The Airfield (JIMP#11)

Jim Priest meets a female loader and amateur bodybuilder called Elaine. A young buxom
security guard demonstrates her judo skills on Scott. Together the two women use their superior fighting skills to destroy opposition to a police raid

Quite disappointed with this one. I wanted to close off this phase of the story arc and could visualise it cinema graphically in my mind but failed to get this across in words. I also don’t think Elaine the amateur bodybuilder worked well. Emma the security guard is based on a real person ; I did a story recently about her

Part 1:The Loader

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

(c)JIM P 1995
My investigations had unearthed a trial of corruption that led to John Davison, a millionaire arms dealer. The signs pointed to him smuggling in slave labour from India, but I needed solid proof to provide to the Police (and the Press to make sure his “friends in high places” can’t get him off the hook without public embarrassment!).

Davison owned a large private airfield out of which he operated his business. Putting on my roughest clothes and several layers of clothing to make me look bulkier, I managed to bluff my way through an interview and got a temporary job as a labourer.

The interviewer explained that they had a lot of big orders to complete before Christmas. Evidently the festive season is the best time to organise revolutions – strike while the enemy is drunk and being merry!. This meant that aircraft were arriving at the airfield several times a day and needed loading and unloading. I was to be part of a small team of loaders.

I was introduced to the foreman, Kevin Greetson, he was in his mid thirties, about 6’2″ with a large strong physique which he liked to show off. “Look at a bit wimpy to me. Sure you can cut it?” he asked. “I work hard” I replied. “You’d better” He replied “or you’ll have me to answer to”.

Greetson took me to the Security hut next to the main gate to get my pass. The security officer on duty was a young woman, Emma, probably between 18 and 20. She had a cute face framed by a thick mane of shoulder length black hair which stood out several inches from her head (sort of punkish style). Her petite face had large brown puppy dog eyes that you could lost in, a small cute stub of a nose and a pleasant mouth surrounded by dark lipstick. She was about 5’3″ with a slightly Rubenese build.

The grey jacket of her uniform had quite wide shoulders, I couldn’t tell if they were padded or really her. Under this she wore a white blouse and a small black bowtie. The blouse and jacket swung out dramatically doing nothing to hide the fact that she was extremely well endowed. She was a good 55″ or more and you could just make out the outline of a large white bra beneath her blouse trying to contain them. As she walked around the hut preparing the paperwork and the photo machine, I had difficulty from tearing my eyes away from her chest as it bounced around barely constrained by her bra. Below the waist she wore a grey knee length skirt with a split up the back, sheer black nylons and black shoes with a small heel. When she had her back or side to me I could see that her calves were large and shapely. There was no sign of muscle, but they tapered out from her slim ankles into large perfect peardrops made even sexier by the sheen of her nylons.

Her breasts, calves and sweet face made it quite hard for me to surpress my loins as she prepared my identity pass. All the time she was chatting away quite merrily, she was genuinely friendly and cheerful. Eventually the job was done and relunctantly I said goodbye. “Wow I wish all security officers were like that” I quipped to Greetson. “Forget it Priest. She’s mine” he retorted. I later found out that this wasn’t true and she rebuffed all his advances.

As the newcomer, I was paired up with Elaine, the only female in the group. She was in her early twenties, about 5′ 8″ with a good sturdy build which she kept hidden under grey overalls. She had long black hair which cascaded over her broad shoulders and down her wide back. She was attractive, a long oval face with brown eyes, long slender nose, small mouth. She seemed rather timid and quiet, but boy could she lift!. She effortlessly lifted boxes and crates that I could hardly carry. But she would never criticise or make fun at my obvious weakness. She would smile sweetly as she carried off a heavy crate while I stood there struggling with mine. Being a self-confessed admirer of strong women, I was intrigued. Not knowing what else to say I stated the obvious “You’re very strong. Do you work out?”. “Hmnm yeah” she mumbled turning red with embarrassment and carried away another box. I studied her closely but the overalls revealed nothing except that her shoulders were broad, her arms thick and her back wide.

I watched as she bent at the knees to lift another heavy box. The loose sleeves of her overalls suddenly stretched tightly over her upper arms as she lifted the box. I tried again “How did you get so strong ?”. It was useless, all attempts to engage her on the subject failed. She seemed embarrassed to talk about it, so I changed the subject hoping to gain her confidence.

One of the guys was using a fork-lift to unload some large wooden crates. “What’s in them?” I asked Elaine. “Oh guns or something I’d imagine” she replied, obviously relieved to talk about something else. “Haven’t you seen inside them?” I continued. “No, we shift the boxes and crates between the planes and the storage hanger and that’s all we see of them” she answered. That didn’t help, the crates were large and heavy but this didn’t mean anything, they could well contain arms which was Davison’s legitimate business just as easily as they could contain anything else.

“I would have thought that there would be Customs officers around” I said. “Never seen any. Maybe Mr. Davison doesn’t need any” Elaine replied. No, that didn’t sound right. More likely Davison pulled a few strings with his friends in high places.

At that moment Kevin Greetson walked over. To put it bluntly, he was a complete and utter bastard. “Come along Priest put your back into it before I put my boot in your face” he shouted at me. “Oi! Arnie, gonna turn green are you and bust out of your overalls! ha ha ha ha” he aimed this barb at Elaine. “Don’t just stand there Priest, get a bloody move on. Hasta La Vista baby. I’ll be back – and you’d better have those bloody crates stacked by then”. I soon discovered that this was not an isolated incident. Greetson took advantage of every opportunity to have a go at me. It wasn’t just me, poor Elaine got a lot of flak. He would call her “Arnie” because of her large build and obvious strength. He would make remarks about dykes and freaks, humiliating in front of the rest of the crew.

Making sure we were unobserved I put my arm around Elaine to try to comfort her “Don’t let the bastard get to you. He’s not worth it”. My hand encountered stony shapes rippling under the back of her overalls as she pushed my arm away. “Leave me alone” she told me as she moved away towards the next stack of boxes to be loaded. I followed, grabbing her gently by the hands I forced her to face me. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of in being strong. In fact I like strong women” I confessed. A strange smile appeared on her face and then her hands squeezed hard on mine. Her grip was strong, stronger than any man I had shaken hands with. She was crushing my hand. “Please no, you’ll break the small bones in my hand. Please let go” I begged. She angled her hands down forcing me to my knees in front of her. I looked up into her brown eyes and the determined look upon her face. “You just want to make fun of me like all the others” she said. “Aghh Elaine please I’m only trying to help. I’m on your side really I am”. “I don’t know” she said softly before releasing my hands and turning back to her work. I didn’t raise the subject again, I didn’t want to press my chances.

On my third day I was allowed to drive the fork-lift. This was my first time (despite what I told the interviewer!) and this gave Greetson plenty of opportunity to give me a verbal bashing. Lunchtime was slow coming that day. When it did, I parked the fork-lift by the side of the storage hanger and seeing no-one else around, decided to sneak inside and take a peek. Turning off the engine I got out and approached a side door, opened it and went in. The hanger was poorly lit and filled with crates. I walked over to the nearest stack then heard the sound of sobbing. It seemed to be coming from inside one of the crates. Excitement mounted as the adrenaline flew. This could be what I was looking for, some poor soul pining for the village and family they had been so cruelly cut off from.

As I neared the crate, I could see that the end had been removed. The interior seemed heavily padded. I could just make out a figure in the gloom of the interior. As my eyes adjusted to the light level, I recognised the overall covered figure. “Elaine ?. Are you all right ? What’s the matter?” I asked. “Please leave me alone” she sobbed. I got next to her and put my arm around her shoulder. This seemed to trigger something, she wrapped her arms around me, pulled close and cried into my shoulder. “People think I’m a freak, why can’t people leave me alone” she wept. “You’re not a freak. You’re a beautiful strong young woman. Greetson is a just a old fashioned chauvinist who won’t accept that women can be strong too” I told her “You’ve seen Gladiators haven’t you. Men really fancy Jet, Lightning and the other women, and they’re not exactly weaklings are they?”. She gave a little laugh “No, I guess not but it’s not the same”. “Of course it is. I think muscle on a woman is very sexy” I told her. She looked at me, her tears subsiding. “Look, how about we go for a drink after we finish work?” I ask. “All right. We’d better go now, we’re not really supposed to be in here unsupervised” she said. As I helped her from the crate, I noticed the markings on the crate “Produce of India”.
We finished work for the day, the last flight long gone. Greetson made some more jibes at Elaine and myself but we ignored him. As agreed we found a pub and had a drink and a pub meal. As we talked, Elaine seemed to relax and unwind. I felt it safe to venture the subject she didn’t want to talk about earlier. “How did you get so strong ?. Were you an athlete or something?” I tentatively asked. “No. I used to do gymnastics when I was at school. I worked hard and got to a high level” she revealed “When I became too old for competitive gymnastics, I decided that I didn’t want to stop weight training. I enjoyed pitting myself against the weights and took up powerlifting”. She paused looking slightly embarrassed then added “I now do bodybuilding”. That got my interest! “Do you compete?”. “No, I don’t think I could show my body in public like that” she answered. “I really would love to see your posing routine. Would you show me?” I asked hopefully. “I, I don’t know” she replied. “Please ? pretty please?”,”oh all right”.

We drunk up and I drove her home. She lived in a rented ground floor maisonette in a small residential area. She showed me into the pleasantly furnished living room and told me that she was going to get changed. She disappeared into the bedroom at the back of the maisonette. I sat down and made myself comfortable.

To be honest I didn’t really expect much, after all she was only an amateur and didn’t compete. When she came back into the room, I was breathtaken at what I saw. She was wearing the tiniest purple bikini I had ever seen and she had oiled her body so that it shone and glistened so sexily that I had an instant hard-on. She packed a lot of muscle into that body, well-defined and rippling with power. The first thing one noticed were her arms. I mean you couldn’t miss them!. Large caps of shoulders leading to thick bulging biceps and triceps. Her chest were like pillows of muscle, muscular ripped pecs and a cleavage of dense well defined muscle leading to full spherical breasts. The body tapered dramatically from her shoulders to her waist and hips in a perfect hourglass. A washboard of thick well defined slabs of muscle covered her stomach. As if that wasn’t enough, her legs were thickly muscled with well defined striated quads. I was transfixed by the sensual beauty of her muscularity.

She smiled “You really do like strong women” then I noticed that she was looking at my crotch and the erection that was forming there. Then she took a couple of deep breaths, held her shoulders back and with her hands on her hips she flexed her pecs. With each flex, her ample breasts stretched up towards her neck like two living growing spheres of flesh. “ohhh Elaine” I moaned lustfully as her breasts threatened to pop out of the top of her bikini like rising moons.

Raising her right arm, she bent slowly at the elbow. A massive peaked muscle rose into the air. It was thick, powerfully peaked with separation between the actual biceps. She relaxed and flexed her arm several times. Her arm changed from relaxed and thick to flexed and massively muscled. Gaining confidence she brought both arms up in a double biceps pose. Her muscles throbbed with power rippling and bulging under her skin. Elaine put her hands on her hips. She expanded her deep chest and flexed her lats which stood out like wings attached to the back of her body. She raised her arms and flexed her massive biceps again. “Oh Elaine what a sensational body” I exclaimed honestly as I watched her huge bulging biceps “you could easily a bodybuilding competition with a body like that”.

Locking her hands behind her head, she tensed her abdominal muscles which solidified into a thick sexy washboard of clearly defined slabs of muscle with deep grooves between them. She smiled as I moaned my member clearly throbbing in my trousers. She moved her right leg in front of her she tensed it, her quads swelled into mighty cords down her legs. She repeated the pose with her left leg. “Do you think my legs are bit too much on the large side?” she asked as I watched her legs grow as the muscles thickened and bunched so that the individual muscles stood out in bold relief. “Oh no you’re legs are sensational. Oh god they’re so sexy” I replied.

She turned to the side and flexed hers pecs pushing her breasts high into the air. Then she turned around to show off her back, a wide hourglass figure of rippling sharply defined muscle. It was like a living breathing contour map, muscles writhing under her skin as she flexed the different muscle groups. The sight was almost too erotic for me to bear and I had to start rubbing myself to ease the pressure. She slowly straightened her arms to display her thick triceps. Her glutes were like steel balls and her thong briefs didn’t leave much to the imagination. I was really aching badly for her now. She rose up on tiptoe and her thick calves exploded into massive bulging muscle. “Oh god Elaine you’ve got the sexiest body I’ve ever seen” I moaned.

Finally she turned back to face me and hit a “most muscular”. Bending slightly forward she brought both arms round in front her fully tensed and flexed. Her whole body seemed to explode into thick rock hard muscle – the muscles in her neck, her striated chest, her awesome arms, her abs and her bulging quads. She held the pose tensing and flexing different muscle groups so that her whole body seemed sheathed in a living wall of bulging dancing muscle.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I rushed towards her as she adopted a double biceps pose. I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately on the lips. I wandered my hands over her arms feeling the large biceps as solid as a rock yet warm and alluring. Eventually she pushed my head back. Recomposing myself I apologised “I’m sorry Elaine. I got so turned on by your incredible body”. “It’s okay” she said “I’ve never met a man that I could affect in this way before. I like it”. “Can I feel your muscles?” I asked, feeling rather foolish as I did so. “Sure” she said as she raised her right arm. I put my hands on her upper arm and felt the strong peaked biceps growing as she clenched her fists and brought her forearm up. My hands were full of her mighty biceps, rock solid, warm full of feminine power. I ran my hand back and forth over the amazing peak marvelling at its size. Leaning forward I kissed her biceps and ran my hand across her arm feeling the hard yet feminine contours.

I felt the incredible striated cleavage of muscle. Then her bikini top fell away to reveal her large firm orbs “perhaps you prefer these?” she asked. Eagerly I kissed her boobs while at the same time feeling her biceps. The contrast between her soft breasts and hard muscle was incredibly stimulating. “Muscles and boobs. What a sexy combination. No-one can accuse you of not being a real woman” I told her. I ran my hands on down to her stomach. It was warm and smooth as I traced the contours of her abs. Suddenly she flexed her abdominals and a washboard grid of muscle sprang to life under my hand as she flexed her abdominal muscles. I kissed each slab of muscle in turn, feeling how smooth and hard they were.

I worked my way down to her thighs. “I really love women with strong legs” I told her as I kissed the bulging thigh muscles. I followed each elongated pear shape of muscle as it swept up her legs. I ran my hands over her tight firm glutes amazed at how they felt as hard as a rock when she flexed them for me. I worked my way around the her calves. She raised herself upon tiptoe. Her calves grew into thick diamonds of muscle which I kissed passionately. Upwards I moved paying homage to her strong hamstrings. Then she turned around and stepped out of her briefs. I didn’t need telling, I stripped quickly and followed her to the bedroom. She kneeled on the bed and flexed her biceps. I ran my hands over her huge arms, kissing her passionately on the lips. My manhood was pressing against her abs, it felt good I started rubbing it over the slabs of her muscular stomach. “Oh Elaine oh god you’re wonderful” I moaned. She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed me gently. Then she leant back on the bed, pulling me with her. I slipped into her worshipping her beautifully muscled body wanting to please her.

Later that evening after we had rested, I encouraged her to wrestle me. “Elaine I really want to feel how strong you are. Wrestle me” I said. “I can’t. I’ve never done anything like that” she replied. “Oh its only a bit of fun. Come on” I said.

Facing each other naked we rushed at each other. Our bodies collided and we pressed against each other, our arms struggling for supremacy. Against each other, like this I could see how much larger her forearms and biceps were compared to mine. Her arms seemed massive compared to mine. I didn’t stand a chance, her biceps easily overwhelmed me and I soon forced to my knees.

I was face to face now with her powerful thighs. I watched as she released my hands and stepped forward to bury my head between those columns of muscle. From my leggy prison I could look up over her ridged abdomen, her muscled chest to her attractive young face looking down at me smiling. Suddenly she squeezed, my vision blurred as I felt an awesome pressure crushing in on either side of my head. I grasped her tremendous muscular thighs with my hands, feeling them turn rock solid and bulge with sheer power. She squeezed harder and involuntarily let out a cry of pain. Immediately she released me from her vice-like thighs and was kneeling over me. “Are you all right Jim?. Oh god, I’m sorry Jim. Oh Jim” she was becoming hysterical. “It’s okay Elaine. You caught me by surprise. You’ve got very strong legs” I told her as I tried to calm her down.

Eventually she calmed down and I pulled her down to the ground to lie next to me. “Wrestle me again please. I love feeling your superior body take control” I told her. She seemed reluctant so I got on top of her trying to force her arms and legs apart in a grapevine press. Realising it was only play, she fought back. Within seconds she had forced my arms back and forced my legs together. We rolled around the floor grappling until she got her legs around my waist. I twisted and struggled in vain, watching her iron-plated quadriceps standing out in stark relief as she crushed me helpless. “I give I give” I pleaded. She didn’t let up “You know I’m enjoying this” she told me as she continued to crush me. Her legs squeezed like two deadly boa constrictors. I managed to move my upper body close to hers and began kissing her passionately as she held me tight “please Elaine you turn me on so much. I want to worship your body again please”. She laughed and gave me a tighter squeeze with her legs. “Oh please Elaine no more” I pleaded. She released me and opened her legs wide. I started to kiss her outstanding quads whilst my hands slid over the back of her thighs. Her large hamstrings bulged like half-rugby balls under my hands. I worked my way her up strong inner-thighs and began to nuzzle her pussy. She pulled my head up “no no give me the real thing now”. I entered her and worshipped her with all my might until I could worship her no more. I fell asleep in her arms, absolutely exhausted.
Morning broke and I awoke to find Elaine already up and exercising. “You’d better get ready or we’ll be late for work” she told me. I got washed and dressed, had a quick bite to eat. “Are you ready Elaine?” I asked waiting to drive her to the airfield. “Yep let’s go” she said as she appeared in her usual grey overalls.

She certainly was more cheerful and chirpy as we shifted crates and boxes for the first incoming flight of the day.
Scott lay outside the perimeter fence looking through binoculars watching Jim Priest moving boxes and crates. “What the fuck is he up to?” he wondered “I ain’t laying here for another day watching him. I’ve gotta get in there”. He swung the binoculars towards the security gate. This was the only way in and out of the side (except for aircraft of course!). Scott had already checked the perimeter fence for breaks or easy access, but there were none, besides there were security cameras everywhere. He returned his attention to the main gate. Staff on foot had to enter through a swipe-card controlled turnstile. He had thought about following one of the women workers home and mugging one to get her card (or doing something else to her if he can find a looker). Cars stopped at a barrier which raised itself after the driver swiped their cards through. The barrier had skirting which ruled out ducking underneath it. “Ah! that busty young security girl is going on duty. Phreorh I wouldn’t mind get my hands on them” he thought. An idea came into Scott’s head. The girl was the weak link in the chain. He should be able to get pass her easily and maybe have a bit of fun at the same time.

As the sun took the chill of the frosty morning and began to reach a comfortable temperature, Elaine stripped off her overalls to reveal a tank top which showed off her muscled arms and abs, and a small pair of shorts that displayed her marvellous legs. “Well are you going to help me shift these crates or are you just going to stand there with a hard-on in your trousers” she said, breaking my trance.

The rest of the crew didn’t say a word, they seemed subdued by the riot of thick muscle that appeared in Elaine’s arms whenever she lifted the heavy boxes. We finished unloading it and went into the hanger to get a coffee from the machine there. That’s when Greetson turned up  “Flaming Nora!. Is that the new chap there in the shorts, oh its only you Arnie, heh heh”. He seemed unimpressed with the obvious display of muscle, even relaxed Elaine’s muscles were obviously big. “God women with muscles are such a turn-off, blargghh!” he continued.

“You’re a turn-off yourself, Greetson. Big mouth, small dick” she said aloud. Some of the guys sniggered. Greetson saw red, he lashed out. There was a solid loud thud and a scream of pain as Greetson’s fist landed on Elaine’s washboard abs. “Arghh, Jeez” Greetson pulled back his hand and cradled it, a pained expression on his face.

Elaine smiled “Now it’s my turn”. Power-packed muscles drove her fist forward burying it deep within Greetson’s gut. There was an explosion of air as his body fold itself around her fist. His mouth opened and shut silently, then he crumpled to his knees.

“I’m sick of you picking on me, Greetson” she told him as he began to catch his breath “we’re all sick of you”. Stooping she grabs him by the collar and hauls him to his feet. “Eat knuckles bitch” Greetson tried to take a slug at her face which she intercepts with her hand. He raises his other hand, but she grabs that too and stretches his arms out to other side, bent at the elbows, forearms locked together in a test of strength. Their biceps bulged as their arms strained against each other, however hers looked much bigger and stronger. The tendons in her wrist stood out and the muscles in her forearms flexed as she began to bend his arms back and down towards the ground. Sweat stood out on Greetson’s brow as he gritted his teeth determined not to be shown up by a young woman. He pushed back as hard as he could, but the he didn’t budge the female’s bulging arms as they continued to force him to his knees. “Admit it, you’re beat Greetson” Elaine told him as she let go of his hands letting him fall to the floor.

“Fucking lesbo bitch. I’ll fix you” Greetson powered himself off the floor and into Elaine’s body. It was like running into a brick wall. Elaine hardly budged as the taller man collided with her. She embraced his body around the waist in a bear hug, pulling him tightly against her. Greetson found his feet barely touching the floor as the breath was squeezed out of him. He felt out with his hands and with disbelief encountered the rippling muscles of her arm. She pulled him so tight that it became painful to breath. “Noooooo” he cried aloud “please stop please”. He slapped in vain against her thickly capped shoulders. He paniced as he felt his ribs bow from the pressure. Tears brimmed in his eyes and struggled frantically to get free, but he was trapped in a vice-like grip. “Please stop” he begged.

“Why should I?. I’m only a woman and you’re such a big strong man” Elaine taunted, enjoying getting her own back on the bully “Shall I see if I can break your back?”. She gave him small jolts of back breaking power digging her knuckles into his back. He screamed out in pain as he felt his ribs on the brink of snapping. Elaine eased off the pressure and Greetson breathed a sigh of relief. A yelp of pain signalled that Elaine had turned on her crushing power again. He could feel her nipples digging into him as she crushed him against her, but he was in too much pain to find it arousing. “Please please” he moaned as her mighty arms increased the pressure. She kept this up for ten minutes or more, crushing then relaxing. Greetson was a sobbing gibbering wreck by the time she had finished with him. She gave one final squeeze with those well muscled arms before allowing him to drop to the floor.

“F’king bitch f’king bitch” he sobbed as he sat massaging his chest and back. “What did you call me?” Elaine said from behind him and leant down to wrap a thick muscled arm around his neck. She tensed and her biceps grew into unyielding peaked mound cutting into his throat. Greetson futilely grabbed at her arm as she got behind him and forced him to his feet. He started to struggle and she tensed harder. “Stop struggling or I’ll tear your head off” she warned. Gagging noises came from his throat as her peaked mountain of female muscle cut off his air. He felt her rock hard biceps slowly growing larger and harder. They were an irresistible force, they had to expand and his puny neck could not withstand them. He stopped struggling, knowing it was useless. He turned red and his eyes started to glaze as she maintained her brutal hold. “Oh no you don’t” she says relaxing her hold slightly for him to breathe in strangled gasps.

Still maintaining her strangle hold, she bends at the knees and swings the crook of her arm between his legs causing a sharp intake of air from Greetson. She began to flex her arm, a shocked look on Greetson’s face as her biceps swelled huge and hard into his groin. “No no please” he begs as her bicep traps his nuts. “Oh yes beg for mercy so all the guys can hear” she tells him as she relaxes her arm. The look of relief on Greetson’s face is short-lived as Elaine tenses her arm again and he can feel the rock hard muscle squeezing his manhood. Tense and relax, tense and relax. Elaine flexed and relaxed her bicep between his legs time and time again, slowly and deliberately. She was tormenting the work bully with pleasure and pain. As her biceps began to slowly grow they would gently squeeze his groin, exciting him. As they hardened and peaked they would crush him in an excruitating grip of iron and then she would relax again. The overall effect however was obvious to see as the bulge in his trousers got bigger and stiffer. It didn’t help that Greetson could see down the front of Elaine’s blouse as she was forced to maintain one arm around his throat and the other between his legs. Her large breasts and muscled cleavage tantalised him further.

Slowly she builds him up as she pumps her arm. “Why Greetson!. I thought muscular women didn’t turn you on” she says, the guys laugh. “No Elaine nngh” his protests are cut off as she tenses the arm around his throat. She works him harder and harder until the inevidentable happens. “nnggh nnghh arghh arhghh agrhhh” he moans as he creams himself. A final flex turns his moans of pleasure into screams of pain as her biceps crush his nuts and she holds the flex.

Then she started to lift him up with one arm under his crotch and the other still around his neck. The muscles under her skin bulged with power as she lifted him high off the ground.  “I’ve just been playing with you Greetson. If you ever pick on me or anyone else here you’ll see how nasty I can get” she tells him. She released him and he fell to the floor curling up holding his injured manhood.

Elaine turned to face her fellow worker and flexed an awesome double biceps. “Anyone else want to make fun of me?”she asks. “God no””no no” there are frantic denials, none of them brave enough to feel the power of the mountainous muscles that she is showing.

“Look out !” I shout noticing Greetson on his feet and rushing towards her from behind. The warning comes too late, their bodies collide and stumble into a stack of boxes awaiting transfer into the storage hanger. Boxes are knocked over as the two combatants struggle for supremacy.

Greetson managed to get on top of Elaine and tried to use his greater body size to pin her. He is staggered to feel the power in her arms pushing his back. If he hadn’t been intimidated by her arms before he was now. He watched in horror as her biceps peaked way above his, added to the swell of her triceps he realised that her arms were much bigger than his!. Even her thick sinewy forearms were larger than his. He strained against her but she laughed as she pushed his arms back past the line of his chest.

He let go of her hands, sat back and pulled back his arm to punch her in the face “I’m going to beat the crap out of you, bitch”. Suddenly he found his waist trapped between her thighs. He tried to punch but her legs exploded into powerful contours of female muscle. He screamed aloud as her sculptured muscles crushed him from either side. Greetson’s torso rocked back and forth with his hands on her thighs, his legs failing, all his movements pivoted about his middle which was held firm. “Jeez jeez please noooooo” he screamed as the young woman squeezed him harder and harder.

Greetson’s face was a mask of agony as he frantically grasped at her thighs as she crushes his waist with awesome pressure. The muscles at the front of her thighs stands prominent like a knife edge as she crushes him helpless. “Admit it Greetson, you’re no match for me” Elaine taunted. “Okay okay I admit it, please let go” Greetson cried his voice betraying the agony he felt inside.

Elaine leant forward and wrapped her arms around his head. Pulling him down on top of her, she rolls to the side and re-adjusts her legs so that they are now crushing his stomach and back. She tenses her body, every muscle clearly visible with astonishing definition straining to exert maximum pressure. Greetson screams but he can’t move, he realises that she is in complete control and there’s nothing he can do to break free. He puts his hands on her arms and feels the mind-boggling mass of solid muscle that threatens to crush his skull. He stops struggling realising resistance is useless. “I should crush you to death for the torment you caused me” Elaine told him. Greetson panicked, he no longer doubted that she could do it. She continued to squeeze her thighs harder and harder crushing him so hard that he could hardly breathe. Greetson felt the pain as the crush affected his vital organs.  He wanted to writhe about in agony but her legs and headlock made movement impossible. She crushed him with increasing pressure. He couldn’t even scream, he couldn’t draw the breath. His middle was in severe pain and his skull felt on the verge of collapse. Finally the big man’s body went limp between her legs and arms.

“Look at this” one of the men says standing by the fallen crates. There are transparent plastic bags containing a white powder. One of the men takes a pen knife and opens the bag. wets his finger, dips it in and tastes it “sure ain’t nothing I’ve ever tasted. Sure ain’t sugar”. I send Elaine to call Jenkins & the press reporter.

Part 2:The Security Officer And The  Loader Again
Scott sneaked around by the exit barrier of the security gate and  started to climb over the iron waist high side fence of the barrier.  He had just got over when he felt a hand on his arm. Whirling  around he came face to face with Emma, the security officer. All  thoughts of flight drained from him as he gazed into her lovely big  brown eyes. “Wow what a cute babe” he thought as he took in her  lovely face with its small nose and kissable lips framed by a thick  mass of black hair.

“What do you think you are doing sir?” she asked in a soft but firm  voice. “I’m er er”. “I think you better come with me” she led Scott  by the arm into the security hut. Scott examined the young woman  closely. A pleasant build, around 5’3″ wearing a white blouse,  black bowtie together with the grey jacket and knee length skirt of  her uniform. “Phrrooow what a massive pair of tits” he gawped at  the vast slopes of her 55″+ breasts. She turned her back to him to  pick up a phone, he noticed her large shapely calves sheathed in  sheer black nylons and black shoes. Coming to his senses he  lunged at her pulling her away from the phone.  Scott felt Emma’s hand come up around his shoulder and then his  feet being swept away by her leg. The next moment his back is  hitting the floor. She moves towards the phone again. Scott gets up and runs into  her, pushing her up against the wall. “You’re not calling anyone”  he tells her. He should try and get away in case her male colleagues  turn up, but the feel of her big breasts against his chest is too tempting. He grabs her breasts with both hands, kneading and  massaging them “Ohhh god you’re stacked darling. Shame about  the blouse and bra though” he says. He starts unbuttoning her  blouse, pulling it apart as he does so. “Ohhh what a cleavage” he  moans as the deep valley between her mounds are revealed.  Suddenly, in a blur of motion, the side of her hand chops into the  side of his neck and then again into the other side.    Stunned, Scott feels himself being pushed back into the middle of  the room. Grabbing his right arm, she turns around pulling it over  her right shoulder. For a moment, Scott feels aroused as she bends  forward forcing her ample backside into his crotch. The moment is  over in an instant as she throws him head over heels over her shoulder to slam into the floor on his back. “That’ll teach you to  keep your hands to yourself” he hears her say.

As Scott gets to his feet he debates whether he should leave now, remembering the Japanese schoolgirls who used their martial art talents to humiliate him [JIMP#5]. He is about to move towards the  door when he sees her remove her jacket and hang it up. As she does so, he gets a side profile of her remarkable top heavy figure.  “Phrooow I want some of that” he thinks as he watches her turn  and start walking towards him, her breasts bouncing around in a  strong lacy black bra, her blouse open wide. By the time she is  standing in front of him, he is aching badly for her. “Phrow what a  handful” he says as he makes a grab for her boobs. As he begins to  enjoy the feel of her nipples jutting out from her bra, she grabs his  sleeve with one hand and his collar with the other. She turns to the  side sweeping his right leg away throwing him to the ground  bruising his back once more.  As Scott gets to his feet, she moves in, grabbing his sleeve and  collar. Turning her body into his, Scott has a moment of arousal as  she bends pushing her backside into his crotch before he is sailing  over her hip to crash into the floor on his back.

“Up you get, I haven’t finished with you yet” she says as she applies a painful arm lock forcing him to his feet. Scott’s manhood responds as she presses the side of her body against his chest and groin, and as she wraps one arm around the back of his head.  Pulling his arm forward with her other hand, she turns her hip into his groin, pulling his arm around and throws him once more over her hip. Again she forces him to his feet with an arm lock. “Leave me alone” Scott pleads. “You need to be taught a lesson, rapist scum”  she replies as she grabs his arms and turns her hip into his groin, the sensation again stimulating. He feels his leg swept away as she  kicks backwards. At the same time, she bends and he is thrown  over her hip like a sack of potatoes, his already bruised back  smashing into the floor.

She stands in front of him and leans forward. Scott moans as her large breasts swing in front of him, straining at the bra that  contains them. “If you want these, try and get them” she taunts,  cupping her breasts, lifting them and squashing them to show her  attacker how big and soft they are. He gets to his feet, tell-tale tent- like bulge in his trousers and moves towards her. She throws her shoulders back and sticks out her chest. Something snapped inside  Scott, he wanted those boobs no matter what, he was going to rip  off that bra and give them a good seeing to. He makes a grab at her bra, he feels her grab his sleeves, but he didn’t care he just wanted  to see these big tits in all their naked glory. He started tugging at  her bra then he felt his foot being lifted high into the air out to the  side. He lost balance and was thrown to the ground. Moaning because of his aching back, Scott gets to his feet. No  sooner has he done so when she moves in and grabs his arm.  Turning her body into his, she pulls his right arm over her shoulder  with her other arm underneath it to hold it firm. Bending forward,  the stimulating feel of her backside in his groin and he is flying  over her shoulder. There was a cry of pain as Scott lands heavily on his back. He tries  to get up to escape but feels a bit wobbly on his feet, his head a bit  dazed. He sees the big breasts close to his body and gawps with  mounting lust at her stunning cleavage. His trance is broken as she  tries to grab his sleeve. His hands come up and grab her by the  neck. He squeezes hard “I’ll kill you and then I still can have your  tits darling”. Scott laughs as she tries to struggle from one side to  the other, failing to dislodge his grip. Then she brings her arms up  inside his, swiftly knocks them apart and then brings her hands  slashing down in a dual chop to either side of his neck.  Scott staggers under the impact and fails to stop Emma grabbing  his sleeve with one hand and turning side on to wrap her other arm  around the back of his neck. Again he feels the sensuality of her  backside moving into his crotch as with her arm still around the  back of his neck, she bends forward throwing him once more over  her hip to the ground.    Scott feels himself being pulled to his feet by his arms. Holding his  left arm, she moves to his left side, turns, lifting his arm high in the  air, and swings it down. The room goes topsy-turvy as Scott’s body  goes head over heels before his back slams into the ground.

Without time to breath, he finds himself pulled to his feet to face  the cute looking young woman. She  grabs his sleeve and shoulder,  moves forward, wraps her leg around his and pulls it away  dumping him on his back.  His head in a daze, he hardly knows what’s happening as he is  hauled to his feet again. Holding his sleeve and shoulder, she turns  her body into him bringing his arm under her armpit as her arm  holds on to his collar. She bends forward throwing him over her  middle. No sooner as he has hit the ground, he finds himself pulled to his  feet facing her again. He feels her body turn into his pulling his  arm around her front at the same time as slipping her other arm  around his back to hold his waist. Before he can react, she bends,  and the room does somersaults as he is thrown over her middle.  Scott tries to get up, but his head is spinning wildly. The effect of the rapid succession of throws takes its tolls, he slumps back  unconcious.

Detective Michael Jenkins held on tight as the car leading the  procession of police-cars swung around the corner and braked  sharply at the security barrier. A few sharp blasts on the horn and a  cute but rather dischevled female security officer raised the  barriers.  Speeding across the site with sirens blaring the jam sandwiches  headed towards the main building. Suddenly shots rang out and the  windscreen shattered. Bringing the white and reds to halt, Jenkins  and his fellow officers took shelter behind the cars while Davison’s  men took pot shots at them.  “Damn! where do they think we are, blooming America or somewhere!” he said out aloud. He had tried requesting for armed  backup whilst driving here but the response came back refusing the  request and demanding the raid be called off. Another of Davison’s  friends in high places no doubt. Jenkins smiled as he remembered  seeing a film crew from the regional T.V. network filming through  the fence. “Yeah expose the bugger in public and his friends will  soon back off in self-protection” he thought.

The sound of a key turning and bolts being drawn alerted us to a  door at the back of the storage hanger. We took cover as a couple of Davison’s cronies appeared and walked over to a stack of crates.  “Rocket launchers should sort the pigs out heh heh” one said to the  other as they found what they were looking for.    They hadn’t reckoned on Elaine, nor had I for that matter. She  jumped up and ran over to them. They turned around surprised to  see a muscular young woman approach. One of the men blocked  her path. Elaine’s fist shot out, powered by her awesome biceps and  triceps, to hammer into the man’s gut. Her fist sunk in so deep that  I half-expected to see it come out the other side!. The man  screamed in agony and fell to the floor like a rock. He writhed  around wailing in agony, a trickle of blood appearing from the  corner of his mouth and then stopped as his lights went out. The other man obviously expected his partner to easily take care of  the problem. The look on his face as the man hit the floor turned  from one of smirking superiority to sheer horror. Her power  packed muscles drove her fist like a thunderbolt onto his chin with  a loud audible crack. His head snapped back violently and his body  collapsed against the crates behind him. Through glazed eyes he  looked on in fear as Elaine’s fist exploded in his stomach. His head  lurched forward involuntary to be rocked by another punch to the  face. It was watching someone get hit by a high speed express. The man’s head slammed backwards sharply, his limp body draping  itself over a crate. I went over to the door through which the men had came. “Where does this go?” I asked going through the door. Suddenly someone  in a grey uniform upon me, I get a brief glimpse of a cute looking  young woman as she grabs my sleeve and shoulder. In an instant  she had turned so we were almost side by side and then I felt my foot swept away dumping me to the ground. I look up as she leans  over her raised flashing down like a guillotine towards my neck.  “No” I hear Elaine shout. Emma’s hand stops just at the last  moment as she recognises Elaine’s voice. “What’s going on here?”  she asks. Quickly we fill her in on our discovery of drugs and  smuggled slave labour and how we called the police. She tells us  how the police are being pinned down by gunfire coming from the  roof of the main building, and that she decided to try to secure the  storage hanger where there were heavier arms.

“So there’s a tunnel connecting the hanger to the building is there?”  I asked pointing to the door. “I think it used to be an entrance to a  old air-raid bunker” Emma replied “I know there’s a tunnel  connecting the security hut to the hanger and the main building.  I’ve often used it when it’s raining outside though we’re not really  mean’t to”. “Right I’m going to take a look, maybe there’s some  way of distracting Davison’s men to let the police get in. The rest  of you don’t let any more of Davison’s thugs get in” I told the men.  “I’m coming with you” Elaine told me hurrying to my side. After  what she had just done, I was glad of her company!. As I entered  the tunnel, I found Emma had joined us and had started to lead the  way.

It may well have been a tunnel used in the war, but it certainly had  been expanded and modernised since then. The tunnel was wide  enough to get a small car through and the floor smooth enough to  give a comfortable ride. In fact markings on the wall and floor  seemed to indicate that this was the case. “Do they use cars down  here?” I asked Emma. “Shssh the tunnel amplifies noise. Yes, they  sometimes use small trucks rather like those you see at airports to  carry luggage around” she replied. We moved on in silence.

Occasionally there were recesses in the wall of the tunnel. We had  just reached one of these when Emma indicated that Elaine and  myself should enter it. Rather than joining us as I expected her to  do, she continued walking down the tunnel. Soon I saw why. What  I initially took for a recess a few hundred metres away was in fact  an entrance to the main building complete with an armed security  officer.
“Typical, for once things start getting exciting around here and I’m  told to guard the bloody underground tunnel!” Simon Westfield  thought to himself. Just then he heard footsteps. He stepped out  into the tunnel pointing his gun. “Halt! who goes there?” he  demanded (well what else could he say?). “Oh it’s only you Emma”  he relaxed “I’m sorry but no-one’s allowed into the building. Davison’s orders”. He looked up and down the young female security officer, undressing her with his eyes. “Phroww I’d like to  give her a body search” he thought. He had tried chatting her up  but she was never interested.

“Actually I’ve come to see you Simon” she says. He watches in  amazement as she undoes her bowtie and unbuttons her blouse.  Holding her jacket and blouse wide open she walks slowly towards  him, chest stuck out, her large boobs bouncing all over the place  with every movement she makes. Simon wonders in awe at how a  black lacy bra can support such heavy endowments. Maybe they  don’t, she’s still young, they’re probably firm enough not to need  support. He imagines what she would look like without the bra, not  that he needs much imagination for that, her nipples are clearly  visible.

She moves closer, deliberately over-emphasising her walk so that  her breasts wobble and buck wildly with every step. By the time  she reaches him, his erection is plainly visible throbbing in his  trousers. “Orrr Emma” he moans as he drops his gun and reaches  out for her boobs. They overflow in his hands. “More than a  handful, aren’t they?” she says seductively reaching up to put her  arms around his neck.    He leans forward to kiss her passionately. Then he screams loudly  as her nylon clad knee pistons upwards between his legs, smashing  his erection painfully into his body. More pain slams into his body  as she chops him on the side of the neck followed instantly by a  chop to the other side. He falls to the floor out cold.
We entered the two floor building. Emma led the way up a  stairwell. “This leads to the roof” she tells us. As we pass a fire  alarm button, an idea forms in my head. “Emma, are there any fire  hoses on the roof?” I ask. “Yes just inside the door to the roof” she  replies. Another thought crosses my mind.”I think you and Elaine  should go to Davison’s office. He may be trying to destroy  evidence. You know names of suppliers and customers, that sort of  thing” I say as we reach the second floor. “Emma, you go ahead.  I’ll catch you up once I’m staying with Jim in case there is anyone  guarding the door to the roof” Elaine says. Oh well, I suppose she  has a point. “Okay, the office is right at the end of the second  floor” Emma tells us before leaving us.

We head on up the stairwell and arrive at the door with no  problems. I noted that the door could be bolted from the inside, that  might come in handy if my plan worked. The fire hose is exactly as  Emma had said. I connect it up and unwind it. We open the door  slowly, but the gunmen are all occupied taking pot-shots at the  police below. Boxes of ammo by the sides indicated that they could  probably keep this up all day or until a lucky shot hits a petrol tank.  “Turn on the water and go and help Emma” I whispered “I’ll keep  them distracted long enough for the police to get in and then I’ll  join you”. Elaine went back in and soon I felt the pressure of water building  up in the hose. When I judged it was right I aim it at the nearest  gunmen and opened up the nozzle.
Police detective Jenkins noticed that the hail of bullets had  stopped. Something was going on up there on the rooftop but he  couldn’t see what. An occasional shower of water shot out over the  edge. “Go go go!” he ordered. His men ran across the exposed  courtyard to the entrance of the building.
Emma entered the offices of John Davison and saw a figure  looking out of the window. Silently she started to walk towards  him. Suddenly an arm came from behind her wrapping itself  around her neck. Another arm appeared holding a gun. “That’s far  enough love” said a man’s voice behind. The man by the window  turned, it wasn’t Davison, she recognised the face of Councillor  Reginald Cole.  She twisted and bucked her body, but the man held her tight. “It’s  no use struggling love” he laughed “be a good girl and I might be  more gentle when I take you”. Emma swung herself back as hard  as she could then bent forward swiftly. Grabbing his ankles, she  stands up pulling his feet away dumping him unceremoniously on  his back.    He gets up quickly and grabs her. Holding his sleeves near the  shoulders, she bends forward lifting him across her shoulders as  she crouches. She then stands and throws him head first over one  shoulder to the ground. Dazed but not giving up, the man gets to  his feet again. Emma moves in, grabs his sleeve and collar and  turns her side into him. Bending forward she brings his arm and  chest over the side of her body and throws him head over heels.

Head spinning and body aching, the man doesn’t give up, rises and charges at the buxom young security officer. She grabs his collar  with both hands, leans back raising her foot into his stomach and  falls back throwing him clean over her body to slam into the floor  several feet away.    He hardly knows where he is now as he tries to stand. He sees her  move in and pull him up by his arm. She grabs his shoulder with  her other hand, turns into him rolling his hip over hers to bring him  crashing onto the floor on his back. She applies a painful arm lock and forces him to his feet. Raising  his arms high she swings them down throwing him head over  heels. Again she forces him to his feet using an arm lock then  throws him over her hip hard to the floor. And again, he is forced  to stand only to find himself sailing over her shoulder to slam into  the floor. He tries to sit up but the effort is too great, he falls back out cold.
Elaine hurried down the corridor towards Davison’s office.  Suddenly someone stepped in front of her pointing a gun. “Not fast  you lesbo bitch!” Greetson snarled “stupid bastards didn’t see me  come to and find this lying on the floor. Early retirement for some  of them now, heh heh heh”.  Elaine thought of her fellow colleagues and felt anger at what this bastard might have done to them. She threw her body forwards in  his direction, aiming low and rolling her body.

Greetson saw her move and tried to shoot, but she came too low  and too quick for him. In an instant she crashed into his legs,  knocking him to the floor and losing his grip upon the gun. Remembering how she had crushed him before, Greetson wasn’t  going to let her get near enough to get her arms around him. He  swung his fists at her face hard, drawing satisfaction at the trickle  of blood at the corner of her mouth. “No dyke woman can ever best  a man bitch!” he snarled as he swung his fists at her face again.  Suddenly his stomach exploded in pain as her fist buried itself deep  and hard into his gut. Badly winded he could only look on helpless  as she hammered him six more times in the stomach with her right  fist. Each blow was sheer agony as it scrambled his innards.  Greetson’s face was a mask of pain, he hardly had the energy to  scream as each punch zapped his strength. He was horrified by the  look of pure hatred on Elaine’s pretty face as she battered him  without mercy.

Finally she stopped hitting him and allowed him to sink to the  ground, coughing blood from his mouth. He felt his hair being  tugged and looked up to see her large powerful thighs closing in  around his head in a standing head scissors. He screamed aloud as  power more awesome than he had ever felt before crushed in on  either side of his skull. He tried in vain to escape the trap of  feminine muscle, trying to pry her legs apart with his arms. His  vision blurred and it felt as if his head was about to explode.  Crying in agony he beat uselessly on her well muscled thighs as the  terrible pressure continued. He felt warm blood seep out of his ears  and nose. He couldn’t believe how huge Elaine’s thighs were  bulging. He could hear someone screaming horribly, he’d wished  they shut up. Then he realised that it was him. Suddenly he felt his  head released and he collapsed on the floor weeping and sobbing.

All the mental torture Greetson and others like him had poured on  her over the years flooded in her mind. She was bitter and wanted  to crush those bad memories behind. Almost absent-mindedly she  sat on the floor and wrapped her thighs around Greetson’s chest.  She leant forward and pulled his neck into the crook of her arm.    Large peaked biceps bulged into his neck, unstoppable as they  expanded into his throat. It stopped him from screaming as Elaine’s  thighs swelled with power, every muscle group of her quads  clearly visible bulging awesomely. Her vice-like hold was so  terrifyingly fierce that it hurt to breathe. Elaine tensed every muscle  in her body like she had never done before. Greeton futility felt the  powerful bulging slabs of hard muscle in her legs as he felt his ribs  bend painfully inwards under the terrible pressure. He could feel  the cable like cords of muscle of her inner thighs cutting deeply  into his body adding to the torment. Suddenly she felt her thighs  lurch towards each other as Greetson’s ribcage collapsed with a  sickening crunch. Almost immediately she felt his throat give way  to her massive bulging biceps. Sobbing more with relief than from guilt she released the broken  brute and got to her feet. Slowly she made her way to Davison’s  office.
Jenkins and his men had rounded up the gunmen and had caught  Councillor Cole. There were a few dead bodies around the place,  one thug grotesquely with his chest caved in. There was no sign of  Davidson nor of Jim Priest.  There were just marching their captives off to what was left of the  police cars when suddenly a group of men dressed in black army  fatigues, with black masks carrying automatic weapons sprung out  from all sides.

“O.K. Freeze. Put your arms in the air where we can see them.  Now!” said the one obviously in charge. “We are police officers in  the midst of a police operation” Jenkins started. “Shut up! or I’ll fill  you full of lead” ordered the one in charge pointing his rifle at him. Davison’s men and Cole were lead back into the building while the  police officers were kept standing around at gunpoint.

Cole looked up in terror as the elite secret death squad aimed their guns. “No No I’m a councillor. I’ve friends in high places” he  pleaded. “Message from Maggie, Cole” said the captain.

Bursts of gunfire sounded. Jenkins swore. The soldiers in black re- emerged alone. “You’ve seen nothing. You know nothing. You’ve  not been here” they were told, then ordered to leave.
“The Evil One” watched the T.V. news showing the police raid on  the airfield. The camera panned around the storage hanger showing  the drugs and crates obviously used for human transport. The raid  by the Death Squad had been censored out. “Fools! stupid stupid  stupid!” she shouted “find me who’s responsible for this mess and  bring me his head!”. “Yes leader” replied the gaunt looking leather  jacketed balding man beside.

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