Granny Strongarm – A Granny’s Touch (JIMP#29)

A young man feels the awesome power of his fearsome Great-Grandmother

I loved the idea of a much older woman who had been actively involved in the war and skill capable of using her combat skills. The strict Victorian governess as portrayed by Mistress Margaron (image above) was another inspiration.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
Jim Priest shut his eyes tight and grimaced as small hard balls of muscle dug into his temples. He held onto the smooth nylon clad calves even though he knew he had no chance of moving them to ease the pain. Gill Butcher was pissed, very pissed. “Who does he think he is? Swanning in here in his gold plated Rolls-Royce and expensive designer suit” she said angrily. “Banker bonus rich. He marched straight into the principal’s office and said he was taking control until the Board of Trustees appoint a new principal”. “Argh” Jim cried in pain as the flared calves flexed grinding muscle into his head. He knew just how deadly those skull crackers could be [JIMP#21].

“When I said I was quite capable of doing the job, he just laughed in my face. I’ve a good mind to..”. “Arghhh!” Jim howled in agony as the steely calves bit deeper. “Oh does that hurt, Jim? Well never mind, as soon as I find a new IT manager you are out of here” she said coldly. “I know how to get rid of the likes of him without blowing my cover. Have I introduced you to Granny Strongarm?” Gill asked as she lowered her feet to the floor. Jim breathed a sigh of relief as the terrible pressure reduced. “She’s just your type”. Gill snapped herself to her toes. “Arghh!” Jim screamed before passing out cold.
St.Agatha’s Domestic College, what on earth was a place like this doing in the 21st Century? I was glad that I wasn’t a student here, that’s the only good thing I could say about it. A loud woman’s voice made me jump. “You there boy! What are you doing there?”. For a moment I thought I was seeing the ghost of some long deceased Victorian governess whose sense of duty transcended life itself. She was a formidable looking elderly woman. From a tightly corseted waist that pinched in a plump figure, a long black skirt fell in long pleats down to the top of black laced ankle boots. Above the corset, was an elaborate old-fashioned white blouse that covered a very ample bust and was decorated with lace around the neck and wrists.

“I asked you a question, boy. You had better answer or it will go very bad for you indeed” the stern woman said. As she walked towards me, I realised that this was no apparition. Her face was small and oval with small piercing grey eyes that stared out over a pair of narrow half-framed reading glasses. Her nose was sleek and elegant with a small thin-lipped mouth wearing deep red lipstick. Her cheeks were firm although close up I could make out a large number of creases and wrinkles under a layer of foundation. These, the liver spots on the back of her hands and a slightly jowly neck indicated that she was a lot older than I had originally thought. Her silvery grey hair was pulled back behind her ears into a tight bun. She was perhaps an inch or two taller than my 5’9″.

“I’m James Armstrong. Your Great-Grandson” I introduced myself. “I came to visit you on my birthday” actually it was my parent’s idea. “James? Of course, I was expecting you. My, haven’t you grown” she said. Why do grown-ups always say that? It’s so dumb. “Well I wouldn’t have shrunk now would I? Great-Grandmother” I replied. She didn’t seem amused. “The name’s Georgina, but you can call me Granny like everyone else. Granny Strongarm, they call me” she said proudly. “Why do they call you that, Granny?” I asked. The old governess raised her right hand. It looked quite large for a woman. “Because of my strong right arm, which I use to administer discipline to boys and men alike. Believe me, I’ve had many a male teacher baring their backsides at my command. Big burly men bent over my knee bawling their eyes out over Granny’s touch” she told me. Her hand swished in front of her as if spanking the air. I wasn’t sure if she was being serious but she looked stern. This preyed on my mind as she us down a long corridor. “Didn’t they use the birch or strap in the olden days, Granny?” I asked. “My palm can exert much greater control to enforce moral standards and values. My arm supplies the most rigid and unbending discipline” she replied.

She’s kidding me, she must be. As we turned through a set of double doors into a large stairwell, I called her bluff. “Granny, corporal punishment is banned in Britain”. “Is that so? Who told you that? The Government? The same people who propagate the illusion of democracy?” she replied. “Adolescent boys need a firm hand to understand respect. Men too”. I was starting to find this old woman a bit scary and intimidating. Why would a fully-grown man let her spank his backside? “I guess some men like that sort of thing, but I don’t” I said as we started to climb a long wide staircase. “Believe me James, no man enjoys a spanking from me” she replied.

The rest of our journey was spent chatting about my parents and my education. We finally reached her room, which was actually more like a well-furnished small apartment. Great-Grandmother made a pot of tea in a small kitchenette then we sat down on a large comfy sofa to drink with a selection of biscuits. The ancient woman studied me with her cold grey eyes over her glasses, making me feel uncomfortable.

We were interrupted by a knock on the door. A petite mature woman with a bob haircut and a dark curly haired man wanted to speak with my Great-Gran. After brief introductions, she excused herself. “I’ll just be gone 5 minutes, James. Make yourself at home. I don’t expect you can get up to any mischief in that time”. I soon got bored looking at the elevated view of London through the windows and decided to explore the rest of the apartment. Apart from the kitchenette, there was a small bathroom, bedroom and the main living/dining area with one corner set aside for exercise equipment. That was probably how the old dear kept herself in good condition.

On the carpet was a pair of antique looking cast iron dumbbells. Each had a pair of very thick big round plates joined together by a short bar. I tried to lift one and found it a lot heavier than I expected. Straining, I only just managed to raise it using both hands. Even then I didn’t dare curl it for fear of giving myself an injury. If I couldn’t use the thing, how could an Old Age Pensioner like my Great-Grandma handle it? Maybe it belonged to her long-deceased husband and she just kept it as a memento?  I had a thing for women who worked out, building their sexy bodies with feminine muscle. I often brought magazines or visited web sites featuring fitness women. The thought of the severe looking old grey haired woman in a frilly white blouse and corseted black dress curling these heavy weights was exciting. I could imagine her removing those antique clothes to reveal a firm body, beautifully muscled with large firm breasts and a six-pack. The erection in my pants reminded me where I was and who might walk in at any minute.

Nearby was an old-fashioned punch bag. One of those big brown leather balls heavily strapped to a pole with a heavily weighted base. A couple of pairs of old brown leather boxing gloves lay close by. What was the old lady doing with this in her room? I knew I shouldn’t touch other people’s stuff but I was bored and felt sure Great-Grandmother wouldn’t mind. After all, it wasn’t as though I was going to break it. I put on the gloves, not really liking the feel of them. Giving the ball a tentative blow, the thing barely moved. I tried again and again, really having to throw all my weight behind my punches before I got the thing moving. So preoccupied was I with this that I didn’t hear my Great-Grandma re-enter the room.

“So you like to box do you James?” she said, startling me. “I, I’m sorry Great, er, Granny. I didn’t mean to touch” I apologised. “That’s alright James, providing you spar with me” she said. I couldn’t believe what she had just said. The very old lady put on the other pair of gloves then turned to face me. Raising her fists like a pro, she adopted a boxing stance. I was speechless; this white haired old Granny dressed like a Victorian governess was wearing big boxing gloves and wanted to box me. “There’s nothing like boxing to build up character. Come on James. I’ll go gently with you” she said. “I, er, I don’t want to hurt you Granny” I said earnestly. I could just imagine the grief I would get if I accidentally killed the old woman whilst sparring. “Nonsense James. I often go several rounds with the P.E. instructor” she said. The stern old woman sounded so confident that I felt a little nervous.

“Come on, get your guard up” she told me. So there I was squared off to box my Great-Grandmother and for some reason I found that quite exciting. I didn’t want to hurt the BAM! A big leather glove explodes right in the middle of my face with a force that I simply wasn’t expecting. WHAM WHAM! I taste old leather against my lips as two more solid punches smash me hard in the face in quick succession. My head jerks back like the punch bag I’d been hitting moments before, the whip-like motion creating a blur of bright jagged colours. WHAM WHAM WHAM! Granny’s shockingly strong punches scramble my senses as they assault my face and I find myself in a daze on the carpet on my hands and knees. I realise with a shock that I’ve just been floored in seconds by a woman over three times my age!.

“Oh do get up James. Stop playing around with me. Don’t let me win just because I’m a woman” she said while glaring down with a calm air of superiority that made my dick twitch. Warily I stood up and faced the wrinkly ancient woman. “Ur, maybe we should do something else? Watch telly or something?” I suggested. This woman could punch a lot harder than I expected and really seem quite capable. “Oh nonsense. One should make your own entertainment. Do you really want me to tell all your relatives that you were too frightened to box an little old lady?” she taunted. She was hardly little and seemed remarkably robust for a woman her age. I couldn’t let her go around saying that she kicked my ass to all my family. “You just caught me by surprise Great, er, Granny. I didn’t expect you to be that good” I said while trying to convince myself. My groin was tight in anticipation. “Of course you were dear. Do try to keep your guard up to protect yourself and look for openings in my defence” she instructed.

We squared off again, standing glove to glove. BAM BAM BAM fearsome punches from the grim looking grey haired lady battered my defences. BAM BAM Her old body stood strong, her eyes boring into me over her glasses, mouth tight, as she tried to get past my guard. BAM BAM As I fought to intercept the old lady’s strong probing punches, I was forced to step backwards. BAM BAM her gloves stung sharply against my forearms that I had raised to protect my face. “Oh come on James, don’t be on the defensive. Attack me boy” the severe looking woman scolded as my gloves jolted and jerked under her assault.

She was right, I actually felt intimidated by this senior citizen peppering blows towards my head. I wasn’t exactly a weakling; I couldn’t be on the defensive from my own Great-Gran. A few shots of my own towards that stern face should stop her. BAM BAM She was so busy pressing her attack that her head was unprotected. I shot my right fist forwards, but it came to an abrupt halt against her glove that she effortlessly raised to block it. WHAM! Her other glove blasted through the opening in my guard and hammered my mouth with such force that it split my lip and nearly buckled my teeth. Now I knew why boxers wore mouth guards! “Surely you can do better than that, James. You’re not gay are you?” she said. “Nnn No” I replied, shocked by her derogatory remark.

BAM BAM BAM WHAM! Her fists tore apart my guard and blasted my face back so hard that I saw bright jagged patches of white, red and black. BLAM! Another heavy glove smashed into the side of my jaw whipping my face from one side to the other so fast that it left me reeling. I saw the fearsome old woman prepare to launch another punch and reacting out of fear quickly buried my head behind my forearms.

WHUMP WHUMPH WHUMPH WHUMPH a terrible salvo of punches hammered my gut in rapid succession. I bent over, completed winded by the old dear’s assault. “Classic mistake James. Never leave yourself exposed like that” she told me. “Nor like that”.

BAM! Her glove came up underarm and a powerful punch jack hammered against my jaw, blasting my head back hard. My vision went out of focus and my legs turned to jelly. “Don’t they teach boys how to box anymore?” Great-Grandmother said, clearly amused to watch me struggle to stay upright. My legs gave way beneath me and I fell to my knees, my ears ringing and feeling strange.

“Well I don’t think much of the younger generation nowadays. If you’re anything to go by” she berated me. “You’re so weak, I could have slaughtered you in seconds. Come on, show me that you’re made of sterner stuff, James”. Clearing my head, I regained my feet. “Please Granny. That’s enough, you win. You’re a remarkably strong boxer for your age” I said. As I looked at the ferocious old lady with the stern face, I realised that she must have been quite good looking when she was younger. In fact my groin felt quite tight at the sight of this Old Age Pensioner who had just knocked me down with her boxing gloves.

WHAM WHAM WHAM frighteningly powerful punches devastated my face. “For my age. What do you mean by that? I’ll show you what I can do for my age” she said angrily, her face a cold emotionless mask of determination. BAM BAM BAM I tried to raise my arms to protect my face but she just tore them apart with her fists. BAM BAM BAM BAM non-stop fists powering like a piston engine slaughtered me. My world became a continual whirlwind of powerful blows to my face, chest and gut. BAM BAM BAM I was unable to stop my Great-Grandmother’s frightening onslaught. BAM BAM, My head span and my ears rang under the hail of strong punches. WHAM BAM thank you mam. Wherever I tried to protect, her gloves quickly targeted another spot on my battered body and let rip. BAM WAM WHAM! A devastating upper cut exploded on my jaw. I felt my head driven back hard, my vision blur and my knees go weak.
Warm red light bathes me. I open my eyes to find myself on the carpet. Ow, my chin feels sore and my face battered. I feel my chin before remembering that I had been wearing boxing gloves that have now been removed. It all came flooding back to me. I couldn’t believe it; I had just had my lights well and truly punched out by a woman nearly three times my age!

“No Armstrong on my side of the family have a glass jaw” a voice tells me. “It must be from that mother of yours. Always thought she was a bit soft”.

I look in the direction the voice is coming from. To my surprise Great Grandma had changed out of her prim and proper Victorian clothing into something more modern and much more revealing. The white haired woman wore a simple sleeveless white T-shirt banded by multi-coloured stripes. Although she was a bit plump around the waist, the thin cotton material emphasized a flat but broad stomach. The neck was very low cut revealing a dramatically deep cleavage plunging between massive mounds of mature bosom that thrust forward in a very exciting manner. A tiny pair of light blue shorts was worn over flesh coloured tights. From my vantage point on the carpet, I could see that she had a great pair of legs. She really had quite a hot looking body for such an old lady.

But it was what she was doing that really turned me on. Great Grandmother had those heavy iron dumbbells in her large hands and was curling them with ease. Her bare arms were thick and very firm looking as she raised and lowered the heavy weights. Strong forearms tapered like a sail on a mast, flat and straight along the inside and flaring noticeably on the outside from her elbows to thick sturdy wrists. “Granny you have very strong looking forearms” I remarked. “That’s because they get plenty of exercise punishing boys and men. Would you like me to demonstrate?” she replied as she continued to curl. “No, that doesn’t appeal to me” I said.

As she hefted the weights, I was excited to see thick hills appear on her upper arm. She’s got biceps! big solid biceps!. With rising libido, I was on my feet as quick as a flash and by her side. “Oh Granny, what big biceps you’ve got” I exclaimed before realising how silly that sounded. “All the better to punish naughty boys with, dear” She said smiling at me for the first time.

Holding the dumbbells out straight to each side, she curled them slowly towards the side of her head. I gawped as her thick upper arms swelled and solidified into thick bulges, then slid under her skin, contracting to form big solid peaks. Her upper arms were incredibly deep with large muscled hills on the top and nicely curving triceps underneath. “Oh Granny that’s awesome, please let me feel” I said. Without waiting for permission I placed my hands on my Great Gran’s big biceps. With eagerness and a tightening groin, I felt the big rocky peaks under my palms. She stopped curling with both biceps flexed at their largest. “A strong body promotes a healthy mind” she told me as I indulged a long awaited fantasy come true. “They’re incredible Granny, so big and hard!” I exclaimed feeling how very solid the peaks of muscle were. Pronounced hillocks of muscle contrasted with the smoothness of her old skin. The sheer power under my hands excited me so much I was getting hard in a different part of my body. For the first time in my life, I had met a woman with muscles and it happened to be a much older relative, but I didn’t care.

Please Granny; show me how strong you are. I really want to feel your strength” I was getting carried away by the raw strength beneath my palms “Oh Granny, you are incredible. Please arm-wrestle me, show me how strong you are”. To my surprise she agreed.

Clearing some room on a table, we faced each other with our right arms together; hand in hand in the universal trial of strength. “Ready, James? 3,2,1” she said fixing me with her steely grey eyes. An overwhelming power drove my arm towards the tabletop. There was nothing I could do, she was simply too strong for me. Being out muscled by a woman over three times my age gave me a solid boner. “You let me win didn’t you James? Come on, try again properly this time” she said with a knowing smile. She knew that she was stronger than me and just wanted to prove it again, and I wanted to experience her awesome strength again. Once more we squared off and again my arm was pressed down under an irresistible force and smashed into the table. Granny flexed her magnificent biceps. “Yes. Proven myself stronger than a younger man yet again” she said in triumph. My cock was rampant and I rushed around the table to feel those mighty muscles on the white haired old Granny. “Oh Grandma, you’re amazing. You’re so wonderful” I gushed as my palms caressed her big solid arms. I couldn’t stop myself, I was so turned on by these big female muscles that I starting kissing her biceps with rising passion. “Oh Granny you are much better than any silly teenaged schoolgirl” I gushed between kisses.

Suddenly, a large strong hand grabbed my boner through my trousers. “The male penis is the root of all problems” Great-Grandmother stated to my embarrassment. “Ooh Granny, please I’m sorry” I squealed as the grip tightened around my shaft. To my shame-faced horror, not only did an elderly relative have her hand around my erection but also it actually grew even harder in her steely grip and started to twitch. “You may think that you are a young man, but you are just a teenager who needs to learn to control his primal urges” she lectured.

Releasing her embarrassing grip, she grabbed and twisted my hand at the wrist. “Ow!” I cried as pain lanced up my arm. “The wrist doesn’t rotate, so the force transfers to your forearm which rotates resulting in a joint lock” the clinical way that the stern old lady told me this unnerved me. “Argh please Granny no” I cried as she rose from her chair and twisted my hand further causing me to bend forward. It felt like the bones in my forearm would break. “You need to be taught not to force your unwelcome attentions on women” she said coldly sending shivers down my spine.

Placing her other hand on my elbow, my formidable ancestor pressed firmly. “Arghh!” I screamed as my arm felt as it were going to snap. Leveraging my overstressed arm straight, I was forced into a semi-crouch. “Ahh ahh ahh Please Grandma, you’ll break my arm” I cried in alarm. “Of course I can, dear. So you better co-operate or you’ll end up in casualty” my Great-Grandma said cruelly. In this humiliating stance, yelping and wincing with each movement of my arm, my Great-Grandmother forced me to walk around the room like a demented chimp. How could this elderly woman be dominating me so easily?. Despite the constant protests of my arm, my boner was rigid, enjoying being subjugated by a woman several times my age.

“Have your parents ever told you what I did in the war?” she asked as she twisted my arm vertical forcing me to my knees before her. I had heard stories whispered in reverential tones, but had never believed them. “Yes Grandma, please let me go, I’m sorry” I begged. I felt like powerless surf kneeling before my mighty mistress. My boner certainly liked that.

The awesome old lady led me like some kind of crippled pet, shuffling on my knees, around the room. I felt so humbled and powerless to stop her, I was completely under her control. “I was one of the youngest women the SOE flew out of Tempsford and dropped by parachute into occupied France in 1944. I was only 22, not much older than yourself” she told me. I tried to do the maths in my head. With astonishment, I realised that the old dear was nearly 90 and yet she was easily dominating a young man in his late teens. The feeling of complete helplessness at the feet of this ancient woman really turned me on.

“I hated the Nazis, believe me many came to a bad end in my arms. But worse were the arrogant French nobles who collaborated in exchange for power over their fellow countrymen”. I cried out as she pressed down on my arm. My elbow and wrist threatened to shatter at any moment. Her bare foot pressed on my shoulder blade. “On your belly, worm” she ordered. “Let me show you how I dealt with collaborators”.

“Arghh!” I scream out as a sharp twist of my hand forces me to crawl on my stomach to avoid my wrist being broken. “That’s it crawl like the nasty traitorous scum you are” she said. “Arghh!” another sharp twist forces me to keep moving. Again and again, she jerked my hand forcing me to crawl on my belly in a circle around her feet. “Look at you. A young strong man, wriggling like a worm under my command”. “Arggh!” another twist. “How does it feel James, being completely overpowered by your frail old Great-Grandmother? I have total control over you. I could shatter your arm in three places with a flick of my hand”. I am well aware of my situation as I crawled along the floor with my hard-on rubbing on the carpet.

“I would make them beg to tell me all their dirty little secrets. Are you willing to tell me your dirty little secret, boy?” she demanded. “Yes Granny please, please stop” I begged as my wrist threatened to explode in several fragments. “Why did you kiss my muscles?” she asked. “Argh, please. I think muscles on women are sexy” it was dreadfully embarrassing to admit one’s perversions to a relative but I had no choice. “You think my muscles sexy?” she asked incredulously. “Yes Granny, you have amazing biceps. Incredibly sexy” I admitted. “Hmm, well I never” she mumbled then forced me to crawl over to the table.

I felt my tormented arm transferred to a sturdy nylon clad leg and was surprised to find my hand buried high in the warmth between the top of her legs. The knowledge that she is controlling me with just her legs and crotch makes me harder than ever despite my straining arm. After several moments, soft leather clasps my wrist and elbow. I realise that she has put on gloves.

“Argh!” I cry as my arm is crowbarred at an angle while my hand is pressed painfully at the wrist, forcing me to scrabble to my feet. I was being completely domme’d by a stern-faced white-haired old granny and the sensation kept my erection rigid. “Over the desk, boy” she commanded. “No, please don’t spank me” I begged, trying to pull back. WHAM totally unable to resist, she moved a hand to my shoulder blade and slammed my face into the top of the desk. The side of my face stung as it met hard unyielding antique wood. “Ooohh!” I squealed in pain as the mighty pensioner forced my arm higher and pressed on my shoulder blade, pressing my face very firmly against the wood.

“Once the traitors had told me all I needed to know, I would silence them” the magnificently dominant old lady told me as she held me over the desk. “They never stood a chance. I felt so powerful, a young woman barely out of her teens totally dominating fully-grown men. Even fully trained soldiers succumbed to my skills” she said. I could just visualise a younger more attractive version of my Great-Grandmother controlling Nazi soldiers like she controlled me and that excited me. “I would snap their scrawny necks in my strong arms like they were twigs or I would crush their skulls like this”. Restraining me with just one arm, she placed a large gloved hand on the side of my cheek and pressed down with a shockingly powerful force. “Arghh, please no” I cried. I really thought that she was going to kill me, re-enacting a memory from her past. The terrible compression she could exert with one arm threatened to shatter my skull. Now I fully understood why big burly male teachers would let her tan their backsides, they simply had no choice.

With relief, I felt her remove her skull crusher. “Unfortunately I would get into trouble killing my own Great-Grandson. Political Correctness gone mad if you ask me” she said. With my head still pinned firmly against the table by this remarkable old lady using just one arm, I gasped with surprise as I felt my trouser fly unzipped. The feel of soft leather surrounded my fully erect dick and fished it from my trousers. I was really hard from being turned on by her utter domination over me. “My you are an over-sexed young man. I think you enjoy being punished by a woman after all. Perhaps I should put you over my firm knee and spank you after all. You would like that wouldn’t you?” she asked. “No please I wouldn’t” I replied from the uncomfortable position she held me in. Having experienced how strong her arm was, I didn’t relish her unleashing it on my backside. I heard a throaty chuckle.

In shocked disbelief, Great-Grandma’s hand began sliding up and down my shaft. “Before the war I was brought up on a farm. I was very good at milking the cows. We didn’t have machines to do it like they do nowadays” she told me as I grew harder in her palm. The way she manipulated me with deliberate slow movements demonstrated that she had plenty of experience. “Men are nothing but animals that need milking from time to time” she said as her gloved hand worked me.

“This brings back memories. I used to inspect the dorms each night to ensure the adolescent young men didn’t pose a danger to teenaged girls” she told me as she skilfully pumped my rod. “Ohhh Granny” I moaned, “You’re so good”. I had never had a hand job before and now I was getting one from the expert hand of an elderly relative. “I used to walk up and down the line of beds, slipping my hand beneath the sheets to deal with any unseemly bulges”. “Ohhh Granny”. Helplessly pinned to the desk and having my manhood under the control of this powerful old woman had me feeling absolutely enormous. Surely I’ve never been as big and hard as this before? “I could hear them waiting in quiet anticipation pretending that they were asleep. I became quite adept at milking rows of young men to keep the girls safe. They appreciated Granny’s touch”. “Ohhh” I moaned. A very old woman was sexually molesting me and I didn’t want to stop her even if I were able to.

“Mmmmm” she made a sound as if recalling something pleasant. “Some of the boys were really well hung, real stallions with plenty to give. They needed extra special handling but they too surrendered to Granny’s touch”. “Oh Granny” I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and still I seemed to being getting harder and harder. Great-Gran sighed heavily. “The college won’t let me do that anymore. Political Correctness gone mad. That’s why there are so many pregnant young girls these days. Young men need to be emptied regularly”.

I felt her hot breath on my ear. “You like Granny’s touch don’t you, James?” she whispered. Before I could answer, her warm wet tongue slavered around my ear. “Ohhhh” I moaned loudly. At the same time her pumping fist got faster and faster. I didn’t have a chance; I succumbed to Granny’s magic touch. “Arrr arr arrr arr” I jettisoned my load in strong heavy squirts, as Great-Grandma seemed to be trying to squeeze out every last drop.
Jim Priest looked up at the old oil painting. “Ebenezer Arkwright. A wealthy industrialist and founder of this college” Gill Butcher told him. “He was a Quaker and deeply concerned for the welfare of the poor. He wanted to provide their children with a good education and a way to escape the slums by going into Domestic Service. It may not be very glamorous today but at the time the only alternative was the Workhouse”. “He set up a trust fund and a board of trustees, a group of like-minded people, to continue his good work”. “Who are they nowadays?” Jim asked. “A shadowy group of financiers and wealthy business men. That’s all I’ve been able to uncover” she replied. “No doubt motivated by greed and profit. There’s more to this than using former students to steal rare antiques from stately homes” Jim said. Gill turned to look at him. “You were as surprised as I was when we found that haul in Newman’s safe [JIMP#21]” he added. “Curiosity killed the cat, Mr. Priest” she replied tartly then turned on her high heels and walked away. Jim admired her short flared calves flexing as he followed a short distance behind.
I hesitated before unlocking the bathroom door. It was deeply shaming that I lost control over Great-Grandma Georgina’s biceps. My mind kept replaying the way she utterly humiliated with that agonizing armlock before working me off with her hand. An old woman who was almost 90 had owned me. The painless memory made my groin twitch. Steeling myself, I opened the door and went into the main living area.

Great-Grandmother is still in her exercise clothes. Bent over towards me, she leans to one side to touch her nylon-clad feet then does the same to the other side. As I watched in admiration, she repeated the exercise. For a woman of such advanced years, she certainly kept herself very fit. Entranced, my eyes were locked onto the front of her top that had fallen forward and down which I had a bird’s eye view. Large full breasts hung pendulously with a long deep cleavage, swaying erotically with the side-to-side motion. A necklace chain dangled in front, it’s pendant out of view inside her top. I loved the way her big breasts curved away from each other and disappeared into a white hint of bra. Her pale dry looking wrinkly skin pointed to her advanced age, but she had a fantastic bosom. I really wanted to get my hands on them, but I knew that she would probably break my arm if I tried.

Great-Gran looked up and stopped, I quickly diverted my eyes to her face. “Granny. I’m so very sorry for my dreadful behavior earlier on. I apologize whole heartedly” I said trying to keep my voice calm. “Apology accepted, James. I know it is just your hormones developing” she replied walking towards me. “Do you have a girl-friend, James?” she asked. “No Granny” I admitted, surprised by the question. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You have your studies to concentrate on. That’s more important” she said.

“Were you looking at my breasts?” she asked. “I er couldn’t help noticing when you were bent forward like that” I decided to admit the truth, she seemed to be the kind of woman who had a sixth sense about this sort of thing. “I’m sorry” I added. “Maybe you was looking at this” she said then plunged a hand into that fascinating dark crevice creating seismic motions. Her hand reappeared with a strange-shaped pendant. It was a silver circle framing an Asian goddess with many legs and arms holding different weapons. “I didn’t know you were in India” I said. “No dear. After the war the Government expected women to go back to the kitchen sink but after my adventures returning to a quiet life wasn’t for me” She told me. “I met a group of like-minded women who invited me to join their Sisterhood”.

She paused in thought. Nobody had mentioned this aspect of the old woman’s life before. “What happened then? Did you have more adventures?” I asked. “Never you mind, that’s women’s business. All you need to know is that I finally I ended up here as Governess. They might have retired me but I continue to instil discipline into the boys. The male teachers too” she added.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Great-Grandmother asked. “Not really” I replied, caught by surprise by the change of topic. “Well you can practice on me” she said. “What?” I was astounded. “Go on, pretend I’m a girl you fancy and kiss me” she said. Although I thought she was amazing, the thought of kissing her dry wrinkly face didn’t appeal to me. “It’s not the same. You’re a relative” I protested. I nearly said elderly relative but realised that she wouldn’t like that. “Nonsense James. I’m still a woman. Close your eyes and imagine I’m a girl if you have to” she demanded. Not wanting to offend the fearsome old battle-axe, I plucked up courage and suppressed my queasiness. I leant forward, but at the last moment I could only bring myself to give her a peck on the cheek.

Great-Grandma Georgina looked very angry. “What’s wrong James? Aren’t I attractive enough for you?” she sounded offended. “No. I think you’re amazing. It’s just that we’re related” I replied. The truth was that although this powerful woman turned me on, I couldn’t stand the thought of kissing this wrinkly old granny. Suddenly a big bicep appeared in front of me, it’s peak standing proud as a symbol of her feminine power. I sigh as my cock hardens at the magnificent sight. “You wanted to kiss this earlier” she says.

Suddenly, an arm snakes around the small of my back and pulls my body forward with surprising force. The sensation of this powerful woman’s body pressing hard against mine sends tingles to my groin. “You will kiss me, boy, whether you like it or not” she says, embracing me tight. “Ohhhh” I gasped. My stomach was crushed against hers with my chest cushioned by her ample bust. “Ohhhh” I gasped again as her strong arm held me so tight that I couldn’t fully expand my lungs as I breathed. Her arms were so strong! I dreaded to think what she could do if she held me with both arms in a bearhug.

A large hand clamps at the back of my neck. Strong fingers press hard holding tight in a painful steely grip. My face is forced towards the old woman’s. She presses her small thin lips against mine and starts kissing with fervor. I place my hands on her firm shoulders but know that I am powerless to stop her. Strong lips force my mouth open and in disbelief I feel her tongue slip in. I couldn’t believe it; I was being French kissed by my Great-Grandmother. The vice-like grip at the back of my neck gave me no choice but to take it. However she was incredibly good and as her tongue wrestled mine, I found my manhood quickly responding.

She broke off the kiss off and felt the front of my trousers, my boner very evident. “Just as I thought. Oversexed. For the protection of any teenaged girls you were intending to meet tonight, I need to empty you” she told me. “Pull your trousers and pants down now, boy” she ordered. “No!” I cried in indignation. This old woman was driving me mad with desire but I still had my dignity. “Please, let me worship you properly” I begged. “Let me worship your muscles and your amazing breasts” I lent forward to kiss her passionately on the mouth but I was stopped by an arm across my neck. I felt her leg slide around mine then she pushed. Sweeping my leg away, I was thrown to the floor.

“It looks like you still haven’t learnt your lesson about forcing your unwanted attentions on a woman. Get up and take your punishment, James” she demanded. As I looked up at the mighty woman standing over me, I felt fear. “Please don’t break my arm or spank my backside” I cried. “Get up now!” she commanded loudly. I obeyed.

The severe looking silver haired lady looked me in the eyes with her piercing grey eyes. “All women should learn Aikido and keep men firmly in their place” she told me. Before the words had sunk in, she had grasped my wrist, turned and started leading me by the hand. I had no option but to follow. Suddenly, after a few paces, she crouched elegantly and I found myself propelled head over heels with a flick of the wrist. WHAM I land heavily on my back several feet away. My cock twitching with excitement, I realized that not only has this woman who is nearly 90 out muscled me and made me grovel in a painful armlock, but also it turned out that she knew martial arts. I had barely got to my feet when she grabbed my wrist again, turned and bent my hand sharply. WHAM I tumbled through the air, landing hard on the floor with Great-Gran locking my arm straight pressing her foot on the side of my face. “You will obey me, James. If I tell you to grovel, you will grovel” she told me with authority. The confident assertion made me spring another boner. “Lick my feet” she commanded, twisting my arm to force me on my belly. With growing excitement, I bent my face to her nylon covered feet. I’ve never had a thing for feet, but right now I wanted nothing more than to worship this dominant wrinkly old lady who had me at her mercy. I kissed the top of Great-Granny’s feet; working my way over the beautiful curves down to her toes. “Enough” she commanded “Get to your feet and drop your trousers”.

As I faced the fearsome old woman, I had an uncontrollable desire to be completely dominated by my Great-Grandmother’s martial arts. I rushed forward to grab her but she simply took an arm, turned and with a seemingly simple graceful movement bowled me across the room so fast that I was dazed for several seconds. “That’s it James, see if you can do what a murderous Nazi soldier couldn’t” she said, although I didn’t know if that was encouragement or contempt. Driven by a lust to be dominated by this magnificent woman I rushed her again. Sidestepping, she put out an arm, which hit me straight across the chest as I ran into it. In the same instant, she took my left wrist and bumped her hip against mine. I found myself riding backwards over her hip and thrown to the floor at her feet.

“Oh, you’re so amazing Granny” I said getting to my feet. “You really turn me on” I said in a rush of hormones, not caring whether she noticed the bulge in my trousers or not. “You really are a strange young man” she says in a stern voice. “Definitely oversexed”. Again I ran towards her hoping to tackle her to the floor and wrestle with her on the carpet. Again, she sidestepped and as my momentum took me past her, she grasped my left arm. Turning and crouching in the direction of my travel, her arm spun. In an instant I was flipped and slammed into the carpet.

Exhilarated at getting my ass kicked by a silver haired woman over 3 times my ages, I charged her again and again like a man possessed. Not once did I get hold of the mighty woman. She was a supreme being who dominated me with elegant moves that barely made contact yet seemed to throw me with nothing more than a flick of the wrist. She threw me all over the room over and over again in a dizzying variety of moves until I was too wiped out to get to my feet.

“Good James. I’m proud that you at least tried to stand up to me. But as you’ve found out, I’m far too skilled for you to fight” she told me giving me her hand. I took it and once again marveled at the strength of the elderly lady as she pulled me to my feet. “Arghh” I cried as she locked my arm, turned, then gracefully sunk to a crouch and slammed me into the carpet once more. Kneeling down, she controlled my arm forcing me to crawl in front of her in a semi-circle. Suddenly she reversed my arm, forcing my body to fall back upon itself so that I trapped my feet under my own legs. Lying bent backwards across her lap, a strong thick arm ensnared my neck. “This is a dragon sleeper hold” she states. “One squeeze and I could knock you out in an instant”. “Argkk!” I croak as her arm tightens in a brutal crush that makes my head spin. Before I can pass out, the pressure eases but my neck is still held tight.

I felt her unzip my trousers and expose my erection. “My. You are still hard even after all that Aikido. Well there’s only one remedy for that” I heard her say as she handled my manhood. Her electric touch made it throb in her hand. I closed my eyes in bliss as she began to give me another hand job. “Ohhhh!” I moaned as a warm wetness engulfed my shaft and began moving up and down. I knew what this was and had only dreamed about it. The reality far exceeded my expectations. “Ohhhh, Granny”. My Great-Grandmother was giving me my first blowjob and she was amazingly skilled. “Oh Granny I love you” I moaned as her tongue curled around my rod and gave it lingering licks. She teased my hard-on with her tongue and mouth working slowly but with maximum impact. “Never rush a job, James. A job worth doing is a job worth doing well” she told me. “Oh Granny I want you” I moan delirious with pleasure. She skilfully alternates between flicking her tongue around my shaft and plunging me inside her mouth. I feel so huge, so pumped up with juice that I feel like it is going to explode at any second. I can’t hold out much longer as my Great-Gran’s amazing mouth brings me to the brink. “Granny, Granny, Granny” I moan as I start to buck my hips as if to make love to her mouth. She starts sucking. Her mouth is as strong as the rest of her, powerful sucks as strong as a vacuum cleaner set up a fast rhythm in pace with my bucking hips. I don’t have a chance and once again I succumb to Granny’s touch. “Nnnn nnn nnn nnnn”. It’s as if she is pumping my balls dry with her mouth and soon I am spent.
Jim Priest stood with Gill Butcher watching the sharp suited man bathing in the admiring glances of the teenaged girls as he posed by his Rolls. “So what do you know about him?” Jim asks. “Sir Tarquin Templeforth. In his early thirties. Son of Lord Templeforth. His father got him his job as the head of a major banking corporation. Banker bonus rich. Confuses his salary with his telephone number. Has never done a hard day’s work in his life” Gill replied. “I can tell you’re impressed. What about Bobo The Gorilla?” Jim replied. “Chauffeur and bodyguard. I’ll have a pretty girl lure Templeforth away then Granny Strongarm will catch him before he corrupts her” she says.
Great-Granny Georgina had changed back into her governess outfit. My eyes followed the contours of her white satin blouse as it clung to her amply endowed chest, their impact enhanced further by the black corset pinching her waist. “James, I need to attend to something. I have left you a very nutritious meal. You will remain here until I return” she stated in an authorative voice.

“Granny you are absolutely amazing and I have really enjoyed my time with you but I really must be going” I said. “Nonsense, I’ve phoned your parents and they’ve agreed that you can spend the night. Eat up so that I can complete your education tonight” she stated in a no-nonsense tone.

I must have looked puzzled. “Get some rest, James. You won’t get much sleep tonight. Best to it keep it in the family” she told me. “I don’t understand” I said. “Please turn around James”. I did as I was asked and a thick arm covered in loose white satin with frilly cuffs came from behind. “Arghh!” Granny’s strong arm captured my neck and clamped itself under her other arm by the side of my head. “Urkk” her embrace so strong that it crushes my throat shutting my airways. Desperate to breathe, I scrabble at the arm choking me. The feel of the soft satin contrasts with the solid muscle underneath and I feel the big solid peak of her bicep digging firmly into my throat. It’s no use; she’s far too strong. My head spins and I can hear my heart pounding in my ear. I realise that she has cut the circulation from my brain in a sleeper hold. Struggling in vain against the tight cage that clamps my neck, the strong arms hold me firm. A woman who is almost 90 years old is knocking me out and there is nothing that I can do about it. She really is much too strong for me. In horror, I feel my legs give out beneath me and I find myself lowered to my knees, my head swimming in the fierce unrelenting grip. As everything spins out of focus and dims, one thought comes to mind “What a woman. What an incredible woman”. My dick wanted to salute her, but she had milked me dry.
Jim Priest watched in astonishment at the sight before him. Templeforth had his trousers around his ankles and was bent over Granny Strongarm’s knee. WHACK WHACK WHACK. Loud sharp slaps reverberated around the principal’s office eliciting howls of pain. The man’s backside is bright red and peppered with spots of blood.  Ouooow he howls in agony as the old woman’s hand burns his behind with solid spanks. WHACK WHACK. “How dare you turn the good founding principles of this college to spy on the top households for financial gain”. The old woman is dangerously angry and unleashes her full strength into her arm causing his backside to bleed.  “Owwh yes, yes I admit it” he sobs as the powerful blows bruise his skin. “Clever” acknowledges Gill Butcher. “Servants are virtually invisible to the gentry. They can freely stand in the corners listening in on important conversations and pass on valuable information to these creeps to profit from”. WHACK WHACK “Oww please”. “The ladies maid or butler could also discreetly influence their mistress or master to the benefit of these people” Jim added. “That’s our birthright. Education for the masses is a con” Templeforth squeals. “What do you mean by that?” demands Granny “Hurry or I’ll turn your behind into raw rump steak”. “Public education must fail. Keep the masses ignorant so that they can’t get good jobs and remain in financial servitude. We must instil a measure of fear” he shouts like a man possessed.

“Nobody move. You there, old woman, release Sir Templeforth” Bobo had burst into the room with a gun raised. “Hurry it lady. I’ve got an itchy trigger finger” the big thuggish man added.

Suddenly the Director of training and recruitment starts to move, Gill’s feet tracing the steps of a silent Latin dance.  “What’re you doing? Stop” Bobo starts to freak. However he can’t take his eyes of the petite mature woman with the bob haircut. The amateur Latin dancer weaves a sensual figure as her black leather knee length skirt swirls around her thighs giving glimpses of sheer black nylon. Stepping back and forth but slowly advancing, her high-heeled shoes tapped out a hypnotic rhythm. The petite woman’s calves were extremely shapely. Sitting atop very slim ankles, her calves flared out into two balls of muscle separated by a deep cleft.

Templeton broke the spell. “Shoot them! Shoot them all!” he shrieked, wincing as he pulled up his pants.
Gill’s shapely nylon clad leg shot into the air in a graceful dancer’s high kick and the gun flies out of the man’s hand, skittering across the floor. Before he can move, she rises upon her toes and drives a knee hard into his gut, hammering his diaphragm flat with an explosive force like a cannonball. “Boorphffffff” the breath is expelled explosively out of his nose and mouth and the big man creases around his ruined middle. Granny Strongarm grabs his wrist and elbow, pulling the arm straight. The silver-haired woman turns and with a flick of the wrist slams the large man into the floor with a resounding thud.

Arghh!” he cries as a loud snap accompanies the old woman pressing on his elbow.  Pulling on his broken arm, the old woman lifts his head and shoulders off the ground. WHUMP! Her fist hammers into the side of his neck sounding like a club hitting a slab of beef and the man goes limp.

Jim watches the formidable old woman with a growing hard-on. His reverie is interrupted by Gill. “Come on, he’s getting away”

With reckless speed, Templeforth fled down the grand staircase. As he reached the basement, he tapped out a code into a keypad of a side door. “The Sisterhood is finished! L’ordre de Maya will assume our rightful place” he yelled at his pursuers before slamming the door behind him.

Moments later, Gill unlocked the door. “Storage rooms” she tells Jim as they enter a dimly lit passageway with rows of slim utilitarian doors on other side. At the end, a narrow metal staircase heads downwards into a gloomy area below. “There’s nothing down there except the boilers, emergency generator and the workshops” Gill says “There’s no other way out. He’s trapped”. Descending into the poorly lit, damp dingy subterranean world, they split up. Jim is searching the workshops when he hears Gill call him.

He finds her at the back of the huge metal boilers looking at the back wall. In the poor light, he can just make out a set of footprints in the thick layer of dust. They lead down some very narrow stone steps towards a very old but solid door recessed deep into the stone wall. “I’ve already tried it. It’s locked and it’s so well built, I doubt we could force it” she tells him. “Don’t you have a key?” Jim asks. “No. I never knew this existed” she answered. “Where does this go?”. “Back to the sewers where his kind belong along with the other rats” A voice behind them says.

They turn to see Granny Strongarm.  Jim points up at the engraved symbol above the lintel. “The all-seeing eye. I thought Quakers built this place not Masons?”. “The Masons and the order of Maya..” “Georgina!” Gill hissed interrupting the old woman. “Gillian, will we use him without giving him all the facts? Will we discard him when he is of no further use to us” Granny replies. “That would make us no better than them. I’ve lived with secrets for far too long. Anyway if you excuse me I have my Great-Grandson’s education to complete”.

Shaking Jim’s hand she tells him “Good bye Mr. Priest. It has been nice meeting you. I’m sure the two of you will make up and she’ll give you another calve job”. The man and woman watched with open mouths as the amazing old woman walks away.
Great-Grandmother Georgina entered the bedroom wearing a full-length nightgown. “I see you ate that meal, James. Good. That was a special recipe of The Sisterhood. The effects are more powerful than Viagra” she told me, opening her nightgown and letting it slip to the floor. Totally shocked, I gaped the naked body standing before me. I had never seen a woman naked before other than in pictures. She might be nearly 90 with white skin full of wrinkles, creases and liver spots, but it was enough to make my cock hard. Her large full breasts were absolutely sensational and didn’t seem to sag. They were an incredibly sexy stack and made me ache just looking at them. Quite plump around the waist with a few love handles, I was surprised to see that Great-Gran’s stomach was fairly flat and toned, despite a few unsightly white stretch marks. I had already seen her good-looking shapely legs in nylons and they were just as good bare, although a bit pale. “You look absolutely sensational Granny” I tell her. “Thank you for the compliment, James” she replies smiling. “And for that compliment too” she says looking at the tent forming in my pyjamas. Flexing a double biceps, the sight of twin peaked mountains on my Great-Grandmother’s arms and her big bust rising on her chest brought my tent pole fully to attention. “Oh Granny I want you so much” I moaned. She really drove me wild with desire. She smiled “There is a time and place for everything, James. And now is the time for oversexed young men. Take those pyjamas off”.

Both naked, Great-Granny used her Aikido skills to throw me all around the bedroom and to dominate me on the bed. She got me into a painful armlock and sat on my face, teaching me how to satisfy her with my tongue. She then returned the pleasure, riding me hard.

She was right. I didn’t much get sleep. All night long the amazing ancient woman dominated me in the bedroom, throwing me about and putting me in all sorts of holds between bouts of rampant lovemaking. Great-Gran has an incredible sex drive and showed me all sorts of different positions to pleasure a woman. Despite her advanced age, she is an amazing lover. Never seeming to tire, she would dominate me hard with her Aikido until I was ready to go again. Over and over again she took me until I was too exhausted and unable to stay erect. “Oh James. You mean to say that an old granny is much too much for you to handle in bed?” She taunts before allowing me to fall into a deep sleep not waking until quite late the next morning.

That was the best birthday present ever. I promise to visit my Great-Grandmother a lot more in future. I’ll never forget Granny’s touch.
“Newman is to be charged next Monday””Has he talked?””Not possible with a broken mouth. Fell down the steps of the Police station. Twice”. “Silence him. He’s served his usefulness”

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