Danger, Fat Bully Girl At Play (JIMP#33)

Jim discovers the dangers of turning down a horny fat girl

Why should all the skinny girls get the fun? artwork above by the amazing Namio

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
I had managed to get an invite for the launch of “The Star of Maya” by posing as a local journalist. This was one of the world’s largest and most luxurious cruise liners. It is owned by Lord Templeforth; a very reclusive man who I wanted to question about his connection with the secretive “L’ordre de Maya” and the rumoured ‘London Below’ [JIMP#29]. I’ve never been on a cruise ship before and even though I was only going to spend a day and night aboard while it sailed around Britain, I was looking forward to the experience.

I was herded with the rest of the Press pack into a guided tour of the leviathan, gob smacked to find a floating city complete with shopping precinct, cinemas, swimming pools, casinos and several restaurants. After a whistle-stop tour of the opulent Upper Decks escorted by heavily armed guards to keep us away from the rich and the privileged, I was becoming quite fatigued. Back on the lower decks, my interest started to wane except for when I spotted a good looking mature Oriental with great calves and what looked like a huge bust [JIMP#32].

So it was that I found myself with the other hacks in the central atrium bar. And what a bar! The carpeted floor looked like it was pock marked with large circular craters, each being a sunken area for a group of tables and padded circular seating. Even more impressive was that the whole bar was on an enormous platform that slowly rose and descended through all 20 decks like an oversized elevator. The large floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall glass front of the bar overlooked the massive central atrium that spanned most of the decks.

“So when do we meet Templeforth?” I asked one of the more experienced Fleet Street hacks. “No chance. Hates the lower classes” he replied as he supped his pint. At this point the bar had reached the top deck. He indicated to the entrance outside of which stood a group of heavily armed guards. “First Class. Strictly Upper Class only”. “How come they’re allowed guns? We’re still in British territorial waters” I asked. “Banking immunity. Saw a colleague get shot at G8 by Templeforth’s guards. Cops didn’t bat an eyelid” he snarled and pretends to tug his forelock. “Yes sir, right you are sir, three bags full sir. Bastards” he mutters.

“Not a fan then?” I said. “Did you know that in the economic meltdown his personal wealth actually increased at least twenty fold even though he owns several of the International banks that were bailed out by tax payers? Those very same Governments had to turn to him to loan them the money to bail out his banks; Kerching!” he told me. “So why you aren’t reporting this?” I asked. “Him and his mates own all of the major Governments, the IMF and control the media. Try to report it and you’re not only out of a job but will never work in media again” he replied. “That’s if they don’t make you disappear, that is” he added ominously.

I needed something to eat to absorb the alcohol and to pace myself and stay sober. The seasoned hacks were knocking it back like there was no tomorrow. The bar had its own menu so after waving over a waitress, I ordered something and charged it to my room number. The waitress was Japanese and didn’t speak fluent English but I managed to make her understand what I wanted. After a while she brought over my food, smiling and winking at me. When she had left the other reporters started joking. “I think she fancies you”, “You’re well in there, if you like porkies that is”.

She was certainly a big girl. Very big boned and large framed, clearly overweight. The short black waitress dress she wore was very unflattering and did nothing to hide her tree-trunk figure, flabby belly and huge arms. The uniform also consisted of black fishnet tights and low-heeled black shoes, showing off her massive legs. She was also very tall, probably 6’5. She had a very youthful looking face that suggested late teens or early twenties. Auburn coloured hair framed a chubby rounded face with slim black eyebrows, small eyes, a cute little upturned nose and small mouth with luscious thick lips and very chubby cheeks. Her neck was virtually non-existent, her head seemingly sitting on her very wide shoulders. As I ate and drank, she kept looking at me making me feel very uncomfortable.

As the reporters got drunker, I increasingly felt isolated and lonely and decided to try and find my room. To my discomfort, I found that my room was literally in the bowels of the ship. I found myself in a dimly lit world of narrow corridors, metal walls, low overhead metal beams and big rivets. It very much reminded me of those war films set on submarines and that did nothing to re-assure me. Finally I found my room right at the end of the corridor and in my mind at the very stern and bottom of the ship (although I was sure there must have been the engine rooms beneath). The metal door with rivets all around the edge did nothing to quell my nerves, although it was opened by a smart card rather than turning a wheel. Opening the door, I found myself in a very claustrophobic room, sparsely furnished and with no portholes because it was well below the water line which added to my unease.

As I was only staying the night, I didn’t bother to unpack. It was quite warm and stuffy so I decided to change into just my pyjama bottoms. I had just settled down on the bed trying to find something decent to watch on the TV when there was a knock on the door. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting anyone.

Opening the door, I found the waitress from the bar looming over me (I’m only 5’8″) with a bottle in her hand. “I finish work. I bring drink. You like. We drink” she said as though it were an order. She kept moving forward forcing me to back up and before I knew it she was in the room and closing the door behind her. “Umm I ur” I was flabbergasted. The last thing I had expected was the girl from the bar to turn up in my room. She looked at me sternly. “Wot you no like Kamiko? You not think pretty?” she demanded angrily. “No, of course” I lied not wanting to hurt her feelings.

“Drink very special. Make lot of boy juice. Keep you hard. Make you fuck all night long” she said taking out some glasses from the unit against the wall. “We drink and fuck” she stated brazenly. I looked at her aghast at her forward manner. I really didn’t fancy her and couldn’t think how to let her down gently. Now if it had been that sexy Oriental I’d seen earlier, that would have been a different matter. “You think I’m no good?” she read the expression in my face. “I make many men fuck me” she told me, getting angry. “I make you fuck me. Fuck me hard all night long” she said moving towards me, invading my personal space. I tried to move back, but the room was so small that my back came up against a wall. She loomed over me, making me feel really small, her big wide chest almost in my face. This giant young Japanese woman made me feel very nervous. “But you no want to fuck me, so we fight. We fight then fuck. Fight hard, fuck hard” she said looking down at me.

Suddenly a large puffy hand clamped around my throat, large thick fingers like sausages dug in deep into the sides of my neck, clamping hard. “Krkkkk” I gasped as very strong fingers strangled my windpipe. I felt her upper thigh pressing against my groin as she held me against the wall wringing my neck. This couldn’t be happening. How could a girl start strangling me and I could do nothing to prevent it? I clutched at her thick podgy wrist in desperation trying to pull her hand away but it was as immobile as the strong fingers squeezed my airways shut.

“Such little neck fit in hand. I could crush like coke can” she giggled like a little girl. “Kkk kkk” to my horror I was forced onto my toes as she lifted me by my throat. Her fingers were so strong; it felt like she could rip out my windpipe. “Grkkkk Grkkkkk” it felt horrible having someone else’s hand around my throat throttling me. Frantically I pulled at her thick fleshy forearm with both hands but I couldn’t budge the deadly strangling grip. “Japanese women very strong” she told me as my eyelids fluttered bathed in red and my head swam. “Kkkk” “I could knock out then fuck but I want plenty fight-fuck. Japanese women very good fighters. We like plenty fight-fuck. Western men always lose” she told me shaking me by the throat, my feet barely on the floor, as I held onto her wrist and barely held onto consciousness.

“Keeessh” the crush around my windpipe eased enough for me to gulp down precious air. Abruptly the hand around my throat angles against my jaw like a wide fleshy lever forcing my head to tilt back to look up at her face. Then her mouth was all over me, smothering my lips with big slobbery kisses. I was powerless to stop her as she gripped my neck and plastered my lips with her wet gaping mouth. The tactile sensations of her thick lips against mine was quite stimulating, even more so when I felt her other hand slip inside my PJ’s and start to massage my manhood. Her strong mouth forced my lips apart and her tongue slipped inside. It felt like there is a big muscular slippery sea monster writhing inside my mouth, wrestling with my tongue and probing my cheeks. She withdraws for a moment, leaving me gasping and gives my dick a gentle squeeze. “Geisha trick. Get man real hard”. “Mmmmm” she plunges into my mouth again playing tongue hockey while my dick grows and stiffens in her hand as she pumps my rod.

All of a sudden she stops and releases me. I stood for a few moments feeling my bruised and sore neck, a bit frustrated that she had stopped getting me off. “Come. Fight. Who stronger?” the big girl said as she removed her uniform. Standing before me in a black sleeveless slip and knickers, she leapt forward to grab my hands. I was unable to stop her as she skipped backwards into the centre of the room pulling me with her. She stopped then pushed one of my hands back over my head while pulling the other close to her body. “Come fight, fight Kamiko” she trilled. I found myself in a trial of strength with the oversized girl, but shockingly I find her a lot stronger than I expected. No matter how hard I push back, her big thick arms push and pull my hands wherever she wants. There was something exhilarating and strangely erotic about being completely overpowered by a big scary fat girl. Soon she has me forearm to forearm, my arm looking like frail skinny twigs against her massive arms. There is nothing I can do as she completely overwhelms me forcing me to my knees. Looking up at the young giantess soaring above me, I feel a mixture of shame at being beaten so easily whilst also being turned on by her hidden strength. “I win. You wimp” she crowed.

Grabbing my wrist, she pulled me to my feet as if I weighed next to nothing then wrapped a big meaty arm around my head pulling the side of my face tight against her wide right breast with her forearm like a thick fleshy bar across the side of my neck. I saw her grasp her hands together in front of her to secure the bone crushing headlock. “Arghh” God she was terribly strong. I grasped at the wide forearm crushing the side of my neck, my eyes screwed against the incredible pain, but it was stuck firm. To support myself, I had wrapped my arm around her waist with my hand on her hip. “Arrr arggg arrg” she twisted my locked head with several sharp movements that wrenched at my neck forcing me to cry out in pain. My hand found her arm on the other side. Slapping the big meaty arm just annoyed her and she wrenched my head so hard that I went dizzy seeing stars and bright lights. “You slap, I rip head off” she told me. “Arggg” her headlock was so strong that I no doubt that she could do it. The circulation was being cut off from my brain by the brutally tight bar across the side of my neck, making me light headed. Still grasping her arm, my hand suddenly encountered something I didn’t expect. Her shoulder cap stood proud like a rock in a sea of soft flesh. Moving my hand down, I gulped in shock to find a big solid bicep bulging from those wide flabby arms. “Kamiko have big muscle. Make many men fight-fuck” she said, my dick growing harder as I felt the powerful muscle while my neck felt the brutal crush she could exert.

She twisted the headlock again, throwing me to my knees with a blinding jolt of pain. Slipping behind me, my head was wrenched back against her chest. With a single strong forearm tight across my throat, I felt her big hand slip down my PJs. “Good, you like dom. I make you plenty hard. Cum lots” she said as her big meaty hand slid up and down my growing erection. Faster and faster her hand got working me into a full-blown rock solid boner while her big strong arm crushed my neck. “Kamiko very good. Black belt in marital arts” she giggled. “Oh yes” I gasped in pleasure at the sensations her hand was giving me. Occasionally she would stop wanking me off and use both arms to apply such pressure to the headlock that I nearly passed out. “Kamiko in charge. Very strong. Plenty dom” she said. Then she continued to work on my rod, her hand pumping rapidly. I couldn’t move; her arm was too strong as she wanked me off while keeping me on the verge of blacking out. My head span, my eyes were screwed tight and my teeth clenched against the terrible crush around my neck, while her hand pumped my rod faster and faster. “Japanese women like KO man. Make very horny” she said. Her hand was pumping so fast that I could imagine it to be a blur as it sped up and down my shaft. “Orrrrr” I could feel the pressure building up as my dick responded to her skilful hand.

For an instant I found my head free but then I was looking at the back of her shoulder as the thick fleshy arm re-positioned itself in front of my neck, forcing my head to bend back sharply to look at the ceiling of the room behind me. “Arghhh” I clenched my eyes as a terrifying new pressure asserted itself on my neck. “Reverse dragon sleeper. Very strong hold” I heard her say, as she resumed her incredible hand job. “Urrgghhh” I can feel the blood drain from my head as she crushed my neck tight against her surprisingly solid arm. “You cum soon. Cum for Kamiko” I heard her above the buzzing in my ears. Red bathed my clenched eyes with jagged bolts of blue and I could taste bile. While my head may have been in agony, my cock was throbbing and my balls ready to burst. Finally I could hold back no longer. “Nnnnnn nnnn nnnnnar!” as I came in long hard spurts, the wall of hulking solid flesh around my neck tightened immensely and I just span into darkness.
I came around to find myself naked on the bed. “You wake at last. Good. You drink” Kamiko was standing over me and handed me a glass. “Drink. Special drink. Keep man very hard, very long time” she told me. I was parched, so I took the glass and drank. It was quite sweet and pleasant with a slight hint of alcohol. “It’s very nice, thank you” I told her between sips while re-appraising the oversized oriental. While tall, large-built and clearly overweight, I had definitely felt large solid muscle in her arms and had experienced her tremendous strength. The thought of how easily she had dominated made my groin twitch. She might not be much to look at but boy she was strong and highly skilled at arousing a man whether he wanted to be or not. “Fight or fuck, you choose” she asked. I didn’t need to think about it. Kamiko wasn’t exactly a petite Japanese beauty but the thought of being dominated by her really turned me on. “Fight, but only playful mind, then fuck” I replied with growing excitement. She smiled and placed her hand on my exposed genitals, which to my surprise, stiffened. “Good, drink work quick” she said as she took the empty glass from my hand and returned it to the side unit.

She turned to face the bed. “No!” to my horror she ran towards me then launched herself in the air. God-knows how many pounds of massive female weight fell towards me. WHAM! “Orrrrrrr” her dense body, at least twice the size of mine, slammed against me as she landed lengthways on top, crushing me deep into the springy mattress. Big podgy hands grabbed mine and tore them over my head with ease, an expanse of small but wide breasts hung above my face. The dangling breasts move away as she raised her body like a bridge over me. I felt claustrophobic and intimidated as her huge body poised over me like a cage, the thick columns of her meaty arms pinning my hands either side of my face and the wide heavy looking ceiling of her body above. “No mmooorrpgh” I cry in alarm as the roof collapses. “Borrrpph!” Her distended belly slams heavily into my stomach driving the air out of me; her breasts flopping against my face. “Mmmm mmmm” I moan into her chest as they mash my face from one side to the other as she wriggles on top of me. Then her body is rising once more. “No please” BAM again and again she would raise her body over my helplessly trapped body, giggling like a school girl then collapse down on me like a hundredweight of coal squashing me like a bug.

“Mmmmmm” the wide chest comes to rest on my face. She must be at least twice my weight and it felt like I was being squashed by a steamroller, her weight on my chest and belly making it hard to breathe. Suddenly I felt her large feet against the inside of my legs near my knees. “Mmmmm!” I cried into the smothering mounds as her thick legs rip my own wide apart effortlessly into a grapevine press. “Mmmm mmmm mm” I cried frantically, I was helpless, she just tore me apart and stretched me wide. It really did feel like she was going to rip my legs out of their sockets. I could put up no resistance whatsoever. She was so incredibly big and strong, I felt so tiny and insignificant against this giantess who could crush me as easily as though she was squashing an insect.

After what felt like an eternity of screaming ligaments and stressed joints the leg ripping torture stopped. The large bully girl leapt straight onto my chest and sat there. SLAP a large hand smashed into my right cheek driving my face the other way. SLAP another hand smashed my face the other leaving my cheeks burning and stinging. “You weak. You no match for Japanese woman” she admonished. SLAP Realising that my hands were now free, I grabbed her wrists before she could inflict any more damage. Shaking off my grip, she giggled. “You weak. You can’t stop Kamiko” she said.

Before I realised what was happening, she had quickly turned around and for a second, a massive backside clad in black briefs was blotting out my vision. Each buttock seemed bigger than my head. I didn’t even have time to cry out in alarm as they fell upon my face. “Mmmmmm” I cried as my face was enveloped between the large fleshy orbs, the immense weight driving my head deep into the mattress. My hands flapped uselessly against her hips and large thighs feeling the soft nylon of her large weaved fishnets and the soft flesh beneath. “Mmmmorph Mmmoor Mmmoorph” I felt a large fist plunge deep into my gut again and again pummelling my diaphram, the air from my lungs exploding noisily against her buttocks. “MmmmNo mmmNo mmm!” she began bouncing up and down on my face, lifting herself off momentarily, allowing brief snatches of air, before slamming back down. The bedsprings creaked alarmingly as the big girl used my face as a trampoline.

Finally the massive buttocks settled on my face and I felt her lean forward. “Mmmm” I moaned, my lips pressed deep inside her cavernous butt cheeks, as a big warm hand surrounded my dick and began to massage it. I was surprised by how quickly it responded and grew in her hands. That drink must really work. She continued working my manhood skilfully getting it stiff very quickly and then leant further forward, rotating her backside so that her crotch pressed lightly against my mouth. I gasped as a hot breath and warm wet cavern engulfed my manhood. A large wet slimy writhing muscle flickered around my rod, stimulating it, driving me crazy intermingled with fast powerful sucks that seemed to be pulling the sperm up my cock. “Oohhhhh you’re so good” I moaned as her tongue licked me into a raging hard-on. “Yes I tell you, Black belt sex. Kamiko very good with tongue. Get you very hard. Plenty bang bang” I heard her say.

She rose, leaving me on the bed with a raging erection. “Oh Kamiko, please don’t stop” I begged as I got up after her, wanting to be plunged back inside her mouth. “You want Kamiko or you want BJ?” she chuckled. “Oh yes BJ” I gasped. “Arghhh!” the air was crushed out of my lungs by a massive pair of arms enfolding themselves around my middle and pulling me tight against her belly. “Urr…..” I gasped, throwing my head back with my eyes screwed tight as my body was squashed tight against her dense mass. My feet dangled in the air as my inner thighs pressed against the tops of her sturdy legs. Struggling for breathe in her brutal bearhug, my hands beat uselessly against the tops of her thick arms slapping against the solidness underneath the flab. “I crush you like pillow” she giggled as she tried to pull me into her belly. I’m desperate, my mouth open for air but unable to expand my lungs to fill them. My hands are on her large solid shoulders as she pulls my abdomen so tight against her chest that it can’t move a millimetre to breathe. My head spins and the darkness closes as I jerk uselessly in her rock solid embrace.

Just as my head flops back with my eyes closed to let unconsciousness wash over me, I feel a slight ease of the pressure, a few millimetres of space within which a trickle of air entered my lungs. I felt a large hand behind my head raising it and I realise that she is crushing me with just one arm. Drained by the oxygen depletion and breathing rapidly but shallowly, I open my eyes to see chubby features right up close. She stares into my eyes with her fingers pressing into the back of my skull. “You old and weak. Kamiko young and strong. You Kamiko’s sex toy. Do whatever I want with you” she tells me then forces my mouth against hers. Her strong lips open my mouth and her powerful writhing tongue enters to wrestle my tongue in a passionate kiss violating me. I am unable to resist while she crushes my body with a single thick strong arm that barely allows me enough room to breathe. Feeling very weak and light headed, I was in no position to resist. Yet my manhood responded to the sensations in my mouth, re-awakening my hard-on. The growing stiffness was augmented by feelings of complete helplessness and the knowledge that this overweight young woman was strong enough to do with me whatever she wanted and there was nothing I could do about it.

Completely overwhelmed, I was unable to move as she French-kissed me against my will while crushing me with one arm. The kiss broke off suddenly leaving me gasping for breath. She slipped behind me, her large hand circling my neck then I felt her other hand slip between my legs and her shoulder press into my back. Suddenly I was rising into the air as she loaded my back across her shoulders as though I weighed next to nothing. “No Kamiko put me down” I demanded as I approached the ceiling, which looked very close. A meaty palm slapped over my mouth and jaw. “You my toy. You shut up!” she shouted. “Arghh!” I cried as she pulled down at both ends, stressing my back. “This back breaker. I break back if you no shut up” she told me as she bent my back across her broad shoulders causing me to scream in agony, my voice muffled by her hand. White-hot shooting pains burned up my back. Startled, I felt a hand grasp my dick and begin to play with it. Surprisingly it began to get stiff again although I had tears in my eyes from my strained spine. “What you going to do about it?” she taunted then giggled as she carried me around the room wanking me with other hand while maintaining the back breaker. “You very weak. Kamiko own you” she said as my cock grew under the ministrations of her hand while my back felt like it would break at any moment.

For a moment I was falling then my back hit the bed, bouncing several times on the springy mattress. Writing in agony, clutching my back, I was in no condition to resist as the giant bully girl grabbed my arms and pulled me to the end of the bed. My head hanging over the end, I watch in fascinated horror at the size of her thighs as they straddle me. Each look as thick as my head and I can see solid looking slabs of muscle move underneath her skin. The huge thighs totally engulf my head and clamp tight with a shocking power. “Argh!” It is like two flesh-covered steel walls of a car crush have closed in around my head and I was firmly stuck. I feel arms wrap around my waist then lift my body until I’m completely upside down. I gasp as I feel my dick enter her warm moist mouth which continues to suck me off and tease me with her amazing tongue. “Arghh” my head feels like it is in a compressor, underneath the soft flesh, my hands can feel large thick thighs bulging with tremendous raw power that threatens to crack my skull. My god, this frightening young girl might be large boned and fleshy but her muscles were incredibly strong and hard. There was nothing I could do to stop her toying with me. “Arghhh” Kamiko sucked and licked me into a raging boner at the same time as the plates in my skull felt like they would implode at any moment. Her mouth set up a powerful vacuum around my throbbing erection as her hungry sucking got faster and faster. “Ohhhhh” my dick was in heaven, being pleasured by a very skilful girl, but my head felt like it would cave in. “Ohhhhhh nnnnn nnnnnn”. As my dick succumbs to her amazing blowjob, my head succumbs to her large powerful thighs as she sends me to la-la land again.
I come around to find myself on the bed once more with Kamiko’s heavy weight sitting across my groin. My head is splitting and my back aches. “Please, I need an aspirin” I moan. A glass is shoved in my face. “Drink” she orders. “Look, I’ve have enough” I said loudly struggling to dislodge her. “That wasn’t playful you’ve really hurt my back and given me a headache. And I didn’t say you could knock me out. That really freaks me out. Get off me Kamiko. Get off me now” I said firmly as I sat up and pushed at her. A large hand grabbed me by the jaw as the other pushed the glass against my lips. “Drink or I break jaw” she said, pulling my mouth open with her strong fingers and pouring in the liquid so fast that I have to swallow quickly.

Emptying the glass, Kamiko got up to return it. I’m really fed up with this large overweight girl and her rough tactics. Perhaps if she were a dainty petite cute oriental, I might have enjoyed it, but she was large and brutal. I stood up and grabbed her by large shoulders. “I want you out of this room now. You can’t come in here and treat me like this” I told her as I tried to push her but found that she was as solid as a rock. “Get out now, I ORRRGH!”. Placing her hands on my shoulders, her knee unexpectedly hammered my balls. As I began to collapse in agony, she turns her body against me and whips me over her ample hip, slamming me into to the floor. “You no speak to me like that. You my toy. I do whatever I want. You fight-fuck or I break balls” she told me as I curled up clutching my aching balls. I heard a slapping noise and with tears in my eyes I looked up to see her slap her knee. “This hammer of the balls. Mash your balls real good” she giggled.

Racked in agony, I could only watch in horror as the overly large girl removed her clothes. Totally naked, she wasn’t a pretty sight as she stood over me and stepped on my neck. “Urkkk” I croaked as the weight increased on my neck until I am choking and clutching at her large immobile foot. “You cry like girl. Oh my back, oh my back” she taunts “You give me plenty licky licky or I crush you like worm” she told me. Removing her foot, she stood astride me and pointed to her pussy. “Lick now” she ordered.

I baulk at the sight of the girl’s flabby stomach and hairy pussy. She notices and looks angry. Taking a couple of steps back along my prone body she lifts my legs and steps on my groin, her foot playfully mashing my balls. “You licky or I break balls for ever” she says. Her strong toes grip my dick and massage it and her foot rubs my balls. I’m surprised as it starts to stiffen. “Make Kamiko cum or I break you” she tells me. Dropping my legs, she pulled me to my knees by my arms and shoved my face in her pussy but again the idea of licking that doesn’t appeal to me.

In anger, she threw me to the floor on my front and leapt onto my back. “Orrrr” she was a big heavy girl. “I make you beg to licky me” she shouted. Sitting on my lower back, she grabbed my throat with one hand and the top of my arm with the other. “Argh!” I cried as once more she punished my back by pulling my head back straining my torso to bend back while pinned by her enormous bodyweight. “Arghh no please Kamiko no” I begged. “You toy. You do what I say. I break if I want” she giggled as she continued to punish me.

I breathed a sigh of relief as she released my head, allowing me to flop to my chest. “Ow” I cried as a heavy weight sat on the back of my head, driving my face against the carpet. “Ow no please Kamiko no” I pleaded as I felt my feet pulled hard back, lifting and bending my lower body, punishing my spine. “You weak. You break easy” the giant girl giggled. “Arghh arghh please please I licky please no more” I shrieked as she pulled my feet right back until they were touching her knees. “Who you belong to?” she barked. “You, you please I belong to you” I cry, my lower back protesting in agony at the abuse. “You Kamiko’s toy. What are you?” she barked. “Kamiko’s toy. Please stop” I begged reduced to a pathetic crying wimp at the hands of this oversized girl.

I cried with relief when she dropped my feet and rolled me onto my back. She crouched above my face facing my feet and I shuddered as the massive backside lowered itself onto my face. Her buttocks moulded themselves over my eyes as she crouched on my face and I felt her position her pussy over my mouth. Unable to see, I tentatively put out my tongue feeling with disgust her hairy patch. I feel her guide my tongue in place and tell me “lick”. Suppressing the nausea, as I taste her sex, I begin to service her. “Oh yes, licky good” she moans.

As her excitement grew it became contagious and I find myself getting hard. I feel her hand steal to my dick and start pumping as I lick away. Soon the heavy weight on my face starts to shift and slide as her juices run, her breathing gets heavier and she moans deeply. “Oohhhh ohhhhh yess yess” she moans, holding onto my erection as she rubs back and forth on my face. Her movements get more frantic and her moans louder before climaxing in a frenzy rubbing herself so hard against my face that I’m struggling to breathe.

Finally Kamiko gets off my face and lies by my side but I still have the raging horn and want release. Rolling on top of her, I cup and kiss her breasts passionately. “Please Kamiko, don’t leave me like this. Please bring me off. Let me stick it in your marvellous mouth” I beg. Suddenly it feels like an earthquake then I’m falling off her body. “Orrrrrr” The large girl rolls on top of me, flattening me like a steamroller. “Orrpph” she’s so heavy as she lies high on my chest smothering me with her breasts. “You my toy. You pleasure me. I use you” I hear her say. Rolling again, she pulls me with her and I feel her massive legs encircle my chest. “Arghhhh” lying on my back, I pull at the leg on top of my chest, one hand either side of the knee positioned directly over my sternum. My efforts are in vain, her leg, which is crossed on the other side of my body, won’t budge as it presses down hard compressing my rib cage with a frightening pressure. “My legs very strong. I break plenty ribs” she giggled. “Please no” I gasped as I felt my ribs bend under the tremendous pressure. Once more her hand stole to my manhood and quickly started to massage it, awakening the erection. “Orrrrr please” I begged as she crushed my chest brutally while working me into a huge stiffy. “Please legs too strong” I gasped as her legs squeezed so tight that I could barely expand my lungs to breathe. She just giggled and pumped away fast at my dick.

“You plenty hard. You fuck me” she commanded, releasing me from her thick powerful legs. Climbing on top of me, she impaled herself upon my erection and started to ride hard. “Kkkkk” her hands came around my throat and squeezed tight. Up and down she slid, using my member like a demented pogo stick, her juices lubricating it as she rode herself into frenzy. “Kkkk” my head was spinning, it felt as if this was happening to someone else. Someone else was being ridden hard and fast by a large overweight Japanese girl who was strangling him while moaning in pleasure. “Ohhh ohhhhh ohhhh cum soon” she moaned as her hands tightened around my throat while pumping up and down my dick like a crazed rabbit getting faster and faster. The mattress springs squeaked loudly in a furious rhythm. “Yes yes ohhhh cumming ohhh” she wailed like a banshee as the sounds faded out and my vision greyed as she reached her climax.
I woke to the sight of a naked oversized Japanese girl lying by my side sipping a glass. Noticing that I was awake she silently handed me another glass without smiling. I take the drink to quench my thirst. As I drank I look at her thick but solid looking arms and legs that had caused me so much pain and humiliation. By contrast, the folds around her neck and the grotesque distended stomach made me feel disgusted that I had been making love to this tub of lard. “How long have you worked this cruise line?” I asked the reclining giantess. “6 month” she replied. “Have you met Lord Templeforth?”. “No, he very secret. No like working people. No see him at all” she said. “You have access to the Upper Decks?” I asked as I sensed another opportunity. “English no good. Only let pretty skinny girls up there”.”Working in the bar, you must overhear business people saying interesting things about Lord Templeforth” I said. “Oh yes. They think I no understand, but I understand good” She replied. “Have they ever mentioned London Below?” I asked. Kamiko paused to think. “Some men they say only way to do business with Lord Templeforth is go to London Below” she told me trying hard to repeat something she had heard. “Did they say anything more about it?” I asked hopefully. “They get drunk. Talk crap” she replied. “How so?” I asked. “They say secret world underground. All tunnels and water; train goes through water, need waterproofs. They very drunk. Too drunk to fight-fuck” she said dismissively but this was exactly what I wanted to hear. “Did they say anything more? Did they say how they got in?” I asked excitedly. “You no believe that crap” she said. “Please Kamiko, this is important” I told her. “Templeton place. I remember. Thought they meant Templeforth but they drunk. Talk crap” she replied. “Now you shut up. You talk too much. We fight-fuck” she said taking my empty glass and getting up to return it.

I go after her, trying not to look at her back, which was wider around her middle due to her flab, or at big wobbling buttocks. Putting down the glasses, she turned and seems surprised that I am blocking her way. “Look don’t keep knocking me out, that really freaks me out. I feel like I’ve lost a part of my life that I will never have again and besides you might give me brain damage” I tell her. She giggles as she looks down at me. “You toy. Do what I want. KO you right out, make me very sexy. Very..”. She paused grasping for the right word. “Horny?” I said. She nodded then made a grab for me, but I tried to fight her off. I stood there struggling with the thick arms of the large giantess who towered over me, but she’s too big and strong for me. Grabbing my right arm, she turns and pulls it over her shoulder, forcing me on my toes. Leaning sharply forward, I feel her large buttocks pressing against my groin, which twitches in anticipation. I find myself flipped quickly head over heels as she throws me onto the bed. “All Japanese girls learn Judo at school” she tells me as she quickly settles down behind my head.

With alarm I try to get up but a massive calve bars my way like a gate across my jaw puling me in the crook of her meaty leg. A vast expanse of soft flesh blocks out my sight as it encloses my head. Knowing the tremendous strength that lay underneath the softness I tried to sit up but it was too late, I was lodged tight. “Argg” my cheeks and ears sunk into her soft inner thigh then came up against taut solid walls that crushed so tight that I feared my cheekbones would shatter closely followed by the plates in the sides of my head. “Arghh please no” I cried with my eyes screwed tight as I felt myself twisted brutally from one side to the other, the sound of girlish giggling in my ears as the terrible pressure continued without pause. “Kamiko in control. You my bitch. I KO you when I want. You no stop me”. “Arghhh” I cried as the brutal pressure soared massively as she raised her hips and stretched out her legs, my vision blurring instantly. “Nooo please” I begged as the brutal pressure sent my head wheeling in a blaze of red sending me straight down the tunnel of darkness.
“Arghh!” I woke screaming as a giant compactor tried to crush my skull to pulp. My hands encountered flesh, a lot of flesh then huge solid hamstrings bulging enormously. “Argghh” I found myself face down on the bed with my head trapped between Kamiko’s massive hams, my face pressed into her meaty calves with a very heavy weight on my back. “Arghhh” I felt the huge rock hard muscle of her hamstring bulge so big that it nearly swallowed my head. Then I became aware of another sensation. My rear was lifted allowing an oversized hand between my legs to work my dick. “Arggh” I cried again slapping my hand futilely against the massive rocky hills at the backs of her legs as my face was mashed against her solid calves. I screamed at the terrible head splitting pain, the feel of the large muscular hams as they bulged with sheer power was intimidating and intoxicating at the same time. Combined with the pumping hand job, I was soon stiff again.

The brutal crush ceased and the weight lifted from my back. I had a terrible splitting headache but I was more concerned with my erection, she had once more brought me to the brink then left me. The naked young Amazon stood before me as I scrambled to my feet, my rampant erection pointing at her pussy. “Oh Kamiko I want” BLAM! A large foot blasted into my face knocking me to the floor. I had never expected such a large overweight girl to kick as high as she did but she felled me with a single kick.

Shaking my head I got to my knees only to find Kamiko’s massive legs close in around me. “Arrrrr” I clenched my teeth as the strong fleshy pillars crushed my neck and the sides of my face. I was looking down at my own knees as she stood over me scissoring my head. “I tell you before. You my toy” I heard her say above the rushing in my ears as my face was squashed painfully. “What are you?” she asked as she twisted my head one way then the other. “Your toy. I’m your toy” I cried, the sides of my face feeling like they were about to collapse.

The head smashing pressure ceased only to be replaced by a strong thick arm wrapping itself tightly around my neck. With my throat caught in the crook of her arm, I had no choice but to follow it when the strong arm moved upwards, causing me to wince as I was forced to stand or have my head wrenched off. The arm continued to rise forcing me onto my toes. I felt my back pulled against her soft chest as the clamp around my neck tightened like a noose. “Kamiko love sleeper hold. Very good at sleeper. Keep you almost KO long time then KO. Really turn me on” she told me close to my ear. “Arghh” the grip around my neck tightened even more making my head swim. “I put you out real good whenever I want” she told me. “But I play long time” she added sending chills up my spine.

I clutched at the arms around my neck but they couldn’t be moved. She giggled manically at my futile struggles. “You no escape. Struggle only make worse. I KO when I want”. She emphasised this by stepping back forcing me to lean back while she pressed down on my head with one hand forcing my neck tighter into the crook of her arm, the thick solid beams of flesh pressing tight against my neck. My eyes twittered, warm redness flooded my vision and I felt woozy with my heartbeat loud in my ears. My body relaxed as I succumbed to her power, but it wasn’t to be. She must have imperceptibly loosened her lethal hold as I felt myself in a strange, weakened state floating along barely conscious. “Japanese schoolgirls sleeper boys all time in playground. Kamiko have plenty practice, keep boy almost awake then KO as bell ring. Very very good. Keep very very hard” I hear her voice in the distance.

My body felt numb except for the tight clamp around my neck restricting the flow of blood to my brain. Then I felt her warm wet tongue slobbering against my ear. I creased my eyes tight and struggled to escape, my fingers clutching in vain at the forearm clamped tight across my throat. “Argggg” I moaned as she sucked my earlobes. Helpless in her deadly embrace with my senses swimming she sucked and licked my ear until I had a raging boner. “Black belt tongue make you hard real quick. You no resist. You my toy. Tongue make you cum real quick if I want” she breathed into my ear.

“Urrrrnngh” she tightened her arms even more, the noose closing my airways. “You so helpless. Make me hot” I heard her say. I felt myself start to slip away but didn’t. With my senses almost detached from body, I was dimly aware of her hot tongue sliming the side of my neck as she pressured the brutal hold. Then my awareness seemed to zoom in on the feel of her warm wet tongue as she licked my neck and side of my face. Helpless in her arms, on the edge of consciousness I felt my dick respond to her skill growing huge and stiff.

My neck is wrenched right back in her steely grip and I sense her head lean over my shoulder and her tongue hungrily lick my nipples. “Ohhhh” I moan as she drives me into a frenzy almost knocking myself in her deadly sleeper hold clamped like a vice around my neck. I feel her hot breath on my ear. “Beg little man. Beg to cum” her whispered voice echoes loud in my ear. Her tongue washes my ear, even probing inside. “Orrrrr please Kimiko, let me cum please” I plead as the sensations drive me wild. “Arggggr” the brutal necklock tightens again and I feel my hands fall by my side. “Whose sex toy are you?” she whispers, as I barely stay conscious, her tongue flickering around the side of my face and my ear, erogenous points aflame with lust. “Please, your sex toy. Please let me cum” I pant, feeling light headed and nauseous. “You got that right mister. You nothing more than sex toy. I do what I please” she tells me. I feel my knees give way and she lowers me to kneel before her, my head lolling in her deadly arms.

The pressure eases a fraction, keeping me swimming on the edge. I feel a hand on my throbbing erection. “So hard. Plenty bang bang” her hot breath whispers in my ear. Suddenly I’m falling backwards. I find myself laying on top of the big bully girl with her arms tight around my neck and her beefy legs scissoring my waist, her feet crossed just under my erection trapping it between her lower calves. “You sex cow. I milk cow” she said in between licking my ear and neck. Her crossed feet began moving up and down, pumping my dick between her calves. I didn’t have a chance. “Nnnnnarrrrr nnannnarrrr” the clamp around my neck tightened and I passed out, distantly aware that I was shooting my load in big long spurts.
What happened next set the pattern for the rest of the evening. As I came round to find myself lying on my back on the bed, a big hand clamped across my nose and upper jaw. Yanking my mouth open, the big Japanese girl poured that drink of hers down my throat until I almost choked on it. Turning around to face my feet, my nose and mouth slid between her massive tree trunk legs and pressed against her pussy as she leaned over me. “Now you give me plenty good fuck” I heard her tell me. I felt her take my limp dick in her hand and start to lick. “Mnnnnn” there is nothing for me to do except lie back with my hands on her mammoth thighs and enjoy it as she skilfully gets me hard again. “Mmmm mmm” I moan as she begins to rub her pussy on my face as she plunges my stiff dick into her mouth sucking it as if it were a lollypop. Boy was she good. I started wondering whether all fat girls were as good as her in the bedroom to compensate for their looks. Sliding her warm wet mouth up and down my pole drove me so crazy that I start to lick her in return in between moans of ecstasy. “Mmmooo Mmmmooooo” I’m delirious with pleasure as she pumps me so much with her mouth that I’m ready to burst. I’m shocked by how much seed I’m producing this evening, it must be that drink.

Turning her around, she plunged herself on my erection and rode me so hard I thought she would break the bed. It was incredible how much energy this oversized girl had that at times I found it difficult to keep up. As she bucked back and forth, her flabby belly smacked against me until I came inside her triggering her own orgasm. I slumped back on the bed exhausted. “You sleepy old man. You get rest before we fuck again” she giggled. Raising my head, she slipped her big meaty arms around my neck and squeezed tight. “Sleep good old man then fuck me good, like good toy” she giggled manically as I grasped frantically at her sleeper hold as she put me away once more.
I woke late the following morning to find Kamiko gone and feeling absolutely ravenous. After getting dressed, I made my to the lift intending to go to one of the lower class breakfast bars.

I was alone in the lift when the doors opened at another floor on the way up. The biggest pair of boobs I’d even seen confronted me, they were absolutely enormous. Thin straps ran over massive beach ball sized orbs holding up very low cut cups that were part of a tight lime green mini-dress with a wide black belt around a small waist. The dress was very short and showed off long tanned slender legs that were toned with well-defined quad muscles that appeared then disappeared when she moved her leg.

Realising I was staring, I looked up to see the face of the mature oriental I had seen when I boarded [JIMP#32]. It must have been the after-effects of Kimiko’s drink but my dick went rigid at the sight, just like something out of an erotic story, you know, Twang! Instant tent-pole. I felt embarrassed and hope she hadn’t noticed but she raised a quizzical eyebrow then looked down then up and smiled. “Wow, now that’s really the sausage I want with my eggs at breakfast” she said stopping the lift doors from closing. “I’m Min Jung. Come with me. My room is just here” she said. I hesitated; I don’t usually go with strange women to their rooms. Mainly because strange women don’t ask me.

She turned to present me with her astonishing side profile while hitching up the hem of her skirt over her tanned hips. This emphasized a tiny waist and flat stomach contrasting with beach ball sized breasts. “Ohhhhhh” I moaned aloud aching bad for her. I wasn’t usually like this, but the after-effects of that drink made me a horny monster. “The cockblaster never fails me” she said and walked to a door near the lift. I followed and grabbed by her slim waist kissing her passionately. “HAI!” Suddenly there’s a double karate chop on either side of my neck and I have to hold onto her to stay upright. “Whoah hold on mister. Wait until we get in my room” she chuckled and opened the door. I followed like a horny dog.
Bavarian Government records show that the new Illuminati manipulated the dissatisfaction of the French people bringing about the French Revolution in 1789 to further their own ends. During the Napoleonic wars, the same financiers circulated a rumour after the final battle of Waterloo that Napoleon had won, sending the stock market in England plummeting. International financiers were then able to snap up stock at bargain basement prices.

“The role of the Masons in the Banking Community” Dr.C. Porter-Bowl

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