Leggy and Lusty – a Lap dancing Strip O’Gram defends herself (JIMP#26)

Policewoman strip o’gram is forced to lay out 2 men + destroy a 3rd

SPOILER: An evil plan. A policewoman turns out to be strip o’gram Marianne who gives a groom a stag night to remember, driving him wild with desire and laying out 2 of his mates before giving him a taste of her leg strength and driving him to sexual humiliation. She then has to fight off a brutal rape attempt by George Holland. Ling takes out the security guards. Hollands get unwelcome visitors. Jim debriefs Marianne.

More Marianne. I wanted to show the development of my sister in-law into quite an Amazon and there’s something about an old fashioned British WPC uniform with the skirt and stockings 🙂 Ling is based on someone I worked with.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011

The Evil One stirred and spoke to her aide. “What progress on Operation Ground and Pound?”.

“Following the Bank’s failure with the importation of slave labour, we’ve increased the influx of underpaid migrant workers. British workers displaced are being forced to build the 20 workhouses so far commissioned or lose their benefits. Their families are held hostage to keep them quiet. The ex-military officers we’re shipping in to oversee construction are given powers of termination”.

The Evil One smiled. “Excellent. And when they’re finished, they and their filthy flea ridden families will become the first inmates”. Her voice tightened into a strangulated screech that rose in volume. “The working class scum in this country will soon be on its knees begging for forgiveness”. She thumped the table. “But we won’t show them mercy. We’ll soon bring back Victorian values even if it kills the snivelling bastards”.

**** Ian Holland ***
I’m getting married in the morning. After 5 years courting Patricia, she’s agreed to marry me. Tonight my elder brother George has organised my stag night.

We’re in The Crown and Stag having a good time getting absolutely plastered when in walks this Woman Police Constable. The plain looking WPC is wearing the regulation black jacket, with metal buttons all done up, shoulder epaulettes and walky talkie. Under the neck, I can see a crisp white blouse with a black and white chequered tie. On her head is a brimmed hat with checkerboard band and badge. At first I thought this was a strip o’gram, but instead of a mini-skirt and high heels, she wore a long black skirt coming down to her knees with two inverted front pleats. She also wore low-heeled black shoes and sheer black nylons over long shins.

As she walked over to my chair, I admired her figure. I like a woman in uniform and this one stood about 5’9″ with a long slender body. “Excuse me gentlemen but are any of you the owner of the black Mercedes parked out front?” she asked in a pleasant voice with a touch of a common accent.

“Yeah, it’s mine” I said. “I hope you are not thinking of driving, sir” she said sternly. She seemed to be in her early 30’s and slightly severe looking. Her sandy blonde hair was swept back behind her ears and curled around her neck to her shoulders.

“I’ll be fine, love, I’ve only had a few pints” I said. “I think you’ve had too many and strongly recommend that one of your friends who hasn’t been drinking drives” she said firmly. Yeah as if all my mates weren’t as pissed as I was. Her face was long and narrow ending in a strong rounded chin.

“Besides, your car is parked illegally and causing an obstruction” she told me. A lovely pair of blue eyes stared at me. They were pretty eyes, small and slender set beneath slim blonde eyebrows. A pair of wire-framed spectacles sat atop a thick yet sleek convex curving nose, magnifying their impact. The more she stared at me, the more appealing I found them. They were warming the cockles of my groin. However the specs on her long face and flat cheeks made her look a bit of a dork especially with that stern expression on her small mouth.

“Yeah I’ll move it later” I replied, getting irritated. “I strongly advise you not to, Sir” she sternly. Looking up from where I sat, I noticed that her mouth was small and lovely. This sat above a generous dimpled chin. Her upper lip is quite deep with a pronounced cleft and protruded slightly giving a natural pout to her mouth that made it very kissable. Actually, she wasn’t bad looking for working class. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that uniformed body and kissing that tiny mouth while gazing into her lovely eyes.

“Look love, it’s my stag night. Why don’t you join us? We could do with a bit of company from a such a lovely woman” I said turning on the charm.

“I’m sorry sir, but you leave me no choice” she said. Her fingers moved to the silver buttons of her jacket and started to undo them. “I’m going to have to bring the full weight of the law upon you” she told me, my mates cheering and jeering as she opened her jacket. She was the stripper all along, she really had me fooled!.

I was face to face with a white blouse tightly following the contours of a good-sized chest. Phroar She’s got a nice rack, wide, full and thrusting. That really stirred my groin.

Standing before my seat, WPC babe lifted her leg and placed her foot between my legs. Her shoe pressed firmly on my todger. Hitching up her skirt, I was confronted by the sight of a long shapely calve sheathed in shiny sheer black nylon leading to an ever increasing amount of thigh. Her hands moved higher to reveal the telltale band of black stocking top with a glimpse of bare flesh and suspender belt. Wow, she’s got great legs.

“You can’t escape the long legs of the law” she said. She made a show of adjusting her stockings and suspenders whilst rotating her leg one way then the other. Her foot also twisted, rubbing against my manhood. Orr that felt good! I was mesmerised by her long beautiful legs and my cock was responding to the sight and the foot job. “I feel I have the nub of the problem underfoot” she said, sensing my arousal.

I run my hands up her lower leg from her ankle to her knee, enjoying the feel of her long beautiful curved calf. It feels so good that I keep stroking the long firm semi-tear drop of muscle. Suddenly the muscle twitches under my palm then moves out of reach. Deliberately her foot slid down my man stick. All the while, she keeps staring at me with those magnified eyes and firm smile on her lovely thin lips. “That’s fixed that” she said. I was surprised that this gawky looking woman was actually arousing me.

Standing before me the leggy policewoman started to circle her hips in a very erotic manner to the noisy appreciation of my mates. Taking small steps and maintaining eye contact with me, the blonde turned around slowly, smoothly blending the movement into her dance. Looking over her shoulder, her hips kept circling. Looking at her stocking seams, I noticed that her calves were quite thick and toned, the muscle moving under her skin in a sexy manner as she danced.

As she turned back towards me, her hips still gyrating, the jacket slid from her shoulders and fell to floor. I admired her full rack swaying gently as she removed her tie. My god, she’s not wearing a bra! Her boobs were jerking around like unleashed ferrets up her blouse and I could see her erect nipples.

Suddenly her boobs thrust out towards me and started wobbling quickly from side to side. Orrrrrr my god. “Like them don’t you?” she asked. “Phoar yeah” I replied. “Why don’t you take a closer look?” she said and moved into the space between my knees. Standing with her legs straight, still keeping eye contact, she leant forward.

Her blouse fell open and I had full view of a pair of beautiful boobs and erect nipples. Orrrr god this is so sexy, she was really getting me going. The swinging breasts moved closer until my nose was nestled in her cleavage. Mmmm mmmmm mmmmm. “You have to make a clean breast of it” I heard her pun. I relished being between these beauties, raising my hands to grab hold of them. Firm hands grabbed my own and slammed them to the side of the chair. “You can look, but don’t touch” she murmured. I was shocked by how strong her arms were. She had effortlessly forced my hands down and firmly pinned them. For added effect, her boobs brushed my cheeks and mouth from side to side then stroked the end of my nose with a nipple. Oh god she really had my motor running.

Standing up, the blouse fell back covering her assets. The blonde resumed her sexy gyrations and keeping her cock-warming stare. Suddenly, to my amazement, she lifted the hem of her skirt before her leg shot high into the air knocking the cap off her head with great force. My god what an incredible kick, such flexibility. For a fleeting moment I had an eyeful of the full length of her sexy long legs, stockings and suspenders with small white thong briefs covering her crotch. The movement made my groin lurch strongly.

Her leg dropped to the floor and she smoothly resumed her erotic grinding dance, slowly turning and moving towards me yet fixing me with her magnified gaze. Before my chair once more, she turned her back to me. Her skirt hitched up over her backside giving me a close up of a compact backside wearing a thong. To the loud cheers of my mates, the buttocks moved erotically as her hips ground. The backs of her legs looked great too in their shiny sheer nylons, with well-shaped hamstrings and well-toned calves. She lent forwards, looked back at me coquettishly, and stroked her sexy buttocks then gave it a light slap that made me smile.

Still with her back to me, she gently swayed from her ankles and gradually opened her legs. Slowly she bent over so that her sexy bottom was brazenly pointing at me. Oh god what a sexy peach of an arse, phroar I wouldn’t mind sticking me dick up that!.

Bending one knee to the side, she straightened the other out to the other side. Gliding her hands up the straight leg and looking over her shoulder at me, she slapped her bottom hard then repeated this on the other side. Corrrr. I joined in the calls of appreciation. This woman’s got a great backside.

Out the corner of my eye, I see Joe reach out to touch her bottom as it shakes and grinds in front of me. Swiftly she stands up, turns and smoothly powers her knee hard into his balls. Seamlessly resuming her sexy hip-circling dance, Joe fell to the floor, puked and passed out.

I started to get out of my chair to help but found a foot on my chest. Looking along an expanse of black nylon, I saw sleek muscles in her thigh bulge as I felt a strong force focussed through her foot pressing me back firmly into my seat. “Stay put and watch the show boy” the sexy legged stripper told me.

I was about to say something but froze when I looked into her glaring eyes and stern mouth. Returning her foot to the floor, she stood in front of me with her feet slightly more than hip-width apart and her toes turned out. Her hips began to gyrate in a wide circle with her back arched. Slowly she bent her knees, grinding down, thrusting out her crotch and hitching her skirt. Phorrrrr what sensational legs. Slowly she ground and thrust until she was in a very low crouch, her smooth inner thighs on full show with sleekly bulging hams and firm toned calves. Sheer black nylon and suspender belts thrust and circled in front of my face as well as her panty covered crotch. Long calve muscles bunched and flexed as she almost ground herself into the ground then slowly unwound up again, continually undulating her hips and dancing erotically. I was sporting a huge boner. The gawky woman had me hard as a rock.

A drunken Billy tried to grab her but she turned and he walked straight into a ferocious high kick that snapped his head back savagely. Smoothly her foot returned to the floor as she danced away as though nothing had happened. Behind her Billy hit the deck and didn’t move.

I went to stand but again was met by her foot on my chest. A strong surge of power and I was sitting again. Before I could move she was between my legs, close to the chair. Nylon clad knees squeezed into the space between my crotch and the edge of the chair. I felt a slight pressure against my groin as her knee gently pushed against me.

Leaning, the spectacled woman opened her blouse and shoved her full dangling breasts in my face. Then I felt her blow gently in my ear and whisper, “I could have ripped his head off with that kick”. Suddenly a wet tongue was licking me around my ears. My dick was going ballistic; I thought I was going to explode. Then she stopped with a long lick along the side of my face that left me with an absolute acher that strained painfully against my tight trousers.

I reached out and rubbed her thighs. “Oh god, you’re sexy” I moaned. Then I looked up into her stern disapproving stare and remembered how she had laid out Joe and Billy. Quickly I removed my hands and saw a knowing smile on her kissable mouth. “Good move” she said then resumed her dance.

The skirt hit the floor and she lost the shoes. All she was wearing was an unbuttoned white blouse under which her unfettered breasts jiggled and heaved in a manner that went straight to my libido, and small white thong briefs that showed off her sensational long legs, lovely hips and sexy buttocks.

In a sudden blur of motion her long leg flashed before my eyes in another awesome high kick that me jump back into my seat in alarm. This time she caught the foot and held her incredibly long legs in an amazing standing front-splits. Her tiny white briefs were in front of my eyes, which travelled up the beautiful long limb. From the bare flesh of her buttocks and upper thigh, my eyes drank in the sheen of her nylons and seam of her stockings that travelled over the long bulge of taut hamstring. Along her lengthy calve muscle, which was positioned right against her head, I saw her gaze at me sternly. “Imagine what I could do in bed” she said. My dick lurched strongly with those words; visions of the positions I could take her in came to mind.

The leggy blonde climbed onto the chair and crouched over my groin. Her crotch ground and thrust millimetres above my boner. Corr I really wanted to get inside that love nest and take her good. “Are you looking at my crotch?” she asked needlessly. “Take a closer look”. To my surprise she climbed onto my shoulders and shoved her crotch hard against my nose and mouth. I could hear the cheers as my lips were pressed against her sex. Mmmmm mmmmm. Oh god this feels good, although a bit snuffly to breathe. Arghh she’s squeezing my head with her legs. Arghh it hurts. In alarm I raise my hands to her stockinged thighs and feel strong, firm bands of muscle bulging as she squeezes tight. She is saying something but I can’t hear her over the pounding in my head. God, her legs are strong. Arghhh an increased surge power blasts through my skull and I feel dizzy.

The bands of leggy steel relax and I can breathe again as she slides down my body. I feel the weight of her knees on top of my thighs. I shake my head to try to clear the daze of her strong leggy clamp. The leggy minx lifts her torso and I feel her knees sliding into the space in front of my crotch. Slowly she slides all the way down my body, leaning forward showing me her dangling boobs. Sliding until she is kneeling on the floor, her face is between my legs close to my groin. Her thin lips part and a tongue flicks around her small mouth suggestively. Oh god, how I’d love a BJ from that gorgeous mouth. I just want to stick my dick in it, but there is a fierce look in her eyes that stops me. I can see some of my mates looking lustfully at her but warily not coming anywhere near. She stood up with her writhing thong clad buttocks rising behind her. The rest of her followed like a stretching cat, until she was standing, leaning over my lap shaking her dangling breasts and once more flicking her tongue around her kissable mouth. I was really aching for her but there was something about her fierce stern look that made my nervous.

Standing up, she bumped and ground with her legs astride. She kept staring at me, but rather than a seductive come-on, it was almost as if she were challenging me. My mates kept their distance as another powerful high kick scythed through the air.

Dancing into the triangle made by my open legs, she turned her near naked backside towards me. God, she’s got a great arse. The sexy peach lifted and headed towards my face as she backed onto the chair. Mmmmm mmmmm. Warm buttocks enveloped my face and pressed back hard. Luckily she smelt clean. Forward and back, forward and back her small arse pushed my face before rubbing it in circles.

The thong clad cheeks left my face and I watched as they lowered into my lap lightly brushing my erection. Her sexy buttocks ground down gently, her hips moving in a circular motion interspersed with forward-and-back moves. “Orrrrr” I moaned as her arse stroked my dick. My god, I felt harder and bigger than I had ever had before. Looking over her shoulder at me she said, “Have this one on me, Ian”.

I felt her wriggle around until my erection was pointing right along between her arse cheeks. Then she started sliding back and forth. Oh my god, my dick was so hard I was struggling not to blow.

Something gripped my dick and I saw that her glutes were clenched. It was like my dick had been trapped between two boulders. Then they started flexing, clenching and unclenching rhythmically. “Orrrrrrr” I moaned aloud to laughs from my mates. It was like the biggest strongest hand job in the world and the effects were startling. Oh god, oh god. I was huge, so huge and aching for release. The powerful glutes flexed in a steady rhythm. “Ohhh” incredible, oh god she’s incredible. “Nnnnahh nnah nnahh nahh nnahh nahh” I came in huge long spurts so strongly that my balls ached. The arse goddess got off my lap quickly at the first spurt. I pumped so much in my trousers that I completely messed them up. Jesus I feel so spent; I didn’t have the energy to move.

The blonde with the spectacles and small kissable mouth leaned on my knees and brought her face right up close to mine. Her magnified blue eyes burrowed into my vision. “Tomorrow night on your honeymoon, when you make love to your new wife, you will think of me. The one that brought you off so strongly without having to take her knickers off”. Her face moved to the side and I her felt her tongue lick me around my ears for several moments. When she withdrew, my groin was throbbing hard but I had no erection.

*** George Holland ***
I followed the whore. Her round firm buttocks stiffened my dick as she bent over to scoop up her clothes. Turning, she bumped against me as I blocked her path. “Oh, I’m sorry” she said. “I’m George Holland. If you wanted to get paid follow me” I said. “I just need to pop these on” she said. “I won’t repeat myself. You will come with me now” I told her impatiently.

I led the slut through to the small room at the back of the pub used for card games and to conduct private business.

I looked her up and down. She certainly had great legs. Long and slender, shown off to stunning effect in sheer black nylon stockings and suspenders. Her low-heeled policewoman’s shoes didn’t do much for her though. The small white thong briefs showed off nice hips and I could see the cleft of her pussy. Her white blouse was unbuttoned although frustratingly closed. She wasn’t bad looking although not as beautiful as the upper classes who frequent my auction house.

Spectacles enlarged small blue eyes that stared at me, her small thin-lipped mouth set firm. Actually she had very nice mouth. “That’ll be £110 as agreed” she said in a voice of the uneducated lower classes.

“I don’t think so” I told her. “I’m deducting £30 for injuring two guests”. “They got in the way. Anyway the dance was just for your brother” she replied. “I’m taking off £30 for not getting your kit off” I continued. “Are you blind?” she opened her blouse. I gawped with a stiffening dick at the lovely full breasts on display. Closing her blouse she said, “I gave your brother more than a good eyeful and he seemed to like them”.

“Very well I’ll concede that. How many kids do you have?” I asked. I had noticed faint stretch marks on her firm belly. “Five. Not that’s any of your business” she replied testily. “Not setting a good role model are you? I’m deducting another £20 because of your age and looks”. “What?” she gasped. “Well you’re not exactly a young sexy looking dolly bird are you?” I said with a laugh. Her mouth tightened. I looked up and down her body then re-considered. “Ok, I’ll waive that. I admit you have very sexy legs and nice breasts” I said graciously. “I didn’t hear your brother complaining, he rather enjoyed it” she said.

“Thank you for reminding me. That was disgusting what you did. Humiliating Ian in front of all his mates. I’m deducting another £30 for that” I told her. “It’s not my fault he can’t control his bodily functions” she protested.

“110 minus 60 is 50. £50 for your services” I said, reaching for my wallet. I expected her to make a fuss but instead she raised a leg to the side, bent at the knee. The long shapely stocking clad leg straightened and was raised until she caught it and pulled it against the side of her head. Oh my word. I actually dropped my wallet at the display of sexy flexibility. The effect of a scantily clad woman doing a standing side split is so highly erotic that I was throbbing hard. My eyes kept getting drawn down her amazing legs to her crotch. “Your brother liked my legs. I think you do too” she said looking at the bulge in the front of my trousers.

I moved up to her and ran the back of my hand along her long flat cheek. “You’ll probably look good with a touch of makeup. Probably quite pretty” I told her softly, my dick throbbing as I looked into her stern eyes. “You have great legs” I said. I moved my hands down to her blouse and opened it. “Nice boobs as well. Perhaps you can find another way to earn back that money” I said.

The slut slapped my hands away. “I’m a strip o’gram not a prostitute. Just give me my money. All of it” she said angrily. “Do you know who I am?” I snapped. “I’m a very important person. Very rich. I earn more money in a year that your entire family ever would in a lifetime. I run a top auction house with very exclusive clientele from the richest most powerful people around the world” I stated. “You sound a bit of an arrogant snob if you ask me” she said.

Bitch!. I grabbed her and threw her against the wall. Mindful of how handy she was with her legs, I pinned them with my thighs. I gave her a hard backhand across the face. “You worthless common piece of filth” I cried. “If I want you, I will have you. It’s my right as a member of the upper middle class”.

She opened her mouth to say something but I hit her with the back of my hand again. “Speak when you’re spoken to” I shouted. I slapped her face hard in the other direction with my palm. She looked dazed so I pulled her torso forward, crossed her arms behind her back then pulled the blouse down her upper arms to her elbows. I then slammed my chest against her, pinning her back against the wall.

I took her small chin in my hand and pressed my lips to her small firm mouth and kissed it passionately. She tried to turn her head away but that made it all the more exciting as my mouth rode her small thin lips. “You’re a good kisser love. I bet you give good head with that mouth. We’ll find out soon” I told her.

I kissed all the way down her long slim neck whilst fondling her breasts. All the while she pleaded for me to stop. “Shut up. Tarts like you want it all the time” I told her. My mouth went for her nipples, feeling them become erect under the attentions of my tongue.

Despite her protests, I removed her glasses and threw them to the floor. “That’s much better. You don’t look like a dork now” I said. Pinning her with my chest, I pulled her lovely arse forward to slip her knickers over her hips. I then bent at the knees, mindful to keep her legs pinned. Wrapping my arms around her upper legs just under her buttocks, I lifted the screaming tart and carried her to the gaming table.

I threw the slut onto the table then spread her legs, running my hands down her thighs. Undoing my flies, I saw the tart bend her leg back against her chest. I drank in the sight of her long elegantly sweeping calf. Jesus no! Uncoiling her long leg, her foot shot towards my face. BAM! The sole of her shoe hammered my face so hard that I felt my front teeth loosen and my nose squash painfully. Arghh, I clutched my face feeling blood trickling from my nose and my head reeling.

That was my second mistake. Boor! A size 8 foot powered deep into my gut. The strength of the kick drove my backwards across the room while I creased up around my middle.

“Those self-defence lessons came in handy” I heard her say as the cramp in my gut and tightness in my chest prevented my breathing. Long curving calves slide off the table, the sheen of black nylon making them even more alluring. I fought against my body trying to uncurl and look up along her legs past the stocking tops and suspender belts to her dark blonde bush.

“I know to handle a slimly rapist like you” she said. “arhh arhh” I gasped. I forced myself to stand straight as the cramp weakened. My eyes travelled along her long torso pass her sexy breasts to her face. She was trying to untangle her arms from her blouse. I saw the opportunity but I hadn’t quite recovered. “I’m really going to make you suffer” she told me. There was a fierce look of confidence in her eyes that sent chills down my spine. “Gaa gaa” I desperately fought to re-inflate my lungs so I could teach her a lesson. “Oh have I given you a bad tummy ache?” she taunted “Well this will take your mind off it”.

In alarm, I tried to step back as she shifted her body weight. “Hai!” Her leg flashed up high towards me. BAM! A foot smashed into my chin jerking my head back sharply. The world exploded in bright colours, jagged lines and pain. My legs lost the ability to work and I fell to one knee, my head spinning. Oh my god, it felt like a horse had just kicked me.

“Get up and take your punishment like a man” she told me glaring at me. This woman, totally naked apart from stockings and suspenders, looked so confident it was scary. Strangely I still had a hard erection.

“Please no more” I gasped. Ow, my head hurt when I moved it. It felt like she had almost decapitated me. “Tough. You started this and I’m going to finish it” she replied.

Getting to my feet, I saw her step forward for another kick. “Hai!” she yelled, causing my groin to contract. I flung my arms up as a blur of motion headed straight for my head. The brief feel of sheer nylon around a large long shapely calf sliding through my palms. BAM! My face felt like it had been hit by a hammer. I staggered back, blood spurting from my nose and my teeth aching.

“Hai!” the blood-chilling cry made me jump. I flung up my hands to protect my face. WHAP! my palms smacked me hard in the face. Ow! The backs of my hands stung badly and felt numb.

“Hai!” my groin twitched again. I had a brief glimpse of a long leg raised high in the air, slightly bent and spinning towards me. BAM! In a blur of sheer black nylon, the sole of her foot slammed into my cheek, whipping my head to the other side so quickly that I saw stars.

“Hai!” a raised leg with bent knee bent snapped out. A blur towards my face then her sole hammered me right between the eyes. My god, I can’t take much more of this. Her kicks are too strong.

“Hai!” a nervous twitch raised my arms. Ow, my forearms felt like someone had swung a baseball bat at them. If that kick had connected with my face, I would have been flat on my back out cold.

“Hai!”. “Boorrrrph” her foot punched into my unprotected stomach. The power of the kick lifted my feet clean from the floor, folding my body around her deeply embedded foot. Badly winded, I felt my body fly backwards across the room to land heavily on the floor. With tears in my eyes, I tried not to curl into a ball around the cramp in my gut. Mouth opening and shutting noiselessly, I fought the black swirl of dizziness that engulfed me.

I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been many brawls with local scum and always my brother and me came out trumps. But here I was been beaten helpless by a mere female stripper and a common one at that. This couldn’t be happening.

“Had enough? Too bad, I haven’t finished with you yet” I heard her say. The cramps in my stomach were painful, my lungs unable to pump any air. Trying to force air in through my nose and to straighten my stomach, I tried to get to my knees. Her kicks are much too strong for me. I had to avoid her ridiculously long legs.

“Hai!” my groin lurched. Crippled in winded agony, I watched helplessly as her leg lashed out like she was going to kick a football rather than my head. Out of fright, my hands came up and by sheer chance caught her foot. I winced at the stinging pain. Breathing raggedly and shallowly, I yanked her foot over my shoulder causing the bitch to lose balance and fall on her arse.

She tried to shake her foot free, but I hung on in fear of what she could do with that foot. I moved a hand onto her calve to get a better grip. The size and firmness of the shapely calf muscle felt good in my hands. Ow! The bitch started kicking my shoulder with her other foot.

“I’ll huh huh break your ankle. Huh huh stop you kicking huh huh like donkey” I gasped. Wrapping an arm around her lower leg, I held the slender ankle in one hand and her foot in the other. I gave a sharp twist. “Ow!” she cried out. WAM WAM WAM. Her other foot pummelled the side of my head so hard that I lost hold of her foot in a blinding series of pain.

“Ow, you’ve sprained my ankle. You bastard. I’ll make you pay for that” she cried. We lay on the floor glaring at each other for a while. Slowly my breathing eased and I tried to stand. The full frontal kicking machine got to her feet, wincing as she put her weight on her ankle.

“I’m going to teach you your position in life. On your back with my big stiff cock inside you” I told her. Her knee shot up sharply towards my groin but I expected that and drove a hard punch onto the top of her thigh that stopped its progress and made her cry out in pain. “Try that again and I’ll break your leg” I said then reached out and grabbed her well-proportioned tits.

“Hai!” CRACK! Hard bony knuckles on the end of a long slender elegant hand crunched against my jaw. My head rocked back in a dizzying motion. In stunned disbelief, I saw that her arms were slender but quite firm looking with quite strong looking forearms.

“Hai!” WHACK her slender fist met my jaw again surprisingly hard. So strong was the woman’s punch that I almost lost my footing. I never expected such a slender woman without big bulging muscles to pack such a punch. She raised her fist again and I put up my hands to protect my face.

“Hai!” Boorppph! Hard bony knuckles plunged deep into my gut. Stupid, orrrr not again. I can’t be beaten up by a woman. The cramping pain in my abused stomach is so intense; I can’t avoid bending despite knowing what she would do next.

“Hai!” CRACK. It feels like someone has swung a bat at my jaw. I feel my jaw crunch as the fist makes contact. I’m shocked to feel my legs turn to rubber and struggle to stay upright. My vision blurs, my head spins and I’m severely winded. Oh god, I’m being punched out by a naked whore. This can’t be happening.

I look in alarm to see the stern looking bitch raise her fist to finish me off. “Hai!” the shout triggers a defensive reaction and my fist lashes out, sinking into firm flesh. “Orrrrp” the startled blonde gasps.

Trying to ignore the crippling pain in my middle, I steady myself and see the stupid cow bent forward clutching her stomach. Payback time, bitch. Ignoring another spasm in my gut, I take aim then smash my fist into her prominent chin. She went down like a sack of potatoes.

Arghh, another spasm forces me to stand stooped with my hands on my knees riding out my winded agony. There’s a knock on the door. “George. I know you’ve got that stripper in there. How long does it take to bang her?” it’s Ian. “Hurry up you’re missing the drinks” he added. I look down at the unclothed stripper on the floor. “Give me 5 minutes Ian. I’ve just got something to finish off” I replied.

Bending at the knees, I scooped up the figure in my arms and carried her back to the table. I dumped her on her back with her legs hanging over the edge. Spreading her legs, I run my hands down her lanky thighs to her crotch. Leaning over I kissed her mouth with mounting passion while rubbing her clit. “Ooooh” she moaned softly. “That’s right love, you lay back and enjoy it while I give you a good rodgering” there’s nothing worse than trying to make love to an unconscious woman, it’s like humping a corpse.

I kissed more passionately while fingering her clit. “No no” she moaned softly. “Oh yes” I said, standing to fish out my hard dick. Looking down the channel of sheer black nylon towards her bare crotch, I couldn’t resist kissing all the way up those sensational legs, worshipping the weapons that had nearly defeated me. I got to the nexus of her legs and couldn’t resist licking her sex.

Engrossed in my passion, I felt her thighs close around my head. I placed my hands on her lovely thighs enjoying the feel of sheer nylon as I continued licking. The thighs tightened. I continued lapping while I tried to move her legs apart for comfort. Arghh what the hell?. The thighs closed in like a tight band around my head. Under my palms I felt firm hard flesh. Arghh my cheeks were being squeezed, I had to stop licking. What the hell was the bitch playing at?. Argh her thighs crushed in around my jaw, cheeks and ears. It was getting uncomfortable. I tried to prise her legs apart but they were rock hard and unyielding. “Arghh” I cried. In horror I could feel thick cords of muscle stand out in her thighs as she maintained a fierce grip of my head.

I felt her calves cross behind my head. The pressure shot up tremendously. “Argh” I cried as surprisingly strong legs crushed my skull. Suddenly I felt her legs rise. “Ow” she grabbed my hair and slid my face around in her leggy vice to look at her. Her steely blue eyes bore into me; her small mouth set firm  “The keys to the exhibition room. Where are they?” she asked. “Argh” I cried. The pressure around my lower face was hurting.

“The exhibition room keys?” she repeated. What the hell? Who is this woman?. “Argh”. God, how can such lovely slender legs be so strong?. “Argg” her legs are squashing my face painfully. It was really hurting and my hands just encountered hard sleek bulging thigh muscles. “Have it your way” she said and she raised herself on her hands. “Argh” I cried as she stretched out her thighs and the pressure increased to a whole new level. “Arrgh please no” I cried. My cheeks and jaw were being compacted so hard; it felt like they would break. My ears were burning against the hard nylon pillars driving them inside my head. “Keys?” she asked. She looked so confident and dominant that I felt my erection throb. “Pocket. In my pocket” I gasped at the searing compression, her thighs solid under my palms. “Take them out. Now!” she ordered. Oh god, she’s so forceful, so dominant. My cock was throbbing like crazy for her.

I reached into my pocket and took out the keys, but my hands were shaking so much that I fumbled them and they fell to the floor. Ow ow. Her strong gripping thighs slide tightly down my head and clamp my neck. Ohhh the columns of black nylon bite into the sides of my neck. Orrhhh. Again she raises her thighs until I am looking into her cold eyes. She looks so strong, totally in control. My cock throbs faster.

“Listen to me” she sternly. Those eyes bore into me. “I’m going to knock you out” the way she says it, I know she can do it and the thought of the power she had over me with her sexy legs made my dick lurch rhythmically. “I’m going to put you asleep for a long time. Hopefully forever. But if not, you better pray that you never see me again otherwise next time I will kick your head clean off your neck” she told me. “Arrggh” the terrible brutal power those incredibly beautiful legs could inflict. My head swam faster and faster. My god, how can such sexy legs be so strong?. My hearing tuned out, all I could hear was the whooshing of my blood. My hands held the weapons of my destruction feeling the unyielding bulging slender slabs of muscle. My head was spinning so fast now. All I could think off was how this near-naked woman had completely defeated me. Her leggy dominance was absolute. I hadn’t stood a chance. She was too much for me. I wanted to worship her completely with my body. Nnnn nnn nnn nnnn. Strong spasms pumped my adoration out of my dick then blackness closed in.
Marianne squeezed as hard as she could, holding her aching thighs as the ghastly man took on a glazed expression before messing himself. That turned her on so much she had to close her eyes and ride out an orgasm. Spent, she let the purple-faced man slide to the floor. Ow, she winced as she put her foot down.

Picking up the key ring, she dressed quickly, remembering when her husband, Kurt, revealed his new money making scheme. “Leggy and Lusty. A strip o’gram lap dancing service for stag nights” he proclaimed proudly. “I hope you don’t think I’m taking my clothes off. It will put them off their drink” she said. “Nonsense you’ve got great legs and good tits too. Men’ll go crazy for it. We’ll make our fortune” he replied. She’d heard that before.

“There are loads of strip o’grams. How would we compete?” she asked. “You’ll be sexy policewomen” he said. “The uniforms will be so realistic that they’ll think you’re the real thing”. “Cool. I’m up for it” chirped his sister, Julie. “Uniforms? Have you seen how much they cost? We can’t afford that” she objected. “Don’t worry, leave it to me” he said. She did worry and with good reason. The uniforms looked good. A little too good, but she knew better than to ask questions.

Nervous at first, Julie’s enthusiasm was contagious. The younger woman was so overenthusiastic that she always left their victims with a big damp patch at the front of their trousers from that arse sliding/buttock-clenching trick.

Marianne soon enjoyed the power she had over men, watching their looks change from disappointment at her plainness to open longing with an erection to match. She enjoyed the lustful looks tempered with fear. The two women made a point of ensuring the men understood the perils of getting too close. It made her so horny to find that she could sexually humiliate and wear out a man without intercourse and get paid for it.

Hobbling on her sprained ankle, she picked the wallet from the floor. “That’s £110 for your brother’s strip o’gram. I’m deducting £100 for hitting me, oh and another £100 for trying to rape me. And £100 for spraining my ankle. Oh dear, nothing smaller, oh well thank you for the £90 tip”. She flung the wallet at the prone man’s body. There were plenty of notes in there, but she wasn’t dishonest to empty it.

*** Rob the night security guard ***
One of the Chinese cleaning ladies was at the gate waving. Maybe she’d left something behind. Leaving Bert with his feet up, watching the match, I went to see what she wanted.

“Yeah, what?” I asked. The woman was about 5’3″; plump and middle aged with streaks of grey in her short jet-black hair. In the poor street lighting, I could make out a sweater and knee length leggings. “Here let me show you” she said with a trace of her origins.

I was surprised to feel her hands grab my shoulders. “Wooooorph”. Her knee rose up high and slammed into my chest below the rib cage. Shocked, my mouth opened to find I had no voice. The knee was pressed deep crushing my diaphragm. I opened my mouth again but there was no air. The woman brought her face close. “You won’t be calling me a slant-eyed scrubber no more” she said. Frantic to breathe, I tried pushing her knee away, but her chunky short thighs were solid and wouldn’t budge. Feeling faint, I turned to the hut to call for help, my mouth opened but my lungs weren’t working. My shoulders were pulled forward, driving the knee further in. Everything went fuzzy and out of focus then grey turned to black.
Eyes glued to the TV screen, Bert heard the door open. “Everything sorted?” he asked. “You could say that” said a woman’s voice. Looking up in surprise, Bert sees the oriental. “You’re not allowed in here. Where’s Rob?” he said rising out his chair.

The woman lent back, a chunky short leg swung through the air. The last thing Bert felt was a big meaty calve clubbing him around the head.
It started as a deep vibration and grew louder. George stopped shouting at the security men looking puzzled. Whump whump whump. “Look outta window” Ian slurred.

The stripper was right about one thing. Ian should never have driven the Merc. It was going to cost a fortune to repair; once they prised it out of the gate.

Looking out of the window, he saw a big black shape blotting out the night sky. Suddenly ropes fell to the street and men in black body armour rappelled down. “Quick secure the premises” he yelled. Hitting a speed dial number on his mobile, he got only static. A loud explosion signalled that whoever it was didn’t bother using doors. The lights went out as the electricity was cut.

Thin red lines cris- crossed the air, locating the occupants. “George Holland?” an American voice shouted. “Who are you? You have no right here. We’ve got immunity” George shouted angrily. “I don’t give a shit about no immunity. You, George Holland?” the voice asked. “Yes, I…”. George watched in horror as Ian’s head exploded as automatic gunfire mowed down everyone around him.

He turned to run but his kneecap shattered and he collapsed. They dragged him to the exhibition hall doors. “Open it” ordered a huge Afro American, standing well over 6’5″ with fatigues stretched over a heavily muscled body.

“You can’t do this” George gasped. “We the people can do what the damn well we like. I won’t ask you again, open it or I’ll blow your other knee off”. “Can’t keys were stolen. Someone broke in” he said.

Ignoring the blast proof doors, the intruders blew a hole through an adjacent wall and entered. After a while the big man returned. “Where’s the decoder pal? It’s not there”. George was shocked “Impossible. Only I know the PIN”.

“That’s too bad. Set the Thermite” he yelled. “No. You can’t! There are antiques here hundreds even thousands of years old. Rare paintings; Rembrandt, Picasso, Constable”. “I don’t give a shit about no old crap”. “There are things here worth millions of dollars”. “You’ll die a very rich man then” the man chuckled and walked away.
Ling heard the explosions and gunshots followed by shouts and running around upstairs. She was in the basement where the cleaning materials were kept.

She had seen the old looking locked door in a stone archway and wondered what was behind it. Looking at the key ring, one of the keys bore a familiar symbol. She looked up at the centre lintel, which bore a stone shield marked with the same symbol. A very familiar symbol. The Great Pyramid of Cheops, its capstone hovering and containing the all-seeing eye. Novus ordo seclorum was inscribed around the base; New World Order.

The footsteps sounded nearer. Unlocking and opening the door, a narrow stone staircase descended into darkness. Pulling a light cord hanging by the wall, she entered and locked the door behind her.
Temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees centigrade didn’t just melt the contents of the auction house but vaporised it. Destabilising the structural integrity of the building, it collapsed in seconds into a pile of rubble.
I listened as Marianne described what happened. Sitting next to me in her WPC uniform, I was getting excited at the thought of my Sister in-Law decking two guys then totally destroying Holland. At first I wasn’t even aware that my hands were rubbing along her stocking clad thighs. She didn’t seem to notice or object. By the time she had finished, I was so turned on that I kissed her passionately before coming to my senses.

“I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I got a bit carried away. You were amazing” I told her. She smiled then stood up, avoiding placing pressure on her bandaged ankle. “Let me show you exactly what happened, Jim. Then you can show me your appreciation for everything I’ve done for you tonight” she said then started to bump and grind.


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