Henrietta and the transform of Muscle (JIMP#30)

A tale of magic and muscle transformation

Look at those 3 girls above – they may be pretty but you know they are tougher than you and aching for a fight! Inspired by a well known series of films. I don’t normally like magic transformation stories so tried to rationalise it!

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
Part 1: The Humiliation
“This is Swanwick Air Traffic Control. You are entering a restricted no-fly zone. Turn back now. I repeat, turn back now”.
“Air Traffic Control. This is a Metropolitan Police helicopter in pursuit of a suspect over a Kensington residential area. You must be mistaken, over”.
“This is Air Traffic Control. Turn back now or you will be shot out of the air. I repeat, Stingers are locked onto you and will fire if you do not turn back”.
Detective Michael Jenkins turned off the recording and turned to me. “That was passed to me by a friend in The Met during a pursuit. They’ve declared a no-fly zone over the site where Hollands was”. “Can they do that? I thought they were just building a new bank on the site. One for exclusive clientele, so the signs say on the boarding ” I replied. “His Super certainly thinks they can. Gave him a right bollocking. That’s why he didn’t show him this”. Photographs were brought up on his laptop. “These were taken with the chopper’s telephoto lens. You can see the missile launchers here”. He pointed to the screen. “They’ve not cleared much of the rubble” I commented. “No, they seem to be digging in just one location as though they are looking for something. Here”. He pointed to a small deep pit in the centre of the site. “They know exactly where to dig. I think they are trying to secure something they don’t want the builders to stumble over” I said. “This Superintendent. He wouldn’t be a mason would he?” I asked. “Many high ranking officers in The Police are. Why do you ask?””Just something I saw in the sub-basement of St.Agatha’s [JIMP#29] and this hole could be about the same depth”.

My investigation revealed that Holland’s insurance hadn’t paid up to his next of kin because the explosion was an “Act of God”. The assets had also been frozen forcing the family to sell the land. Finding out who had brought the site meant unravelling a tangle of shell companies until I came to Maya Holdings. Exhausted, I slumped on the sofa while Bobby and Jackie watched a film. I felt drowsy I could hardly keep my eyes open.
It was a warm pleasant spring day at the Academy of Wizardry and Witchcraft. With their lessons over for the day, three teenaged girls decided to spend the remainder of the afternoon studying on the banks of a small secluded lochan. Set in a wooded glade, the peace and tranquillity was a perfect environment in which to study without interruption. Although the walk was little over a mile, the rocky terrain through dense woodland often deterred other students.

Discarding their robes, jumpers and blazers, they put on footwear more appropriate for the trek. The girls retained the rest of their uniform, comprising of a plain white-buttoned blouse, a house tie and a knee length charcoal grey pleated skirt. Being senior girls, they choose to wear black nylon tights or stockings.

Henrietta was the brightest girl in the academy with a prodigious intellect and an encyclopaedic knowledge fed by a never-ending appetite for books. Very slim, small-chested and standing around 5′ 5″, one immediately noticed her unkempt tangled light brown hair that swept from a left parting across a high forehead and tumbled past her shoulders. She had a petite face with small alert brown eyes, thick eyebrows, a medium sized nose and thin-lipped mouth. Her jaw was firm and complexion pale with clear unblemished skin. At the moment, she was talking enthusiastically about her latest research. “The egotistic characteristics of greed, fear and competition that govern the behaviour of the natural world is a universal mind-set called Maya by Buddhists” she said, although her two younger friends weren’t really listening. “Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, a great mystical saint of modern times, called Maya the “Magnificent Fraud” because almost everyone is fooled by it. It is the Great Con of Mankind”.

“Hmmm” Jill said absent-mindedly. The girl with the flaming red hair down to her chest had discovered boys and thought they were more fun than books. At 5’7″, blue-eyed Jill was squared faced with a jutting jaw, medium nose and mouth. Like her companions, she was very slim.

Lunar Moon Landing Module, as named by her spaced-out hippy parents, known simply as LM to her friends, was lost in her own world of invisible creatures. Standing 5’2″ she had a very petite build with long pale blonde hair cascading down her back. She had a small elfin face with wide blue eyes, a prominent nose and small mouth.

Wrapped up in their own thoughts, the three girls didn’t see the danger until it was too late. “Well what do we have here?” Damien said. His overweight bodyguards Lobster and Doyle closed in on either side. “Girls out own their own in the middle of the forest. You should be careful, you might bump into some nasty” the tall thin blonde boy laughed nastily. “We already have by the looks of it” Henrietta replied. “Don’t you speak to me, you filthy sludgeblood!” Damien snapped back. “How dare you speak to an upper class true blood” he spat. “Leave her alone, Damien” Jill said.

Damien spun around to deliver a stinging rebuke at the redhead and then stopped seemingly noticing for the first time how she was beginning to blossom into an attractive young woman. “Well I must say that you are the sort of company that we’ve been looking for. You can stay and entertain us” Damien said in a smarmy tone.  “Lobster, Doyle grab her. You two freaks clear off” he ordered.

“I don’t think the Nargoyles would like that” Lunar Moon Landing Module said in a soft Irish lilt. “Who cares what you think. Clear off, Loony” Damien spat. “Leave her alone or else” Henrietta said firmly. “Or else what? sludgeblood. Will you and your loony friend blast us” he sneered. “Go on then, I dare you”. “That’s a wonderful suggestion” LM agreed. “No. The use of magical attacks against another student is banned and although we are strictly speaking outside the Academy grounds. Damien would report us. I can’t risk getting expelled” Henrietta saw through the trap.

“Let her go Damien or I’ll drop you with a single punch like I did last time” She raged. “Ugg! Stop sunning yourself and get over here and remove this sludgeblood and her loony friend” Damien shouted with a note of alarm.

There was movement in some grass nearby. To Henrietta it was like a vision of a bronzed God standing up. His glistening body naked apart from a skimpy pair of Speedos. “Ah Be Jesus will ya look at that. He’s got bigger tits than you have Henrietta” LM exclaimed.

Ugg wasn’t his real name, it was David. The other students gave him the nickname because his brutish face looked Neanderthal. A large squat square face with a jutting jaw featured a wide mouth with oversized protruding teeth. His nose was big and bulbous with thick bushy eyebrows over small sunken brown eyes. A prominent cranial ridge and black shaggy pudding basin hair complemented the image. Slow of mind and too clumsy for a broomstick, Ugg excelled as a male gymnast until his enthusiasm for pumping iron made him too bulky.

Henrietta gasped as the vision of extreme masculinity walked towards her. He was butt ugly but with the body of a god. Shiny from suntan lotion with his body shaved of hair, he towered over her. His thick neck tapered into wide broad shoulders. The pectorals were like large ripped slabs and she knew that Lunar Moon Landing Module was right. His massive thick arms bulged with huge muscled and rippled with a network of veins. Henrietta found herself breathing heavily as she watched his deeply cut 10 pack abs move like a carpet of muscled slabs as he breathed. Strange sensations stirred within her. Emotions she had never known before. How could such an ugly brute cause such warm yummy feelings inside?

She had never had she seen so much of him before. The tiny Speedos barely contained the enormous package was carrying. “Ohhhh” she moaned quietly. Strange primal emotions deep within her maturing body were triggered by the sight of such a perfect physical specimen. Her heart beat faster, her body temperature rose, she felt warm and moist between the legs. “Ohhhhh” she moaned aloud, immediately embarrassed by the lustful feelings.

“Looks like the bitch is in heat” Damien sneered causing raucous laughter from Lobster and Doyle. “Ugg. Why don’t you take into the trees and take the bitch” he spat. Ugg looked at the small girl and said in a slow deep voice. “She’s too fragile. I’ll break her. I’ll split her right down the middle”. Ugg found the girls in the Academy too tight to take his massive 4″ girth. Older, more experienced women were better such as the sexy French Mistress, Mrs. French. He recalled slowly feeding her his 14 inches while she moaned like a demented cat. By the time he had rammed it fully home, she had several orgasms and by the time he had finished humping her she would have several more. Henrietta gasped in shock.

She was about to rebuke him when suddenly he put a massive leg, almost as thick as her waist, out to one side and began to shake it. Massive meat wobbled from side to side, like a grotesque meaty jelly. Suddenly it stopped and solidified into gigantic ripped quads before her eyes. “Ohhhhhh” she moaned loudly as her lust flowed through her crotch. Red-faced, Henrietta turned and fled with the humiliating laughter of they boys in her ears and Jill’s cries for help.
Part 2: E=MC squared
How could such a thing happen? Books had always been more important than boys. Her mind in turmoil, Henrietta stopped running and lent panting, clutching a tree, her head hung in shame. A footfall makes her jump but its only Lunar Moon Landing Module. “The pixies say that those boys are going to have their wicked way with Jill. Are we just going to leave her then?” she asks in musical Irish accent.

Jill’s cries for help chill her. “No of course not, but we need a plan” She replied. “The leprechauns say we can fight them” LM puts up her fists and punches the air twice with blows that wouldn’t harm a paper bag. The sight of the usually passive girl brings a smile to her face. “We can’t fight four boys. Especially not Ugg” the mention of his name brought back visions of those huge rippling shiny muscles.

“What about an illusion? You know, a knaflewaite or some such” LM interrupted Henrietta’s daydream. “Maybe. But would it fool Ugg? With his low IQ he would probably try to stand his ground and fight it” she said. “We could turn them into rats” LM offered. “Have you forgotten Penelope Pipwright?” Henrietta asked. “Oh that was nasty. It took several weeks to scrape her all off the walls” LM replied. Bodily transformation spells were extremely dangerous and students were given dire warnings against their use without supervision by a teacher. “Magic cannot break the laws of nature. In this case the conversation of energy. E = MC squared. You can’t create or destroy mass without an expenditure of energy” Henrietta lectured LM.

Nevertheless every year would see the hospital wing with boys who had tried penis enlargement spells and vain girls who tried to magic their breasts bigger. Penelope Pipwright was a shy nervous girl who was teased mercilessly about being fat. One day she tried to magic herself slim with explosively gruesome results.

Henrietta began to get excited. “Of course if we were to augment the spell with a bit of energy transference then it might work. The spell would be tricky but I’m sure we can handle it”. “Oh, right then” said LM blankly. “Er, perhaps it’s best if I did the spell. You go get Jill while I keep them occupied”
Damien was having problems undoing Jill’s bra when he heard Henrietta’s voice. “Damien!” she shouted. “Oh great a flipping audience” he sighed. He got to his feet and saw the tousled hair young witch point her wand at him. Shit where did I leave my wand, he panicked. “transferre vis transformatio muscle” Henrietta shouted with a flick of her wand. Damien ducked waiting for the explosion but nothing happened. Cautiously he looked up. Whatever it was that the sludgeblood had planned had gone wrong. Grinning he approached the silly impure girl.

Henrietta could feel the energy flowing into her body desperately seeking a way to surge from high potential to low. It was much stronger than she had expected and had to close her eyes to concentrate on limiting the flow so as not to cook her from the inside. Uncontrolled such a rush of energy would be dangerous, probably fatal. She could barely control the flow as it was and focused on converting it to mass as quickly as she could. As her body warmed up uncomfortably, she began to feel her clothes getting uncomfortably tight. Her sleeves felt like tourniquets cutting the blood flow from her hands. “Look she’s getting bigger tits. She’s giving herself a boob job” Damien burst into laughter “Stupid sludgeblood’s spell has backfired. She’s getting fat”. Indeed her clothes seemed to be filling out as though someone was pumping them with air, growing until the clothes looked incredibly tight. “Look how fat you are” he sneered.

Henrietta’s sleeves could no longer cope with the strain and began ripping at the seams. Her chest felt constricted by the tight blouse and her tights hemmed in her legs. The second part of the spell was starting to take effect. Opening her eyes, she looked Damien right in the eyes. Raising her arms as best she could in the tight blouse, she bent them at the elbow. Overstressed material could no longer take the strain. “You stupid fat cow” Damien started but stopped open-mouthed. Instead of big flabby arms breaking free of the sleeves, two firm solid lumps tore through. Watching with growing fear, Damien saw the lumps become more rocky and mountainous. In horror he realised that huge biceps had popped up on the girl’s arms. They looked so powerful and incongruous with the small girl’s face. Swelling underneath her arms grew thick triceps and her forearms became thick and strong looking to match. Elated with the power flowing through her body, the girl flexed harder and a sharp prominence peaked on each bicep looking like the top of some rocky mountain. Damien had never known that girls could have muscle and the sight transfixed him with fear.

Battling against the front of her blouse, now straining at the buttonholes, she lowered her arms in front of her then tensed inwards. The rest of the blouse ripped off her body in shreds along with her bra that could no longer accommodate her new girth. Free of the constraining material, Henrietta flexed like she had seen ‘The Hulk’ do on TV in a most muscular pose. Too scared to move, Damien was face to face with striated pecs, thick rippling bulging arms and a deeply cut six-pack.

The remnants of her tights were cutting into her legs. Removing her skirt that pinched her waist, she remembered what Ugg had done. Wobbling each thigh from side to side, she was amazed at how big her thigh muscles looked. Bringing them to a sudden standstill, they solidified into massive ripped quads that burst free of her tights. Damien wet himself and fled. “Ugg” he cried.
Part 3 the root of all problems
Ugg isn’t feeling well. He feels strange, weak, depleted. Maybe he’d overdone it in the sun. Seeing that the petite young woman has returned, he is a little baffled by her transformation. Still short, no longer is she skinny but is now packing large dense muscle. Although no stranger to female gymnasts with squat powerful bodies, he isn’t used to girls putting on massive muscle in a matter of minutes, and he certainly isn’t used to seeing them almost naked, overtly flexing their bodies. There was no doubt in Ugg’s mind that this was a very desirable young woman. He likes women who were fit and healthy with good muscle tone and sturdy bodies to take his rampant lovemaking. Her small breasts had got larger, sitting as they did upon thick ripped cushions of pectoral muscle with her nipples erect with excitement. The increased girth had stretched her white knickers so that they were now tightly moulded to the contours of her crotch. Ugg’s lust grew. Which is a big mistake if you are wearing tight Speedos.

“You look good and strong. You don’t look like you will break when I take you” he said then charged at her. Ugg was tall, big and bulky. Although Henrietta had gained a lot of muscle mass, she was still lighter and quicker than the hulking boy. As his arms closed in, she deftly grabbed an arm and pulled it over her shoulder. Turning her back on him, Ugg felt her small tight glutes press against his groin as she lent forward feeling for his centre of gravity. Then he found himself sailing through the air, falling head over heels before slamming into the forest floor.

During one long summer holiday, Henrietta had read her way through the entire local library. Norm books were no match for her intelligent. She had worked her way through ‘Science’ and ‘History’ and was on her way to ‘Philosophy’ when a cover caught her eye. There was a beautiful buxom blonde woman in a short dress throwing a man head over heels. “Honor Blackman’s Book of Self-Defence” proclaimed the title. Intrigued, Henrietta picked up the book and sat down to read through it. Her curiosity ignited, she proceeded to work her way through ‘Martial Arts/Self Defence’.

Being an intellectual, she wasn’t a sporty type. Neither was she into any form of physical aggression, although the time she decked Damien with a single punch had felt really good. He had really riled her but she felt guilty for losing emotional control. After a while, her interest waned. Martial Arts were just a matter of understanding human anatomy and physiology. It was all stupid really.

As the big brute got to his feet with anger written on his face, Henrietta’s immense ability to recall information kicked in. When Ugg lunged towards her, she deftly sidestepped out of the way and powered her knuckles with her newfound strength into his kidneys. “Hai Yah!” she yelled. “Owww!” he cried. Enraged, the muscular brute turned and Henrietta hammered her sharp fist just above his spleen. “Hai Yah!” “Owww!” he roared. “Hai Yah!” Henrietta cried as her powerful biceps drove her fist into his sternum. “Ohhhh!”. She was really enjoying this. With muscular energy surging through her, she felt as if she could punch this big brute to pulp in seconds. Combined with her martial arts knowledge, the hulk didn’t stand a chance and she wanted to savour every moment of it.

Confident in her awesome martial arts abilities, Henrietta’s powerful thighs sprung her high into the air, where she spun to deliver a debilitating kick to the brute’s carotid artery. “Hai Yah!” she yelled. Unfortunately reading about martial arts is one thing, practicing the skills was another. Henrietta wasn’t athletic or supple. Although the kick was powerful, she lacked the flexibility or ability for it to land anywhere near Ugg to pose a danger. Henrietta landed on the forest floor in an undignified position on her hands and knees. “Ha ha ha” laughed Ugg. “I like that position, stay there and I’ll take you from behind” he roared. In fright, Henrietta sprung to her feet and turned to deliver an open hand chop to the side of the neck, which driven by her mighty muscles was sure to cripple the boy. “Hai Urghhh!” Ugg closed his arms quickly before the lethal blow connected and crushed the girl in a powerful bearhug.

Ugg didn’t feel well at all, he felt so weak and lethargic. The punches from this little muscle girl had hurt much more than he expected and now he could hardly lift the little minx into the air, let alone crush her in his mighty arms. The feel of her warm naked skin against his body as he embraced her gave him a painful erection. Struggling for breath in the mighty brute’s arms, Henrietta felt something that was not part of her growing between her legs. Aghast with horror as she realised what it was, she forced her arms into the air and with one last surge of energy slammed her hands over Ugg’s ear. “Urggh!” she grunted with the effort. “Arghh!” he cried, raising his hands to his ruptured eardrums. Henrietta fell to the floor, gasping for breath.

More energy, she needed more energy. Ugg was still far too strong for her. Opening the dormant link between them she channelled the searing energy into more mass. Ever the intellectual, Henrietta allowed her skeletal structure to grow to accommodate the increased muscle mass. Her shoulders and hips grew wider, her knickers ripping off giving up its futile attempt to encompass her body. The muscles on her petite body grew, no longer proportionate to her size. She no longer looked like a young female bodybuilder, she was way beyond that, she was a muscle mass monster. Feeling so powerful, she rose with the hormonal urge to crush Ugg slowly, to overpower him and demonstrate her superiority over him.

Ugg was so angry that the little muscle girl had hurt his ears, that he didn’t feel himself grow even weaker. His Speedos were overstretched like a horizontal sail. Something within them surged and flexed then suddenly burst free, sending the useless briefs shooting through the air like a released elastic band. Not adjusted to the surge of hormones flowing through her body the sight of Ugg’s huge erect member stimulated lustful emotions that she struggled to control. “Nnnnn nnnn” she moaned as she stood and gawped at the magnificent wizard’s wand. Even his penis was muscular and ripped. It seemed to move with a life of its own. It is so magnificent that she forgets that she is fighting him. Grabbing her by the shoulders, his muscular member swings up between her legs. THUMP “Narrrrr!” Henrietta screams in agony. It feels like someone has swung an iron bar against her privates.

Paralysed by pain, Henrietta can only watch as Ugg pulls her towards him. “Orggh!” she cries as her belly button is impaled on his hard shaft. “Orrrrr” pain like she had never felt before creases her middle. Large hands push her face down and in horror she watches as the powerful rod lurches upwards like a crowbar hammering into her chin. WHAM!. Henrietta’s legs felt weak and she would have fallen if Ugg hadn’t held her up. He holds her up for a few moments then raises her face to look at her. “Better?” he asks. She nods. “Good” Suddenly he jumps, his huge powerful legs sending him high into the air. He comes down, and Henrietta feels what must be a big iron bar slam across the side of her neck. WHAM! She finds herself on the ground. “Urkkkkk” she croaks as something long, thick and hard drives into her throat. Ugg kneels over her chest, skewering her neck with his muscular rod. He raises his head and flexes his massive biceps. “Yaaargh” he roars in triumph.
Lunar Moon Landing Module snuck around and found Jill tied up with magical bonds. Just as she is trying to figure how to undo them, Jill shouts “LM behind you”. The little blonde turns to see Lobster and Doyle, slamming their podgy fists into their sweaty palms as if to demonstrate what they are going to do to her. “Oh err” she says.
Part 4 The Beatdown
Ugg suddenly felt dizzy and drained. Looking down at the sweet innocent looking face between his legs, he swears that her shoulders are getting wider, the caps like big shiny muscular hubcaps. The girl’s neck is thickening and Ugg is surprised to feel his muscular dick being pushed out of her throat. Sweetly smiling up at him, the little muscle girl slides outs her arms from beneath his legs. “Don’t you point that filthy thing at me” she says. Her small hands grab his muscular shaft at the end and middle. Ugg is shocked to see how thick and vascular her forearms are. Her arms look enormous and covered with a creeper like network of veins. A sudden sharp movement as if breaking a twig and Ugg is screaming. “Aiiiieeeeeee!” a terrible high-pitched squeal fills the forest as Henrietta snaps his cock at right angles. “Oh look punch balls” she says, as he rears up in pain. Henrietta powers a fist with all her terrible new strength, like a sledgehammer into his big balls. WHUMP! “Oooooohhhh” he squeals with tears in his eyes, collapsing to his knees.

There is no time to nurse his injuries for Ugg suddenly finds himself in a trial of strength. The impish young woman’s sexy bare chest, which now is a lot bigger, presses against him as their arms battle. He can feel her hard nipples digging into him, but he is in no position to appreciate it. Her thick short arms overwhelm him with a superior force. Ugg can’t comprehend why he feels so incredibly weak and unable to stop the young woman. “What’s wrong Ugg, feeling a little weak?” she says in a resonant voice. With their arms pressed together bent at the elbows, Ugg is stunned to see that her biceps are as big as his. That’s not possible, she was only a skinny little thing a few minutes ago. With a look of grim determination on her girlish face, she presses against his hands while raising her lower body on her powerful legs. “No” Ugg cries as an incredible surge of strength drives him backwards onto the ground. As she lands on top of him, Ugg is shocked to find that he can’t shift her. Is he really that weak or has the little girl got a lot heavier, or both? Looking up into the young looking face, she smiles then lifts her arms and slowly flexes. Ugg’s jaw drops as massively ripped bulging biceps grow from the girl’s short arms. As her arms continue to bend, her biceps just get bigger and bigger until they look as big as her head. Huge slabs of shredded pectorals bunch up like colliding continental plates to form a deep ripped cleavage. Her stomach dissolves into a deep brickwork 12-pack. Closing her hands into fists, small peaked mountains pop from the massive mounds of rippling bulging muscle. For the first time in his life Ugg experiences fear. The sight of a fresh-faced teenaged girl on a body of gigantic ripped muscle unnerves him. “Now it’s my turn to play with you Ugg. And I won’t be gentle”. Slamming his hands to the ground with an irresistible force, Ugg feels her legs intertwine with his then… “Arghhhhh!” he screams as a force more powerful than he’d ever experienced ripped his legs wide apart in a terrifying instant.
“Pugna belli Imperio artes” Lunar Moon Landing Module chanted with a flick of her wand. Doyle looked quizzically at Lobster who just shrugged his shoulders. “Pummelling time” Doyle said moving towards the little blonde. “Hai yah!” suddenly the elfin-faced girl leapt high into the air, her pleated skirt falling away from her skinny legs. For a split-second, he could see right down her skirt and along her tights to her crotch at eye level before a small foot hammers forward. His face explodes in a spray of blood as his nose breaks. Almost instantly, the girl lands and spins, powering a foot with exceptional force deep into his fat gut. “Hai!” she yells as her shoe sinks deep into Doyle’s middle. “Borrrpph!” the air forcibly explodes from his nose and mouth in a bloody spray as his body is sent flying back hard against a tree trunk. The tiny blonde whirlwind rushes forward and spins again. “Hai!” she yells as she drives her foot against his chest so hard that the sickening crack echoes through the forest.

Moving non-stop she rushes towards the open mouthed Lobster. “Mummy” he cries but it’s too late. LM leaps up, grabs his shoulders and powers her bony knee hard just underneath his sternum
As a former male gymnast, Ugg was very flexible compared with most boys his age. However, in one effortless move, Henrietta had ripped his legs beyond the limits of his flexibility. The sheer power in the girl’s legs terrified Ugg as he screamed, feeling his ligaments tear. “Please no, I’m sorry, pleaaase”. “I feel so powerful. So invincible. My thighs could rip your legs right out of their sockets” Henrietta roared. “No please” Ugg cried, tears rolling down his cheeks with the splitting pain at the top of his legs. “Admit it Ugg. This little girl is too much for you to handle” roared Henrietta. “ADMIT IT!” she roared piling on the pressure when Ugg didn’t answer quick enough. “Ohhhh alright, alright, you’re too much for me” Ugg shrieked as his leg joints threatened to explode. With a loud sigh of relief, Ugg felt his legs released from the brutal grapevine.

However Henrietta was intoxicated with the feeling of raw strength in the muscles throughout her body. She had effortlessly overpowered Ugg and that had felt good, real good and she wanted more. Pulling Ugg’s head off the ground, she wrapped her thick arms around it and squeezed. In her mighty crushing embrace, Ugg felt the girl’s massive biceps swell and expand pressurising his skull. He had no choice but to allow the girl to bulldog him to his feet.  With the big brute standing, the naked muscle girl wrapped her bulky rippling arms around his middle and pulled him tight against her body. “Urrrghhh” Ugg cried in disbelief as he felt himself crushed against the young girl’s naked torso in a terrifying bearhug. “Look at me Ugg” she commanded. He obeyed, seeing the calm face of the teenager that still retained very strong girlish features of the kid she once was not so very long ago. Ugg thought she was quite pretty but the calm confident superiority she exuded scared him witless. “Roaarrrrr!” she yelled in his face making Ugg flinch. “Roarr!” Unable to breathe, Ugg couldn’t believe it as he felt his feet leave the ground.

Damien watched transfixed in horror as the short girl lifted the much taller Ugg. Roaring like some savage creature, she lent backwards with Ugg on her chest, pulling the big brute several feet clear off the forest floor. Her huge arms bulged and rippled like a giant anaconda. Ugg’s head was thrown back, his face a mask of agony, his mouth opening and closing in a futile attempt to draw breath. The sight of the two naked muscle-bound bodies was like some enactment of an ancient Greek tale. The raw power of the young girl crushing the bigger male in her arms gave even Damien a hard-on.

Finally, just when Ugg’s red-faced head had nearly stopped its spasms, the terrifying nude creature hoisted the body of the bigger male above her head. Looking Damien straight in the eyes, she stood with her powerful muscles rippling, her defeated opponent held aloft facing the sky. A smile appeared on that sweet face atop that dreadful body. “So you’ve got a stiffy for the sludgeblood. Well you’re next lover” she said, her voice more resonant with her expanded chest.

It was true, his erection was as hard as a rock and he was disgusted. Yet he couldn’t take his eyes of the incredibly massively muscled body of the naked girl. She was like a demi-goddess, so powerful and dominating, so naked. He was shaking with fear of her but at the same time he had a strange urge to worship that awesome body with his manhood and that thought repulsed him because she was a sludgeblood!. Ugg’s body was hurled to the ground. Still Henrietta couldn’t let him be, the power was so exhilarating. She wanted to feel his body crushed between her sexy mighty muscles. Oh, this must be better than sex.
“Oh, you’re not so tough now are you?” Lunar Moon Landing Module said in a strong Irish accent. Lobster and Doyle cowered in fear before the tiny elfin-faced blonde. “Please LM no more” cried Lobster. The hem of her pleated skirt twitched. “Hai Yah!” LM yelled as her foot blasted into Lobster’s mouth dislodging several teeth. “Hai Yah!” the side of her slim hand cracked the side of his neck sending him to the ground at her feet. “Only my friends call me that and you’re not my friend” she told the stricken boy.

Turning to a trembling Doyle she said “And what am I going with you?”. “Please, I’ll do whatever you ask” he begged. She walked right up to him and pressed her tiny chest against his body. Doyle was terrified as she looked up into his eyes. “Oh you’ve got that right” LM said. Her knee exploded between his legs. As he slumped in agony, she told him “Kiss my feet”. Doyle saw the tiny terror spin before her foot exploded in his face.
Part 5 The Humiliation II
Rooted to the spot Damien watches the massively built Henrietta envelop Ugg in her powerful arms and legs like some monstrous creature. Thick rippling arms wrap tightly around his neck, a bicep under his jaw grows so large that it forces Ugg’s head back at a very painful looking angle. The red-faced boy has his eyes screwed tight in pain and his mouth forced into a tight clench by the ferocious pressure exerted by the girl’s muscle. His hand fumbles uselessly against the solid wall of mass around his neck. Damien doesn’t know whether Ugg’s jaw will break first or whether his skull will pop from his neck.

Then those short monstrous legs that are wrapped around the boy’s chest start to pump up to an unreal size. “Arghhhhh!” Ugg screams a strangulated cry. Damien gasps as Henrietta’s legs bulge up like inflated balloons. Every muscle in her legs stands proud and bulges with raw power. “Please please please” Ugg pleads weakly. The size of her quads in relation to her short legs is stupendous. Massive and striated but strangely feminine, the implication of the devastating power she could unleash with those legs has Damien’s unwanted boner throbbing.

“Ugghh” muscle-Henrietta grunts, then there is a sound. A horrible cracking sound and Ugg stops struggling. But the muscle girl doesn’t stop squeezing. “Please, you’re killing him” Damien rushes forward in a rare display of concern. Henrietta comes to her senses and Ugg rolls senselessly from her clutches.

Maintaining eye contact with Damien, the 5’5″ teenager with the young face, huge muscles and no clothes stands up. Placing one foot on her vanquished opponent she flexes her mountainous peaked biceps. “Yesss” she roars. “You’re next Damien” she growls as she steps towards him. “No!” scared witless, Damien turns and flees.

He doesn’t get very far. Tripping over something, he falls to ground. Turning back, he sees a body, a large overweight body. With the bile rising in his throat, Damien looks to see who it is, but the face is bloodied and battered beyond recognition.

A sound makes him look up. Loony is close by in her uniform. Damien is curious that in front of the little girl is Lobster, his big bulk looming over the tiny slender blonde. Yet he is trembling and shaking, his face a bloodied mess. He can’t understand it, has there been some sort of nasty accident to his friends?  But why is Lobster shaking like that? Surely he’s not frightened of Loony? LM notices him. “Oh Damien. I’ll be with you in just a moment” she says in her singsong lilt. Suddenly the tiny girl leans away from the much taller, overweight boy. “Hai Yah!” she yells as her pleated skirt lifts. There is a flash of thick black tights and her foot hammers right in the middle of Lobster’s gut. “Borrrppph” the boy’s breath explodes noisily into the forest. The tiny foot seems to sink deep in all the flab as the boy creases forward, his mouth wide open. LM’s leg had no sooner returned to the ground than the other foot was in motion. “Hai Yah!” LM’s short leg rocketed skywards in a blur. The top of her thigh bounced against her chest. Unfortunately for Lobster, his head was in the way and the brutal high kick sends his head snapping back in a spray of teeth and blood.
The force of the kick drives Lobster back against a tree. Damien watched in disbelief as the tiny cute looking blonde approached the much bigger boy quivering in fright. “Hai Hai Hai Hai!” she yelled in rapid succession as her hands flashed over the sides of the boy’s neck while Lobster’s mouth opened noiselessly in pain.

LM stopped and turned towards Damien and took a step forward then stopped. “Oh, I almost forgot” she said. Suddenly the whole of her body seemed to pivot forward on one leg. Her head swung down low to meet her shin and her other leg shot up behind her as if she were doing the splits backwards whilst standing. “Hai Yah!” The foot explodes in Lobster’s face then his body slowly slid down the trunk of the tree. He was clearly out of it.

Swinging back to a standing position, LM smiled at him. “Well then Damien. Come on then if you think you’re hard enough”.

Damien turned to flee. “You’re all crazy” he cries. BAM! His face runs straight into a fist. BAM BAM! The fist strikes twice more breaking his nose in a spray of blood and rocking his head back and forth. “You bastard!” yells a voice. In shock, he sees Jill, her mouth grim and a look of fierce determination. Topless and wearing stockings and suspenders with skimpy white thong briefs. The tall girl’s body looked magnificent. BAM BAM BAM! “You filthy bastard” she yells as her fists pound his face again and again with a shocking force that left him dazed. Her face is ablaze with anger as her fist hammers repeated into his face. BAM BAM BAM! “Pig, bastard, dung beetle” she cries, tears running down her cheeks as she tenderises Damien’s face. BAM BAM BAM over and over, Jill’s fists rain down hard on Damien’s face to the accompaniment of some very bad language indeed.

A gentle touch on her arm stops her. “I think you can stop hitting him now. He’s out cold on his feet” LM said. As she says this, Damien’s body collapses to the ground. “Jill that was amazing. What spell was that?” Henrietta asked in a deep chesty voice as she approached. “Er no spell. Whatever have you done to yourself?” Jill asked. “Isn’t it amazing. I feel so powerful, so awesome” Henrietta crowed. “You look like a freak. You’ve overdone it. Look you can’t even close your legs properly when you walk”.
Damien comes around feeling like his face is broken. A weight on his chest is making it hard to breathe. Opening his sore eyes he is horrified to find himself pinned by the sludgeblood’s knees, her terrifying hairy pussy inches away from his face. “At last, you’re awake. Now you are going to worship me and beg for forgiveness” Henrietta tells him. Sitting on top of his chest she looks so dominant with her gleaming naked muscular body. Actually she doesn’t look so freakishly big anymore but more like a competitive female bodybuilder. However the sight still disturbs him.

Frantically Damien looks to his right for help and is shocked by what he sees. Loony is totally naked. On her slender stomach is a grid work of muscle, a thick ribbed cushion of pectorals supports her bare breasts and her arms are thicker and well toned. Strangely he finds the muscle looks good on the tiny blonde, quite sexy like a hot-bodied fitness girl. In fact her body is quite turning him on. Then he notices that her short bulging thighs, gleaming with health are wrapped around someone’s head with their face held tight against her crotch. Her eyes are closed and her head is tilted back with a blissful look on her face. “Oh he has such a long tongue. He is really tickling my fancy ohh ohhh” she moans.

Disgusted Damien looks the other way and sees a similar scene. Jill, naked and very muscular is likewise scissoring someone’s face and moaning in pleasure, flexing big peaked biceps.

In horror he realises his fate. “Now it’s your turn to taste sludgeblood” Henrietta tells him. “No please, anything but that. I’ll give you anything” he pleads. “My father will make you richmmmmm”. His face is pulled into her warm sticky sweatbox and powerful muscular thighs crush around his head. “Start licking Damien” she orders. “Mmmmmmm!” he screams as her thighs squeezes so hard, he is afraid his skull will break. “Hmmmm that feels so good. Scream or lick, Damien. Either way I will get what all I want from you” she tells him.
Every step feels like agony sending white-hot lances of pain through Damien’s skull. He is sure the sludgeblood cracked it with her huge thighs when she climaxed. Damien just knows that he will be gargling with mouthwash for at least a month to get rid of her taste. He sees Doyle wince, his chest looks caved in, his ribs obviously broken. Lobster’s jaw hangs loosely, the combined result of LM’s fearsome kicks and Jill’s ecstasy.

“Can we have a rest, Ugg is so heavy” Doyle whined. “No. We’re nearly there” Damien snapped back, stooping under Ugg’s weight. Doyle was right, Ugg was heavy and in a very bad way, he hadn’t come round since Henrietta defeated him in the woods. Although Damien aspired to be a ruthless bastard like his father, there was no way that he was going to leave Ugg behind at the mercy of those freakish muscle girls. Especially not after the way they had gawped with open lust at Ugg’s huge rod, broken or not.

Trying to fight on through the pain from their injuries and under Ugg’s heavy weight, they neared the academy. “Oh no” he signed. He had been hoping to get in quietly, but a large crowd of students were waiting for them by the gate. The breeze blows cool on their bare skin. In a demonstration of their muscular power, the three girls had stood over them and shredded their clothes with their bare hands.

“How long do you think it will be before the spell wears off” Doyle asked. “Not long enough” he spat. With nothing to cover their embarrassment, the sludgeblood’s last words rang in his ears. “Erectio penis”. Three tent poles and one broken tall ship mast rose into the air saluting the three young women who had destroyed them.

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