Dancing with the Goddess (JPECHO#04)

The shadow assassins try to take the Goddess Anahita by stealth

SPOILER: The council of 13 ask Mahishasura for a boon while coveting a mighty
weapon that he tells them about. The demon king commands Chikasura and the Shadow Assassins to capture the Goddess Anahita for his bride. They come up a beautiful young temple dancer who slays several assassins who are inflamed by lust for her. Suffering a humiliating defeat, during which he realises that the dancer is in fact Anahita, Chikasura retreats. Coming upon the Goddess by stealth, the assassins attack again but are destroyed by the powerful young woman.

Thanks to Asura Mahisha (Musclasura) for the Hindu mythology.
c) JIM P 2012

“This appears to be a previously unknown part of the tale of Durga versus
Mahishasura from the Temple of Anahita”
Decoded by Lord Gerald Symthe-Jones 1876. Embellished by Jimp

From his floating palace in the sky, Mahishasura watched with amusement as the Mayayantras broke through the last defences of the stronghold. His belly quivered as he laughed as the Udghatima broke down the walls of the renegade’s stronghold. His luxurious black moustache rose like the wings of a bird with his smile as the Sarvato-bhadra threw hundreds of stones at a time, crushing the bones of the defenders. His thick black eyebrows arched as his eyes widened to take in the sight of the Sara-yantra shooting a hundred arrows at once burying their shafts in the bodies of those who fled. Their task done the Vimanas turned to return, the flying chariots and war birds leaving behind only death and ruin.

The mighty demon lord turned to the council of 13 and thus spake “See how I crush all those who resist my dominion”. “Oh great Mahishasura, oh mighty demon, grant us a boon so that we may rule over the humans in your stead to relieve you of this burden” the 13 begged. Even the great demon saw their greed and set about to trick them. He arose, his stomach like a stone slab causeway, his legs huge and bulging like rocky slabs. They gazed upon him in awe as he spoke of a weapon filled with such radiant energy that would grant ultimate power to those who yielded it. The 13 coveted this weapon but knew that they would not be able to take it from the great demon king. Thus it was that they sent one of their number to approach the Gods and beseech their aid but planning to seize the power for themselves. But Mahishasura knew of their deceit and had the traitor sewn into the body of a dead and gutted horse. His head was made to protrude from its behind and holes were cut for his arms and legs to be splayed and staked to the ground. Thus he was left inside the rotting animal in the harsh sun to be slowly eaten by all manner of insects and wild creatures. The demon lord elevated the man’s son to take his place on the council and forced them to watch the traitor’s torment for 13 days and nights until he finally died. He stood before them tensing every muscle in his mighty body, his arms and legs swollen and harder the rocks they resembled, even his chest cut and torn like a mountain side. The 13 were sore afraid and prostrated themselves before his terrifying countenance. “You are more deceitful and covetous than the asuras. Your greed and lust for power makes you betray your own kind and even the Gods themselves” he told them. “I will grant your boon but bind you and your families to me for all eternity”.

After Namar’s death, the sly deceitfulness of the 13 made Mahishasura decide upon a more secretive approach to capture the Goddess and make her his bride. A few survivors of the earlier missions had escaped her wrath so that they may return and tell their tale. Mahishasura had them tortured and heard their descriptions of her outstanding beauty and terrifying powerful body which filled them with fear and lust at the same time. This made want her all the more. “She is truly worthy for my bride” he declared. Thus he summoned Chikasura, leader of the shadow assassins, fearsome warriors who had no need of weapons, who moved like mist in the night and could kill or freeze a man with a touch as light as a feather. Mahishasura instructed him to silently approach the Goddess, bind her and bring her to him to be wed.

Chikasura asked the demon king for an army to distract the supporters of the Goddess and the deadly female race of Supervisors whilst they made their approach unseen. This Mahishasura granted and so it came to pass that the shadow assassins proceeded with stealth into the mountains avoiding the eyes of any living creature. Whereupon the assassins reached a glade high in the mountains, where to their surprise they found a beautiful young woman dancing. Hidden from her view, they saw that she wore a dress fashioned to resemble a sari of red silk with elaborate embroidered gold trim. A short sleeved blouse clothed her torso, itself covered by a wrap. From the waist down was a single piece in the form of a skirt. Gold and jewels adorned her headset, earset and necklaces while bangles adorned her wrists. So graceful was she as she spun and stepped, dancing with purity and tenderness in time with some unheard song that they had to stop and watch. The dancer’s face was youthful and elegant with large eyes and a happy disposition full of the joy of the dance. Between movements across the glade, she adopted poses like heroic sculptures, her arms moving sinuously as she followed the flow of the music in her head.

Enchanted by her grace and skill, Chikasura realised that she was exceptionally tall and her body large and dense rather than slender and delicate like most dancers. The demons saw with glee that her breasts were large and well rounded, and as she spun to her side; they stared at the splendid slopes thrusting out beyond her flat stomach. As she moved, the orbs within her red blouse swayed unfettered with such sensuality that their seed rods became stiff with desire. The skirt swirled around her legs as she danced, showing large strong calves that bunched and flexed with every step. Chikasura saw that her arms were thick with dense shapes beneath the short sleeved blouse and that her forearms were corded with strength. Yet as she danced, the motion of her glorious chest drew his attention. She was skilful, her head moving smoothly from side to side between elegantly shaped hands. Chikasura saw the thickening of her arm as it bent, a solid mass growing then vanishing again as she straightened it.

With her back to their position she raised her hands over her head with palms together and her head swaying from side to side. Chikasura saw how her upper body sloped dramatically outwards from her waist like an inverted pyramid to flaring shoulder blades. With her arms raised and hands pressed together he saw how thickly muscled her arms were. Strange hard masses writhed beneath the back of her blouse and below the hem of her dress were calves of a size and muscularity that he had hardly seen on a man let alone a woman. Yet the way that they flexed in sensual motion with each step kept his lingam stiff.

He had heard the tales of the mighty Goddess and her powerful body from the survivors as they were tortured but he had not believed them. Yet this tall dancer was so graceful, looking so feminine and alluring that it quietened his doubts. The vision in the red silk dress knelt and stretched out her hand towards their position and once more he saw the thickness of her arm and the strong shape of her forearms. As one they held their breath as the young woman reached out to them beckoning them with her outstretched hand. The allure was strong that several of the assassins began to move forwards until Chikasura stopped them with a scowl. The beautiful dancer suddenly stretched out her legs on either side in a perfect line inflaming the passions of the watching men with her flexibility. Although her skirt covered her modesty, each of them could imagine the paradise beneath and their trouser swords were rigid with longing.

In a smooth motion the dancer turned folding a calve upright behind her. Bending her head up to the sky, her arms raised to beseech the Gods. Her bunched up calve muscle was large and solid and jutted from her lower leg like an outcrop of rock. Falling upon her belly the young beauty raised her torso and bent her legs back over her shoulder. “Ohhh this dancer is a real Goddess” one of the assassins moaned in lust. As they watched with growing desire, the dancer raised herself up upon her arms then bent her legs backwards over her head pointing straight. All the while she looked in their direction with a teasing smile. Her arms were like knotted stone pillars as they supported her weight that no material could hide. Her calves folded downwards framing her beautiful face. The line of her dress showed her pleasure mound at the top and stirred the men into such desire that five broke cover and rushed towards her.

“Come back you fools” Chikasura cried but they did not listen so enwrapped they were in their lust. To his astonishment the dancer flipped herself from her hand raise with her legs spinning in the air until she landed on both feet before them. As if in a dance, the tall woman gracefully raised her knee, the pleats of her dress expanding like a fan as the first of the assassins reached her. Running too fast in his desire to take her, the demon ran onto her raised knee. There was a dreadful sound as his belly was impaled deep. “Orrghhh!” the demon’s mouth fell wide with a painful groan as he spilled his breath and his body folded forwards around her raised knee.

Without breaking her dance, the young woman gracefully adopted a pose like a statue and in a fluid motion kicked her leg higher than her head so rapidly that it cut the air itself with a mighty swoop, even while bringing the side of her hand down upon the neck of the stooped demon breaking his neck like an axe felling a tree. Her foot struck the jaw of a second assassin sending his head back hard. There was a terrible sound as he fell back his head flopping limply from his neck, even as the dancer’s long leg continued skywards.

The 3rd assassin stopped in shock as the dancer turned side on and smiled at him raising her elbows as if playing a flute. That hesitation cost him his life as the flute player’s elbow drove towards him in a rapid blur. The elbow struck his throat forcibly and he died with an awful sound. Now alert, the 4th demon tried to strike the well dressed dancer with a lightning fast blow that would have paralysed her but she blocked the blow with her left forearm while raised her right hand like an axe. But the shadow assassin was skilled and raised his own forearm to block the blow. “Agh!” he screamed as his forearm broke under the deadly force of her hand.

The beauty raised up her hands before her to the sky, the soft silk of her sari-style dress shifting emphasising her femininity. “Hai!” with a strange cry the sides of her open hands slashed down upon both sides of the assassin’s neck. He grimaced in pain, his body rigid and shaking strangely and his head rolled horribly.

As the bejewelled dancer turned to the next assassin he was now wary. With a wide smile, her eyes large and appealing, she raised her left forearm in front of her like a shield and beckoned with her right hand. “Take her” Chikasura cried “She’s just a woman”. Yet even he could see that the femininely dressed woman towered over his man by at least two heads and looked much more heavily built. The assassin struck without warning but her forearm stopped his blow. Her right hand struck as quick as a cobra, the light flashing off her bracelets as it flew sideways through the air. The shadow assassin moved fast but not fast enough, the blow struck his shoulder with a crack. Focussing his pain in his rage his fist struck out but as quick as a flash the dancer blocked it once more. Her own fist a blur as it shot forwards and struck his jaw like a hammer striking an anvil. His jaw slipped to one side as his legs turned to water.

Chikasura was stunned that a mere temple dancer stood alone among the bodies of five of his assassins with one kneeling at her feet in dazed defeat. Within the span of a few heartbeats the young woman had cut down highly trained soldiers that others only spoke of in hushed fearful tones. He could but watch as she placed one hand upon the man knelt before her and raised the other held open like a blade before it cut through the air on its deadly downwards arc. “Hai!” that strange cry again. The edge of her hand travelled deep into his neck breaking it in twain.

With one bare foot on the face of the fallen assassin she faced Chikasura and raised her deadly hand up and pointed to it. He felt a strange tightening in his lingam. “It seems the reputation of the shadow assassins is vastly overrated to be defeated by a mere temple dancer” she told him with a teasing smile. “You are no temple dancer. You are Anahita” he declared. The beautiful woman acknowledged this with a tight smile. She was so tall that Chikasura’s gaze was level with her bust which pressed so tightly against her blouse that he saw that she was greatly excited.

Showing great courage Chikasura approached the tall Goddess. “I have come to take you to make your marriage vows” he told her. The Goddess smiled and placing her hands in her hair turned her body so that he could gaze upon her amazing curves, a figure that could drive a man to lust. “Return and tell him that I reject his marriage proposal. Leave now and you and your men may yet still live” she told him pouting her lips. Chikasura took one step forwards to kiss and worship the Goddess before he realised what he was doing. “Do not use your feminine wiles on me, witch” he spake and was so with wrath that he charged her.

He raised his knee to blast a kick that could break a man’s thigh, hoping to disable her only. His shin was stopped as the Goddess raised her own leg to stop it in the blink of an eye. Then Chikasura found himself fending off a rain of punches aimed at his head. Angered the demon returned a punch right up in the Goddess’s face which showed no reaction as her fist shot a mighty punch that whipped Chikasura’s face around in a daze. But the chief shadow assassin was not easily beat; he hurled himself back into the fight. Demon and Goddess exchanged punches so fast that the human eye could not see. Demon and Goddess fought toe to toe at dizzying speed for a great length of time. Many of the punches were blocked but some landed with loud resounding cracks throughout the glade. Mighty punches that sounded like thunder as fist met face. Mighty blows that would have shattered the jaw of any human man. The fists of the Goddess’s long arms took a dreadful toll upon the demon’s face rendering it bloody and raw. Yet he returned this with the few blows he fell upon her fair face.

Her punches got harder, more of them finding his face. Alarmed Chikasura tried to punch the Goddess’s stomach but found it as solid as a rock wall. The Goddesses’ own punches fell upon his belly, mighty blows of great speed that threatened to take his breath away. As Demon and Goddess fought on, exchanging blows at great speed, their elbows too began to strike upon the other. “Argh!” the demon wailed in agony as the Goddess’s knee drove hard against his belly. Chikasura fought desperately to block the tall woman’s fists and knee and strike her face blooding it. The Goddess hit back faster and harder. Her punches were like hammer blows driving his body backwards across the glade. He was the deadliest most skilful at unarmed combat but the woman was beating him. The remaining shadow assassins watched in awe, but none would interfere as their creed upheld the nobleness of one-on-one combat. Her knee strikes battered his chest and gut like hurled boulders. Her punches beat like thunder; scrambling his senses. A mighty upper cut sent him speeding to the ground.

The shadow assassins gasped in astonishment at the greatest of their number fell to the ground like a fallen tree. In utter humiliation the chief shadow assassin found himself at the feet of a woman, lying in defeat. Placing her foot upon the demon’s chest she told him “You fight well for a demon but you are no match for a woman. Now leave this place and I shall spare thee”. “I will not be beaten by a mere woman” he cried and launched himself at the tall woman beating her back in a hail of fists and beating down her knee whenever she tried to raise it. But she fought so fast that he could not stop all her attempts and he grunted with pain as her knee hammered his chest. He moved out of reach of her knee and attempted to sweep her legs away with his own but it was like trying to move a tree. The Goddess copied, knocking away one leg with a sweep of her own.

Thus it was the air became rent with legs kicking very fast as each tried to harm the other, the demon was skilled but the legs of the Goddess were longer and flexible as a dancers hammering his chest and clubbing his head. So fast was she and that her long legs battered and bruised the demon’s body and head without him landing a blow upon her. Kicks so mighty clubbed his head that he was rendered into a daze of confusion.

Groaning and dazed Chickasur watched in amazement as the Goddess began to dance once more. The side of her hands slashed at his neck like axes. Her leg rose in a blur hammering his face with a kick that would have crushed the skull of a lesser man. He watched astonished and with trepidation as she continued to danced, spinning around and raising her leg behind her in a graceful arc. With great flexibility her leg continued to rise rapidly until the calve almost touches the top of her head. His Lingam lurched at the thought of how much a woman like this could satisfy a man in his bed. Yet even as he had thought this the Goddess’s leg hurtled towards the sky spreading her skirt like a fan. Such a ruinous blow did she visit under his jaw that whipped his head back so fast that the Demon was stunned.

“Hai!” With a fearsome yell and a mighty leap the Goddess flew into the air. Chikasura looked up in disbelief at the spread legs of the beautiful Goddess under her skirt as her foot shot towards his face as true as an arrow and as powerful as hurled stone. The power of her kick sent him hurling backwards across the glade and up against a stand of trees. Ruined, Chikasura could only watch as the army of one danced towards him with a smile upon her face, then whipped quickly around sending her leg out behind her. Her foot struck a mighty blow upon his belly, her foot sinking deep hurling his body with terrible force through the trunks of the very trees themselves.

Much afeared, Chikasura and the remaining assassins fled the glade and the deadly dancer with great shame for a shadow assassin’s creed was to fight or die.

Chikasura was greatly ashamed to be defeated by a woman. Thus he spake “She maybe a Goddess but she is still a woman, admittedly a truly skilled one. We will return and take her by force”. “We will not be seduced by her feminine wiles and lured off guard” he instructed. “We will act as one and take her together” he commanded. This caused discontent for it not the way of the noble warrior but Chikasura commanded them to obey. So it was that using skills of stealth and moving like mist, the shadow assassins returned to the glade to take the Goddess unawares.

Hidden behind a rocky outcrop they found the young woman dancing still,
Her back turned to their position. Below the hem of her swirling skirt, her large calve muscles stood proud and strong, moving sinuously as she danced. With her hair piled on top of her head, they saw how very broad her shoulders were and the way her body sloped steeply on either side down to her waist, stretching her blouse tight across her broad back. She lifted her arms to sides and folded them at the elbow. The assassins saw how thick and strong her forearms were and strange lumps writhing beneath the tightly tensioned blouse as if trying to escape. Suddenly the air was rent with the sound of tearing fabric as the blouse tore no longer able to contain the mighty body beneath.

In amazement they saw that her back was bare aside from a leather thong around her neck and across her waist. They stared in wonderment at her back for it was adorned with a living writhing mass of rock hard slabs and deep crevices. Bending her fists towards her head they felt weakness as a tall peaked mountain of might grew dense and powerful upon each arm. Each peak stood tall and proud filling the watching demons with a desire that stiffened their seed rods. For lo it was larger than they had ever seen on many a man let alone woman, yet verily it radiated a potent sensuality that proclaimed that this was indeed a woman, a healthy and beautiful one at that.

The statuesque beauty spun around so taken with her dance that she was unaware to the presence of the watching demons. As she raised her hands to her chin and moved only her eyes from one side to the other with a wide smile upon her lips, they saw with great longing that she wore small flaps of studded leather that barely covered her large magnificent breasts. Yet they also saw how firm those large orbs sat upon her chest and that where they met her chest was etched like a deep canyon with smaller ravines etched into her firm mounds of pleasure. Mighty was the vision of her upper body with the edges of her back sloped steeply like wings and her belly a double column of dense ridged stepping stone. And did the assassins feel ill at ease for the tall young woman looked stronger than many warriors yet her smooth hairless body glowing with health was that of a beautiful female and each coveted her.

Swaying to the silent rhythm, the Goddess raised an arm, bending her fist towards her head. The shadow assassins trembled as a massive mountain of muscle rose from the top of her arm, its peak mighty and tall with a deep split ravine at its top. Their trouser swords too arose at the sight of such supreme feminine power. Thus they spake with their fingers and agreed that they would work together to capture her.

The dance went on and to their astonishment the young woman removed her skirt without breaking the silent rhythm. Around her hips were bound two short flaps of studded leather fore and aft to protect her maidenhead. The shameless sight of so much firm female skin inflamed their desire that several moved to take her. Chikasura stopped them, his fingers signalling a reprimand “We are shadow assassins. Let no woman distract us from our mission with her guiles”. Yet the perfect healthy body called to the loins of any man who gazed upon her. With unease and longing, their eyes took in the length of her bare smooth legs which resembled sculpted columns exuding a power so potent that many fidgeted uncomfortably as their lingams became more rigid than they had ever experienced.

As the dancer turned her back on them once more they made their move. Flowing with stealth the shadow assassins approached. Chikasura came up behind the Goddess and reaching up seized her neck with his arm. In an instant, Anahita doubled forward, thrusting her strong seat into his groin lifting him upon her back as if she were a beast of burden and cast him to the ground like a bundle of linen. Another demon crumpled with much noise as the Goddess rendered a fist deep unto his belly and another found his belly impaled upon her raised foot afore the mighty strength of her leg rent his breath from his body and hurled him across the glade. Dancing faster than any had expected, the barely clad woman brought her hand down like an axe upon another’s neck with a mighty crack as if chopping wood.

The Asura Chik attacked the Goddess moving as fast as a serpent but she was faster yet and he found himself pivoting backwards over her curved hip, hurtling towards the ground. Again and again, with great speed and skill, the shadow assassins tried to capture the Goddess but she threw them around like bales of straw, mocking them with cheerful laughter while she danced.

One assassin strong of arm faced her and seized her hands to overwhelm with his strength. With a graceful smile, Anahita locked his fingers and forced his arm to follow as she bent her own either side of her beautiful face. So tall was she that the assassin could all but gaze upon her wondrous orbs as he struggled in vain to control her. “Do you think to master me, little one?” Anahita asked with a smile as the man was unable to move her arms as she held his aloft with thick dense peaked muscles proud upon her arm taller than his face. “I will mistress you” she chuckled. All of the other demons watched in awe as her arms swelled massively that the peaks towered above him as he cried in humiliation.

One came to his aid but the shamelessly clad woman lifted her leg and drove it to the side like a whip sending the demon’s body flying through the air to shatter upon the rocks of the mountainside. “Anyone else want to fly?” she asked looking around at the assassins that surrounded her. “No?” she asked with a smile that could break hearts. All the while the strong armed man suffered in his weakness, his flag pole raised in salute to her conquering power. In the blink of an eye she brought his arms down to her hips with a loud crack of bone as she forced his hands together, the demon screaming in agony as he fell to his knees.

Shocked into action, the remaining assassins attacked. The tall Goddess was calm as her open hand sliced across one’s belly then her other hand chopped the back of his neck as he folded over. Another leapt upon her broad back and was dashed over her head to the ground. She instantly fell upon one knee visiting a mighty punch upon his chest, her thick arms rippling with immense power as her fist passed through his very body and into the ground beneath.

Before she could stand, a demon came from behind, seized both of her hands and pulled them above her head. But she was too strong for him and pulled down his hands level with her shoulder then wrought her mighty fist backwards like a war-hammer breaking the demon’s face.

Barely had she stood when Chikasura was upon her as fast as a tiger visiting his wrath upon her face, bloodying her countenance. The Goddess wielded her mighty arm and struck a fearsome blow upon his jaw that rendered him stunned. Swivelling at the hips, she cast him aside head over heels. Upon the ground he became aware of the large mighty calve close to his head and cried in alarm as it raised her foot to stomp him. But he was spared as one of his men attacked the Goddess, rolling away as the attacker was flipped through the air with just a whip of her arm, the ground shaking as his body slammed heavily into the ground where moments before Chikasura had lain. “Tremble dread demon” the almost naked young woman looked at him with barely concealed pleasure. Thus it was that she took the arm of the man that she had just cast aside and brought it under her bounteous chest then leant forwards to press it against the top of her thick thigh whereupon she pressed down upon it with the back of her vengeful arm. The assassin screamed as his arm was sundered in twain.

With desperation the assassins attacked at once but the near-naked young woman was a more fearsome fighter who moved faster than they imagined with a calm serene face. The point of her elbow crushed the chest of an assassin behind then drove the same arm forward breaking the ribs of another afore upon her fist. The assassins were the greatest unarmed fighters the world had ever seen yet none could withstand the young Goddess. Laughing and dancing her magnificent body shone with health and strength, a deadly weapon that wrought devastation upon the demon warriors. Before the eye could blink her powerful long shapely leg rose high to shatter an assassin’s jaw. With grace she placed her curved hip against another’s groin and cast him tumbling through the air. No sooner had his back met the ground; she knelt behind him and bent his head back beneath the apex of her mighty arm. Seizing his wrist, mighty Anahita bent back his body back. It rose from the ground like a bridge until it broke.

Even on the ground, the assassins were not able to capture the young woman. Her body reared upon her shoulders like a mighty creature and her legs seized the head of an attacking assassin. Swelling larger than his head and thicker than his waist there was a ghastly crack and he fell dead as she released him and rose. And so it was that the shadow assassins found themselves dancing with the Goddess. A deadly dance was it was too. With her face full of the joy of the dance, the Goddess wearing all but four flaps of studded leather fought the demon warriors revelling in the power of her glorious body. Her speed and reflexes were beyond that of man or demon. As she danced and fought, she seemed to become ever stronger. But the shadow assassins would not give up, swarming over all like fighting ants and crushed the same. Her ridged stomach was so hard that many broke their fists upon as she laughed at their impotence.

They came to fear those big strong arms, huge thick arms as thick as a man’s thighs bulging and rippling that could twist a demon’s arms around to leave him crouching in agony as she made him dance with a twitch of her wide strong forearms. Arms that swelled larger than a man’s head making him cower in their shadow yet could strike as fast as lightning, or raise a man high upon one hand for him to look down upon her wide sculpted stomach and awesome thighs before casting him down with such force as to dash his brains upon the rocks. Her punches were so strong that they could shatter a demon’s diamond hard jaw. Her arm muscles so big and powerful that they could put a fist right through a demon’s belly and out the other side; arms so mighty that they could snap a demon’s insides as they held him aloft in a deadly embrace. The slash of the side of her open hand could cleave a demon’s head from its neck.

They came to dread those legs, legs so beautiful, so heavily powerful with each muscle large and swollen that their very sight filled them with despair yet intense longing for the sheer power of a woman they radiated. Legs that could strike many times in the blink of an eye; Legs that could kick a demon into submission within mere moments of time; Legs so strong that they could drive the breath from a man’s body with a brutal kick to the belly; Legs so flexible that they could break a man’s face as he crept up behind her; Legs so powerful that they could even knock a demon’s head from its shoulders; Legs so fearsome that they could crush a demon’s head trapped between them into a bloody paste.

Even her calves, as large and dense as cut rock with clefts wider than a man’s thumb, proved deadly to any demon whose neck was caught between them as he lay upon the ground in defeat. Ensnaring his neck she would rise upon her toes, her calves swelling massively like polished marble breaking his neck in an instant. Most humiliating of all was the demon whose face got trapped between the tops of her mighty thighs with his face pressed deep between her large rounded behind. With a flick her seat hardened into hard rounded balls. So alluring to watch, Chikasura’s rod ached to rise up there except the swell of thick muscle at the back of her legs and the demon’s desperate flailing gave him pause. Her seat became so hard, the firm balls grinding together tight that crevices of power appeared on them, the demon stopped his motion and when she opened her legs he fell to the ground with a broken face.

The assassins spent themselves throwing themselves against the smiling laughing woman, yet she never seemed to tire. Demon after demon succumbed to her relentless power. They fought all day but none could withstand her, so it was a vanquished Chikasura found himself upon his back across a rocky outcrop at the feet of the Goddess, looking up along the powerful legs that had defeated him. “Is that all you have got, demon?” she asked with a smile. Her face was battered and bloodied but she was still radiant. “Can you only lay there and salute me with your flagpole?” she teased. She knelt by the side of his broken body, the closeness of her almost naked body stiffened his rod beyond his control. She laughed as he spilt his seed. “Not even that. You should have left when I gave you the chance” she told him. Taking his right hand she pulled it until the wrist was over the edge of the rock upon which he lay. “Hai!” with a terrible cry her hand slashed down upon his wrist with such force that it severed his hand. “This is my response to my marriage proposal” she told him as she laid out his left hand the same way while he gasped in shock. “Hai!” again that soul lurching cry and the other hand too was severed. “Hai! Hai!” twice more those terrible cries rang out much louder than before as her hand cleaved his legs from his body. Chikasura knew he was undone and tried to remain brave as the young woman pulled his neck into the crux of her legs and closed her legs around it. Such raw sensual female power flowed through those legs that they swelled so large that they blocked his vision and forced his head away from his shoulders. The terrible sound as her legs severed his head from his neck echoed around the valleys below.

The news of Chikasura’s death at the mighty legs of the Goddess spread like a wildfire and many came to pray to her in hope that she would set them free from the tyranny of the demons.

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