Upstairs, downstairs and in the Kitchen Maid’s bedroom (JIMP#19)

Jim is playfully dominated by a kitchen maid’s Judo and sexy pastry skills

based upon a leather wearing motorbike girl who worked in the canteen where I first worked. This was to have included Jim chasing her to London and ending up in a Judo fight on the Tube. I cut that part out and re-used the idea in a later story

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Any likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2010
Inside the thick walls of an ancient castle somewhere near the Swiss Alps, a group of predominately men meet in secret. Outside a private army keep all unwelcome eyes away. Between them, there are representatives from every major bank and financial institution in the World. Yet outside these walls very few are aware of this convention’s existence. A man with a strong Swiss accent presides over the assembly. “Sir Anthony Jones. The report from Britain if you will”.

“Thank you Mister President. I am pleased to report that despite a change of political leadership, the Government continue to rule. The destruction of the British manufacturing base is almost complete. The plan to destroy the IT industry is well underway”. The white haired man paused to allow the chuckles of amusement die down. “As you are no doubt aware importation of slave labour suffered a major set-back but normal service will be resumed shortly”. At this point Sir Anthony pauses to smile “I am especially pleased to announce that steps are being taken to retrieve the Smthye-Jones legacy. At long last the prize will be within our grasp”. The audience explode into applause.
My name is Jim Priest. A few months ago I had discovered the diary of Victorian explorer Lord Gerald Symthe-Jones that had been hidden for years at Bristlingdown Manor [JPECHO#1]. Bringing in the experts, it was determined that the diary had been written in an ancient Avestan language. Sections of the text had been encrypted by a long forgotten mechanism, although I had found the key on the base of a statue of a mysterious Indo-Iranian Amazon goddess [JIMP#17].

If Lord Gerald had gone to the trouble to build a secret room to hide his diary and the key, it would follow that he had also hidden the encoding device or code table elsewhere in his home. Keeping the encoder and the key separate being the safe thing to do. That had led me to my current tiring search of the large manor house. Have you any idea how many books there are in the library of an English stately home, how many paintings and pieces of artwork?

That’s when I started seeing more of Mary. I had first noticed her whenever I went to grab something to eat in the kitchens located in the basement. She was a slightly tough looking though attractive young woman in her early twenties, about 5’8″ with a slightly plump medium build which some might have called boyish apart from a full bust which was usually hidden beneath an apron. As a member of the kitchen staff, she wore a light blue overall. Beneath this was a pair of nice calves clad in sheer black nylons, which appeared to be quite short possibly because she wore soft black flat shoes that looked a bit like ballet slippers. One outstanding asset, only seen outside of the kitchen, was her long wavy jet-black hair that flowed from a fringe above her eyes, over her ears and fell down her back almost to her waist. Mary had a small compact face with a clear slightly tanned complexion with sensual brown eyes surrounded by thick black lashes and low eyebrows. She had a slender nose and a compact chin with a small mouth that usually didn’t smile as she tried to look tough, although this came across quite sexy. Although fairly quiet, she was known as a biker babe, putting on her leather trousers and jacket to ride off on her motorbike on her days off.

At the time it didn’t strike me as odd, but I seemed to see Mary quite a lot when I was searching around. I had just assumed she was delivering tea or whatever to Sir Humphrey. I was in one of the old state rooms getting ready to go home for the day looking at the large tall elaborately carved Indian cabinet that occupied part of one wall, thinking that I wouldn’t like that in my house. The piece was dark and heavy although some of the carving was intricate and my eyes were drawn to the little three-dimensional temples near the top edge. It then struck me that the circular peak on the unit was a different colour and texture than the rest. I went off to find a stepladder to borrow. Upon my return I saw Mary in the corridor outside of the room. Smiling and saying hello, I passed and set up the ladder by the unit. I climbed the ladder and caught Mary watching. She blushed then asked “Whattca doing Jim?”. “Sir Humphrey won’t like you touching his stuff” she added. “Oh, just checking the humidity meters on these antiques” I lied. I don’t think she believed me but she walked away so I continued my inspection.

Slotted into a small metal bracket was a circular object standing vertically. Using a small screwdriver I carefully prised the object out of its holder. As I did so, I realised that it was made of metal that had been painted on the back to look like wood. The object was about 3″ in diameter and an inch thick. The back of the piece, which had been facing forward, was solid and elaborated decorated. The front was equally decorated around its outer edge inside which was a concentric ring with about 50 symbols around it. This ring could be rotated and as I did so I could feel the slight resistance of some cog mechanism. At the centre of this ring was a central hub in which there was a rectangular cutaway revealing different symbols as the ring was rotated. I guessed that you selected the symbol to be encoded on the ring by aligning it with a raised marker on the outer edge then read off the cipher text symbol from the cutaway window. The mechanism was probably symmetric so that it could work in reverse – select the symbol to be decoded and read off the plaintext symbol from the window. Peering closer at the cutaway slot I could just make out an intricate system of cogs and rings. As I slowly rotated the ring I could make out symbols on different rings aligning themselves with the window. This was a very clever piece of high precision small-scale engineering that belied the apparent antiquity of the device. Along the side of the object there was a set of 4 recessed small metal levers that were difficult to set by hand. Along the top of the recess there was a sequence of tiny dots starting with a single dot at the top to a group of 9 dots at the bottom. These obviously controlled the key that changed the internal linkage of the cogs inside resulting in different encryptions.

Elated, I carefully descended the ladder then put the object on a side table while I collapsed the ladder. When I turned around the object had gone!. Cursing my luck I ran into the corridor outside the room just spotting a flash of black nyloned calves and soft shoes disappearing through a door at the end. I ran to catch up only to bump into Mrs Jones, the old fashioned housekeeper. “Mister Priest ! There will be no running in Bristlingdown Manor!” she reprimanded me. “I’m chasing a thief ..” I tried to explain. “What is more, this is a staircase for female servants only. You are not allowed here” she interrupted. Mrs Jones still believed in strict segregation of male and female servants. “One of your girls has just stolen a valuable object belonging to Sir Humphrey. I need to follow”. “Be off with you!” she swung a wooden bristle brush at me, forcing me back through the door. I didn’t have time for this; I raced for the male servant’s staircase ignoring the reprimand that followed. “No running!”. Fortunately I knew how to get to the women’s staircase on the next floor, hoping that Mrs Jones hadn’t the same idea. I almost bumped into John, one of Sir Humphrey’s bodyguards. “John, I found the encoder but think Mary took it. Tell security not to let anyone leave,” I panted as I rushed by. As I climbed the steep narrow uncarpeted staircase, I was hoping Mary had gone to her room in the attic, where the women servants lived.

Fortunately the women’s bedrooms had their names on the doors, so it wasn’t long before I knocked on Mary’s door. As she opened it I don’t know who was the more surprised. “Jim! You shouldn’t be up here. If Mrs Jones catches you,” she said not needing to voice the dire consequences of a man getting caught in the women’s quarters. I was completely taken aback by the sight of the quiet kitchen girl wearing a white gi top tied with a black belt. Her legs were bare as was her chest between the V of the neck. I had never seen her thighs before and I wasn’t disappointed, they were thick and shapely, but it was her upper body, which really grabbed my attention. Standing like an idiot staring at the white wraparound jacket and black belt, I was lost for words. Feeling both nervous and exhilarated at how supremely confidant she looked, my brain signalled danger and the urge to flee whilst my loins twitched with lust at the powerful image she projected.

“Come in quick” she ushered me into her room and closed the door. The room was small with just a single bed, a small wardrobe and a chest of drawers. Closing the door Mary faced me with her arms by her side. She looked so tough and dangerous that I was both jittery and turned on. “What’s the matter Jim? you look nervous. Do I frighten you dressed like this?” she asked softly. I had to swallow looking at this attractive but tough young woman in her combat clothes. “Um well it’s a bit intimidating but ur at the same time I find it quite exciting” I admitted, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. It was true, that simple white top and black belt had transformed an ordinary kitchen girl into the vision of a deadly fighting machine against which I knew had no chance. Yet at the same time I was very turned on by the raw female power this implied. It wouldn’t have mattered what she looked like, she could have been plain or ugly, young or old; I still would have been turned on badly. Well maybe not too young, that would be perverse. As it was Mary was attractive. “Exciting?” she asked softy and stepped closer until our chests were almost touching. At that moment I found Mary to be incredibly seductive with her long hair tumbling freely and the gi making her seem strong and sexy. “Most men run a mile when they see me like this. You look like you want to run to. Don’t run Jim. Stay and play with me”. She added a wicked smile that made my groin twitch. I swallowed again and slowly raised my hands to her shoulders and started to stroke the fabric of her gi. “I um find you powerful ..scary and yet ..”. I paused too embarrassed to admit my feelings. “Yes?” she asked softly. “Incredibly sexy”. A smile appeared on her lips. “Sexy? Thank you, I’ve never been called that before. Most men I’ve met are scared of women who do Judo” she said. I continued to run my hands over her jacket “The idea of what you could do to me both scares me and … turns me on. I don’t know whether to run away or..”. I got lost looking into her penetrating brown-eyed gaze. “Yes?” she queried. “Worship you” I whispered and was immediately embarrassed that I had said it. The smile got wider and there seemed to be a twinkle in her eye “I’ve never been worshipped before”. I felt her ample chest press against mine “why don’t you show me how”. I moved my hands with more confidence down her arms and around her shoulders, feeling the heavy crude material. “This uniform makes you seem so powerful”. I felt the black belt. “This makes you seem invincible. Too much for me to handle and that really turns me on” I gushed.

With growing lust, I traced the heavy quilted weave up the front edges of the jacket and across to the slopes of her chest whilst tentatively kissing her neck. “You look like you could slam me into the ground at any moment. The idea of that really makes me hard. It scares me yet part of me wants you to do that”. I tried to kiss her mouth but she turned her face away. “You could completely dominate me with your Judo and make me satisfy you anyway you want. Worship you all night long” I was hoping she would take the hint. She looked so powerful with her smouldering stern looks. “None of the guys here dare chat me up” she says “not once they find out I do Judo”. “I find that hard to believe, you are gorgeous” I reply caressing her chest while gently kissing the fabric on their upper slopes. “Those that don’t, run a mile when they find out” she continued. “I wouldn’t run with you dressed like this. You are gorgeous and so sexy”. I kissed and massaged her ample chest more vigorously as my lust swelled. “Men always go for them. They show you that I’m a real woman. A woman who is a much better fighter than most men and certainly more than you can handle”. She was right; the sensuous movements of her breasts under the thick cotton were undeniably feminine and completely addictive contrasting with the fighting skills the jacket implied. “Do a good job or I’ll slam you right through that window to the ground 2 floors below” she said “don’t think I can’t because I’m more than capable of doing it”. That really aroused me “oh god I want you” I moaned. I went to kiss her mouth again but again she turned her head so I made do kissing her jaw line and neck. “If you leave a love bite, I’ll break you in two” she warned. The more dominant tone of her speech was really getting me going. The contradiction of a normal woman so young and gorgeous and her apparent skill in fighting techniques once the reserve of the military was incredibly exciting. As I passionately kissed and kneaded her chest, I was surprised to feel her hand unclasp the front of my trousers then slide down my pants. “I’ve heard rumours about weirdoes like you” she softly told me. I couldn’t resist any longer. “Oh I want you bad” I grabbed her and kissed her passionately on the lips. She broke the kiss. “You bad man” she teased. The next thing I knew, she had grabbed my wrist and slid an arm around my waist. Turning, her backside slid against my crotch then I was tumbling through the air to land on my back.

“That wasn’t worshiping me Jim, that was feeling me up. Here help me move this mattress to the floor then I’ll give you the beating you deserve” I heard her say. Looking up I saw Mary pulling one end of her mattress off the bed. I got up and helped with the other end until the mattress was in the middle of the room. Stepping slowly towards me across the mattress, she told me “So, it turns you on if I beat you up?” she said. “No, nothing rough. Just show me that you can physically dominate me” I replied. “Gently” I added. “Oh, I can do that. I like slamming men around and putting them in holds they can’t get out until they completely submit to me. By the look of that bulge in your pants I think you do to”. As the gi-topped lovely approached me, my gaze swept longingly up and down her body. “Come and get me if you want me” she teased. It’s then that I remembered why I was here in the first place. “Mary, we need to talk. You were in the Indian state-room downstairs a few moments ago weren’t you?”. “Yes, what’re you going to do about it big bad mister private dick man. Come on subdue me and interrogate me. If you think you’re hard enough”. Mary had become very dominant in the way she spoke and her posture. She wasn’t aggressive but the gi reminded me of what she must be capable of and that made me pause to think. Maybe I had made a mistake coming in here alone. “Um Mary, perhaps I’d better come back later to talk” I tried to sidle past her towards the door.

“Oh no you don’t” she said stepping forward to grab my upper arms. Facing her, I felt my legs swept forward high off the ground beneath me. For a moment I was floating as she leveraged my body over her hip then I fell to hit the mattress on the other side of where I had originally been standing. Mary had controlled my fall with my arm so that I landed on my side. She now wrapped her arm around mine so that it was tucked beneath her upper arm and her forearm pressed against the elbow joint. Stepping astride me, she crouched low whilst applying pressure to the joint. “Ow! That hurts” I cried in alarm. “Look how feeble you are. I’ve subdued you in seconds. I could easily break your arm if you don’t submit”. The mistress of the mattress applied more pressure causing me to yelp with pain. “No please Mary no. I submit, I submit” I begged. I felt Mary release my elbow and stand up behind me stretching my arm vertically then bring her bare knee against my tortured elbow and press. “Ow! No please Mary no. I give” I pleaded. “SNAP!” she shouted then laughed. “Now get up and fight back or I’ll break you up badly” she ordered. I had no choice, Mary maintained the arm lock and forced me to my feet. I was in no doubt that she could have broken my arm if I had dawdled.

Releasing my arm, the Kitchen girl in the gi top faced me across the mattress. “Come on, try and get me Jim” she commanded. My aching elbow reminded me about the old adage of being careful of what you wish for and that this wouldn’t be as much fun as I had hoped. I tried to return to my queries. “Wait please. Mary tell me whether you took the object I found in the state-room?”. “I don’t want to talk about that. I want to play with you” she snapped. “Mary please tell me I need to know”. “I’ll show you my Judo if you show me yours” she said. The maid in white stepped forward as if to walk by me, took my right arm with one hand and slid the other around my waist. I felt my right buttock pivoted across her hip as she bent. In a dizzying motion I swung upside down before falling on my front at her feet. “Orppph” despite the mattress, the fall drove the breath out of me. Before I knew it, Mary was sitting at my side, with her back to me punishing my poor elbow again. “Ow! No please”. Pushing herself backwards across me, my black-belt tormentor forced me to roll over to my back or risk a broken arm.

Mary’s bodyweight fell across my chest, the white top before my eyes. I watched dumbly as she immobilised my right arm by wrapping an arm around it and bending it back with her other hand stressing the tormented joint. At the same time, she slid a lovely warm bare leg under my left upper arm then sandwiched it with her other leg pressing my forearm back so hard I cried out aloud afraid she would break it too. Mary looked at me and laughed. “Such a cry baby. One twitch and I could break both your arms as if they were twigs” she told me. “Ow! Please Mary stop it. Let me go” I begged. Ignoring my pleas Mary held me immobile with the nerves and tendons in both arms shrieking in pain for a long drawn out moment that left me frantic. “Please no please I submit” I cried. She laughed at my discomfort. “I thought you wanted me to dominate you Jim ?”. “No no not this hard” I pleaded as she twisted my left forearm painfully against its natural movement then transferred the wrist from one hand to the other. “Look I can even keep you helpless with just one hand. I can do whatever I want to you and you are powerless to prevent me”. I felt her free hand unzip my trousers then slide down the front of my pants pulling my manhood out. With long slow motions she began to stroke back and forth. “And I do mean absolutely anything” she purred. With my arms incapacitated and her bodyweight on my chest I was unable to stop this Judo goddess from playing with my manhood even if I had wanted to. I felt weak and useless, completely dominated by Mary’s grappling skills and the sensation turned me on. “Oh you like that you naughty pervert”. Her slow strokes were having the desired effect. “You’re so hard Jim! You really are one of those weirdoes that enjoy women dominating you aren’t you?”. I moaned in lust then shrieked in pain as she stressed my arm joints to breaking point. “That’s to remind you that I’m doing this because I can and not for your pleasure. Now get up”.

Withdrawing her hand Mary untangled her legs then still with hold of my arm, forced me to my feet to face her before freeing me. “Come on Jim, don’t be such a woose put up some kind of fight at least. Give me a chance to really show how you how useless you are against me”. After that last demonstration and the ache in my arms, I’m apprehensive about continuing but am conflicted between the lustful feelings she aroused in me and not wanting to get hurt. “Please Mary I just want to talk” I say as I tried to back away but Mary steps forward to take my right arm at the wrist and elbow then pull it across her ample soft chest. Stepping closer she tucked my hand under her upper arm then turned pulling me forward. As she did so, I felt my right foot kicked away and I tumble over her thigh. As I fall Mary retained my arm. Looking up from the mattress, I see Mary leaning over me holding my arm straight and pressing against the socket at my shoulder. “Ow ow please stop” I beg. “Are you really that much of a wimp?. Are you going to try to fight back or shall I break your limbs one by one before throwing you out of that window?” she tells me sternly. “Ok yes I give” I cry. I feel Mary move my extended arm between her soft warm thighs and back against her knickers. “Ow!” I cried as Mary’s crotch pushed against the joint. “Resistance is futile” she chuckled “I can even break your arm with my pussy”.

She released me and stood up, hands on her hips waiting. “Come on you pathetic wimp. Grapple with me or I really will break your bones”. I wasn’t sure whether she was serious, but as I cautiously started to get to my feet an idea came to me. While crouched I made a grab for Mary’s bare legs while barging into her lower torso with my shoulders. More out of desperation than any real skill, Mary fell to her back and I tumbled afterwards. Maybe she had been caught by surprise or perhaps I had winded her but I easily moved on top of her. I struggled to pin Mary’s hands to the floor. She was strong and was putting up a spirited resistance but I managed to raise myself and bring my body weight to bear down weakening her defence. Even so, it was a difficult struggle to pin the girl, she fought me all the way. I felt Mary trying to slip her legs under mine and with alarm realised that she was trying to capture my legs either to force them wide or some get them in some painful leg lock. Trying to suppress my panic at my audacity with trying to grapple with a Judo black belt, I managed to get my legs inside hers and spread them as wide as I could. OK, I’m not that supple and I couldn’t stretch her legs as wide apart as some women had done to me, but it did the trick.

It must have surprised Mary too, for I found I had forced her hands to the mattress either side of her head. “Ohh” she panted. The eroticism of the hold didn’t escape me as I lay chest to chest with a lovely brunette in a gi top, breathing heavily, my legs spreading hers wide, my groin pressing and twitching in lust against hers, her arms pinned looking down into her dark smouldering eyes. “Bad boy!. I can feel your erection throbbing against me” she chuckled. I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist it and kissed her mouth passionately. To my pleasure, Mary reciprocated kissing back with equal vigour. “Well done Jim. I didn’t think you had it in you. You’ve pinned me” she said breathlessly from our kisses. “Now let me go and try again”.

“Not so fast Mary. Not until you tell me where you put the object you took. It’s very important”. Mary looked embarrassed and her eyes slipped from my gaze. “You wouldn’t understand” she muttered. I didn’t really want to hurt her but I really needed an answer and so focussing on my legs tried to wishbone hers wider apart. I used to belong to a swimming club when I was younger and I do a lot of walking which kept my legs strong. “Ohh Jim” she cried. Regretting the tightness in her mouth and flash of pain in her eyes I told her “Hand it back Mary and no one need ever know”. “I’m sorry I can’t. Please let me go Jim. How much longer do you think you will be to pin me like this?” she said through gritted teeth. “As long as it takes” I replied. Once I had forced her legs wide I actually found it quite easy to maintain the hold. “OK OK Jim, I give. Let me go and I’ll show you where I put it” she pleaded. “No way. You tell me” I replied. Mary didn’t reply she gritted her teeth and stared at me with those penetrating brown eyes. Finally she said “The rucksack on the dressing table”. “Thank you Mary” I said releasing the pressure off her legs. I couldn’t resist kissing her again before getting off her and to my feet.

Walking over to the rucksack, I opened it and saw a lot of neatly folded clothes. Feeling around I located the device wrapped in a T-shirt. “Going somewhere Mary?” I asked. OK I should have known better to turn my back on a Judo expert especially when I’m looking through her stuff. Hands grabbed my arm from behind and twisted me around. Rapidly I was pulled roughly back and forth then I found myself falling forward with a foot in my gut as she stomach threw across the length of the room. Dazed, I could only lie and watch Mary’s shapely backside clad in white knickers descend towards my face with her legs splayed apart. After a bit of sliding around my face, I found my nose and mouth buried up Mary’s backside whilst she manipulated each of arms so they were immobilised between a calve and thigh. I moaned into her arse as I tried to get comfortable and find a place to breathe. “You are powerless against me, Jim. I can use you however I want” I heard her say. As if to demonstrate this, I felt Mary’s rump rotate against my face as she leaned forward until my mouth was pressed against her crotch with a close-up view of her backside. “Hmmmm” I moaned into her knickers. I could feel her wrap her arms around my right leg. “MMMMMMM” I screamed into her crotch as my kneecap threatened to shatter as she stressed my knee. “Ohhh! That feels so good when you do that, Jim. Go on do it again” I heard her say. “MMMMMMMM” I screamed as she tortured my knee again. “Ohhh yes. Do that some more or I’ll break your leg” she ordered. “Mmmm mmmm mmraarr mmmrrar” I hummed and roared into her pussy through the thin fabric. The roaring made her laugh and gasp with pleasure so I guessed she liked it. I did it some more and was stunned by the quick result “Mmroar mmmmraoar MMMROAR”. “Ohh ohhh ohhh Jim ohh yes mmmm mmmmm ohhhh”. Mary came hard and fast grinding herself on my face in a wild sexual frenzy. Releasing my leg, she sat for a few moments while I tried to breathe as best I could through damp knickers.

Mary shifted off my face then manipulated my right arm around my head so that I was strangling myself. Locking my arm in place with a figure 4 head scissors she rolled to one side forcing me to follow trapping my other arm underneath me. I felt Mary’s hands slowly massaging my dick. “You need cool hands to work with pastry” I hear her tell me as I enjoyed the pleasant sensations of her handling my rod. “I was going to break your leg so you couldn’t run after me but after what you did for me just then I’m going to reward you with my pastry skills”. “First a bit of kneading to soften the dough” she says softly. “Ohhhhh that’s nice” I exclaimed as the kitchen maid gently kneaded my dick and balls with her knuckles. She started humming a tuneless ditty as she skilfully massaged and kneaded my genitals. The firm but gentle movements awoke my ardour despite the uncomfortable scissor hold. Mary’s hands worked their magic touch as she treated my privates as though she was making pastry and it felt marvellous. “Then we roll it”. Mary rolled my rod against my stomach and in her hands like it was pliable dough. “Oh wow that’s good”. Here I was with being partially strangled by own arm, powerless to stop the girl working me stiff. “I’m good with my hands aren’t I Jim?” she asks. “Oh yes Mary, you are” I gasp with pleasure. “Soft hands that can work the dough” she says. “Oh yes so soft” I gasp. “I keep working it until it is the right consistency” she continues. “Ohhhh Mary” I gasped as she took the shaft in her hands and squeezed rhythmically whilst pumping it with long slow strokes. “I bet I could bring you off in no time” she says. “Oh yes please Mary” I moaned as she worked her magic with her hands, my manhood becoming irresistibly hard. “Now I add a bit of water” I heard her say. “Good grief!” I gasped as her warm wet mouth engulfed my rod and worked back and forth along the shaft, sucking and licking. “Ohh you’re incredible” I moaned enjoying the sensations. Long moments of oral bliss was mixed with more pumping. “Then more kneading and rolling”. “Wow!”. Mary’s application of her culinary skills in the bedroom was amazing and it wasn’t long before I felt huge and throbbing ready to cum. “See, the dough has risen” she said triumphantly. Risen! I was about to explode long and hard. That was when I felt the pressure release around my head as Mary’s legs unfolded and she turned to face me as she got to her feet “Now get up and give me a fight”.

I couldn’t believe, she had worked me to the point of climax then stopped!. “Please Mary. Bring me off. Don’t leave me like this” I begged. She just laughed wickedly “I told you. I can do whatever I like to you because I can and not for your pleasure”. I got to my feet extremely frustrated with a raging hard-on and a desperate desire for release. “Mary that was so good. Please I, I want you bad”. Chuckling Mary put a foot on her bed and pulled down her knickers then stepped out of them. Parting the bottom of her gi jacket to reveal her dark bush she teased “Do you want to stick your dough in my hot oven, Jim?”. I’m sorry to say that in my aroused state, that was just too much for me and I just want to sink myself deep inside her. Rushing forward I forgot what the gi signified only to be reminded as she took my arm, turned, bumped her backside against me and slammed me very fast over her shoulder. In a rapid-fire blur of motion that addled my brains, my equilibrium was in such shock that I nearly blacked out. “Owww!”. My arm was bent back painfully in an arm lock and I was forced quickly to my feet. “Up you get dough boy”.

I wanted her bad, I had to have her. When she released me, I bent my head leant forward and charged against her lower body trying to push her over but Mary stood her ground with her legs apart laughing at my efforts. I felt an arm around the back of my neck and another take my arm then she turned. “Orr” a back kick landed between my legs that lifted one off the ground then I was tumbling over her legs. “Let’s walk the horny dog” Mary laughed as she dragged me around the mattress using a painful arm bar. “Ow please no stop” I begged but she ignored my pleas as she continued to force to crawl around to avoid my arm being broken. Finally she forced me to my feet then wrapped an arm around my shoulders, turned and swept my feet away in a rapid throw over her hip. As soon as I had landed, she forced me to my feet again and repeated the throw even faster throwing me high over her hip.

Incredibly the throws had done nothing to cool my ardour, if anything they had made me harder!. I scrambled to my feet and went for her again. Swiftly Mary grabbed the front of my T-shirt and shoved me back and forth, upsetting my balance. I felt my upper arm grabbed and her hip bump against me then my leg swept back as she leant forward. Helplessly I sailed over her hip once more to land on my back whilst Mary held my right arm captive above me. “Ahhh!” I cried as the Judo mistress locked my arm straight and forced me to roll onto my side. Holding the arm vertically, I felt a knee press on my neck while she tucked my arm under her armpit and used the same arm to maintain pressure against my elbow. Once more I felt Mary take hold of my manhood and pump it slowly but firmly. “Mustn’t let the pastry sag. Have to keep it risen”. Despite the pain in my stretched arm, it doesn’t take long for me to get hard again under her expert manipulation. “Oh Mary please I want you” I gush. She just laughed, released my arm and got up.

In my lust I caught her ankles and pulled her back down to the mattress then tried to get on top of her. This time Mary was ready for me and took hold of my right arm whilst raising a leg across my onrushing body, hooking it over my left shoulder. I tried to struggle against Mary’s efforts to pivot me onto my side but she was too much of a skilled fighter. I found myself on my back with Mary perpendicular to me with a bare leg hooked across my neck while she stretched my arm between her legs bending it back over her pubic bone using her crotch for leverage. “How’s this for pussy power?” she cries as I writhe in agony. Mary looks so calm, superior, confidant and totally in control. I feel her lift her lower body stressing the joint then start wriggling from side to side. “No please you’ll break it”. “Oh yes, pussy wants to break your arm” she giggled. “Ow no please” I beg. “Oh yes Jim, this is more like it. Come on fight me some more”.

I felt Mary work her other leg beneath my body then free my neck to slide her calve down my chest. Still stressing my arm, she turns slowly onto her front trapping my arm painfully between her legs as she slid a foot underneath it then forced it slowly behind my back. “Ah please no” I beg. Any flagging in my libido due to the painful hold she had me was overcome as her hand once more pumped me slowly until I was moaning loudly in lust. Again she got up leaving me unfulfilled.

“Get to your feet Jim” she demanded standing over me with her hands on her hips. I had a perfect view up her gi top to her love nest. Getting to my knees, I ran my hands up her lovely legs. “Oh Mary I want some of your custard pie”. Hungry with desire, I forced my face between her legs then nuzzled and licked her pussy with increasing passion. “MMMM oooow!” I cry as my arm was bent back so hard that I thought it would break. “Get out there you filthy pig!” she orders forcing me to my feet. “Please Mary I want you so bad” I shut up when I saw the anger in her eyes. “Did I say you could violate me like that?” I had never heard her voice so hard, she applied the arm lock so hard with one arm wrapped around that I thought she could break it like a twig in her fury. “No Mary, please I’m sorry I lost control a bit there. Sorry”. “You will not take me. I will take you if and when I feel like it. Do you understand?”. She emphasised this by applying more pressure on my arm forcing me to me toes to try to relieve the pain. “Ow! Yes Mary please I understand” I begged. “I will use you and your pathetic overweight body whenever and however I like for my own pleasure. It’s not your choice, I control you completely. Understand?”. Again she forced me to my toes, my arm in agony. “Ow! Yes yes please Mary I understand”. She released me and laughing walked to the opposite side of the mattress.

Despite the rough treatment that she had applied to my arm, the physical domination kept me raging hard. Tanked with testosterone I lose self-control, my hormones turning me into a lust-crazed monster. By the expression on her face, I think that was exactly what she wanted. She chuckled “Come and try to get into my pantry Jim”. I rushed forward once more to take her. Mary grabbed an arm then dipped down in front of me to grab me between the legs, her forearm brushing my throbbing erection. I felt myself lifted across her back and into the air as she rose. Tilted forward I could see the floor then I was in freefall tumbling over to land on my back.

Staring up at the ceiling, an upside down image of Mary appeared and to my amazement slackened her black belt then opened her jacket revealing that she wore nothing underneath. “Do you want these dough balls Jim?” she taunted. She had a good body, though slightly plumpish with sensational full breasts. The sight amplified my lust off the chart. In a matter of seconds I was on my feet charging at her with a raging erection. Mary calmly caught my arm, turned her backside against my throbbing hard-on then threw me rapidly over her shoulder to crash into the mattress. Somehow the throw had increased my desire and I went to rise but the weight of bare big breasts slapped me in the face as Mary fell to her knees behind me and leant over my face. “Mmmmm mmmm mm” I wallowed in her breasts kissing them and her nipples. The warm fleshy pillows spread out over my nose and mouth as the weight on my face increased smothering me. “Mmmmmm mmmm” I protested. I felt Mary wrap her arms around my chest pinning my arms. “Maybe I should become a diary maid” I heard her chuckle as I struggled for breath. “Would you like some milk, Jim?” she laughed. Despite the pleasant place where my face was, I just wanted to breath.

To my relief Mary’s breasts lift off me after what seemed several long minutes and I lay on my back taking long deep breaths to recover. I am dimly aware that Mary sitting is by my side until she takes my dick in her hand and starts pumping again. “Hmm you’re still very hard after that. Seems you really do like me dominating you like that” she tells me as her strokes bring me almost to the edge before releasing it once more. “Mary please don’t stop. I need to cum”. She laughs loud then takes my right arm by the wrist and elbow then pulls my head forward into her waiting legs. Like some predatory creature, her legs wrap around my head and arm in a tight figure 4. I am pushed back roughly to the floor as maintaining her scissor and arm lock, Mary rolls herself to sit high upon my chest. Looking up at this Judo goddess with her gi jacket in disarray with her breasts and pussy on show, I know what I want to do. “Please Mary get on my face, let me worship you”. She chuckles with a knowing smile then slides forward over my mouth then also engulfing my nose with her sex. “Into the oven you go dough boy” she says as she squeezed my head with her legs at the same time as pressuring my arm pulling my face harder against her pussy. “Now horny dog. Let’s see you worship me properly or I’ll break your arm, crush your skull and suffocate you all at the same time” she demanded. I didn’t need telling, being completely dominated like this by her Judo skills coupled with the way she had kept me with a permanent erection for who-knows how many minutes using her pastry skills made me so horny and submissive that I lapped and licked her love nest like a hungry dog. “Ohhhh so good you naughty man” she moaned. Completely helpless under her sex, I was completely engrossed in worshipping this dominant young Judo goddess although she kept my head scissored tight and my arm stressed so hard while I lapped away at her honey pot that I was genuinely frightened she would break my arm. “Ohh wowwww lick my pantry clean dough boy” she moaned as I worshipped her with my tongue. “Ohh mmm” her voice was breathy and she started rocking herself back and forth on my face. Ouch she had forgotten about the arm lock as she worked into a frenzy and was really stressing the joint badly. “Mmmmmm ohhhhhh” Mary forced herself deeper on my face in long slides then came long and hard.

Pausing for a few breathes Mary slid off my face to my chest then pulled on my arm forcing my head forward as she unwrapped her right leg from my neck and rotated the other leg. Still with my arm trapped, she turned sideways and knelt with her shin across my throat. Locking my arm with a single arm she reached down to my groin with her other. “That was so good Jim, that I’m going to reward you” she said as she took my rampant erection and slid her hand up and down. “Sir Humphrey has his milk delivered from the dairy. Shame I think I’d be good at milking, don’t you?” her hand stroked at a steady pace, I closed my eyes as I felt the pressure build up towards release. “Let me milk you dry” she said increasing the tempo. After all of that long pent up denial and the way she still had me helpless with her Judo, I responded quickly. A few more pumps and I was shooting my load in a long powerful orgasm that had me in bliss.

Unmounting me, Mary lay beside me for a few minutes. I stroked her long hair as both of us breathed heavily after our exertion. “I had no choice Jim” I heard her say. “They were going to repossess my parent’s house unless I agreed to do it. I’m sorry Jim”. “Who are they Mary?. I might be able to help” I told her but she suddenly moved away from me pulling my arm between her thighs in an arm bar with her feet pressing against my body. “You can’t help, they are too big and powerful” she said. “Just as I am too powerful for you to handle” she chucked maintaining the hold with ease for a long time as if to emphasise her superiority over me. Raising her body and using her legs to stress the arm lock she forced me to roll onto my side away from her. “Arggg” my arm hurts as out of my sight she moves towards my head. Releasing my arm, I find myself rolled to one side then other as she traps each arm under one of her thighs. My head falls backs into her lap. “Well I must say that it was fun playing with you Jim but now I must put you away for good” she said. Leaning over me she takes a good hold of my T-shirt with her hands then twists the material hard so I find the neck of the shirt constricting tightly around my throat. It is useless there was nothing I could do except thrash my legs as Mary slowly wrung my T-shirt tight around my neck. “I’ve no choice you understand. I have to silence you” she said. “Urkkkk” I wanted to beg her no but I was chocking and feeling light-headed. I was helpless, unable to stop this woman from killing me!. I started to feel faint as she chocked off my air and blood to my head. Slowly I slipped away.
By the time I came around and got myself together, it was too late. The security guard at the gatehouse remembered Mary dressed in her leathers zoom away on the back of a motorcycle with John driving. My mood darkened. This wasn’t a good day. I knew I had no choice. I had to dance with the devil.
A large darkened room somewhere in the Northern United States. Row upon row of clean-cut men and women in USAF uniform sit in front of bank after banks of computer screens. This is the American Dream; not the dream of the ordinary hard working American but the dream of those to whom civil liberties is a dirty word to be crushed under the heels of power. In front of one young American an icon flashes red. He presses the icon on the screen, which brings up a small side menu and selects “Replay” then listens through his headphones.

A man’s voice: “John, one of Sir Humphrey’s bodyguards, was present when I discovered the encryption key on the bottom of the statue. Whoever it was behind this would now have the key and the decoding device. All they need now are the diaries and the secrets of the Bristlingdown hoard is theirs”.
A woman’s voice: “Why are you telling me this, Jim?”
The man’s voice (Jim): “To warn the sisterhood. I know you have the diaries under surveillance. Protect them while I’ll go after the decoder”.
The signal became faint as maybe the couple entered the shade of a tree or a structure.
Woman: “Some in the sisterhood would rather see them destroyed, but I’ll see what I can do. There will be a cost you understand…”
The signal faded as either the couple moved out of range of the high altitude drone.

The man has no idea what this means or why it has been flagged and selects another menu item, his eyes widening to see that this was a priority 1 detection. He selects another item that forwards the recording, photographic and geographic information captured by the drone to his superiors. Dismissing the icon he turns back to listen to other interceptions.


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