Min Jung: Humiliation Club (JIMP#32)

Mature Korean humiliates a teen gang with her stunning body and TKD skills

Inspired by well-endowed web porn star Minka who really does have nicely muscled legs

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
The Star of Maya, One of the largest, most luxurious and expensive cruise ships ever built. Over 200,000 tons, it is 1,500 feet long, 200 feet wide with 20 passenger decks holding 4,000 guests double-occupancy. It towers 210 feet tall, about twice the height of the Statue of Liberty. Owned by Maya holdings, the chairman and major shareholder is Lord Henry Templeforth.

My name is Min Jung and I had used my ample charms on his son Sir Tarquin to get on board the maiden voyage. However the cheapskate had only got me a second-class cabin. Nevertheless the pickings should be good. It was time for some fun.

I am a member of the ‘Mature Women’s Boy Humiliation Club’ or ‘Humiliation Club’ for short. We are a group of like-minded women who are fed up with the media telling us that we are over the hill once we reach 40. We’ve decided that the best way to change things is to show young men that we are more than a match for them.

I was intending to go to the Upper Decks where all the rich boys were, their money ripe for the taking. My plans went awry when I found heavily armed guards on all the elevators and staircases. Flaunting my physical attractions and smouldering at them did no good. They were under direct orders to ensure strict separation of the classes.  Determined to mix with the rich, I tried following the staff, but found that even their passage to the Upper Decks were tightly controlled and policed by the armed men. Daddy Templeforth must really hate mixing with the working classes.

Deeply disappointed, I headed towards the lower class poolroom or was it snooker room in England, I could never remember. I paused at one the extravagant wall sized mirrors built into the corridor to check my appearance. I am quite good looking or so I believe. My face is long and tapers from broad cheeks to a small rounded chin. Reflecting my Korean heritage, my dark brown eyes were almond shaped enhanced with a little mascara and sat under thin arching eyebrows. My nose is long and slim, my mouth small and thick lipped, their natural pout heightened with red lipstick. My long black hair with light brown highlights fell from my forehead, tucked behind my large ears, tumbling in ringlets over my shoulders. I wore a dark blue silk kimono-style wrap-around embroidered with oriental patterns in silver. This fell to my knees, beneath which I was barelegged and wearing shoes with transparent high heels and foot restraints. These boosted my natural 5’8″ by a couple of inches.

In the reflection, I noticed a group of journalists being herded on a tour of the new ship. A middle-aged man with black curly hair was staring at my sleek well-toned calves in open admiration. I turned and looked into his eyes and gave him a smile which he returned openly admiring my face. Well at least that’s one man who doesn’t find me over the hill at 41.

As I hoped, at this time of day, there were only teenaged boys hanging around the poolroom. I folded my arms over my chest and pressed down to make them less noticeable then kept to the poorly lit areas. About a dozen heads turned towards me with the look of arrogant youth trying to look tough to scare off an unwanted intruder on their patch. “Shove off, Chinky. We’re trying to play a game here” the taller of the youths said. I tagged him as the leader, lower class English by his accent. “That’s very offensive and actually I’m Korean” I replied, noticing that one of their number was Japanese. The leader led an outburst of sniggers. “Would one of you boys like to rub some suntan lotion on me before I hit the sun lounge?” I asked.

“Pffff” was the response I expected. The leader led a chorus of noises like deflating balloons. A young black man spoke up. “You crazy, lady? We’re playing for stakes here. You’re old enough to be my Grandma”. That elicited laughter. I suppressed my rage; I was old enough to his mother certainly but grandmother! The leader stood arrogantly in front of me, pushing his shoulders back to make himself look bigger trying to loom over me to intimidate me. “You better leave or I’m going to shove this pool cue right up your fanny” he snarled, his mates laughing. “Yeah lady, don’t want no chinky grans around here” the black kid said. Actually he didn’t say that, he spoke in some gangsta language that I couldn’t reproduce but that was the gist of it. He was really obnoxious with a chip on his shoulder the size of Mount Everest.

“Well since you’re obviously gambling men, lets have a wager. I bet that in less than 10 minutes I can have the lot of you begging to make love to me or creaming your pants” I said. “What the feck!” that got their attention.
I opened my purse and laid a stack of notes on the pool table. “$1000. Each of you match it. Those still standing with spotless trousers and not begging share the pot evenly with me” I told them. “What’s that in real money?” the leader asks coarsely. “About £500” I sigh at his ignorance. “Not much of a wager. You’re way past it, we’ll win it easily” he replied confidently. “The winners can also take me any way they want” I added. “Urggh as if we would to feck an old grandmother” he sniped. They weren’t taking the bait; was my stake too big? These are lower class English kids after all. “I understand. You know you don’t stand a chance against this 40-something Oriental. Oh well, I’ll take my money elsewhere” I moved my hand to take back my money. “Feck you” the leader spat and opened his wallet and counted out a matching stake in British Pounds, the others follow suit. “The only rule is that there is no physical contact. I’m not allowed to touch you and you can’t touch me. If you try I am entitled to defend myself” I told them.

“Well that means you can’t suck us off, which is the only way we would cum for you – Jesus!” the leader exclaimed as I partially opened the top of my robe giving them a blast of what lay beneath. I enjoyed the dumbfounded look on their stupid faces as their eyes widened and their mouths fell slack. Predictably all eyes went straight for the deep dark crevasse between my massive mounds. “Oh my God, they’re huge! They’re massive!” a scrawny ugly young man exclaimed highly excited. I recognised the type, pockmarked and spotty with no chance with girls. The way the front of his trousers were stiffening marked him out as easy meat. I looked him right in the eyes. “What’s wrong white boy? Never seen a woman’s chest before?” I teased.

“POW!” I cried opening my robe wide then closing it quickly to frame my huge chest, blasting them with a glimpse of my 54KKK breasts against my slender fit body. I loved the gasps of shock, my shout catching them off-guard. No-chancer is stiffening quickly, he won’t last long. I stared at him. “This old lady packs more than you can possibly handle” I taunt. “You’ve never seen a pair as big as these, have you boy? Not even in one of your dirty magazines or porno websites” I teased, enjoying his discomfort and the way his face went red.

Still fixing no-chancer with my smouldering eyes, I turned my body slightly away from him knowing that this emphasised the dramatic slopes of my breasts. I opened the top wider to show off the lacy white cups that strained to contain my endowment, so sheer that I knew they could see my aureoles. I opened my mouth in a pout and spoke slowly. “Do you little boys really think you have a chance against such a big woman?” I said trying not to laugh as the poor boy tried to focus on my sensual moving mouth but his gaze kept slipping to my tits.

“I’ve had bigger” the leader boasted, unable to tear his gaze away from my chest. I faced him and opened the robe completely blasting him face-on. “Urrrrrr” he moaned, his eyes bulged and he fell quiet. A boaster, I knew how to deal with him. I didn’t bother to contradict his lie. “You can’t handle them and you know it” I told him, purposefully staring at his growing erection in his pants as his face reddened.

Allowing my robe to slide to the floor, I stood proudly before the young men. My white lacy bra, straining to contain my huge orbs that were the focus of attention, and my thong briefs, cut high over my hips. White showed off my naturally coloured skin. “I’m not ashamed of my body. I work very hard to keep it this way” I told them as they drunk in my long slender toned arms and legs and firm flat stomach. Okay, I’ll admit that my hip to waist ratio isn’t perfect but what the hell. With a hot body like mine, I’m not complaining and I certainly don’t get any complaints from men. I run my hands over the contours of my tanned, slim and athletic body with extremely large breasts. “54KKK-23-35” I state as my hand passes over the relevant part of my anatomy. I lift up my breasts “These weight 13.5 pounds each. I could knock your lights right out if I hit you with these” “You have no idea the strain on my back. That’s why I work out to keep my body strong, and red hot” I said.

With my hands on my hips, I put on my stern confrontational face. Turning to make eye contact with each boy in turn, I silently challenged his manhood with my extreme femininity. They were dumbfounded, their eyes unable to meet mine for long being magnetically drawn to my boobs. For a second I thought no-chancer was about to lose it but he seemed to regain control. The stiff bulges in their trousers and lustful look in their eyes told me I couldn’t lose. “I’m glad to see none of you are gay” I said purposefully gazing at their hard-ons. The leader was having a hard time of time in more ways than one. I fixed him with a smouldering pout and saw him gulp as he tried to meet my gaze. “Make it easier on yourself and start begging now” I told him. “Come on darling, let’s go in the back room and leave these losers” a dark skinned Indian youth said stepping forward. All smarmy and creep with a thin moustache and goatee that didn’t suit him, I will enjoy dealing with him. The leader stopped him. “Not until after she loses the bet. Then we all can give her a good seeing to” he said.

“You’ve changed your tune. Get ready to lose it boys” I said and turned to give them the Cockblaster. Presenting my side profile, the effect was instant. The poles in their trousers shot straight out and twitched as they gaped in astonishment at the dramatic difference between the narrow width of my 23″ waist and my firm flat stomach with my enormous breasts that sat on my chest like two bouncy beachballs. I was also proud of my slim toned arms with defined triceps, which they didn’t notice. Hungry eyes roamed over my long slim toned legs with strong defined thighs and my sexy calve muscle but they always returned to my chest.

No-chancer lost self-control and rushed me. Still standing sideways on, I grabbed his right wrist and wrapped my firm strong arm around his neck. Bumping my tight backside against his hip while sweeping his foot away with my long leg, he flipped over my hip fast and slammed into the floor with a resounding thump.

I had also seen Smarmy step forward, so I turned slightly towards him so he got full impact of my stunning slopes and fixed him with my smouldering gaze. He stopped, gawping at my rack, lust in his eyes and in his trousers. Placing my hands at the back of my head, I gently swung my boobs. “Come on then, you want them. I know you do” I taunted as the boys no longer suppressed their lustful moans. Smarmy took another step towards me then glanced down at no-chancer crawling away like a scared beetle. The front of his trousers lurched but I saw hesitancy in his eyes.

“Are you a tits or arse man?” I asked then turned my back on him, slightly angled so that could still see my huge boobs. “Orrr” Smarmy moaned at the sight of my compact tight backside shown to full effect with the tiny white thong running between my firm buttocks and around my waist. I felt his erection against my butt as he pressed against his body against me and tried to grab my breasts. Snatching his right hand off my boob, I pulled his arm over my shoulder and bent sharply forward. His body shot over my shoulder, flipping head over heels to slam into the floor. “I did say no touching, didn’t I?” I said as I watched the dazed Asian boy scrabble in humiliation back to his mates.

I turned to present an angled profile to the boys with my hands behind my head. I registered wariness fighting for control over their lust. They knew I could defend myself but they had no idea how dangerous I was. I gently bounced my massive breasts up and down, pleased to hear their breathing getting much heavier. “I could throw you all around this room using your small stiff dicks. Who wants to be first? No?” As usual whenever I talk to a man, they never answer me straightway. They answer my breasts without engaging their brains. “Orghh God, please I want you” no-chancer cried. He was about to blow. Fixing him with my exotic brown eyes, I lowered my hands and slowly made my huge frontage swing from side to side. “Look’s like you’ve got a ferret down there boy, desperate to get out” I teased. Pursing my thick lips on my small mouth, I uttered in a low seductive voice the word that would make him blow. “Cum”.

“Nnrghhhh” the effect wasn’t as I planned. With a lust-crazed moan he ran towards me, hands out to grab my heaving breasts. “HAI! HAI!” the side of my hand flashed down chopping him on the side of his neck then the other. His face looked up to the ceiling, his big mouth open in surprised pain and then he fell senseless to the floor at my feet, a damp patch spreading across the front of his trousers. Placing my heeled foot on their defeated comrade, I asserted my dominance. I looked at the shocked expressions, trousers twitching with lust. Unable to comprehend that this example of extreme womanhood had just KO’d one of their mates with two simple blows. “Didn’t you think a Korean woman wouldn’t know TaeKwon Do?” I said thrusting my breasts forward.

The sexual frustration in the room was tangible but they were wary of approaching me. “Is this hot mamma getting you all hot and bothered?” I teased pulling down the front of my bra to frustrated groans of lust. I loved the challenge of breaking arrogant young men such as these. I wanted to drive them wild with my body yet be too scared to touch me then drive them so crazy that they would try to take me. “Just look at you. The woman you insulted has you full of longing, full of rampant desire. Yet none of you are man enough to come and get me” I taunted, as I swayed my top-heavy body in slow sensual movements. I looked each of them in the eye, sizing them up. “You look like you’re going to explode. Get down on your knees and beg. Kiss my beautifully arched feet and beg, horny boy” I baited the leader; “Are you a premature spurter? You look like you want to whip it out and beat off in front of me” I told a rat-faced kid. “So many hard-ons, such little men. Are none of you man enough to take me? ” I teased enjoying the hold I had over them as they stood with their lust pointing at me and faces torn between open desire and fear.

It was time to up the game. Discarding my bra, I stepped out my briefs and stood before them completely naked with my hands on my hips and a studied look of superiority on my face. “Orrrrr. Please, oh please” rat boy begged against a chorus of moans and groans. “My beautifully toned tan body can drive a man wild with desire. What hope in hell does a little boy like you have against me?” I taunted.

I saw Smarmy get up courage again and step towards me, his cock throbbing in pants, lust in his eyes. “Look darling, I know how to treat a lady right, if you know what I mean” his smarmy voice and mannerisms disgusted me. I kept my face emotionless as I looked into his eyes as he reached out to put his arm around my shoulder. I simply brushed it off. “Look Darling how about you and me” he said quietly. “HAI!” I blasted a knee hard between his legs, cruelly crushing his erection. He started to crumple before me, his mouth moving silently in agony. “HAI!” I blasted a front kick straight into the pit of his stomach. “Borpphhhh” the air rushed out of his lungs explosively. He was going to collapse but I hadn’t finished with him yet so I hooked my arm through his and forced him upright. “HAI!” I drove an arcing high kick towards his head, my foot wrapping around the other side of his neck and hammering the carotid artery. He was out on his feet but I wanted more. Releasing his arm and as he started to fall, I jumped and spun quickly blasting my foot right in the middle of his unconscious face. His limp body flew across the room to crash into a pile of chairs.

Slapping my slim but solid thighs I told them “See these beauties? Hard as steel but sexy as hell. I’d just love to kick your scrawny arses. That loser didn’t even make me break out in a sweat”. Thrusting my breasts at them, I could see that they were really desperate for release but too wary to come near. Some were touching the front of their trousers in frustration. “That’s it, rub yourselves off boys so all that lovely money will be mine” I said disappointed that none were brave enough to confront me.

“Stop it. Don’t let her win; those tits aren’t real. The bitch is old enough to be your mother. Just imagine she’s just your mother” the leader admonished his mates. I fixed him with my sensual brown eyes and outlined my chest with my hands. “Your mother hasn’t got a stack like this, has she boy?” I told him. “Orrrrr” he moaned softly at the sight of so much womanhood. I stepped closer making him fidgety and uncomfortable. “You were shooting your big mouth off earlier. So come and take a piece of me if you’re tough enough” I challenged him but he didn’t take the bait. “Loser. You’re just a pathetic worm just like the rest of you” I told him as I turned away.

“Hey lady! You show some respect. I’m a black belt in Kung Fu. I arr arrr”. I turned towards the voice to see a short skinny Chinese lad. He withered under my gaze and huge breasts. That’s all I needed when I wasn’t wearing a sports bra. Do you know how difficult it is to fight when you’ve got huge heavy tits that can bounce around and wind you?

“Come on then short stuff, show me what you’ve got”. I glanced at the tent in his trousers. “Or are you all mouth and no trousers?” I teased. “Shut up you or I’ll shut you up good” he replied. Good he was getting angry. “Just you shut yer mouth, little China boy” I mimicked the David Bowie song. “I just love beating up a man when I’m totally naked. It really turns me on.” I told him.

The other boys began to egg him on. “Go on knock her lights out then we all can take her and the money” the leader told him, but he still hesitated. I stood in front of him, his face level with my breasts. “My face is up here little wimp” I said. He needed a trigger. “HAI!” I yelled and leapt into a fight stance. He nearly leapt out of his skin but his trained fight reflexes took hold. Suddenly I found myself under attack from a volley of rapid high kicks that scythed through the air towards my face. Luckily my own training kicked in and I managed to block them with my arms, his hard shoes burning my skin. He was very fast and very nimble; I needed to take him out quick.

“HAI HAI HAI!” I blasted a series of kicks straight down the middle as he was kicking and right into his face. His head looked like it was on a spring, rocking back and forth as my feet smashed him. As I kicked I took hold of my heavy breasts to prevent them winding me as they heaved up and down. “HAI! HAI!” I kept kicking but the kid recovered and kicked back, our legs tangling with each other time and time again. The kid was really good and blocked my every kick. I was tiring of having keep hold of my breasts but the boy was nimble and sprightly. I backed out his range but he kept pressing forward, firing out kicks all the time in a non-stop deadly ballet.

“Ow!” a kick broke through my defences and slammed against my boobs. “Bastard!” I spat. BAM BAM BAM In a blaze of fury I powered a devastating series of kicks right through his defences, rocking his face hard. BAM BAM BAM my heeled foot blasted non-stop cutting his face bad. I took advantage of his weakness, his short legs unable to stop the barrage from my sleek long legs. BAM BAM BAM Keeping out the range of his short legs, I spun and kicked like a deadly legged whirlwind unloading a barrage of non-stop rain of ruin on his head and body. My slabs of thigh muscle drove crippling kicks with a power that men never expect from such beautiful limbs. The young man winced with pain every time my foot connects smashing his face, completely unable to defend himself, knowing that he’s totally outclassed by a hot bodied naked woman. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” His face a ruined mess, I now take the time to tear the rest of his body apart blasting powerful kicks into his gut that made it look like he was going to fall and puke; hammering my foot against his chicken chest enjoying the way his body jerked spasmodically with each blow. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” My long legs clubbed his head one way then the other until he didn’t know what day it was. I felt so alive, so wonderful, so delicious as I totally pulverised the young man with kick after kick.

Seeing he’s almost dead on his feet, I stop the onslaught and stand before him. He can barely move, barely stand and the terror in his eyes makes my juices run. His terrified eyes follow my hands as I outline the spectacular contours of my body. In a state of total fear, his body expresses it’s longing for me as his erection returns. “Do you see this amazing naked body little China boy? Do you know what these big tits mean, Kung Fu kid? They mean you’ve just had the crap beaten out of you by a real woman. Not some gym type with big muscles who looks more like a man but a sensual vivacious woman with huge tits and a ravenous pussy to match” I tell him.

“HAI! HAI! HAI!” my fist pumps out driven by my gym-hardened slender biceps. The boy just stands there unable to defend himself, leaving me to pummel his face, chest and gut with powerful bone crushing punches that can smash through sheet metal. I am really getting so turned on turning this young man’s face into mincemeat that I almost forget the bet. With great reluctance I plunge my fist deep into his gut, feeling no resistance from his skinny body until it almost hits his backbone. “HAI!”. With a pained open mouth expression, he folds noiselessly around his middle. “HAI!” I blasted a solid uppercut against his jaw, slamming his head back hard. I see his light go out long before his body hits the floor.

“Yes!” I cry, stepping onto the prone body and flexing a bicep in victory. A small but solid hill of muscle bulges on my slender arm. I see the cocks of the onlookers lurch uncontrollably at the sight of this incredible naked top heavy feminine body flex in victory over their beaten and bloodied friend. “Nnnrhhh rnnnrhhh nrrhh” Spurter loses it completely, shooting his load into his pants. The embarrassing damp patch growing rapidly over the front of his chinos.

I was buzzing with adrenaline with pent up sexual energy. It wasn’t enough to force these kids to cream themselves over my body; I wanted to smash their bodies as well. It was this attitude that got me banned from the dojo for being too rough with the men. I needed another victim and I found him.

The mouthy black kid is rubbing the front of his trousers. “My look at all that pent up boy juice, I just bet you’re ready to explode at any second” I tell him framing the words seductively with my mouth. “Oh please lady, please I want you so bad” he begs. “Oh it’s much too late for that” I tell him. Maintaining eye contact, I leant forward, allowing my enormous fleshy orbs dangle presenting him with a massive gently swaying wall of tanned flesh. “Ohhhhh please lady” he took a step forward then stopped looking like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights of my stare. He couldn’t hold out much longer, either his lust would spur him into action or he would spill it. “Imagine your dick between these big mommy pillows” I purred. “Orrrrr please” he moaned struggling to keep control. I opened my mouth and silently mouthed “Cum”.

“Nnnn” on the brink of spurting he rushed forward to grab my tits. I bent further and slid an arm between his legs then rose, grabbing hold of his T-shirt with my other hand. His body fell across my back, riding high across my shoulders. As I stood, raising my arm, feeling with disgust the spreading wet patch, I cartwheeled the boy off and slammed him into the floor on his back.

As I threw him, I kept hold of his other arm. I now pulled it forcing his head level with my thighs. Looking down at the fear in his eyes, I balled my fist and drove it into the side of his neck. “HAI!”. The guy nearly passed out then and there. While he was dazed I straddled him so that his face was looking up at me from between my legs then closed my long lithe limbs around his neck and squeezed. “Arghh” he cried as my inner thighs swelled tight against the sides of his neck. Relaxed, my legs are long, slender and toned; but as soon as I tense them, my quads become visible especially my outer thighs that thicken into steel hard slabs of muscle and my strong swelling inner thighs. I kept relaxing and tensing my thighs, pumping them around the trapped boy’s neck. I love the way they expand from smooth and sexy to strong and powerful in an instant. “Arghh no please” the boy’s face was creased in pain as my beautiful strong thighs crushed hard like a vice. He grabbed my hard slabs of muscle with his hands in a futile attempt to part them. “Like steel columns, aren’t they?” I told him, loving the desperation in his face. “Ow!” I peeled his hands from my legs and bent his fingers back. “Bruise my legs and I’ll break your fingers. Understand?” I told him. “UNDERSTAND?” I repeated sternly. “Yes, please let me go” he begged. “No chance. You were very rude to me. Now you will suffer the consequences” I said. With the young black man struggling uselessly in my unbreakable leggy grip, I looked at his mates and flexed both arms. Rock solid mounds of hard strong female muscle rose from my slender arms. I pumped them a few times, and proudly watched them grower bigger and more defined. “See the power of a naked woman. Kneel down before me or suffer his fate” I felt so powerful, so utterly dominant as some of the boys actually got to their knees.

I made eye contact with each young man in turn, noting a mixture of fear, lust and adoration. The bulges in their trousers were rock solid and lurched spasmodically in frustrated denial. Some of them wouldn’t hold out much longer, but I wanted them all to spill their load for me. With my hands under my breasts, I lifted them as their mate flailed helplessly between my powerful legs. “More than a handful aren’t they, boys” I said “Not that you will ever experience the pleasure” I added. “BEG!” I commanded. “Oh oh please, please””I want you” “Please let me have you”. That opened the floodgates as most of the boys started begging and pleading for my body.

I just laughed at how pathetic they looked and flexed my double biceps again. “Look at my body. Look at how strong and sexy I am” I told them. “Please please” they were pathetic. Keeping my gaze on the ones who weren’t under my spell, I raised myself slowly on my toes. The struggles of the boy between my hard thighs became ever more frantic as the pressure increased. “Watch what this naked super-endowed woman can do with her body” I told them. “Arghhh please no more please I’m sorry” the trapped youth pleaded. I lowered my feet to the floor then raised myself back on my toes flexing my legs as hard as they could go. I could feel the muscles tense as hard as steel and burn as horrible gasping croaks came from the young man’s mouth. His desperate grasping of my thighs and his laboured croaking breath as he neared passing out really turned me on. “Go to sleep little boy” I coo as I clamp my thighs until they twitched and hurt. I saw the horrified expressions on his friends’ faces as his eyes fell vacant and his hands fell from my legs. I held on tight for a few more seconds savouring the feel of the limp unconscious boy between my legs. I could really cum doing this, but this wasn’t the place. Opening my legs, the boy fell senseless to the floor at my feet. I flexed another double biceps in victory watching the remaining boys fall to their knees looking up at me with a mixture of desperate longing and fear.

I stood in front of the leader, his eyes gazing longingly at my prominent frontage, his trousers twitching. “I’ve won our wager. Now stand up” I ordered. He remained on his knees, looking terrified “Please lady, I want you so bad” he pleaded. “STAND!” I commanded. Nervously he slowly started to rise but he was too slow. I could see his eyes drinking in my long legs, then my pussy and toned flat stomach. His face level with the bottom of my breasts, he paused undecided whether to make a grab for them. “HAI!” the side of my hand axed the side of his neck. He reeled with the shock to the blood flow to his brain and almost fell back. I clasped his head on either side and pulled it right between my breasts. Hugging him tight, his head was completely swallowed by my massive mammories. “Mmm mmmm mmm” he moaned in desperation as I smothered him with my bosom. “How about these for deadly weapons boys? What a way to go eh?” I told his friends, all avidly watching with envious eyes. A seedy looking Oik creamed himself, no doubt imaging his manhood between my mounds.

“Mmm arghhh!” the leader gasps air as I pull him by his hair out of my mammoth pillows and force him to stand straight. “Please no more, you’ve won, okay. Please just leave me alone” he begs, panting for breath and absolutely terrified. “I’ve got just one more thing to show you. Something very special for you” I tell him. Holding his hand, I lifted my knee high into the air at my side then straightened my shin bringing the leg vertical in a standing side splits. “Ohhhh you’re incredible. Oh please I want to feck you all night long!” he pleads, desperation in his voice and turmoil in his pants but he is too scared to touch me. “See this gash? You’re never getting in there” I taunted.

Still holding his hand, I lowered my shin but kept my knee high. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” I repeatedly kicked out my lower leg from my raised knee in rapid succession blasting his face over and over. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” God I loved this as I went berserk with quick fire face mashing kicks without lowering my leg. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” I didn’t let up the devastating firestorm, the youth’s head jerking back and forth like he was having a spaz attack. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” I didn’t need to yell but I loved the effect it has on men. I was getting more and more turned on, my kicks got stronger and stronger, turning his face into a bloody mess. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” I was the naked big-breasted warrior destroying the arrogant male with nothing but my deadly feet. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” the pounding hailstorm continued, my grip on his hand preventing him from moving out of range.

My body is so tingling and alive, I can feel the orgasm coming but the arrogant creep is not going to last. I lower my leg to floor then change my mind. “HAI!” my foot pistons in a side kick burrowing deep into his gut. His body folds forward, his head back, his eyes screwed tight with his mouth open as the oxygen is stomped from his lungs. I spin and kick. “HAI!” a hammer blow to his ruined face blasts him upright again. “HAI!” I continue to spin and deliver a powerful chest kick that drives his body back so hard that he flies across the room into the pool table. “ARGGHHHHH!” the sensual lust building inside me like a volcano about to burst its top, I went absolutely ballistic laying down a blitzkrieg of non-stop long legged destruction all over his head and body. “ARGHHHHHHH” lost in my bezerker sexual lust, I spun and kicked in continual motion blasting kick after kick. His body twitched like a grotesque puppet from the power of my kicks.

Close to climax, I see he is dead on his feet and can take no more. I shove my boobs in his face. “BEG!” I command full of sexual rage. “Pllllllease” he mutters through his mashed mouth.

Driven by my pending orgasm, I leapt high into the air. “HAI!” I yell at the top of my voice, as my foot blasts out at head height driven by a powerful orgasm. I cum so hard I actually squirt into his face milliseconds before my foot connects with it. The kick is so powerful that I fear I’ve snapped his skull right off his spine as his lights go out and shoots over backwards in a spray of blood. I watch for a moment, there is complete silence. The kneeling boys look completely terrified. Then, with relief, I spot the boy’s chest rising and falling softly.

I sat on the pool table and opened my legs wide exposing my snatch as well as the sides of my sleekly muscled claves. “Come here” I order. With madly bulging pants and terrified looks they approach then stop out of range of my long legs, knowing how they had destroyed their friends. One of them steps forwards then stops undecided and started moaning. “Please. Please mistress. Please I want to worship your body please” he begs. That triggers the others to moan and beg.

“You, come here” I ordered the boy who had called me his mistress. Warily, expecting a trap he came closer. “That’s it, right up close. I won’t bite” I encouraged him, opening my mouth in a sexy pout. In a display of my flexibility I leaned back on the table and pulled my legs back under my elbows to that my feet were near my head, my gash open wide. “Just imagine what I’m like in bed” I teased. “Ohhhhh nnnnnn” some of them were losing it, the boy standing before looked like he was about to do the same. I grabbed his head and plunged his face right into my gash rubbing it up and down against my clit. To my pleasure I felt the boy’s tongue. “Ohhhhhh yes lap it up. Lap it up real good” I gasped. “Nngn nnngn nnng” it didn’t me long to cum again.

In post-coital bliss, I pushed the boy away and smiled at what I saw. There was not a dry pair of trousers in the room. Putting back on my clothes, I took the money from the table and left. Maybe this trip was going to be profitable after all.
The birth of the clandestine trends seen in modern secret societies occurred in 1776 when Adam Weishaupt, a defected Jesuit and professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, began a secret cult called the Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria. Using the term “illuminati” to describe themselves, international financiers soon persuaded him to form an elite club of “luminaries”. They aspired to create a one-world, one-religion, white male racist and sexist order, that they and their successors would rule as undisputed leaders. Their central tenet was the acquisition and control of wealth. The best way to achieve this was to generate conflict, reduce the common population and finance both sides.

“The role of the Masons in the Banking Community” Dr.C. Porter-Bowl

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