The Dental Receptionist & The Kung Fu Nurse (JIMP#34)

Sexy mature woman humiliates Jim while a dental nurse brutalises Scott

SPOILER: Mature dental receptionist, Sonia, misconstrues Jim’s snooping and staring at her large chest as stalking. A member of the ‘Mature Women’s Boy Humiliation Club’, she
drives him wild with her body while punishing him with her deadly legs before forcing him to humiliate himself. Scott follows Jim and is rude to a large plump Dental Nurse in a Chinese style uniform. She beats him brutally with her Kung-Fu skills.

Based on my former dental receptionist who is a very sexy MILF. The web porn star Lady Sonia reminds of her, so she is also an influence, and yes the dental nurses wear Kung-Fu style uniforms.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
Templeton Place is just around the corner from Earl’s Court. Straight with tall Georgian terraced town houses on either side, several houses had been converted into a hotel and I thought that the most likely place to conceal an entrance to the secretive London Below which I was investigating.

Arriving early, I was disappointed to find the street quiet with few people going about their business. Maybe Kamiko had misheard the location [JIMP#33]. Further down I spotted a group of city types walking into a building. By the time I got there, another group had also entered. A plaque told me that this was a dental practice so it was just some people having an early morning appointment. Just then another group of suits walked past and through the door. As they did so, I noticed that some wore waders or boots under their trousers instead of regular shoes. “Need waterproofs” I remembered Kamiko telling me. Certain that I was onto something I decided to follow.

I entered a large reception area, which was divided by a chest-high counter into a small office area and a seated waiting area with a plasma screen showing scenes of coral fish life. The city slickers walked through and down a long corridor. I was about to follow when a voice made me stop. “Excuse me Sir. That is for authorised people only. You have to wait here until you are called”. The voice was quite low in timbre and authoritative. I turn to its source behind the counter to see a good-looking mature woman with blue eyes glaring at me through slender black-framed glasses. She is blonde with her hair parted in the middle with the expanse of forehead softened by a sweep of hair towards the corner of her right eye. Covering her ears, the hair falls softly to just above her shoulders either side of a long elegant neck.

“Do you have an appointment?” she asked. “Er no” I replied as I approached the desk. Slim blonde eyebrows sat square with a long sleek nose. Her face is quite long and tapers to a small rounded chin with long flat cheeks that seem slightly pinched. Combined with a small thin-lipped mouth that remained tight, this made her look stern and authoritative. I found her quite elegant and slightly sexy looking with a sultry mature appeal. “I’ve just started work in the area and was looking for a dentist that I could visit during my lunch hour” I told her, thinking fast. “Then you need to register with the practice” she told me. I would guess that she was in her mid to late fifties. The sight that greeted me as I reached the desk, took my breath away. The receptionist was wearing a thin fawn coloured jacket over a tight black top with a very low neckline. Plunging dramatically in an elongated U over a very well endowed chest, the tops of large rounded orbs met in a deep cleavage. I knew I was staring but every time I tried to look at her face, my eyes kept slipping down.

“You need to fill in a registration form” she said as I struggled with my self-control. As she opened a drawer below the counter and started rifling through it, I couldn’t stop admiring the outline of the large package and how they stuck out dramatically in front of a slim waist. I’m not very good with guessing women’s vital statistics but I thought they might be around 40F. I mean they were large, full and rounded and packed a cock stirring cleavage. Retrieving a form and returning her attention to me, I quickly looked back at her face. Placing the form on the counter, she stood up and leant across to instruct me in how to complete it. I felt my groin tighten as large buxom mounds dangled in front of my face. I didn’t take in a word that she was saying, unable to tear my gaze away from her magnificent bust.

The clack of a pen on the counter top broke my gawping and I sheepishly took it and the form then sat down. I started to enter my details, but my eyes kept returning to the woman with the sexy chest, although sadly it was now out of view. More suits walked through. Just then two young women appeared to collect the other people in the waiting area. Each dental nurse wore a black wrap around cotton jacket and slacks with soft black shoes that resembled a Kung Fu uniform. The jacket edges were braided with white and sat asymmetrically with the flaps joined up on the left side with black toggles. My stupid imagination fantasised that these girls were trained to kick the arse of any patients freaked out by the sight of a dental drill.

An opportunity to follow the city types occurs to me. “Excuse me. Is there a loo I could use?” I ask one of the girls. “Yes Sir. Just down the corridor, first door on the right. Come straight back mind” she answered. I did my business then began to sneak down the corridor heading towards a door at the far end where I’m certain the slickers went. Just then a dental nurse came out of a side door, where I caught a glimpse of a dental chair and blocked my way in the narrow corridor. “I’m sorry Sir but reception is back that way. You have to wait your turn until called” she told me sternly. The young woman was in her late teens or early twenties with short pudding basin dark hair and a chubby face. She was about the same height as myself, 5’9″ and very plump, although after my encounter with Kamiko [JIMP#33] I wasn’t going to take that for granted, especially in her Kung Fu suit. She escorted me back to the waiting area where the stern faced receptionist glared at me sourly.

I sat down to continue with the form providing St.Agatha’s as my work address dreading the call I would have to make to Gill Butcher for her help [JIMP#21]. The mature blonde stood up from her chair behind the counter. “There are no more appointments for almost an hour. Why don’t you come through here and I’ll help you fill in the form” she told me. Looking forward to spending some time close to the well-stacked good-looking woman, I accepted. The woman went through a door at the back of her office area and reappeared by a door in the corridor. “This way” she summoned me. I noted with appreciation that she wore a black pleated skirt that swished down below her knees. Below this her shins were covered in tan nylon, not my favourite, and black stiletto heeled shoes with sharp toes that made her seem over 6′, although I suspected that without them we would have been the same height. Although very buxom, she had quite a slim body and glared at me sternly through her glasses as she stood by the door waiting for me to enter, her mouth maintaining its sour look. “I’m Jim” I said, holding out my hand. “Sonia” she replied coldly, refusing to shake. I noticed that her blue eyes were ringed with a hint of black mascara and a touch of blue eyeliner. I loved the way that she looked at me over the top of her spectacles, it made her look like a stern but sexy schoolmistress.

I entered a rest room with comfy leather couches, coffee tables and a small kitchen area. I sat down and watched as Sonia closed the door then walked across the room towards me, her pleated skirt swirling around her long slender legs. “Now let me see what you’ve done to this form” she said. With one arm resting on the back of the couch and her right hand on the seat, she leant across to look at the paper. All of a sudden I found my face almost touching her big bust. “No I don’t think that will do at all. I don’t think you really came to register, did you? Are you listening or are you drooling over my chest?” she said. I wasn’t paying attention; my eyes were stuck fast on the fantastic stack before me. “I’m sorry?” I said forcing myself to look up at her face. “I think we’d better put this down and concentrate” she told me, leaning across to take the pen and paper out of my hands. Her tight black top brushed my face as heavy looking breasts swung as she reached forward to place the items on the coffee table in front of me.

The blonde caught me staring at her cleavage. “You’re a stalker. One of those men who can’t control their hormones. Do you really think that you can handle these?” with that she pulled down the front of her black top. “Orrrrr” I moaned softly. I had a close-up view of full rounded mounds of creamy feminine breast meeting in a deep cleavage that then plunged into a low cut lacy black bra. My groin lurched at the sight. “They’re beautiful” I exclaimed. “Not bad for my age you mean. Believe me, I’ve caught many a young man gawping at these” she stated. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare” I apologised feeling myself blush.

She didn’t say a word, just glared at me as she cupped the sides of her chest and pressed. Two luscious semi-spherical mounds formed in neck of her top, rising out of her bra cups so much that I could see the bottom of her breasts curving up into her cleavage. “You’re practically drooling. Is that what you wanted to see, stalker?” she asked harshly. “I’m not a stalker” I said unable to tear my eyes away.

She raised her right leg and placed her foot next to me. The hem of her pleated skirt rose up to show off a long nicely shaped calve and her knee. “Well you’re not really interested in registering with the dental practice. I can tell by the way you were sneaking around stalking me” she stated. I was about to deny it when she slid back the hem over a wide black band of stocking top and a hint of suspender belt. What a pleasant surprise. “Wow” I gasped appreciatively as I reached towards her knee. “Uh ah” she warned. “You do not touch me without permission”.

“Please, I’m not stalking you” I protested. WHUMP palms slammed into my shoulders and pushed me down along the couch. She looked feral as she crawled over me, placing a knee against my side with the other further back near my thigh. The skirt rucked around her thighs showing more stockings and suspenders. Like a predator who had trapped its prey, the sexy cougar leant over with the heavy contents of her low cut top dangling above my chest. It was hard not to stare down it. The cougar’s eyes smouldered, her stern expression dominant and assertive, her mouth in a sensual pout. “You are what I say you are” she told me. “Look at the lust in your eyes and that bulge in your trousers. You fancy me don’t you?” she asked. “Yes, I admit that I think you’re a very beautiful woman but I wasn’t stalking you” I told her.

“You want me. Well you’ve met your match this time. I’m too much of a woman for you to handle” she purred bringing her face close. I was really finding her increasingly attractive, an elegant mature beauty with smouldering sensuality. Quelling an overwhelming desire to kiss her, I felt her bust brush my chest and her crotch touch my groin, igniting its passion causing it to twitch spasmodically.

“I make virile young men get on their hands and knees and worship my feet. I drive them so wild with desire that they beg to touch me. I can make them cream their pants in mere minutes” she purred seductively. “I love doing that so much that I’ve joined ‘The Mature Women’s Boy’s Humiliation Club’ to punish youths who think women my age are past it. Not that you would have heard of us”. “Actually I’ve met one of your members, Min Jung” [JIMP#32,33] I replied trying to control the lust that was building up inside me. “That trollop. At least mine are real. I don’t need huge silicon implants to make a young man shoot his load” she stated drawing my attention to the large dangling stack. “Just look at you. I can feel it getting stiff. I bet you’d like to whip it out and stick it down there, wouldn’t you?” she purred. “Oh yes” I moaned.

Her face came so close that we were almost touching noses. “You dare try it without my permission and I’ll rip off your balls and wear them as earrings” she snarled then got off me and stood up. I had just gotten upright when a shoe slid between my legs and pressed against my groin. My eyes wandered up the foot, the long shin and higher as the mature vixen pulled back her hem to reveal a black suspender belt running over creamy skin. The tan stockings actually showed off her lanky slender legs very well. “A leg man as well” she said. “Look at how excited you are getting. Admit you are stalking me now before I completely humiliate you” she told me.

“I swear I’m not stalking you” I said, enraptured as she turned her leg to the side and adjusted her suspenders. “Oh you have incredible legs” I moaned. Long and slender, her legs had some shape to them that made them sexy. Long calves swept slowly from slim ankles to a nice swell with a hint of muscle. The hamstrings at the back of her upper leg had a nice solid bulge and there was a gentle sweep of thickness barely visible along the outside of her thighs. “I’m your dominatrix and you will grovel at my feet begging to kiss them” she said as she lowered her foot to the floor allowing the pleats to fall back into place.

“I’m not into whips and chains or feet for that matter” I told her bluntly. She whirled to face me, her eyes blazing. “I don’t need whips and chains to dominate you. I’ve got these” she stated. Feet apart, she lifted her hem to her hips, revealing both legs in all their glory. Incredibly sexy, sheathed in stockings, these were held up a black lacy suspender belt worn over matching panties cut high upon the hip. I got the full blast of her feminine charms and my dick went rigid at the sight. “Wow, they’re sensational” I moaned. “Come here” she commanded and before I knew it, I was on my feet.

I should have known better, her right leg twitched then “HAI!”. In the blink of an eye, a shapely leg shot into the air. Ouch! the hard sole of a shoe smashed forcibly against my jaw. My head was whipped back so fast that my balance was scrambled and I struggled to stand. “Ow that hurt” I cried as I rubbed my aching jaw. This vixen could really kick, and very high at that. The stern but sexy cougar turned side-on with her skirt still raised and the nearest leg slightly bent. “I drive young men crazy when they see these” she said. My eyes wandered appreciatively along their length, drinking in every detail. “Wow your legs are really sensational” I sighed, so rapt in admiration that she caught me off guard. “HAI!” the leg kicked forward then swiftly changed direction circling up high towards my head. I remember a brief glimpse of a thong-covered crotch before her heel bludgeoned my skull like a club. “Ouch!” I staggered under the force of the blow, my head reeling. “HAI!” a brief image of stocking top and panties as a lanky limb rocketed straight up crunching my jaw and snapping my head back so hard that I stumbled. A riot of stars and jagged bright lines exploded in my head.

“HAI!” a leg so sexy that it could make me drool fired out in a side kick that was just a blur of motion and hammered me hard in the gut. “Borrrpph!” air exploded out of my mouth as my diaphragm flattened. I couldn’t help it, but my body began to crease in agony. Debilitated I could only watch in horror as the mature blonde grabbed my shoulders and a nylon clad knee thundered into my sternum. “Nnnnn!” I groaned with the shock to the system. Still gripping my shoulders the knee shot up again, right between my legs cruelly crushing my erection. “…..” I cried silently, unable to draw enough air into my voice box to cry in anguish. As I slumped cradling my aching balls, I saw the vixen’s compact buttocks in front of me as she turned away from me. Her skirt lifted and a nyloned leg rose in front of her, bent at the knee. “HAI!” I screamed silently as the foot hammered back towards my face. WHAM! my poor jaw almost dislocated as the shoe slammed into it, crunching my teeth together. I fell to my knees, my head spinning wildly, barely aware of the long legged minx stepping forward with her arm raised at chest height.”HAI!” the side of her hand chopped the side of my neck disrupting the flow of blood to my brain. The next I knew, I was on the floor.

Stunned and winded with my balls aching, I rolled over to my front and lay on the carpet just wanting the pain to stop and wishing I could go home. Small dainty feet in sharp-toed black high heels entered my vision. “As you now know my legs are not only hot to look at but far too much for any man to handle” she stated. I looked up, self-pity replaced by lust as my eyes drank in the amazing pins as they travelled skywards, past lingerie and ample overhang to the stern sexy face of the mature blonde. “That’s how I treat stalkers. I hope you’ve learnt your lesson. Now grovel like a worm and kiss my feet. Beg for forgiveness” she commanded. The front of her tight top had two thumbnail sized points jutting out, nipples fully erect, clearly excited at exerting her dominance over me. As I looked up at the sexy cougar standing over me with her hands on her hips and shelf-like chest, she looked like some kind of goddess. “Please, I think you are very sexy and really want to worship you, but I’m not a stalker and I’m not into feet” I gasped struggling to recover my breath.

She moved closer looming over me. Now that I knew she had a devastating kick, I felt slightly intimated which strangely made her even more alluring. “What are you then? A weirdo with a dental fetish?” she said peering down at me along her sleek nose. She still held up her skirt, making it hard for me to concentrate on her face, God she had great legs. “I’m sorry I can’t tell you” I said, not wanting to risk her reporting me and blowing my cover. I began to stand up but the cougar grabbed the front of my shirt. “Worpph!” her pleated skirt fell back as a knee ploughed into my barely recovered gut. Orrrrr it felt like my world had ended as she crushed my ruined diaphragm expelling what little precious air I had in a moment of cramping agony that seemed to go on forever. Shocked into paralysis, the mature blonde held onto me with her knee firmly buried in my stomach as I crumpled around it.

Unable to draw breath, I was completely weak and helpless, close to passing out through oxygen deficiency. The blonde slipped an arm around my neck and turned her body into me. Aghh her arm felt strong as it gripped me in a headlock. Her small backside pressed against my groin as she bent me over her hip. “Who are you?” she demanded. I couldn’t have answered even if I wanted to, I could barely breathe let alone speak. Argh she wrenched my head one way then the other then finally snapped my head forward so hard that I was flipped over her hip.

Ouch the throw wrenched my neck and jolted my back as I hit the carpet. I could do nothing but lie there, trying not to pass out as my head spun and I fought against the spasms in my stomach. Oh God please let me breathe I prayed silently. Sonia stood over me looking extremely self-confident and dominant with her sheathed weapons astride and hands on her hips. “Well you didn’t last long against my legs did you? You better get used to it down there. Down by my feet where you belong. That will teach you not to stalk a woman. Did you not expect a woman who likes to show off her figure to be able to take care of herself” she admonished. Despite feeling light-headed and nauseous as I struggled for snatches of air, I felt my manhood getting stiff again. Oh my God, she just threw me and that really turned me on. She noticed and with a cruel smile stepped towards me. Realising her intent, I tried to scramble out of the way but I wasn’t quick enough. WHUMP! “Nnnnn” I groaned in pain spilling precious hard earned air as the sharp toe punched my balls. My groin throbbed painfully and I slumped forward on my knees. Ouch! the bitch grabbed my wrist and yanked it behind my back. Pressing it high between my shoulder blades, she forced my face onto the top of her foot. “Kiss it or I’ll break your arm” she said. Ouch! reluctantly I kissed her foot, which was raised into a beautifully arched shape by her heels.

After a while of kissing, while panting for breath as the contraction in my middle subsided and with my arm ligaments protesting at their abuse, she slid her foot from my lips then I felt it step on the back of my head driving it into the floor. “Argh I’m a private detective” I gasped. “Ow!” I cried as a clump of my hair was yanked back sharply, forcing me back onto my heels. She grabbed the front of my shirt with both hands and pulled me face to face. “My husband hired you didn’t he” she hissed. I was too scared to look down the front of her dangling top. “Well you give the jealous bastard this message”. “Arghh!” I cried in agony as her sharp toe slammed between my legs once more, an excruciating concentration of pain in my abused balls.

I wanted to curl up over my aching nuts but the bitch grabbed my hair again and dragged me backwards until my back was against a wall. Despite the painful throbbing in my groin, I watched in fascination as she turned her back on me then swept her skirt forward exposing a beautiful compact backside clad in a skimpy thong. She bent almost double and looked back at me, her face upside. “Wow” I gasped despite the throb in my balls. It was the most beautiful backside I’d ever seen. Small compact and rounded like a peach. Her calves also bulged slightly, the combination of sexy bum and calves got me going again.

“Like that do you mister wife spy. Well take a closer look” she said backing up towards me. The shapely peach moulded itself on my face plunging my nose and mouth between her buttocks. “Mmm mmm” I mumbled as she began to grind all over my face. “That’s what I think of you spying on me” I heard her say. Actually the sensation was quite enjoyable but it wasn’t to last.

Removing her lovely rump from my face, Sonia turned around and stomped on my nuts. “NOrrrrr” I cried as shooting pain racked my groin again. “Next time I’ll pierce your testicles with my stilettos” I heard her say as I fell forward curling up in anguish. A sharp stiletto pressed against my temple. “Arggh please please I’ll tell you everything” I gasped as white-hot needles of pain shot through my brain. The lancing pain stopped and a shapely ankle pressed against my lips. I started to kiss it while telling her how a friend of mine disappeared when Hollands blew up [JIMP#26] and my suspicions and hopes that she escaped to the mysterious London Below.
Bloody Jim bloody Priest! Scott Morris thought as he watched from the shadows as his nemesis entered the Dental Practice. It’s all his fault. For months he had been trapped in a house with three generations of sex-mad super-endowed woman who used him as nothing more than their sex toy, only allowing him to service them wearing a dildo [JIMP#25]. He would have ended up dead of sexual exhaustion like Frank if Hawkins hadn’t rescued him by tracking his mobile. Yes it was all Priest’s fault and why would he come all the way to London to see a dentists ?. Something wasn’t right here and the bastard hadn’t re-appeared so he decided to enter.

The reception area was empty so he headed down the corridor. All of a sudden he found his way blocked by a tall overweight girl with short black hair wearing a black Chinese looking uniform. “I’m sorry Sir but you have to return to reception and wait your turn” she tells him. “It’s okay dear, I’m just looking for my old mucker Jim Priest. You know where he is? Is he in here?” he tried to push through into the room she had just left. The girl moved to block him. “I’m sorry Sir but I insist that you go back to reception or I’ll be forced to evict you” she said forcefully. “You’ll do what fatty?” he sneered. “That’s it, you’ve asked for it mister” the plump young woman snarled. Scott laughed, which was the wrong thing to do.

The large girl moved in some sort of slow dance, crouching and moving her arms gracefully. “What the fuck you’re doing fatty?” he sneered. “Yi!” an unexpectedly high-pitched cry and a thick leg shot out sideways and hammered Scott in the chest. The deceptive power of the kick drove him across the narrow corridor and up against the opposing wall. Clutching his chest he saw the girl step forward and in a move of flexibility that he never expected from someone her size, she spun quickly on one leg, leaning forward so low that her head almost touched the ground. As she rotated away from him, bent almost double, her leg blasted out backwards straight into his face “Yi!”.

“Yi! Yi! Yi!” high pitched shrieks that one wouldn’t expect from such a large girl, echoed in the corridor as she hammered a series of lightening fast punches with large fists into his stomach. “Yi!” as he started to fold forward, a tree trunk leg shot up completely vertical against her chest blasting Scott’s head so hard that it embedded itself in the plasterboard wall. “Yi! Yi! Yi!” more quick sharp punches blasted his gut as he tried to pull himself out of the wall, crippled with a winded middle. “Yi!” the fat girl stood on one leg with her other raised bent at the knee like a crane with her arms poised before powering her raised foot into his face, breaking his glasses. “Yi! Yi! Yi!” back against the wall he was unable to stop her pounding his face with another series of quick but hard punches that left him dazed. Grabbing his arm, she spun him into the middle of the corridor. What happened next happened so quickly yet for Scott time slowed down so that he was forced to live every millisecond of it. With another bone chilling shriek, the big plump girl leapt high into the air until her crotch was at face height. Then one large thick leg blasted out like an express train straight for his face. In a spray of blood, Scott’s body flew backwards across the narrow corridor, through the open door and fell into a big leather dental chair.
Smouldering at me over the top of her glasses as if challenging me, Sonia took off her skirt making sure she bent forward to draw my eyes to her ample chest. She then got on the couch and lounged across it unashamedly opening her legs wide, bent at the knees with her feet to form an erotic black hole from which my gaze couldn’t escape. “Where did Londoners go during the blitz?” she asked. It was difficult to concentrate, the black panties she wore was so shear that I could clearly see her pussy. She smirked at my discomfort. “They went down the Underground stations to the platforms” I replied managing to tear my gaze away to look her in her eye, avoiding her magnetic bosom. Her smouldering gaze and stern looks with her hot body in a provocative pose was really making me horny.

“Where did the rich people go?” she asked, provocatively stroking her crotch as she spoke to me. God she was a mature hottie. Come on, focus!. “I’ve never really thought about that, I guess the tube stations as well” I said trying to keep calm and concentrate on her face. A movement of her hand over her stack broke my attention attracting my eyes as it moved to her crotch. I saw a slight smile as I fell for her trap. “What the great and the good mix with the great unwashed?” she asked sarcastically.

I locked on her face again but the way her sharp blue eyes bore into me from over her sleek nose with her pinched cheeks and tight mouth seemed to be saying take me if you dare. “I never thought about that” I admitted. “Although there are rumours of old sections of the tube network and abandoned stations used by the military. Maybe they went there” I said. I couldn’t take her stare any longer and lowered my eyes only to be confronted by her expanse of bosom. Oh Lord this mature woman was driving me crazy. “I’m not supposed to tell you this but what is down there is far older than the tube. Far deeper down too” she told me.

“Oh god you’re such a beautiful woman” I gushed. Her face remained stony and unimpressed. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Please continue” I apologised. “Come here. Sit next to me” she ordered. I did as I was told but being so close to the cougar and her open legs made me lose all self-control. I plunged my face into her crotch and began nuzzling it in a frenzy. Predictably her sheathed legs closed in around my head and tightened. “Mmmm” I protested surprised at how hard she scissored my face into her crotch. “I should hand you over to the guards now that I’ve told you” I heard her say. While she didn’t have visible muscle on her lean legs, I was finding them strong enough to exert an uncomfortable pressure on the sides of my head. “Roaar” I roared into her panties wanting to excite her. “Mmmmm” my roars turned in moans of pain as she stretched out her legs squeezing tight. I felt the silky nylon of her stocking tops and hard firm muscle underneath her soft skin. “Mmmmmm” I moaned as the squeeze from her strong lean legs started to become unbearable as she twisted my scissored head from one side to the other.

Suddenly she opened her legs and pushed me off the couch onto the floor. “That will teach you to put your face where it’s not wanted” she told me. “Now that I know that you’re a pervert, give me one good reason for not reporting you” she said swivelling to sit upright with her feet on the floor in front of me. “Because you’ll also get into trouble for telling me in the first place. They will make sure you will keep your mouth shut. Permanently” I told her frankly as I ran my hands along her stockings to the tops, enjoying the tactile sensation. “So you might as well tell me everything you know about that place. How do I get in? What’s it like?” I asked as I knelt before her. Her long shin pressed against my chest and I couldn’t resist bending down to kiss her knee. Suddenly she grabbed my arms and pulled driving my throat against her upright knee. “Kkkkk” I croaked as the slim knee pressed hard into my larynx. “I’ve told you before, you don’t touch me without my permission” she scolded as maintained a steady pressure pulling on my arms while crushing my throat with her knee. “Understand?” she said. “Kkkk” I croaked in agreement and she released me.

In a coughing fit, I watched the mature blonde rise to stand with her legs apart blatantly letting me gawp at her incredible legs and panties. “Actually they don’t know that I know. Come on you pervert. Get up and take me like a man” she challenged. If I weren’t so aroused, I would have known better. I had barely got to my feet when Sonia grabbed my arm, pivoted on one foot and side kicked her foot deep into my already abused gut. “Borrpph!”. As I started to crease up, she twisted my arm outward forcing me to stand despite the cramps in my middle. BAM! a blur of stocking top as a long leg shot up high smashing me in the face. Another twist of the arm stopped me staggering back. She turned side on then another lovely limb blasted out. BAM! her foot hammered my face once more. With the lock on my arm, she turned around, her compact backside in my vision though I was in no state to appreciate it. “Borrrr” a foot blasted backwards right into my ruined gut. I felt ready to drop, my diaphragm was ruined again and I just wanted to collapse.

Instead the buxom cougar held me up by the front of my shirt and pulled my face into her bust then up to her face where she shook me. “I’ve never killed a man before but I’m sure I could finish you. I just know I can” she said with excitement. My head sank as I opened my mouth desperately trying to suck in some air. Her nipples were huge and jutting very prominently from her tight top. In no condition to stop her, she turned pulling my arm over her shoulder and lent forward, jutting her lovely backside into my groin. She started to rub and grind her bottom against my crotch, the sensation bringing alive my manhood. “I can feel your erection against my bottom. You dirty pervert” she said as she ground away. Then suddenly she stopped, stood straight then bent over almost double whipping me over her shoulder and slamming me into the floor.

That whiplash throw nearly did it for me and for a moment I clung on perilously to consciousness. The feeling subsided after a while and still dazed and shaken from the beating she had given me, I tried to get up but was too groggy and my legs wouldn’t co-operate. Stockings and suspenders blocked my vision and despite the state I was in, I couldn’t but help feel the stirrings of lust as my eyes drank in the eroticness of the black straps running vertically over creamy skin before my eyes. “Typical man. I’ve kicked your arse and yet you still can’t keep your eyes off my legs” I heard her say. “HAI!” I was too close to react, her slender knee fired up. WHAM the hard kneecap struck me right under the chin as though someone had taken a jackhammer to it. The world spun with sickening intensity and I collapsed vainly trying to cling onto consciousness
Scott shook his head to clear the cobwebs and clambered out of the chair to flee. However the big young woman with the chubby face and Kung Fu suit blocked his way. “You’re not going anywhere. It’s been nearly three months since I’ve been able to take care of someone” she said emphasing ‘take care’ in a manner that sent chills down his spine. In desperation, Scott threw a wild punch at her face but she calmly catches his hand in her large clammy palm. “Arghh” he cried as a powerful crush squeezed his hand. “Call me fat again, you horrible little man. Go on, I dare you” the girl said with a smile of smug superiority. “Please no no” he whimpered as the terrible bone crushing pressure tried to break his hand and made him dance in agony and bend at the knee. Crippled with pain, he watched in horror as the big girl drew back her other hand in a large fist. “No please” he begged. “Yi Yi Yi!” she shrieked pummelling his face with short sharp bursts, the wide knuckles buckling his teeth and tearing up his nose and lip. “YI!” Dropping his ruined hand, the girl’s leg moved lithely in a high circular kick that clubs the side of Scott’s head, driving him across the room and into the side cabinets that line the walls. For a person of her immense size, Scott was stunned by how nimble and fast she was with surprising flexibility. With no time to move, Scott found the terrible plump girl standing in front of him on one leg with the other raised high bent at the knee. “Yi Yi Yi!” a punishing rapid-fire torrent of kicks battered his head without lowering her leg. “Yi Yi Yi!” her leg just seemed to flash out again and again from its raised bent position and into his face in quick fire succession pulverising his face. The kicks were so fast that Scott was unable to move. He felt completely helpless and totally dominated by this Kung Fu dental nurse. “Yi Yi Yi!” the same foot now pummelled his gut causing his body to jerk about in winded agony. “Yi!” as he slumped forward, he nearly wet himself as a thick black cotton covered knee rose up fast and flattened his balls. Silently he screamed as the large knee crushed his nuts like a piston.
I came round to find myself lying face up on the floor. Ow I found a pair of feet on my chest, the stilettos biting into me. Ow I tried to shake them off but a painful downward pinpoint pressure forced me to lay still. The mature blonde sat on the edge of the couch close to my head with her feet on my chest. From my position I had a close up view looking up at the side of a shapely pair of nylon clad calves. I laid still admiring their beauty as I heard the leggy woman finish a conversation with someone on her mobile phone. “That was Ms. Butcher. Apparently you no longer work at St.Agatha’s. More lies Mister Priest? Why don’t you tell me the truth?. No, better yet, let me beat it out of you. That will be much more enjoyable” she said.

“I can explain. I was there and Gill was helping me mmmmmmmmm” I was cut off as the leggy cougar slid off the couch and planted her backside firmly on my face. It was at that point I discovered that she had removed her panties. “Mmmphhh mmmphhh” sharp hard punches drove into my bruised gut, each biting blow stinging painfully. “Mmmphhh mmmphhh” her fist burrowed deeper and deeper into my sore middle, eliciting a rude sound like a deflating balloon as the air left my mouth in spurts against her perfectly formed buttocks. The punishment stopped as the sexy receptionist got up off my face leaving me writhing on the floor trying to get my lungs working.

“Oh poor pervert. You look like you need a pick me up” and with that she lifted the tight black top and removed it over her head and threw it on the couch. Wow, she was a magnificent sight as she stood over me in a bra that struggled to contain her massive hoard of breast. I also noticed that her stomach was firm and flat with no sign of sagging with age, she was obviously a woman who liked to keep herself in good shape. “Ohhh” I gasped in pain trying to gulp down air and wincing as my stomach ached. “Oh dear. You obviously need a stronger incentive. Well how about this?” she asked unclasping her bra. “Orrrr” I watched with growing lust as the big bra came off and her large breasts flopped and spread out in a movement that had my dick stiff in an instant. As I struggled to my feet, the sultry cougar watched me over her spectacles, her hands on her hips unashamedly showing off her magnificent body as if challenging me. I gawped at her large breasts that sat perfectly rounded on her chest with no signs of sagging and large fully erect nipples. Apart from her stockings and suspenders and heels, the sexy cougar was completely naked. “Orrr you’re magnificent” I gasped. As she slightly bent a knee in a sexy pose, it reminded me of the kicking power of those long legs and I kept back out of range. “Please Sonia. I think you are one of sexiest women that I’ve ever met. Please no more fighting, just let me make love to you” I begged, absolutely throbbing for her. She laughed. “You don’t stand a chance against me in the bedroom. Even my husband can’t handle me in that department. I’m more of a woman than any one man can handle” she taunted.

She presented her side profile knowing that my eyes would lustfully wander down the slopes of her full heavy breasts contrasting them with her slim flat stomach. The hint of muscle in her shapely calves added to the allure. “If you think you can handle me, come and get me. I’m all yours” she taunted. I knew she was trying to bait me and although I was as horny as hell, I resisted the best I could knowing how dangerous she was with those lanky legs. The tent sported at the front of my trousers spoilt my attempt at looking calm.

The blonde with the long flat pinched cheeks and small sour mouth seemed amused at my efforts to resist her charms. She came right up close and slowly turned her body slightly from one side to the other with her hands on her hips. The close proximity to such a sexy practically naked body was driving me wild. “Not bad for a middle aged woman, don’t you think? Don’t you want it?” she teased. “Or do you accept that it’s much too hot for you to handle?” she added. “Sonia please you’re a very sexy woman but you’re just toying with me. Play nice and let me worship you in the manner you deserve” I said desperately resisting my impulses to just grab her. “I know what manner you want” she said patting her pussy with one hand and stroking the bulge in my trousers with the other.

Her touch was electric causing my erection to throb with rampant desire. She pressed her big bare breasts against me and brought her face close. “You look ready to burst. All that testosterone pumped up with nowhere to go” she said seductively, stroking my throbbing hard-on through my trousers. I was acutely aware of her nakedness and could hold back no longer. Embracing the sexy receptionist, I passionately kissed her. “Oh you’re so beautiful, so incredibly sexy” I murmured between kisses. She didn’t resist as my kisses became more feverish. “Oh I want you so much, you really turn me on” I moaned with rising lust. I really should have known better.

My hands were torn away. “How dare you!” she said with indignation. “Will you never learn? You’ve left me with no choice. I’ll have to show you who’s the mistress” the sexy cougar said grabbing the front of my shirt with both hands. Turning, the touch of that peach of a backside against my erection almost made me spill my load. I felt her backside move as a leg kicked back to sweep my right foot away. In the same instant she leant forward and levered me over her hip. A brief moment of weightlessness as I fell head over heels before my back slammed into the carpet.

God she just threw me again. I admit that I am not a fighter but this ordinary woman demonstrating her skill at unarmed combat had me raging hard. A bare crotch atop incredibly sexy legs stood over my face then descended as her legs folded. Her pussy stopped barely an inch from my mouth. “Oh god” I groaned. I’m sorry but that really did it. I just wanted to stick my face in there and worship her. I raised my head towards the object of my desire but she leapt back nimbly laughing. “You have to do better than that, pervert” she taunted.

“Oh you cockteaser” I cried leaping to my feet and running to grab her. Big mistake. In a single fluid move, the full frontal woman grabbed the front of my shirt and rolled back, planting her foot in my lower abdomen. My own momentum threw me forward and as her back hit the floor, she straightened her leg and sent me flying the entire length across the room. WHAM! my back hit the carpet hard.

“I was always good at defending myself” the strict looking blonde with the hot body told me as I got to my feet. Somehow I didn’t feel threatened, it was more like foreplay. I rushed her again and to my delight she fell back once more. This time I found both feet in my middle and she threw me so hard that I actually crashed into the wall at the far side of the room.

Dazed, I lay by the wall watching stockinged legs saunter towards me. “God you’ve got sexy legs” I moaned at the sight and slowly got to my feet. “I can beat you senseless with these legs then force you to masturbate in front of me” Sonia told me with such an air of superiority that I knew I wanted more. I rushed her again. “Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!” a barrage of high kicks rocked the sides of my head, with my brain retaining images of stocking tops, suspenders and bare pussy. My head was spinning, I raised my arms to protect myself and tried to turn away from the leggy minx. “Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!” the sexy legs delivered a volley of stinging kicks into my shoulder and back.

Ow this was really hurting. “Hai! Hai! Hai!” BAM BAM BAM her long leg curled around my shoulder and slammed her foot in my face several times. Staggering in a daze, I saw the naked woman raise her slender firm looking arms then blast a kick high into my chest sending me stumbling to the floor.

I looked up to find a never-ending length of the back of a nylon-sheathed leg rising from a stiletto-heeled foot against the left side of my neck. Behind this I could see a lovely calve with a hint of muscle poised at an angle leading to the other shoe that was on my right. It was a beautiful sight that lured me into making the mistake of trying to get up. “Urkkk” the foot on my right slid under my neck and I found it trapped between her lower calf and the shin of the leg barred at an angle across my throat. “Kkkk” she scissored tight. All I could see was that beautiful leg rising up towards stocking tops and a lovely bare hip. “Kkk” my throat was pinched tight making it hard to breathe. “I must say Jim that this has been a lot more pleasurable than dommeing a group of young men. They never last nearly as long as you have” I heard her say.

Her backside come closer as she reached down, grabbed my head then slid it up until my neck was between her thighs. “Orrr” I grunted as my neck was caught firm, head bent back at an awkward angle placing strain on my neck whilst looking up at her lovely peach. “Urrgh” I was I no position to appreciate the view. “My legs might not be muscular, which is the way I like it, but they are strong enough to finish you off” I heard her say. “Orrrr” I was very uncomfortable bending backwards supported only by my neck in her leggy embrace. “Of course, having you in that awkward position, my legs don’t need to be that strong to be effective” she said. I felt my head swimming and I grasped at the slender leggy columns squeezing my neck firmly but strongly. “Oh stop complaining Jim. You always wanted to get between my legs” she chuckled. The soft rasp of the nylon felt good but I definitely felt hard muscle just below her skin straining to punish me. Her hams in particular bulged thickly compressing the sides of my neck and I suspected cutting the supply of blood to my brain. “It’s no use struggling, Jim. I’ve put out boys twice the size you are” she told me as I struggled in vain to free myself. “Not bad for a woman my age eh Jim? Jim?” it was too much, I slipped under a fog of darkness
“Yi Yi Yi!” Scott was in a world of thudding pain as his head was constantly rocked by rapid-fire face kicks from the fat bitch. She didn’t even lower her leg to the ground, she just held it high and blasted him from the knee. That’s just showing off he thought concussed as her large foot mashed his face. Suddenly his head stopped lolling like a balloon on a stick. Large hands pulled him to the foot of the dental chair. Too battered to resist, he stood there lamely as she lined him up with the seat. “I’m going to enjoy this” the girl said with a low voice full of menace. “YI!” Scott wet himself as the girl in the black Kung Fu suit jumped and powered a tree trunk sized leg fully upright in a vertical splits that no fat girl should be able to. Scott’s head ripped back so hard that he nearly passed out, his feet leaving the floor as his body flew back and crashed into the chair.

Where am I? Why am I in a dentist’s chair? Why’s my face hurt so much? Dazed and concussed, Scott whimpered in terror as the large overweight girl leapt on top of him and sat astride his waist pinning him to the chair. “Time to punch your lights out, you odious little man. And I better not see you around here again or next time I won’t be so gentle” she told me. “No please, I’m sorry” Scott burst into tears. “Too late” she snapped and drew back a large fist with a  smile that made Scott want to empty his bowels. “Yi! Yi! Yi” short sharp punches took their toll on his face like a battering ram. “Yi! Yi! Yi” quick powerful punches that beat him slowly into unconsciousness although it couldn’t come soon enough for Scott.
“Urr Ouch!” I came around to feel my arm being held straight and being bent back to the point of breaking. Coming aware of my surroundings I found myself laying on my back by the side of the couch where sheathed legs bent from the knee descended to rest on my chest. My arm was pulled between those beauties and it felt like she was trying to break my forearm over her thigh. “Ouch please no you’re going to break it” I cried. “That Georgina Armstrong from St.Agatha’s keeps wanting me to join this Sisterhood of hers and be their spy. What is she up to?” she asked. “I don’t know, I swear aarghh” I cried as she pressed my forearm backwards across her warm thigh.

“Argh!” I cried as the vixen levered my arm forcing me to my knees with my side against her seat. The crook of her nylon clad leg slid up to my neck, her other leg locking a tight figure 4. “Kkk” I croaked as the crook of her leg pressed down on my larynx while the leg at the back of my neck pressed upwards. “Explain yourself” she ordered. She looked just like a stern but sexy mature schoolteacher, although in the nude apart from her stockings. I briefly told her about the Sisterhood and the link between the shady trustees of St.Agatha’s and how we chased Sir Templeforth who fled into what Granny Strongarm called London Below[JIMP#29].

“Sounds you’ve been poking your nose into other people’s business. Speaking of which”. “Arrrkk” she painfully rotated my head in her tight leggy grip until I found my mouth pressed firm against her pussy with my eyes against the lower part of her buttocks. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt in all my encounters with Amazon women, it’s how to worship them in the manner they all seem to enjoy. “Oh yes Jim, harder, harder. Ohhh faster” she was soon moaning away feverishly as I worked away in my tight dark prison scissored against her crotch. “Ohoowoooah” she moaned sliding her puss all over my face as I tried to keep up with her writhing as I licked blindly trying to ignore the uncomfortable scissoring of her strong legs. Her moans of pleasure were getting me hard as a rock. “Ohoooooah” she cried in ecstasy cumming all over my face and tightening her legs so hard that I barely clung on to consciousness. Finally, the mature sexpot released me and lay back on the couch in post-coital bliss.

Okay it was a rotten thing to do but I saw my chance and I took it. I climbed onto the couch and pressed her against the seat pinning her arms down. As I looked down into her slender blue eyes made sultry with mascara and her stern pouting face, I became acutely aware that she was practically naked beneath me. “How dare you. Get off me now” she demanded, looking feral. That only made my boner worse. I kissed her passionately before I got took control of myself. “There’s an entrance here to London Below isn’t there?” I asked. “Yes” she hissed looking fierce.

The mature woman struggled as I tried to keep her hands pinned. I looked in her sultry mascara decorated eyes. “Help me get in to find my friend. That’s all I ask” I told her. “Get off” she growled like wild she-beast. I gently rubbed my nose against hers then kissed her. Her struggling got worse and she tried to buck me off her body, but I was too heavy for her. “You really are quite beautiful” I told her as I began to kiss down her long slender neck. Suddenly her hands started lifting from the seat as her arms exerted a surprisingly strong force against me. Pressing down stopped the movement but I could clearly see thick cords running along the top of her slender arms. “Grrrarhh” the wild she-beast cried and the opposing force increased slowly pushing my hands back until I put more of my weight behind my arms. The thick cords turned into what looked like living things under her skin that slid in a strangely erotic fashion until they coalesced into long low lying hills. I was struggling to keep her down, I was being out muscled by a sexy buxom naked mature woman and that drove me crazy. “Oh Sonia, you’ve got such sexy muscles” I gasped leaning forward to try to kiss her again. That was a mistake, I found myself struggling with a feral growling woman whose biceps seemed to solidify into sleek rock hard mounds atop her slim arms. She was a lot stronger than I expected and I could barely contain her.

Bucking like a woman possessed, my body was bumped up and down as I battled to hold her. I became more away of her large naked breasts bouncing against me and her big erect nipples. I could bear it no more, I let go of her arms and went straight for them, cupping them in my hands, kissing them and sucking her prominent nipples. So engrossed was I in my passion that I forgot how dangerous this woman was. “Hai!” an elbow struck the side of my neck. Rearing in pain with a shock to my system, I didn’t even remember being pushed off onto the floor. All I remember was looking at a pair of long shapely legs in high heels rising while I tried to cope with the after-effects.
Bright lights hurt his eyes which he could barely open because of his badly swollen cheeks. A man’s face appeared very close looking inside his mouth. A dentist prodding around? Scott tried to protest but finds something in his mouth holding it wide open and preventing him from talking. “Hmmm yes just relax. The injection will just take a few moments to numb your mouth” the man said. He turned to someone else in the room. “Hmmm yes they are very bad. Lucky you found him outside when you did. They will have to come out immediately”. The Dentist moved out of view and with horror he heard the whirring of a dental drill being tested. He tries to sit up but the Dental Nurse stands before him raising her large fists leaving no doubt in his mind what she would do to him.
A large heavy rack hung swaying gently before me, taunting me. “You must enjoy being beaten up by a woman” she said. “My face is up here. Maybe if you’d spent less time looking at my tits, you’d learn something”. She placed a foot on a coffee table and beckoned me to stand. “I’ve heard about this Sisterhood. If they ever found out I’d been speaking with Georgina Armstrong, they would kill me. Everyone who goes below has a very detailed background check. No one associated with the Sisterhood has ever got through”. I eyed her sensational legs sheathed like the deadly weapons they were. “They think I don’t know about the entrance and where it goes, but I’m not blind. They think I’m just a silly big bosomed blonde bimbo who can barely operate a computer” she said.

She held out a hand and stupidly I went to take it. Her right hand grabbed mine while her other hand grabbed my shoulder. Her hip brushed mine as she snaked a leg behind me, then threw me backwards over her hip. Barely had I hit the carpet then the cougar had crouched over my face. “Now you can make up to me for forcing yourself on me” I heard her say as a naked pussy lowered itself on my face. I needed no encouragement, she had left me desperately hard and eager to worship her.

Let me explain that I’m usually quite respectful of women, but been teased for minutes on end by a big busted naked cougar in her stockings who had twice made me pleasure her orally. I felt a berserker sex rage come over me. “Please Sonia, I need you” I pleaded as she stood before me with arms across her stomach pressing her big breasts together. I took a step towards her then jumped back as a sensual long leg shot up barely an inch in front of my face, reminding me how dangerous she was. “Please I’ve done it to you twice now. Please return the pleasure. I’m desperate” I begged. “I’m your mistress. It’s men’s place to satisfy women like me” she told me, thrusting her breasts towards me. “Do you want to cum?” she asked smouldering at me over her glasses. “Oh god yes Sonia” I groaned. “Whip it out and masturbate in front of me. Come on, hurry up” she ordered.

I couldn’t, that was so humiliating and disgraceful. “I gave you an order!” she said loudly, taking a step towards me. “Hai!” in one fluid motion as she stepped, her leg came through and kicked high with a force that nearly tore my head off. I raised my arm to protect my head but she just grabbed it and pulled it down. “Hai!” a sidekick hurled around and hammered the small of my back. “Hai!” a knee in the gut took the fight out of me, even if I had any and dropped me to the floor.

“Disobey me again and I kick you to Kingdom Come” she warned. Although winded, I grovelled at her feet, knowing I was totally beat. I saw her elegantly arched feet as the rose from her stiletto heeled shoes and at that moment I had an overwhelming urge to kiss them, which I did. “That’s much better. Now stand up” she commanded. I obeyed, kissing as I went, the shapely stocking clad legs that had driven me to a sexual frenzy and had completely intimated me.

“Get your cock out” the dominant naked cougar ordered. Whoosh! Her leg shot into the air in a perfect axe kick, narrowly missing my head. “Do it, or I’ll kick your head in” she snarled. Without hesitation, I unzipped my trousers and took out my erection that had seemed to be raging hard for ages.

“This is how I finish off arrogant young men and it works well with older perverts like you” she told me as she put a finger in front of her mouth then licked it sensuously with her tongue. Oh god, I wanted her so bad but I too scared to approach those deadly legs. “Just imagine I’m doing this to your dick” she purred. “Orrrrrr” I moaned imagining it very well. “Or imagine it in here” her hand stole to her crotch and started rubbing slowly all the while staring at me with those blue eyes in that sexy manner of hers. My hand stole to my cock, which was beating like a drumstick.

“That’s it. Start wanking” she ordered. She cupped her breasts. “Imagine it is between these”. Oh that really did it, I started pumping myself like crazy while she watched. “Faster you little wanker. Wank before your mistress” she demanded. I was about to explode when she commanded “Stop”. With an arm under her breasts, she touched the side of her specs with the other hand, looking like a sexy naked schoolmistress. Her mouth pouted and mouthed one word “Cum”. “Nnnn nnnn nnnn” I spilled my load all down the front of my trousers as she laughed at my humiliation.
After I cleaned myself up the best I could in the gents, Sonia, now fully dressed again, beckoned me into the rest room. “In 10 minutes, all the staff meet here for a tea break. At least one of the nurses will go to the counter in reception to keep an eye on the corridor” She told me. “There is a supply room part way down the corridor. When the girls come for their break you must be very quick. Go through the door at the end of the corridor and down the staircase to the sub-basement. There you will find a stone doorway that takes you where you want to go. Good luck” she kissed me sending electric tingles to my groin. I kissed her in return, rather more passionately than I should have but she didn’t seem to object. “You bad man. I’ll have to punish you for that next time we meet” she told me breaking off the kiss. “Yes please. I really hope we meet again” I said sincerely.
Bribery, blackmail, persuasion and coercion are standard as means of obtaining cooperation and collusion from the influential, the specially talented and people in positions of power. Like an insidious parasite they infiltrate all levels of government from royalty to presidents and prime ministers and other heads of state; from politicians to police officials, ambassadors, and influential movers and shakers.
“The role of the Masons in the Banking Community” Dr.C. Porter-Bowl


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