Danger at the beach (JIMP#20)

Beach stud is dominated by the self-defence skills of two young women

Another story about my sister in-law Marianne and her sister in-law Julie who beat up some poor guy on the beach

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Any likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2010
Gary Young walked across the soft sand and shingle of Old Hunstanton. A slim fit man of medium height in his late twenties wearing Speedos and beach shoes, a faded grey T-shirt with a small rucksack on his back. He headed north away from the red striped cliffs, the fossil hunters, tourists and the beach huts. The popular seaside resort of the new town was starting to wind down about to become little more than a ghost town now that most of the holidaymakers had gone. That meant the seasonal work upon which locals such as Gary depended was coming to an end. Gary had been working the funfair rides, bare-chested to show off his magnificent deeply cut abdominals that he had spent the off-season developing. With his abs regularly topped up with a fine mist of sun tan lotion they glistened like a shiny stone brick wall attracting openly lustful gazes from the women and some men as well. With his physique and ‘gift of the gab’, he had his pick of the female holidaymakers. He preferred the gullible 16 or over teenagers who fell for his line in romancing until after he had humped them and left them. The older women were much easier, horny and grateful for whatever sex they could get.

The summer was cooling, days often clouded, windy and wet. However today the skies were clear and the sun was giving a last burst of heat that the English called an ‘Indian Summer’, which no one from that sub-continent would recognise. Although situated on the eastern coast of England, Hunstanton actually faces west across The Wash, the squarish estuary off the North Sea where Norfolk meets Lincolnshire. This gives it uniqueness in that it is the only eastern resort in England where the sun can be seen to set over the sea.

It was late afternoon, Gary enjoying the warm rays of the sun on his skin and the heat reflected off the sands as he walked further north to the more desolate parts of the beach where the tourists seldom trod. He was alone apart from two figures in the distance playing and chasing each other in the shallows. From this distance he could tell that they were blonde, female and wearing white T-shirts with briefs. Knowing that this might be his last chance of scoring until next summer, the man altered his course for the long walk towards the sea, the tide being at its lowest revealing a vast amount of damp sand. After several minutes, he could see that both blondes were slim, long legged and full of energy as they ran around splashing and chasing each other. Too tall to be kids, he hoped that they might be students having a bit of fun before returning to University. Oh yes, that would be a great way to round off the season. A threesome with two hot sex mad Uni girls. Stopping to remove his T-shirt and give his awesome girl magnets a misting, he tucked it in his rucksack then continued trudging across the damp beach.

As Gary got closer, he was at first disappointed to realise his mistake. These playful blondes were much older. One seemed quite good looking and in her mid-twenties while the other, a plain looking dork with a thin face wearing thin spectacles, was perhaps late twenties or early thirties. Their short blonde hair shone like gold in the sunlight and their wet long shapely legs glistened as they splashed through the waves. Their playful chase was heading in his direction and he caught the tell-tale sign of unfettered breasts bouncing wildly under their dripping T-shirts. This was definitely worth checking out.

As they run closer, Gary feels his groin tighten seeing their completely soaked white clinging to the slender contours of their long lean bodies. They looked like a pair of ancient Greek goddesses emerging from the sea draped in glistening chiffon. The wet cotton is virtually translucent, their boobs fully visible lurching and bouncing erotically with dark aureoles and jutting nipples as if thinly plastered with wet tissue. He notes with growing lust how the soaked fabric clings to the lines of their lithe bodies, taut stomachs and belly buttons, no fatties here.

As they run around each other, Gary notes the older one is wearing tiny white briefs moulded wetly to a small shapely backside that calls to his loins. His groin twitches harder at the sight of an almost non-existent white thong on the younger one, her compact tight arse to all intents naked. Oh yes he is going to enjoy sinking himself into these two!. He appreciates that each has a slender body with narrow shoulders tapering down a long torso to a slightly narrower waist and endless shiny wet legs. Both are medium height although their body shapes make them appear much taller. The younger one is obviously a bottle blonde, her dark roots visible at her crown of very pale hair which falls wet and limply to her shoulders. She seems good-looking and has a nice rack bouncing around inside her wet shirt. Gary normally didn’t bother with geeks or dorks but the older one has a great body with a full stack, firm body & sensational shapely legs.

The women have spotted him and the younger one runs up to him, boobs bouncing like two excited ferrets under her clinging top. She comes to a halt about 4 feet away then stands staring at him with penetrating brown eyes, swaying slightly from side to side, head tilted coyly as if measuring him up. Yeah baby take a good look at this hot bod, let’s you work for it. She is about 5’10” a couple of inches taller than him. Her face is longish, slightly square with dark eyebrows, a slender nose and medium mouth with a strong dimpled chin and firm jaw line. She is attractive in a slightly sensual, handsome way rather than stunning or pretty. Her wet top clings to her nipples and auroras on a decent sized bust, a magnet for Gary’s leering gaze. Phoar I’m definitely having some of that he thought, speechless for once at the splendid sight.

Her torso is slim and taut, her stomach flat and hard. The tiny white triangle covering her groin with thin strings leading off over her lean hips is tantalising. Gary appreciated a good pair of legs and this girl hit the mark with lovely long slender thighs with slender shaped and toned calves. Smiling at his attention, Julie provocatively thrusts her bust at him causing them to jiggle attracting his lustful gaze and introduces herself. “Wotcha mate, enjoying the view are ya?. I’m Julie wot’s your name”. The voice is plain with a slightly harsh Mockney accent that together with the look pegged her as a council estate girl from the Home Counties. As she spoke, he thought her medium sized mouth seemed crowded with teeth with prominent incisors. “I’m Gary, love but you can call me your Adonis, your love god” he puffed up his chest and tightened his abs. “Thought that was Eros” she replied. “Whatever. Come over here love, I don’t bite” he said. “No but that thing in your Speedos might spit” Julie chuckled. Fixing him in a smouldering look and a seductive smile, Julie moved slowly forwards in an exaggerated swagger that allowed her breasts to swing from side to side. Oh she wants it bad, he thought. “Why are you walking like an idiot?” asks a pleasant voice with a gentler accent. Her companion has arrived.

The dork wore small thin wire rimmed spectacles that magnified her narrow small eyes to become large and very appealing with blue irises and large pupils that just seemed to bore into you. Standing about 5’9″ her face was small, long and narrow overshadowed by a large sleek nose with a slight cleft above the nostrils. The top half of her upper lip was narrow and slightly protruded giving her small mouth a very appealing natural pout that Gary had the urge to kiss. The slimness of the nose, her small eyes and mouth made the planes of her face appear open. Her small kissable mouth also emphasised a dimpled chin that sat on a narrow pointed jaw. Her naturally sandy blonde hair was worn with a loose fringe above her slender eyebrows and fell over her long ears to around her lovely swan-like neck. Gary had to admit that on closer examination she wasn’t bad looking for a dork and kind of pretty in a gawkish way. “Who’s your friend, love?” he asks. “This is Marianne. Mar this hunk is Gary” Julie explained. “Hi Gary” Marianne says. “You two beauties here for a holiday” Gary asked. “No, just here for the day. Admiring the sights” Julie replies.

Gary’s eyes keep slipping down to Marianne’s sensational stack emphasised by the wet gossamer plastered to her body. His dick stiffened at the sight. Her stomach is firm but with a hint that she’s probably had kids. Her lanky legs are sexy with strong thighs and long shins adorned with very shapely calves. These swept up gracefully from slim ankles to well toned slabs of calve meat. Looking side on, they were like inverted half-teardrops, beautifully shaped and quite deep. The problem with Speedos is that there is no room to hide an erection and Julie notices. Standing next to him, he is amazed to feel her stroke the front of his briefs, the touch stiffening him further. “I think he fancies you Mar” she chuckles. “Now now ladies, there’s plenty of that to go around” he said slightly embarrassed.

Moving her hand to his abs, Julie rubs them exclaiming, “Cor if I were a man I’d fuck these”. “Julie!” Marianne exclaimed in a horrified voice. Even Gary was shocked. Julie just laughed. “They’re rock-hard love. A lot of hard work has gone into these beauties. Why don’t you both have a good feel?. Go on love they won’t bite” he directed the last statement to Marianne who just shook her head. “I’m not interested. They’re just for show to pull shallow women” she told him. “They’re real love. Go on, give them a punch. I won’t feel anything, it’ll be like hitting a brick wall” he preened. “Oh I might break my tiny handy wandy” Julie said in a silly childish voice then chuckled. “We’ll hurt you” Marianne added. “No chance of that. You could hit these with a sledgehammer and I wouldn’t feel. They’re rock hard” he slapped his stomach hard a couple of times for emphasis.

“No. She is right. We really WILL hurt you” Julie states. Gary feels his machismo is being challenged. “Rubbish you girls can’t hurt me. Look I tell you what, love; we’ll have a bet. You hit my abs as hard as you can and if I’m still standing, which I will be, then I win. If not, then you win, but that’s never going to happen” he chuckles. The women seem to consider this for a while then the older one asked, “What happens if you win?”. Gary smiles “Then you both give me a double Blow Job and I’ll bonk you both any way I choose as many times as I want. Believe me babe I can keep it up for hours. You’ll won’t be able to walk right for a week by the time I’ve done with you”.

“Ooh such a stud. Wot if we win?” Julie asks. “Won’t happen love” he replies. “Yes, but just supposing we do?” she persists. “Then I’m yours for the rest of the day. You can do anything you want with me” Gary replies anticipating the sexual bliss of these two having their wicked way with him. Either way he couldn’t fail to get his rocks off.

“Let me see if I’ve got this right” Marianne says her blue eyes so hypnotic Gary found it difficult to look away. “We hit your abs as hard as we like and if you’re still standing you get wanked off then you take both of us over and over again”. “Yeah as if one of us isn’t more than you can handle” Julie sneers. Marianne continues “and if you’re not standing we can do whatever we like to you and you won’t try to stop us”.”That’s right love” Gary replies perkily. “How many goes do we have to hit you?” Marianne asks. “Well I don’t want to wear you out too much too early so …let’s see..”. Both women have slender firm looking arms, they’re not thick and strong like some athletic girls he’s seen. Gary cringed at the thought of muscles on a woman, ughh, that’s so repulsive it would be like making love to a man. These two wouldn’t be able to punch very hard. “You get five goes each”. “It’s a deal” Marianne replies quickly with a smile.

“Ooh I’ll go first” Julie shrieks bouncing up and down with excitement. “OK love” Gary laughs at her eagerness. The bottle blonde stood in front of Gary with her taut slender body still visible through the slowly drying T-shirt and pulled her right arm back by her side with her fist clenched awkwardly. “No love you’ll break your fingers like that” Gary reaches towards her hand but she brushes him away. “Just let her do it how she likes” Marianne sighs. “Your funeral” Gary sighs standing straight with his arms by his side and his stomach pulled in. “Yah!” Julie’s fist shot forward slapping him weakly against his washboard. He laughs aloud “What was that?. A fly could hit harder than that”. Face turning red and gritting her teeth Julie says “Let me have another go, I wasn’t ready”. “Tough. That was your first go” he retorts. “Go on have a second go Jules” Marianne says. “Thanks” Julie replies.

Raising her face to the sky with her eyes closed and her arms stretching towards the sand at a slight angle from her damp clad body, Julie takes a deep breath. Admiring her body especially the breasts thrust forward towards him, Gary snorts “what the f?”. Before he could blink, Julie’s fist fired forward in a blur of motion. “Hai!” she yelled as the main joints of her bent fingers slid into the cleft at his belly button and bit deep into his gut, her knuckles hammering the hard muscle above. “Mmmm” Gary’s clenched mouth tried to suppress the cry of pain and the air expelled from his diaphragm. He had to make a conscious effort not let his midriff sag. Gary was taken aback by the strength of the punch and how it had slid effortlessly between his defences. “Ain’t his face ugly when he screws it up like that” Julie said. It took several moments before Gary felt confident to speak. “Huh lucky punch love huh” he said as he steadied his breathing.

“We warned you that we would hurt you. Now it’s my go”. Marianne strode forward to stand before Gary. He leered at the way her ample bosom bounced as she moved, the damp fabric still clinging to their curvy contours. “Why don’t you give in now before I hurt you?” she told him her pert mouth moving. “She just got lucky that’s all. Won’t happen again” he said. Gary admired Marianne’s big boobs and erect nipples then her long sexy legs as she stood before him composing herself fixing him with magnified blue eyes. He tensed his abs and waited. “Hai!” Marianne’s arm flashed forward her fist hammering her knuckles hard against his muscled midsection with a resounding thud. “Mmmufh” Gary’s face contorted as he bit back a gasp as his skin burned and abs buckled under the impact. He was shocked by the strength of the punch. He had to take several moments to regain his breath before he dared speak. “Not bad huh love huh” he finally said “not good huh enough either”. Marianne’s eyes blazed and her mouth tightened. Gary tensed. “Hai!” she screamed, her fist moving so fast that he missed it until her bent fingers plunged deep into his navel sliding effortlessly into the line it lay in until her knuckles hammered the ridge above. “Boooorpph!” the air exploded nosily from his mouth in an uncontrolled rush at the hard compression of his stomach. Eyes screwed tight in agony, he staggered back a few steps powerless to prevent himself bending double gasping for air like a fish out of water.

“Woo yeah!. Nice one Mar” Julie cried jumping and clapping as Gary’s brain whirled in disbelief. He tried to stand straight but the cramp in his winded gut prevented him forcing him to place his hands on his knees and stare at the sand trying to breathe. Gary was barely aware of Marianne’s toned calves flexing as she turned and walked a few paces for Julie to take her place. “Come on hard as rocks lover boy. I want another go” Julie chirped. Gary couldn’t answer, he could only stare at the lovely legs in front of him. “Leave him. He’s had enough. He’s finished. We’ve won” Marianne added triumphantly. “No huh huh no way huh huh” Gary tried to straighten but was still winded. “So much for your six pack. Six pack of toilet tissue more like” Julie taunted. “Six pack of lard more like” Marianne added. They burst into raucous laughter that burned his ears, his face turning red as he tried to force himself to breath regularly. “We warned you that we would hurt you but you wouldn’t listen” Marianne said. “Huh you karate experts huh” he panted with suspicion. They laughed. “No, we’re just good at self-defence, lard abs” Julie replied. Both women laughed at that making Gary see red as he tried to regain his composure. “We’ve won. Now let us take our prize” he heard Julie say.

Forcing himself straight he told them “I’m standing …you both got lucky”. He has played this game with girls before and thought he had punch proof abs; he couldn’t comprehend what had gone wrong. “Look …maybe we can just walk down the beach …and I’ll show you my boat” he said, hoping to change the subject. “Ah is the diddums scared the big bad girlies will hurt him some more. Does he have a tummy ache? Do you want to take a lie down?” Julie taunted as if talking to a baby. That riled him “No!” he snapped. “I’m ready bitch. I can take it. Go on if you think you’ll be lucky again. Come on bitch what are you waiting for?”

“That’s a very rude way to talk to ladies. Right you’ve asked for it mate” Julie’s face has hardened, the anger barely concealed. For a moment Gary thought about apologising for his outburst then tensed his stomach. “Hai!” moving swiftly Julie turned slightly, made a little skip then powered a sidekick into his navel. Shocked, Gary felt her bare sole hammer his gut, flattening his muscled resistance and lifting him onto his toes. “Nnnarrrr” he cried in pain as an explosion of pain flared in his stomach deflating his lungs. “Arrg” he moaned as his torso curled inward around his burning middle.

Looking through bleary eyes, Gary clutched his gut breathing quickly and shallowly. “Huh huh cheat”. “What did you call me?” Julie demanded. Forcing himself to stand straight, Gary took several deep breaths to re-inflate his lungs and steady his breathing then said, “Cheated ..No kicking”. “Actually you said that we could hit you. You didn’t say anything about how” Marianne told him. “Yeah so tough luck mate no wimping out just because you can’t handle it” Julie sneered. “Huh..not wimping out. …only meant to punch” he protested. “Tough. Ready or not here I come, lard abs” Julie said. Tensing his abs quickly as Julie rotated side on, Gary braced himself. “Hai!” she screamed loudly. “Borooorfffffrpph!” a much more powerful sidekick rocketed her bare sole into his tummy, his abs useless as runny jelly. Gary felt his feet leave the sand and he staggered back quickly several steps tripping over backwards and barely stopping himself falling with an arm. Crouching he doubled over badly winded, his forehead against his knees cradling his bruised gut. “Yeah! I’m good I’m good!” he hears Julie cry jubilantly.

The crunch of sand close by caused him to lift his eyes up to see a pair of long shins backed with a swell of very shapely calve muscle. “Get up. It’s my turn to pulp your six-pack. I haven’t got all day” Marianne says sternly. The slender muscles in her thigh twitches as she sweeps the sand before her. “Leave me alone…you cheat” he said weakly. He saw a nicely arched size 8 foot swing smoothly towards him, and felt the softness of the top of her foot and toes gently cup his chin and lift his head up. Gary never understood men with a foot fetish, but he had to admit that he could quite easily kiss these elegant feet. Standing on one leg with her other outstretched, Gary had a birds eye view of the large dangling semi-tear shaped calve and the tendons tightening as her foot rose higher gently encouraging him out of his stoop. “Up you get” she said gently. As he rose, his eyes wandered up the long firm thighs and lean torso. They traced the slopes of her breasts and the valley between. The way her chest, still very visible through her damp top, rose and fell as she breathed was mesmerising and a complete turn-on. “Having a good look?” Marianne asked but he ignored her hypnotised by the sheer feminine magnetism of the gently moving mounds. “Oh he fancies you” Julie tittered at the stiff bulge in his Speedos. The magnificent bust suddenly wobbled from side to side. “Phoar” Gary moaned. “My face is up here, lard for abs” Marianne said as she fixed him with her steely gaze. “Hit your abs you said and hit them I will. Anyway I want”. Marianne’s legs looked stronger than Julies with sleekly defined slabs of muscle in her thighs and Gary didn’t like the idea of those driving a size 8 into his stomach. His abs felt tired and sore after Julie’s crippling kick. “No, I’ve had enough. You knew what I meant” Gary protested. “Hai yee” Marianne yelled making Gary jump in fright. However she just slid into some martial arts pose she’d probably seen on some film, turned side on Gary, her lovely legs apart semi-crouched, her arms raised bent with hands open as if ready to deliver karate chops. “I smash belly like firewood” she said in a bad oriental impersonation. “If you not going to play fair, I’m going” he said feeling a tinge of fear. He turned to leave but Julie blocked him. “Run and we’ll go into every pub down town telling everyone how we bust your six pack and that you ran away like a wimp” she told him. Gary swallowed; he knew that he would never live down that sort of embarrassment in such a small town. “Ok..” he said, calming his breathing he turned to face Marianne, who had moved out of her fight stance, and readied himself. You can handle this he told himself, I’ve faced much bigger angry husbands and boyfriends than these two and coped. They got lucky that’s all, poking their slim bony fingers into my navel like that, I was just shocked wasn’t ready. Well I’m ready now.

Gary watched cautiously as Marianne went through the same calming ritual as before. He tensed his stomach muscles ready. “Hai!” Marianne spun around quickly and blasted a back kick, her heel hammering savagely against his navel compressing his tight muscled defence. “Mnnnnagh” Gary couldn’t suppress the cry of anguish as a shocking power drove his body clean off the ground and backwards several feet. Gary crashed into the sand and rolled on to his side curling as he gasped for breath. “That was awesome Mar. I think you’ve finished him” he heard Julie say. “Noooo….no” Gary forced the words past the tightness in his chest. Placing his hands on the sand he tried to push himself to his knees but was too weak. “Huh….she’s a .huh..cheating whore” he spat out.

“WHAT did you call me?” Marianne’s voice was so hard and angry it made Gary jump to his feet. A biting remark died on his tongue when he looked into her eyes. A hard cold gaze edged with fury, amplified by her spectacles burrowed in his eyes, her small mouth tight. It raised the hairs on the back of his neck. He had to look away, he couldn’t endure that look. “LOOK at me! when I talk to you” she demanded in a voice developed from disciplining unruly kids. Gary found himself obeying. “I asked you a question. WHAT did you just call me?” she demanded. “Please no more. I want to go” Gary pleaded. Marianne walked closer fixing him with her steely gaze. “Did you call me a cheating whore?” she asked. “Please I’m sorry” he said nervously as she came to within an inch. “This is my 4th go” she said. “No, no please no more” he begged. “Tough”. Slapping her hands on his shoulders Gary felt Marianne pull his torso forward and saw her body jerk then felt her bony knee pile drive itself so powerfully into his gut that he felt his body crumple over her rising knee as it lifted him what felt like a couple of feet into the air. The blow was so severe that he was fell to the sand and curled into a tight ball without making a sound. The Gary-ball rolled back and forth on the sand; its mouth opening and closing soundlessly, its brain starved of oxygen. “That’s not fair, you’ve broken him and I’ve still one more go” he heard Julie complain as if she was moving far away and the light failed. “We’ve both got a go each….”
SPLASH!. Cold salty water hits Gary in the face arousing him from his slumber. SPLASH more drenches his face. Coughing and spluttering with the salty taste of seawater in his mouth and stinging his eyes he sits up momentarily confused as to where he is. Two pairs of long glistening wet legs stand in front of him. “About time too. We began to think you were in a coma or sumfing” a blonde, Julie, spoke – the two crazy women from out of town!. Gary looks up at their soaking wet T-shirts clinging to their lean bodies. “Look at this, it’s all stretched out of shape. It’s ruined” Marianne said holding the bottom of a sopping wet top. So that was where the water came from, they must have carried it from the sea holding their T-shirts like cloth bowls.

Gary can’t help noticing that their tits are showing in all their glory and their hair is dripping. So they’ve had time to play while he’s been out. “Get up. We’ve one go each left” Marianne tells him. “Sod off. You’re crazy, both of you” he snaps. “I told you he would wimp out” Julie says. “Let’s go down town and show the local the photos you took of me posing on him while he was out” Marianne says. “WHAT! What photos” Gary cries, getting to a crouch. “The ones I took with this” Julie lifts a camera by its strap out of a striped bag by her feet that he hadn’t noticed before. How long had he been out?. “OK you win. You can do whatever you want with me” he says in defeat. Marianne steps forward, leans down and grabs his right arm and bends it backward across her arm. “Ow my arm! Let go” he cries. He tries to slap her arm away with his free hand but Julie steps forward and traps it in another arm lock. “Stand up or we’ll break your arms like a wishbone” Marianne tells him. Grimacing with pain but trying not to show it, Gary is forced to his feet like some crucifixion victim.

“You owe us one hit each but we know you can’t handle it so we’ll do you a favour and kick you both at the same time” Marianne says. “No more kicks please, you’ve won” he is disgusted to hear himself plead. “Brace yourself. On the count of 3. 3,2,1”. From the right he saw Marianne’s long graceful leg swing around like a club whacking the top of her foot against his sore navel at the same he feels Julie’s foot slam into his lower back directly opposite. It’s like being caught sideways between pistons. “Argh” he cries and tries to sag but the women force him to stand until they are sure he won’t collapse again.

“There that’s all over with. Now we can enjoy our prize” Marianne tells him as he feels around his hurting middle. The thought that these two were going to take him for their pleasure lifted his spirits and he starts to pull down his Speedos. “What are you doing!” shrieks Marianne. A long graceful leg swings forward and pushes a well-shaped foot between his legs. For a second he thought she was going to kick his balls, but she angles the top of her foot against his todger and starts rubbing gently back and forth. Oh yes, a foot job!. Enjoying the stimulation, Gary holds her slim ankle watching the tendons in her lovely foot move. Her large shapely calve dangles, a magnet for his hands. Gary leans forward to hold it in his hands feeling its firmness as he caresses it in his palms while her foot rubs him stiff. He looks along her sleek long wet sheened thighs to her crotch, oh I really want to get in there he thinks. Her top is so soaked that it was nothing more than a thin wet plaster over her slim waist, firm stomach and large breasts. The virtually nude body in front of him and the feel of her foot rubbing his dick was highly arousing. “You think we fancy you so much that we’re going to bonk your brains out don’t you?” the good-looking dork asked. He didn’t need to answer she could see his rod stiffening.

Marianne’s foot withdrew until her only the tips of her toes were in contact then the bottom of her toes travelled up the front of his Speedos. Gary gasped as he felt her long flexible toes fold over his shaft in a strong grip and started squeezing it firmly and rhythmically. “Oh that’s good” he moaned at the sensual massage. Her toes were strong and skilful pumping his manhood solid. “I could make you shoot your load in no time” she tells him. “Oh yes please” he sighs lustfully as he grows harder under her manipulations.

He had almost forgotten about Julie until he felt her wet body against his arm and push her face close to his. “I bet you’d like a threesome” she says softly then runs her tongue around her lips. “Oh yes” he moans moving in to French kiss her, but Julie moves back, gently pushing her friend’s leg away. He watches as the younger blonde turns around giving him a good view of her small tight backside, naked apart from the incredibly thin thong between the cheeks. “Do you like my arse?” she asks, thrusting it back and forth and moving it around as she gyrated her hips. Gary was reminded of the girls of West Indian origin whose booty dances would drive him wild with desire. Julie was nowhere as skilled as them but the sight still aroused primal lusts. “Phrooar” was the only sound Gary could make, his dick throbbing. Oh god he wanted to sink himself up there. “I think that’s a yes Julie” Marianne says.

Smiling Julie turns to face him and moved closer until their chests touched. “In that case have a closer feel” she said taking hold of his right arm then turning her body slowly. Gary felt her wet hip then buttocks rub against his groin as she turned, his arm being draped over her shoulder. “Let me give you an arse job” she said seductively. Gary felt her backside slide back and forth over his dick then bump into his groin opening a small gap between them before being pulled back. She repeated this several times in a continuous motion, bumping his dick with her lovely arse then pulling him back. “Orrr” he moaned, the sensations had him aching badly, he just wanted to sink his dick up her arse. Suddenly Julie bumped him away hard, pulled him back sharply as she leant forward loading Gary onto her back. Gary was forced to the tips of his toes and felt his stiff dick pressed against her hard backside. “Orrr” he moaned. Feeling strangely helpless with her arse pressed hard against his erection was driving his dick crazy. After a few long moments, Julie lowered him to the ground then repeated the move twice more increasing his lust. Just as he thought she was going to do it again, Gary was surprised to find himself not stopping on her back but tumbling head over heels. He landed on his back raising a small puff of sand, his erection trying to point towards the sky against the resistance of his Speedos. “Cor nice tent Gary” Marianne said causing an outbreak of giggles from the two women.

“What the feck was that” Gary said getting to his feet. “Let me show you” Marianne said softly moving her wet body against him, turning her back against him then pulling his arms around her. Moving his hands to her breasts, Gary kneaded the wet mounds, excited to feel how they moved under the slippery fabric, his erection pressing into her backside. “Ohh god you’re sexy” he moaned with mounting excitement. He was in bliss, groping her boobs and starting to hump her backside. Suddenly Marianne pulled his right arm away, bumped her backside hard against his groin and pulled him back swiftly. Gary felt his groin bump into her arse and roll up it as she bent forward loading him on her back. He felt himself fall over her shoulders tumbling briefly in the air until his back reacquainted itself with the sand. “Phoar that looks painful mate let me help you” he heard Julie commenting on his rampant erection trying to force its way out of his tight briefs.

Before Gary could react, Julie was lowering herself to into his lap with her back to him. As she kneeled astride him, she slid back, her thong-covered backside pressing his hard erection against his stomach aligning it between her beautiful tight buttocks. He gasped as the pair of fleshy bowling balls starting sliding back and forth, the sensation driving his cock crazy. “Ohhh god” he moaned. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Julie” Marianne leaned forward by her friend. As she did, her big bra-less breasts hung like small torpedoes, the long deep cleavage visible through the damp material. It was all too much for Gary to take. “Nnnn nnn”. Julie shrieked and jumped up quickly. “Nnnn nnnn nnn nnn”. Gary came in long hard spurts. Finally spent, he laid back on the sand closing his eyes feeling the weak warmth of the sun against his cheeks. He never had an arse job before and it had been incredible.

Julie was shrieking “OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod he’s got me pregnant!”. “You can’t get pregnant like that” her spectacled friend told her. “OhMyGod I need to wash it off quickly” Julie darted off towards the sea. “You need to wash off too” Gary heard her say and opened his eyes to see her looking down with a disgusted face at the sticky mess around his crotch, his stomach and leaking from his messed briefs.

Getting to his feet Gary slowly sauntered towards sea replaying in his mind the amazing foot and arse job. “Ow!” Marianne’s foot slapped across his backside like a teacher brandishing a cane. He spun round to face her. “What the feck did you do that for?” he yells. She walks past him smiling then turns to confront him. “Run to the sea don’t dawdle, we don’t have all day” she tells him. “F you, you gawky dork!” he shouts. Suddenly Marianne rushes forward, grabs him by the back of his neck and swings a lanky leg towards him. Gary feels the foot planted against his stomach and sees the blonde fall back pulling him down after. Falling, he sees her back hit the sand beneath him then feels a surge of power against his middle as pushes him high over her. Gary finds himself tumbling high and fast before his back slams into the sand several feet away from the leggy blonde. “Off” the jolt of the landing knocks some air out of him.

Lying on the sand in a daze from the throw, he notices Marianne lithely get to her feet and walk towards him. “If you don’t start running, I’ll throw you all the way to the sea” she says. The steely look in her eyes convinces him to get to his feet but he isn’t quick enough. Striding past him, Marianne turns then runs towards him. Before he has time to think, the blonde repeats the stomach throw at whiplash speed using her foot against his groin. “Offf” the impact is harder and Gary lies stunned from the speed being thrown a much greater distance than before. As his equilibrium settles, he realises that she nearly knocked him out. This sexy bodied dork is dangerous; this wasn’t turning out to be the sexy fun he was hoping for. A crunch of sand warns him of her approach. Gary quickly scrambles to his feet and stumbles out of Marianne’s reach.

“Come on love. Give us a break. Look how about you and me get down and dirty while your friend’s away” he says. “Whorrrpp!” Marianne’s foot brutally explodes into his gut driven by a mighty sidekick that causes Gary to stagger backward. “Borpph” in an uninterrupted fluid motion, the blonde stepped forward and hammered a sidekick with her other foot into Gary’s abused navel driving him further back. Again and again Marianne marched forward her legs alternating sidekicks to Gary’s once proud abs driving him backwards towards the sea. Powerful hammers of pain stomped his gut preventing him to catch his breath. Unable to take the punishment any more, Gary fell to the sand,  curled gasping and sobbing. “Get up cry-baby so I can kick your gut to the sea” Marianne says. “Hnnnn..please..nnn…tummy hurt..orrgg” he cries.

As Gary lay on his side, tears in his eyes, wishing the terrible ache in his gut would go away, he was aware of a sandy foot approaching his face. “Look at me” he heard as he struggled to turn his face skyward to avoid grit being ground in by her sole. Her foot slid off as he rolled onto his back. “That’s better, now listen good” the deadly dork tells him. Gary looks up her long shanks to the white briefs covering her crotch. He stops struggling enjoying the view. “You will run to Julie or else” a foot was raised over his stomach. With a yelp, Gary got the message and rolled away quickly. Getting to his feet, he started running aware that Marianne was close behind. He was fast but with his battered stomach, he couldn’t keep up the pace. With fits and starts, Marianne chased Gary all the way to the sea with hard stinging kicks to his backside whenever she caught up.

Gary sees Julie running through the shallows towards him. Once more her top is drenched to transparency showing off every inch of her lovely body. Gary was enjoying the view so much especially entranced by her breasts jiggling like wild animals that he didn’t notice her face is tight with anger until it was too late. He sees the lithe bottle blonde vault into air like a long jumper before wet bare feet slam into his chest. The drop kick knocks Gary backwards onto his behind. With no time to contemplate his position, he is hauled to his feet by the furious young woman by his right arm at risk of a broken little finger bent back hard. Without pause he feels both of her hands clamp his hand and force it high in the air as she turns and raises her arms then swings them down in an arc. Gary feels his arm twisted then his body cart-wheeled through the air before splashing back into the water.

Not giving him time to think and still holding his arm, Julie splashes down by his side and slams the crook of her leg across his throat. Pulling his arm between her legs, pivoted over her crotch, she pulls back savagely while pressing down upon his throat with her leg. “Arghk…my arm” Gary cries as it feels like his elbow is going to shatter. “Don’t break his arm Jules” he hears Marianne’s voice as she lowers herself by his other side. “He deserves it, the bastard might have got me pregnant” Julie snarls torturing his arm and neck.

“I don’t think so. Look why don’t we pretend he is our prisoner and we’re interrogating him” Marianne suggests. “O..K” Julie replies. Gary felt his other arm snatched and saw a leg draped over his face as the dork mirrored her friend’s hold. “Arggk”. He felt like he was being crucified with both arms outstretched against their groins, a feminine leg pressing on his throat and another uncomfortably across his nose and eye squashing his face. “Arghhh… Please…no” he tried to beg but the two ignored him as they exerted their dominance over him. “I think we’ve softened up the prisoner enough for questioning” he heard Marianne’s voice. With relief the pain in his arms eased and the legs freed his face and neck.

His relief is short-lived as Julie straddles his body as if mounting a horse, her backside hovering over his face. For a second he thought in horror that she was going to sit on his face until he sees her wet glistening legs sliding back and tuck themselves tightly around his neck. Pert naked buttocks lay high upon Gary’s chest and he couldn’t resist feeling them. “Prepare for questioning prisoner” Julie said. Gary watched in fascination as the small buttocks before his eyes clenched and tightened with muscular looking ridges forming near the bottom where they met. The legs around his neck squeezed hard. “Argh .. Please let me go.. need to go to work” he said as the legs scissored into his neck. He was shocked at how hard these lovely legs were gripping his neck. Instinctively he raised his hands to the limbs crushing his neck surprised at the firmness of her long shapely hamstrings and her hard thighs. Try as he might, he couldn’t budge them to relieve the relentless pressure. “Work eh?” he heard her say. “Ahh” he grunted, gritting his teeth against the pain. She’s only a girl she can’t keep this up surely?. Despite the pain, he was intrigued by the dip in her buttocks where she was clenching. Reaching forward he was stunned by how rock hard her ridged glutes were. The endless pressure was getting too much and he began to feel light headed and the blood flow to his brain was reduced. “Please..” he croaked.

That’s when things got a lot worse. Trying to grit his teeth and close his eyes against the tight grip around his neck, he felt a leg force its way under the small of his back. “Mmmmmmmmm” he groaned in agony as his abused tummy was caught in a powerful body scissors. It felt as if his innards were being squashed flat, so much so that he found it difficult to breathe properly. In a panic, Gary reached past Julie’s strangling legs to encounter a long slender rock hard slab of muscle running along Marianne’s outer thigh. “Mmmm” the combined crush was intense and making his head spin wildly. “We’ve got strong legs and know how to use them” he heard Marianne say as he struggled to cope with the brutal dual scissors. With relief Gary finds the pressure slightly eased off allowing him to breathe better, albeit awkwardly. Julie asked him “Who do you work for?. Quickly now”. “Uh… funfair” he gasps. “Mmmmm” the brutal twin crush clamped down again. He couldn’t believe two pairs of such beautiful legs could inflict so much pain. His head swam and ears buzzed so loudly that he almost missed what was said. “Maybe in the summer but not now. It looked closed to me” Marianne said. “Let’s squeeze the truth out of him” Julie said with glee.

Just as Gary had thought slender girls couldn’t squeeze any harder, he felt Julie fold a calve behind his head drawing his throat tight against her backside. He felt her raise herself on her arms and a terrifying surge of power around his neck. “Phrjjkkkk” Gary found himself chocking and his jaw trapped in a vice-like grip. As if it couldn’t get any worse, he felt Marianne do the same powering a brutal crush on his diaphragm. Oh god she’s cutting me in two, he thought as he struggled for breath. His vision blurred and the blood pounded in his ears while his eyes and mouth were screwed in agony. “Hnng hnnng” he tried to thrash about in pain but only his legs could move. His diaphragm had been squeezed shut; his windpipe clamped tight, the blood to his brain cut off. His vision faded towards blackness. SLAP!. A stinging slap burned his cheek, bringing him to his senses. “Oh no you don’t. You answer the question first” Julie had angled her upper body around to look at him. “Arkk” he could breathe – barely. The girls eased off the pressure a little – but not much. “I said tell us why you’re on this beach” Marianne repeated the question he didn’t remember hearing. “Urrghh please …got boat” he forced the words out. Gary was on the verge of passing out when he found his neck suddenly released.

With Marianne still maintaining a bruising body scissors, all Gary can do is lie there with the water pooling around the indentation his body is making in the damp sand. In front of him, Julie falls to her side, her legs sliding around his neck until he finds his throat held tight in the crook of her leg as she applies a figure four head scissors. He feels the pressure lift from his belly and a leg slide out from under him. “What do you do in this boat of yours” Julie asks.  “Arkk …please….pick up deliveries …urh ..from ships …in Wash” it’s difficult to answer with your larynx compressed. “Lift” he hears Marianne’s voice. “Urkk”. Julie raises her legs pulling his head up by the neck. Then his head slumps back and he finds it is not touching the water. As another long leg appears from the other side and hooks itself over Julie’s thigh above the knee he realises with dawning horror that the older girl is applying another figure four scissor hold on top of the first. “Urrkk” the pressure is too much shutting his larynx. “What sort of deliveries” Julie asks.  “…”.  “Jules he can’t talk ease off a bit”. “Kkeesh live …stock” he croaks, forcing the few precious fragments of air he can gulp into sounds.. “Oh, livestock” the younger one says. To Gary it seemed that they both tried to stretch out together squeezing hard. Imagine a clamp has been put around your neck then tightened so that you can hardly breathe. Then another clamp is put next it to around your neck and also tightened. That’s what Gary felt like as the strong legs of Julie were squeezed by the stronger legs of Marianne. With his windpipe clamped shut Gary frantically tried grabbing at the legs that trapped him but other hands pulled them away. Starved of oxygen, Gary’s body began to shut down.
SPLASH. Gary comes round spluttering salty seawater from his mouth and nose, his eyes stinging. SPLASH another small wave rolls over him. He sits up to find himself surrounded by shallow water sitting in a depression in the wet sticky sand. Getting to his feet, he notices the crazy women a lot further away back digging in the sand. Looking beyond them he spots a couple walking in the distance across the dunes. Suddenly Gary is running across the vast sandy plain, waving his hands frantically, shouting at the top of his voice. “Help!. Please Help Me!”. They’ve seen me thank God. “Please help me!” he yells. Why are the stupid people waving back?. “No. Help”. Suddenly a weight cannons into his back sending him crashing to the sand. A second body lands on the first. “No don’t go” he cries weakly as the couple walk off thinking the young man and women are just playing.

“No please no more” he begs as the weights shift about on his back. “Bad prisoner, trying to escape. You must be punished for that” Julie’s voice says. A slender female arm slips around his neck and Gary finds his torso pulled back forcing him to his knees. Another arm joins the first then he is pulled over onto his back. Lying uncomfortably on a couple of legs, he notes with alarm the vixens sitting either side of him. Too late, the legs spring like a mousetrap capturing its prey, clamping his body tight. Julie is continuing the assault on his poor gut squeezing his middle like a tube of toothpaste while Marianne’s sleek thighs compress his ribs. “Please..no..more” he pleads, his diaphragm in torment. “Who do you work for” Marianne asks. “A….please…self employed” he forces the words out. “So who do deliver the livestock to?” she asks. “Please….”. “Can you feel your ribs bending?” she asks. He can, her strong legs are pushing down his sternum and he can feel his ribcage bending. “Please…you’ll break them” he gasps in terror. “Then answer the question” she replies.  “Crook of … Ugley”. For some reason both vixens squeeze down so hard that his head spins and he almost blacks out. “K..k..k”, The pressure eases. “Guy Crook is in jail you liar” Julie screams at him, she looks so furious that it scares him.  “Please…legs ..too strong” he begs. “Then tell us the truth” Julie shouts. “Arghh..I am…Crook of Ugley…urghh.urghh can’t breath.. Ted Hawkins”. The scissors tighten again. Much too tight, can’t breathe, ribs bending, too dark
SPLASH Gary has a case of déjà vu coughing up seawater as he comes around. He sits up feeling his bruised stomach and ribs, nothing seemed to be broken. The crazy bitches are not too far away digging in the sand. Quietly he tries to stand up but Julie spots him and runs towards him. Gary starts running too but the punishment inflicted on his gut and diaphragm makes it difficult to run fast and the bottle blonde quickly closes in. Gary knows he can’t outrun her so turns to face her, he notices the gawky one is now running. “Please!, leave me alone”. But its too late, Julie somersaults over and over springing from her hands and feet then legs are flying up like tentacles to wrap around his neck. Twisting to one side her bodyweight hanging from his neck, she throws him to the sand. To his surprise she stands up and removes her thong. Gary is transfixed by the sight of her neatly trimmed small dark bush. Oh my god, he’s going to have her after all. “Have you got the sun cream?” she asks her friend who has just arrived. “I don’t think this is a good idea” Marianne says. “Just pin him and let me do this” Julie replies. Gary feels Marianne kneel from behind upon his shoulders and looks up to see her crotch tantalisingly close to his face.

A stream of sun cream pours over his abs then Julie lowers herself on to his stomach and begins to slide back and forth. “I told you I wanted to fuck your abs” she says as she rides his six-pack. Marianne lowers her backside on his face blocking his view. He can swear he feel Julie’s erect clit rubbing against him and that turns him on. “Ooh this is good Mar you should try it” she says as she builds to a constant rhythm. The sexual tension builds and Gary finds himself getting hard, he’s never had a woman making love to his abs before. It wasn’t only him getting turned on as Marianne angled forwards so that her crotch was slowly rubbing over his nose and lips. Gary was amazed, he had never had a woman work herself off his face before either, he was really aching now. Here he was satisfying two babes at the same time, and without using his cock. Julie was really pressing herself hard against his abs, he was sure he could feel her pussy lips as well as her clit working itself off over his washboard. The woman on his face was sliding deep and hard over his face that he was afraid she would break his nose. Despite that, the sexually charged atmosphere gave him a huge boner which he wanted to plunge into one of them and he didn’t care which. Gary didn’t know who came first; the moans of the women were indistinguishable to him. This was a first for him; two women had pleasured themselves with his body at the same time.

He was raging hard as both women got off him, sated in their lust. As Marianne’s crotch lifted off his face, the urge was irresistible, his dick too hard. Gary scrambled to his knees and threw himself at the blonde pushing her backwards onto the sand. Jumping on top of her he fought her flailing arms as she put up a struggle. “Come on love, you’ve had yours. Now it’s your turn to satisfy my dick”. A weight fell on his back and Julie’s arm slid around his neck in a headlock. Bracing herself with her legs she pulled him off her friend and fell backwards pulling him down on top of her. Gary felt her legs snake inside his calves then pull his legs apart in a form of grapevine.

Gary sees the fury blazing in the gawky woman’s magnified blue eyes. Her small mouth was tight but the prominent upper lip made it look more like a sexy pout which Gary had the urge to kiss. She leant over his waist resting her hands upon his knees, pressing his grapevined legs to bend painfully outwards. “Arghh no please I’m sorry” he pleads as the ligaments at his top of legs scream their protest. He sees the dork pull her right knee back and knows what’s coming but there’s nothing he can do about it. “Please no” he begs. “You…Bastard” Each word is emphasised by her slender bony knee hammering into his balls, cruelly crushing his erection. “How…Dare…You” over and over Gary feels his aching nuts caught between her hammering knee and his body. Each blow causes his legs to scream torment as Julie locks them wide. “How..Dare..You” she yells not letting up the pummelling of his groin. Gary is in tears, crying uncontrollably. “Mar!. That’s enough” Julie tells the older woman. “Bastard!” one final knee slams hard between his legs and stays there crushing his nads against his body before she stands up glaring at him. As Julie releases his legs and pushes him off her, Gary curls into a ball, whimpering, clutching his nuts.

He hears the vixens whispering to each other, but he is in too much of a world of pain to care. His balls are ache badly, his gut pains, his ribs and neck are sore. He just wants to be left alone. However these hot-bodied crazies have other ideas. Taking hold of each of his hands, they force the sobbing wreck of a man to his feet, bending his fingers back while stretching out his arms to each side between them. “Please leave me alone” he sobs. He feels his hands released and he starts to slump. “Stand up straight prisoner or I’ll let Marianne smash your balls some more” Julie says standing in front of him with Marianne by her side. “We will now execute you” Julie says. Before he has time to react, he sees two blurred legs kick high towards him. Gary felt a fearsome double kick hammering each side of his neck, like being caught between two swinging baseball bats.

SPLASH! Gary comes around coughing and spluttering as a large wave rolled over him. His ears are under water; the tide has turned, the sea risen. SPLASH! Another delivers more salty water to sting his eyes and get in his nose. Trying to rise he finds he can’t, he is laying under several inches of wet gloopy sand. He remembers the hole that the crazy chicks had been digging!. SPLASH!. Frantically he tried to move his body but the weight and cohesiveness of the wet sand put up a strong resistance. SPLASH! Oh god I’m going to drown!. Furious rocking his body he managed to break the suction and free his upper torso. A short while later he had worked the rest of him free. The tide was coming in fast now and it would soon get dark.

A young man walked through the shallows and across the beach. Occasionally he rubs his sore neck, aching gut and bruised ribs. He stops to pick up his discarded rucksack and continues across the sand. Soon his destination is apparent. A long wooden hut at the scrub in a remote part of the beach few people tread. Manipulating a combination lock, he unlocks and opens the door and goes inside. A minute later he reappears wheeling out a small open boat with an engine on a trolley. Leaving the boat, he goes back inside the hut and walks over a small radio transmitter and microphone. Switching the unit on, he speaks “Black Tango, this is Alpha Foxtrot. Come in Black Tango. Over”. A burst of loud static comes through the speakers then a voice. “Alpha Foxtrot this is Black Tango receiving you loud and clear, over”. “What is your position?, over” “We are anchored just outside The Wash. Ready to make the drop-off. Over”. “I’ll be there in half and hour. Over”. “Good. The sooner the better these slaves smell awful, over and out”. Gary switches off the transmitter.

Suddenly a soft but strong arm wraps around his neck from behind and locks itself into a tight sleeper hold. “Arg” he clasps the arm strangling his neck but he can’t move it. A familiar voice speaks “what’che doing mate?”. Another familiar voice “something naughty I think”. Oh no! The crazy vixens. He struggles in vain but the hold is too tight and the arms too strong.
I was leaning against the car door reading a book when I saw the girls emerge from the toilet block having changed into dry clothes. Glancing at the Coast Guard helicopter flying overhead and out to sea to join the Customs Cutter which I had seen earlier, they ran across the sand and grass of the near empty car park towards me.

I stood up to greet them and was rewarded with lovely hug and kiss from Marianne that tingled my loins. I think Julie noticed my reluctance to let go of my sister in-law. She sidled up, pressed her body against me and gave me a long deep kiss that got me throbbing. Marianne gave her admonishing look then said  “Jim, I think we’d better go. It’s getting late and it’s a long way home”.

As we got in the car watching the arriving Police cars, sirens and lights blazing, I asked them “Have a good day at the beach girls?”. “Marvellous Jim” Marianne replied from the passenger seat. “Yes, we can’t wait to work for you again. Can we Jim?” Julie asked from the rear.

Driving past the old lighthouse, a TV van hurtles into the cliff top car park. Marianne gave me an enquiring look.
“Makes things more difficult to cover things up when it’s broadcast live on air, don’t you think” I said.
A phone rings and is picked up. “Sir Anthony Jones” the man introduces himself.
“The collection has been made. A marvellous piece of engineering. Quite remarkable given its age. In fact I would say unique wouldn’t you?” a man’s voice replies.
“You fool. You were meant to wait until the Professor had translated the diaries”
“Over zealousness on the part of our agent. I’m sure you can find another expert”
“I suppose so. You will make arrangements for its delivery to me at once”
“The American military have offered 10 million dollars for the device”
“You work for us”
“Sir Anthony, as a banker I’m sure you’ll well appreciate the law of the greedy fat bastard.  I’ll make sure you are invited to the auction”
The line went dead.

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