The Militant Wing of The Salvation Army (JIMP#15)

A bad man is brought to task by the deadly legs and hands of the women of The Salvation Army.

I love the idea of the Salvation Army women being real soldiers! Anne and Alice are based on ms. Robinson and Beer of ‘Watchdog’ fame (and Anne in ‘Weakest Link’), Julie is based upon Marianne’s sister in-law and it was me driving the car and spotting her in uniform years before I knew her. Guy Crook is a nasty neighbour and Ugley is a real place (in Essex)
The following story contains descriptions of violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Any likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2010
I opened the door to greet two women in Salvation Army uniforms. One was an attractive slim woman, in her early thirties, standing around 5’9″. She wore a smart black jacket bearing a silver S high on each lapel, buttoned up over a crisp white blouse buttoned to the neck with a metal brooch depicting a wreath surrounding a shield with the Army’s name on top of a vertical sword. A black skirt fell to above the knees revealing long shins clad in black nylon with heeled black shoes. “I’m Captain Alice, it’s a pleasure to meet you” she spoke with a sophisticated warm voice as she extended her hand in greeting. Her clear grey eyes were lined with black mascara; her nose wide and long, an engaging smile on a thin-lipped mouth subtly glossed with lipstick. High cheekbones and a small firm chin added to a compact almost impish appearance. Short shoulder length golden hair fell from a soft black hat, emblazoned with the army’s red shield, swept high off her forehead and stylishly sweeping over her ears.

“Major Anne. You were highly recommended by your mother in-law. She’s a captain, you no doubt know” Her companion gripped my hand firmly. “Yes, I recall her mentioning that” I replied. Similarly dressed, her voice was strong and firm. Barely over 5′, Anne was in her 60’s, slender with red hair cut so severely that it was almost masculine. “Your sister in-law is also a cadet” she informed me. “I wasn’t aware of that” I admitted. Her face was small almost elfin with mischievous blue-green eyes, slim eyebrows, a small slender nose, long ears and a small mouth with a touch of lipstick. As she smiled she looked cheeky and pretty, but then her mouth became tight lipped that made her severe. Small metal-framed oval glasses enhanced the impression of a strict but slightly sexy Victorian schoolmistress.

Directing the women to my office on the first floor above The Golden Lotus, I gave in to my base instincts to watch two women in uniform climbed the stairs in front of me. A woman in a smart paramilitary uniform is exciting; a sense of commanding strength yet feminine in the way that her jacket hugs the curvy contours of her body and a skirt that shows off her shins and calves, especially in sheer black nylons. Although Anne’s short shins seemed shapeless from the front, I was pleasantly surprised with the view of well shaped calves with a nice swelling of firm muscle as she climbed. But it was Alice who I couldn’t stop gawping at, her slim ankles tapered to a shapely swell of solid calve muscle flexing as she climbed. My paranoia was shouting posh woman + strong legs = pain for Jim.

Reaching my office, Anne commented with a wink and knowing grin, “You have a lovely view don’t you Mister Priest?”. “Please call me Jim”. I went over to the drink making area – okay it’s a kettle! “Why don’t you ladies make yourselves comfortable while I make us a drink” I asked. Taking their orders, I watched as both women unbuttoned their jackets and sat by my desk. Alice’s skirt rose high upon her thighs as she brought one leg upon the other and wrapped it around in that strange but alluring manner of long legged women. By contrast Anne sat demurely with both feet on the ground, knees together. Returning with the drinks, I sat opposite trying my best to ignore the vast amount of leg on show.

“So how I can help The Salvation Army?” I asked. “The Militant Wing” Alice corrected indicating the sword on her broach. “I’m sorry I’ve never of that” I replied. Alice continued “When The Salvation Army was established in the 19th Century, it was not uncommon for physical attacks on our halls and members by certain sections of the community, pub landlords, pimps, rival Christian groups and so on. The Militant Wing was set up by suffragettes to provide a more physical approach in our fight in the name of The Lord”.

“The Army is committed to fighting human trafficking. Slavery is very active in the UK. It indulges some people’s sexual fantasies and inflates the egos of others” Alice told me “Did you know women can be sold for anywhere between £500 to £8000? It’s big business, Jim, worth at least £64 billion worldwide”. Anne spoke up “In all of the fuss over John Davidson [JIMP#11] the media lost sight of the fact that he was importing slaves as well as drugs”. “You were at Davidson’s airfield. You mean to tell me that you didn’t snoop around his office?” Anne’s tone of voice implied criticism. “I was busy trying to stop people shooting the Police” I replied. “You’re not a very good private eye are you?” Anne bit back scathingly. Ignoring her colleagues’ outburst, Alice continued, “We want you to help us track down the distributors and from them their other suppliers. Then we can shut down this inhuman trade”.

“The last time one of your lot asked for me help she ended up getting assassinated and I got beat up” I snapped. Picking a menu off my desk, Anne asked, “Alice dear would you mind awfully getting us some nice Chinese food to eat from downstairs? I’m sure Jim won’t mind” she winked at me. Making our selections, I stood up to watch Alice make her way below.

“She really doesn’t know what you’re talking about” I turned around and was shocked to see Anne with her blouse unbuttoned revealing a thin black lace bra. “I wanted to show you something Jim” she said cheekily. Although the petite woman had a slender body, her breasts were relatively large and were pushed into two hemispherical mounds and an inviting cleavage. “They’re um magnificent” I fumbled for the right words. “They should be. They cost my late husband enough money. Not bad for a 68 year old eh?” Anne responded, “Do I scare you Jim?” “Well you’re sort of terrifying, but in a sexy way,” I admitted. Anne grabbed my hands and used them to kneed her chest which moved in exciting ways under my fingers. “Don’t be scared. Tell me if they feel like the real thing?” “They do, they feel great” I admitted. Still guiding my hands she rubbed her nipples, which quickly hardened and jutted out from the thin fabric. “Come on Jim. Make an old woman very happy. I can satisfy you in bed better than any 18 year old” she stated as a matter of fact. “Please, Alice will be back any minute” I pleaded. Removing one hand, she firmly brushed the front of my trousers up and down several times. “Maybe she’d make a threesome” she teased “You’re enjoying this I can tell or are you frightened that I’m more than you can possibly handle in the bedroom?” she taunted. “Maybe later then” she said with a wink. “Anyway this is what I actually wanted to show you”. Releasing my other hand the lusty woman withdrew a necklace from her cleavage.

A silver buxom multi-limbed Goddess surrounded by a circle of flames dangled from Anne’s hands. I realised my mistake, Anne was the danger not Alice. “Don’t you want a closer look?” Anne asked. “No thank you, Sir Humphrey has one about so big” I held my palms apart by about 2 foot “he says it’s an early variant of the Hindu goddess Durga”. “Anahita” Anne replied then stopped looking like she had just said something she shouldn’t have. “Does Alice have one too?” I asked. “No. The Sisterhood uses a light touch to direct organisations such as The Militant Wing. They don’t always need to know” Anne admitted. “So why should I help them?” I asked.

Just then I heard the front door open and footsteps upon the stairs. Quickly buttoning her blouse, Anne spoke quietly pleading, “Jim please believe me that I am asking for your help as a Salvationist nothing more. The Sisterhood is in turmoil after Paris. We don’t all agree with what was done there”. “The elite death squad killed her” I said. “Who pulls the strings, Jim? Who pulls the strings?” Annie whispered. I looked into her eyes for a long moment for any hint of deception but detected none.

As Anne helped Alice arrange the food on my table, I made up my mind. Searching through my filing cabinet, I withdrew a document wallet. “I believe I can help you. At the airfield two able young women helped me. One of them was a security guard”. I paused to looked at my notes “She mentioned visits by a white van signing in as Crook of Ugley”. “Very funny Jim” Anne said. “No, I’m serious. The van always turned up when flights were due and the loaders never went near it. It’s a lead worth following”.
——Guy Crook’s Story————
I smirked as I drove my top of the range black Mercedes S-Class at 60 mph down Bury Hill ignoring the 30 signs. Speed limits are for losers not for executives like me. Pulling into the opposite side of the road to pass parked cars with my headlights on full beam, the loser in the oncoming red Escort had to brake hard to let me pass. I smirked again, I’m executive, he’s not. The sooner I got to the nearest big town, the sooner I can get a BJ or more. Town girls would do anything for a good-looking exec like me and the car was a babe magnet.

As I slowed to take the T-junction, I noticed a young blonde in a smart Salvation Army uniform in my headlights, long black nylons reflecting the beam. She seemed good looking, in her early 20s about 5’10” with a slim body and long long legs. The uniform looked sexy with a short skirt, nylons and high heels. Of course she noticed me, everyone notices me I smirked. She smiled, her head titled coyly. I smiled back and she smiled wider parting her red lips and running her tongue around the inside. She was desperate for it!. Pulling out quickly in front of some loser, I turned right, ignoring the squeal of brakes as I drove quickly to the small market square just around the corner and parked.

Smirking at the local morons admiring my expensive designer clothes, I walked back to the junction where she was still waiting dimly lit by the streetlights. Pulling my stomach in, I pulled myself to my full 6’5″ to impress her. “You’re the bloke from that flash car ain’tcha?”. It was a pleasant voice with a local accent and a hint of Mockney (faux Cockney) identifying her from the Council estates. “Yeah that’s my car. I’m Guy and I’m an executive” I smirked impressing the girl. “Why don’t we go for a spin in it?. It’s much warmer than out here”. “Sorry I don’t take rides with strangers. What sort of girl do you think I am?” she laughed softly. Still smiling she added seductively “There’s a den in the hall” nodding to a low long building hidden in the dark behind her “we’ll be much more comfortable in there”. Placing a small soft hand in my palm she guided me to the hall. “What business are you in?” she asked opening a door off from a small entranceway. “I supply workers for the construction industry and agriculture” I replied looking around a small but cosy room. It was warmly lit with an old sofa on one side, an old desk with a phone and a cheap music system opposite and an overflowing bookcase along the back. “You mean slaves ?” Julie asked unbuttoning her jacket and removing her hat. “What?” I snapped. My anger drained as Julie flopped into the sofa, her skirt hitching up to expose legs all the way to her crotch and the small white panties beneath her tights. Smirking at the thought of getting my hands on those legs, I removed my coat and threw it on the desk then sat down next to her. In the subdued lighting, I got my first good look at Julie. Bleached blonde hair so pale that it was almost white tumbled in artificial waves to her shoulders, her dark roots and dark eyebrows telling the lie. Her face was quite attractive, long though a bit square with a slender nose and a dimpled chin. I didn’t like the chalky layer of foundation on top of which she wore thick blusher, eyeliner and lipstick. Twisting to face her, I leaned across and ran my hand up and down from her ankles to the top of her thighs enjoying the feel of the thin denier and her long shapely legs. “You are really very attractive” I told her “you could be a top model. I know a bloke who runs a top agency in London”. They all fell for that one. “I tried that once. It was a rip off” she replied. I noticed she had quite a crowded looking mouth with prominent incisors.

“Your legs are sensational” I said as I felt her long shapely calves. “You’d be a great leg model” rubbing her long thighs “I can make you rich”. “Really ?” she smiled. Aching for her, I ran my hand to the top of her thigh and around to the gusset. “Oi! What’s your game? What sort of girl do you think I am?” she scolded knocking my hand away. “I know exactly the sort of girl you are” I moaned lustfully “you’re the lucky girl who’s going to get my big executive dick inside her”. I leaned forward to kiss her but was blocked by Julie’s arm across my throat. With her hand on my shoulder she levered my head back painfully. “Uggh you repulsive slimy fat toad” she exclaimed.

Brushing her hand from my shoulder, I slapped her hard across the face raising a small cloud of foundation and leaving a red handprint on her cheek. Grabbing her by the throat with my large hand I squeezed hard. “Grrrkkk” she croaked. I raised my large right fist in front of her face. “Try that again and this goes right in your face. Do you hear? right in your face” I growled. Her face was turning red, her eyes wide with fear. “Do you understand?” I asked. She tried to nod her head. I released her to unzip my trousers and fish out my hard executive manhood. “I bet you’d like to suck on this” Grabbing her by the hair, I yanked her head back forcing her to open her mouth, but a look at all those sharp teeth put me off. She might bite and give me rabies. “I’m executive, you’re not. You will do what I tell you. Get used to it” I backhanded her snapping her face from one side to the other causing a small trickle of blood in the corner of her mouth. She looked dazed. Grabbing both of her hands I forced them against the back of the sofa as I straddled her and took her in a passionate kiss. She squirmed beneath me but I was too much for her to handle. I kissed her hard, my passion rising. Sitting back on her lap I tried to unbutton her blouse but the bitch’s hands got in the way. Julie managed to get hold of my little finger and bent it back hard forcing me away from her body. “Owww” I cried with the pain. Her other hand flashed out karate-style to chop the side of my neck “Hai!”. “Oww” that really hurt and for an instant I felt dizzy.

“Wham!” a palm exploded in my face smashing my nose in a spray of blood whipping my head back making me see stars. Her palm shot out again hard against my chest shoving me onto the floor. I sat there slowly shaking my dazed head trying to stop the nosebleed before I noticed the cow was rising from the sofa. “I’m going to mess your face up bad” I shouted. I reached out, grabbed her ankles and pulled. With her feet literally pulled out beneath her, Julie fell to her back on the seat of the sofa. Still holding her ankles I got to my feet and raised her legs in the air in a wide V. Looking down between her long flailing legs to her crotch and the thong she wore made me forget about punching her “You need to learn your position in life” I told her “and for a start that will be under me with my cock inside you”. “Get off you big brute” she shouted, cycling her legs trying to break my grip. It was like trying to hold on to a leggy whirlwind. She managed to free one leg and started kicking me, her long leg clubbing me on the top of my arm and chest. Wearing shoes, her kicks really stung. I tried to grab the flailing limb but she kept it out of my reach. I leant forward between her legs ignoring the kicks on my arm and swung a really forceful slap so hard that it stung my palm. “Oww” she cried pitifully cradling her glowing cheek. I saw anger flare in her steely eyes and a savage grin on her lips. She bent her leg in front of her body and I started to back away but I was too late. A heeled foot hammered my stomach. “Arrhhh” a burning pain exploded in my gut as I was kicked away, falling to my knees on the carpet badly winded.

“I’ll huhuh fix you huhuh for that” I panted looking down at the carpet trying to get air back in my lungs. I saw Julie stand up, looking down at me laughing at my predicament “Not such a tough guy now are you?. You with your smarmy fat face, squinty little eyes and small glasses and slicked back hair”. She put on a gruff deep voice “I’m gonna to smash my foot right in your face, do you hear?, right in your face”.

I looked up a towering nylon column to see a shoe raised menacingly over my face. Despite the pain and shortness of breath, I rolled out of the way just as a foot stomped the ground where my head had been. Scrabbling to my feet, trying not to bend with the ache in my gut, I panted “I’m bigger and huh stronger than you. I’m going to huh mash you then take you huh anyway I want”. Stepping quickly towards her, I grabbed an arm with each hand. Julie swiftly brought her left leg up between our bodies, bent with her thigh against her chest then stomped me again in the gut. “orrrphhh” I hadn’t fully recovered from the last blow but before I could bend in agony the same foot slammed into my face without being lowering. For agonizing seconds she stood with her leg raised between our bodies pushing her foot hard into my face while pulling my arms. She mashed my bust nose in agonising waves of pain, the taste of blood in my mouth. With a final shove against my face she pushed me away to fall to the floor on my back. I rolled around in agony unable to breathe, my gut burning and blood pouring down my face.

“Ummph” Julie landed on my chest with a thump, the sudden weight on my chest expelling precious breath. I could only look in winded helplessness at the shapely backside in front of my face and her legs either side of my head. She pulled her skirt onto her back giving me an unrestricted view of her backside as it slid towards me to press against my chin. If it weren’t for the nosebleed, the ache in my face and my aching gut, I would have enjoyed the view. “Owww” she yanked my head up by my hair and slid her legs around my neck. I felt her cross her ankles behind me locking my head at an uncomfortable angle then raise herself on her hands. “Arrhh” I was shocked at the tight grip this young woman had. It felt like she was trying to prise my head off. I’m a big man with a strong neck but I had to grit my teeth and close my eyes against the pressure being inflicted. Grabbing the legs at the side of my head I was surprised to find hard thighs and rock solid hamstrings. “I used to wrestle my older brother Kurt a lot when I was younger” I heard her say “I always made him cry like a baby begging for mercy between my legs”.

“Ahhh” twin columns of strong feminine flesh squeezed my neck relentlessly beyond comfort. It felt like I was trapped in a nylon covered vice. I tried to dig my fingers into her legs and slap them but although I managed to ladder the nylons her thighs remained firm. My face felt as if it were burning, my jaw was in agony, my ears were being compressed painfully against the side of my head. “owwww” My head began to swim as those hot sexy legs tortured my neck. I grabbed at her small clenched buttocks but instead of feeling soft feminine arse I was stunned to feel a hard rocky landscape beneath my hand. Her tensed glutes felt like a ridged outcrop. I felt her warm breath on my exposed dick. Was she going to give me a blowjob ?, I went hard at the thought. Then I felt her teeth against the knob. “AAAAAH!” I screamed “No no please”. In desperation I smacked her backside as hard as I could. “Ow you sod!, you’ll pay for that”. I felt her bend her legs forcing a calve behind my head pushing my jaw deeper into the V of her legs and raising my head into a more painful angle then locking it behind her other calve which she then pulled with one hand. “Ahhh!” it was like a steel band had been wrapped around my lower head and was being tightened to break my jaw and cheekbones. My teeth throbbed as my jaw was brutally compressed. My neck was in severe agony, my ears burned and her body weight constricted my breathing. Thump Thump Thump she was lifting my trapped head in her leggy prison and slamming it back down in a rocking motion. Each jolt, as she banged her legs against the ground, sent waves of pain through my skull and black and red flashes across my vision “no no please”. I could hear her laughing.

With my eyes clenched shut against the pressure, I reached out blindly and felt the small of her back beneath my right hand. Balling up a fist I raised it and brought it down sharp. “Oww” I heard a muffled cry of pain and her trap broke. I rolled quickly to my left and threw Julie’s lighter body off. I landed on her legs and tried to pin them as I turned round but the fake blonde kicked her way loose in a flail of legs that battered me around the head. This young woman was all legs and she was clubbing me with them. I moved forward hoping I was too close for her to get a good kick. “I’m going to smash your face then take you” I growled reaching towards her neck but I kept getting entangled in her long legs. She was like some leggy octopus, long limbs everywhere stopping me from grabbing her.

Her lower body kept lifting up with legs snaking out from her crotch towards me like some sea monster trying to snare its prey. I batted them away but her legs kept snaking out to entrap me. Suddenly a nylon clad thigh pressed against my face torturing my bust nose. I felt a calve hook itself around the side of my head. I tried to push off her thigh but she slid it down my face until the side of my neck was in the crook of her leg. Her other leg hammered against the other side of my neck trapping my arm between her legs. I felt her cross her legs behind me then she caught my wrist with one hand and held my hand with the other and pulled my trapped arm straight while stretching out her legs. “Aggg” it was like being on a rack. I no choice but to lean forward to relieve the pressure. This forced Julie to lower her backside to the floor. As she did she pulled me forward by my arm. I felt my upper arm against her crotch but I was in no position to enjoy it. My neck had a strong thigh across it and a calve hooked around the back. With my arm held straight across her body she kept me prisoner in a tight figure 4. She laughed at me “Oooh you’re face is turning ever so red”. My already abused neck was in agony and I was feeling like passing out as her legs strangled me. My left hand explored the long unyielding thigh my throat and the hard buttock below. In desperation I slapped her buttock hard again and again “ow ow stop it”.

Julie unwrapped the leg that had been chocking me and lowered it by my side. Before I could pull away the bitch twisted my wrist and yanked my arm hard to my left forcing my head over the leg she just lowered. I tried to pull back again but felt the weight of her other leg press down on the back of my neck. I found myself with my throat across the top of her thigh and another leg wrapped around the back of my neck pushing down. Pressing down hard, her slender but solid top of her thigh dug into my throat cutting off my air. No I won’t be beaten by a common bitch!. My left hand was still free and I grabbed the leg pushing down my neck. Sliding my hand down I found her calve locked under other leg. I gripped it low down then pulled trying to break the hold, but they held tight. Again and again I pulled and eventually unlocked her calve. Sliding my hand to her ankle, I gripped tight and pulled. Her thigh moved a bit but she fought me all the way trying to re-secure the choke. Yanking more furious her thighs chomped my throat as I fought to pull her leg off and she kept pushing it back. At last I managed to pull her leg away long enough to push back with my head and extradite it. Julie started kicking my head “let go of my leg you pig”. “Stop kicking or I’ll break your foot bitch” I snarled, getting to my feet I used both hands to pull her ankle high forcing the bottle blonde onto her back at my feet. “Great thong, cockteaser” I leered at the exposed crotch below me “I’ll soon have that off after I’ve broken this”. Holding onto her tiny ankle with one hand, I grabbed her foot with my other and start to twist. “Oww” she cried. “AGGGGGGHH!” I cried louder. The bitch on her back had driven a foot straight up into my groin mashing my nuts in a torrent of pain.

With tears in my eyes I released my tormentor’s foot to cradle my aching nuts, moving back painfully to keep out of the reach of any more low kicks. I watched Julie stand and lift a leg to massage her ankle “you bastard you nearly broke it. Well I hope I broke your balls”. Cradling the throbbing pain in my nuts, I noticed there was blood all over my expensive designer shirt, how was I going to explain that to Prunella ?, I’ll tell her someone tried to mug me but I beat them off. “You owe me a new shirt bitch” I sneered through gritted teeth speaking through the pain. “I’m going to kick you in the cunt and see how you like it”. “That’s very fouled mouthed for an executive” she replied “Anyway you owe those poor people a life”. She knew! but how ? The ache in my balls was the final straw, I had to silence her quickly and get out of here.

“You shouldn’t have messed with the big boys little girl” I sneered as I approached her, wary of any more low kicks. In the blink of an eye I caught a movement of her skirt and my hands moved to protect my balls just as a foot lashed up catching me square under the chin. My head snapped back hard then I fell to the floor, my head spinning. “Men like you just can’t handle my legs” I heard her tease. I felt dizzy, my jaw ached, I tried to get to my feet but my legs gave way beneath me and I fell to my knees.

I heard her laugh “such a big boy can’t handle a little girl eh?”. Still in a daze I noticed something long, black and shiny close in on either side of my head then clamp tight, something digging into my neck from either side. My hands instantly sought out the source of the pain to discover a pair of legs. Julie!, shaking the fog from my brain, I found myself looking out the back of Julie’s legs with her calves below me and her knees digging into neck. I grabbed her calves trying to pull them apart but they wouldn’t budge. Julie raised herself on her toes and squeezed harder. I saw the muscles in her calves swell and felt how firm they were. I felt nauseous and light headed. I could hear her laughing overhead. The bitch, I’ll fix her. Grabbing her ankles I tried to throw her off by getting to my feet. Instead Julie’s torso flopped down my back her strong legs not letting go. They leveraged my head back as they swung towards the ceiling, her toned calves bashing me in the face. I saw them quickly lock together in front of my face as she clung onto my neck. Her entire weight hung from my neck, I couldn’t take it anymore. I collapsed to my knees, Julie still scissoring tight. It felt as if I was distanced from my body. I was going to faint….

I came round with a strangling sensation in my throat. As my senses awoke, I raised my hands to discover a knee in front of my throat and a feminine leg wrapped tight. “Grrk” the crook of her leg was crushing my larynx, to my left was a slender hard thigh in nylons to my right a shapely calve with another leg wrapped around its lower part. “…” I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t swallow, and I couldn’t make a noise I was being garrotted by someone sitting behind me. It was then I realised that I was sitting on the floor with my back against a sofa. I tried to prise the legs away but they were locked firm, the leggy garrotte tightening in response to my efforts. “Julie dear, we can’t talk to him if you’re killing him” a sharp commanding voice said. “Don’t care” replied a familiar voice behind me. My eyes filling with tears, I followed the other voice and saw a short mature looking red head in a Salvation Army uniform. “How dare you attack one of my young ladies” another voice, a tall good looking blonde in a black mini skirt, great legs and a low top white blouse that showed off a nice rack “luckily she can defend herself against slime like you. You’ve done well Julie”. “Yes, you’ve softened him up nicely for us Dear” the red-head put in. “” I tried to swallow but couldn’t, I opened my mouth but not a scrap of air entered my throat. This hold was tighter than anything she had tried so far and I feared for my life. I really couldn’t breathe, the scissors were that tight. I was going to die, oh god, I’m too important to die, and I’m an executive. My head swam, I saw black spots my vision blurred. I tried to slip my hand between the knee to relieve the terrible stranglehold but there wasn’t a gap. As I desperately sought a crack, Julie’s legs seemed to wrap themselves tighter, I could swear my neck was about to collapse. I was going to die, I need to breathe! She’s going to kill me. I seemed to hear a voice from far away. “Julie dear he’s turning a rather unhealthy colour” a stern voice said. “Don’t care”. I felt detached from my body, my heartbeat loud in my ears as everything else tuned out. “He can’t sign his confession if he’s dead dear” the stern voice sounded far away, my vision faded. “Don’t care. I want him to suffer for what he did to me” a faint voice, who was that?, it sounded familiar. A spiralling black tunnel engulfed me.

My senses flooded back, I was alive !, of course I was, I’m executive, I’m privileged. Urrgh there’s something restraining my chest preventing from breathing fully and something’s digging into my back. Opening my eyes I see a nyloned thigh in front of me across the lower part of my chest. I remember where I am, Julie!. She’s got me on my back on the sofa with her legs around my chest. No, these legs are thicker than Julie’s, I reached forward to lift it away. Arghh! a hard slab of muscle bulges before my eyes and the clamp around my chest tightens. I turn my head towards my attacker and come face to face with a great pair of tits swelling in a low cut top. “My face is up here Mister Crook” an elegant voice says. I look up into an attractive face, clearly executive like me. “Release uh me uh” I struggle to get the words out with a compressed chest. “Let him speak Alice” a strict voice commands, I remember the old redhead. The band of iron slackens slightly. “Have you any idea uh who I am?” I pant.

“Oh we know exactly what you are” the attractive blonde, Alice, snaps. Her eyes are fierce and her mouth tight with fury. “You’re a selfish arrogant self-cantered overweight bully with his dick hanging out his trousers” I hear the redhead say but I’ve only eyes for the busty executive blonde. “Let me go, I’m an executive like you, we should stick argggg!” the leggy vice around my chest tightens. “I’m nothing like you Mister Crook, I don’t go around attacking young women” she snarled, effortlessly compressing my chest so much that I can barely draw breath. “So you’re an executive are you Mister Crook?” I hear the old woman say “Funny because when we went to your house earlier this evening it was a semi-detached on a busy road opposite a load of council houses. That’s hardly executive”.

I’m struggling for breath, I won’t let this happen again. I grab at the blonde’s lower leg to prise them apart but am shocked to find immoveable muscle in her calves. “You owe Julie a new blouse and tights. and I will make you buy them” the busty blonde said “Believe me these legs are more than capable of breaking your ribs”. As if to demonstrate, she squeezed harder, I could feel my ribs bending, oh god no please!. The pressure eased off and I sighed in welcome relief. “You will pay for them won’t you?” Alice asked. “Executives don’t pay for..urrh” The pain was back worst than before, she’s going to break my ribs oh god no.

“That’s an ugly extension you’ve built at the back of your house, more like a banqueting hall” the old one, Anne, said “You raped that poor planning officer, didn’t you?”. The pressure eased “No uh uh No” I remember the sexy brunette in the business suit and skirt, she was a great bang. “That’s not what she said. She was too afraid to talk, now we’ll help her press charges” the redhead said. “I pity your poor neighbours having to look at that monstrosity, blocks out their light too”. “I’m executive they’re not” I gasped before the blonde snarled “you arrogant pig” and squeezed harder. “Nooo pleease pleease” I begged with tears in my eyes. I could feel my ribs giving way and I was feeling light headed from being forced to take shallow breaths. I desperately clawed the strong legs trying to prise them off. SNAP! “Ahhh!!!!” the bitch grabbed my fingers and bent them back hard breaking them. “You rotter, you’ve laddered my tights. You’ll buy me a new pair as well” she scolded. “Alice dear, I hope Mister Crook is right handed, and buy me a pair too. Consider it penance Mister Crook” Anne added. “Pass me the phone please Major” Alice asked.

Trapped in her leggy prison, I listened helplessly as Alice phoned a well-known store in London that panders to the well-heeled late night shopper and after getting through to a personal shopper, made her order. Even the slightest move of resistance was met with an excruciating burst of pain that bent my ribs into my constricted chest. This blonde was like a human boa constrictor. “Yes my gentleman friend wishes to pay with his credit card” I heard her say “I pass him to you now”. Alice held the phone to my face with a glance of warning and relaxed her grip to allow me to talk. “Uh hello?” I asked. “Hello sir” came a posh female voice on the earpiece “that will be £120 including VAT. Is that okay sir?”. “How much?” I cried. My outburst was met a brutal chest crushing squeeze so tight I started to black out. I distantly heard the lady on the phone explain about only the best and executive or something. The blonde leggy demon relaxed her crush, I breathed with relief “yes yes uh uh of course. My credit card ?”. With a flick of her hand, my credit card appeared between Alice’s fingers and brought it in front of my face. Only able to breathe shallowly, I gave my details. I watched her great tits as Alice took the phone back to provide delivery details.

“Nnnnn” a frightening surge of pressure bore down upon my chest pushing my ribs into my body. I watched in horror as a powerful slab of thigh muscle stood bold from her leg. I could feel my ribs bending. I went to reach it with my good hand but I was scared she would break my other finger. The fierce fury upon her face transformed her pretty features into something frightening. CRACK no no no I tried to scream at the sharp pain in my chest but was unable to make a sound. “Alice! Captain Alice! release him at once” the old redhead shouted. Obeying, the blonde unlocked her leggy vice and pushed me to the floor. Moving to the edge of the sofa, she whispered in my ear “If I had my way with you, I’d break every rib, one at a time, slowly and painfully”. She rose and I watched with distaste the large muscles in her calves as she crossed the room to her superior. “Go round Jim’s he should have printed out those files from that hard drive you used to copy Mister Crook’s computer”. What! they’ve been in my house!. How dare these do-gooders enter my house and touch my property. I’m an executive, they’re just common goody do-good trash. I too afraid to speak out aloud in case Alice came back to finish the job. “Oh, and give him this letter please” Anne added as she guided Alice to the door.

“That’s a big garage you’ve built” the red head spoke as she locked the door “yet you park several expensive cars and a very non-executive white van outside your house obstructing the road”. If you’ve got it flaunt it bitch I thought. Anne turned to walk to the desk, her back towards me “Big loft extension too. Yet there are only you, your wife and two kids. So much room for four people”. Yeah get over it bitch, I stared daggers at her back. After my humiliation at the legs of two lovely women I was cautious about the old bird, but I couldn’t see any muscle in her legs. “Spoilt kids -My daddy’s an executive you’re not” she put on a silly childish voice “I’ve got a pony. We’ve got servants, they live in the loft and garage”.

What! I sat upright my ribs protesting at the sudden movement. I’m going to beat the crap out of her. “The police were most interested when they came round”. I didn’t care about the Police, I played golf with the commissioner. “WPC Wilkinson called in Special Branch. She really doesn’t like you does she?. You’ve got a thing for women in uniform have you?, called you an arrogant sexist pig. I can think of much worst names for you”.

Fuming I got to my feet, wincing at my broken ribs and fingers. Anne still had her back to me, looking at some documents on table. “I have two papers for you to sign. one is a confession for raping that planning officer and assaulting our Julie, the other admitting to distributing slaves for Davidson”. What! no way bitch. I charge into her back and grab her scrawny little neck in headlock. “I’m going to stuff those papers down your throat” I sneer peering down at the petite mature woman. To my surprise and disappointment Anne didn’t scream or buck around, she calmly raised her a hand to mine and grabbed my little finger and yanked it back hard. “ow ow ow” she smoothly led my arm away from her neck with a twist which forced my elbow up. Then as if she were at some kind of dance she twirled around twisting my arm forcing me to bend. “oww” it felt as if the bitch had bent my hand hard into my wrist and was about to break. Placing her other hand on my shoulder, she pressed down whilst forcing my twisted arm high behind my back forcing the side of my face onto the table crushing my cheekbones against the wood. “I was so hoping you were going to do that Mister Crook” she said “that way I can claim self-defence. As you can see, the women of The Salvation Army are very good at it”. She yanked my arm and pressed my shoulder so hard I could swear she was going to pull it out of its socket “please stop please”. “When I was a teacher, I used to punish naughty teenaged boys like this in front of the whole class” she said “nothing like a young man who thinks he’s tough being humiliated by a much older woman while the his classmates laugh at him”. “Mind you, I think some of them secretly enjoyed it judging by the tents in their trousers when I’d finished with them”.

It was bad enough being humiliated by those younger vixens, but to be dominated so calmly by a woman old enough to be my mother was somehow worst. “oww no no no” releasing my shoulder I felt her fold my arm with the hand still painful bent. “Stand up and walk with me backwards towards the sofa or I’ll break your wrist” she said. Oh god oh god ow I tried to straighten but the best I could manage was a stoop as this demon led me by my side backwards until my feet touched the sofa. “Ow!” she swung my right arm up and around then held it out straight horizontally from my body. Calmly she moved in front of my arm, staring at me sternly over the rim of her glasses. With my arm locked tight she drove her fingers straight into the crook of arm. “Oww” sharp shooting pains shot up my arm. Releasing my arm, I was horrified to see it flop to my side, all sensation gone. Oh my god I can’t move my arm, I can’t move my fingers, I can’t feel anything in my arm.

Smiling grimly, she reached up to place her hands on my shoulders. Wary of my broken fingers, I swung my left arm at her head but she calmly blocked it with her arm, wrapped her elbow and forearm around my arm and pulled it straight. “No!” she drove her fingers into the crook of my other arm. It felt like stabs of electricity shooting up my arm. My arm fell uselessly to my side. “Please stop” I begged. “I bet you’re beginning to wish I’d let Alice finish you off now, don’t you”. Holding my shoulders again, I watched helplessly as she moved her body to my side then swung out her leg behind me. “Aggh” bolts of pain shot up my leg as her heel drove hard into back of my knee causing it to give way beneath me. I collapsed backwards on the sofa. “Crook by name crook by nature” Anne said climbing onto my lap to sit astride me, her skirt pulled up to show much more leg than I thought appropriate for a woman her age. “Flash cars and designer clothes does not make you an executive, Mister Crook” she lectured looking at me sternly through her small glasses “You’re just an arrogant pratt”.

I wanted to tell her she was wrong, but the way this woman looked at me reminded me of all the strict teachers at school and she scared me. “Although I taught biology, I studied physiology” she tells me as she starts to undo my shirt buttons, there’s nothing I can do to stop her. “What are you doing ?, please stop” I beg. “I was intrigued by these martial artists who could incapacitate an opponent or knock them out with a light blow to a pressure point” she opens my shirt “I wanted to understand how it worked from a scientific viewpoint”. She tugs my shirt down my arms then removes it “I was never the sporty type, all that kicking and punching seemed much too energetic”. Gently she runs her fingertips up the inside of my right arm stopping to massage one particular spot causing a pleasant tingling sensation. “No I’d rather take my time punishing a sinner using my knowledge of the human anatomy”. “Crrkk” strong rigid fingers strike me hard in my throat. There’s a terrible sensation as I feel something dislodge and push back into my windpipe causing a blockage. I try to swallow but it feels like I’ve swallowed something too large and it’s stuck in my throat. Oh my god she’s crushed my windpipe or something!. I quickly forget about that as purple and violet points of pain explode all over my body as the stern mistress serenely drives her steel fingers into one place after another. I’ve never felt such pain before, I try to scream but there’s something horrible blocking my throat. She moves slowly around my torso and arms seemingly tracing some anatomical pattern of pain with her terrible fingertips. She knows where to inflict the most pain, she doesn’t miss a spot. I’m crying in tears with the sheer agony and terror. Please stop please I’ll sign anything just make it stop but I can’t talk. Smiling evilly, she looks down at my exposed dick then unbuttons my trousers. With a look of disdain she fishes out my testicles and holds them with one hand and then NO! her fingertips strike brutally at the base of my nut sack NO! NO!. Oh god the pain exploding between my legs is too much to bear. “That stop you producing any more monsters like you” she says.

Still smiling she runs her fingertips into the centre of my chest bone then strikes. I feel pain and an uncomfortable squeezing in the centre of my chest. Anne gets off me and stands before me watching. An intense pain spreads to my shoulders, neck and arms. “It’s okay Mister Crook. You’re just having a heart attack. You’ve probably got 8 minutes to live unless you get treatment”. Oh god oh god I’m too important to die. I feel a burning tightness in my chest, neck and jaw spreading to my arms. I try to get to my feet but my arms are useless and my right leg won’t work. I can feel my heart race and beat irregularly. “Sign these papers and I’ll re-start your heart, or die” she tells me coldly “Personally I don’t care which although if you’d die you’ll save the taxpayer putting you up in a luxury 5 star prison”. Feeling light-headed and nausea, I watch the redhead demon turn her back on me and walk casually to the table. I am sweating and short of breath. Please please I’ll sign just let me live, but the words fail to form in my mouth. Why is she ignoring me?, look at me, please. My skin is clammy and sweaty. Oh my god I’m doomed, I’m not going to make my first million like I deserve. Surely my 8 minutes is up please someone help. I notice Anne saunter over to me with a clipboard and pen. “Are you ready to sign Mister Crook ? or shall I come back in 5 minutes?”. I nodded my head vigorously. “Oh what a shame. Never mind”. Roughly she dug her fingers into the underside of my arm, I no longer cared about the pain I was a goner. Anne sort of massaged my hand then moulded it around a pen. Guiding my hand to a sheet of paper attached to the clipboard I signed as best I could where she silently pointed. I didn’t care anymore they can’t arrest me when I’m dead. Another paper another signature. Oh god I was dead. “I must say you are looking rather pale Mister Crook. Are you feeling well?” the evil bitch taunted as she walked deliberately slowly back to the desk. Placing the papers on the desk she turned and deliberately sauntered back to me. “You’re not smirking now are you Mister Crook?”.

I don’t understand what she did, I was fading fast and don’t remember it all but it seemed to me she was applying CPR. She wasn’t gentle, I recall her thumping my chest and applying pressure. Finally she sat back and I felt the tightness eased off but I still felt very ill. “You’ll live Mister Crook. Unfortunately” she said “Now if you excuse me, I’ve things to do”. Pushing my head to the side she drove her fingers into the base of the side of my neck. I welcomed the pain-free blackness of unconsciousness.

Crook was meticulous, he kept detailed spreadsheets of his ‘business trips’ to Davidson’s airfield and to his delivery points for tax reasons. More damning were the spreadsheets detailing the type of ‘worker’ – builder, agricultural labour, servant, pleasure worker; how much he received and the profit made. I knew Detective Michael Jenkins would be interested in that so I printed off two copies and handed one to Alice. As Alice left, I looked at the envelope she had given me from Anne. It was sealed with red wax bearing the impression of Anne’s necklace. I thought that might be worth keeping so with a letter opener from my desk, I carefully slit the top of the envelope and removed its contents. A single piece of paper with just 3 words:
“Look to Anahita”

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