Wrestling The Twins (JIMP#28)

Bobby grapples with tall leggy twin sisters & suffers the consequences

Based upon two twin sisters, slightly older than me, that I grew up with (and both brunettes unlike the picture above). Both were quite pretty and had a reputation for beating up boys although they were also sweet with me. I once saw them play-practice Karate and one of them really did wrestle me to the floor and pin me which I found exciting

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
This Government is pledged to restore Victorian values at all costs. We will tackle youth unemployment by introducing compulsory domestic service so that they make a useful contribution to society and learn their station in life. Hear hear. Perhaps the Prime Minster could also send small children back up the chimneys and down the mines saving the taxpayer millions of pounds wasted on education. Rar rar. I thank the Right Honourable gentlemen for his excellent suggestion. My cabinet will look into it immediately. Hear hear.
“Oi! Bobby” shouted a girl’s voice, her voice reverberating down the long high ceilinged corridor. “Priest” shouted another. Oh no, why them? Why here? Why now? I turned around to see two girls, both very tall, slim and good looking. They were older than me and dressed identically in a black cardigan over a white blouse with a black knee length skirt. Bare legged; they wore simple black low-heeled shoes on their feet. Sharon and Melanie. Everyone knew them as The Twins, a name that struck both longing and fear into fully-grown boys. Most people thought that they were identical but Melanie or Mel as she liked to be called, had a slighter shorter, rounder face that made her look more elfin. I fancied her the most, although they were both attractive in a sort of pretty tomboy next-door kind of way.

Both had small round faces, slim noses, brown eyes with thick alluring lashes, and small mouths that looked perfect for kissing. Dark brown hair was worn in a short bob with a fringe just above the eyebrows and that covered their ears. With a light dusting of freckles below their eyes, they were quite cute but no boy would dare call them that to their faces. They towered over me, perhaps 6’2″ compared with my 5’8″. I had to force myself not to stare at their small but curvaceous busts that seemed to thrust out of their cardigans towards me.

Mel leant forward bringing her face close to mine and I had an overwhelming desire to kiss her but resisted knowing that would be suicide. “You’ve been perving around the girls gym haven’t you?” she said. “No, I haven’t” I lied. I could feel my face blushing in an admission of guilt. “Watching us in our tiny pleated skirts that show off our knickers during netball practice” Sharon added. “No” I said, feeling very uncomfortable. “Maybe we should report you to Granny Strongarm” Mel said. “No, please” I begged. The very name sent shivers down my spine. I had thought she was an urban myth invented by the older boys to scare the younger ones. But I soon learned the truth. “Please, anything but that” I begged.

Most men dream of getting entangled with twin sisters and these two had the looks and figures to become fashion models if they wanted. However, they had a reputation for terrorising boys. It wasn’t that they were bullies, just tomboys who were crazy about two things – boys and wrestling. The rumours of their attempts to combine both were no doubt blown out of all proportion but still I felt intimated as they confronted me. Already several students had stopped to watch, no doubt hoping for some excitement.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” said Sharon, her hands moving to her waist. With a rip of Velcro, they removed their wrap-around skirts. Right before my eyes were the longest legs that I had ever seen. These girls were tall and slim with ridiculously long legs, but not skinny twigs like some tall girls had. No, these legs were beautiful and slender. Firm lengthy thighs with long curved hamstrings running up the back and long gently shaped calves with just a hint of cute muscle. I was mesmerised, looking down at these incredibly lanky limbs as they came towards me. There was an added attraction, at the top of their delicious creamy thighs were skimpy white knickers. I couldn’t but help drink in the sight before me until a voice reminded me who I was gawping at. “That’s right, take a good look Bobby. We’re going give you something to remember them by” Sharon told me. “All men fantasise about doing it with twins. I bet you dream about doing it with us, don’t you Bobby?” Mel said while running her fingers up the side of my face sending electric tingles all over my body. “No need to answer that, Bobby. The stiffy in your trousers says it all” Sharon added. That raised some raucous comments and guffaws from the small crowd of onlookers. She was right, I had often dreamt of being in bed with these two lovelies. However I suspected that what they had in mind for ‘doing it’ was something completely different.

Melanie brought her face so close that we were almost touching noses. I had such a strong urge to kiss her passionately on the lips that I had difficulty maintaining self-control. “Who’s your favourite, Bobby? Me or Sharon?” she purred. “You are, Mel” I sighed. Smiling, she moved her mouth close to my ear. “Make it look good Bobby” she whispered sending surges of desire through my groin. I wanted to kiss her so bad; I moved my mouth towards her lips. Wap! Mel slammed her palms into my shoulders. I went to stumble back but tripped over something lying across the back of my calves. The growing crowd of nosy gawpers laughed as I hit the floor. Then I saw Sharon get to her feet from where she had been kneeling behind me. “Fancy falling for that old trick, Bobby” Mel said.

“Come on Bobby, no hard feelings” Sharon said in a conciliatory voice and stretched out a hand to help me up. Foolishly I took it and let the tall girl help pull me to my feet. I was quite surprised that her long slender arm pulled me up so easy. She was stronger than she looked. “Argh!” in a flash, Sharon had darted behind me and whipped my arm behind my back. “Arg!” she pushed it high between my shoulder-blades forcing me to stand on tip toes to ease the pain. A long black sleeved arm circled from behind and closed around my neck. “Urk!” I croaked as I found my throat in the crook of an arm wrapped tightly around my neck, the course wool of her cardigan abrasive against my skin. I grasped at the strangulating arm with my free hand but it was firm and the grip lock tight.

“Mumph mumph huff huff” fists hammered into my gut one after the other. Mel pummelled my stomach with sharp blows as if I was a punch bag; her arms working away steadily like a metronome. “Mmmm mmm mmm mmm” Small explosions of breathe were forcibly ejected through my nose and mouth. “Ow!” I tried to swing my body out of the way but Sharon forced my hand further up my back and held my neck tight to keep me still. “Buphh mff mfff mfff” I tensed my gut to resist the blows. Mel drilled away with precision punches into the same point on my middle. “Mmmm mmm mm”. Unfortunately I’m not athletic and I don’t work out. My stomach muscles quickly tired, burning under the systematic onslaught on a single point. “Orrr orrr orrrr”. Although each individual punch from Mel’s long slender hands wasn’t devastating, they were strong and consistent, showing no sign of tiring. Whap whap whap whap. The metronomic short hard punches bit with pinpoint accuracy, the cumulative effect weakened my gut and wrecked havoc. If it weren’t for her sister holding me up, I would have been creased over in agony. As it was, I writhed about, my knee uncontrollably rising as if it could stop the barrage of gut drilling. Whap whap whap whap. The girl I fancied continued to sink her fists into my middle, battering and bruising my stomach. It felt like she intended punching her way through my stomach and hammer my diaphragm flat. “Kill him””Kill kill kill” encouraged, what now sounded like a large crowd of bystanders. I was in agony, my stomach burned, I was severely winded, and my head span with the blood pounding loudly in my ears.

Totally engrossed in my world of pain, it was several moments before I realised that the punches had stopped. My head was lolling in Sharon’s arms, panting for breath. “Oh Bobby, I’m so disappointed in you” Melanie told me as I tried to regain the ability to breathe. “Even your little sister could beat you up with one arm tied behind her back”. Thankfully they didn’t know how far that was from the truth.

“Huh huh that wasn’t fair” I panted. “There were of you ganging up on me” I complained. Sharon released me and circled to stand in front of me by her sister’s side. “Oh poor diddums; and you boys are always boasting how you are the stronger sex” she taunted. “Come on Sharon, let’s give him some room” Melanie told her sister. Puzzled, I watched the twins move back a few paces. “OK, Bobby if that’s the way you want it. Let’s rumble!” Mel cried. Suddenly the attractive long legged girl rushed towards me. Our bodies collided and before I realised what was happening she had grabbed me around the head. I found my arms around the middle of a lively young woman, uncertain what to do. With a sudden twist of my head, I found myself off-balance and pulled down to the floor. Quickly, Mel straddled my stomach and I found myself wrestling with her arms in the air above my chest. Her face was ecstatic as she tried to battle my hands towards the floor. I resisted the best I could, not wanting to let her see that I was a weakling. Sweating and pushing back with all my might, our joined hands struggled for supremacy. She was strong but not overwhelming so, but she had gravity on her side and I was getting tired. Slowly my hands yielded to the pressure and she overcame my fading strength, pushing them firmly to the floor on either side of my head.

“Got you!” Mel cried, her face radiant. Jumping her body forward, I found my arms pinned under her knees. No, I couldn’t let her pin me this easily. I bucked my bottom and legs, hoping to dislodge her but she just slid further forward to sit high on my chest. “It’s no good, Bobby. Admit it, you are helpless” she told me. From where I lay, I could see the lengthy canyon of leggyness stretch into the distance before eyes. Wow! What great legs, so incredibly long and beautiful. The sight of her skimpy knickers at the apex of her legs was terrible exciting and conjured up images of unbridled pleasure. “How does it feel to by beaten by a girl so quickly, Bobby? Or perhaps you like it?” I looked up at the triumphant girl pinning me. She looked so dominant sitting there with her arms folded in victory, as I lay completely helpless underneath her. The sight really turned me on. “He likes it alright” remarked Sharon. This provoked more jeering and remarks from the onlookers. Blushing with embarrassment, I realised that I was getting a stiffy for everyone to see and unable to cover it up. “Are you looking at my crotch, you pervert?” Mel asked. If only she was doing this to me in private, then I would be more than happy to lie there and enjoy this long legged lovely sitting on me. However, in public, this was humiliating in the extreme. I tried again to buck her off but Melanie rode me like a rodeo rider.

Someone grabbed my feet and lifted my legs into the air. “Ouch” a foot pressed down hard on my groin. “Keep still or I’ll smash your nadgers” Sharon warned. “You’re a nice boy, Bobby, and your dad did take us with your sister to Wrestlemania so I guess we should be nice to you. Here, take a closer look” Melanie said. I watched in alarm as Mel shuffled closer towards my face. The columns of loveliness slid either side of my head and she didn’t stop moving until I felt her crotch pressing on my throat. “I’m going to pin you down for a while and let you feel my power over you. Face it Bobby, you are totally outmatched and completely unable to resist” she told me. “Orrr” Mel’s lithe limbs closed in on either side of my face and squeezed. I could feel the silky smoothness of her bare skin press against my face and their firmness as they squashed my face between them. “Orrr” her thighs might be long and slender, but they could deliver a strong steady squeeze that pressured my cheeks and jaw. “Orr” I had to squeeze my eyes shut to try to ride the pain inflicted by such hot legs.

People were laughing at me, but I could do nothing except grin and bear the constant agonising pressure for what seemed to be ages. Finally, the squeezing eased and I felt the warm smooth thighs against my cheeks sliding further forward. Oh no please, not in front of everyone! I realised her intent but was powerless to stop her. A weight covered by silky soft fabric settled over my mouth and pressed against my nose. “Yeah! Girls take their rightful place once more” Mel crowed. There were gasps from the crowd. “Mmm mmm” I had often dreamt of this moment, but in public this was the worst humiliation she could do to me. “Mmm mmm” despite the onlookers, I just wanted to savour the moment as she expressed her dominance over me using her sex. “Moorpph!” a weight landed on my stomach. I guessed that Sharon had decided to join in my humiliation. “Borpph Borppj Borph” the weight bounced up and down with small tight buttocks hammering the air out of my gut. “Ooh god, Sharon stop doing that! He’s going make me cum so hard I’ll squirt” Mel squealed.

The twins got off me leaving me to face the laughter and jeering faces of the other students. My face burned with shame. Not again, I couldn’t go through that again, not after the months of disgrace when my kid sister, Jackie, wiped me out in front of the whole school with her powerful gymnast’s body [BOBP#1]. Anger flared inside me. Coming up low, I pushed my head against Mel’s stomach and grabbed her around the waist. Together, we staggered a few steps then fell to the floor. I’m not a wrestler, the only wrestling I’ve ever done is with my younger sister and she kicks my butt with her muscles. But I was driven by the need to redeem myself. I grappled with the older girl. She was taller than me but I was probably heavier. We rolled around the floor with out limbs interlocked, twisting this way and that trying to gain advantage. It felt strange being in such close physical contact with a young woman’s body like that. This wasn’t a rock hard muscle-bound monster like my sister, but a normal, if tall, female. A lovely female that I quite fancied. I had to ignore the tactile sensations and concentrate on wrestling her.

Somehow I managed to put all my energy into a sideways roll and the momentum took me right on top of my opponent. Lying on top of Mel’s body, I fought with her hands while she tried to buck me off. Remembering how my sister would rip my legs apart with her strong legs, I tried to do the same. They say women are better at multi-tasking, well I certainly found it difficult to concentrate on trapping her long limbs in a grapevine press while battling her arms and riding her bucking body. Eventually I managed it, after a fashion, her height made it difficult to get a good hold and I found that I could only force her legs a short way apart, my sister made it seem so easy. It was enough to stop her moving and I focussed on her arms. Arghhh! With a surge of adrenaline, I forced her hands to the floor. My face was less than an inch from her own. That pretty elfin face that looked so determined to fight me. So close and intimate. I can’t resist it and I kiss her lips before she turns her face away from me.

“Argkk!” a weight lands on my lower back. A long slender arm clad in rough black wool sweeps from behind and captures my throat in the crook of her elbow and pulls back. A surprising surge of strength pulls me up backwards into a kneeling position. “Don’t you force yourself on my sister, you pervert” she tells me close to my ear. “Arghhh!” with both arms under my chin she bends my head right back. I can feel the base of my skull press against the top of my back. “Get up or I’m going to pop your skull right off your scrawny neck” Sharon told me. Maintaining the stress on my neck, I sensed her stand into a crouch behind. “Arghh!” my teeth clamped together and I scrunched up my eyes as the upward pull on my chin strained my neck. I felt her stand straighter, slipping her arms away to leave my chin cupped in her hands. “Argh!”. “Come on, get off her or I’ll pull your head off” she commanded. With my face looking up at the ceiling and my jaw clamped tight, I no choice but to shuffle on my knees off Mel’s body.

“Urkkk!” suddenly, I found my neck locked tight in a sleeper hold. Then with a spring of her legs, we fell backwards together. As we hit the floor, her long legs snaked out and wrapped themselves around my waist and squeezed tight. “Welcome to my lair, said the spider. There’s no escape for little insects like you” she said in my ear. “Orhh!”. Her lanky legs dug into my sides as she worked my neck with her firm arms. I tried to struggle but she has me locked up good. Already I could feel the blood being restricted from my brain. “It’s no use, Bobby, I’m too strong for you. I could knock you out like a light if I wanted to but I want to keep you barely conscious” she told me. “I know a cure for horny boys” Mel said. I looked up to see her standing near my feet. With a nasty smile on her lips, she bent forwards and spread my knees apart. With her hands pressing on my knees, I saw her knee poised between them. “No!” I cried in alarm. Bam Bam Bam Bam, her hard slender knee drives like a jackhammer into my balls sending devastating blades of pain through my body. I heard moans of sympathy from the male onlookers and cries of delight from the women as Mel’s slender bony knee pulverised my balls bringing tears to my eyes.

My nads throbbed badly; each hammer of her knee bringing more pain while Sharon controlled her sleeper hold to stop me passing out. Suddenly, the sleeper is reversed so that my throat is in her armpit. “Ow!” my head is bent back sharply so that I’m looking out upside from under her arm, straining my neck in a reverse dragon sleeper hold. Wump wump wump wump. Fists exploded in my gut at a steady pace punching me in exactly the same spot as before. “Orrph argg arggggk” my head was spinning as Mel knelt between my legs and pummelled me like a punch bag again. Frantically, I felt the arm around my neck. Long, slender and firm, Sharon’s grip was extremely tight. “I’m controlling the blood to your brain, Bobby. One extra long squeeze and you’ll be out” she crowed as her sister continued to assault my gut. “Pfff pff pffff” the joint attack on my diaphragm and my carotid arteries was too much. My head swam, my vision blurred and I heard the blood pounding in my ears. “Go on, kill the pratt””Kill kill kill” came the support from the crowd. I felt my face blush and tasted bile. The cheering and taunts sounded distant. “Ooh he’s a goner”.

“Oh no you don’t. You’re not getting out of this that easily” I heard Sharon say. Slam! I find myself thrown face down on the floor where I lay panting and cradling my sore gut listening to the jeers of the crowd. “Come on Bobby, get some backbone you big pansy” someone yelled. “Time to go surfing with the twins, Bobby” one of the sisters said.

“Ow!” I cried as feet stood on the back of my thighs. Hands grabbed my lower legs and I felt each one hooked each around columns that I guessed were legs. “Arg, No, please” I plead, horrified to find myself unable to move my legs. “Ow!” someone grasped both of my wrists and pulled my arms straight. I grimaced as my shoulder blades were compressed using my arms like ski poles. Then there was a lurch, putting strain on my chest as the person behind me fell backwards. Like a rocking horse, my body was lifted from the floor until I was facing the ceiling. Feet pressed against the back of my thighs pressing me skywards. “Ow!”. Supported on my arms and the girl’s legs, whose feet pressed against the back of my thighs while locking my feet around her knees, my body must have looked like a table. “Ow!” I cried in agony as my belly muscles stretched, my arms and legs strained and my spine bent back under intense stress.

Helpless in another humiliating and painful hold, I saw an upside down image of Melanie approach my head. “We own your body now. You are powerless to do anything to stop us” she told me. Stepping over my face, I had a great view up inside her legs to her lovely bottom. Then my face was moving towards it. Lifting my hanging head, she jammed my neck right into the crux of her legs. “Crkkkk!” I croaked as her small tight bottom clenched and her incredibly long legs tightened around my throat like a vice. “Krrkkk!” those lengthy shanks might be slim but they packed a lot of hidden strength. “Enjoy the view Bobby, I bet most of the boys watching would love to be in your place right now”. “Kkkkkik!” with my throat pressed right against her privates, I was being strangled. I doubted anyone would want to be in this situation especially while being tortured in a punishing backbreaker in front of a baying crowd. “Please” I croaked in a strangulated gasp “no more”. Then as if things couldn’t get any worse, they did. Wump wump wump wump. “Pffff pfff pfff pfff” a barrage of precision drilling tore apart my middle. Wump wump wump wump. “Argggh” Mel’s fist bit in exactly the same point bruised and sore from before. “Play with twins and you play with fire” I heard one of them say. I was soon in tears from the burning pain in my gut, so sore now that the slightest touch was agony. My overstrained spine was killing me and I was getting cramp in my folded legs. I couldn’t hold back the tears. “Wot a woose!””Cry baby””Kill kill kill” encouraged the crowd.

Mel’s hard drilling onslaught finally stopped and I was dropped on the floor. A ruined wreck, I buried my teary face in my arms in shame. “Had enough Bobby?” one of the twins asked. I nodded; I just wanted this to be over and done with. Maybe after a few weeks, people would forget. “Beg. You do know how to beg don’t you Bobby?””Let’s see you beg. Come on, show everyone how you beg””Tell us that we are goddesses. Beg to worship us””Let’s see you grovel and snivel on the ground at our feet””Yes, nice and loud so everybody can hear”.

“What was that Bobby? we couldn’t quite hear you” one of them said. My feet were grabbed again, bent back and tucked under someone’s arms, standing astride my back. My hands were grabbed and my belly left the ground. “Aghh! No, please” I cried as I hung beneath a leggy twin. “This is the Porch Swing, Bobby. One of the most painful holds”. “Argh!” she was right, my body weight strained my aching shoulder blades, spine and legs. “You’re totally helpless, Bobby. Totally under my power. Now let’s see how far I can swing you”. “Arghhh!” I screamed out as I was swung back and forth in an increasing arc between her legs. “Please stop, you’re breaking my back!” I cried. “Break it, break it” chanted the crowd. My body was on an upward swing when I found my face on collision course with a sexy crotch. “Mmmmmm” my forward motion was stopped, my face buried in a pair of silky knickers, hands grabbing the top of my arms. With my back bent painfully in the swing hold, my neck joined it as it was bent upwards at a steep angle as a strong pair of lovely legs clamped down the side of my head. “Mmmmmm” I mumbled into the thin material pressed against my nose and mouth. I could feel something through the fabric, something naughty, something erotic. “Flipping weirdo’s got a boner. Wot a perv!” someone cried. “Oh Bobby, thank you for the compliment. Let’s keep him as a pet” my leggy captor said. “We’ll give him another chance” Sharon added. I was dropped unceremoniously back onto the floor.

“One more chance, Bobby. Beg to be our pet, licking our dirty sweaty feet clean at the end of each day””Beg to lick them clean here in public so everyone can see that we own you”.”Beg to be our pet until the end of term””No, until you graduate”. Oh god, no! They weren’t just going to humiliate me now and leave it at that, they were going to prolong my shame.

I’m normally a fairly calm person, but something snapped inside of me. “No!” I yelled. I wasn’t going to be publicly humiliated like this again; I wasn’t going to let it happen, I’ll show those people laughing at me. In a red blinding rage I flung myself at the legs of the nearest twin. My arms wrapped around lovely pillars and my forward momentum rugby tackled her to the ground. As she tumbled backwards, I stumbled, my knees sinking heavily into her stomach. Out of reflex, her body leant forward. “Orrpph!” she cried, causing a twinge of guilt for hurting a girl, who I now recognised as Sharon. However, I also felt good for turning the tables. Grabbing her right arm with both of my hands, I bent and twisted it forcing her to roll beneath me onto her front. Forcing her arm behind her back, I bent it and pushed it hard enjoying her pitiful squeals of pain. “Don’t like it when people do it to you do you?” I told her. This felt good.

Stupidly I had completely forgotten about Melanie until a pair of incredibly long legs shot either side of my head from behind, with feet pointing towards the floor. I barely had time to admire the backs of the vast length of bare flesh before they closed in and a long limb folded towards me like a closing gate. “Kkkkk!” I croaked, my neck was caught in the crook of a leg with a long firm calve pressing across my throat and locked under her other leg. “Kkkk!” locked up in a very tight figure 4 scissor hold, I found that I could only breathe in strangulated squawks. “So you want to play rough do you Bobby? well you’ve got it” Mel told me. From their height and angle, Mel must have been doing a handstand behind me with her lanky legs at right angles. “Grkkk!” I croaked as my throat was forced back at a sharp angle as she tilted her leggy cage towards the ceiling. “Gjjkkkk” the long firm legs twisted savagely to the left and my body was forced to follow to avoid my neck breaking. “Ahhkk” she did it again, forcing me to get off her sister’s body. Everywhere I felt around my neck was leg. The lovely smooth skin of her oh-so long legs felt hard and firm.

More legs shot towards my face like something out of Alien. Long white-fleshed tentacles captured my head and the face hugger clamped my face firmly in its white briefed crotch. The predator tightened its firm leggy coils around my head. “Mmmmmm urkkk” I protested until a tight squeeze around my throat choked me off. “I know boys who would pay good money to have your face where it is right now, Bobby. Aren’t you lucky?” I heard Sharon say. “Bloody pervo’s got a hard-on. He’s enjoying it! Wot a wierdo!” somebody in the crowd pointed out to the amusement of the others. They were right, being choked and smothered to within an inch of my life with my face squeezed tight against Sharon’s crotch was incredibly erotic and my libido responded in the only way it knew. My head was being completely entangled with two pairs of the longest, loveliest legs I’d ever seen and it was turning me on.

Although the twins had stunningly long legs, I now knew that they were strong enough to inflict a lot of pain and discomfort. Frantically I clutched at the tangled mass of limbs around my head. Their legs might be slim, but they are firm and taut and I had no chance of prising them apart. The scarcity of air was zapping my strength and making my head spin. In desperation, I began to slap my hand as hard as I could against my prison. “Ow””Ow!” the twins squealed in protest. My prison walls started to loosen. That encouraged me to smack harder, my palm stinging as it bounced off their legs. “Ow!”. “Right you pig! We’ll make sure you can’t do that again” I heard one of them cry. Unravelling their long legs, I found myself free and, alarmed at what they might do, I tried to get up. A leg flashed out and swept my feet from under me, depositing me on my bum. “Let’s break him!””Yeah” they cried. “Break him, break him””Kill kill” encouraged the watching morons.

Hands took my arms from either side. Flinging themselves onto their backs, long calves draped across my chest and shoulders as they each pulled an arm between their legs. The backs of my arm pivoted against their crotch in a double armbar. The twins leant back applying a tremendous pressure on my straightened arm and squeezing their knees together to control my shoulders. I yelped in pain at the pressure inflicted by the joint-lock. “Ow! Stop please, I’m sorry” I cried as I was crucified in the middle. The ligaments in my shoulders protested as my arms were stretched. “How does it feel to be so utterly dominated by the legs you so desperately wanted a look at, Bobby?” Sharon asked. “Feel how we are using our whole bodies, especially the strength of our legs and hips, to render you completely helpless” Mel added.

The warmth of their inner thighs against the back of my arms was inviting as my tortured ligaments and joints protested. “Ow no please” I cried, genuinely afraid that they were going to break my arms. “Please, I give. I give” I pleaded. The pain from the tension on my elbow joints and ligaments was horrific as they fully extended my arms. “Not good enough, Bobby. You need to learn not to smack a girl’s legs” Sharon said. Together in a sudden sharp movement, the twins raised their hips. “Arggh!” I screamed at the top of my voice as I heard and felt my elbows pop from the terribly magnified pressure. “Oh god no!” I sob as the twin tormentors release me. Jesus, they’ve broken my arms! I can’t believe it, oh God, no! Mel’s face looked down at me. “Oh you big baby, They’re not broken, we’ve just dislocated your elbows, that’s all. See?”. Mel raised one of my hands and let the forearm flop limply by my side. “That’ll teach you to smack girls” Sharon added. I just there sobbing, I felt sick to my stomach, oh my god they’ve ruined my arms. What kind of sick creatures are these girls? How could such lovely females do something like that to another living being?.

“Please, stop it. Let me go” I pleaded. “Oh, don’t you want to play no more?” Mel said in a silly childish voice. “You had your chance to be our foot licking pet, but you blew it” Sharon said. Melanie leant on my chest and brought her pretty elfin face very close. Her pupils were very wide and she had an excited look. “You know Bobby, wrestling with a boy and completely dominating him makes me so very, very horny” she told me softly, her mouth emphasizing ‘very’ which she pronounced slowly. She lowered her head and I was stunned to find her kissing me with heated passion on my lips. Electric energy shot down my body, energising my libido. “Yuck get a room” someone called. No soon had she withdrawn than Sharon was upon me. “The feeling of power I get when I’ve got a boy completely helpless makes me all hot and bothered inside. Let me kiss you better.” she said. Her moist mouth enveloped mine, kissing me greedily with big sloppy kisses that left me with a raging boner. Although there were some sniggers from the watching girls, I noted that the boys looked at me with envious eyes.

Like some sort of sexual tigress, Sharon withdrew slowly like an animal on her hands and knees. Maintaining eye contact, she backed down my body. She stopped over my crotch, took a look at the prominent bulge and smiled. Her eyes bore into mine as she opened her mouth into a small circle and ran her tongue around her lips. The effect was instant, my dick throbbed like crazy. “Oh yes please” I moaned. Laughing, she moved quickly to my feet, took hold of them and stood up, lifting my legs into the air. “I don’t think so, Bobby” she laughed. With my bust arms, I was powerless to stop her. “Please, just let me go” I said, trying to kick my feet free. “Kill kill kill” chanted the morons. “No chance Bobby. We’re going to show you what our legs can really do”. With help from her sister to keep my legs still, they bent my right leg so that the side of my shin was on top of my other knee. Stepping one foot inside the figure 4 formed by my legs, Sharon bent slightly so that the back of her knee pressed my crossed calve in place. Holding my left foot against her crotch, she then placed her other leg on the outside and I felt the back of her other knee press against my foot. Then she fell back with my legs locked up like a pretzel. “Owww!” I howled. It felt like the bones in my legs were grinding against each other and it was excruciating.

“This is a figure-four leglock. You can really apply a lot of pressure on somebody’s legs with this” Sharon told me. “And, there’s no way for you to unlock yourself” she added. “Even if you could use your arms” Mel laughed. “Ah, please stop” I cried. It was incredibly painful, I couldn’t move my legs and any attempt to do so caused such pain that it felt like they would snap. “There’s nothing you can do, Bobby. Nothing except suffer”. Sharon poured on the pressure onto my poor legs. “Arghh” I screamed. The pain was so intense to my joints and legs that I wanted to tear my own hair out, but my arms were bust. “Please, please stop. I can’t take it anymore” I begged. “No please” I cried in alarm as I saw Mel stand astride my head. I was in no condition to appreciate the view right up her ridiculously long legs as they folded and a sexy panty covered crotch descended towards me. Her weight pressed down on the top of my chest as she sat with her stupendous legs on either side of my head. Pulling my head forward, she slid those lovelies around my neck. The leggy clamp tightened and started squeezing. “Arghh please” the torment was relentless. One girl was ruining my legs; the other was crushing my sore neck.

It was blessed relief when Sharon released my abused legs. I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to walk for weeks. She walked around to stand over me and looked down into my face. “Oh you look so cute in my sister’s legs. All red and tense. Why I don’t I join in?” she said. I saw her move behind me and lower herself. Another pair of long legs appeared in my vision and settled over the top of those holding me captive. “Yeohh!” I cried aloud as the sisters squeezed together. God the pressure around my neck was so intense that my eyes lost focus and my head swam. “Oh no you don’t Bobby. We want to savour our dominance over you” Mel’s voice told me over the buzzing in my ears. The crushing grip relaxed to allow a little bit of oxygenated blood to reach my brain then the powerful crush began again. “Argkk!” I couldn’t help but cry out under the tortuous pressure threatening to crush my neck. Squeeze relax squeeze relax. The girls periodically eased their vice-like grip on my neck long enough for me to realize my predicament. I was completely overpowered by lovely leggy twins. “Kill the bastard””Kill kill kill” encouraged the vultures. Each twin had deceptively strong legs that could inflict serious torture on their own, but piled up on top of each other, the effect was devastating. Repeatedly causing me to cry out in strangulated pain, I seemed to drift in and out close to the brink of consciousness. Time and again, they demonstrated that they could easily knock me out whenever they wished and there was nothing that I could do about it. I felt so utterly powerless and feeble. The twins were toying with me, demonstrating their superiority over me and prolonging my suffering and public humiliation.

After what seemed an eternity of being nearly scissored out of existence, just when I thought my neck might collapse under the strain, the twins released me. I was completely shattered, totally destroyed; I didn’t have the energy to move even if I wanted to. Sharon’s face cmae into views. “Oh poor baby. Does your head hurt? Oh well, we’ll better leave that alone to get better then”. “Please no more” I whispered. My voice was quiet and husky, my throat sore from being scissored so long and hard. The twins lay beside me then rolled me one way then the other. When the motion stopped, there were two pairs of arms around my head and shoulders in a sort of dual embrace. The coarse black wool of their cardigans irritated my face. More worryingly were the twin pair of legs wrapped firmly around my middle and, at an angle across my lower chest. “Please no more” I pleaded in a whisper. Melanie’s face leaned across from my left. “This is very cosy, Bobby. I bet you like to lay like this in bed with us” she said softly. “Oh yes” I sighed. She giggled then squeezed her thighs. “Urggg” My gut was too badly bruised from her earlier gut punching to provide any resistance. The hard squeeze on my battered belly caused me to cough and struggle to catch my breath. Sharon’s face appeared from the other side, angled almost upside down since she was positioned higher up my body and had to bend more to reach my head. Even then she had to pull my face back to reach. “I bet you always wanted to get between our legs. Well now we’ll make your dream come true”. She put her lips to mine and started kissing me. “Mmm mmmmm mmm” my lips were sealed with passionate kisses as Sharon’s long strong legs scissored my chest. Despite the constriction in my chest and gut, her kisses made me so hard. To my delight, Mel leant further across and joined in snatching greedy kisses from me in between her sister’s attentions while bodyscissoring me hard. I was in heaven and hell. My mouth was caught up in a whirlwind of passionate kisses that made my erection as hard as a rock. Then the kisses turned into deep tongue hockey driving my member into a throbbing frenzy.

I could hear obscene remarks from the crowd but I too engrossed making out with gorgeous twin sisters!  They had me aching so bad with desire. “Mmmm mmmm” At the same time, other parts of my body was being put through hell. Mel squeezed my middle like a tube of toothpaste so hard that it sent me into spasms of breathlessness, difficult as it was to breathe while being kissed non-stop, while Sharon was crushing my ribs so hard, it felt as if they were bending and about to break. “Mmmmm” the legs on these girls seemed tireless, maintaining a constant tight scissor that threatened to knock me out through lack of breath at any moment. Luckily, every now and then one or the other seemed to remember to relax their steely grip to let me breathe but those moments became more random and out of sync with each other allowing me a few gasps before snapping on the pain. “Ohhh ohhh” “So good ohhh”. I was stunned; they had genuinely worked themselves into frenzy. They were actually starting to moan in between kisses and that triggered primal instincts that sent my lust off the scale! Conflicting sensations wracked my body, pleasure and pain. I wanted to sink my dick inside these goddesses but I was powerless to make it happen. They had my body so completely under their control. I was once again their toy, my body was theirs to do whatever they willed. “Ohhhhhhh” I moaned in pleasure. “Oh yes Bobby” one of them mumbled between kisses. They were now so lost in their passion that they were both trying to take control of my mouth at the same time and ended up kissing each other hungrily. That just sent me off the deep end and I started thrusting my hips back and forth in a desperate desire to jack off. “They’re kissing each other. God that’s hot””Oh my god, he’s dry humping””Urgh what a sicko, kill him”. I didn’t know if I was going to cream my pants first, pass out or both.

Suddenly another body flung itself into the fray. “Leave my brother alone, he’s my bitch”. I watched in disbelief as my younger sister, with her skirt flying around her chunky thighs, threw herself across my body. Wearing the same uniform as the twins (before they removed their skirts), Jackie wrapped her arms around Sharon’s head. Although petite, her broad back, wide shoulders and thick arms made my sister look much bigger than the considerably taller older girl. “Ow! Get off”. Jackie bulldogged Sharon’s torso into a sitting position with ease then wrapped her thick legs around her body. “Owwwwww!” Sharon’s scream nearly burst my eardrum. There were audible gasps from the onlookers. I could see Jackie’s big muscular thighs bulging with a raw power I knew only too well. Every muscle group stood out proud, clearly defined and fearsome. “OMG look at her legs””She’s going to kill her”. “No, no please Jackie no” Sharon pleaded helpless in my sister’s monstrous bodyscissors, her own scissors across my chest long forgotten. The pressure around my waist stopped as Melanie tried to go to her sister’s aid. Unfortunately, she had one leg pinned by my body and had to make do with some pretty solid kicks with her free leg to Jackie’s side and back eliciting cries of protest”. “You boy, stop that at once!” Principal Newman’s booming voice cut through the melee.
We stood in silence lined up shoulder to shoulder inside Newman’s office. My sister Jackie, the Twins and myself, my arms hanging uselessly by my sides. Despite reclaiming their skirts, Sharon and Melanie haven’t put them back on. Newman is a large boorish self-important man. He glares at me. “I will not tolerate boys fighting in the college. If you want to fight then do so outside the college. But fighting with girls, that is totally inexcusable. What were you thinking of boy ?”. “They started it” I started to protest. “Silence!” he cut me off. “There is no excuse. You are a boy and should know better than pick on the weaker sex. I will be having words with your father about your expulsion. Do you understand?”. I nodded; I didn’t want to stay in this antiquated college anyway. At least I could escape the shame.

Newman eyes moved off me to stare at my sister. There was something about the way he slowly looked Jackie up and down that made me uncomfortable. The smile he gave her seemed so predatory that I had a strange desire to protect my little sister. “Such a pretty little girl. I suppose you were just trying to help your brother?” he said softly. “Yes sir” Jackie answered sweetly. “I think I will take a personal hand in your development” he told her with a smarmy smile. I didn’t like his tone but I knew Jackie was more than capable of dealing with the likes of him. Boy was he in for a surprise if he tried it on with her.

Newman turned to the twins. I could see him mentally undressing them with his eyes and slowly eyeing their long long legs. His gaze lingered on their skimpy white knickers for a long uncomfortable moment. Turning his attention back towards Jackie, he told her “Take your brother to the nurse to see to his arms while I deal with these two”.
**** Jim Priest’s tale ***
After telling me that Bobby was alright, Jackie told me that the twins had been in Newman’s office for a long time. I decided to go and check that they were OK. When I got to his office, I saw Gill Butcher by the door. They were strange noises coming from the other side. “This is your doing, I suspect” Gill accused. Not bothering to reply, I turned the handle and opened the door.

The sight that greeted us had to be seen to be believed. Newman was flat on his back lengthways across his desk with his head hanging over the edge. One twin was facing forward, standing on the floor with her toes raised scissoring his neck. Her sister was facing her, scissoring his face, his nose and mouth firmly buried in her knickers. With his neck and head swallowed by their long legs, Newman looked like a headless creature with his arms and legs flailing uselessly. “Mmmm mmm” came the muffled cries of protest from the vicinity of a girl’s crotch.

Gill gasped and the twins turned their heads towards us. “He was making improper suggestions, he was” one girl said defensively as the man struggled in her tight grip. “Yeah, he’s going to outplace us. Me to some hall in Norfolk and Jackie somewhere else but we don’t want to be split up” the other protested. “Outplaced, but you’ve hardly done any of the course!” Gill exclaimed.

“Threatened to give our mam and pa grief, he did. Pull their mortgage or something unless we thieved for him” “He wants us to look out for rare antiques and steal them when he’s got a buyer””He’s got it all in his laptop” the girls told me.

I saw the open laptop on the desk and went across to it. A database of some kind was on display. “Mmmm mmm”. As I started looking through it, the muffled moans of the scissored man before me on the desk distract me. I can’t resist feeling the long strong thighs of two young women scissoring a fully-grown man completely helpless. I could feel the strong firm muscles of their long slender thighs under the taut bare skin. Newman’s body started to spasm under their steely double grip and that really excited me. Both of the girls glared at me. “We’ll show you a few moves afterwards if you like Mr Priest”. “Yeah, I bet you’d love to get between our legs”. I quickly withdrew my hand and went back to the screen trying to ignore the thumping of Newman’s body, which seemed to be slowing down.

“It lists specially outplaced students, where they’ve been placed and what he’s using to blackmail them with” I said. I found Bristlingdown Manor and clicked on Mary’s name [JIMP#19]. “Strange. No one knew about the object until I found it yet its listed as a special watch item. I wonder what that means?” I pondered.

“Well you can’t ask Newman now” Gill said. “Girls. Let him go now, he’s out cold”. As the twins opened their lovely long legs, Newman’s head flopped senselessly over the edge of the desk. I sat closer to the desk hoping to hide my boner as I picked up the phone to call the Police.

When the Police arrived, they found Newman’s safe stuffed full of stolen antiques. No doubt these had been accumulating since he could no longer pass them on to Holland’s. The database on his laptop was taken as evidence. They also found old record books in his cupboards detailing similar activity going back over a hundred years.
The Junior Under-Secretary for Health assured the public that there is nothing to worry about the cloud of radioactivity heading across Europe. “These are very low levels. There is absolutely no risk to human health”. In a separate story the entire Royal Family and all of the senior members of Government made a surprise unannounced visit to the United States today where they met other European Ministers and heads of state….

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