The Dance of Death (JPECHO#2)

Chikrashur feels the feminine power of the Goddess Anahita

With help from Asura Mahisha (Musclasura) for providing the Hindu mythology, my interpretation of the Goddess Anahita draws from the epic battle of Durga against the demon lords. Artwork: “Anahita” by Vaezi

Thanks to Asura Mahisha (Musclasura) for the Hindu mythology.
The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2012

“This appears to be a previously unknown part of the tale of Durga versus Mahishasura from the Temple of Anahita”
Decoded by Lord Gerald Symthe-Jones 1876. Embellished by Jimp

Chikrashur looked out across the Vindhya Mountains bathing in the rays of the rising sun. He knew that he looked magnificent with his gleaming armour on his mighty chest that was as big as a barrel and twice as hard. His battle leathers were tight on his powerful arms and legs, stained with the blood of the thousands he had slain in the conquest of the universe. The battle helm upon his head was forged from molten metal poured over skulls of tortured victims. Pride of place was his luxuriant moustache, thick and black, he could see them on his cheek protruding proudly a great distance on either side. He pretended not to notice the admiring glances of the young human as she prostrated before him. Maybe he would take her, plant his seed inside her. It had been tens of thousands of years since the gods had forged these creatures in their image from base animals to serve them. They had been sterile then with a lifespan of only a few thousand years. That was until the great demon Mahisha had played a great joke. He gave the humans the ability to procreate and laughed as the gods became alarmed as they spread like vermin over Kamaloka, the world of desire. Mahishasura had foreseen this and had put a safeguard to greatly shorten their meaningless lives but his gift had given the demons another use for human women. The girl might die during his exertions, so be it. After all, few human women could take a demon inside them and live.

The sight and sound of his mighty army assembling turned his thoughts to the challenge ahead. On this day, Chikrashur would prove himself the greatest of Mahishasura’s generals. For this day, he would capture the warrior Goddess Anahita and deliver her, bound and tied, to the feet of his master. The fearsome Mahisha had the strength of a buffalo and liked to show it. The three worlds had trembled under the strength of his penances until Lord Brahma granted him a boon. Mahisha asked for immortality but the lord told him that every creature that was born had to die. So he asked that no man should be able to kill him and this was granted. Now that he was invincible, Mahisha and the other asuras began a reign of terror, hurting and killing people mercilessly, even conquering the Gods themselves. Out of their despair and depression was born Anahita, a divine lady carrying a weapon from the Gods in each of her thousand arms.

Anahita, who some call Chandika, Chandi, Kali, Ambika and Maa Durga amongst many names. The brothers, Chand and Mund saw her near the Vindhya Mountain and were stunned by her divine beauty. They had never seen such a beautiful woman in their life. This they told this to Mahishasura who desired her for his own. He had instructed Dundubhi to go and fetch the Goddess. Dundubhi went to her and boasted about Mahishasura’s might and power but she rebuffed him stating “a curse has been placed upon me so that I can only unite with a man who can defeat me in battle”. Thinking that her conquest would be simple, the invincible Mahisha had brought the strength of his army here and charged Chikrashur to bring the Goddess before him.

Chikrashur proceeded, driving a huge army before him. Lord Brahma instructed her to use armour to protect herself. The Goddess refused saying “No demon can stand before me in a battle”. Anahita looked magnificent as she stood in radiant countenance, two heads or more taller than the tallest man. Beautiful and wearing no protection, she demonstrated her mastery of weapons, cutting a bloody swathe with her swords while casting a rain of arrows, a torrent of spears and smashing skulls with her war hammer. Around her, fought ferocious human female warriors alongside the Supervisors, the race created by Anahita to control the humans. With many arms and legs, did she render slaughter, all the time smiling and laughing whilst dancing with a simple elegance. A leg raised here, bent inwards across the knee as she cut down a battalion here. A shake of the head from side to side then flowing into an elegant pose there, as she defeated those sent against her easily and playfully. Chikrashur drove his troops against her, but one by one she slayed all of the mighty soldiers in the field. Soon, the battlefield reeked with bodies of the dead, and the rivers flowed with blood.

So it was that Chikrashur himself came before the Goddess, both in their two-armed form. “Are you all alone, little one?” Anahita asked with sarcasm, a smile upon her face. The demon stared with growing desire at the beautiful creature before him. Extremely tall and powerfully built, she wore shiny black leather riding boots up to and just over her knees. Her heels were so high that it made her tower well above him. Her upper thighs were bare and intimidating. Twice as thick as a man’s head, they swelled with huge powerful shaped muscle that made even he feel uneasy. A small leather bodice barely covered her upper body, cut high over her broad hips and so narrow over each breast that it did not hide their magnificence. For her breasts were large and full, sitting firmly on her chest stirring strong desire in any man. Her arms were also bare, thick and writhing with strength. Gloved hands were on her hips, spreading her broad deep shoulders wide and confronting him with a smile as his eyes drunk in her impressive body. She had arms and legs that looked as strong as a powerful man, maybe even as big as his. Yet they were not a man’s limbs. They radiated a strange alluring feminine strength of their own. Her figure was undeniably female with broad shoulders tapering to a narrow waist and out again to her hips. Most feminine of all was her large firm perfect breasts. The strange mixture of a warrior’s strength and a woman’s allure caused Chikrashur to desire her for himself. “Yield Anahita. For I am the greatest sword master and I wish to sheave the sword in my trousers inside you” he said. “The only sword I yield is this one which I will sheave inside your body” she replied drawing the weapon from her side.

Dark sultry eyes bore into Chikrashur’s soul with such a strong allure that it inflamed his desire. He had never seen such beautiful sexy eyes before, so full of promise and untold pleasure. Her nose was long and slender with a small pouting mouth set in a small but slender face of elegant proportions. Her long black hair was arranged in a pile on top of her head then fell down the length of her back. His eyes began to follow the hilt of her sword as she drew it in front of her chest, but they lingered with longing at the shape of her large rounded orbs so firm and lusty. “Come dance with me demon” she almost purred the words like a tigress as she brought the sword vertically before her held at the hilt with both hands. Her alluring eyes burned into him from either side of the blade with a perfect well-formed breast behind at either side. He was confident that he could beat her without killing her, yet his eyes fell to her fearsome thighs. A big deep slab of muscle swelled out from above her knee, countered by a large teardrop shape on the inside. Between these, swept a thick slab of muscle from the top of her legs. He had never seen legs as powerful as these on any woman and he doubted few men were as large either. Their very sight caused Chikrashur to feel an unfamiliar sense of unease yet at the same they were so smooth, feminine and sensually charged that his lingam rose to salute her. “Is that a sword in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” the Goddess said with a saucy smile and a humorous tone.

“I do not wish to harm you” Chikrashur told her, knowing that Mahishasura would be angry if he killed her. “Then die” the Goddess told him. Her sword swept down in a sudden blur. Chikrashur had been so enamoured of her beauty and impressive body that he barely managed to bring his own blade up to stop her slicing him down the middle. He gazed in awe at the thick muscled arms and wide corded forearms of his opponent as he parried blow after blow. While the demon struggled to defend himself, the Goddess danced lightly on her feet while hammering the attack. Anahita’s biceps swelled and bulged as thick as mountain peaks as she pressed her assault. Bright sparks flew from their blades as they clashed and the sound of steel upon steel echoed through the mountains.

Anahita swung blow after mighty blow upon Chikrashur who struggled to protect himself. Her dark sultry eyes burned with a deep intensity that kept breaking his concentration and cost him several cuts. The Goddess smiled with pleasure as she danced and twirled yet never breaking her attack upon the demon who was forced to raise his shield to protect himself. “Do not hide behind your shield little one” the tall woman said then delivered a mighty two handed blow that split his shield in two and forced him to his knees. “Gaze upon my body and feel fear” she told him. Chikrashur looked up at the Goddess, his eyes falling upon her large breasts, and felt his lingam grow hard. Sensing his desire, she put forth a leg and made every muscle in her upper legs swell and bulge. “Gaze upon the instruments of your destruction” she told him. Chikrashur’s eyes fell to her legs and felt fear at the sheer power emanating from her mighty thighs.

“I will never be beat by a mere woman” he said springing to his feet and swinging his blade at her arm. He meant to disable her but the Goddess quickly crouched close to the ground beneath his blow, spun her sword then thrust the hilt towards his stomach. CLANG! A mighty blow low shook the demon’s body and he was horrified to see a large dent in his chest armour. “Come out of your shell, little one, and face me worm to woman” she laughed.

They danced some more. The mountains rang with the clash of their swords and the peel of Anahita’s laughter with the thrill of the dance. Sparks flew as metal bit upon metal. Neither gave nor gained, the demon so focussed on the task of disabling the Goddess that he ignored the temptations of her body. Suddenly the warrior Goddess sprang towards her foe, knocking his sword arm above his head as she pressed close to his body. WHAM! “Oooooooooo!” the demon’s anguished squeal was heard in the valley below as her knee shot up in a cruel blow to his seed sack. Chikrashur fell to the ground, writhing in agony and clutching his ruin.

The tall Goddess squatted, watching him with sensuous eyes. “Oh you poor little worm. Was that anything important?” she asked with fake concern. “That was a foul blow unworthy of a warrior” Chikrashur said in rebuke. “Serves you right for having such sensitive organs on the outside of your body” she chuckled. “As you can clearly see, mine are tucked safely away” she spoke with such allure that he looked up at her. To his surprise his eyes fell upon her crotch, which was exposed as she squatted with her legs open wide without shame. Despite the foul injury, his lingam grew hard at the thought of entering her yoni between her legs, the sight spurning him to lust. He reached out to take her but she sprang away, tumbling head over heels to her feet with mocking laughter on her lips. Enraged the demon rose to pursue her but the Goddess ran towards him. Swivelling on one foot she lent away from him and kicked her other leg high towards his face. BERLAM! The kick was so powerful that the helm was knocked clean from his head while the demon staggered back in a daze clutching at the blood pouring from his broken nose.

Filled with the pleasure of the dance, Anahita spun around in a complete circle. “Hai!” with a loud cry that unnerved the demon, the powerful muscles in her legs drove her foot like a lightening bolt against his middle. CRUMP! Chikrashur cried in alarm as his chest armour crumpled under her booted heel, buckling inwards against his large belly. “Mere metal is no protection from my legs, little one” she taunted. The demon slashed at the Goddess who danced back while parrying the blow. “Hai!” with another loud cry, the demon watched in amazement as the Goddess in the leather bodice and boots leapt high into the air. CRUMP! Her mighty legs drove both feet against his chest with such terrible power that his armour buckled further.

As Chikrashur staggered backwards from the force of the kick, Anahita twirled and danced towards him. Slashing with her sword, the demon blocked the strike and found his blade entangled. Twisting his sword towards the ground, the Goddess stepped close. “Hai!” she screamed in his face almost loosening his bowels. CRUMP! Her knee smashed through the weakened metal and drove deep into his gut. With his breathe driven so violently from his, Chikrashur could only watch as the woman took his sword arm and pulled it over her shoulder as she turned her back on him. The thrust of the beautiful Goddess’s semi-clad buttocks into his groin was exhilarating as she lent forward and lifted him from his feet. “Fly little demon” she laughed. The winded demon was astonished to find himself tumbling over her shoulders then his back hitting the ground with such force that the earth shook.

Anahita took his sword and held it lengthways with both hands before her chest. In amazement, Chikrashur watched as her bare arms thickened and swelled as she put her strength against the steel blade. Slowly the blade began to bend. As she exerted more strength, her large rounded breasts swelled and rose, straining against the narrow leather straps that held up her bodice. The sight was so glorious that the demon’s lingam rose as well. Her powerful arms bulged and rippled, tendons standing proud as the sword bent then broke. “I could break you as easily as that, little one” she told the astonished demon. Chikrashur felt both fear and arousal at the sight of the beautiful tall Goddess breaking his sword. Such a powerful woman warrior was surely a suitable mate for a mighty demon such as he. “Come little demon. We have no need of weapons. Let us continue the dance” she told him.

Anahita spoke in a loud voice so that all could hear in the valley below. “Let it be known that a woman has defeated the best swordsman on the three worlds” she proclaimed. So angered at his shame being revealed to all, the demon fell upon her and knocked her to the ground. Anahita hit her head upon a rock and lay still. Chikrashur foolishly turned his back on her to search for a rope or chains to bind her. The tall woman rose, grabbed one half of his broken shield and smashed it around the back of his head. Enraged, the demon lunged at her but with no sign of any fear, she took hold of his arm and began to pull him around in a circle. Spinning fast, Chikrashur was astonished to find his feet lift from the ground and fly out behind him as his body faced the ground. Completely helpless, the demon looked in awe at her rounded shoulder caps and the thick muscle and sinew in her arms as they strained to hold onto him as they spun. The muscles in her thighs bunched and swelled with every step as she turned. He could clearly see the group of four muscles in her upper thigh flex and wane filling him with a strange desire mixed with fear as he experienced her awesome strength. Suddenly Anahita stopped and reversed the direction, causing the demon to be tossed backwards over her hip. Falling on his side, Chikrashur laid on the ground his head still spinning from the circular motion. “Get up you lazy demon and dance with me” Anahita laughed kicking out her leather boot. THUD! “Arghhh!” Chikrashur screamed as her foot hit his seat of his trousers and the toe of her boot bit into the soft flesh of his seed sack from behind.

“On your knees before me, little worm” Anahita laughed as she took Chikrashur by the scruff of his neck and lifted him to his knees. She took hold of his chin in her gloved hand and pushed his head back. Close up, the thick bulging muscles in her arms striated with sinew made him feel small and weak. Strangely the feeling made his lingam strain against his trousers in desire. “Look at you. How could such a puny creature be so conceited as to think he could best me?” she taunted fixing him with her sensual dark eyes. For the first time he noticed the thick ridge of solid flesh that sloped either side of her neck to her shoulders; the striated cushioned plates above her big breasts; and her arms so strong and powerful looking, seeming much thicker than his neck. He realised that she was built more strongly than most men yet her smooth hairless skin, shapely curves; large breasts and radiant face declared proudly that she was all woman. The contradiction of strength and beauty both made him feel afraid and yet desire her. With one hand, the Goddess pushed back the head of the kneeling demon, throttling his throat. “Kkkk kkkk” the demon croaked unpleasantly as he tried to remove her hand but even with both hands he was unable to move her deadly strong grip. “I could rip out your throat but I want to dance. On your feet and dance, little one” the Goddess told him and stood, lifting him to his feet with a single hand around his throat.

Anahita placed her arms around his shoulders as if to dance. Weak from being choked, Chikrashur found himself taking the tall Goddess in his arms, enjoying the feel of her well muscled back. She led him in a lively dance, moving quickly. Without warning, she turned, pulled his arm over her shoulder and bent forwards, throwing the demon quickly over her hip. No sooner had he hit the ground than the Goddess once more drove the point of her toe from behind up into his seed sack. THUD! “Aieeee!” the terrible cry of anguish reverberated around the mountainside. The demon’s cries were cut off as Anahita wrapped a brawny arm around his neck and pulled him against her body. “Do you feel the power of the dance, little one?” she asked as she choked the demon with her thick powerful arm. With rising panic, Chikrashur’s hands felt the big forearm pressing tightly against his throat and the wide upper arm locked tightly against the side of his head. Her arm was solid as stone and he knew that he would be unable to move it, even as strong as he was. A big bicep squeezed against the side of his head like a solid boulder growing larger and harder with every moment. He feared it would break his skull with its power before she crushed his throat with her wide sinewed forearm. “It is so exhilarating. It makes me feel so strong, so powerful” she cried. “So sexy” she said with a low throaty voice. “It is the dance of life itself” she told him. “And death” she added in a low sensual growl as she pulled the near senseless demon to his feet with her powerful arm locked around his neck.

The wrathful Goddess wrapped her mighty arms around Chikrashur and squeezed him tight against her body and lifted him from the ground. Chest to chest, her face remained calm and gentle as she danced across the mountainside with the demon in a frightful and terrible embrace. He became sorely afraid as her arms knotted with thick-corded muscle. Bulging and swelling with might they appeared as living pillars of rugged rock. Even her beautiful chest swelled like cushions of iron etched with deep creases. “Do you like my little hug, little one?” Anahita asked bringing the demon’s face close. The lustful excitement in her eyes chilled him as she pulled him tighter against her like the embrace of a great she-bear. He gasped with the raw unbridled power of her arms as his chest armour began to buckle against her. Chikrashur struggled in vain, his hands felt the warm skin of a beautiful woman but also felt the hard steel beneath. “Come close, little one” she said as she crushed him tighter against her. Laughing with the joy of the dance, the beautiful Goddess whirled and stepped in time to beat of the universe. His armour buckled leaving him gasping and sweating in fear that she will crack his rib cage against her rock hard body. Yet his lingam was set hard by the sheer overwhelming feminine force that threatened to break him upon her like a wave upon a large rock.

With a sudden whip of her mighty arm she flung the general backwards into the air. He spun several times before hitting the ground face down. WHUMP! “Aaaaaaa!” the demon squealed as once again Anahita impaled his seed sack from behind upon the toe of her boot. “Such a tempting target. Maybe I should crush your testicles and grind them beneath my feet in contempt” she taunted. In alarm, Chikrashur quickly turned around to rise and confront the cruel woman. He had only got to his knees when he stopped as the Goddess placed a thick thigh before his nose. “Grovel in the dirt, little demon” she told him. Right up close against them, her legs looked frighteningly huge and terrifyingly powerful. Huge slabs of smooth skinned glory that radiated such power that his lingam was stiff and throbbing. He watched in amazement as the massive muscle shook from side to side on top of her leg, like the meat of a mighty buffalo. The massive meat stopped moving and tensed before his eyes looking much larger than before as each muscle stood proud like they were sculpted out of iron. Chikrashur cried in alarm, fearing their power yet wanting to reach forth and worship them lustfully.

The warrior Goddess leant forward in her leather bodice and boots, her rippling arms filling Chikrashur with dread as they closed around his head and pulled it tight against the side of her body. Forcing him to his feet, he tried to prise her arm away but found it wide, hard and unyielding. “Arghh” he cried. It felt like she was trying to prise his head off with a boulder under his chin. “Hush now, little one. I am only helping you stand so we can continue the dance” she teased.

Anahita began to turn in circles, loosening her terrible grip on the demon so that she held him before her with her hands around the back of his neck. Laughing with glee, her mighty legs spun her faster until his feet left the ground and his body rose out behind him. “Can you fly, little demon?” she asked then suddenly released him. The demon’s body hurtled away from her with such force that he was thrown clear across to the other side of the clearing. Even when he hit the ground, he continued to move at great speed on his belly, his damaged body armour tearing up the ground like a plough. Thus was created Demon’s dyke that can still be seen to this day.

The Goddess danced across to where he lay and lifted him up with just one arm as easily as lifting a young child. As his eyes came level with her impressive sensual chest, he was shamed to be reminded that it was a woman that was dominating him so easily. CRUMP! Anahita drove her knee so hard against his belly that it punched through his ruined armour and flattened his insides against his spine. With his breath driven from him, Chikrashur creased in agony. The Goddess spun and brought down the side of her hand upon the back of his neck like an axe felling a tree.

Chikrashur would have fallen if not Anahita grabbed the hair upon the top of his head and began to turn in a circle. Still speechless, the demon cried silently in agony as the speed of the Goddess’s spinning lifted his body from the ground by the roots of his hair. Round and around spun the Goddess like the hub of a wheel and the demon the spoke. Spinning faster the Goddess began to twist the general’s hair causing him to rotate around the axis of his body, in complete control of his helpless body. Suddenly she stopped and reversed the direction until the demon’s back crashed into hers whereupon she bent forward and hurled him into the ground. Chikrashur’s belly hit the ground with such force that his body bounced whereupon Anahita quickly twisted him over and threw him down on his backside. He bounced again and the Goddess twisted him once more then slammed his face in the dirt. The army in the valley wondered what the loud booms were that shook the ground. She then hauled him to his feet as if he were no lighter than a feather.

Chikrashur felt completely dominated by the tall woman as she threw his back across her broad shoulders and then swung him around her front and onto her back again. Again and again she did this, laughing at his helplessness as she swung over her back and across her chest until she finally slammed him into the ground so hard that his body bounced again. As it did, Anahita caught him around his neck and lifted him level with her broad shoulders before spinning him over and slamming his back into the ground, shaking the earth. Again the Goddess caught him as he bounced and hauled him to his feet. Dazed, the demon stood unsteadily as the beautiful woman’s powerful legs drove her high into the air. Legs opening wide, Chikrashur felt a strong surge of lust as her yoni sped towards his face. The impact of the holy crotch upon his face sent the general toppling backwards, the Goddess riding his face all the way down.

BAM the back of his head hit the ground. For a moment the Goddess remained seated on his face. The knowledge that he his lips were pressed against her yoni made his lingam rapt with desire and he wished that he could remain there all day. But the Goddess slid back to sit astride his neck with her crotch pressing against his chin. He looked up to see the beautiful creature flex her biceps that rose like mighty peaked mountains on her arms. Completely subjugated and inflamed with desire, Chikrashur begged to worship Anahita’s magnificent body, but she denied him. “Now you know the true power of a woman and the rightful place of a man” she told him.

Anahita dismounted and her huge bulging arms forced Chikrashur to kneel before her with his head bowed in supplication. “No please my Goddess” he cried in fear as she pulled his head between her awesome thighs. “Argghhh!” his screams were so loud that they could be heard echoing in the valley below. The mighty iron hard pillars of feminine power crushed against his neck so hard that he feared that it would pop from his shoulders if she didn’t shatter his jaw and cheeks first. “Arghh!” he cried again, beating uselessly against her massive thighs. The frightening strength of her legs caused him to lose his vision and his face turn bright red as he screamed until he was hoarse. The army in the valley below heard his terrible screams and were afraid. Just as the demon was about to leave this world to pass into the next, the terrible pressure stopped and he fell to the ground. The Goddess flexed her mighty biceps in victory, their rugged massive peaks either side of her broad shoulders causing the sobbing demon to quake with fear. “You are no match for me, little one. Look at me and fear me” she commanded and he obeyed. “For I am a woman with a woman’s power to dominate you. Look how your erect lingam acknowledges my power but you will never sheath it in my yoni for you know that I am too powerful for you to control” she sneered at the stiff flagpole in his trousers.

Released, Chikrashur fell to his knees and gasped at the splitting pain in his head. He looked up in awe as the Goddess towered over him and flexed her mighty body. Chikrashur trembled in fear as she lent towards him, pressing her arms together making herself look absolutely massive. It was though every muscle in her upper body had swollen and was bulging greatly. This fearsome sight made the demon deeply afraid for he had never seen anything look so powerful yet he was also greatly aroused by the feminine nature of her magnificence. Even her lust-inspiring chest swelled and rippled like a canyon ripped between two craggy hills. Chikrashur felt his lingam become rigid and throb with strong desire. “Please, mercy” he cried as she brought an arm before his face and bent it upwards. Her forearm swelled like a massive tapering pillar of stone and upon her arm grew a terrifying mountain of muscle. So close to his eyes, he despaired, as the huge peak seemed larger than his head. “Kiss it, little one” she demanded. Trembling in case she crushed his head with that awesome mass, he obeyed finding he enjoyed the sensation of her warm taut skin over solid muscle beneath his lips.

“Mercy” he wailed as Anahita lifted him up with ease using a single mighty arm. “I will show you the same mercy you gave to the thousands of humans you killed” she said, her words filling him with dread. She brought him level with her impressive chest and let him gaze upon them. “See how hard my teats are. I could punch holes in your skull with them if I wished” she proclaimed. As he watched, her nipples grew soft and shrank then popped out solid and hard once more. She laughed at the terrified expression on his face as she demonstrated this several times. “I have ultimate control over every part of my body. I could break, maim or kill you with every bit of my body including those parts you think only provide pleasure” she said. “Equally, I could use my body to give such pleasure that you could not hope to dream of” she added. “I could even kill you with pleasure” she said so seductively that it gave the cunning demon hope. “Let me worship you, oh mighty Goddess” he said in a beguiling voice. “I will be your very faithful servant” he added. Anahita ignored him and pulled him against her body in a crushing embrace then began to dance him around in a circle. “Do not try to deceive me, little demon. It is time to finish the dance” she told him as he struggled in her strong arms.

Around and around she danced with him then suddenly turned and bent forwards. The brief touch of the Goddess’s buttocks against his crotch as she pulled his arm over her shoulder nearly made him spill his seed. She threw the demon with such force that it would have killed a mortal man. But a demon is much harder to kill than a man, as Chikrashur was painfully experiencing. As it was, the Goddess had slammed the demon so hard that his body was driven deep into the ground, shattering his back plate and leaving a great depression. To this day, the place of his fall is known as Chikrashur’s hollow.

Chikrashur screamed as Anahita lifted him to his feet by the roots of his hair. BLAM! The thick muscular leg of the Goddess kicked high into the air smiting the demon’s face with such devastation that his jaw was rendered asunder and his teeth broken. As he collapsed upon the ground, the Goddess leapt upon him raining down mighty punches that echoed throughout the mountain range like thunder. BAM! BAM! BAM!

With his face bloody and raw, Anahita pulled him slowly to feet with a single arm, taunting him with the sight of her magnificent body. Chikrashur was limp and barely conscious as she held his face before her thighs. “Take a good look at the instruments of your death, little demon” she told him as she flexed her mighty thighs into sculpted columns of dread. With his face broken, the demon was unable to cry out as the awesome thick muscle bulged before his eyes. She brought his face level with her sensational breasts, his head lolling uncontrollably in her grasp. “Take your last look at my beautiful orbs of desire. For you will never lay your hands upon them” she told him as his lingam stirred with lust. She stood him upon his feet, holding him up with one arm then drew back her fist. Chikrashur gazed upon her fist as the beautiful Goddess held it poised to unleash destruction upon him. “The dance is over, little one, and you have lost” she told him. The demon’s eyes grew wide as the fist hurtled towards his face. BAM! Such a powerful punch was delivered to his jaw that the demon’s body tumbled head over heels through the air and continued to do so along the ground until it came to a stop and laid unmoving. “Henceforth women will celebrate this dance of superiority over men in my honour” Anahita proclaimed.

Chikrashur awoke to find his body trapped between the thick muscular legs of the Goddess. “Awake at last, little one” she said. He looked in amazement and growing lust for Anahita laid upon her side completely naked. “Now you meet your doom” she told him. He watched with astonishment as the huge softly curved lumps in her leg across his chest swelled to an enormous size as it exerted a terrible pressure across his armour. Resigned to his fate and strangely attracted, the demon’s hands explored the thick solid bulging muscles as they slowly overcame his chest armour. He lay on the ground feeling the terrible power of a beautiful woman’s legs as the metal creaked and bent under their irresistible strength. Overwhelmed by her mighty body, Chikrashur’s lingam grew larger and harder than it ever had before in his long life. The metal gave way under the overwhelming power of her legs, buckling and collapsing under the terrible pressure. He threw back his head with his eyes closed and his broken mouth open in a silent scream as the mighty columns of bare female strength broke his ribcage. The warmth of her legs was strangely inviting as they crushed him in their embrace, his lingam beating furiously against his trousers. Their steely hardness and unstoppable power terrible as they squashed his heart. Yet as he died, Chikrashur spilled his seed in the knowledge that he had been completely dominated and destroyed by a mighty woman. Whereupon Anahita gave such a mighty scream of pleasure that all those in the valley below knew of his demise and felt afraid.

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