Top Bully – a tale of defeat and humiliation by three young women (JIMP#23)

College bully suffers defeat from his sister, a tomboy and a victimised woman

Part of the reason for the domestic service college was to have somewhere to tell more stories based on people I knew at school without getting into trouble with the major story sites over age. All of the characters here are based on real people. Ironically I was ‘friended’ by the real Sharon shortly after I published this one

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. This is based on real people and true events. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty). Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

(c) JIM P 2010

My name is Jim Priest. I’m a Private Investigator tracking down a stolen ancient artefact[JIMP#19]. The trail had led to St.Agatha’s Domestic Service College, London, where I was posing as an IT manager [JIMP#21]. It looked like Principal Newman was passing on stolen antiques to an auction house, J.T. Holland & sons of Kensington [JIMP#22]. This was one of those ‘by appointment’ places only accessible to the filthy rich. They weren’t listed in the phone book or on search engines. I even searched through several society magazines and specialist antique journals before finally coming across a discrete advertisement for ‘the discerning connoisseur of antiquities’. This gave a web server IP address that needed an account to gain access. Membership was invitation only but a post office box number was given for application. Using a pseudonym and PO box of my own, I applied but received no reply evidently not making the grade of their clientele.

From my former profession in IT, I knew of some tools for assessing IT security (if you get my drift). Tailoring these together with a Perl script, I developed something that could be left running on a server. I was just fine tuning this when a young woman’s voice made me jump. “Oi! What’re you up to?”. Instinctively I blanked the screen. “Looking at porno web sites again?”. I breathed easy; it was one of the resident students, Michelle Wellington. Slim, blonde and quite pretty, Michelle stood about 5’6″. Long golden hair swept down from a high forehead, over her ears and down below her slender shoulders. Her face was quite long, with slender blue eyes, slim nose and small mouth. Fair skinned with good complexion, she wore no makeup. Her voice was soft with a West London accent.

Despite being a college, Principal Newman insisted on dress etiquette for the students to ‘better prepare them for their station in life’. For girls, this was a white blouse, black cardigan, a matching knee length skirt and low-heeled shoes.

“You startled me. I just looking at something” I replied. “Yeah, porn” she said with a grin. “No”. Un-blanking the screen and hoping she hadn’t seen me tab to the next window, the screen came back to life showing the Holland’s logon page. “See?”. “Oh” she said. “Is it alright for me and the girls to come down tonight and use the computers?” she asked. I’m a sucker for a pretty face; anyway Michelle and her friends were quite studious. “OK, as long as you don’t bring your brother” I told her.
Martin Wellington was bored and fed up. He was bored of this place, fed up being only 4’2″ and sick of adults thinking he was an angelic looking angel. That might suit his sister, older by a couple of years, but he wanted people to know he was tough. He wanted to be Top Bully. It was his sister’s entire fault. He remembered that day back at 6th form college.

Michelle came storming into the tutor room where Martin was lounging on a table with his mates. “You’ve done it this time, you little squirt” she said angrily marching up to him. “I’ve warned you before to keep out of my love life”. Martin burst into laughter. “No-one wants to date me because of you” she told him. “No-one wants to date you because you’re a cow” he replied. He thought that was funny and looked at his mates to make sure they did too. Suddenly he found his sister’s hand between his legs grabbing his balls and twisting sharply. “Ohhiiiiii” a shrill noise came from Martin’s mouth, rising through several octaves. “You little prick, I’m going to twist these right off” Michelle spat. “Noooo” he cried shrilly as she twisted his balls tighter and tighter. His body jerked uncontrollably as waves of sharp pain tore through his scrotum.

A lucky kick pushed Michelle away. She just flung herself straight back and together they tumbled to the floor. Martin landed on his back, his sister falling on top of him. “Orrph” Martin felt his sister’s knees land heavily in the pit of his stomach. Winded, he watched his big sister swiftly hop forwards to the top of his chest, pinning his arms with her long bare legs. Although slim, her greater build and weight meant he was unable to unseat her. To add to his embarrassment, he could see right up his sister’s skirt that had ridden up over her thighs to the obvious delight of his mates. “Phroar, you lucky bastard” one of his mates shouted. Martin didn’t think himself lucky.

WHACK WHACK WHACK. “I hate you. Hate you. Hate you!” the venomous shouts were accompanied by hard open palm slaps to his cheeks that stung and rocked his face from one side to the other. She was furious. Martin had never seen her as angry as this before. Maybe he and his mates shouldn’t have attacked that boy she fancied with hockey sticks. Pinned and unable to fight back, Martin was red-faced from the stinging slaps, embarrassment and futile rage. How dare his bitch-sister humiliate him like this. WHACK WHACK WHACK. “Hate. Despise. Loath”. The slaps continued not decreasing in their intensity.

The slapping suddenly stopped. Martin looked up at Michelle and saw her lips curled in such hatred, that it gave him the chills. “Get off me, you silly bitch”. The look of hatred intensified. With dawning horror, he saw his pretty sister actually clench her fist. “No, wait..”. WHAM WHAM WHAM  “I HATE you. HATE. HATE!”. His sister screamed pummelling his face. Martin’s felt explosions of agony as her fists smashed into his face over and over again. “HATE. HATE. HATE”. She wasn’t holding back. Hard punches driven by her fury rained down on his face. Punches much stronger than he would have expected from a girl. Martin was panicking, her punches really hurt. His face ached; he could feel the bruises on his cheeks and tasted blood on his lips. Embarrassingly, a girl was smashing his face and there was nothing he could do about it except try not to cry like a wimp.

Apparently it took two male teachers to pull her, kicking and screaming, off him. He didn’t remember. She had punched his lights out long before.

They were both expelled. Martin thought that was excellent. Michelle was moody and glared daggers at him. She had wanted qualifications and all that nerdy crap. Unfortunately his parents agreed. However none of the local colleges would take them. Then came the man from the Ministry. “Have you considered entering your children into Domestic Service?” he asked. “Certainly not!” their parents protested. “There is a college in London, St.Agatha’s, specialising in training young people for a career in Domestic Service. Not only would they obtain top academic qualifications but also a guaranteed job at the end of it”. “I thought that kind of servitude had died out” their father said. The Government man laughed. “Oh no, not at all. The gap between the classes has never been greater. The rich are getting richer, buying bigger, grander estates. The demand for domestic staff is growing and with rising unemployment, your children would get the pick of the best jobs”.

Although they lived in West London, near Heathrow airport, it was too costly and too long to commute daily on the overcrowded tube trains. They were given a boarding place during the week in attic bunkrooms in exchange for performing daily chores. Martin hated the place. His mates were going to a proper college. This dump was like something from Victorian times. It was very strict, trying to ‘instil a sense of subservience to the ruling classes’. He hated it; he wasn’t going to be anybody’s slave. Sod the chores. Michelle could do his share. He wanted to have fun, muck around and most of all become Top Bully.

One of his old mates told him how much he was enjoying life at university; how he had a large study-bedroom as well as sharing a kitchen with 20 girls and one other guy. Martin had to share a bunkroom with 19 other boys and eat the slop they laughingly called food in the refectory. His dorm mates were either wimps or geeks that he bullied or older bigger burkes that tried to stop him. The few blokes he did get along with weren’t resident.

Martin was bored. He thought about bullying some girls. However their dorms were only accessible by a staircase from the girl’s assembly hall. That was strictly out of bounds for males. The last time he had tried he had been caught by The Ice Queen, Ms. Butcher, and didn’t want to repeat the experience. Instead he sneaked down to the basement heading for the poolroom, narrowly avoiding Maria the cleaner. It was said that she and Ms.Butcher beat up a handful of intruders [JIMP#21], but he didn’t believe that. The poolroom was just past the indoor swimming pool from which he had been banned for dive-bombing the wimps and nerds.

The double doors to the pool swung outwards. For a moment he thought that it was one of the staff. Then out strode Carol Connor, a girl a few years older than him. She was a nice intelligent studious type who didn’t like confrontation. Oh yes, thank you God. Things were looking up; he was going to have fun after all. The girl sees him and to Martin’s pleasure, visibly jumps. Her face turns white and her body starts to tremble. “You aren’t allowed in the pool after hours” he shouts. He was pleased to see that her hands were shaking so much that she dropped her swimming kit bag.

Carol was slender, about 5’5″ with short wavy brown hair wore high over the forehead and just covering her ears. Her face was squarish with a rounded chin sitting atop a long slender neck. Slender eyebrows arched over big bright brown eyes, in between which was a sturdy nose with a rounded end. Thin lips graced a small mouth that was usually smiling giving her perky prettiness. Martin only saw a victim. “And you haven’t got my permission to be down here. You’re in big trouble” he sneered. Carol trembled, nervous glances twitching one way then the other. She wore the regulation uniform.

The girl was shaking like a leaf. “M-M-Ms Butcher said I c-can p-practice” she stuttered, her face going red and her eyes brimming with tears. Carol was swimmer training for selection for the Olympics. Well he’ll fix that! “Are you back-chatting me?” he sneered, standing on his toes to bring his face closer to hers. “N-no” she whispered. “I think you need to be taught a lesson in respect” he snarls, his lip curling for emphasis. She was in tears now, he felt good. “I don’t want to ever see you down here again. Understand?” he spat. “M-my t-training” she whimpered. “You back-chatting me again!” he screamed in her face. Her body was quivering, the tears streaming down her cheeks.

Martin poked her in her chest, his finger pressing her small breast. “Look at you. Nothing but a bag of nerves”. He pokes her again, enjoying the sensations as her breasts move. He’ll get her wet so she’ll have to take her top off. Pulling his victim by the arm, he towed her through the double doors. “P-please” she begs. “Shut up and come on, or it’ll be worst for you” he tells her. “You need to be punished. You’re going for a swim” he chuckles.

Dragging her to the pool edge, Carol is panicking and pulls back. “N-n-no please”. He laughs nastily as he gives her a hard pull towards the pool. Suddenly, he feels a sharp kick in the shins. The unexpected defiance causes Martin to lose his grip on her and without her counterweight he falls into the pool. Spluttering and weighted down by his wet clothes, he wipes the water from his eyes and shouts after the swinging doors “Come back here. I’m going to make you suffer for that”

The next day, Martin spotted Carol part way down a crowded corridor. “You! Come here” he shouts, causing heads to turn. Carol blanched, turned and ran in the opposite direction. “Come here you effing bitch!” he shouts, barging other students out of the way. He pursued her down the corridor and up a flight of stairs. He was puffing up the steps, but the girl didn’t slow. “Stop! I’m warning you” he yelled, but she kept running. Giving chase, his prey fled through a set of double doors and into the girls’ assembly hall. Without slowing, Martin presented his shoulder to the doors expecting them to swing open. WHAM!. He collided at high speed with doors that barely budged. “Ow! For fuck’s sake” he cried rubbing his shoulder.

Through the glass panes in the upper part of the doors, he could make out a blonde head on the other side. Someone had deliberately leant against the doors to stop them opening. “You’re dead meat! Open the effing door or I’ll smash your face in” he yelled.

He felt a hand on his shoulder that he brushed off. “Don’t touch me you bastard” he yelled at the older boy. Priest, Bobby Priest that was his name. “You know only the girls are allowed in there” Priest said. “Fuck off Bastard Priest” he shouts. The bastard’s been sniffing around Michelle. “And leave my sister alone you bastard” he cries swinging a fist towards Bobby’s face.

The punch didn’t connect. One of the doors burst open, slamming right into Martin’s face, the wood flattening his hose. “You bastard!” he yelled, clutching his nose. It hurt but wasn’t bleeding. “You fucking bastard. You effing effing bastard. I’ll fucking kill you” he screamed.

“Go on then, you little toad. I like to see you try” a voice as loud as a foghorn boomed out. The loud noise made Martin jump. Oh crap. He doesn’t need to look to know whom it belongs to. Crap, it’s Sharon Cartwright. The one person who had a worst reputation than him.

He looked up to see the archetypical tomboy. 5’6″ with short wiry unkempt blonde hair and an angry red face. Unattractive with bad complexion, glaring brown eyes, a broad nose and large mouth with thick lips, her large square face seemed to be permanently red. A thick boyish body bore plump breasts that no male would dare gaze upon. She wore the required white blouse, black skirt with socks and plain shoes. “Come on then. Wot’re you waiting for you little toe-rag. You think you’re so tough, have a go” her voice was loud, deep and gruff.

“Has anyone ever mistaken you for a girl?” Martin sneered. Her face got redder and her lip curled, baring her teeth. “You must have permanent PMT, you’re always in a bad mood” he jibed. They stood glaring at each other. The short would-be Top Bully and the tough tomboy. “You better shut that mouth or I’ll shut it for you, shrimp” she bellowed. “I’ll deck you with just one punch. You’ll be drinking your meals through a straw for a month”. She added.

Martin had heard rumours that she could lay out a guy with a single punch, but they must have been wimps. Although he remembered what had happened to Billy Field. Billy was in the refectory loudly telling everyone that the singers on reality TV shows were crap and used auto-tuning. “Take that back Field!” Sharon bellowed, stomping across the hall. Billy looked nervous. “It-It’s true, its all faked”. “I don’t hit a man with glasses, take them off” she ordered. Billy wasn’t stupid enough to do that. “Have it your way” she hollered. Instead of punching him in the face, a strong upper cut hammered his groin so hard that he couldn’t sit without a cushion for a month.

“Are you just going to stand there looking at me, squirt? Do you fancy me or something?” she bellowed. That caused nervous titters from the onlookers. Sharon was pretty scary with her red boorish face and belligerent attitude. People were laughing at him, he couldn’t back down. Angry for being denied his prey, angry that Sharon had stopped him following, angry that she had slammed the door in his face, angry at being in this dump.

Martin swung his fist upwards in an arc landing it solidly on her left cheek. There were gasps from the watchers. The look on Sharon’s face was one of complete surprise that someone had actually hit her. “Take that you fat ugly cow” he shouted. Filled with elation he swung again, catching the side of her jaw, causing her to step back. “Don’t mess with me you ugly bitch” he yelled. Another punch smacked the stunned tomboy’s face, driving her back against the doorframe. “I’m Top Bully here bitch. Remember it” He crowed. Sharon looked like she was going to cry. He’d done it, he was Top Bully. For good measure, he sunk his fist into her bosom, feeling it sink deep into her soft mounds. The crowd gasped. Surprisingly that felt good and he grabbed her breasts with both hands. “So you are a woman after all. Great tits, ugly face” he yelled.

BAM!. A large fist came out of nowhere, smashing Martin right in the middle of his face. It took a while to realise that he was lying on his back on the floor with a bust and bleeding nose. “You little prick! I’m gonna smash that pretty face of yours to pulp” a voice hollered. Sharon Carpenter! Christ, the bitch had decked him with a single punch.

Ow! His nose hurt when he felt it, the flowing blood messing his hands. Sharon was furious, her face redder than he’d ever seen it before. “Come on you pathetic little shortarse!” she screamed at him. That did it, nobody called him short and got away with it. “Fucking bitch” Martin roared flinging himself to his feet and launching himself at her.

WHAM! A large fist hammered his mouth, splitting his lip and causing his front teeth to buckle. BAM! A fist slammed against his left eye so hard that it hurt to open it. Martin desperately tried to trade blows with her but her greater height and longer reach prevented him from getting near. WAM! A devastating punch smashed his mouth. He nearly choked on a couple of loose teeth. BAM! An awesome uppercut spun his head and dazzled his brain. Martin tried to take a step forward but his knees gave way and he found himself on the floor again. The onlookers were cheering and applauding.

“Get up!” Sharon’s voice boomed. Martin tried to push himself up, but his arms gave way. He felt hands grab him and lift him to his feet. Shaking the daze from his head, he notes that one of the people holding him is Carol who is smiling. She leans and whispers in his ear “I hope she kills you. You nasty boy”.

In a moment of horror, he finds himself thrown towards Sharon who is waiting with her fists ready. BAM! BAM! BAM!. Huge fists hammer his face again and again. The punches are so powerful that it feels like his face is going to break. Once more Martin finds himself decked, his vision spinning and his ears ringing. His cheeks, mouth and jaw hurt like hell and his left eye has swollen up so much he can’t see out of it. He can hear the crowd go wild, laughing, jeering and applauding. “Go on Sharon kill him”. “Pulp his face”. “Mash him Sharon”. “Put him down”.

Bastards! I’m Top Bully, I’ll show them. I’ll beat this ugly bitch and then I’ll punch them out, all of them, one by one. Getting to his feet, he adopts a Kung Fu pose. “Phorar! Keroah!” he squawks making weird animal noises like he’s seen in the films. He loves those films and tries out the moves on the wimps, although sadly he hadn’t broken any bones yet. Sharon looks bemused “Wot the fuck?. You gone mental little boy?” she sneers.

Suddenly he attacks with a whirlwind of punches and kicks like he’s seen in the films. As his blows rain down on her body, the tomboy doesn’t seem to know what to do. She backs away from him but he presses forward kicking and punching whilst squawking.

Martin sees the hem of her skirt lift and a long thick shapely leg rise in front of him. For a brief second, the thought she has great legs comes into his mind then WHAM!. The sole of her shoe explodes in his face. He feels his nose smash under her sole, restarting his nosebleed and her heel knocking more teeth out. Turning fluidly, her other leg swings around, giving Martin a glimpse of thighs and knickers. WHAM!. The foot clubs him hard on the side of his head, scrambling his brains. Dazed, he doesn’t see her continuing to turn. BAM! Another painful explosion smashes his face so hard he’s sure his cheeks have cracked.

Clutching his face in agony, he senses her move in close. WHUMP!. A hard knee buries itself deep in his gut, his body folding itself around her bare knee. Severely winded, Martin just wants to collapse to the floor but doesn’t get the chance. WHAM!. A powerhouse of a kick pistons into his chest. His feet leave the ground as his small body is driven backwards through a plastic folding room divider.

Agh! A sharp pain lances through his ribcage as he struggles to catch his breath. To add to his horror, he finds himself unable to move. His head and upper chest are stuck on one side of the partition looking at an empty exhibition area. The rest of his body was on the other side, back in the corridor. The noise of the cheering and whooping from the other side of the partition sounded like there was a huge crowd there now watching his humiliation.

“Come on then. You want a Karate fight, you’ve got it” Sharon yelled, “I’m a black belt in karate. They made me do it for anger management”. Oh crap, Martin thought as he struggled and squirmed to free himself.

What the! He was startled to feel fingertips running over his groin, trailing a tingling electric path. He twisted and turned, but the fingers continued their movement. The light touch turned into a caress and he felt himself grow hard. “I’ve beaten the crap out of you. Now I’m going to wank you off in front of everybody and show them what a little prick you really are” a loud gruff voice said. Oh my god, Sharon Cartwright’s giving me a stiffy. The horror of getting a hard-on for the scary tomboy is too much. In a panic, Martin thrashes and kicks his legs. He feels his foot connect with a body. “Ow you little bastard! That’s it, I’ve had enough of you”. Big hands grab him by the front of his shirt and pull him roughly back through the room divider, nearly tearing his ears off.

Martin sees the terrifying red angry face of Sharon come close to his. “Top Bully. Little shit more like” she yells in his face. “Hai!”. The yell makes him jump. He watches in horror as Sharon jumps up high in front of him. It’s as if his mind is somewhere else and he is watching through someone else’s eyes in slow motion. He sees, her skirt lift up and a long strong shapely thigh rise up. Wow, she has sexy legs. Then her shin kicks out and a foot shoots straight towards his head. A powerful hammering blow smashes into his jaw ripping his head back in a torrent of pain. Martin was out before he crashed into the floor.

Sharon turned towards the crowd of cheering onlookers. Her fists was balled, her face red. “Any other boy want to walk through the girls’ assembly hall?” she bellows above their noise. As one, all the male students turn and flee.

Carol looks down at the bloodied and battered body. Her mouth tightens as if coming to a distasteful decision. Her knee lifts, positioning her foot over his groin then it stomps down on the young man’s nuts. The lack of response seems to disappoint her.
She feels a hand on her shoulder. “Has he been bullying you?” Sharon’s voice is softer now. Carol nods then breaks down in tears. Sharon puts a comforting arm around her and leads her into the assembly hall. “Come on, let’s have a little talk”.
Three months. Three flipping months it’s taken for Martin’s bust ribs to mend. The ache in the face was still there as well as the missing teeth. Three months of weekly visits to the hospital. Well at least was a good excuse to bunk off for a day each week, although the London streets were not a safe place for a young man with gangs of the Thatcher Youth still roaming the streets looking for anyone disagreeing with the policies of ‘Der Böse’.

Returning to college was nerve wracking, having to endure the knowing smiles and glances. Those soon stopped after he decked a few wimps. To his delight, Sharon had gone. Apparently out-placed in some domestic role in a country manor. That was a laugh; he couldn’t see her taking orders from some posh toft. She was more likely to punch his lights out.

That meant he was now Top Bully, no one stood in his way. He was free to terrorise the wimps and nerds again but the one he was really after kept out of his way. That is, until one evening when he sneaked down to the poolroom instead of doing his chores. He was just passing the swimming pool doors, when he heard splashing and looked in. Oh yes, thank you god. It’s payback time. That bitch, Carol is in there swimming lengths.

Bursting through the double doors he stormed to the pools’ edge. “Oi you! I wanna word with you” he shouted. Carol was halfway down the pool heading towards the shallow end. Her front stroke broke and she looked up in horror to see Martin waiting for her. “Please go away” she pleads then turned and swam quickly back towards the deep end. Martin was furious; the bitch was heading away from him. He strode down the side of the pool to catch up. “You come back here now!” he yelled. “It’s all your fault that I had a fight with that ugly bitch queen” he shouts.

Ahead, Carol was pulling herself out of the water. “It’s all your fault my ribs got bust” he shouted. She was wearing a skin-tight black Lycra one-piece swimsuit, cut quite high over her hips. Martin couldn’t help running his eyes over her wet glistening hips then down to her covered crotch. It was actually quite sexy. Carol was trembling, “P-please leave me alone” she whined.

Looking at her properly for the first time, Martin saw her hourglass figure. Narrow shoulders tapered to a very slim waist before curving out again to her slim hips. Her streamlined body had a small bust with a flat taut stomach. Martin glanced at her toned arms and legs with sturdy looking thighs. Phroar, the sight of her in a tight fitting swimsuit was actually turning him on. He couldn’t stop staring at her small breasts and nipples, clearly visible through the wet lyrca. Nice miss know-it-all has a hot body. She’s actually quite pretty too but phoar that body and phoar those nips.

Carol was shaking like a leaf in a gale. She looked like she was going to burst into tears. Normally Martin would have liked that, but for the first time he was sexually attracted to one of his victims. “It’s all right. Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you” he told her. “You know you owe me don’t you?” she didn’t look so sure. “Well, I know how you can make it up to me” he said leering at her body. “Please I’m I’m training” she whimpered. “Oh don’t worry. What I’m thinking of involves plenty of physical exercise” he said.

The more he looked at that lycra clad hourglass figure, her bare hips, arms and sturdy legs glistening with water droplets, the harder he got. “Come on, get your cossy off” he ordered. “W-what?” she asked. Martin unzipped his trousers, the bulge in his pants showing through. She looked horrified. “You owe it to me for the trouble you caused”. Understanding dawned in her eyes. They flew open wide in shock. “N-no I’m a good girl” she gasped. “I bet you are. A good shag that is” he sneered.

Martin grabbed the objects of his desire. She shrieked in alarm. One moment he was enjoying the feeling of her soft small breasts, the next he felt the top of her thigh swing between his legs. “Orrh you bitch” he cried, pushing the girl into the pool. Luckily the blow wasn’t a strong one, but it still ached.

By the time he had recovered, Carol was escaping down the pool. “Stop, come back” he shouted, but she ignored him. Quickly removing his shoes and socks, he starts running down the poolside to catch up. As he runs, he removes his shirt, then stopped to step out his trousers. Running again in just his pants, he angled his path towards the water then leapt out into the air. With his knees folded to his chest held in place with his hands, Martin hit the water hard in a magnificent dive bomb eliciting a squeal of alarm from Carol whom he narrowly missed.

When he surfaced, Carol had made it to some pool steps and was starting to climb out. Launching himself at her, Martin managed to pull one of her arms from the handrail. Carol’s body swung free and ended with her back against the steps. Pulling himself up on top of her, Martin wrestled with her arms trying to pull her off. The sensation of his wet flesh pressing against her firm body was arousing and he kissed her passionately on the mouth. “Get off, let me go” she cried, pushing his head away. Quickly grabbing her unsecured hands, Martin struggled with her on the steps trying to force her arms to the sides of her head so he could kiss her without interruption. Despite his best efforts, he was shocked to find his arms being pushed back by an unexpected strength. In disbelief he saw the thick swelling in her upper arms pushing his forearms to his chest. He was being out muscled, by a pretty quiet nerd and oddly this turned him on. Being forced to slide down her fit body made his boner worst.

Suddenly he lost his footing, slipped and fell against her. His face landed at the top of her thighs. The sight of the Lycra contoured mound in front of his face sent his libido into overdrive. Pure animal instinct overtook his senses and he found himself trying to nuzzle it. “No!” Carol shrieked. Engrossed in his lust, Martin ignored Carol’s damp warm thighs resting on his shoulder and enclosing his head. He placed his hands on the sexy thighs enjoying the way they felt under his palms and around his head.

“Arghh” Martin cried out, shocked to feel the lovely legs clamp on his skull with shocking pressure. “Filthy pig!” Carol yelled. “Argh” his palms felt the soft damp silky smooth thighs bulge and turn steely hard. “Filthy little pig” she cried. “Arggh” it was like his head was trapped in a tunnel of rock hard flesh that was getting narrower and narrower. “Arghh no” this wasn’t possible; she was just a weak nerdy girl. “Dirty boy”. “Arggh”, her legs exerted a crush in a line from his cheeks to behind his ears. It felt as if his head were caught in a vice, he could feel her thick thighs bulge with solid muscle.

“Shame on you” she cried. No, she can’t be this strong; she’s just a wimp. “Argh” he couldn’t help crying out in pain at the surging crushing force around his skull. “I hate you” she said. This couldn’t be happening. He was Top Bully and she was his victim. “Argh please stop” God no, he was begging her to stop. His head really hurt, wait until he got out this, he’ll hurt her.

Carol had been shocked at the gross violation. She was surprised to find that having instinctively placed her legs around his head that she was actually hurting the filthy boy. “Arghh please” he was actually pleading for her to stop!. Something snapped within her, all the bullying this little creep has subjected her to, all the tears, the nervousness and feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. “Am I hurting you? Good!” she shouted, enjoying the pain in his face and his cries. “I hope your head hurts really bad, you nasty little pervert” she told him and tensed her legs to squeeze harder. “Arghh let go”. Carol felt really good watching the little bully struggle helplessly between her legs crying in pain. “You made my life a misery, you horrid boy” she cried, tears welling in her eyes at the painful memories. The unpleasant memories unleashed something within her enabling her squeeze harder. “Argh argghh please no” he screamed. She was fascinated how her thighs bulged around the small boy’s head; they looked so powerful, so invincible. “My legs are strong from swimming. Can you feel how strong they are? Are they making you cry like a baby? Good! I hope I break your head”. For once in her life, she felt strong and powerful. She had completely overwhelmed the little bully and the feeling of supremacy was intoxicating. “Don’t like it do you when somebody hurts you?”. “Argh please stop” he begged, his face red with bleary eyes. “That’s it cry and beg” she was really enjoying this.

Carol was usually a calm person not taken to anger, but now she was blazing, pleased to see the little bully helpless and crying in pain between her strong legs. “You deserve it, you horrid boy!” she yells at his red face with his eyes screwed in pain and his hands on her beautiful bulging thighs. “I’ve had enough of you bullying me around. I’m going to put you out of my misery for good” she yelled.

Through teary eyes and a splitting pain in his head, Martin saw Carol’s pretty face full of fierce determination that sent shivers down his spine. This was no longer the weak submissive victim. He struggled in vain to prise the strong firm thighs crushing his head. She laughed! She actually laughed at him. “Stupid hateful boy. I’m going to pay you back for what you’ve done to me”.

“Arkk” Martin’s head was being pulled upwards, feeling as though it was being prised off. He looked, horrified to see solid bulges in Carol’s arms as they pulled her body up the steps using the rails. With his head trapped in her crushing thighs, Martin had no choice but to climb blindly up the steps to relieve the strain. “Filthy pervert bullies like you shouldn’t be allowed” Carol told him.

Suddenly tormenting pressure was released and Martin felt the weight of her legs lift from his shoulders. Starting to sag in relief, his freedom is short lived as the back of his neck comes into contact with her crotch and her thighs close in around his neck. Kneeling, Martin looks down the back of a lovely pair of legs and can’t resist feeling the pillars of sexy firm flesh, enjoying their contours in his hands. “Please Carol. I’m sorry. It was a joke. I was just joking” he said.

“Filthy lying pervert. My mother warned me about men like you” she replied. Martin felt an increase in pressure around his neck as Carol raised herself onto her toes. Despite the building crush, what he saw filled him with fascination. Her calves had changed from soft lumps of flesh into hard slabs of clefted muscle. They looked so sexy, he had to reach out and feel them. He marvelled at how hard and sexy they were. “Arrgh” he cried out at the sudden sharp increase of power crushing his neck. His head was swimming, his eyes screwed in agony, his heartbeat loud in his ears. “Stop touching my legs, you dirty pervert. I’m taking you for a little swim” he heard her say.

What the?. He felt the pressure ease slightly as she lowered herself to her feet. “Mmm” his neck was being compressed as she bent her legs at the knee. Suddenly there was a terrible lurch in his neck as she sprang forward into the pool. Martin’s head was whipped back savagely as Carol’s legs pulled him backwards into the water. In a daze, he found himself being dragged by the neck underwater. Luckily some involuntary reflex closed his mouth stopping him swallowing water. Unfortunately he hadn’t much air inside his lungs and needed to get to the surface. Ow, Martin felt the girl’s legs kick him as she tried to propel them both deeper using some kind of butterfly kick.

Carol realised her plan wasn’t going to work as soon as she dived. First the weight of the little creep’s body messed up her entry and his buoyancy slowed her speed into the water. Then she found it difficult to swim to the bottom with his head between her thighs.

M-must b-breath. Suddenly his neck is free and he bursts to the surface gasping. “You’re mental” Martin shouted between gasps heading for the steps. “I’m reporting you for trying to drown me. I going to have you locked up”. Almost there. “You’re in big trouble now” he gasped between strokes. I must get out of here. “You should have been nice to me”. Made it to the steps. “Given me what I wanted. It wasn’t much to argkkk”. He didn’t even hear her. Suddenly he glimpsed something fleshy swinging around from behind him then his neck was in the crook of her arm and pulled back tightly. “Argh” Martin’s hands felt the hard strong arms around his neck finding no yield. He feels her thighs clamp against his sides as she took foothold on a lower step with her knees bent either side of him, crouched over his back like a praying mantis.

“How dare you threaten me. I’m a good clean girl, you filthy pervert. You, you nasty bully” she cried in his ear. A sharp jarring motion lanced through his head and he found himself falling backwards. No sooner had he hit the water, and then he found himself being carried backwards fast. Carol was swimming on her back with his head cradled in her strong arms against her chest and his back resting on her stomach. Beneath him, he could feel the powerful sculling strokes of her legs propelling them quickly through the water. “I learnt this in lifesaving” a voice said close to his ear. Martin tried to struggle but quickly stopped when he found himself choking himself in her strong arms. Carol felt great, totally in control. She was stronger than this little creep, overpowering him yet again. “It’s no use resisting. I’m stronger than you, you horrid slug” she told him. She moved her mouth close to his ear and whispered, “Lie back and enjoy the ride. It might be your last”.

In fact, apart from the firm arms around his neck, Martin was finding the sensation very pleasant. Riding along on your back on top of a taller young woman who was doing all the work was very pleasant indeed. Effortlessly Carol propelled them both to the deep end then pulled him to the edge of the pool.

Martin was a bit disappointed when he felt the ride stop. The arms left his neck and turned him around by his shoulders whilst legs encircled his waist. He found himself facing Carol who had her back against the wall of the pool steadying herself with her arms in the water channels that ran around the water level. “Did you enjoy your ride?” she asked him in voice so seductive, he sprung another boner. “Urgh”. Firm feminine legs pulled him in hard, clamping an incredibly tight front facing figure 4. Martin was totally shocked by the power of her legs clamping his waist. “No” he cried in pain. She was crushing him so hard, he was finding it hard to breathe.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you. You rude boy”. Martin was taken aback by the commanding voice. Carol’s face looked so pretty. Why hadn’t he realised that before, she really was quite pretty. Such a nice girl. It dawned on him that he actually fancied her!. “I’ve had enough of you” she said. Her voice was firm and forceful. “More than enough”. She looks so confident, so dominant that he knew that his victim was a victim no longer. “It ends here”. Pulled in tight to her body, Martin felt completely helpless between her powerful legs that crushed his sides and diaphragm so hard that he could barely breathe. She looked so sexy with that look of superiority. Strangely part of him was turned on by the sensation and his boner was aching badly.

“To think I was scared of you” Carol told him, savouring the sensations of completing dominating this bully with her legs. “Your bullying days are over”. Martin’s head rocked back and forwards, his hands desperately pushing against her solid legs as they tightened their anaconda like grip so much that he thought she was going to break him in two. Carol saw the look of fear in his eyes, and felt good. So good it was almost sinful. She laughed aloud at the pathetic small red-faced gnome struggling uselessly in her legs.

Martin felt the fearsome leggy vice slacken then pull him closer until their faces were inches apart. Her pretty brown eyes sparkled. There was a strange predatory smile on her face that chilled him. “How long can you hold your breath for underwater, Martin?” the voice was sensual running all the way to his groin. She smiled. “I bet it’s not as long as me. Let’s see shall we. Are you ready? In four, 1,2,3,4”. Martin saw Carol take a deep inhalation and seeing that cunning look in her eyes, he did the same.

Carol flung herself forwards on top of him, wrapping one arm around the back of his head and the other under his left shoulder. Martin felt her body weight and momentum drive him into the water.

Down, down, deeper and down. With her larger body on top of him, her strong arms around him and powerful driving sculling kicks, Martin was unable to stop her diving. They shortly reached the pool bottom. Martin had never dived at the deep end before and didn’t like it. The surface looked a long way above him.

With his lungs burning he could only watch as, smiling, Carol slid around to the side of his body. A leg stretched across his stomach to join with the other that had slid across his lower back. Martin felt as if he was going to burst. He needed air; he had to surface. Escape was out of the question; Carol had him trapped with her legs gently locked around his middle whilst holding his head in her arms. Starting to panic, Martin began to struggle to get free.

“BOOOOOORPHH”. An irresistible force crushed into his stomach and back. Martin watched in sheer horror as a large bubble of life-giving air exploded from his mouth. Shocked, he watched as the bubble broke up into lots of smaller one as it rose towards the surface.

“MMMM” the legs relaxed then crushed again. He was being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste except it wasn’t harmless paste being expelled but the small amount of air remaining in his lungs. Again and again, brutal waves of pressure scissored his middle, but he had nothing more to give. He was going to die, drown at the bottom of the pool. His mind spun, his vision darkened, there was nothing he could do. His hands felt the hard bulging muscle in her thigh as she squeezed continuously. Die die die you horrid bully. The anger and the fury burned so brightly inside her head that it was awhile before she noticed that Martin was no longer struggling.

She unwrapped herself from his limp body before kicking away for the surface. Then the guilt hit her. What would they say at church?. He was making her life a misery surely God would understand that. Thou shalt not kill. You will burn in the damnation of hell for all eternity. The Criminal Protection Society would have her indentured to his family. Although she liked Michelle, she didn’t want to be a slave. To top it all, letting someone drown wouldn’t get her selected for the Olympic trials.

Burpph! A sharp contraction around his middle awoke Martin awoke causing him to spew up water. Another strong contraction and he expelled more. What was going on?. “Ngghh” another contraction bit hard, constricting his diaphragm so much that he could barely breathe. This time the squeeze held tight. Martin reached down and felt a wet strong bulging thigh scissoring him. It all coming flooding back, Carol!. She had tried to drown him. The pressure subsided, allowing him to gulp down air.

Carol’s face came into view from the side as she leaned across to look at him. She looked so serene and dominant; Martin felt a twinge in his loins but at the same terrified by what she might do next.

“You listen to me and you listen good. From now on, you will not be bullying anyone” she told him fixing him with her eyes. “The only one who will be doing any bullying will be me” she smiled. “I’m going to bully you” she said. Martin looked to see if she was joking, but saw only strong confidence. “I’m going to be your personal bully. Your personal Top Bully” she said softly. “I’m Top Bully” he gasped.

“Orrrghh!” his innards were being squashed flat as Carol scissored hard. “Who’s Top Bully?” she asked forcefully. “Noooo” he wailed, rocking back and forth unable to breathe as the pain cut through his belly. The terrifying pressure eased off. Lying on his back gasping for breathe, Martin felt her hand grab his shoulders and roll him to his side allowing her legs to slide up and embrace his chest.

“No please, my ribs have just mended” he cried as the thick thighs tightened like band around his chest. “Oh what a shame. Admit that my legs are too strong for you otherwise I’ll re-break them for you. Gone on, say it” she demanded. “Nooo” he cried as the leggy vice tightened compressing his chest. “Say it or I’ll break them” she commanded. The vice tightened more, the pressure so great that he couldn’t expand his lungs properly to breathe. He was sure that he could his ribs bending. “Ppplease” he begged. It hurt to speak. “Too strong” he gasped, feeling utterly humiliated. “What was that? I didn’t hear you properly” Carol asked enjoying his discomfort. “Argh Your legs are too strong. Please no more” he said shamefaced. The pressure eased slightly and he gulped in air.

She laughed aloud then demanded “Who’s Top Bully?”. “No, not that please. Arggh” the thick strong thighs bulged some more. Martin burst into tears as he felt at least one rib break. The terrible pressure eased slightly to a tight grip. “Well?” she demanded. “You are, please you are” he pleaded. “I am what?” she ordered. The powerful leggy vice bent his rib cage. “Please. Please” he cried frantically. “You’re Top Bully. You’re Top Bully” he blubbed, tears running freely down his cheeks. “That’s right and I’m going to make sure you remember it” Carol snapped.

Grabbing the head of the sobbing young man who had once made her life a complete misery, Carol rolled over him and pulled him over the pool edge with her. As they hit the water and went under, Martin feared she was going take him to the bottom again to drown him. But as they surfaced, his relief was short-lived. Carol, sculling herself stationary with her arms, slid her sexy thighs either side of his neck. Straightening her legs, she angled them down ducking Martin’s trapped head under the water. No, please I don’t want to die like this. Suddenly she lifted his head barely above the water, forcing Martin to gulp air carefully or swallow liquid.

Neck held firmly, Martin had no choice but to look at his captor, his personal bully. Carol looked radiant, so strong, and so sexy. He felt his dick stir again in appreciation. “This is how it’s going to be from now on” Carol spoke softly in a voice that made his cock hard. “Every time I see you. In the corridors, in the lecture room, in the refectory. I’m going to squeeze you in front of everyone. I will squeeze you hard in my legs until you tell me loud and clear that I’m Top Bully and that I’m too strong for you”. Martin wept. “We’ll start tomorrow morning in the refectory. Be there. I’m going to squeeze you for Breakfast” she said smiling.

Martin just kept on crying. “You better be there, otherwise there’ll be more of this”. Carol locked her calves behind his head, angled her legs under the water and squeezed hard. Maintaining her position in the water, she focused every ounce of strength she could summon through her thighs and squeezed hard, very hard. Trapped under the water, bursting to expel his spent breath, the force around his neck was horrendous. His body’s natural reflexes won, expelling the air from his mouth and nose. He felt himself raised to the surface, the brutal scissors unyielding. With the clamp around his neck, it was a struggle to gulp down air before he was ducked again. The power crushing the sides of his neck was so frightening, he feared for his life, either she would drown him or snap his neck. He been beaten by a girl, not with fists or karate but squeezed sexily by her legs. With his dick hard, his head swam, his ears pounded, his eyes lost focus.
Michelle was in a rotten mood. That little prick had left her to do all his chores again. Wait until she gets her hands on him. His life won’t be worth living. Strangely he wasn’t at breakfast, which Carol commented upon, looking oddly disappointed. Surely she didn’t fancy him?. Leaving the refectory, she saw a group of students clustered around the notice board giggling. One of them sees her and starts whispering to the others. They look back at her then look away again giggling. Michelle’s foul mood got fouler. If that little gnome has posted another holiday snap of her at the seaside in a bikini when she was a kid, she’ll kill him.

Sensing her mood, the group disperse, leaving her alone looking at the board. There is a photo blown up to A4. Martin is shown from the waist up with his chest bare. She is disgusted to see that the creep is wearing only his pants, which is sporting a small telltale bulge. His eyes are closed, fast asleep. No, not asleep, unconsciousness with his mouth open and tongue lolling to one side. On his chest in what looks like red lipstick is the word ‘OWNED’. Michelle bursts out laughing.
Michelle found me trying to get a new laser printer working for Gill Butcher. Gill coldly told her to leave but the girl looked so upset that the Ice Queen seemed to thaw. She told us that she needed to speak with Martin, but he had been spending all his time with Principal Newman. The one time she did see him very briefly, he was acting strange looking around nervously, asking if Carol was around. “He’s being outplaced. How is that possible? It’s a three year course and he hasn’t even done his first year” she asked. Good question, Newman also never got involved with the students, leaving their education to his teaching staff. Gill comforted Michelle and told her that she would look into it. However when the girl had left, Gill looked puzzled. “I heard the same thing had happened to another troublemaker, Sharon Carpenter. She was out-placed even though she hadn’t sat her finals. I need to speak to Newman”.

I returned to my office, my thoughts so preoccupied with this latest development that it took me a while to notice what was on my screen. I was into Holland’s web site!.

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