Kung Boob! (JIMP#25)

Three generations of super-endowed women turn a man’s dream into a nightmare

Again based upon several girls I knew at school. I really did see Charlie Judo throw a boy (well that is what she claimed it was). Both she and Leyla were quite flat-chested then sprouted enormous breasts in a very short space of time. The mother and grandmother were inspired by two women I saw at a school play escorted by the younger woman’s husband – the lucky bastard. Kung Boob is real -search for it

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011

“Oh look at that poor man in the woods with his family gathering kindling” the aristocratic lady said looking out of the window. “Well spotted dear” her portly moustachioed husband harrumphed. “Humphries! Shoot the lot of them”. “Yes sir, right away sir” the butler answered.

“John!” her ladyship exclaimed. “I’m only joking. Waste of good ammo. Set the hounds on them. They could do with some fresh meat” his lordship said. “Very well Sir” the butler replied “Should I throw another faggot on the fire, sir?”. “Yes please Humphries”.

The butler looked towards the servant’s door and clicked his fingers. Two men in waistcoats came out carrying a man, bound and gagged, towards the large open fireplace.
I needed a way to recover the stolen artefact from Holland’s auction house. The Police might not be able to touch them but their cleaners weren’t subject to Banking Immunity [JIMP#24]. “The Upper Brush” cleaned many businesses and residences in Kensington. They also had received a warning after Guy Crook [JIMP#15] supplied them with illegal labourers. Posing as an inspector from The Immigration Department, it didn’t take long to discover that most of the cleaners were non-EU immigrants unable to prove they were in the country legally. The Company Director was only too happy to be my best friend, able to supply me with anything I wanted – money, women, or boys.

*** Big Boobed Judo ***
In a side alley, Scott watched Jim Priest through a grimy ground floor window. The private detective seemed to be making a deal with the owner. Cleaners, that’s how they can get into Holland’s and take the object. He has to report back. They could hit the joint tonight.

Hurrying along the back streets, Scott soon found himself lost in a residential area. There was no one to ask for directions. Then he spotted a figure in the distance at the far end of a long street walking towards him. He knew it was female by the way the big lump in the front of her blouse bounced and swayed. She must be absolutely stacked to spot them at this distance.

That reminded him of an incident that happened when he was in the Sixth form. At school there were a disportionately large number of huge busted girls, some so well endowed to make Kim Shrubb [JIMP#3] look flat chested with her 40DDs. One lunchtime, Scott was lurking around when he noticed a girl called Charlie alone in a classroom. A couple of years younger, she was good looking with a small long narrow face framed by short curly dark blonde hair that swept down high across her forehead and over the tops of her ears to tumble just above her shoulders.

Small clear grey eyes watched him from beneath low eyebrow ridges positioned above a long slender nose and a wide mouth with full lips. “Go away creep” she sighed wearily with a slight American accent.

Tall, lean and extremely slim, Charlie’s never-ending legs always set Scott’s groin twitching with desire. Shown to great effect with tan coloured tights and a very short mini skirt, she was also fond of wearing a shiny yellow PVC coat. Although very slim, Charlie’s legs were eye-catching. Scott ran his eyes slowly down her long slender appealing thighs then drank in the beautiful curves of her lengthy calves, which were enhanced by high heels.

Recently Charlie’s physique had developed a more jaw dropping attraction that made Scott drool and his cock stiff. She had suddenly grown an enormous chest that on most girls would look huge but on her slim frame were titanic. Over a white blouse, a grey jumper was overstretched in a futile attempt to contain her large bust as it thrust forward sloping dramatically until it was a good 6″ in front of her stomach. The large hanging orbs were a good half-width wider than her waist. It was like she had stuck two fully inflated balloons under the bottom of her jumper, but Scott knew they were real and the sight sent his lust into overdrive.

Always with friends, Scott had never had the chance to get his hands on her. Until now. Oh god, he wanted her bad and now he had her alone. “Give us feel Charlie and you won’t get hurt” he said approaching her, leering at her chest. “Get lost dweeb” she replied.

Scott lunged at the objects of his desire. Charlie tried to push him away. With his body pressed against her, Scott enjoyed the sensation of her wobbling breasts between their bodies as he grappled with her arms. Suddenly, he felt her hip brushing his own and her leg slide against him. Her foot entangled with his feet and he tripped, falling face first across a row of chairs.

“Luckily my brother taught me some Judo before I sprouted these” Charlie chuckled. Looking up, Scott saw the girl outline the shape of her outthrust bust. Phroar from this angle they looked like huge overhanging torpedoes aimed right at him. Scott’s erection was aching like crazy. “That wasn’t Judo, I just tripped” he said getting to his feet. “That’s Judo. Are you going to run away now and leave me alone?” she replied.

His lust driven into overdrive, Scott rushed the blonde trying to get his hands on her chest. Once more he found himself grappling with her arms. Suddenly Scott found his right arm caught and pulled over her shoulder as she turned. The feel of his erection pressing against her small shapely rear nearly caused him to explode. Before he knew it, she had bent forward and his feet had left the floor as his crotch rode on her backside. Either the throw was bad or she wasn’t very good at Judo because he found himself sliding off her back, pulling her down with him to the floor.

Scott tried to push her off him and sit up. Charlie threw herself at him and grabbed him by nape of neck. At the same time, her lovely long legs slid around his waist then locked tight behind him. Before he could act, he found his face buried deep in her large soft mounds. Hmmm wow this great. No, wait, huh huh can’t breathe. Starting to panic, he tried to prise apart the arms around his head but he found them lean and firm with no yield. Hmmm need air, can’t breathe. Aghh, struggling for air, he couldn’t budge the long silky legs cutting into his sides.

Scott tried to stop the memory. Charlie had held him like that for what seemed to be ages, suffocating him slowly under her beautiful chest. To make things worse he heard footsteps as her classmates filed into the room, coming over to watch and shout encouragement. “Go on Charlie, kill him”. “Cor, Charlie you’ve got a lovely pair of deadly weapons”. Too slowly, unconsciousness took him. The flashback should have acted as a warning but his dick made him ignore it.

*** A messy encounter ***

The woman was closer. Scott could see that apart from the heaving bust that she was sultry looking with an exotic face hinting at an ancestry from perhaps Turkey or somewhere around there. Probably in her early twenties, she had long straight jet black hair that fell from a centre parting, down either side of a long face covering her ears then swept behind her shoulders to the middle of her back.

Sitting under slightly angled black eyebrows, her smouldering eyes were a captivating light brown with heavy lids, natural long lashes and a hint of mascara. Her nose was slightly wide-set ending with sleek flared nostrils. Her medium sized mouth had sensual thick lips over a square chin. Phoar I wouldn’t mind snogging that and getting my hands on those tits, Scott thought.

She was about 5’9″ with a medium slim build with long shapely legs in skin-tight jeans. However above her slim waist were what looked like two small beach balls underneath a red checked lumberjack’s shirt. Large rounded and heavy looking, they sat high on her chest and descended almost to her navel. As she walked, they bounced and jiggled like mammoth jellies in an earthquake. Phoar, she must have a steel reinforced bra to hold that lot, he thought with growing lust.

Several minutes of watching that huge bundle lurch and sway gave him a boner. He was so distracted that by the time she passed and he was admiring her nice compact backside that he realised that he had forgotten to ask for directions. Scott decides to follow hoping that she will either lead him to the high street or provide a good opportunity to get her alone.

However they head towards less grand houses before she turned down the path of a large old semi-detached. Her side profile was jaw dropping emphasizing her extreme bust to waist ratio. It was enough to reawaken his lust. As she reached the door, he saw her look at him with a knowing smile before entering. Strangely the door isn’t closed properly and Scott decides to enter.

“Close the door please” he hears a woman’s voice coming from the closest room. Closing the front door, he enters to see the buxom young woman standing with her back to him looking out of the window.

“My name is Leyla” she says, starting to turn around. The voice is rich and husky pouring over Scott’s libido like honey. She pauses as Scott lustfully admires her astounding top-heavy profile. “The bathroom is upstairs on the right” she says. “What?” he says looking up into her seductive eyes and finding his gaze locked. “Men always squirt the first time they see these bare” she replied, slowly following the contours of her incredible chest with her hands.

Phoar, she’s going to show me her tits. Scott had never met a woman who willingly wanted his attentions. “My face is up here. Look at me when I’m talking to you” she commands. Scott obeys and finds himself watching her sensual mouth as she speaks while slowly undoing the top button of her shirt.

“Let me make this plain” she says. The way her mouth moves makes Scott want to stick his dick in it. “The women in my family are very dominant”. Her hands move down to the next button. Oh god she’s stripping, she’s really stripping. “We expect men to do as they are told” she tells him, as another button is undone. Scott glimpses the top of a very deep cleavage nestling between two mounds of flesh pushed up unnaturally high upon her chest. My god she is absolutely stacked. I’ve hit jackpot here, she must be a nympho.

“You are Grandmother’s new stud until Father recovers” she says. Scott wasn’t really listening. He was too busy watching as she undid the final button then opened the shirt.

Scott’s jaw dropped and his dick lurched in spasmodic rhythms. Leyla let the shirt drop to the floor then faced him. “Some men mess themselves just seeing me in my bra” she tells him. The sultry gaze and pouty smile almost causes him to do the same. Orrr orrrr orrr. He is practically drooling at the sight of the biggest bra that he has ever seen. The massive white object is like two reinforced cloth hubcaps. A V shape at the top provides a tantalising glimpse of the huge treasure beneath.

Orrrr. It is too much for Scott and lust crazed he rushes forwards to grab her. A slim denim clad leg swings up and impales his gut. “Boorrph” the air rushes out his mouth as he crumples around his middle. “I maybe well endowed but I am perfectly capable of kicking your testicles back up inside your body” she says.

Whumph! Something large and heavy slams into the back of his bowed neck, feeling like a large rolled up duvet, and he collapses to the floor. “My boobs are heavy enough to do serious damage to your neck. So don’t you dare try that again” Leyla’s voice told him. “If you think that was heavy, just imagine what that does to my back. I have to exercise to keep my back strong”.

Gasping for breath and rubbing the back of his neck, Scott looks up. Her huge full bra is like a wide ledge hanging over him obscuring her face. “I want to kick your balls hard” she tells him. “Then I’ll take my bra off so you’ll get hard again” she outlines her chest with her hands. “Then I will bust your erection all over again. I could punish you like that all afternoon. You would get rock hard at the sight of my boobs and I would enjoy smashing it over and over again until I eventually break you”. Shivers run down Scott’s spine. “Would you like that?” she asks. “No, please” he gasps. “Then you don’t touch without permission. Understand?. Anyway, Gran wouldn’t like me to break her new toy. Now get up and unclasp my bra” she instructs.

As he stood, the super-busted young woman turned her back on him. This was no ordinary bra. At the back it is more like a corset with large flaps of material secured with industrial sized clasps. He undoes the clasps with shaking excited hands. Telling him to move back, Leyla turns holding the cups in front of her. “The women in my family suffer from Virginal Breast Hypertrophy” she says. “What?” Scott says. “Super huge tits” she replies wearily then drops the bra.

Freed, her massive mammories sprung out as they fell down to her waist. “Ohhhhh” Scott can barely contain himself and moans aloud. “You’re going to spurt. I can tell” she him. “Orrrrr” Scott moans as Leyla puts her hands behind her head and slowly starts to sway her huge breasts from side to side. “Nah nah nah nah nah” the sight is too much. Scott unloads his balls in strong powerful spurts that he feels deep inside his groin.

The well-endowed sultry woman laughs. “Pathetic. How could you possible hope to get inside me when you cum even before I’ve got my knickers down? Upstairs on the right. Grandmother will be with you in a moment” she tells him.

*** Mother’s busty boxing gloves ***

Shamefaced, Scott went to the bathroom. Standing on his toes to clean the sticky mess from his scrotum in the sink, he then used a hand towel to dry off. He also tries using the hand towel to clean up his pants, but they are still damp when he puts them back on.

The vision of Leyla taking her bra off replays in his mind. Phroar what I could do with a woman like that. I could tie her up then take her over and over again whenever I want. I’ll come back tonight in the car then tie and gag her then bundle her into the car. She said something about Grandma? No matter, I can handle some old dear.

The landing is large and decorated with foreign looking ornaments. Scott wonders whether there’s anything worth stealing. Cautiously opening a door, he sees a gaunt looking middle-aged man lying in bed. Reaching out he pleads  ‘Please help me’. “Who are you?” Scott asks. “Frank. Hayleh’s husband. Help me please” the man says. “Holly?”. “No. Hayleh” he pronounces the middle part with his tongue at the top of his palette. Scott looks blank. “Leyla’s step father” the man tells him. “You must get out of here and take me with you” he adds. “Why?” Scott asks.

“We don’t discuss our problems with strangers, Frank”. Scott turns to see a middle-aged woman, in her 50’s, in the doorway. The resemblance to Leyla is striking except that age has filled out her cheeks and made her looser under her jaw and around the neck. Streaks of silver pepper her hair, which is cut above shoulders.

Age has also plumped her figure. Over a simple white full-length pleated skirt, she wore a charcoal grey jacket whose distorted contours made Scott’s jaw drop in disbelief. Thrusting from her upper chest towards his groin, the jacket was buttoned at the bottom revealing a long titanic canyon of flesh. Scott was sure that she was more buxom than her daughter and surprised to feel himself getting very hard so soon after his earlier mishap.

“So Leyla has found my mother another playmate. Isn’t she good to you Frank?” the woman says brushing past. Standing in front of the bed, she dismisses Scott. “You can go and wait in the next room”.

Facing the man in the bed, she unbuttons her jacket and opens it until her nipples are barely covered. “Ohhh please no more” the man moans. Scott moans as well as the jacket falls to the floor. Like two elongated torpedoes sprouting from her upper chest they hang down to her waist ending in large aureoles with thick erect nipples.

“Ohhhhh” Scott moans aloud, his erection hard and throbbing. “Oh god you turn me on Hayleh” the man in the bed sighs. Scott is horrified to see a tent growing in the sheets supported by a thick pole. Bastard!. Not only does the lucky bastard have a sexy looking wife with super-enormous tits but he is also hung like a stallion. Some bastards have all the luck.

“Please no more” the man pleads. What is wrong with this man?, is he gay?. Well if he doesn’t want her, I flipping well do. Cock throbbing with desire, Scott moves towards the topless giant busted mature woman. Turning to face him, she cups her giant breasts in her hands and drives one after the other straight into his face. BAM BAM. It’s like being pounded by oversized boxing gloves but instead of smacked in the face with leather he feels firm flesh. BAM BAM heavy breasts smash into his jaw.

*** Grandma’s walking stick ***

Lying dazed on the floor wondering what happened, the sound of Middle Eastern music draws his attention and he looks up to see Hayleh dancing like a slow down belly dancer. Her hips moving to the rhythm, the zeppelin sized breasts sway erotically from side to side, lurching in one direction long after her body has changed direction.

Orrrr Scott moans, his dick aching so hard it hurts. “Orrr Please no more” there is now a tall throbbing tepee in the sheets. The guy is flipping huge, lucky bastard. Orrr god, she’s too much. I really want some of that. Scott gets up and approaches the dancing giant busted cock throbber from behind.

Reaching out with his hands, Scott suddenly finds a wooden walking stick smacking down on his right arm forcing it out to his side. “Ow. Aghh”. He catches a glimpse of another woman at his side as she deftly grabs the stick with both hands and sharply twists it tangling up his arm. Moving behind him, the hard wood twists his arm painfully behind his back.

Pressure is applied with the stick forcing him onto the landing. “Argh” it feels like the bones in his arm are going to break. “You’re coming with me. Resistance is futile” an elderly woman’s voice behind him says. “I will break your arm in three places if you resist”. “Arghh no” Scott feels one end of the stick raised up at an angle like a lever forcing his arm higher behind his back at breaking point. His arm held in agony, he is forced along the landing to a room at the end. “Hurry along. I’m aching to break you in” the voice tells him.

His arm is freed and he feels the stick across his back shoving him towards the middle of a large bedroom. Spinning around to confront his attacker, he stops and gawps.

This must be the Grandmother. The family resemblance is strong, although more aged. What is surprising is the severely shaven head. Her hair is little more than black stubble peppered with grey making her very look tough and strangely alluring. Together with her sultry eyes and sensual mouth, Granny’s face was keeping Scott’s erection alive.

She looks down at his crotch. “The women in this family have a motto. If you aren’t more than 8 inches, you’re not getting in” she says clearly disappointed at what she sees. “Leyla should have done better”.

Plumper than her daughter, Scott is shocked that Grandma looks 9 months pregnant and wearing a long white silk nightgown tied awkwardly with a black belt over the bump. He realises with a strong lurch of his cock that she isn’t with child but the massive bump hanging to her crotch is all bust. “Oh my god, you’re gigantic. Phoar show us your tits old dear” Scott says leering at the oversized lump on this sexy old granny. No wonder she needs a walking stick with those monsters.

“You really are obnoxious as you look” she tells him. “Help yourself” she says and opens her gown to reveal two enormous breasts, almost like space hoppers attached to her chest. Hanging down to her crotch and at their widest point almost twice the width of her waist, the huge breasts were totally out of proportion to the rest of her body. The skin is stretched so taut over the massive orbs that they shine. Her aureoles are like jar tops, the erect nipples as thick as his thumb and nearly an inch long. The sight is too much for Scott to handle.

“Nnnn nnn nnnn nnnn nnn” strong hard deep pulses unleash another load into his pants although weaker than before.

“How dare you spurt before I’ve even got on you, you grotesque little toad” Granny says, her face smouldering with anger. “Go and clean yourself up this instant then get back here immediately” she demands. “You better satisfy me or I will break you”.

Feeling spent, Scott returns to the bathroom to clean himself up to the accompaniment of vigorous humping in the next room. Lucky bastard, I wish I had a woman like that giving me loads and loads of sex. The sounds of Leyla’s moaning in pleasure join in from an adjacent room. My god. They’re all at it. Oh god, I want it as well.

As Scott opens the door, he is confronted by Grandma’s smouldering stare, her robe back in place. “You took your time. In my room and put this on” she says holding out a big black dildo with a strap. “No effing way. I ain’t doing anything kinky” Scott protests.

The walking stick swings up and she grabs it two handed like a pool cue then drives the end into his sternum. “Mnrghhh” Scott starts to slump. “Next time, I’ll fracture your chest” the shaven haired granny says. WHACK the stick swings in an upward arc, the end connecting with his jaw. “I’ll break your jaw” she says as dark spots and bright lines flash across his dazed vision. “Boorrppph” the stick hammers so deep in his gut, he feels the bile rise in his throat. “And I’ll crush every internal organ in your pathetic body”. Badly winded and feeling sick, his body involuntary creases around his middle.

The stick rams down at an angle into the back of his neck and Scott collapses noiselessly to the floor. “I may need a stick to walk nowadays but I’m very handy with it as you can see. I can break every bone in your body”. Scott tires to raise himself but the stick hammers into the side of his neck and everything goes black.

*** Nipples like bullets***

Scott finds himself back in the same room as Frank. “Please help me” the man begs. “What are you complaining about, you lucky bastard” Scott spits.

“When I first saw Hayleh, I knew I had to have her. That face, that amazing figure. I was in a constant state of arousal. Sex was amazing” Frank said. “Eventually we got married and then I found out how demanding she was in the bedroom. I was younger then, more virile and just seeing that amazing body kept me hard”.

“I don’t want to hear it, you lucky bastard” Scott said. The man ignored him. “I was coping fine then her mother moved in. You’ve seen her”. “She’s enormous” Scott said wistfully remembering the old lady’s chest.

“Just imagine living in a house with two women like that” Frank said. “I can, you lucky bastard” Scott replied. “They’re killing me with sex” Frank cried. “It feels like I’ve got a permanent erection. Their sexual appetite is unreal. One would be more than enough for any man, but three of them. Dear God, they’re killing me”. “Three? You mean you screw your own daughter?” Scott asked incredulously. “Step-daughter. Until she was about 15, Leyla was flat chested then suddenly sprouted those huge pair and a sexual appetite to match”. “Sometimes she brings a boy home…”. Frank suddenly stops talking with a look of fright. Scott realises someone is standing behind him.

“You have a loose mouth Frank. I’ll deal with you later”. Scott turns and looks into the pools of seduction that are Grandmother’s eyes. She holds out the dildo towards him. “Are you going to go to my room and put this on or shall I break every bone in your body and grind them up to make my bread?” she asks, looking fierce with her stubble head.

Scott takes the ghastly thing and heads back to her room. I hope she’ll give me loads of sex and let me feel her huge tits.

“I must warn you that not only am I deadly with this stick but I’m also a Grand master 5th dan black belt in Kung Boob”. Scott sniggers. Glaring at him she continues. “Kung Boob is an ancient martial art of chest fighting, based on Taekwondo. You may well sneer but I could seriously hurt you if I wanted to, even kill you”.

Scott remembered Charlie suffocating him, then Leyla and Hayleh clobbering him with their breasts. Staring at him with those lush exotic eyes, the woman removes her robe. Phoar, the sight of so many acres of female breast gave him hard achers of his own and he has to force himself to look at her face so he doesn’t ejaculate prematurely.

“Here feel” the old woman takes his hands and guides them into her grand canyon, placing them on the insides of her breasts. Mmmnn despite his growing erection, Scott forces himself to keep staring at her face but it a sensual face and her tits are great.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” she purrs so seductively it sets his dick throbbing. “How about this?” she says. Using both hands she quickly brings the massive danglers together trapping Scott’s against each other. “Oww” many pounds of firm taut female breast crush down on his hands. “On your knees” she orders squeezing her ample assets together hard. “Ow please my hand” he cries as the backs of his hands mash painfully against each other. “Your knees” she smiles almost predatory, her eyes eager with anticipation. “Ow ow OK OK please stop” he begs falling to his knees. “Call me your Goddess” she purrs. “Ow please stop…my Goddess” he begs.

The sultry shaven headed old woman laughed then released his hands. “Get to your feet” she ordered. As he does so, massaging his hands, she takes something from the dressing table and hands it to him. It is a large sheet of heavy green glass about 3 feet long, a foot and a half high and half an inch thick. There are several, what looks likes large bullet holes, in the sheet.

The woman cups the ends of her breasts which overflow her hands. Scott’s dick is throbbing so hard, his nuts are starting to ache. “Press that against my nipples” she commands. As he holds the glass to her boobs, he notices that the bullet holes align with her nipples. Finding an intact section he presses it against her nipples, squashing them.

“Now watch” she says. There is a sharp crack and Scott is stunned to see her large erect nipples standing proud of the glass. No, that’s impossible, that glass is too thick. The implicit power shown by her nipples causes his dick to lurch. “I can teach any large busted woman to desensitise her breasts to avoid pain and turn them into deadly weapons” she says taking the glass from him and returning it. “I can control my nipples and make them hard as drill bits at will”.

“Go on bite them” she says offering her nipples up to him. Scott takes a large teat inside his mouth and tentatively bites finding it hard. “Harder than that”. His teeth clamp down hard on the teat but it remains firm and she shows no discomfort. As it leaves his mouth, he can’t resist a suck. He looks up expecting rebuke, but Grandmother’s dark sexy eyes look at him enticingly. “You like my breasts don’t you?” she purrs, her full-lipped mouth moving sensually. “Take off your spectacles and take a closer look” she says.

As he does so, he finds two gigantic fleshy orbs shoved into his face. “Take a real close look”. “Ow!” thick hard nipples are jammed into his eyes. He stumbles back, clutching his watering eyes. “Careful, I could have your eyes out with these” Grandmother chuckles. Scott feels a big heavy bag of flesh pressed against his jaw. Then the soft nipple on his chin springs hard like a piston driving his head back sharply. His head swimming in a daze, Scott falls backwards on the bed.

“Big boobs are as deadly to men as they are sexy” the old woman purrs. Hands grab Scott’s head and twist it to one side. He feels a heavy breast against his neck and a soft nipple. Suddenly it feels like someone has shot a steel bolt into his neck and he passes into darkness.

**** Big boobed sex ***
Scott awoke to the sound of middle-eastern music. He was lying naked on a bed with a big black dildo on his dick. Reaching to remove it, a walking stick raps his knuckles. “Leave” Grandma orders.

He looks up to see the shaven headed matriarch naked and swaying to the music, her enormous breasts swinging in a highly erotic manner. His dick is instantly hard. Leaning forward, his sheathed dick is plunged in between those titanic boobs. “Orrr” he moans, his dick throbbing and the pressure building in his balls. “Squirt if you want but I’m still riding you” she says climbing onto the bed.

Mounting the dildo, the extraordinary sized breasts actually rested on his stomach. Slowly she began to ride him. As she slides vigorously up and down, her huge breasts heave in a strange slow motion of their own, occasionally battering his abdomen. Scott grabbed the massive orbs to get a good feel and to stop them hitting him. They were incredibly heavy and taut. Maybe it was because the dildo separated him from direct sensation but somehow he managed to keep going for much longer then he would have thought possible. Granny’s thrusts became deeper and slower. Loud moans of ecstasy escaped her lips tipping Scott over the edge and he shot his load inside the dildo as she climaxed.

*** The Subjugation ***

Day Two
Thank you Lord. Fantastic. This must be what it’s like to be in heaven. Frank was right, the sight of three generations of ultra buxom women around the house makes me feel like I’ve got a permanent erection. Which is good because the horny old bird just wants it all the time.

They keep feeding me high-energy food to keep up my pecker. Not that it really matters with that bloody dildo on. Hot old granny takes me ready or not. Oh my god, the sex. She’s incredible, the size of those tits. That old woman must be a nympho. Wow I’ve hit it lucky this time.

Day Five
I really need to report back to Hawkins. Except they’ve hidden my bloody trousers. My mobile phone’s gone too. Ouch, I wish my balls would stop aching from all that sex.

The door of the bathroom opens and out strolls Leyla, her long black hair damp. Wearing a tiny white bathrobe that barely covers her modesty, her long shapely legs draw Scott’s attention. Phroar she’s got great legs. “Were you perving on me taking a shower again?” she asks.

“Where’s my trousers?” he demands. “I can’t go around wearing just underpants” he says. “We’ve taken them away in case you get any funny ideas about leaving” she says softly with a slight smile. “Oh and don’t bother trying to borrow any of Frank’s because we’ve locked those away too for his own good” she added with a look of amusement.

“What about my mobile phone? That’s private property. Give it back” he demanded. “You won’t be needing it now. Oh, and the other phones in the house are locked, as is the front door” she replied staring at him with those penetrating seductive eyes.

“You have no right to do that. That’s my property” Scott shouts angrily, his face growing red. “I should be able to come and go as I please. You can’t keep me here like, like some sort of sex slave. I need to go to work”.

“Your work now is to pleasure Granny with a dildo on your tiny cock” Leyla says calmly. “Why you…” Scott’s angry protest is cut out as Leyla opens her tiny robe and lets it fall to the floor. Phroooar. The sultry young woman stands completely naked with no sign of embarrassment before him. Phroooar. Once again such outlandishly large breasts on such a slim frame has him rock hard in an instant. Phrooar she’s got sensational legs as well as great tits and a sexy face. Oh god, I really fancy her something rotten.

The buxom beauty steps towards him fixing his eyes with her stare until he can feel her breasts pressing against his bare chest. Softly, she says “My boyfriend has run away”. Scott gasps as he feels her hand on his pants stroking his erection. “I need my oats. I must have someone to give me my oats” she purrs. Mmmm Scott moans. “I need a real man with a big cock not some pathetic loser who has to wear a dildo” she says stepping back, a taunting smile on her face.

Full of lust, Scott lunges forward. “You cock-teasing bitch. I’m gonna fuck your brains out whether you like it or not” he yells.

Too late he sees her shift her weight to her left leg and swing her right foot back. A strong solid kick hammers between his legs. Scott feels his balls riding her foot as the power of the kick lifts his feet off the ground tilting his body forward onto her shin. He crashes to the floor and curls into ball, clutching his groin with his head rocking back and forth in agony, dry retching.

“What’s all this noise?” with his eyes screwed tight and leaking tears, he recognises Hayleh’s voice. “Just putting small dick in his place”. “Leyla, you haven’t broken another one” Granny’s voice. “He wears a dildo. He needs to understand obedience”. “I like to see the lust in their eyes, dear” Granny replies. “Get into my room you odious little creep. We’re going to explain things to you” her voice directed to the curled form on the floor still rocking in agony. “Can’t, hurts so bad” he weeps.

Scott feels Leyla’s hand on his shoulder. With her other hand she grabs his wrist and pulls his hand away from his aching groin. Twisting his forearm and forcing the arm straight, it was pushed painfully behind his back. “Get up small prick or I’ll break your arm as well as your balls” she tells him. Red-faced and tearful he obeys and is marched into Grandma’s bedroom.

His arm released, he turns around to see three generations of super busted women naked and lined up in front of him. Despite the brutal treatment of his balls, he is sporting an erection. “See it still works” Leyla says.

The shaven headed Granny spoke. “There are only two ways that you are going to leave this room. The first is that you acknowledge our superiority and serve us without question, servicing the three of us as and when we see fit”.

Three? Scott looks at Granny, the fierce looking old woman with the humungous full breasts. She is so sexually demanding that he has trouble coping with her. His eyes move to Hayleh. Mature Hayleh with the large zeppelin shaped bust. Frank has deteriorated badly these last few days. What must she be doing to him?. As if reading his mind she says “Frank needs absolute rest now. So I must take my pleasure from you. And you better do a good job or I’ll punish you very severely indeed”.

His eyes move onto Leyla. Young, fit, longhaired energetic Leyla. “You’re the only functioning man around here at the moment. So I guess you will have to do until I find a new stud”. A few days ago the thought of making love to all three of these women would have seemed a dream come true. But now the physical enormity of the task struck Scott. How was he going to cope with three super-endowed sex-mad women?. He was afraid that he was going to end up like Frank.

“The second way?” he whispered. “You get carried out in a body bag” the matriarch said. Scott looked her in surprise. “Oh don’t won’t worry” Leyla said. “Three gorgeous buxom women virtually alone in a house. It would be a perfect target for a pervert like you. The Police won’t be surprised that we had to defend ourselves vigorously against a lust crazed rapist like you”.

“Before you make your decision, we are going to explain a few things to you. Bow to me” the Grandmother tells him. “What? Worrrpph” in the blink of an eye, Leyla stepped forward, grabbed his shoulders and plunged her knee deep into Scott’s gut.

Folding over winded, he senses the old woman near his head but is in no condition to do anything about it. He feels her monstrous breasts engulf his head and looks up to find himself deep in her cleavage. Big mistake!.

BAM BAM BAM BAM. With his face trapped in the middle, the woman begins to rapidly swing her oversized mammories slapping his face like bags of potatoes. The breasts are so heavy that the blows addle his brains. Punch-drunk, Scott is unable to think to protect himself as her heavy whoppers continue to batter his face. BAM BAM BAM BAM. Scott’s didn’t know where he was. BAM BAM BAM. Vague impressions of being on the floor and lifted, his face being forced between extraordinary sized breasts. BAM BAM BAM. Fleeting impressions of different faces, Hayleh and Leyla, taking turns as huge heavy bags of female flesh pummel him. Or was it Grandma?. A brief pause then a mighty heavy breast punch smashes the side of his face sending him to cloud cuckoo land.

Scott’s face felt like it was broken. His eyes were so badly swollen that the left was completely shut. He winces as he wets his split lip setting it stinging. Ow. His hand discovers his jaw is painful to touch as are his cheeks and nose which is full of dried blood.

“Good, you are awake. We have more explaining to do” Leyla’s voice. “Please no more. My face hurts bad” he pleads. “Oh his ugly toady face hurts” Leyla mocks. She leant across him to look in his swollen eyes, her breasts pressing against his upper arm. “Here does this feel better?” she said. “Yes” he replied softly.

Scott felt another pair of breasts against his other arm as Hayleh’s face came into his blurry vision. “How about this?” she cooed. “Nice” he sighed. He felt larger breasts press against his upper thigh. “Mmm nice” he sighed.

“Arggghh!”. Suddenly the sensation of soft flesh against his limbs was replaced by searing points of pain as nipples like steel hardened drill tips bit into sensitive pressure points. To his horror, he found that his arms and right leg were numb. The explosions of pain worked down his arms and legs as the three women applied their busty martial art, leaving a trail of pain and paralysis.

“No, no please no ow!” he cried in vain as the women turned their attentions to his torso. “Ow ow ow” he bawled like a baby “please stop please”. Rivets of white-hot pain shot all over his body as fearsome hard nipples fired into his body’s pressure points. By the time they had finished, which seemed like an eternity of pain, Scott was a sobbing mess unable to move any part of his body. “Please no more” he begs as he sees Grandmother standing by him. “Please, I’ll do anything you want”.

“Really?” she says. Scott watched in fear as the old women climbed onto the bed and knelt astride his face, her pussy close to his mouth. “Start licking, lap dog” she commanded.

Scott hesitated. Oral sex was something he forced women to do to him. The idea of putting his tongue anywhere a woman’s unmentionable bits was repellent.

“Just as I thought” the old woman says working her way on her knees towards his groin. “You need more explanation”. “No!” he cried in terror.

Cupping her massive breasts, Granny part flung, part dropped the heavies onto his balls. “Oooooohh” it was like someone had dropped a sack of meat into his unprotected lap. “I could burst your testicles if I want” she said menacingly.

Scott felt nauseous, he wanted to curl up and cradle his hurting nuts, but he couldn’t move.

“Let’s take the wind out of your sails”. With tears in his eyes, he noticed with alarm that the woman was poised with her heavy space hoppers over his gut. WHUMP “boorrrppppp” the air exploded noisily out of his mouth as the fleshy bombs pulverised his abdomen, the irresistible weight flattening his diaphragm.

Involuntary, his head and shoulders left the bed but Leyla and Hayleh grabbed him with their hands and roughly forced him down.

Weeping openly and desperately gasping for air he could only watch in sheer fright as the old woman moved astride his middle, breasts poised above his chest. “I could bust your ribcage like twigs” she said with a smile that almost made Scott wet himself.

WHAM. A heavy weight slammed into his chest with a sickening crunch. Oh my god she’s going to kill me, no please. He wanted to scream but he could find the air. “Or shall I smash your windpipe so you can’t breathe and suffocate to death?”. His one good eye watched in silent terror and the lead like mammories hammered his throat. “Kkk kkk” he croaked.

“Or just smash your obnoxious face”. Tears flowing freely, he tried to scream as she straddled his ruined chest and raised her deadly weapons above his face. They fall rapidly like a battering ram. It feels like his face has exploded.

Weeping uncontrollably and barely conscious with his face a severely throbbing mess, he tries to move but can’t. Smiling the Granny from hell cups her titanic boobs and smashes one into each side of his neck.

Scott comes round; both of his eyes are swollen shut, his face aches intensely. He senses that his chest has been bandaged and is wearing the dildo. He tries to move his arms and legs, but they are still unresponsive.

“Decision time. You serve us absolutely without question or I put you out of your misery now” Grandma’s voice. He immediately burst into tears and whimpers “please please I’ll do anything you want please”. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”. “Please, I want to serve you, my goddess” he pleads.

He senses the old woman straddling over his face with her calves either side of his head. “Mmmmph” her buttocks envelop his nose and mouth. He senses her leaning forward and feels her sex rubbing against his lips. “Lick me good, little lap dog” she orders. Crying with shame at the disgusting task, he has no choice but to obey.

Licking away and hearing the appreciatively moans of the old woman, he feels a weight mount the dildo on his dick and start riding. Somehow dispute the pain and embarrassment; the double sexual act causes his dick to rise.

“Ohh Gran, don’t be long. I’m desperate” he hears Leyla’s voice. “Don’t worry dear, he’s going to serve us all together several times over this evening as a special punishment” Granny replies.

He feels someone grab his foot and bend his toes apart from his big one, which is plunged into somewhere warm and moist then used to rub something rubbery.

Oh my god they’re going to make me end up like Frank or kill me with sex, he wept uncontrollably.
It’s time to hang the pauper by the door; It’s the time of year that Bankers have a ball.

Trying to avoid eye contact with the rowdy gang of city boys, I crossed the road to The Monument. Crossing the small square at the rear of the Roman style column commemorating The Great Fire of London, I sat on one of the metal benches. Retrieving some sandwiches from my rucksack, I began to eat my lunch. The Oriental woman next to me opened up a book. “The stuff for the big auction are kept on the first floor” she mumbled. “There laser sensors, pressure mats and CCTV” she continued. Raising a sandwich to my mouth I whispered “They must turn it off when you clean”. “George Holland has the key and enters a code: 2-3-0-5-9”. “Guards?”. “Two at any one time, armed. They X-ray us as we enter and leave”.”Good work, Ling. Same time next week?”. “Sure thing, Jim” she said.

Ling stood up and walked towards the tube station, while I admired her huge meaty calves. I was about to get up when I felt a touch on my neck. Alarmed, I found I couldn’t move it. “Sit still. Don’t bring attention to yourself” a woman’s soft voice near my ear. “The man in the grey overcoat by the disabled WC is watching you”. I casually sweep my gaze around the small square. “I don’t recognise him, who is he?” I mumble.

“Military Intelligence” came the soft whisper. “Two words combined”. “That can’t make sense” she completed. “The question is American or British and is he interested in you or me?”. Although my neck was paralysed, I found the voice warm and re-assuring. “Who are you?” I asked. There was no answer. Finding that I could now move my neck, I turn around only to see grey overcoat man hurrying away down Pudding Lane.

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