hanging beneath stretched towards me to plant the sole of her foot against my stomach. With an inevitability that made my dick stiffen she swiftly fell backwards, pulling me down after her. “Woah!” I was falling forwards fast with the irrational fear of crushing the smaller woman beneath me. WHOMP! In less than a second her back hit the floor and rolled, her strong long leg carrying the weight of my body as I continued to travel over her. Looking down momentarily I saw the skilled invincible-seeming woman laying on her back beneath me supporting me entirely with one slender leg bent at the knee. The leg straightened as it continued to carry me forward with my forward momentum with a surge of feminine leggy power sending me hurtling away at great speed. A strong lurch went through my groin at the sexiness of the throw that seemed to propel my heavy body a great distance away from the slender woman. BLAM! “Orrrrpphh!” the impact winded me as my back slammed against the floor. Christ! I don’t stand a chance against a woman like this! She must have thrown me a good 6 feet or more, or at least that’s what it felt like. My dick rose a tent in the front of my trousers in a throbbing salute to this mature deadly fighting doll.

“The only reason The Sisterhood tolerate you, Jim” Madame Michelle’s voice spoke approaching my dazed head. “Is because you amuse them”. I saw the solid hard muscular calves bulging below the hem of her kimono with each slow step she took towards me, a reminder that the petite woman was not as harmless as she seemed. I forced myself to my feet to face her before she reached me. She looked so feminine and delicious that part of me wanted to slip my arms around that slender waist and pull her close for a passionate kiss for she truly was very desirable yet I knew that it would be like trying to kiss a snake.

Swish! Swish! her arms swung stiffly into an aggressive fight stance with her hands raised open-palmed with the fingers together held straight. “I defeated an entire Dojo of the World’s highest racking male black belts” she boasted [PANTYHOSE #2]. “Do you really think you stand a chance against me?” That added to my unease. “Hai!” she shouted making me jump in fright. Her arms jerked and thinking she was going to hit me I threw out an arm in defence. “Yah!” WAP! My forearm slammed against the back of her left arm which rose from nowhere and felt as solid as a steel pillar. The dainty woman stepped close with her strong calves flexing below the hem of her kimono and a hard stare on her exotic face. “Hai!”a brief blur of motion and a small fist pounded my gut. WAP! “Orrrh!”. Pulling my arm towards her, she forced me to lean forwards. “Yah!” her dress kicked up fanning open to waist height with an eyeful of a tan coloured shapely muscled calve powering her leg in an arc towards me. WHUMP! “Orrragh!” I wailed as her long shin slammed across my gut like a cricket bat. I wanted to be strong and put up a good fight but the power of her kick made me crumple right over like bending a playing card. “The power of a female martial artist in tan pantyhose is one that all men should dread, Monsieur Priest” The mature deadly legged woman gloated as I tried and failed to stand up straight against the excruciating stomach cramps racking my middle. Lord! this woman kick like a mule.

“Hai!” with a rustle of silk, the kimono erupted before my bowed face. The long slit parted before my eyes to reveal the gusset of her pantyhose tightly moulded to her crotch as a long slim leg soared way up high overhead. Demonstrating incredible flexibility, her leg was poised vertically before her whilst I was bent over beneath like a victim awaiting execution. That I was helpless before such a superwoman made my manhood stiff with lust. What goes up, must come down and with dread I sensed her leg fall parting the air like an axe. BERLAM! “arghh!” The back of her calve pounded the back of my neck like a club. Her leg may be slim and shapely but it struck like a hammer driving my body to the floor.

“Arghh arghh arghh!” I yelped as Michelle knelt by my shoulder and bent my left arm backwards around the front of her knee as I lay belly-down on the floor, completely subjugated by this most feminine of women. “How humiliating it must be for a man to be owned by a woman a fraction of his size” she laughed at my yelps of pain as she exerted her dominance by wrenching my arm unopposed.

“Do you like pantyhose, Jim?” she asked. Her question caught me by surprise. “By the way you keep looking at my legs, I think you do” She said without waiting for an answer. With that and to my relief she released my arm and stood up. Rubbing my aching arm, I watched mesmerised by the way her beautifully toned calves flexed as she walked towards a pile of cardboard boxes. Although slender compared with most women’s calves, they were proportionately big compared to the rest of her legs. Flexing into very solid hard slabs of downward pointing muscle with every step, they stretched the sheer tan nylons into near opacity. “Staring at my calves, Jim?” she asked with a little chuckle and I realised with a start that she had caught me looking.

Standing between me and the door she was petite and slender yet deceptively deadly. The taut smile on her perfect complexioned face invited me to try and get past her. In her hands was a packet of nylon tights picked up from one of the delivery boxes. Keeping an eye on me with hard staring almond eyes atop a sleek nose and pouting mouth, she opened it up. “We’ve just received a new range of ultra-fine pantyhose for the discerning woman who appreciates the finest things in life and is willing to pay for them”  she told me sliding the tan-coloured contents from the packet. Her mouth widened into a calculating smile that made me feel uncomfortable. “I’m sure you love the feel of silky smooth nylon against your skin. Most men do” she said seductively although it seemed more of a threat as she began to stretch and work them into what resembled more of a rope.

Suddenly she was running towards me with a scary look of determination. I was so shocked that even before I thought of doing something, she was upon me. Leaping up like a gazelle at the last second I was startled to find her knees crashing into my side and her hands seizing my left arm. Hanging back from my arm, the lithe woman pushed her torso horizontally away from me trying to pull me off-balance. I was determined not to let her but to make matters worse, a sexy nylon-clad leg broke free from the slit in her dress and stretched up trying to hook her ankles around the back of my neck while pressing her hard meaty calves against the side as if trying to get me into some kind of choking arm-bar while still I was still standing. The Oriental hanging out at my side was only a sleight built woman but her bodyweight disrupted my centre of gravity and shifted alarmingly as she tried to hook her other leg around the side of my head. Having experienced the deceptive strength of those beautiful slender legs once before, I was desperate not to let them come together to scissor me. I tried to block that lovely leg getting in place while trying to remain standing but the writhing she-cat just wouldn’t keep still as those legs kept snaking out again and again like some exotic sea monster trying to snare my neck in her thighs, calves or feet. Suddenly she threw her body right back while pressing her feet against my upper chest and painfully stretching my arm between her nylon-clad columns of feminine steel. I lost my balance and she brought me down onto my backside.

“Oh Jim!” Michelle sighed “You’ve fallen for me again”. Moving without hesitation, she wrapped her arms around mine trapping the back of each elbow in the crook of her arm then folding her forearms and locking her fingers beneath to prevent escape. With a swish of nylon her slender legs exited through the slits of her dress to fold both calves over the top of my arms, crossing with the top of each foot pressing on either side of my neck. “Urk!” I croaked as her lower shins acted like a pair of scissors choking me while her dainty arches pressed against the arteries in my neck. “Oh look at how silly you are, Jim” she chuckled as I felt my face turn red. “How do you like my calve scissors?” She taunted. “Do my nylons feel good against your skin?  I could put your lights out in no time using my calves and feet alone” With that she straightened her legs tightening the pressure around my neck. Instantly my face heated up and black spots filled my vision while a loud whooshing filled my ears. “Enjoy the feel of my nylons sheathing my long lean calves as they send you to the edge of consciousness, Monsieur Priest. Feel the power of my hose” she declared. “Urk!” no matter how much I struggled, I couldn’t free my hands or neck from her deadly grasp. The silk kimono fitted her gentle curves softly in an epitome of femininity but her calve scissors were as strong as steel. “You Western men always underestimate the skill of an Eastern woman to utterly dominate a man” she chuckled. I could barely comprehend her with my head swimming and eyes rolling on the brink of passing out.

In no fit state to resist, I sat dumbly in a stupor barely aware that the small feminine woman dressed like a geisha, had released my arms and neck. The sudden pressure of her compact backside pressing against the small of my back awoke me from the fug to realise that the nimble little minx had slipped behind me to lie on her back right up close to my body. Before I could react she had seized my wrists and pulled my arms behind me before trapping them by raising her legs to wrap her thighs on the outside, bending her calves over the back of my shoulders and crossing her ankles behind my head. “Argh argh!” I grunted as her lean sexy thighs squeezed inwards while the crossed feet applied pressure to the back of my neck. That she had my arms all locked up using her sexy legs with the sensual soft feel of her nylons against my skin was actually quite a turn-on.

“Welcome to the Lotus Lock, Jim. A most feminine hold I’m sure you agree” the gently clipped tones of the mature Oriental informed me. “You are rendered helpless using my legs alone”  She needlessly informed me as I could feel their power threatening to break my shoulder blades. “Argh!” my arms were completely useless, locked up behind my back by her sexy slim legs. “Argh arghh!” I yelped as she raised her backside off the floor forcing my arms up painfully. My head spun as her crossed feet forcefully pressed my head forwards. There was no doubt that she was in complete control and the sophisticated exotic beauty was only too keen to let me linger in it. “Look! No hands!” she chuckled “which means they are free to do this!” “Hai!” WHAP! The edge of a hand chopped the side of my neck from behind. “Argh!” I cried, my right shoulder jerking up towards my neck as a sharp bolt of searing pain burned through the nerves on the right side of my neck. “How does it feel, Jim” she purred softly from behind. “To be completely defenceless in the legs of a woman who defeated a whole Dojo of 7th Dan Karate male black belts?” [PANTYHOSE #2]. I knew that she was trying to scare me but couldn’t help the worry poisoning my mind. “Leaving her hands completely free to chop you whenever she wants?” she taunted. “Why don’t you stop me, Monsieur Priest?” She laughed “Oh! You can’t because your arms are all locked up by my lovely long legs. “Hai!” WHAP! “Arrr!” I cried out as her small dainty hand chopped the other side of my neck sending electric fire through my nervous system. “Hai!” WHAP! The edge of her hand, held like a knife with the fingers straight, slashed across my right temple. Severe pain lanced through my head like the worst migraine you’ve ever had.

My head spun in a wild daze and with my arms disabled behind my back,  the leggy Oriental beauty squeezed my forearms closer together between her lovely thighs. I could feel the warmth of her inner thighs through the silky smooth nylons she wore. “Yes, you will enjoy the soft feel of quality nylons against your skin, Jim” Michelle chuckled. Totally powerless to stop her, I felt nylon wrap around my wrists. “Please don’t” I begged but she ignored me and began to use the rolled and stretched pantyhose to tie my forearms together behind my back. With the feel of the nylon of the pantyhose covering her strong lean sexy legs clamping my arms captive I was humiliated to feel another pair of soft silky nylons being used to bind my arms.

Part 2. Natalie
Following a hot piece of posh totty into the shop, Carl and Andrew slipped unnoticed into the changing rooms then remained out of sight. Having previously scouted the shop they knew that nobody bothered to check that these were empty until the cleaners arrived much later in the evening. Having timed their arrival not long before closing time, they didn’t have too long to wait. Through a chink in the curtain they watched as the store emptied of customers. After a spot of tidying up, the staff left except one young girl who remained to do the cashing up.

She was in her twenties and a pleasure to watch. On a petite face, narrow eyes with blue-grey irises sat beneath finely defined eyebrows. A touch of mascara added a seductive smoulder as they peered out over a sleek prominent nose set between high cheekbones. A wide thin-lipped mouth with a subtle pink lipstick set in a broad smile showed off immaculate white teeth. A deep narrow chin set off an elegant prettiness. Framing this, light sandy-brown hair flowed from high off the forehead in soft waves either side of her eyes. The bulk was then pulled back behind the head and tied in a pony tail leaving some light stylish strands to the fall softly on either side of slightly large ears.

They watched, mentally salivating at the delicious young thing as she removed the cash trays from the tills and carried them over to a large antique wooden desk. Natalie, it said on her name badge, seemed like a nice decent young woman. Whiplash slim, but not too thin with a figure that was nice to watch. A smart white blouse, crisply ironed and fully buttoned to the neck fitted snugly to a long slightly boyish figure apart from the swellings of a small but pleasant sized bust. Short sleeves showed off long lean toned arms and a black pleated mini-skirt with a black belt tied around the waist drew attention to her sensational legs. Sheathed in tan-coloured nylons so sheer, it was at first difficult to tell if she wore any. Raised up on black shiny high-heeled shoes with pointed toes, the slimness of her legs made them appear breath-taking long. They were nicely proportioned with sexy calves curving over the long length of her lower legs and nice curves of the hamstrings at the back of her upper thighs. In fact she seemed to be all leg, so much so that they couldn’t take their eyes off them as she sat down in a swivel chair with the short skirt rising all the way up exposing an eye-watering amount of delicious thigh.

Facing the desk, Natalie laid out the cash trays before her, then opened a big metal cash box ready to receive the money with desk calculator, cash-book and pen at the ready. The young beauty then took out the money and began organising it into piles to count. From their position they drooled at the big denominations on show. Those super-rich bitches certainly liked to splash it around. With all the cash on the table they made their move. Quietly leaving the changing room, they stole across the shop floor to where the girl sat. She glanced up with a delicate gasp of shock to see them standing there looming over her.

“Bag up the money and give it to me and no-one gets hurt” Carl growled flinging down the burlap sack he had brought with him. Andrew snarled with menace at his side. To their astonishment, the girl just sat back in the chair and raised her lovely long legs to put her feet on top of the desk. The gaze of both men went to those legs, adoring the long lean lines with rising lust. The clink of coins against metal broke the spell as she quickly picked up the piles of money and put them in the cash box. Carl quickly grabbed her upper arm to stop her. “Don’t play games with me, bitch” he shouted getting angry. “Just stuff the money in the bag” he told her. The lovely brunette glared at him, her narrow face with the smouldering eyes radiated a sensual toughness that went straight to his groin. Bending back her right foot on the desk forming sensual curves with her long slender shapely legs, she twisted in the chair to face him. With legs as hot as these, both men’s eyes were drawn to the long beautifully shaped calves. “Stuff this in your bag!” she exclaimed. A tan coloured blur arced from the table towards the apex of Carl’s legs. WHOMP! That sleek long leg drove the pointed toe of her shoe straight into his balls like hammering a nail into his scrotum. “Arrrrrraaaiii!” He squealed at the sharp searing pain in his balls. “What the f*ck!” his accomplice exclaimed as Carl stepped back, creasing over and clutching his groin with tears in his eyes.

With cheeky insolence, Natalie put the last of the cash into the metal tin and shut the lid. It closed with a loud click of a locking mechanism. Sparing Andrew a smug smouldering glance she reached across the desk for a land-line phone. In panic he hurled himself forward, leaning across by her side reaching out for her hand before it reached the phone. Her left arm unexpectedly jerked back. WHUMP! “Arrrghhh!” a swift sharp pointed elbow slammed into his balls like a piston. “Orrrraghh!” he moaned. His chest fell onto the top of the desk only to watch helplessly in horror the blur of her elbow speeding towards his face. BLAM! “Orraghh!” the arm just above her elbow pounded the side of his jaw solidly sending blinding shards of pain through his lower face as his jaw slipped sideways. The force of the blow launched him to an unsteady standing position behind the chair.

Instantly swivelling around, the sweetly smiling shop girl spread out the palm of her left hand against the front of Andrew’s trousers. “What the …” he gasped in surprise as long elegant fingers spread out as they slid down the swell of his trouser-sausage. For a moment he enjoyed the sensation thinking that she was going to give him a hand job. His dick stiffened in anticipation as the fingers closed around his balls. “Faaarrrr!” he screamed as the hand suddenly squeezed like a pair of nut-crackers. “No! No!”! he squealed as incapacitating pain seared through his body. Desperately trying to prise her hand away, he was horrified to discover that she had a grip like a steel vice. Unable to prise her fingers away he was shocked to find himself powerless to act against the young beauty crushing his balls. Shock turned to fear as she raised her other hand and seized his neck. Slender strong fingers dug into his throat closing his windpipe tight. “Oooh does that hurt?” she chuckled with amusement as she choked him with one hand while crushing and twisting his balls with the other. He was in so much agony, his feet were doing the quick-step of pain. “Is that The Riverdance? You don’t look Irish” she laughed.

Shocked into action, Carl stepped forwards to save his friend but stopped as the girl turned in her seat to face him with sultry dark eyes boring into his. With her steely grip around Andrew’s neck turning his face red and savage grip on his nuts making him dance in agony, a predatory smile spread on her wide thin lips. With elegance and poise she slowly raised her knee gracefully stretching out her shin and calves as though teasing him. He had to admit that she had stunning legs and found himself stopping and openly staring. “Feel my hose, thief!” she cried. Too late did he realise that her foot was aimed right at him. A split-second later, the lower part of her leg snapped straight powering the toe straight into his already aching balls. That sharp pointed toe bit brutally hard into the base of his balls flicking the shaft up. “Oohhh!” she sighed in mock sympathy then burst out laughing “right in the nuts”. With his face creasing up in a mask of agony with his mouth open in a wide silent wail of misery, his hands cupped his throbbing nuts as he folded forward in front of the seated girl. “No!” he screamed as a nylon-clad knee came rushing up to meet his bowed face. BLAM! “Orraghhh!” the impact smashed his face and sent him crashing to the floor at her feet.

Andrew was left groaning and coughing as the young leggy removed her hands from his throat and groin. Crippled by the pain he could only watch as she leant sideways in the chair, raising a knee and an eye-watering length of slender nylon-clad thigh. “Like my legs?” she teased. “Here, take a closer look. Hai!” a sudden shout made him jump as a brief glimpse of skimpy white knickers beneath the gusset of her hose made his heart pound. A tan lightning bolt unfolded streaking towards his head. WHAM! In the blink of an eye an incredible length of leg stretched away from his jaw in a breathtaking view all the way to her crotch. Not that he could enjoy it as the impact of the sole of her shoe against the side of his jaw blasted his head around in a dizzying blur. “Hai!” the girl’s shout was followed by her leg kicking out again in a lean streak of light reflecting off nylon sheen. BLAM! “Arghh!” a hammer like kick to the back of his leg sent him sprawling to the floor.  The young woman’s laughter burned his ears as tried to get away on hands and knees. BLAM! “Aeeeee!” he squealed as her leg kicked him from behind, her foot swinging up beneath his buttocks to appear at the front of his trousers as the top of her shin pounded his aching balls like a bat. “Oooh! Are the prices in the shop making your eyes water?” the young woman was laughing so hard she was practically in hysterics. “Or is it  just me kicking you in the balls?” she could hardly string the sentence together, she was laughing so hard.

Groaning on the floor smouldering in anger Carl and Andrew watched the shop girl as she sat in her swivel-chair laughing. “Oooooh you really scare me grovelling at my feet clutching your nuts” she chuckled stretching out the eye-watering stretch of legs that had caused their rapid demise. “A kick to the balls soon put you in your place” she laughed bending her right leg at the knee forming the perfect angle between her long sexy thighs and her equally lanky shins with the beautifully shaped calves hanging like a sensuous semi-peardrop beneath. There was no question that the girl had great legs but the ease with which she had stopped them then gloated about it got their backs up. If there is one thing that makes a man overcome his natural resistance to hitting a woman, it is one who kicks him in the balls.

Getting slowly to their feet warily watching the smug girl they jumped back in fright as she suddenly raised her foot with the wickedly sharp toe pointing in their direction. An explosion of laughter escapes her mouth. “Hurts pretty bad huh?” she chuckled pointing at the raised toe. The two men warily stayed out of reach of the leggy minx. “Just give us the money and we’ll be gone. No-one need get hurt” Carl warned. “Only your balls” the lovely Natalie quipped with a cheeky smile stretching a hand towards the desk phone. “Let’s see what The Gendarme say about that” she said. “No!” Carl stepped in quickly to knock the handset from her hand while protecting his groin with the other. A tan flash and Carl screamed as her high-heel spiked the front of his upper thigh just above the knee. “Argh! Christ!” he cried bending forwards, his hand moving to the injured spot. Laughing, the sultry brunette raised her slim thigh vertically in front of her bent at the knee, the short skirt falling back around her waist exposing her nylon-sheathed legs in all their glory. “Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain!” she admonished before her lovely thighs power a brutal stomp to his unprotected groin. WHUMP! “Arrrrarghh” he cried in anguish as the sole of her shoe pounds his shaft like a sledgehammer while the heel spikes his ball-sack. Even as his hands fly to his groin to find her leg still buried there while creasing forwards, she brings her other knee close to her chest, with another brief sexy glimpse of her knickers. “Yah!” she cries as the lower leg snaps up vertically. With her smouldering eyes watching like a hawk while giving a sexy pout, the leg soared like a rocket straightening until the sole of her shoe blasted the underside of his jaw. THWOCK! “Arghhh!” a nylon thunderbolt struck his jaw whipping his head right back over his shoulders with the taste of blood in his mouth and a world of hurt in his jawbone. “It’s so funny. I’ve destroyed two big burly men and I haven’t even left my chair” the young beauty laughed as Carl staggered back clutching his face.

Enraged, Andrew threw a punch at the laughing girl. Leaning back in her chair, her left leg was a sleek fast rising blur. WAP! “Argh!” he cried in shock to find his punch violently stopped by a slim feminine leg. Instantly her other leg flashed between his legs. WHOCK! “Niiiieeee!” he squealed in agony as the sharp toe drove into the bottom of his nut-sack with such force that it felt as if his nuts had been driven inside his body cavity while the shaft beat against his body like a truncheon in his trousers. “Coo-ee!” the laughing beauty attracted his attention in time to see she had raised both legs in front of her with the top of her thighs almost touching her chest. Her short skirt had ridden up so much he had clear sight of her pert rounded buttocks as she bent back her hot legs. “Hai!” both feet rocketed towards his face faster than he could react. BAM! “Orraghh!” the soles pounded his cheeks simultaneously. Even as his hands flew to his aching face, the leggy vixen cried again “Yah!” WHUMP! “Boarrrrrphh!” the soles of both feet hammered against his belly along with the double bite of her heels like a knife-stab. The power of her double-kick lifted his feet from the floor and sent him sprawling.

A pair of shoes hit Carl’s head as he knelt on the floor feeling dazed. “Feel how soft my Wolford hose is” Natalie chuckled placing a hand beneath the back of her right knee as she raised the sleek shapely lower leg and pressed the back of her toes against his nose. He was mesmerised as she began stroking his face with the bottom of her foot, loving the way the light shone off the sheen of nylons almost too sheer to be seen except up close. Laughing she pressed the sole against his lips and began mashing his mouth. “Kiss it Mister Wimpy” she laughed grinding the reinforced nylon soles into his mouth. “Mmm mmm!” Carl struggled to bat away the leg that kept trying to drive her foot against his lips. The foot finally dropped away as he got his feet under him and began to rise.

He’d only gotten part way when in horror he saw the top of a foot soaring towards his face. “Yah!” the girl cried, her hands holding onto the sides of her chair. The top of her foot clubbed sideways across his mouth. Pushing herself up out of the chair, her short skirt rucked around the top of her luscious slim thighs exposing her skimpy underwear. Her long leg soared high with lithe flexibility kicking his head towards the ceiling with such power that his whole body shot stiff upright in the blink of an eye. WHOCK! His mind was blasted into orbit while his teeth felt like they had buckled.

Mad that they were getting their arses kicked by a pretty little slip of a girl, Andrew leapt towards her with his right fist raised like a club. “Yah!” she cried throwing up her left forearm to block the blow. He was so furious he immediately threw his other fist as well. “Yah!” she cried blocking that with her other forearm. With both of his arms raised in the air between them, she spun around. Her hands shot out to grasp the back of the chair as the short skirt slid right up to the tops of her gorgeous legs. “Hai!” she cried as the sole of her right foot delivered a strong backwards stomp to his groin as she leant forwards using the chair for balance. A streak of tan pulsed backwards towards the top of his legs. WHUMP! “Arrrrr!” the force of the kick drove him to his toes, bringing tears to his eyes and sending pain shooting through his groin. In agony he creased forwards with his hands cupping his throbbing groin as the young woman got to her feet with her skirt rucked up over her hips.

“Where you going to punch a girl in the face?” She demanded angrily, clenching her fists and pulling them sharply towards her waist. “N..no” he lied weakly trying to back away. “Well I’m going to kick yours into tomorrow. Yah!” the blood drained from his face as her right leg rocketed from the floor. The sensational curves of her hamstrings and the long elegant sweep of her calves were a sexy but terrifying blur rising fast straightening as the knee rose as high as his head. The brief glimpse of the gusset was a sexy distraction. WHACK! her foot blasted his chin with such power that his feet were lifted from the floor as he was bodily flung backwards following his head. BLAM! He landed heavily on his back on the highly polished wooden flooring. One look at his colleague laying crumpled on the floor with his hands and legs twitching spasmodically and his head jerking while the slender leggy shop-girl stood over him with a self-satisfied grin on her long narrow sultry-eyed face and her hands on her slim hips like some sexily dressed female gladiator was too much for Carl. He turned and fled towards the front door of the store.

Part 3. Madame Virginie
Carl run down a wide aisle between tall display units ignoring the silky frilly feminine things brushing past on either side. Desperate to get away from that ball-busting sales girl, his spirits lifted as he saw the front door of the shop a short way ahead. He was almost there! Just a few more steps! Suddenly a figure stepped out from behind a tall display of lingerie to stand right in front of him. A heartbeat was all it took to take in the plump mature woman, well into her late 50’s with a wide motherly face and short brown hair. She wore a simple knee length black skirt and high-heels. However his attention locked onto the low cut white blouse whose front was so greatly distorted thrusting forward with a stunning width and hanging really low as if she had a pair of beach balls stuffed up there. She was phenomenally stacked and proud to show it off. The wide plunging V neck exposed a staggering amount of deep dark inviting cleavage between huge mounds of soft wobbling female breast that led the eye down to the curving arcs before vanishing back into the blouse.

He was running too fast and knew he couldn’t avoid a collision. With her massive bust and cleavage thrusting towards him he was surprised when instead of slamming right into her and knocking her over, she grabbed the sleeves of his shirt by the elbows. Without breaking his forward motion, she shocked him by  raising her foot and shoving it against the side of his pelvis then throwing herself backwards. “Wah!” he cried in surprise as he found himself falling fast as she pulled him down with her. A seismic wobble rippled across her massive breasts as her back hit the floor then flopped heavily either side of her chest like strange airbags. In a split-second he found himself elevated on the end of her right leg with her foot lodged in his groin, looking right down at the woman below. As he continued to fall forwards her leg bent at the knee like compressing a spring with her skirt around her hips revealing a pair of rather thick legs with large shapely calves sheathed in sheer tan coloured nylon. Her leg straightened with astonishing flexible ease for someone so plump adding a surge of feminine leggy power to his forward momentum. He was stunned as he was sent hurtling clear over her body with incredible speed, his arse and legs tumbling uncontrollably right over his head. BLAM! The back of his head and top of his shoulders slammed into the floor a fraction before his back then backside and legs. “Oraghh!” he groaned, the speed of the throw dazing his brain and the impact of the fall temporarily winding him.

Carl looked up in shock at the homely plump woman standing over him. Not only were her breasts truly titanic to a scale that her plumpish body did not detract from their stunning size but he couldn’t comprehend how she had thrown him. No, he ran into her so fast that he bowled her over and he went down with her luckily tripping over her body rather than crushing her beneath. That was it, he tried to convince himself.

“My name is Madame Virginie and I am the owner of this store” she announced in husky sultry tones that seemed to ooze sexual promise that went straight to his loins. “Break into my shop and I’ll break you”. He watched dumbly as a thick lower leg with beautifully curved calves encased in sheer tan coloured nylon stepped over his neck. The underside of her plump legs looked quite firm as she crouched down over him. Before he could comprehend what was going on, her hands darted out to seize his left wrist and folded his arm around her forearm. Sliding a surprisingly strong-looking forearm across the inside of his elbow she bent back his arm plunging him into a world of pain. “Argh! Argh!” he yelped as he was forced to his feet with no chance to refuse. With his trapped arm pressed against the unreal wobbling mounds inside her blouse he couldn’t stop looking at that massive wide low-hanging cliff face of womanhood with a steadily growing stiffness inside his trousers.

Pulling him around roughly to face her, Carl nearly lost his balance and put out  his hands to steady himself. Unsteady on his feet he lurches suddenly pulling her blouse wide open. His jaw went slack and his eyes widened as he stares in disbelief at the huge expanse of breast and cleavage. The edges of the blouse hang down upon either side barely covering her big nipples with no sign of a bra. “What?” she exclaimed with a saucy grin “Have you never seen a woman’s chest before?” “Ger..ger..” he stammered totally dumbfounded as the blouse was opened wide letting the mammoth breasts hang free and unencumbered. She was hardly conventionally good-looking and much older than he preferred, a lot plumper and flabbier too but his dick was instantly stiff in less than a second. “Ggg.gggg..ggggood God!” he exclaimed unable to stop staring even though she was watching him. They were so massive, full, rounded yet hung with a firmness thrusting several inches forward mid-way down to her belly button and spread wider than the broad boyish trunk of her body. Large dark pink areoles surrounding big prominent nipples jutted out very erect like bullets were impossible to ignore, like strange eyes staring at the painfully stiff bulge in the front of his trousers.

Breathing really heavily, the stiffness in his groin seemed to spread throughout his body like some form of paralysis. Carl couldn’t take his eyes off her jaw-dropping mammaries as she placed her hands behind her head and made them sway in a manner that set his dick lurching.  Pouting her lips seductively, she stepped closer. “God won’t save you now” she told him in her low pitched voice. She took his right wrist in one hand while sliding an arm around his shoulder pulling the front of his body against the side of an enormous orb of sensual sensation. “You wouldn’t even know what to do with them” she teased as he gawped at the grade 1 weapons of mass erection pressing against his chest. His heart raced with sweat on his brow as his lust soared harder than he had ever experienced. Just as he debated whether to reach out and grab them she applied a good shoulder lock. “Hey what!” He exclaimed in shock as the big buxom woman suddenly leant forward thrusting a well-rounded hip into his groin. “Woooah!” His feet left the ground as he was whipped over her ample hip in a dazzling blur. There was a brief sensation of being balanced on her broad back looking down over her shoulder at the floor before whipping fast from one side of her body to the other. His head rushed towards the floor at a frightening speed in free-fall while his body flipped upside down with his feet pointing towards the ceiling. KABLAM! The upper part of the back of his shoulders slammed heavily against the floor. BLAM! the rest of his back then backside closely followed like a ricochet repeat as it curled along behind. “Arghh!” he yelled throwing his head back as he arched his spine away from the floor as burning pain seared along the length of his back.

“A natural 38H” a mature feminine voice told him. Automatically he looked up and his eyes locked onto the big nipples pointing back. Oh Lord they are so huge he groaned to himself unable to tear his gaze away. “And a black belt in Judo. What more can a man need?” she chuckled softly. Before the import of those words sunk into his dazed head, she had leapt down to sit against his side. With her back pressing against his chest she leant across him slipping her right arm around the back of his head. The feel of the side of her breast as it brushed his cheek made his stiff dick even stiffer. Suddenly he found himself pulled into a tight side-headlock with his throat wedged beneath her armpit and the side of his neck tight in the crook of her arm. The feel of her plump body against him was exhilarating with so much wobbly feminine flesh whereever he placed his right hand. In the end he pressed his forearm against her throat to push back her head in the hope that it would force her to stop. To his dismay she seized his wrist and dug her fingers into the tendons to prise his arm away. Pulling his arm across her plump belly she squashed it against the bottom of her large wobbly breasts as she trapped his wrist beneath her armpit then clamped his elbow to hold it firmly in place.

It was cozy but Carl wasn’t sure he liked this and tried to move but to his horror, the woman spread her legs on the floor keeping her body leaning across his chest to keep him firmly pinned. He is excited to feel the huge soft wobbly breast moving and squashing against his cheek with every move she made to counter his struggles to get free. It is such a sensual feel that his dick strains uncomfortably against the inside of his trousers. However the more he struggles the more that huge soft orb of femininity spreads out to cover the side of his face as she applies more body-weight to restrain him.

In alarm he finds that mammoth double-breasted wall of female wonder roll right over his face to fully envelop his face in its massive cleavage. “Mmmm mmmm!” his face was swallowed by her huge mammaries. He was shocked to find his right arm moved to between her thick legs. The silkiness of her nylons brush against his skin as her big legs clamp down, scissoring his arm. “I could snap your arm like a twig between my strong legs” her voice tells him. “Mmmm mmm!” he moaned into her deep smothering cleavage as those mammoth breasts moulded themselves over his face. “Mmmm!” somehow being suffocated by the breasts of this large built mature woman was as exhilarating to his dick as it was frightening. “Mmmmm mmmm!” panicking and desperate for air he tried to struggle harder but stopped when he found himself getting weaker.

“Moooorrr!” he greedily swallowed in the air as she lifted those suffocating deadly weapons from his face. Still pinned in her head-lock and arm-scissors, he could only lie there helpless as she brought her mouth against his ear. “I’ll show you my Judo if you show me yours” she whispered. Her tongue then darted out and began giving his ear long wet licks. “Nnnnnarrrghhhh Nnnnnarghhhh Nnnnarrrgh!” he moaned as his throbbing dick burst into huge ejaculations stronger than he had ever experienced in his life and absolutely drenching his pants. “My that was a big one” She observed looking him square in the face with a superior expression. “How can you hope to stand a chance against me when you keep ejaculating?” she chuckled cruelly before releasing his head and arm sitting back on her haunches astride his pelvis. “You look so weak and tired” she said. “If you keep cumming like that, I’ll probably kill you with sexual exhaustion” she remarked. His heart was pounding and he was breathing so heavy that he could well believe her. Even the sight of her remarkable over-endowed plump body sitting over his groin re-awoke his ardour and he knew that he would be erect again in no time. A wide cunning smile spread on her lips that sent shivers down his spine. “Shall we try?” she asked. “Come on. I’m ready to Judo you into sexual extinction”

Part 4. Natalie
“Boy are you dumb trying to rob this store” Natalie sneered standing before Andrew with her hands resting upon her hips. He didn’t reply for he was on his knees curled over cupping his balls praying that the terrible throbbing pain would go away. The willowy young woman stared at him with amusement. Raising her right knee level with her hips she placed her foot on the back of his bowed head. The short skirt rode high exposing the thin gusset at her crotch as well as the full length of her sensationally shapely legs. Not that he was in any position to appreciate it. Her slender calves flexed as she pressed down upon the back of his head forcing his face towards the floor until his lips met the delightful arch of the top of her other foot. “Pucker up and kiss it or I’ll kick your balls” she stated starkly “Your choice. It’s quite simple”.

“Mmmm!” he squirmed as she increased the pressure mashing his mouth against the top of her dainty foot. “Tick-tock, time’s running out loser. Worship my foot or lose your balls” she chuckled. With the taste of fine nylons on his lips, it would have been so easy just to kiss those divine toes but the excruciating ache in his balls shamed him to anger. Seeing his opportunity, his hands reached behind his head, seized her ankle and pulled her foot away sharply. With a squeal, the leggy girl was deposited on her backside. “Payback time, bitch” he snarled as he leapt astride her, pinning her to the floor and wrapping his big hands around her slender throat. “Urkk!” despite her face turning red, Natalie calmly slipped her hands between the inside of his arms. “Mmmm!” grunting with the effort her forearms sprang apart, chopping the inside of his elbows with the sides of her hands. “Ouch!” in surprise Andrew found his arms moving wide apart with his hands slipping from her throat. Before he could do anything about it, she quickly trapped his left forearm beneath her armpit and wrapped it up in the crook of her right arm which she used to stress it the wrong way. “Arghh!” he yelped. “Hai!” her left arm slashed across her body to chop the side of his neck with her hand. WHOCK! “Aarghh!” he cried at the shock to his nervous system that unseated him from her body.

The way she shouted like a Karate expert made him nervous. He tried to dismiss it as scare tactics but that chop was shockingly solid and the way the darkness crept over his vision while feeling nauseous terrified him. Still dazed, he saw her right leg bend with a flex of sleek calves and thought he knew what was coming next. “Hai!” the leg uncoiled as if driven by a spring, like a tan coloured electrical discharge arcing between them. WHOMP! “Orrraaghh!!” her foot dropped heel-first straight into his belly. Even as his upper body creased forwards in response he saw the shapely tan-sheathed leg streaking back. “Yah!” WHOMP! The balls of her foot hammered his already aching groin-sack right up against the underside of his body. “Archh c*nt!” he raged clutching his balls trying to get quickly to his feet before she drove another kick there.

“What did you call me? You foul-mouthed cretin” Natalie’s demeanour hardened as she rose to face him. Before he could reply, her slim hands began to unbutton her blouse. As her fingers worked downwards, the sides of the blouse opened to reveal a lacy black bra studded with small silver discs and two silver butterfly clasps at the front holding in her small breasts. Andrew stared with mounting lust as the buttons quickly came undone. Finally the blouse was completely open exposing a very slim stomach curving out to slim hips. Taut and toned, a clearly defined six-pack of hard irregular blocks were lightly engraved upon her belly. So engrossed with watching the sinuous way her abs disappeared into her belly then rose again to stand proud and defined with each breath he didn’t notice the blouse being thrown on the desk.

“Watch and fear” she said raising a slim toned arm out to the side level with her shoulders. With a smug smile she bent the arm at the elbow raising the forearm towards her head. His jaw nearly hit the floor as out of the top of her slim upper arm grew a small hard looking mound that grew harder and more defined as she clenched her fist and brought her forearm parallel to her head. She may be willowy but the small rocky hill that swelled on the top of her upper arm was undoubtedly hard peaked biceps. Andrew thought he didn’t find muscular women attractive but that firmness on a feminine slender frame with her ribbed washboard abs and small wiry defined biceps had his dick so rigid that a small horizontal tent rose at the front of his trousers. With only a black bra and a very short mini-skirt it was very clear that this was no woman trying to look like a man but one with a very fit sexy feminine body with surprisingly hard looking biceps on her slender arms.

“You’re in deep doggy doo-doos now mister” She laughed. Andrew was not the athletic type and had never seen the inside of a gym whereas by the look of her hot body, she clearly had. Her muscles weren’t that big but the sight of them bulging on a pretty girl’s arm stirred strange feelings of inadequacy. Suddenly he found his hands seized in each of hers and a shocking burst of strength spreads his arms wide with his chest pressing against her small bust. Both her slim arms were now raised in line with her shoulders with her forearms vertical, his hands in hers with a close-up view of the small hard hills bulging defiantly from her arms. “You can start pushing back now” she teased “anytime now” No, it wasn’t possible! he was stunned that a sweet young faced girl with small hard muscles was overpowering him.

“Boy did you pick the wrong girl to pick a fight with” she laughs openly mocking his weakness as he put all of his strength into pushing back yet couldn’t budge them a centimetre. Those slim arms look rock solid and now had became more rugged with her forearms taking on a definite thickness around the base with tendons flexing strongly around the wrists. Those arms were so slim and those muscles small yet they looked so hard. He could see the veins beneath the surface of her skin as they seemed to become pumped before his eyes. That she was a sultry sexy looking girl wearing only a bra on her upper body while effortlessly holding his arms to a standstill was humiliating. “Ha ha, is that all you have” she laughed in his face, her small biceps looking hard and powerful as a frightful irresistible strength flowed through them slowly causing his knees to buckle. His face was now less than an inch away from her tight sculpted abs. They were so sexy he wanted to lean forward and kiss them. “Are you afraid?” she pursed her mouth looking incredibly desirable as she fixed him with her sultry eyes as her remarkably strong biceps continued to exert a fearsome pressure that hurried his defeat “You should be”. He was startled to find his dick unbelievably rigid, so stiff that it was actually becoming painful as it pressed up against the inside of his trousers. Laughing at his weakness, she forced him all the way down to his knees with his eyes level with her long slim thighs looking shiny and sexy in sheer tan coloured pantyhose.

“You’re no match for me” she sneered as a surge of feminine power sent him sprawling to the floor. “You should be ashamed to be weaker than a normal girl” she laughed. With his ego crushed he stared at the long sexy legs of the young woman who had overpowered him so decisively. “You should be the one wearing pantyhose” she chuckled. “Here, see how it feels” With that she placed a nylon-sheathed foot on his face and began to grind it against his mouth and squashing the tip of his nose while flexing her arms in victory. “Mmmm mmm!” he complained trying to twist his head to the side to dislodge her foot but she kept it firmly pressed against his lips. In desperation, he grabbed her slender ankle with his hands. Admittedly it felt good beneath the soft silky nylon felt but one good pull managed to free his face. She quickly pulled her foot from his grasp before he could use it to pull her to the floor again.

Swivelling quickly on the heel of her foot to present her back to him, her right knee lifted a fraction before becoming a terrifying blur of motion. “No!” he cried as the foot rocketed backwards between his legs. WHUMP! “Oorrraghhh!” With her sleek calves flexing, the sole of her foot slammed into his groin like a freight train cruelly crushing his throbbing erection. “Orrragh!” He threw back his head to scream. His hands flew to his groin to find the girl’s dainty foot still lodged there. Laughing, she slowly swivelled around while her foot pressed down and ground his balls. “Noooo! Nooo!” he groaned pitifully. With her youthful smouldering face looking down at him, she flexed her small but hard biceps once more in victory while he frantically grabbed her slender ankles. “Ooohh! Ooooh!” he squealed as she raised her other foot putting all of her weight upon his groin. “Hands off my foot” She said in a hard tone “or I’ll grind your balls to mush”. “Please! Please!” he whimpered in absolute tears reluctantly releasing her ankle. Although she returned her other foot to the floor to ease the dreadful pressure, he had to lie there in agony and defeat watching the slim leggy woman preen and flex her biceps in victory. “Yeah! Beauty and skill defeat brawn and thuggish mentality” she crowed.

Sobbing with relief he watched as that dainty foot was lifted from his balls but was dismayed as it was returned to step on his face. “Don’t make me ask” The sweet thing sounded frighteningly tough. Humiliated and totally defeated he pursed his lips and gave the underside of her foot a kiss. “Oh put some effort into it, you big pussy” she scolded, grinding her foot against his mouth. “Mmm mmm!” with the taste of her nylons pressing down upon his mouth he began kissing her foot out of fear. To his relief, it stopped trying to push his teeth out and he was left with a marvellous view all along her long slim leg with a glimpse up her short skirt that was definitely worth a passionate kiss and actually awakened his ardour again.

“Since you enjoy the taste of my nylons, why don’t you try them” she told him removing a pair of pantyhose from a close-by display. In horror he watched as the shop assistant knelt down, her right hand seizing his jaw with the fingers digging into the joints. Unable to stop his mouth from opening, while she knelt upon his chest, he had to endure her stuffing the nylons into his mouth. As he moved his hands towards his mouth, she raised her left hand open-palmed with the fingers straight, positioning them before his face in a threatening manner. “Don’t you dare try to remove them” she warned looking fierce and capable. “Hai!” she yelled as the edge of her hand slashed the base of his throat in a hard chop. WHAP! “Kkkk! Kkk!” he broke into a coughing fit, his hands moving to his throat by reflex. “I said lower your hands!” she scolded. “Yah!” her knife-hand chopped the side of his neck like an axe. WHAP! “Arghhh!” electric searing pain burnt through his nervous system. The confident arrogance that the young woman now displayed excited him sending his erection soaring anew yet the painful Karate chops scared him silly. Andrew didn’t know whether she truly knew Karate but the way she glared at him with hands raised as if she knew what she was doing terrified him. “Hai!” her hand slashed the other side of his neck and his hands fell limply to the floor.

Part 5. Madame Michelle
“And these are the Wolford Pure 10, Ultra sheer for that invisible and high luxury look and feel. The softest pantyhose in the world” the slender mature Oriental told me as she held up a pair of tan coloured pantyhose, her smiling face enhancing her natural good looks. “A luxury item. Can you feel the softness?” she watched me with a strange enthusiasm as her hands worked the nylons into a long tight piece resembling a rope and then added it to the others. My arms were now tightly bound behind my back by pantyhose ropes tied in several places around my chest, belly and upper arm as well as binding loops around my arms and neck. Even my lower legs were tied together to prevent me trying to get up and run away.

“I do enjoy playing with you, Jim. I can do anything I want to you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it” she whispered seductively crouching down low in front of me staring closely into my eyes with mischief in her almond-shaped eyes. She stuck out her tongue and ran it slowly down my right cheek, around the jawline then continuing down the side of my neck. Unable to stop her even if I had wanted to, she reduced me to a moaning idiot with a very hard erection which her hands allowed to spring free by unzipping my trousers. It was erotic, it was sexy but I was not comfortable at being restrained by these nylon bonds.

Look just let me go, you can keep your silly secret society of female vigilantes. That’s what I wanted to say except she had also worked quite a thick pair of tights over my head. “Cashmere silk. £145 a pair. Only the best for my favourite toy” she informed me with a chuckle. “There! You look like an upper-class bank robber” she joked while kneeling before me as I sat on the floor all trussed up. “Michelle, please URK!” the crook of her right arm hooked itself firmly around my throat. Instinctively I tried to raise my hands to peel away her arm but of course I could not move them. “Grkkk!” I croaked as the good-looking mature Oriental pulled her arm tighter against my throat and locked it by clasping her left biceps. “This is the favourite domination hold of the Oriental woman” she said close to my ear as she clamped her left hand on the back of my neck and pressed it tighter into her sleeper hold. “…k!” Michelle’s slim arms were deceptively strong and she applied the hold expertly closing my wind-pipe instantly.

“When an Oriental woman gets you in a sleeper holder, there’s no escape” She chuckled as as her firm arms squeezed so tight I felt the blood-flow cut from my brain. “There is no point trying to resist a woman brought up in a country steeped in the Martial Arts, as you Western men never remember”. My head was beginning to spin. Having my arms tied made the humiliation so much worse. “For she learns it at an early age and knows how to apply a sleeper hold to keep you on the edge of consciousness skilfully letting you suffer in total humiliation of her natural female dominance” She whispered seductively into my ear underlining it with a long slow lick of my ear that had me trying to buck my hips as I moaned in pleasure. Even through the expensive pair of tights covering my face her tongue was pure sensual dynamite arousing me beyond belief and making my dick stiffen uncontrollably. “An Eastern girl will deny you any escape into senselessness, savouring every moment of your weakness for as long as she likes until she gets bored”

“Are you feeling sleepy, Jim?” she whispered followed by another cock-lurching lick along the side of my neck from the clavicle to the jawline. “You don’t pass out unless I permit it” with that she roughly twisted my head one way and then the other as if to demonstrate her total superiority over me. “Do you know what I like about you, Jim?” she purred in my ear between more tantalising long licks that left my erection throbbing. “Judging by that pulsing erection sticking out from your trousers you enjoy me doing this to you as much as I like delivering it”

Despite her words, I felt close to blacking out in her incredibly tight necklock. That she was an elegant good-looking woman, older than myself as well as smaller and lighter made her total control of me all the more erotic. The skilled Oriental loosened the grip around my neck. The blood rushing back to my brain stunned me for a moment. “Of course, the skilled Oriental woman knows more than one way to exert her dominance over a man” Before I knew what was going on she hooked the back of her arm over my chin and wrapped it tightly around my neck. Once again I was frustrated at not being able to move my arms as she forced back my head with her slim arm tight around my neck like a tourniquet. “The Dragon Sleeper is a particular favourite” the woman in the Geisha dress smugly informed me. She bent back my head until I was looking right up at the ceiling through the dense nylons over my face while her small hard biceps swelled against my neck pinching off my blood supply. I could feel the veins standing out of my stretched neck and had to grit my teeth and screw up my eyes feeling woozy as her biceps flexed across my jugular.

Holding me in that embarrassing position I felt the nylons of her pantyhose rasp against my skin as her long slim legs slid either side of my waist. The calves folded across my lower belly then she locked her ankles. “Orrrr!” I groaned as her slim legs squeezed with a deceptive strength. “Is mister tough-guy detective being owned by a small Oriental woman?” she laughed as her strong legs added another layer of hurt.“What a humiliating position I’ve put you in Jim, being knocked out by a woman with your head stuck beneath her arm and you can’t even defend yourself” Just as I feel my body go limp as my oxygen-deprived brain begins to shut down, the lovely but lethal woman relaxed her arms by the slightest amount keeping me right on the edge of helpless befuddlement. “Look at you, you pathetic wimp! You’re no match for me. I am in complete control of your body” she taunted. “Who’s the Mistress?” she demanded. “Orrrr!” I groaned as she flexed her biceps and thighs at the same time almost knocking me right out in an instant. “You’re the Mistress” I croaked out the words unable to focus my eyes while my head swam like crazy. Bright spots and dark patches speckled my vision even though I had my eyes closed. “Again! I didn’t quite hear you” “Arrrgg you’re orrrgh the orrr mistress” I groaned as her steely slim legs crushed my waist while her slender arm tightened like a noose around my neck.

Time just seemed to become suspended as this feminine woman skilfully kept me in that scary state making small adjustments in the pressure stopping me slipping right under. Continually aware that she could so easily knock me out with the slightest increase of pressure of her biceps or cause permanent brain damage was as frightening as her ruthless domination was highly arousing.

“Does this turn you on?” She needlessly asked as my dick was absolutely rigid and painfully tight in it’s skin and lurching up and down of it’s own accord. “I see it does” she chuckled. “Well it is making me horny as hell and making me really wet between the thighs”  With surprise I felt the nylon-clad soles of her dainty feet press upon either side of my erection. “You are my pet to do with as I please. Say it!” She demanded increasing the head-swooning pressure of her arms while her feet began to stroke my dick. “Urrrghhh! I am your pet” I groaned. “To do with as I please” “Urrr to do with as you please” Locked up with my neck straining in her strong arms and my waist squeezed between her equally strong legs I didn’t stand a chance in resisting the ministrations of her feet as the fine silky smooth nylon rubbed up and down my shaft. “My! I think you’re going to blow any second now” she chuckled as her magic feet worked me to the brink.

“You know what happens when you cum between my nylons?” she purred. “Yes you do” she chuckled. I felt her warm breath upon the base of my stretched neck making the hairs stand on end. “Ohhhh!” I moaned with insanely rising lust as her wet tongue began long slow licks all along the length of my taut neck. “Narrrr narr narr!” I blast three massive bursts of cum, my body involuntarily trying to rock back and forth driving my neck deeper into her tight noose. Even the knowledge that I was knocking myself out with each release couldn’t stop my pursuit of that massive orgasm. Each motion of my body as it came brought the darkness closer, by the third and final blast I was out cold.

Part 6. Madame’s Michelle, Virginie and Natalie
With my arms and legs bound with nylon pantyhose and my head covered by an expensive cashmere silk pair, I was forced to hobble down the stairs by Madame Michelle who was in a silk Geisha-style kimono with long slits for her sexy long legs. “Faster Monsieur Priest” she urged WHUMP! “Argghhh!” the occasional swift kick between my legs from behind was all the encouragement she needed to give.

As we entered the shop floor I was mortified to find that we were not alone. People were going to see me trussed up like a turkey for a Christmas oven and with my limp dick flopping out from my trousers. Across the room, near the entrance, I spotted Madame Virginie the mature owner of the store. I was staggered to see that the plump woman wore nothing apart from a pair of high-quality sheer tan-coloured pantyhose. The long vertical oval of her gusset made it clear that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath those either. The rest of her was bare, and there was a hell of a lot of it. Her breasts were such a huge pair of firm well-shaped beauties with a cleavage that was truly a black hole for any hetro man’s eyes that the stiffness began to grow again in my groin.

I wasn’t the only one to feel like that because crouching awkwardly in front of her was one of the scruffs that I had seen earlier with a solid throbbing erection sticking out exposed from the front of his trousers. A bow made from a pair of child’s sparkly pink pantyhose was embarrassingly tied around his erection. He was wincing in agony as the mega-buxom woman held his arm in the crook of her arm stressing his elbow with what seemed to be a very strong forearm covered with thick creeper like veins. Not that he could complain for his face was buried deep between those awesome breasts with her other arm wrapped around the back of his head and gripping the other wrist locking it in place. “Mmmm mmmm!” his cries were muffled by her huge pillow mounds of breast while his dick throbbed wildly. “He just keeps cumming” she explained to Madame Michelle, sparing a glance at my own exposed dick which embarrassingly rose to the occasion at the sight of those magnificent bare breasts. “Strangely it happens to all men I fight with Judo while topless” a tight smile crept on her lips as my dick lurched in response.

Suddenly she released his head and turned around swinging the man’s arm over her broad shoulder and pulling his body close against her back. “Ohhhhh ohhhh ohhhhh!” he moaned deliriously like an imbecile as she leant slightly forwards forcing him to his toes with his aching erection pressed right against the wide ample nylon-clad peach of a backside. “Too much, too much” he moaned. Leaning further forwards, he is loaded onto her broad back with his feet dangling pivoting with his groin on her backside. “Nnnnarr nnnarrr nnnarrr” his face becomes ecstatic as he loses it completely and I can’t blame him, her breasts are amazing and her big buttocks look rock-hard with with visibly clenching glutes. “See! I told you. More Judo than a man can possibly handle” she exclaimed. With that she momentarily lowered his feet to the floor before sharply leaning forward and whipping him over her shoulder with incredible speed with her huge unfettered breasts bouncing around wildly. KABLAM! His back hit the floor so hard, he actually bounced. “I may have big tits but they don’t stop me slamming you around” she addressed this to me and my dick throbbed hard in response for I really would have loved to been thrown around by this big-busted woman. “Maybe later after I’ve finished with him” Madame Michelle’s voice came from over my shoulder. A slender shin slid between my upper thighs from behind me and rose to the apex of my legs and began rubbing my ball sack with the dainty foot arching upwards so that I could feel the nylon rub against the bare skin of my dick. “Move towards the tills” she commanded. The consequences of disobeying were agonising clear and not wanting to have my balls kicked by a woman who was a high ranking black belt in Karate, I turned and proceeded to hobble forwards.

“Oh well. I guess I have to play with you until I break you” I heard Madame Virginie address the groaning form on the floor clutching his back “Now get up and let me throw you some more” “No more please, you’re killing me” he pleaded. “Tough!” she exclaimed. Snatching a frilly pink party dress from a nearby rack she flung it in his face. “Put this on then we’ll see how you look in Wolford 50’s” she demanded. Visibly shaking the yob began to pull on the dress while the plump buxom woman wearing only pantyhose stood over him looking dominant and totally in command. “Hurry up. I want to see how fast I can throw you before I knock you out”. The yob gave a frightened whimper while staring at that huge wide low-hanging rack with rampant desire.

I’d only taken a few steps when I spotted the other scruffy man. Before him stood a tall willowy attractive young woman wearing only a black bra over her slender upper body that clearly featured a beautiful lightly-defined six-pack. A very short pleated black mini-skirt covered her modesty and I was not surprised to see the obligatory sheer tan coloured tights stretched over a rather sensational pair of legs with long sweeping curves along her calves, hams and thighs. She was gorgeous yet the yob looked terrified of her. “You haven’t met Mademoiselle Natalie yet have you Jim?” Madame Michelle’s voice came from behind close to my ear. “A promising young woman although perhaps a little head-strong at times”

A wide predatory smile spread on the young woman’s sultry face and the scruff visibly began shaking. That’s when I noticed the feet of a pair of tights hanging from his mouth. “Hai!” the young shop girl suddenly cried. A sexy length of thigh streaked upwards almost level with her small chest unfolding in the blink of an eye as it powered her shoeless foot hard between the top of his legs. WHOMP! “Mmmmaaarrrghh!” he wailed creasing over in agony with his mouth wide. A ball of nylon teetered against his front lower teeth and began to spill from his mouth. “I warned you to keep that in your big mouth” Natalie remonstrated in a strong stern voice swiftly jabbing the nylon back inside with her long fingers. She then grabbed the sides of his head with her hands as he bent in agony before her. “Yah!” she cried as her lovely thigh shot up once more. WHOP! The top edge of her thigh just above her knee hammered his face with brutal force squashing his nose and mashing his mouth. “Mmmmaarghh!” he wailed, his body jerking up straight trailing blood from his nose. “Now keep it in there” she warned in a stern dominant tone as he clutched his nose, his eyes screwed tight in agony.

“A little more finesse please, Natalie” Madame Michelle remarked loudly “You are well-brought up young lady not a common bar-brawler”. The leggy pretty looked sheepish at this rebuke. “You effing bitch” the would-be thief yelled staring in horror at the blood on his hands and swung his big fist right at her head. His fist sailed right over her head as the willowy young woman ducked swifty bending at the knees. In a continuous smooth move she bent right over placing her hands upon the floor close to his feet as his fist swung around back towards his body. A puzzled look stole over his face. To my astonishment and his, she swung her legs into the air performing a handstand. The short pleated skirt fell back revealing her long slender legs in all their glory and the gusset of her tights at her crotch. A split second later her right foot slammed into his astonished face with the solid sound of impact. WHOMP! “Arghh!” he cried as his head flew back with yet more blood pouring from his nose and mouth while the flexible young nubile nimbly brought her legs back to the floor performing a perfect back-bridge. Effortlessly swinging her torso up she effortlessly completed a quickly executed back walk-over while kicking the yob hard in the face in the process.

Coming to her feet, the slender sultry brunette immediately did a showy spin on her heel. “Hai!” her right leg was like a whip soaring high in a blur of tan with another brief glimpse of gusset as her short skirt rode over her slim hips before delivering a powerful back kick to the top of the side of his head. WHOCK! “Arghh!” the yob was sent stumbling to his right but the slender beauty was still spinning with her hard abs flexed and a laugh on her face. “Yah!” a tan coloured lightning bolt shot backwards. WHOMP! “Orrarfff!” an explosion of air left his mouth as the sultry eyed beauty hammered the sole of her right foot hard against his lower belly. The kick from the leggy beauty was so strong that the man’s feet left the floor as it was bodily lifted by the young woman’s long lean and strong looking legs then sent hurtling backwards into a wooden accounting desk.

“Oh marvellously done, Natalie” the mature Oriental standing behind me clapped her hands in approval.

The yob looked terrified as the young beauty stepped forwards and seized his throat pressing his face right back over his shoulders. Her lovely thighs lifted quickly in a brutal arc that connected her knee square on with his groin. “Yah! Yah!” WHUMP! WHUMP! Her knee pulverised his groin a second time immediately after the first. Her legs were slender long and beautiful yet delivering brutal blasts to his balls while her fingers tightened around his throat stifling any protest and physically forcing him onto his back lying across the top of the desk. He tried to sit up but was met by the young beauty’s knee slamming into his ball like an express train. WHUMP! It drove in with such audibly strong impact that man just flopped back onto the desk top with a ghastly expression.

The girl was so cruel that she leaned across the desk with her fingers still clutched around his throat and drove another powerful knee straight between the legs of the horizontally prone man before her. WHUMP! She drove the knee right in with a flex of sexy calves beneath her tan coloured nylons visibly making his whole body lurch. The man was reduced to openly weeping in agony. “Would you like to try your luck with our young shop girl, Jim?” Michelle taunted close to my ear “She may not yet be very elegant but she certainly knows how to ensure that the creep can’t have any more horrible males like himself”

Natalie stood up while the openly weeping ruin of a man remained on his back on the desk and drew back her fist. “Hai!” with a twitch of sinewy biceps her fist slammed straight into his groin with such impact that it made a deep crater like an asteroid strike on some strange material landscape. WHOMP! He sat bolt upright, his eyes wide in shock, his mouth flopped open before collapsing back to the desk. As he lay groaning pitifully, the dangerous leggy young woman walked around to his side. Raising her right leg she placed her knee on his groin with her long shin running over his chest with her foot angling the toes towards his mouth. “Suck on the reinforced toes of my hose” Natalie demanded in a strong confident tone. Without hesitation she pushed her toes right into his mouth. The yob was too scared to resist, opening his mouth wide to accept his humiliation. Red-faced with shame he began sucking on her nylon-sheathed toes the best he could with them stuck deep in his mouth.

Without warning, my sexy Oriental captor slapped a hand upon each of my shoulders then stomped her foot on the back of my right knee. WHOMP! “Arghh!” I yelped as my leg folded at the knee sending me to the floor.

“May I dispose of him now, Marm?” the lovely Natalie asked Madame Michelle with reverence. “Yes dear, please do” the mature Oriental replied pulling up an open-back chair and placing it behind my head. Raising the back of my head, she rested it on the rear edge of the seat, and although my arms were already bound behind my back with stretched nylon tights, she proceeded to use more to tie them to the legs of the chair.

Natalie kicked her right leg really high into the air, so that a long eye-watching length of sexy slim leg was positioned inverted right in front of her body with the thigh against her chest. “Oh God no!” the man cried weakly at the sight of the leggy young woman doing the standing splits at one end of the desk over his legs as he lay helpless. The full impact of a young woman showing her flexibility with her sexy long legs split wide with her mound pressing against the stretched gusset of her tights caused a stiff tent to rise at the front of his trousers. “God is not going to save you. You try to rob my shop, you pay the consequences” Madame Virginie’s low tones came from somewhere behind me. “No!” he screamed as Natalie’s leg fell like an axe, a glorious lean tan-sheathed limb of destruction with a hint of strength in her sleek toned thighs from which there was no escape. WHOMP! The heel of her foot pounded his groin like a falling cannonball. “Aeeeeeeeii!” He screamed in high-pitched agony. His body instantly sitting up on the desk with wide eyes and wide drooling mouth.

The lithe shop girl spun on one heel, her sexy long right leg lifting once more as she quickly pivoted around. With her small tight backside towards him, the leg snapped straight at the knee and a tan coloured lightning bolt shot backwards with a brief sexy glimpse of gusset. “Yah!” BLAM! The sole of her foot slammed into his face with such ferocity and the flexing of sleek thighs that his body was physically hurled across the top of the desk and toppled over the edge at great speed. BLAM! His body slammed heavily onto the floor with arms and legs flailing limply becoming an undignified and unconsciousness heap.

My attention returned with a start to the slender form of the mature Oriental woman who now stood straddled over the seat of the chair to which I was bound leaving me looking up at her back. She reached down and pulled the cashmere tights from my head. “Although you might not believe it, you did a good job, Monsieur Priest” The silk Geisha style kimono was raised at the back to reveal a tight bubble-butt peach clad in sheer tan coloured tights. The nylon was so sheer that it was obvious that she wore nothing beneath her hose. “I truly did not know that The Moroccan worked for Countess Claudine’s husband, although I have my suspicions about who really pulls the strings in that house”

That tight little backside lowered itself until it was sitting upon my forehead. My dick was absolutely rigid with anticipation. “I thought she seemed far too skilled to come to me for lessons, no matter how she tried to hide it” Although she probably didn’t weigh much it wasn’t particularly comfortable. “You will find her painting of The Immaculate One very revealing”. It was with some relief that I felt her move off my forehead only to experience the sensual sensation of that beautiful compact peach lightly and slowly sliding forwards over my eyes. “Natalie. Come and join Madame Virginie and myself as Monsieur Priest shows us his gratitude” her words were chilling yet held such erotic promise that it stiffened my dick more than I had thought possible. “Mmmmmorrr!” I groaned as that beautiful nylon-wrapped peach continued to move forward at a teasing pace lightly but firmly pushing my nose through the channel between her buttocks.

“Mmmoorr! Mmmoorr!” I groaned as she stopped for a moment to clench and unclench her small sexy buttocks a few times. Her strong glutes flexed like a vice, crushing my nose between her small buttocks that seemed to turn into small hard iron cannonballs either side of my poor nose. With a small delightful chuckle the sexy backside continued to slide forwards until I sensed that my mouth was now perfectly positioned against the gusset at just the right place with my eyes peeking over the round curves of her buttocks. I could feel the hairs of her pussy against my lips through the fine nylon she wore. “You will show your appreciation for my nylon pantyhose” she stated in a commanding tone. With a lovely mature Oriental sitting on my face turning me on like crazy how could I refuse? I opened my mouth and discovered that I had been correct about the positioning and so began eating and licking her pussy. I was crazy with lust for this petite hot-bodied Oriental that I really went for it and soon found her making small sliding movements over my mouth as she began to ride my face. “Oh, Jim. Oh eff yeah!” she moaned as she began to rub my face harder into her privates.

Of course I was turned on myself and bucking my hips as best I could given I was tied to the back of a chair by several pairs of tights wanting to cum. “Mmmm!” I exclaimed in shock into Michelle’s grinding crotch as a meaty hand slid between my legs and took firm hold of my shaft and balls in a steely grip. “Oh no you don’t” growled Madame Virginie’s voice “This is for her pleasure, not yours”. With the plump buxom woman’s strong hand ruining any chance of an orgasm I had to suffer in her painful grip while the sexy mature Oriental went crazy. Riding my face as if she were trying to rub it out I listened to her loud orgasmic moans increase in volume and tempo as my own throbbing erection fought against the strong grip of the buxom woman. “Orrrrrrrr!” Michelle’s moans hit a crescendo grinding her slot down upon my face while sticky gooey dampness seeped through the gusset of her hose as she slimed me.

Part 7. Madame Michelle
The two would-be thieves and I were led forcibly through the door at the back of the store and up the metal staircase. Admiring her calves flex into hard-edged diamonds of muscle distorting the skin-tight sheer tights right in front of my eyes as Madame Michelle led us up the stairs was no consolidation as we entered the place I’d never hoped to see again. Entering the secret Dojo of the female vigilantes known as The Pantyhose Society I was shocked to see over nearly 20 big nasty thuggish men grouped into the centre. They did not look best pleased and kept throwing nasty glances at the women most of whom I recognised from my investigation of the case. The two would-be thieves were unceremoniously propelled towards the middle while I was passed over to Madame Virginie who applied a painful arm-lock to restrain me.

The petite sleight-built mature Oriental dressed in a Geisha style kimono seemed mismatched as she walked alone towards the centre of the matted floor and addressed the mob of big ugly brutes who glared at her as if ready to rip her to shreds. “You are all here because you were stupid enough to try to steal from this store” she addressed them in a loud clear voice full of confidence. “You thought that because this store caters for women that we would be an easy target. You thought wrong. Shop-lifting, armed-robbery, blackmail and extortion will not be tolerated” she added. This was met by sniggers and smirks from the thugs. “We have run the background checks and you all have criminal records. The Gendarme will be pleased by the signed confessions that you will sign” The mood turned with mumbles of malcontent and threats of violence. Without saying a word, Madame Michelle’s hands worked at her kimono and the room fell silent as it slid down to the floor whereupon she stepped out of it. BERDOING! My dick sprang instantly into rigidity at the sight of the sexy toned slender body of the petite mature Oriental. Completely topless, her firm fit body defied her years, putting girls a fraction of her age to shame. Her taut ribbed belly and lightly striated pectorals holding her beautifully rounded breasts firm was enough to get most men hard and these thugs were no exception. Possibly they didn’t notice or appreciate the sleek hard muscle lining her thighs or the hint of biceps veins on her firm arms, but I certainly did.

“I give you one last chance” the sexy-bodied woman spoke. “Orrrrr!” the men moaned as the lithe mature woman kept positioning her sensational body for maximum impact. “You like my body?” she asked needlessly with a seductive smile. “Would you like a million Euros? Each?” their eyes opened wide with greed. “Take me and it’s yours” she said. “No strings. Rape me and you walk out of here with the money in cash”. The men gave a nasty glance at me and a nervous look at the other women. “They will not interfere, I promise you” Michelle’s voice became huskier and more seductive, thrusting out her perfect firm breasts and slightly angling her upper body towards them to let their lustful eyes wander over her sensational curves. I saw them take a tentative step forwards then hesitate, the twitching in their trousers showed that they badly wanted her. “Well if you are not interested in having sex with this” she ran her hands suggestively along the lines of her body “and a million Euros each then my companions are itching to try out The Feminist Kick on real live male subjects” she smiled at their confusion “An extremely painful category of kicks that invariably results in castration of the male” Faced with a choice between getting kicked in the balls by a bunch of hard-kicking women or getting your hands on a topless mature Oriental woman with a knockout fit body and beautiful large rounded firm breasts what would do?

There is a misconception portrayed by films and TV that when a group of men have to fight a woman, they do so honourably one at a time. These weren’t honourable men. With some kind of pack mentality, they all closed in together on the petite topless woman in their midst. “You want some of this?” she brazenly taunted “come and get it, if you dare” she chuckled. Wearing nothing but a very sheer pair of tan coloured pantyhose over her sexy slender legs that frankly didn’t leave much to the imagination, the trouser bulges swiftly grew. Even I doubted that she could handle so many yobs at once. I could see them hold back. No doubt they had experienced capture and humiliation by the martial arts skills of her followers and were wisely cautious of such a blatant trap. Given her age, Michelle had the type of fit perfect body with firm breasts and a taut belly that made men lose control of their senses and begin thinking with their dicks and where they wanted to stick it. “Why! You guys are looking all hot and bothered” she smouldered placing her hands behind her head and thrusting out her breasts.

That was too much for some of the thugs and they rushed her together. The petite slim mature Oriental became a whirlwind of mind-blowing action, a sleight hot-bodied woman wearing nothing but a very sheer pair of nylons. “Eeeyah!” she yelled suddenly leaping high into the air astonishing them all as a long sleek sinuous leg arced around very fast. BERLAM-A-LAM-A-LAM! The sole of her foot slammed like a freight-train into the cheek of one man whipping his face right around sending him sprawling into his colleagues. Still airborne, her foot continued arcing around smashing across the face of another before slamming into the side of the neck of another who immediately fell senseless to the floor.

“Hai!” barely had her feet touched the floor than her right leg was arcing around again to pound her reinforced toes right on one guy’s sternum. “Yah!” With a sexy ferocious look upon her determined face her leg was a bright streak of reflected light flashing out to the side from his chest. WHOMP! “Orraghh!” the top of her shin pounded across the width of a second man’s upper stomach like hammering a taut drum with a baseball bat, the strength of the impact making her sleek thighs ripple with power. “Hah!” barely lowering her long leg it kicked high with the bulging of calves and strong inner thighs exposing the gusset of her tights as it powered the sole into the face of another, snapping his head towards the ceiling so fast he just fell over backwards to the floor.

The hard-bodied topless woman drove fearlessly right in the middle of the thugs, taking them by surprise by a near-naked female in their midst. Moving at eye-watering speed she outpaced their slow-witted confusion. “Hai!” her strong toned arms tensed and firm breasts bounced as her calves flexed into seriously hard muscular diamonds powering her from the floor in a mighty leap into the air towards a surprised looking tough. He only had time to stare in disbelief at the long slender nylon-sheathed thigh rising fast before the knee buried itself deep in his gut. WHUMP! “Baarppph!” his cheeks ballooned as the air was ripped violently from his lungs by the nimble flying near-nude.

Michelle was incredibly sexy looking, powerful and seemingly invincible wiping out this whole gang of men in a matter of seconds while her near-nudity proclaimed that this mature Karate babe was all woman. Landing lightly on her feet she instantly sprang to her toes and drove her right foot straight into another man’s face with such force that his knees turned to jelly. “Hai!” WHOCK! As he began to sink to his knees he threw out his hand as if to stop her coming closer. Showing no mercy the topless Oriental just bent back his fingers making him squeal and then struck again. “Yai!” her leg kicked up again, the sole slamming beneath his chin whipping his head back hard in a neck-cricking instant. “Eeeyah!” a terrifying loud cry escaped her lips as she pivoted fully around on one heel leaning forward thrusting out her tiny tight buttocks as her right leg flew outwards bent slightly at the knee in a beautiful aerodynamic form. BERLAM! Her right sole back-kicked his face so solidly that his head flew back in a spray of blood on collision course with the floor.

A leggy sexy fighting machine, she spun back to the man she had just kneed and who was creased over in agony clutching his stomach. Her hands darted out to grasp the back of his head as she swiftly moved close to his side. “Yah!” Too winded to cry out, the look of horror on his face said it all as a nylon-clad knee rose with dread speed towards his bowed face. WHOCK! With her hands upon the back of his head, blood sprayed in all directions as his ruined face tried to bounce up. As his knees hit the floor, the deadly mature Oriental raised both hands, open-palmed with the fingers rigid. “Hai!” Both hands slashed down upon the sides of the neck of the man kneeling before her. His eyes flew wide as his head jerked back in shock before closing as he collapsed unconscious, a utter ruined mess.

A shaven-headed muscular young thug moved in with his big fists raised. The slender topless Oriental faced him with her small fists up. Shockingly the thug slammed his fist straight towards her face. Her arms flashed up to block it but he was too strong and muscular and the force of the impact sent her to the floor. Sneering he knelt over her grasping her by her throat with one and raising his other hammer-like fist to finish her. Her left leg kicked straight up with her thick calves bulging, the top of her shin slamming across his mouth with such force there was a horrible crunching sound as his mouth grossly distorted.

He staggered back as the nimble topless woman leapt back to her feet to face him. Suddenly the wonderful leggy woman spun on one heel her nylon-clad leg shooting out like a lightning bolt rising fast in a backward arc. WHACK! Her sole pounded the side of the jaw of a man coming up from the side with a marvellous view of her tight sexy buttocks. CRACK! “Arghh!” the man fell back clutching his jaw even as the deadly Oriental spun back to the muscular skinhead just as he threw another punch. This time his muscular punch came to a shuddering halt against the forearm she threw up to block it. “Hai!” she screamed loudly, her arm a blur driving her dainty fist against the centre of his chest. CRACK! “Arghhh!” he screamed, his face dissolving into agony. “Hai!” her fist flashed out again pounding his jaw. CRACK! His lower mouth visibly slipped to one side in a manner it is not meant to. “That’s what you get when you mess with a woman who can punch through solid steel doors” Madame Virginie said by my ear.

Another man stepped in trying to throw a punch and found his arm wrapped up with hers. The muscularity in her taut slender arms was very visible as she resisted all attempts by him to pull back his arm. Her free hand flashed out and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his head forwards as her knee flew upwards with terrifying speed. “Yah!” WHUMP! Her knee pounded his gut plunging deep and unforgiving. “Woarrrrrghh!” his breath exploded from his mouth as the power of the blow forced him onto his toes as his body flipped in half like creasing a playing card with his eyes clenched and a look of sheer agony. Showing no mercy, the sexy bodied mature woman grabbed the back of his head by the hair and yanked hard. At the same time she bent back her right arm by her side with her palm facing his face. “Hai!” her palm shot forward to slam into the underside of his jaw as she wrenched his head back. CRUNK! It struck with a terribly solid sound, her palm slamming his lower jaw hard into the upper. As she let go to face another opponent, he collapsed senseless to the floor.

Moving faster than they could handle she spun into the next man, grabbed the hair at the back of his head with one hand Her other hand held like a knife drawn back by her hip. “Hai!” the fingertips of her knife hand drove beneath his chin and straight into the join of his jaw and throat. “Kkkk kkkk!” He fell back clutching his throat unable to breathe.

Not giving them a moment to recover or fight back, the sexy topless woman spun away to another man, looking fierce and unstoppable. “Hai!” a flash of light reflected from the sheen of her nylons as a sexy right leg flashed out to kick a thug in the gut. Barely lowering, the same leg kicked again as he creased forwards slamming the top of her foot into the side of his neck sending him toppling to the floor even as she turned her back on him. Driving herself between two men she dispatched one with a swift chop to the side of the neck before doing the same to the other “Hai! Hai!”.

One man tried to turn his back on her to flee. “Hai!” her slender right arm shot out driving her fist into the small of his back. WHOMP! “Arghhh!” he cried out arching his back as he threw back his head and collapsed in agony onto one knee right in front of her. Looking smoulderingly fierce and sexy with her bare breasts jiggling and her hard stomach a grid-work of iron, Michelle was a wild sexy elemental force of nature. “Yah!” without pause or mercy she brought the point of her elbow down on the base of his neck driving him down to his hands and knees before her. Without pause her long slender leg shot into the air. The top of her thigh bounced off her bare chest before falling like an axe. “Yah!” She yelled as the back of her heel slammed into his back with a mighty thud splaying him out on the floor.

A non-stop fighting machine, the lithe sexy virtual-nude immediately threw herself onto her hands in front of an astonished man. Her legs flash back, one foot kicks up his ball sack from beneath positioning it perfectly to be pounded by her other foot. “Beautifully executed feminist kick” Madame Virginie said with appreciation. He had barely began to crease forwards over his ruined groin when a shapely tan leg kicked out again to pound his jaw from below with her sole with such force that his head was whipped right back over his shoulders. Even as his knees gave way, the fierce sexy topless mature woman grabbed the hair at the back of his head and pulled it right back exposing his throat as she raised her right hand shaped like a knife. “Hai!” she screamed as her hand flashed down in a terrifying blur WHOCK! The edge of her hand chopped across the base of his throat. “Kkkkurkk!” He threw back his head to scream but a horrid croak came out before his whole body went slack.

Without pause the nimble mature woman threw herself down to the floor sliding upon her back to the feet of an astonished man still folded from a previous blow. Seizing his wrists the near-nude woman struck. “Hai!” her long slim nylon-clad legs kicked up one slightly lagging behind the other. WHUMP! WHUMP! The top of the first foot kicked his scrotum from beneath giving it a brutal kick like a football on a stick sending it upwards in time for it to be pounded by her other foot blasting it against his pubis and cruelly crushing it like popping a bag of crisps. “Ooh another perfect feminist kick” Madame Virginie exclaimed as the man dropped in agony.

Crouching down behind the muscular skin-head who was on his knees looking dazed, the magnificent topless fighting woman threw a slender yet toned taut arm around his throat from behind and locked it off with her other forearm behind his head in a very tight looking sleeper holder. “Nowhere near good enough to handle me, tough guy” she sneered as his hands flew to the arms locking his neck and found to his horror that were expertly locked firm. With an expression of fierce concentration she seemed to force the headlock tighter. The big guy thrashed his arms and legs a few times before they fell limp.

The topless Oriental looked around to see male bodies lying everywhere many groaning in defeat, many out cold with not a single one left standing except me. She had totally destroyed all of them in a matter of seconds and seemed disappointed. “Is that it? Is that the best you can do?” She asked “I haven’t even worked up a sweat” Placing a nyloned foot on the unconscious body of the muscular skin-head she flexed both arms. Solid peaked biceps rose from the tops of her slim arms while a beautifully six pack rippled on her belly and her pectorals above her bare breasts looked ripped, her nipples very erect like bullets. “Orrrr!” many of the men still conscious groaned in lust at the sight of a virtually naked woman flexing her sensationally fit toned body. I know I did. Most had probably never seen such a feminine muscular woman in real-life, let alone a topless one or thought that one could drive them wild with her sexy body. “Who’s next?” she challenged. The remaining men visibly quailed with fear. “EeeYah!” she screamed as her powerful calves launched her high into the air spinning fast blasting out her sleek strong right leg with her inner thighs and hamstrings bulging in a kick that could surely separate a man’s head from his neck. As she landed lightly on her toes with her hands raised in an open-palmed fight stance several men visibly shook with fear. Ever been faced with a kick-ass Oriental woman striking a wide-legged fight stance with her knife-hands raised after demonstrating a powerful jump-lick? What about a mature one wearing only a pair of very sheer tights, the rest of her sensational body bare with tight washboard abs, taut wiry-muscled arms and a fabulously firm pair of good-sized breasts? With her firm fit body ready for action and a fierce smouldering no-nonsense look on her face that could cut through glass, I was certainly throbbing hard. So too were most of the men but being the focus of her implied threat and so close to that hot all-action body it was unsurprising that more than a few sported embarrassing damp spots at the front of their trousers.

A smug smirk spread on her luscious lips “I guess that is a no then?” She said proudly flaunting her slim super-fit body as she stood over men too terrified to attempt to touch her. The victorious Madame Michelle turned her back on almost 20 defeated men and addressed her fellow vigilantes. “The confessions are ready for them to sign” she said nodding to a pile of paper sitting on top of the small metal cage that I knew too well. “I don’t care how you get the signatures. Use them as you will for your own pleasure but I expect to see plenty of Feminist kicks and broken whimpering men by the end of the evening”

The deadly mature dominatrix turned to face me, her hard slender body rippling with pumped up muscle and a look of eager desire in her eyes. Her right hand rubbed her crotch suggestively as she addressed me “Come here lap dog” her words and actions triggering an almost pavlovian response in my dick which lurched wildly in desire to get up close and personally with that sensational body “Come and lap me up” I was there in a flash getting down onto the floor before her. “Beating up men really makes me horny” she chuckled as she spread her legs and lowered herself in wide crouch. I was barely able to contain my excitement as that nylon gusset lowered itself towards me. “Giving so many macho men thugs an attitude adjustment just makes me ready to explode” she laughed as the thin sheer tan coloured nylon covering her crotch settled on my mouth. “Ohhhh!” she sighed “You are my favourite lap dog Monsieur Priest. Maybe I’ll keep you as a pet” she sighed as her short slender nylon-sheathed legs wrapped themselves around the sides of my head with her hard muscular calves crossing behind my head. “Ohhh come on Jim. Give me a good worship and make me cum so hard I squirt” So highly turned on by this amazing super-woman I didn’t hesitate, only too eager to make her happy.

One thought on “Busted! (PANTYHOSE #8)”

  1. I liked the story. However, I’m generally not so bloodthirsty, but I think it would’ve been better if during her fighting spree, Madam Michelle killed a few of them. Considering some of the holds and blows she landed, it would’ve been a minor miracle that they all lived. It’s good to see that you’re returning to the old story line. I was afraid you might have forgotten it while writing all that carnage.


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