The Wrath of the Goddess (JPECHO#03)

Namur suffers the terrible vengeance of the Goddess Anahita

Thanks to Asura Mahisha (Musclasura) for the Hindu mythology and bringing the amazing Carmen Amara (pictured above – yes I know she is not Indian!) to my attention.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends
you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read
on. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely

(c) JIM P 2012

“This appears to be a previously unknown part of the tale of Durga versus Mahishasura from the Temple of Anahita”
Decoded by Lord Gerald Symthe-Jones 1876. Embellished by Jimp

It came to pass that Mahishasura sat upon his conqueror’s throne, elevated high above the floor of his mighty temple. He sat upon a huge seat fashioned from layers of skulls and bones from thousands of slain humans which made the plain of cowering slaves sorely afraid as they lay prostrate before him. The face of the demon lord was a garish green, the upper part framed in black while red covered the lower from ear to ear. He was not as they and he wanted them to know it. A black strip ran across his wide glaring eyes while the thick luxuriant red moustache of which he was so proud sat above his wide red mouth and was upturned at his cheeks. White bony knobs on the tip of his broad nose and upon his forehead worn proudly proclaimed his evil. Resplendent in golden ornaments, the demon king was unashamedly naked, proudly displaying his massive physique. The humans trembled at the very sight. It seemed to them that his very muscles themselves had muscles. He puffed up his mighty chest as broad as 5 or 6 humans and covered with thick curled black hair. Between legs as thick as the oldest oak, the grey-haired human Queen sucked upon his tremendous lingam, her jaw straining to contain its mighty girth. Her subjects averted their eyes but he pointed a finger at the council of 13. “Make sure they watch her subjugation or you will be next and it will not be from the front” he decreed and the ministers rushed to obey. “Where is your saviour now?” Mahishasura spoke in a loud voice that rumbled from distant mountains like thunder. “I am your God now”.

Man had been created to relieve the Gods from the tedium of the work of agriculture, irrigation and building. Now the demons used them for warfare. The Queen almost drowned upon his seed but Mahishasura was unconcerned. He summoned forth Namar and commanded him to capture the Goddess Durga and bring her to him.

After the slaying of Chikrashur [ECHO#02], Namar intended to overwhelm the Goddess with the multitude of his army. Driving his sky chariot powered by the energy of the suns themselves, his team of demons drove a legion of humans before them with whips and chains. Cresting the foothills of the mountain, a line of women appeared before them cloaked and hooded in black. These were not of a human line but the supervisors, a female race to whom the gods had delegated oversight of their workforce. Taller, stronger and faster than humans, but without their reproductive weaknesses they were naturally skilled in combat. A band of red across their eyes signified danger. The humans faltered but the demons drove them on. Speaking with a single voice that humans were ingrained into their very being to obey, the robed women spoke “HALT. TURN AROUND. RETURN TO THE MINES AND DO NOT RETURN”. As one, the humans turned around and left the field of battle, unable to disobey no matter how hard the demons flayed them. With great anger, Namar hurled a whirlwind of biting sand at the women. At a blink, red lenses appeared over their eyes as they stood firm. Cursing, Namar took to his sky chariot and shot a volley of arrows towards the Vindhya Mountain. As a result, the whole mountain was covered by innumerable arrows. Yet none touched the supervisors for they were blessed with the protection of the Goddess.

Anahita, who some call Maa Durga amongst other names, stepped forth dressed in an imperial red saree with gold trim that clung to a full shapely figure in such manner that instilled longing among all who viewed her with every movement she made. She was stunningly beautiful with light tanned skin with a small delicate looking face, a slim elegant nose and a small sensual mouth that any man longed to kiss. Her long hair flowed loose like a dark river down her back. Under long sleek arching eyebrows were brown almond shaped eyes with thick eyelashes that captivated all who gazed upon her and stirred the linga. She stood over two heads taller than the tallest man with such simple elegant beauty that when she smiled, the demons could not but smile back but the Goddess was not in the mood for courtship. This defiant act had made her wrought with fury. With ten sets of weapons in as many hands, she carved a bloody path through their midst. Her face remained calm and gentle as she became a whirlwind of death. All around her, the sun flashed off whirling steel and spilt blood. Some were slain by the sword, others by her mace or war hammer and many by her arrows. Even her lion-mount Simha killed many demons.

The demons were completely surprised by the ferociousness of the attack. Filled with the lust of the battle, Anahita shred her saree and adopted her two armed form to reveal a battle halter of black leather that covered her large perfect breasts and a fringed leather girdle. Beautiful and delicate was her face but her body was powerful in stature yet with the charm of a woman. Smooth firm hairless skin covered a strong sturdy yet shapely body that radiated both immense strength and sexual allure. A woman’s face but a warrior’s arms thick and strident with muscle with veins as thick as creepers. Broad shoulders narrowed to a small waist set with a sturdy midriff. Legs were wide and bulging with such raw power that many moaned with dismay and longing in equal measure. The Goddess raised her arms to the sky then brought them down level with her wide shoulders. Many trembled as a terrifying mass arose upon her arms and hardened into high steep peaks like the mountains themselves. Yet others felt feelings of submissive desire, their trouser swords rising firm.

“Seize her for she is just a woman” Namar cried and hurled his spear at her intending to maim but not kill her. As the spear soared across the battlefield, the Goddess placed her hands behind her head and the demons gasped as large steps of stone came forth from her flat stomach. The spear bounced harmlessly off the rocky path on her belly. “Is that the best you can do Namar? Come strike me me again. Your puny blows are no match for my body” she mocked. Angered, Namar threw a large iron spike at Anahita and watched in awe as she caught it between her massive bare thighs. The demons felt ill at ease as her legs swelled thicker than a tree trunk, glistening with an inner strength, before the iron spike snapped atwain. “Come Namur. Come lay yourself between my legs, if you dare” she teased but the thought filled Namar with dread. Surely such mighty legs would break him, even though she was only a woman. Yet so smooth skinned and alluring were they, radiating such immense power, that a sail as erect as a ship’s mast had arisen at the front of his breeches.

Filled with mirth, the Goddess flexed her mighty arms and brought them in front presenting a terrifying vision. So massive was she, with every muscle swollen with sheer power and every tendon standing out like creepers on a stone pillar on her smooth hairless brown skin. Even her large breasts were swollen and rippling in anger; a frightening torn and ribbed deep canyon of untouchable pleasure taunting all who watched. Yet upon this massive powerful body was a face so pretty and full of allure. “Come play with me, boys. If you dare” her words were as rich as pouring honey. Such was the raw feminine power that many a demon’s wand rose in salute and some threw themselves upon the ground to worship her magnificence. Many turned and fled but the vengeful Goddess showed them no mercy. Tearing boulders from the ground, she hurled them high into the air where they travelled across the battlefield to fall upon the fleeing demons and crush them. Others she slew with her bare fists driven by powerful arms that smote a demon’s head clean from his neck or punched clean through his skull. Some tried to strike her but broke their fists upon her rocky stomach while she laughed in amusement before slaying them. Through the bloodshed and carnage Anahita laughed with glee as she exercised her wondrous body. “Come, play with me Namar” she called with seduction whilst wrapping a mighty arm around the neck of his commander. Namar was captivated by her dark sensuous eyes atop her sleek nose and her parted tender lips, so full of promise, so full of temptation. The muscle in her arm swelled like a flesh covered boulder until it was larger than the commander’s head and the air was rent with the terrible sound of cracking skull. Giving flight to Namar’s feet, he fled to his sky-chariot and took to the air. “Oh don’t run away, little one” she laughed.

Radiant and supreme was Anahita, her long dark hair hanging loosely framing a face full of smouldering passion, as she drew back her mighty bow and shot an arrow into the sky craft causing it to falter. Her glorious body shone like polished sculpted oak as she tore off a mighty tree branch then hurled it overhead like a spear. It struck the chariot a grievous blow and it fell to the ground carving out a great ravine.

Namar was alarmed by the sound of tearing metal and watched in awe as the Goddess gripped the chariot with her bare hands then strained with every fibre of her being. Her arms swelled like the mightiest oak covered with rippling creepers then to his horror the metal began to buckle and tear. “Come play with me, little demon. Do not hide” she teased with a lilting melodic voice. He gasped at the thickness of the swollen muscle on the back of her arms as she ripped away another shield. He felt weak yet aroused as her biceps bulged with peaks as tall as his head as she ripped through the armour. Anahita saw him, her sultry brown eyes locking his gaze and burrowing into his being. “I see you, little demon. Come out and face me like a man” her small full lips moved so sinuously that Namar was mesmerised as she ripped his chariot apart with her bare hands as easy as tearing leaves. BLAM! He cried in alarm as a sudden booming sound rocked the chariot. The tall woman was punching great holes in the armour with her fists. “Come out, come out, wherever you are” she trilled. So mighty was her power that Namar was greatly afraid yet this very aspect made her highly alluring and he desired her. BLAM! Her mighty fist broke through and exposed him. She stood tall over him, her firm tanned body gleaming in the sun with her face smiling like a predator that had found its prey. “Come into my embrace, little one” she sang flexing a fearsome bicep at her side.

But like a slimy snake, Namar slipped her grasp and fled to his battle elephant whereupon he unleashed his devastating weapon, Shakti. The sacred force shone across the land with radiant power brighter than the sun. All living creatures not under the Goddess’s protection withered and died before its brilliance. The very trees were rent from the ground and the land itself was poisoned and laid barren. He also attacked her mount-Simha by releasing many arrows towards it, but Anahita protected it and the barrels bounced off her hard body without harm. Inflamed by this wicked act, she rode towards him, her face full of fury. “You will pay for this foul deed, Namar” she roared “You will feel the full power of my wrath”. Their mighty mounts colliding, the battle elephant held the Simha with its trunk but the Goddess’s mount somehow released itself from the trap and attacked Namar. The demon lord fell from his steed and the Goddess was upon him.

Namar raised his sword to smite Anahita but she caught his wrist. It was as if his hand was set in stone, he could not move it. Namar felt so weak, too helpless to withstand the power unleashed by this woman’s massive rippling arms. His lingam throbbed as he felt the unbridled force of her arms as she toyed with him, moving his arm wherever she wished, her terrifyingly rocky arms swelling with menace. She pulled him close and entranced him with her delightful face that set his desire aflame. Namar wondered how such a beauteous woman could have such a massive muscular body. She was many times stronger and bigger than any man he knew except maybe Asura Mahisha himself. Yet he felt overwhelming submission and desire. “Oh, marvellous Goddess. Please let me worship you with my body and my heart’s desire” he pleaded.

“Worship this, little demon” Anahita replied and holding his sword hand aloft, slowly drew back her right arm and clenched her fist. “Please no. Mercy!” he cried at the sight of the huge growing mass swelling on her arm. It grew large and rugged, peaking like a small mountain until it seemed larger than his head. BLAM! Her fist slammed like a mighty hammer, plunging through his chest armour and deep into his stomach. “Borrarrgh!” he wailed aloud as his organs were flattened forcing a great wind from his mouth. The Goddess released him and he fell at her feet groaning and unable to catch his spilt breath.

Thus the Goddess leapt upon the fallen demon lord sitting high astride his chest. He felt her warm bare thighs close around his head and was afraid as they gripped with the strength of a python. “Look at the blight you have visited upon this land. Nothing will be able to grow here for millennia” she told him. The divine one raised her arms and flexed mighty peaks of wrath. “Tremble at my magnificence, little demon. How can all your armour protect you when I have these” she taunted. So large grew the peaks that they blocked out the sun casting a shadow of dread upon him. So great did her chest expand that her breasts broke free from her battle bra causing Namar to spill his seed at the sight of such glory. “So soon?” she teased then raised her fists.

BLAM! the long haired vision of loveliness hammered her fist into the face of the demon trapped beneath her legs. BLAM BLAM her fists swung with slow measured power as a smith beating out iron. The mighty punches reverberated throughout the mountains. Namar had never before felt such power and felt his face breaking. The thunderous blows ceased. “Still alive, little one?” the wondrous Goddess asked. “Then feel the weapons the Gods have bestowed upon woman”. Anahita stretched out her legs and focussed her might. Namar screamed as her thighs grew so large that he could barely hold onto them as each swelled into three large rocky hills with deep crevices between. He screamed as the very bone of his skull bent under terrible pressure. The demon screamed so loud that they heard his pain in the mountains beyond. “Oh yes!” the Goddess threw back her head with her eyes closed and face full of blissful countenance. “Oh this is the only thing a demon is good for” she sighed with pleasure. The demon lord whimpered under the relentless grinding pressure of her iron hard thighs. Even the sight of her magnificent bare breasts could not pacify him. “Oh do be quiet, little one” the Goddess laughed as her thighs swelled so large they enveloped his head and a deathly silence fell upon the glade.

Namur was not dead. He awoke with a grievous pain in his skull and hearing a wheezing noise before realising it was his own breathe passing through a ruined throat. The demon lord felt something close to worship for this superior female as she stood before him, completely naked unashamedly displaying her magnificent strong physique. Lifting his face by his hair, she spoke to him like the worthless defeated beast that he was. “Well, little one. You will not die so quickly. What shall I do with you now? How shall I punish you for your sins?” she asked. Before he could answer, Anahita bent down and picked him from the ground as easily as if he were a small child. Seizing him painfully by the neck and between his legs, she lifted his heavy body to her shoulders then up above her head with a display of dramatic strength as it he weighed no more than an empty jug. Her naked muscles gleamed in the sunlight, the vast strength overwhelmed him and his trouser sword stiffened once more. “You salute me again, little one” she chuckled.

For five miles or more the mighty Goddess ran, carrying Namar aloft, across the steep rugged mountain side. Her arms and legs never tired. Namar looked down helplessly from his vantage point at her naked body watching her perfect breasts bounce and her thighs flex and wane like thick sinuous pythons of destruction. Such was the magnificence of the powerful muscles in motion, gleaming in the sun, that his lingam grew quickly until he spilled his seed. “Again? Little one. Why you certainly are honouring my superiority with your life force” she chuckled without shortage of breath.

It was in this manner of humiliation that the divine Goddess of power, Anahita, carried the demon lord, Namar, to a great cavern in the mountain side. Whereupon she threw his back across her shoulders and placing a hand upon his chin and between his legs, pulled down with tremendous force that bent his back around her broad shoulders. Namar screamed as she stretched his back. “Sing for me, little demon” she laughed. “Shall I pull you asunder as though drawn apart by two stallions, little one?”. As the demon screamed, the Goddess applied her touch to his trouser sword. She is both gentle and mild yet frightful and terrible. So wondrous was her skill that it quickly stiffened then she shortly brought forth a small fountain before his back broke. “Pleasure and pain, little one. That is a woman’s gift to bestow upon a man” she told the weeping demon.

Demons are harder to kill than humans yet the Goddess had smote hundreds with her bare hands. Demon lords are harder still to kill, yet even Namar knew that this beautiful but deadly woman was toying with him, making him suffer for his sins. Anahita lowered Namar to his feet, towering over him and holding him up with a mighty arm. Eyes of seduction ringed by thick lashes gazed down along a sleek nose, her luscious lips partly open in a superior pose that drove the demon to distraction. She uttered a single word that sent shivers down his spine and stoked his desire. “Beg” she uttered. Grasping his forearms she forced him to his knees with overwhelming force. Too strong to resist, Namar watched with helpless resignation as her thick powerful arms swelled to massive size as their vastly superior strength made him feel insignificant. “Please mighty Goddess. Spare me so I might worship in your presence forever” he pleaded for verily did he speak the truth.

“Men. Such weak willed creatures. Always thinking with their Linga” Anahita laughed. Pulling the vanquished demon up, the tall beauty lifted him with a single arm and pressed his back against the cave roof. Namar looked down in fear as she held him aloft and drew back a mighty fist. “Mercy” he whimpered. The Goddess smiled. “Of course. I will show you the same mercy you showed to the creatures of the forest when you unleashed the sacred force” she told him. BLAM! with arms as thick and rugged as the mountains themselves, the divine beauty drove her fist with such mighty force into the demon’s belly that his body was driven into the very stone itself. BLAM! the mighty blows shook the mountains. “You are the lowest of the low, hiding behind your machines. I will not dance with you, you will feel the full force of my fury”. BLAM! demon’s bones are as hard as stone, yet they were no match for the Goddess’s vengeful blows. BLAM! A fissure in the rock opened up under the woman’s earthshaking punches and her fists folded the demon deep into it whereupon his broken body was embedded in the stone so that only his head remained hanging from the roof. She took his face in her hands and stared into his eyes, her eyes seemed to burn into his very being. She was so beautiful. He could no longer feel his lingam but was certain that it would be stiff. “One day many centuries from now, someone may find your bones buried deep in the rock. What will they make of you, little demon?” she said.

Thick columns of rippling muscle reached up towards him and pulled his head into her vast bare chest. She wrapped her fearsome arms around his head so that her biceps pressed on other side. Namar tried to scream as the massive peaks swelled and grew irresistably large, yet his chest was broke. CRACK! SNAP! Even as he died, the raw power of this magnificent woman makes his lingam unload one last time. SNAP! CRACK! The Goddess flexed and pressed her mighty arms together until the iron hard peaks of her biceps came met with not even the smallest of living matter between.
Editor’s note:  readers may remember the strange case of Professor Parminda Sharma in 1976. Professor Sharma was looking for archaeological remains in the very region in which this bizarre ancient text is set. Several miles from an unusually straight ravine known locally as devil’s gorge, the good Professor discovered the highly compressed fossilised remains of a previously unknown species embedded deep within the roof of a cavern. The specimen appeared to have suffered a great deal of trauma and the head was missing, but the remainder indicated a biped similar in shape but much larger than early humanoids but with unusual reptilian characteristics not least a tail. Before Professor Sharma could summon help to remove the find, the Indian Army closed the site and confiscated his photographs and notes. The official verdict was that he had exposed a pocket of noxious gas which had a hallucinogenic effect and that he had dreamt the whole thing. Which only goes to show the value of conducting a full toxic analysis of any site before excavation. Local rumours of excavations by DARPA over many years in the vicinity are discounted.

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