The Mother In-Law From Hell (JIMP#13)

Jim’s mother-in-law has built huge muscles which she uses to punish her son in-laws especially Jim who also suffers her ju-jitsu and sexual skills.

Another of my favourites & I know many people like this one. Based upon my mother in-law who used to be in the RAF in her younger days also based upon an article I saw on a mother in-law who took up bodybuilding to lose weight.

The following story may contain descriptions of sex and violence. If you are offended by this or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on.

(c)JIM P 1996
I’ve told you about Marianne [SISLAW#1] and her lazy loutish husband Kurt. Well guess what ?, he has finally got caught shoplifting and she has been charged as an accessory. Apparently Kurt goes into the toy department of a store and picks up a large box of something relatively cheap. He then empties the contents and then goes around filling it with small but expensive toys (e.g. electronic computer based toys). He then pays for the large but cheap box, then sells the more expensive contents at car boot sales. Well this time he got caught and since he’s already got a record for shoplifting, it looks like he’s in real trouble and serves him right too. It’s Marianne that I feel sorry for, she will probably get off with a caution, but she’s very upset about what he’s got her into.

To cut a long story short, I had arranged to go over to Marianne’s house to show some support. So there I am sitting in her living room with Kurt brooding in the armchair in the corner as miserable as sin watching some rubbish film on satellite T.V. (with a fraudulent card that costs less than half the price of the real thing!). Marianne was in a sleeveless white top with light grey skin-tight leggings that showed each sensuous curve of her long shapely legs that, like always, drove me to distraction. Suddenly there is a knock at the front door and I watched Marianne get up and go into the hall to answer it (okay – I watched her legs and shapely rear!). With some surprise I heard my mother in-law’s loud booming voice “How are you dear ?, Isn’t it awful ?, Well never mind I’m here now”. “Blooming ‘eck what’s the fat cow doing here?” Kurt muttered. The voices moved into the kitchen, no doubt for Marianne to pour her heart out and get some sympathy from her mother.

Let me tell you about my mother in-law. Despite being only 5’1″ tall her girth is huge. Some of it is to do with big bone structure but most of it is due to being grossly overweight. A thick neck disappearing into large sloping shoulders, a wide back, big backside, a bulbous distended stomach covered for the most part by enormous large wide breasts that hang down low. Her arms were thick as were her short legs. She was much larger when I first met her – so large that she had difficulty fitting into a car seat. On advice from her doctor she lost a lot of weight and slimmed down, relatively speaking of course since she is still pretty big probably twice the size of an average man ignoring her height.

With 55 approaching she seemed to go through a second adolescence. Divorcing her much older husband, she amazed us all by going through a chain of boyfriends, many much younger than herself. What’s wrong with that ? you ask. Well she isn’t exactly good looking. She has a large ruddy face with short curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, a large thick nose and a wide mouth. Her cheekbones are prominent but difficult to notice because of the looseness of her skin which hangs in drapes under her chin. Despite this she was never short of male admirers. Then one day last year she decided to move away to Devon on some wild whim to “start afresh” and we hadn’t seen her since – until now.

After about ten minutes Marianne entered the living room, red-faced and a bit tearful as if she had been crying. I felt like cuddling her and telling her that it would all be alright, but that’s not the sort of thing one does when her over possessive husband and mother are in the same room. Paula followed her daughter wearing a brownish green top, a khaki knee-length skirt and black high heeled shoes. Somehow she seemed different than I last saw her, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

“There you are you lazy good for nothing” she yelled stomping across the room to where Kurt sat, her skirt swishing around her massive legs. Kurt was surprised as her thick left arm reached down, grabbed hold of his collar and effortlessly hauled him to his feet in one swift move. Now Kurt is a tall lanky bloke about 6’ tall who does jujitsu and is always
boasting about how hard his abs are and can take any punch. Well it didn’t do him any good, my mother in-law’s thick right arm shot forward like a cannonball burying her large fist deep within his gut without any resistance going so deep it must have nearly reached his backbone. “Baarrhgh!” a short explosion of air and Kurt’s torso crumpled around mother in-law’s mighty fist. His legs seemed to turn to jelly beneath him and I’m sure he would have fell if it wasn’t for the grip Paula had on his collar. “How dare you involve my daughter in something illegal” she shouted at Kurt, his mouth moving silently like a goldfish, his face contorted in agony as he tried in vain to breathe.

I was too stunned to do anything but sit there and watch. “Mum!” Marianne cried out in alarm, rushing forward to her mother’s side. Too late, Paula’s large fist hammered hard into Kurt’s face jerking his head backwards in a spray of blood that gushed from his nose and mouth. The force of the blow caused his body to shoot backwards but was pulled back by her other hand on his collar as though he was on a elastic band. “I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t forget in a hurry” Paula shouted as she effortlessly held him upright, his own legs looking like they were
not working.

“Mum!” Marianne screamed as her mother wrapped her thick arms around his lower torso pulling him into a crushing embrace. “Arrgggh!” Kurt cried loudly as his chest was forced into her voluminous breasts which moulded themselves around his body, looking almost as if they were devouring him. Although Kurt was taller than her, his feet were barely on the ground as she lifted and pulled him tight against her body. It was then I realised that her stomach no longer protruded as it used to but seemed a lot flatter. Then I noticed her calves, standing with her legs astride, her calves were big solid slabs of rock hard diamond shaped muscle – full and wide tapering down to her ankles. When did she get those?. An aura of total dominance emanated from my mother in-law as she stood legs astride crushing the much taller man against her large chest in her massive arms. I never realised that she was so strong but she was certainly turning me on with this exhibition of raw power.

“Mum please no!” Marianne pleaded, now in tears, tugging uselessly at her mother’s huge arm as it crushed her husband helpless. “Noooo noooo noooo” Kurt moaned, his head thrown back, his bloodied face a mask of pure agony. “Pleeeease” his hands beat uselessly on her broad shoulders and arms. “Jim do something!” Marianne pleaded. “He’s got to learn what happens when he gets my girls into trouble” Paula told Marianne “the same goes for you too Jim”. I shuddered as I imagined myself in those thick arms that were obviously much stronger than I ever suspected. Slowly she increased the pressure of her bear hug, pulling him right against her chest, her large breasts squashed either side of his body giving him none of their cushioning effect. “Noooo no please no” he was begging with tear filled eyes, pleading for mercy in a breathless voice as she crushed the air out of him. “Oh and thought you were a big tough man not a little wimp” she told him “I’ve only just started”.

Uncertain what I could, I stood up and tentatively put a hand on Paula’s large shoulder, surprised at how solid it felt. “I think you’ve done enough. You better put him down” I said nervously. “Don’t interfere Jim or you’ll be next” my mother in-law replied as she crushed Kurt’s body in her arms as though she were squeezing a tube of toothpaste from the middle. “Arghh!” Kurt screamed, tears cascading down his bloodied face as he squirmed in her mighty embrace. I put my hand on Marianne’s shoulder intending to comfort her and she turned into my arms and cried into my shoulder. “I’m the mother in-law from hell, you two” she said “and this just a small sampler of what I can do to you”. I couldn’t believe she could pull him any closer but she did, his chest squashed tight against hers, his legs dangling back not supporting him at all. “If my girls get into any trouble because of either of you” she stared me straight in the eye, was she unhappy that I was holding my sister in-law ?, “this will be like a pinprick compared to the pain I will put you through. Understood?” she asked. “Yes yes” Kurt gasped his face turning red as she gave him a jolt more of her power. “Jim?” she asked. “Yes” I said in an awed whisper. For a moment Paula relaxed her grip and Kurt’s face showed relief then suddenly she squeezed, her mighty hug looking more powerful than before. He tried to scream, but nothing came out she must have crushed the last of his air out of his body. Suddenly he went into spasms, his arms and legs jerked violently, his head jerked back and forth with his mouth open in a silent scream. Then he went limp between her huge arms. Finally, my mother in-law dropped him to the floor.

It was only then that I realised that this exhibition of awesome female power had me fully erect and that surely Marianne could feel it. “Don’t waste your tears on scum like that love” Paula replied. “You should train him, show him whose boss” she said. “Will you be okay?” I asked Marianne quietly “I think I’d better get her out of here”. Marianne nodded and we ended our embrace. Paula’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as I said goodbye to her daughter. “Come on, I think we’d better go” I told my mother in-law. “Are you playing around with Marianne?” she asked bluntly as we walked down the path towards the road where we had parked our cars. “No, of course not. I was only trying to comfort her” I told her “Look I’ve got to go into the office first, do you want to come or will you go straight to the house?”. “I’ll come with you. There’s something we need to discuss” she replied.

Driving back to my office in the next town I couldn’t stopping thinking about the sheer power Paula had displayed whilst demolishing Kurt. Recalling the incident had me hard, had she always been this powerful without me knowing ?. She never had calves like that before, believe me I would have noticed. I couldn’t wait to get her in my office and ask her. However it wasn’t to be. As I drew into the car park, I noticed a big black Rolls Royce, Sir Humphrey was waiting with John his bodyguard. Damn! I forgot that I had arranged to go over to Bristledown this afternoon to continue my investigations.

“Ah Jim, just popped over to bring you the plans of the manor that you wanted” Sir Humphrey said handing me a scroll of paper. “Right, I need to finish taking video grabs of the tape I shot at Lady Helen’s and transfer them to my laptop and I’ll be right over. In the meantime, why don’t you come in for a cup of tea?” I asked. I unlocked the door to my office and we all trooped up the stairs. Sir Humphrey and Paula made themselves comfortable on the sofa whilst John watched silently as I did the business with the I.T. About half an hour later when I had finished, Sir Humphrey and my mother in-law were getting along like a house on fire. “OK I’m ready to head over to the manor” I said aloud interrupting their animated conversation. “This charming lady is invited of course” Sir Humphrey smiled at my mother in-law who had her arm in his – how does she do it ?.

Anyway, off we set. Sir Humphrey, John and my mother in-law in the Rolls with me following behind in my Ford. At the manor, Sir Humphrey took Paula on a tour of the Manor while I set to work. By having images of the contents of Lady Helen’s Indian room on my laptop I would compare them with the vast collection at Bristledown. Matches might be coincidence or might indicate the replacement of the genuine article with a fake during a break-in. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, I was really scraping at straws.

I searched the manor house room by room, meticulously checking each and every artefact of Indian origin against the information on my laptop. Occasionally I entered notes alongside various images as something or other occurred to me. I also compared the room layouts with the old plans of the manor which Sir Humphrey had given me in the off-chance of finding a secret room or something. By the end of the afternoon I had searched the whole house and apart from a few matches that might mean nothing, I had not found a thing. I was down in the cellar, the last point on my tour. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a pokey little room underneath the house. This was a vast dimly lit chamber with ornate columns holding up an arched ceiling with racks upon racks of Sir Humphrey’s vast wine collection.

I was about to call it a day when I heard heavy footsteps coming down the stone staircase from above. I looked up and saw my mother in-law walking down the stairs. “So that’s where you’ve been hiding” she asked as she descended. “You might as well stay there, I’ve finished here” I replied. “No, no, I always wanted to look in the cellar of a stately home. Wow just look at all that wine!” she exclaimed. I put my laptop, notes and maps down on an old table that I had been using and waited in resignation for Paula to reach the bottom of the stairs.

“Just look at this place!. Isn’t it remarkable. I’d love to live in a place like this” she exclaimed as she walked around the vast vaults. “So ? what have you found anything?” she asked in an excited voice. “No nothing” I replied. “You should come down to visit me sometime. It’s a marvellous place, fresh air, the open side, the scenery”. I switched off – I had heard this a thousand times, Paula tended to rabbit on in a self-centred spiel about her problems, her new boyfriend etc. etc.

Then she mentioned her new job “I’m a night watch security guard!” she said “that’s right, I’ve got my own uniform and torch and everything. I look very smart indeed. I patrol scrap metal yards and places like that. There’s a lot of money tied up in waste that has to be protected and I do it!”. An image of my overweight mother in-law in a tight ill-fitting security guard uniform patrolling a scrap yard came to my mind. She must have read the expression on my face. “What’s so amusing, it’s a very serious business you know” she said angrily. “I’m sorry but somehow the thought of you as a security guard doesn’t seem right. I mean what would you do if you came across some thieves” I replied trying not to laugh.

“I can take care of myself, you saw what I did to Kurt. in fact I’ve a good mind to show you” she said. “Ur no that will be fine. We’d better be going” I said remembering how she had demolished Kurt. I tried to back away but she grabbed my wrist, stepped forward and delivered an uppercut to my chin with her massive right arm. My head whipped back, bright lights exploded as my vision blurred and my head reeled under the blow which nearly dislocated my jaw. Still holding my wrist, she turned pulling my arm over her broad drooping shoulder and bent forward loading my body onto her wide back. For a long drawn out moment, my crotch slid over her ample backside, the sensation was very stimulating. The moment was gone as my body was thrown over her shoulder, describing an arc in the air pivoted around my wrist which she held. I cried out as my body slammed into the cold hard stone floor, burning pain searing up my back.

“I used to be in the Air Force you know, a long time ago” she told me as, still holding my arm, she lowered herself to the floor so that I was by her feet.”I used to do jujitsu. In fact I was quite good at it”. “My boss, she’s an actual aristocrat, insisted on a refresher course. It’s surprising how quickly it all came back to me” she said as she wrapped her short but massive legs around my right shoulder with her right leg going over my shoulder and around the back of my neck and the other leg going under my arm. “This is my favourite hold” she told me as she pulled my head down to the floor with her right leg, whilst pulling my right arm across her body, it was too strong to resist. She got the crook of her left knee over her right ankle locking my head tight between her legs, my neck sandwiched between the back of her thick thighs and her large muscular calves. “Urkkk!” I could hardly breathe as she pulled me closer to her body, my throat giving way to her surprisingly large and firm hamstrings that bulged enormously into my neck.

“You’re completely powerless Jim, totally under my control” she told me. It was true, she had me in incredibly powerful choke, I was helpless as she choked me against her massive hams. “I may not be very tall and I may be big built, but I can wipe you out in seconds if I wanted to” I heard her say. Folding her left leg down, she pulled my right arm towards her right shoulder and stretched her hips back whilst holding my arm. My head span, my vision blurred and I was suffocating. My body cried out for air but I couldn’t breathe. I could hear horrid croaks and gargles and then realised that it was me. Feeling light-headed, patches of blackness grew larger and larger. I was helpless, she had hold of my right arm and my left was trapped beneath my body. She tightened the hold and I slipped into unconsciousness.

I came around to find myself on the cold stone floor of Sir Humphrey’s cellar. Paula was sitting by the table looking at something on my laptop, surprising since she was previously computer illiterate. “Still think I can’t take care of myself?” she asked as she got up and walked towards me. I got to my feet as she neared. I was quite turned on by the thought of how my mother in-law had dominated me with her jujitsu. “What are you looking for here Jim?” she asked. “I honestly don’t know” I replied. She made a move with her hands, I thought she was going to hit me. In alarm, I reached out and grabbed both of her wrists. “Haven’t had enough er?, here get a load of this” she said as she forced her right hand against my thumb, the pain causing me to release my grip. Continuing her motion her hand shot out in a backfist strike to my temple. Pain lanced through my skull, points of light burst in front of me and my brain felt numb. I felt her turn and twist my right arm into an armlock and then a wrist lock. She twisted and bent my arm right up high forcing my body to bend forward. “Submit or I’ll break it” she demanded. “Arghh! yes yes I submit please” I pleaded as I felt my elbow being forced the wrong way.

She swung my arm up the other way high forcing me to stand straight. Stepping slightly in front of me, she swang my arm down in an forwards arc forcing my body to be thrown over her hip. I crashed onto the hard cold floor, crying out as the pain shot up my already bruised back.

Standing in front of me with her legs astride she removed her jumper. “I want to show you something else” she said “My boss gave me free membership of a women only gym. She wanted me to take up weight lifting”. She started to undo the buttons on her blouse “I wasn’t sure so but then I met the gym owner. She’s about my age and build except a bit taller”. As her blouse fell open my eyes were met with the sight of the large mounds of her upper chest and the incredibly long and deep cleavage between them. She wore a black leather corset, the front of which was laced leaving a wide gap all the down to her navel through which I could see her flesh – I was particularly fascinated where the lower part of her breasts met and then curved away beneath her corset. “That’s nice dear” she said looking at the bulge in my trousers. Red-faced with embarrassment I got to my feet unable to tear my eyes away from her massive mammaries straining for release from her corset. Then I noticed the necklace she wore with a small ebony figure of an many limbed Indian goddess – I’ve seen that before. It was exactly the same as what Lady Helen wore and Cynthia, the amazon barmaid I encountered [JIMP#8]. That train of thought derailed itself when she took off her blouse – what was she up to?.

“She’s got this fabulous body, lots of dense muscle but still very feminine” Paula continued “I thought I want a body like that so I worked hard. Come and put your hand on my arm”. She stretched out her right arm horizontally to her body. I placed my a hand on her thick upper arm, surprised to encounter firm warm flesh and not fat. Closing her fist she slowly bent her wrist upwards. I gasped in astonishment as I felt rock hard muscles beginning to grow under my hand growing larger and harder. “Wow” I exclaimed trying to grip the growing mound under my hand my fingers failing to maintain a hold on the thick dense monstrosity that was emerging from her arm. She continued to bend her arm slowly upward, her titanic biceps growing larger and rounder. I brought my other hand up to the underside of her arm failing to touch the fingers of my hand on her upper arm. Harder and larger her biceps grew as if it were some living monster emerging from her arm. My hands were forced further and further apart as her triceps swelled in the opposite direction.

Finally it peaked, a huge thick dense tower of muscle opposed by a deep curve of muscle formed by her triceps. “Big aren’t they?” she said needlessly. I was staggered by its size, it wasn’t defined as I’ve seen on a bodybuilder but its mass was astounding. She relaxed and tensed it a couple of times, each time it seemed to grow bigger and she pumped it up. “They’re incredible” I gushed running my hands over the warm rock hard mountain of her “sensational, oh god they’re so huge”. She raised her other arm, pumped it up and held a double biceps pose. I moaned aloud as I put a hand on each arm running over her mountainous biceps. “That’s right Jim, you worship them. I built them especially for you” she said. I was so totally turned on by the mass of muscle under my hands, I moaned again. “Oh god you’re so massive, so powerful, so sexy” I gushed “Kurt didn’t stand a chance”.

Smiling she bent slightly at the knees, sliding one hand between my legs and the other arm under my arm and around my back. With no visible effort she lifted me in her arms as though I were weightless. I could feel my mother in-law’s tremendous power as she lifted me so easily that it was obvious that she could handle a much heavier weight without too much trouble. The feeling that she was in total control was really stimulating. “Nice erection you’ve got for your mother in-law” she said as carried me around the cellar as though she was holding a child in her arms.

She lifted me to her chest height, changed her grip and effortlessly pressed my body high over her head. I looked down in astonishment as her outstretched thick arms held me aloft like two sturdy steel pillars. She lowered me down onto her broad shoulders then proceeded to lift my body up and down as though I were a human barbell. “Meet the stronger sex Jim” she said “you’d better get used to the idea because there are a lot of us about”. I watched her massive expanse of upper breast and deep cleavage zoomed towards me then zoomed away as she lifted me up and down. Then I noticed how wide and thick her shoulders were, rounded with hard balls of muscle which bulged and strained as she pumped me aloft. I watched the way the muscles in her broad back rippled as she worked out with me, wide flaring lats and a magnificent V shape narrowing down to her waist. I could just see the huge muscular calves jutting out powerfully above her high- heeled shoes. All the time she pressed my body high over her head as if my weight was meaningless to her. It was useless trying to hide my erection from her, this display of raw power excited me so much. “Got any doubts about who is in charge?” she asked as she pressed me for the last time. “No, you are” I replied in awe as she lowered me down to waist height in front of her.

She then proceeded to curl me very slowly, in complete control of my body, never faltering or straining. I watched her thick biceps stretch and bulge under her skin as she worked out with my body. “You make a good barbell Jim, we should do this more often” she told me as she exercised. I lost count of the number of times she had curled me but it must have been well over ten minutes before she finally lowered me to the ground. “Now watch” she instructed as she flexed a double biceps pose. Her arms erupted with mountainous biceps pumped up from their exercise to be bigger, thicker and harder than before. “Ohhhhh” I moaned loudly as I ran my hands over the warm hard titanic peaks. I could no longer contain myself, I started to kiss my mother in-law’s massive biceps passionately. “Oh please please let me worship you, ohh please” I was totally infatuated with the mass of muscle in front of me, consumed by the overwhelming power emanating from this mighty woman. It didn’t matter that she was my mother in-law, I wanted to worship every inch of her massive body and make non-stop love to her as best I could.

“Plenty of time for that later” she said pushing me away gently. Kicking off her heels, she started to step out of her skirt. I stared in disbelief at the sight that was exposed – she wore no knickers, nothing! she was naked below the waist except for a pair of flesh coloured nylon hold-up stockings that seemed hard pushed to contain her short but massively thick legs. Her thighs were huge, gigantic masses of muscle that swept dramatically out from her short thick legs.

“Come here barbell” she demanded, I obeyed and stepped up to her. Bending down, she scooped me up and tossed me effortlessly across her shoulders. She then proceeded to execute a series of squats to work out her legs. After about twenty or thirty of these she lowered me to the floor and walked over to the chair that stood by the desk. She sat down and raised her legs straight out in front of her and held together. “Sit” she ordered pointing to her shins. Cautiously I sat on her ankles, surprised that they didn’t sink under my weight. She grabbed my hands causing me to lean forward slightly and started to raise her legs, easily lifting me high through about 60 degrees. “You like this don’t you?” she asked eyeing the bulge in my trousers as she repped off a series of twenty or more lifts. “Oh yes” I gushed, I was well gone in admiration and lust for her powerful body.

Finally she stopped, ordered me off and stood up. Thrusting her right leg out she flexed. I gasped as her short thick thighs thickened further in a rock hard slab of awesome shiny muscle. Slowly she turned her huge leg from to side to side showing her massive thighs in all their glory. She pointed down to her feet “kneel” she demanded. “Please no, they look too strong” I was terrified of what those monstrous thighs could do, I had met women with strong legs before but they looked nothing as powerful as the raw muscle bulk that bulged in front of me now. “I gave you an order!” she barked grabbing my wrist and twisting it to force me to the floor in front of her. Grabbing my head, she stepped forward burying my head between her huge legs. I must have looked a sight, my tiny face framed by her massive muscular thighs looking up in fear. “This is what happens if you disobey me” she said smiling down at my frightened face. Slowly she squeezed her big thighs together. My head span wildly as the awesome pressure built up. My vision blurred and I could hear the pound pound pound of my heartbeat in my ears. Instinctively I brought my hands to grab her thighs but they couldn’t make an impression on their enormous rock hard bulk.

With her big thighs still clamped around my head she lowered herself to her knees, my body forced to go along with her. She sat her large bulk upon my upper chest, my head trapped between her thighs. I cried out as a sudden surge of pressure threatened to split my skull. “I could crush your skull as easily as I could crush an egg” she said. “No please please you’re hurting me” I pleaded. She laughed “Oh don’t be such a big baby, I’m hardly putting any effort into it at all”. I cried out as another surge of power crushed in on both sides of my head, the pain around my skull was terrible. “You wouldn’t stand a chance if I really wanted to hurt you” she told me as she slowly relaxed her leggy vice around my head.

I was too concerned about my awful aching head as I felt my mother in-law slide back to above my waist. In fright I looked up as I felt her lean forward to grab my hands forcing them effortlessly to the ground either side of my head. I tried to stop her really I did, but her arms slammed my hands down quickly with such overwhelming force that I was powerless to stop her. Locking her large calves under my legs, her mighty legs pulled me spread- eagled. There was nothing I could do to resist, her legs were too far too strong. “Shall I break your legs like a wishbone?” she asked as she easily pushed my legs wide apart past the point of comfort. “No please no” I begged.

Releasing my hands but still maintaining the awful pressure on my legs, she supported herself with one hand as she undid my trousers and slid them and my pants down my manhood, flagging a bit because of the splitting pain ripping up either side of my crotch. “That’s no way to greet your mother in- law dear” she said as she released my legs in order to pull the clothing off.

I tried to pull away, but she quickly straddled my body with her massive legs and flexed out a double biceps pose. The sight of her thick massive muscles reawakened my ardour. “That’s more like it dear” she said as leant forward and wrapped her powerful arms around my neck. Rolling onto her back, she pulled me on top of her body then wrapped her short but massive legs around my hips. Then she began to tighten and flex her thighs, crushing my trapped body in a vice-like grip whilst grinding her hips against my pelvis. “Arghhh please you’re crushing me” I cried between gritted teeth. “I could crush you to paste between my thighs, Jim. Would you like that?” she asked. Then she squeezed me tighter flexing her monstrous thighs and pounding her hips against me in a jolting spasmodic rhythm.

Relaxing her awesome crushing grip for a moment, she reached down between her legs, grabbed my stiff manhood and sank it inside her. Her strong arms pulled me close to her body with a surge of irresistible power. “Your body is mine now Jim. There’s no point resisting” she told me as she started to control my hips with her legs, slowly sliding me back and forth in her channel. She was right, her thighs were totally in control of my body, I was unable to resist or alter the tempo. I moaned as I felt the strong muscles of her channel tighten around my manhood, caressing and massaging as she pistoned my hips back and forth. The sensations were so incredible that I thought I would come immediately, but she sensed this and flexed her mighty thighs. “Not until I’ve had mine you don’t” she said as I winced at the frightening pressure crushing my hips. Loosening her grip, she continued to pump away with her internal muscles whilst controlling the humping of my hips with her thighs. Every now and then she would clamp down hard with her thighs so hard that I would beg for mercy. In that way she kept me going for far longer than I would have thought possible. Finally she increased the rhythm of my thrusting hips as she gasped and moaned. Her moans became louder until wave upon wave of rippling flesh and muscle erupted around my rod. Ecstatic feelings surged through my body as we climaxed together. Her body stiffened, she threw back her head and her huge thighs squeezed so tight around my hips that I was scared she would break them while she moaned in ecstasy.

Finally she rolled off me, leaving me totally exhausted. Drained, I watched her stand up astride of my head, her huge calves inches from my face. I reached up tentatively to stroke her powerful calves. “Kiss them” she ordered. I raised my head to obey when suddenly she closed her feet together, my neck trapped between her calves. She raised herself up on her toes, and I felt her huge calves erupt into awesome jutting slabs of muscle that crushed against the sides of my neck. “arkkkk” I croaked barely able to breathe as she maintained the hold for a long time. “I could crush your neck with my calves” she said as she lowered herself to ease off the pressure. “But that wouldn’t be much fun” she continued, raising herself again, her powerful calves battering my neck once more and held the hold tight for several minutes. She repeated this several more times tormenting my neck with her mighty calves before she finally let my head flop back to the floor.

Noticing a descending shadow, I looked up horrified to see my mother in-law’s massive backside descending upon my face. Within seconds everything went dark as she sat her large rump upon my face. Her heavy bodyweight is unbearable as it presses down upon me suffocating me with the vast expanse of her buttocks. I try to struggle but her weight pins my head and her knees pin my arms. “This is just to show you that I can dominate you with almost any part of my body I wish” she said as she sat there ignoring my futile struggles to breathe. Then she leant forward, allowing me snatches of air and spread her legs wide. I feel her sex pressing against my lips, her massive buttocks obscuring my vision. I find I can move my hands and I reach up to feel her massive thick strong legs sheathed in her hold up stockings as she straddles my face. “Do I really have to tell you what to do?” I hear her ask. I feel so totally overwhelmed, so totally dominated that I am turned on and know that I have to worship my mother in-law. I stick out my tongue and start licking. “Oh yes, what a good son in-law you are. Ohh I think I’ll keep you as a pet” she gasped as I set to work.

No sooner had she came, when she got up and removed her corset letting her giant boobs swing free like two enormous pendulums of flesh. With her hands on her hips she starts to sway them from side to side. “Want some?” she asks. They are excitingly large, yet seem quite firm. I moan at the sight of so much female breast wobbling about. Still swaying her breasts she raises both arms and flexes. “Big boobs and big muscles” she says “and its all yours if you treat me right”. Laying down in front of me with her back towards me, she grabs my hands and pulls my arms round her front to massage her big boobs. “You  tell me if you find anything and I’ll be yours for ever to worship my muscles and my boobs” she says. Pressed up against her body I soon find my manhood stiffening between the large mounds of her buttocks. “Ohhh yes yes anything I’ll do anything” I moaned at the dual sensations of her large soft breasts in my hands and her large buttocks enveloping my rod. I meant it too, at that moment in time I would have done anything for my mother in-law. She turned me on so much with her big boobs and awesome muscle bulk. The way she so completely dominated me both physically and sexually kept replaying in my mind. Turning herself to almost right angles to my body I find myself sliding inside her sex. Once more my rod is squeezed and massaged to a long lingering orgasm.

I must have fallen asleep, so tired was I after our love making. When I awoke, my mother in-law had gone. I was absolutely exhausted and could only lie there thinking about my amazing mother in-law and her incredible new power-packed body. I was enraptured by the thought of her and I wanted more of what she had promised.

As I rested I idly looked around the top of the walls admiring the craftsmanship that the Victorians or whoever built this place even put into a cellar. Except, they seemed to make a blunder where the line of the dado rail met the wall immediately under the stairs. I kept looking at the point, something was bugging me but I was still too tired to think properly. I gazed and gazed until I saw lines running horizontally between the rows of bricks. Now I knew I was overdoing it. Yet, it was true, the more I looked, the more obvious it was that there two rows of bricks about 4 foot apart where the mortar seemed wider than the rest. It wasn’t easy to see properly because wine racks were in the way, but I swore I could see similar lines vertically. I struggled to my feet and went over to have a closer look, peering as best I could behind the wine racks. I wiped my fingers along the lines and loose mortar fell out. Working as best I could, I was now certain that I had found something, something was bricked up – maybe it was even some kind of door. I would need to get help to shift these racks to get closer to the wall.

I rushed up the stairs with new found energy to find my mother in-law. She will be pleased, I couldn’t wait to worship that body again and feel that amazing sex. I rushed along the corridors and bumped into Sir Humphrey’s bodyguard, John. “Is my mother in-law in there?” I asked indicating the dining room the doors of which he blocked. “Yes but Sir Humphrey gave instructions not to be disturbed until after lunch” he replied. “I’ve got to see her. Its important” I said. “I have my instructions. Anyway I’m sure it can wait or has Lady Helen given you a good beating again ?, you certainly look the worse for wear” he asked. That stopped me, the mention of her name triggered brain pathways that had been repressed. Paula had mentioned her boss was an aristocrat and a woman her age and build. She wore the same necklace as Lady Helen and Cynthia, the amazon barmaid, who was about Paula’s age and build. Both had a large muscle bulk and devastating sexual muscles. The coincidences seemed to be piling up. Could her boss be Lady Helen and could the gym owner be Cynthia ?. If it was then what on earth was going on and why involve my mother in-law ?. Why was she so interested in what I found ?. Suddenly I lost the urge to tell my mother in-law of my discovery. The rapture had worn off.

A Gymnasium like many others the world over. Climbing bars against the wall and rubber mats covering the floor. Six women face six men in two straight rows ten feet apart. The men wear khaki coloured T-shirts and shorts. The women wear khaki coloured leotards. They stand facing each other, faces showing no emotion, bodies straight, legs together arms by their sides. They age from 18 to 55, they stand still bodies firm and strong indicating many hours working out in this place. Their rigid posture indicates many gruelling months or years of military style discipline. Between the rows walks “The Evil One” accompanied by a male gym instructor and a large bare chested heavily muscled oriental man. Ordinary people would flinch at her evil glaring eyes, but these twelve are the best of the best, obedient, loyal, the best.

The instructor nods his head slightly to a woman as The Evil One draws to her position in the row. The Evil One stops, turns and appraises the woman. The woman is in her fifties, her face was fierce and frightening – piercing grey eyes, a large savage face with hanging jowls, wrinkles and creases, a large nose and a fierce mouth framed by a curly short mane of blonde/near white hair. She has a medium sized body with quite large breasts, standing 5’8″. One can tell at a glance that she comes from an upper class background by the way she carries herself with that distinctive air of self importance. “This one” The Evil One says. The heavily muscled man walks up to the woman and without warning drives his fist hard into her stomach with a resounding thud. An ordinary man or women would now be curled up on the floor in agony, but not this woman. She doesn’t even blink.

The instructor barks out a command and the woman and the oriental walk calmly to the centre of the rows turn and face each other. They bow gracefully to each other then take up a fighting stance. The big man attacks with a high kick that would tear someone’s head off if it connected. The woman ducks and powers her leg inside his raised leg as it sweeps over her head. Her foot hammers into his gut, the oriental winces in pain but carries on fighting kicking out again towards the woman, this time low so she cannot duck. The woman leaps over the kick and slams her foot into the side of the man’s neck. There is a grunt of pain and he steps back slightly. She steps forward intending to take advantage of this moment of weakness but the man shoots his fist out in a solid punch to her head. The woman blocks the blow with her arms, wincing slightly and kicks her leg straight forward into his gut. The man bends forward slightly. The woman pivots on one foot and kicks out again burying her foot deep into his stomach. This time there is an outburst of air and he bends forward in agony for his head to be hammered back by the woman’s leg shooting forward. Stepping forward, the woman’s fist buries itself deep within the man’s stomach, his once fine abs now turned to jelly.

Showing no emotion on her terrifying face, the mature upper class woman delivers a devastating high kick that snaps the man’s head back viscously with a loud crack. The man hits the mats with a solid thud, his head lying at an impossible angle. The woman stands astride him hands on her hips, breathing shallowly, no visible signs of exertion. She bows slowly to her dead opponent, calmly turns and returns to her position in the row of impassively watching women.

“Excellent! excellent!” the Evil One applauds. Turning to the instructor she tells him “they are ready. Sending them for briefing tomorrow”.

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