Battling the Goddess (JPECHO#05)

The Goddess Anahita faces the Demon Lord in combat

Continuing the ancient historical saga with help from Asura Mahisha (Musclasura).

(c)Jim P 2013

“This appears to be a previously unknown part of the tale of Durga versus Mahishasura from the Temple of Anahita” Decoded by Lord Gerald Symthe Jones 1876. Embellished by Jimp. Thanks to Asura Mahisha (Musclasura) for the Hindu mythology.

For it was that the Asura, those demons, those anti-Gods, became jealous of the Gods, their Deva half-brothers. They fought against them in the very skies, atop the seas and upon the land itself. The Deva too wished to destroy the demons, not for their sins but because they feared their power, virtue and knowledge. For in the beginning the Asura were just, good and virtuous but became embittered, proud, and vain. The demons gave the humans the gift of fire and agriculture for which they were cast from heaven. In revenge the demons swore to create confusion in everything, to challenge the Gods and become torturous of living beings.

Thus waged a war the likes of which had never been seen before. To the humans it was as if the heavens had descended dripping fire and destruction. In cities of stone deep beneath the ground they cowered while the warring deities lit up the sky and pounded the earth with weapons of unimaginable dread. There were arrows that always found their target by the heat of an enemy’s body; arrows which broke apart killing many enemies with one shot; Clouds which caused men to fall asleep, oft never to awake. There were lances that could spit bolts of lightning that could cut a man asunder.

Mahishasura’s father Rambha was the demon king until slain by the Devas. As Mahisha grew up, he came to know how his father died and with a band of loyal soldiers invaded heaven threatening to yield the most terrifying weapon of all, the mighty world destroyer. The Devas were driven out and the Asura Mahisha became the strongest living being in the universe with the boon that no man could vanquish him. The subsequent atrocities established him as the undisputed master of the world and the fiercest warrior ever. His body was like that of a bronze statue and perfectly formed with every muscle massive and strong. So mighty was he that arrows and spears bounced without harm from his thick chest built like low hills of muscle with a deep jagged canyon between. Huge boulders were hurled at him with force that would crush a man, yet he would stand in their path with his hands on his hips spreading his fearsome body laughing as the boulders thundered against his body then were flung back against his attackers with a flex of his chest muscles.

Gods came to fear that body for he would take a God in his massive arms and embrace him tightly against his powerful body laughing as he crushed the Deva’s chest against his like an immovable rock. He would wrap an arm around a Deva’s head then laugh as they struggled in vain to free themselves while his peaked bicep rose like a mighty mountain until their heads popped from their necks. Finally he seized their general and placed his head between his huge legs then rose up onto his toes. The Deva army trembled with fear for his thighs swelled into the most massive rocky shapes imaginable on a living being with deep creases, swallowing up the general’s head whole. Challenging them, his powerful thighs swelled such that each alone was three times the size of a man’s head. “Come you who call yourselves Gods. Lay down before me and worship me or fight me and die between my magnificent legs” with that there was a terrible sound as the general’s head broke like a fruit as the demon lords enormous thighs met with a smear of red paste between causing the Deva army to flee in terror and dismay with Mahisha’s laughter ringing in their ears.

Aware of his boon the Gods invoked the warrior Goddess Anahita. Filled with their combined power and anger, she was as fierce to behold as she was beautiful and her wroth scared the demons.

Mahishasura stood by the burning pyres of his army. Relatives of the dead cried bitterly. His three best generals had failed to bring the Goddess before him [JPECHO#02,3,4]. Their armies slaughtered by her own hand testament to her combat skills and showing the threat to his boon. So it came to pass that the greatest army of demons ever to been assembled gathered at the foot of the Vindhya Mountains. The mighty demon lord, the green-skinned buffalo, proudly displayed his fearsome body. So powerful was he built that other men felt weak and women moaned with desire. A short decorated kirtle covered his mighty lingam.

“Do you so fear me, oh demon lord that you must hide behind an army?” Aredvi Sura Anahita appeared on the mountainside in a gigantic blinding light that pervaded the skies and covered all the worlds. So mighty and pure was she that the demon army were sore afraid. Turning to flee Mahishasura stood in their path, his terrifying huge sculpted body flexed with every muscle swollen, angry, and fearsome. With arms like mountain peaks, a stomach like rock slabs, a dense hairy chest built like rugged boulders and legs like mighty temple pillars they fell prostrate in fear. Glaring with wild staring eyes to seek out disloyalty Mahisha spake thus “I fear no woman, throw down your weapons woman and submit to my benevolence”. Clothed in a red silk wrap around her chest that exposed her shoulders, arms and midriff and with a long black skirt so thin that it showed the shapes of her legs, every eye was drawn to the tall beautiful full-bodied woman in open lust.

Anahita laughed so loud the earth did tremble. Troubled by this display of power Mahishasura commanded his troops to attack from all directions, hurling their weapons at her. As she stood more than two heads above the tallest demon, he could see her exceptional beauty with dark sultry looks on a small elegant face with a long slender nose and a mesmerising small mouth set in a joyous pout. Her many arms unsheathed numerous weapons of death and began cutting an unstoppable swathe through his troops. Her long hair swung as her sinuous body moved and turned cutting down her opponents in a dance most deadly with joy in her face. So lithe was her body as it moved gracefully dealing death with elegant dance forms. Her shoulders were broad and deep suggesting great strength, the line across the top of her chest sharply defined as were the steep angled ridges either side of her neck sloping to her shoulders.

As she twirled and danced yielding her weapons with deadly precision, Mahisha saw her breasts were large and full bouncing unfettered inside her halter inflaming passion causing lethal distraction to his men. As the joyful Goddess turned her back to his direction to begat more slaughter he saw the play of a living carpet of muscle writhe and move upon her back. So beguiling was the sight that the demon lord could not tear his gaze away and felt his member stiffen. Sensing his gaze, Anahita smiled as she turned while severing the weapons of his men along with their heads with her lethal cosmic weapons. “Come dance with me, oh mighty demon” she sang.
Her arms were thick as stone pillars yet looked silky smooth and well toned, shining with radiant health. Lightly tanned they were unquestionably feminine arms yet dangerously strong. The temptation to have those lovely arms wrapped around oneself was so strong that many a demon leapt into their embrace only to find that to yield to such temptation was to invite death. Strong swells of muscle rippled through the Goddess’s smooth skinned arms as they wielded her fearsome tools as she cut his army asunder. In her wake like dark ghosts came the red-eyed Supervisors in their black hoods and robes, their enhanced strength and skill laying waste to his troops. Close behind came the priestesses from Anahita’s temple, the Sisterhood, delicate slim beautiful human women in elegant red and gold saris capable of slaying demons with their bare hands and feet in a deadly dance that even made the mighty demon lord feel unease.

Soon the terrible carnage upon the battlefield became too great for even the Asura Mahisha to ignore. The terrible buffalo-demon rampaged across the fallen towards the Goddess. But just as it would seem he would trample her into the ground, she reached out for his mighty hairy chest and swung both knees into the air to place both feet against his stomach. Falling backwards towards the ground, the demon lord’s own momentum pulled him after. The demons watched in horror certain that the beautiful Goddess would be crushed cruelly beneath the buffalo-demon. Instead she rolled upon her back with both legs raised towards the sky carrying his massive form then throwing him over her for a great distance at great speed. He landed upon his back with such violence that the earth shook. Laying stunned the dreadful buffalo-demon was unable to believe what had just happened.

Before he could rise, the radiant Goddess grabbed his bull neck in the crook of her arm and brought to bear a noose of crushing living iron. Struggling to free himself, he was shocked to find around his neck the wide silky smooth skin of a woman stretched taut over very large hard bicep whose dense tall peak was pushing deep into his throat, choking off the air. The side of his face pressed against her large soft breast, a constant humiliating reminder that he was being subdued by a woman. “Nothing to say, oh mighty demon?” the Goddess teased, her voice like liquid honey. In frustration he tried to prise away her arm but found the smooth hairless arm immovable while the bicep peak threatened to push through his throat into his airways. “Such a disappointment, Over so soon” her warm alluring feminine voice teased “and I thought you would give me a good dance”. To his humiliation Mahisha was unable to stop the woman forcing him to his feet while he choked and croaked like a frog with head stooped low. Gracefully slipping her body in front of him while raising his head, Mahishasura felt the beautiful woman’s backside press against his groin stirring his lust. Reaching up behind her with his head in both hands she suddenly stepped into a low crouch and sharply pulled his head down over her shoulder. Mahisha felt the world rotate around him as he fell head over heels over the Goddess’s body before landing upon his back at her feet with such force that the mountainside trembled.

“You truly are no match for a woman” Anahita poured scorn standing over the floored demon. She looked so superior that the demon army were dismayed. Mahisha opened his mouth to reply but the words froze on his tongue as the Goddess lifted the hem of her skirt and put forth a leg. Her thigh was long and full of shape that drew every man’s eye in invitation. Smooth taut skin without blemish flowed over gently rounded shapes in her thighs that were pleasing to the eye. Likewise her long shin behind which hung a heavy calve in the shape of a half tear-drop the curves very sensuous to watch. “You have very sexy legs my lady” Mahishasura said in complement from where he lay “I’d like to get between them and give you a good prodding”. The Goddess did not reply to the vile creature instead she quickly shook her leg making the great mass of her thigh wobble. Suddenly it stopped and there were gasps of awe, fear and lust as her thigh separated into three very powerful looking muscles, full of sensual curves upon a smooth and hairless leg. They stood proud and strong, full of raw feminine power looking as hard as stone and gleaming like polished walnut.

Looking up from the ground at the beautiful woman standing over him, her thighs seemed as well-developed as his own and nearly as powerful. Mahisha saw such dreadful potency there that he became disturbed. Never before had he seen a woman with such a powerful perfectly developed body that put all but he to shame. Yet the latent power of that leg was so strongly feminine that his member rose uncontrollably lifting his kirtle and exposing himself to her laughter. “Such a typical male reaction” she chuckled to his shame. “You bore me. Let’s finish this dance now” with that Anahita raised her knee level with her chest then drove her foot down towards him. As quick as a serpent Mahishasura rolled back just as her foot tore into the very ground where he had lying. The ground gave way forming the great rent that was henceforth known as Goddess’s rift. “Oops” the beautiful Anahita exclaimed.

Mahishasura arose in anger and sent his chakram hurtling towards her head. Anahita snatched the deadly spinning metal hoop from the air and offered it between her hands. Mahisha watched in silence as her arms swelled densely with thick creepers as the metal hoop twisted and broke in her hands. Enraged he produced his vajra. Anahita spake forth “In your hands, is that a club or are you just pleased with the sight of me?” “It is a killing stick as you well know, bitch” and with that hurled it at her. With swift elegance, a long shapely leg soared towards the sun and her foot connected with the club with a loud sound that echoed around the mountains. The club hurtled back towards Mahishasura faster than the eye could follow, narrowly missing his head.

Anahita raised her fists as if to fight. A posture so unexpected for a woman yet she faced him with confidence that he knew that she knew how to use them and that strangely excited him. “Put away your toys little demon and fight me like a man, one on one unarmed, woman to buffalo” she challenged. But the demon lord saw her dense strong arms beneath the smooth hairless skin though smaller than his own and the sight filled him with unease. Here was undoubtedly the most perfect woman and the strongest of her kind, yet that in no way diminished her appeal but enhanced it so much that his lingam remained rigid lifting his jewelled battle kirtle high. “Is the master of the universe frightened to fight a mere woman?” she taunted but he would not be baited for he understood the God’s plan. “I sooner stick my lingam in you than my sword, yield now” he roared. “Like all men, you think with your member” she replied with a laugh of derision. “Then I will beat you and force you to suck on my trouser sword until I spill my seed in your mouth and you will choke then I will take you up the backside for all the Gods to see” He roared. “You’re all mouth and no action, little demon” she replied.

Thus began a mighty battle using one set of hand-held weapons then another. He was master of all weapons yet to his frustration, the sultry full-bodied beauty matched him while trying to enchant him with her dancing. Her long wild dark hair billowed as her sinuous body gracefully swept from one position to another while fending his blows and parrying. A glimpse of muscular calve there as she stepped to block his sword, a bulge of bicep there and she thrust hers at him in return, a carpet of living breathing muscle in her stomach as she breathed gently showing no sign of exertion. Mahishasura tried not be distracted by her large unfettered breasts moving beneath her halter or rocky cushioned chest after one lustful glance nearly cost him his head. All the while Anahita laughed with the joy of the dance. Springing from one leg to the other gave a hard target yet did not hinder her own blows which struck with eagle precision. Yet her strong sinous continually moving body was dangerously tantalising. So much so that Mahisha slashed her skirt so he could better see her legs. Twice as thick as his head, curving gently outwards and flexing and moving with powerful bulges of muscle, her thighs were formidable to behold yet full of such feminine power that his battle kirtle was thrusting up and down with the yearning of his member. Moving lightly on her feet, he was so mesmerised by the flexing and waning of the muscles in her legs so toned that they reflected the sun that she nearly ran a blade through his heart. “Cunt!” he snarled, cursing his weakness the demon lord’s rage gave Anahita stiff opposition. “Bitch! Whore!” he raged attacking so fiercely that he drove the Goddess into retreat.

As his anger drained, Anahita fought back. “Yield demon lord and fight me hand to hand for I am your equal in all weapon forms” Anahita told him as she turned away his sword for the hundredth time while still dancing. “No-one is the equal of me, certainly no whore of the Gods” he snarled. “Did your mummy ever wash out your mouth, little one?” she mocked. “Your bastard Gods murdered my mother, bitch-whore” he snapped lanching yet another attack. Yet they were so evenly matched were they that they fought to deadlock regardless of weapon as they tried to subdue the other.

For nine days, Demon Lord and Goddess gave fierce battle using all manner of hand-held weapons yet neither gained the advantage. Anahita regained her spent energy by drinking honey while Mahishasura feasted on human sacrifice, ripping out the still beating hearts and devouring them with the blood running freely down his chin and into his beard. The beautiful Goddess could not bear to watch. “You foul creature it is not right that you should feed on human flesh”. “At least I’m honest about their role than the Asura admit” he replied “Yield now and I will spare them. I may yet let you live as my cock-sucker”. “Never. Admit that neither can gain victory with hand-held weapons” she told him. “You are right, fair Goddess. I will see you on the morrow” he told her.

Yet when the tenth day broke the ground shook and people feared this was the breaking of the World. They stood amazed as Mahishasura entered the field of battle riding a giant metal battle elephant, shaking the ground as it crushed trees beneath its feet and spraying liquid fire from its trunk, a dreadful flame that stuck to a man’s skin even after it had burnt his clothes from his back. Yet the Goddess had anticipated his treachery and appeared before their eyes on a war-lion. Fast and quick was her vehicle allowing the Goddess to strike the great elephant with her fists causing great damage. Yet not quick enough for its trunk tied up the mighty and gigantic lion, and began to pull it towards him. The Goddess stood up upon her mount and raised her sword with her thick bare arms looking formidable and her stomach etched like paving slabs as she glared defiantly at Mahishasura. Her massive biceps swelled larger than boulders as they powered down the sword severing the trunk of his vehicle. Mahishasura roared with rage. The omnipotent goddess said to him “Roar with delight while you still can, O illiterate demon, because when I will kill you, the Gods themselves will roar with delight”
Leaping from their mounts to the ground, the combatants faced each other. Tall monstrous heavily muscled Mahishasura, the strongest man in the universe, wore only a kirtle about his wide waist to show off his vast intimidating body heaving and rippling with layers of dense muscle.

Tall beautiful full-bodied Anahita wore a narrow strip of silk around her ample breasts which did not hide the shape of the full rounded fleshy orbs. Like perfect female fruit ripe for the plucking they bounced unfettered with the slightest movement in a sensual dance most erotic. Large nipples jutted from the thin sheer fabric with clear impression of the aureoles, dark rounded eyes of sexual magnetism so strong that it made the demon sweat heavily as he tried to resist temptation, knowing that would lead to defeat. His mighty erect trouser-sword was testament to his trial of self-control. Yet as he tried to avert his gaze, her magnificent breasts began to dance upon her chest heaving up and down with imperceptible control of her chest muscle. Mahishasura’s eyes were riveted in rapt attention as her breasts bounced up and down then clashed together in a strange sexually exciting dance. At first they moved together as one then to his astonishment and the strong pulsing of his erection each breast moved independently of the other in a spectacular display of female breast control. His was not the only breath to pant heavily with open lust. “That’s it, spill your seed without me needing to lay a finger on you” she teased as his kirtle bounced up and down with its contents close to bursting point. Many of his men were not so controlled and Mahishasura heard their moans of self-pleasure as forced himself to look away and stop his hand straying.

Around her waist, Anahita wore a thin black skirt which had been slashed up the centre by the demon on the first day of battle. She had not changed it or repaired it because of the distracting effect it had upon her opponent. Every step that she made was graceful and precise like a temple dancer. She could barely suppress her laughter as the demon’s eyes were drawn drooling to the sight of a long dark-tanned smooth hairless thigh shining with health as it appeared pushing through the slit at the front of her skirt. His eyes could not resist looking and wandered hungrily over its full length and strong curving thickness, sweeping down to her large hard shapely calves. Then came the look of shock mixed with yearning as she flexed it, making the quadriceps hardened into powerfully large shapes harder than stone. Likewise her large smooth calves would shift into sculpted sharp-edged slabs of ebony that would never fail to get the demon’s shaft beating as they flexed and swelled and waned as she danced driving him to such open-lusted distraction that several times she had nearly taken his head. But not now, for he was so full of rage and self-anger for being so easily distracted by her dancing breasts.

Towering over his opponent, the demon lord raised his fist in anger. “Bitch, Cunt, Whore!” his face was so red and contorted with rage that he was barely able to speak and snarled incoherently as the veins stood out upon his forehead as well as all over his bulging muscles. “Growl as much as you like now, because very soon at that very spot where you stand now the gods will rejoice” she told him.

Roaring and yelling so loudly that his army had to cover their ears, the demon lord went to crush her under his fist, but she nimbly danced inside of his arms avoiding the blow. Her large muscular calves swelled with power, each becoming a large wide shelf of thick sharp shaped stone covered in brown-tanned skin. Resembling two downward pointing spear-heads laying side by side, a deep cleft was formed between into which a man could place several fingers if he’d dared. Suddenly she sprung high into the air in front of the amazed demon.

“Hai!” her battle-cry rang out as she delivered a mighty punch high upon his chest. The power of the blow was visible as a rippling wave of muscular energy that rushed from her big rounded shoulder caps down her thick bulging toned biceps over which ran veins like creepers. Shooting down her big horseshoe-shaped triceps, the force shot along a wide tapering forearm writhing with tendons. Finally delivered through a hand so long and seemingly delicate, the blow unleashed was truly shocking in its intensity as the sound of her bare knuckles striking his wide hairy granite-like chest resounded loudly like the crack of a whip. “Ohhrghhh!” Mahishasura cried in shocked agony. Many powerful weapons like Thunderbolt had failed to hurt him, all sorts of projectiles had been hurled at him fruitless before his iron hard sinews. Yet a single punch from this woman had him wincing and crying out in pain.

“Hai!” another cry from the Goddess stunned his senses and he watched in awe as her thighs swelled to a massive size like expanding living boulders clothed in smooth hairless skin that he just wanted to run his hands over. Tanned, toned and thick were they yet sensually curved with fearsomely strong muscle that a man’s eye could not resist following with growing lust. Before he had realised it, her mighty legs had launched her in a tremendous leap into the air jumping as high as his head. In a blur her foot shot forwards towards his chest. BLAM! The sound was as loud as thunder. “Warghh!” the demon wailed as the power of the Goddess’s kick sent him hurtling through the air at great speed into the side of the mountain. WHAM! The force of his impact loosened great boulders at the top of the mountain causing them to cascade in increasing number to tumble down and fall upon the Asura, burying him under a deep pile of stone.

The demon army moaned in despair as Anahita raised her arms and flexed her mighty biceps, smooth dark-skinned peaks resembling mountain tops in victory. Such remarkable power and size greater than most men yet curved so sensually that none could deny that this was the muscle of a woman. Opposing this was her small flexed fist at the end of a formidable looking forearm that tapered from a small wrist to a very wide base and layered with tendons and bulges that none present wanted to arm-wrestle knowing that they would be defeated too easily. To the demon army Anahita cut a potent figure, full of feminine curves and allure yet contrastingly packed with huge dense muscle. The fittest most powerful woman they had ever seen and it turned them on so.

She put forth her right leg and flexed that too presenting an awesome vision that looked as if they could crush the mightest boulders yet  gave them such longing. Full of even greater sized curvaceous shapes, smooth three-headed feminine power expanded upon her upper leg. This too was full of irresistible feminine allure; the potent combination of her powerful muscles with her stunning female figure caused another breakout of bursting erections across the battlefield that left many so drained that they would not have been able to fight if they needed to. “That’s the power of a woman’s legs, boys” she taunted with a wide smile and a laugh.

Suddenly the pile of stone began to shake then exploded violently like a volcano throwing rocks and clouds of dust high into the air as Mahishasura broke free. “You cunt! You worthless whore!” he roared then thundered towards her like a rampaging buffalo, churning up the ground as he sped towards her. The tall beautiful woman showed no fear and smiled as she performed an alluring dance of seduction. Throwing around her long luxurious black hair that flowed around her face like a frame of night, her full red lips were set into a pout that set the heart of any man racing with the desire to kiss. Dark smouldering eyes bore to his soul, full of seduction and the promise of sensual delights, she beckoned towards the demon. Her long shapely arms and supple hands moved sinuously, beckoning like a cobra while her hips swayed hips with suggestion. But the buffalo demon would not be distracted even when she lay upon the ground raised upon one arm reaching out to him with the other beckoning alluringly like a siren. “I will not be bewitched by your wiles that you cast like a common temple-dancer” he snarled “but I will take you like one upon my erection”. He was almost upon her when she rose in time to seize his hand. Turning around, the beautiful woman pulled his arm over her shoulder then leant forwards loading his great mass upon her back before sending him hurtling over her body, crashing to the ground with great force. BELAM! The ground shook violently with the heavy impact.

Anahita held onto his arm as she threw him and continued to do so as he lay on his back. “Argh!” he roared as he struggled violently to rise but found every movement sent blinding shards of pain throughout his arm. “You may as well stay there foul demon, for I will only throw you back down again if you try to rise” she told him. “No fucking-sack keeps me down!” he roared angrily. But as he tried to get to his knees he yelped in pain as the Goddess bent back his hand at his wrist so sharply that he thought it would break. “Arghh!” he roared in pain and frustration finding himself so easily subdued by a woman’s hands. “Sing for me, foul scum” she teased. With that she bent back his arm across the top of her thigh, the warmth of her flesh was welcoming and alluring until she forced his arm to bend so sharply that he shrieked in pain. “Arghhh! Arghh!” he roared, it felt like the bones in his wrist would break through the skin and that his elbow would shatter. With a growing sense of helplessness, he found that no matter how he twisted and turned, it only made things more agonising.

“Throughout our fight I have remained in my two-arm form” she told him. With that she twisted his hand sharply on his wrist to the right forcing him to jump on his knees in that direction while screeching in pain. “As I do now for a woman only needs two hands to subdue a man” she laughed. With that, she again twisted his hand sharply on his wrist again and again forcing him to crawl in a circle upon the ground around her feet while she stood and looked down upon him with a look of superiority. Roaring with frustration the mighty demon lord and master of the universe writhed and bucked and flexed his huge muscles trying to break the woman’s hold upon his wrist. Yet to no avail for her mastery of him was complete with such a simple hold. His face was red with barely suppressed rage while big blue veins throbbed on his forehead. “Arghhh!” he roared again as the woman looked down upon him while she made him writhe like a serpent upon the ground by stressing his elbow and wrist joints. “Argghh!” Every attempt to resist or fight back brought only more twists of his wrist that threatened to break it or the press of her warm thigh against his elbow that almost shattered it. Yet try he must for he could not face such a public defeat in a humiliating hold at the delicate hands of a mere woman. “Arghh!” he roared again as his mighty muscles bulged and swelled as his tendons knotted like rope while he thrashed angrily upon the ground to no avail causing only more pain as the beautiful woman stood calmly over him and controlled him like a pet. “Arghh Arghh Arghh!” another sharp twist of his hand at his wrist send him shrieking in agony and writhing in contorted shapes. “Stay upon the ground where you belong, oh weak demon. You have been overpowered by the superior sex” she taunted shaming him with her words. Yet he felt the truth and despite the shame and the pain, he found his trouser sword unbearably stiff.

Suddenly with a twist of his hand she forced him to sit upon his heels by her side. Raising her leg at the knee as if to dance, she drove back her foot with great force straight into his face. BLAM BLAM BLAM! Again and again her foot did a delicate dance, showing a shapely ankle here and a curving calve there before slamming back her foor once more into his face with a loud solid sound creating a ghastly spray of blood with each kick. With his arm bent back the demon lord was forced to kneel at the Goddess’s side unable to avoid the crushing kicks. Kicks that left him bruised and bloodied as no other opponent had. “Hai Yah!” with a terrifying battle-cry that made his nerves jump, Anahita’s foot shot back in a blur once more as she released his hand. His body arced backwards leaving a glistening trail of blood as it travelled four times the height of a man across the ground.

The battlefield was silent as Anahita danced delicately and joyfully towards the unmoving groaning form on the ground. With each step, her calves were a play of highly toned muscle glistening and changing with gentle shapes here then hard sharp edged shapes there forming a living dance of mesmerising beauty. Placing her bare foot upon his face, she forced it roughly from one side to the other raising grunts of protest from the demon. “Did I not tell you to stay on the ground?” She asked then chuckled “Now I will demonstrate the most humiliating position of power a woman can exert upon a man”. Mahishasura looked up in confusion.

Kneeling down, Anahita used her thick strong arms to keep Mahishasura’s head on the ground as her long legs straddled the top of his chest pinning his arms beneath her shins. Then to the astonishment of all she moved forwards lifting her skirt for all to see as she positioned her crotch upon his mouth with his nostrils pressed against the front of her love box. “Behold! The rightful place of man” Anahita exclaimed as she sat upon his face. The demon army shifted uncomfortably seeing their leader in such a humiliating position, yet many were aroused wishing that they were in his place beneath the fabulous woman as she flexed her biceps in victory while pressing her sex into his face. The Sisterhood too found the sight erotic, laughing at the demon’s embarrassment and speaking openly of looking forward to trying it out on their husbands and sons. Some even grabbed a demon, delicate looking women in elegant saris easily throwing down a big demon soldier then sitting upon their faces like their mistress. Mahishasura writhed and struggled angrily yet he too found his subjugation beneath her sex arousing, the front of his kirtle rising as his demon-hood stiffened uncontrollably. With his face pressed into her sex he had to fight the irresistible temptation to worship the victor with his mouth.

The Goddess lifted his kirtle with her hand and took hold of his mighty erect shaft. “Look at how he salutes me, acknowledging his rightful position. It would be rude not to thank him” she laughed. “Mmmmm!” the demon roared his rage yet with his mouth against her sex, the Goddess found the vibrations stimulating. “Oh yes, dear buffalo” she moaned “Keep doing that and I will gush and drown you with my pleasure”. Afraid, the demon kept his silence. The Goddess stroked and manipulated his staff with skill. The demon lord struggled and tried to resist yet succumbed to the pleasures of her hand and soon could take no more and spilled his life-force like a fountain. Yet where his seed fell upon the ground, new life blossomed and the watching opposing forces puzzled at this greatly.

Despite feeling drained and his life-force depleted, with great shame and anger, Mahishasura began to buck his body using his mighty legs to pitch his body at a steep angle in an attempt to dislodge the Goddess like an untamed stallion. After several frantic attempts, Anahita was unseated. Gaining his feet first, the buffalo demon charged at the toned well-built Goddess, wrapped his arms around her middle then pulled her tight against his massive hairy rocky chest intending to crush her there. “I’m going break you for that, bitch-whore!” he yelled in anger. “Then take what remains up the arse for all to see and everyone will say oh that Anahita, she sure fucked with the wrong man”. His massive arms swelled and expanded massively around her body in a deadly crushing embrace that could surely crush boulders. Yet the beautiful woman just threw back her head and laughed while rubbing her sexy physique against him. “Oooh yes. Give me a cuddle you sexy hairy beast” she laughed gleefully into his face.

His face reddening with frustrated rage, his mighty arms expanded further turning into a rippling mass of veins and tendons that shook as he tried to crush the laughing Goddess in his terrible arms. Yet the tighter he squeezed her, the more aware he was of her luscious shapely body against him. Her sultry eyes bore into his, her tempting mouth in a joyous smile, her full breasts squeezed against him with her erect nipples pressing against his chest. She parted her mouth and ran her tongue around her lips and he was shocked to find his shaft stiffening rapidly so soon after his forced orgasm. Trying to squeeze her tight, her lips were tantalisingly close to his and sweat broke upon his brow as he fought the urge to kiss it. He could feel her erect nipples against his chest and her heartbeat, the warmth and fullness of her body, her scent, the shade of her unblemished skin, she filled his senses like no other. He even thought his now erect rod was pressing against her love box atop her legs which made it uncomfortably hard. Everything about her drives him wild with desire and he finds himself fighting his body’s desire to kiss her passionately and impale her with his erection even as he holds her in his arms. A tremble of fear goes through him as he realises that even now she is manipulating him with her body even although she is at his mercy and not fighting back. This is not something he had faced before in battle for the only erection he ever had was the pleasure of exerting his powerful muscles as they crushed an opponent to death. Never had he faced a woman in combat before and never had a woman manipulated him so with her body. He wanted her so yet he knew that he should kill her but he wanted to take her and make her his. “Oooh go on, big boy and you are a very big boy” she whispered with such a saucy tone that his erection gave a large lurch that threatened to spill its load and weaken him further. “Hug me harder, no?” she feigned a look and tone of disappointment “Then I guess it’s my turn”.
Without warning Anahita clamped her own mighty arms on top of the demon’s, wrapped her forearms around his massive frame and pulled him tight against her sensational body. Mahishasura felt his wide hairy chest press against the Goddess’s muscled yet full feminine chest and begin to give way. He tried to flex his awesome wide chest muscles which bulged and swelled trying to expand his chest against the ever-tightening brawny strong arms of the Goddess as they tried to crush his breath against her shockingly hard chest. Even her full soft breasts offered no cushion as she pulled him ever tighter with her thick solid bulging arms of irresistible power. Her face was so close now that he could feel her fresh breath upon his cheek. “Arggg!” he struggled to breathe against her hard chest yet every breath she took pushed into him squashing up his wide chest no matter how hard he tried to expand himself to resist. The feel of her body in his arms was a constant reminder that she was a fit sexy woman.

“Not possible” he gasped as her arms swelled with dense striated muscle and pulled him ever tighter so that he struggled to breathe. All the while her dark smouldering eyes bore into him sparkling with excitement and amusement. “Ahh, hugging is so nice” she teased then hugged him tighter still. “Nnnrghh!” he groaned. His army gasped in amazement for this stunning feminine looking woman was crushing the much larger demon lord upon her chest and the sight was so powerful that many spilt their own seed. CRACK! The sound of a rib breaking echoed throughout the mountains and by the ghastly expression on the demon lord’s face they knew who was breaking who. “Don’t you like my cuddles little one?” she teased over his gasps of pain.

With another mighty surge of strength, her arms bulged even more as she lifted him up in front of her until his groin was level with her exciting chest. Holding him thus, Anahita began to dance and sway as with a child while the demon lord cursed and swore in language most foul. “Want to go higher, little buffalo?” she teased then with a mighty surge of power that made her big biceps bulge large and formidable, she pressed him clean above her head, resting him atop her hands with his face to the sky. The weight of raising the demon made her thighs swell up mightier than ever before bulging with terrible power. Her quadriceps were thick and swollen as she carried the full weight of the buffalo demon looking like they were carved from stone. Bulging and flexing with every step they were mesmerising although she made it seem so graceful. And as she twirled around as if dancing with the demon in her arms, all could see how large and sharply defined her wide calves were. Frantically straining in her arms her sexy face was forever in his vision, the softness of her long flowing hair and warmth of her body were constant reminders that he was being completely overwhelmed by a beautiful woman.

Such a potent image of female superiority was this that many in the watching army fell to open masturbation and even those in The Sisterhood were shifting uncomfortably. Even Mahishasura’s rod was stiff once more. “Aaaargh! Let me down damn bitch” he roared. “Rage all you want. I could keep you up there in my overhead lift for hours if need be” she taunted. With that the Goddess raised herself up onto her toes. Her large calves solidified into large double-arrow shaped slabs of thick sensual shaped female muscle. Standing out in bold relief, her calves were so sharp pointed that they looked as if surely a man would cut his hand upon them if he had dared. All the while she continued to carry the demon lord and spin him around while she danced. “This must be so embarrassing for you, such a big male with such big muscles held so helpless in the air, raging like a child by a mere woman” she teased as she danced showing no signs of exertion.

“Now watch as I change this from a display of superior strength into something more destructive”. With that the stunning strong bodied female lowered his back across the top of her broad shoulders grasping him by the throat and the inside of his upper thigh and began pulling down at both ends. “Nnnnngh!” he clenched his teeth determined not to cry out but failing. “Narghhhh!” he roared in agony as his back bent like a sapling, helpless to do anything to stop it. “Can you feel your spine bending oh great and mighty one? Can you feel your stomach muscles tearing and your vertebrae grinding?” her words dropping like pure nectar upon his torment. “Arghhh!” he cried as if in acknowledgement. “Does that compare with the feeling of helplessness at the hands of a woman who could snap you like a twig” her words were dreadful yet made the demon’s member rise uncontrollably. “Arghh!” he roared trying to keep his strong body as straight as a tree trunk but failing. “Yes, sing that arrr song for me demon” she told him while performing a sensual gyrating dance as she bent Mahishasura’s back tightly around her broad strong shoulders.

Her biceps grew so massive and swollen as they pulled upon him so fiercely that dreadful pops and cracks echoed through the mountains barely audible above the demon’s blood curdling screams. Demons are hard to kill and Mahishasura harder still yet it was clear that the Goddess was really hurting him. Finally she threw the bowed back demon lord to the ground and stood over him in superiority and dominance as he writhed uncomfortably like a serpent. “Are you having problems there, oh foul demon?” Anahita teased “Shall I help straighten you out?”

With that she fell atop Mahishasura seizing his hands and tried to press them to the ground above his head. The demon lord came to his senses and pressed back. With her bent arms locked against his, they bulged fiercely as she pressed down. As large and mighty as her biceps and forearms were, those of Mahishasura were even larger and with a widening hungry grin his massive biceps rippled and swelled so large that many thought they would burst. Laughing he began to sit up while pressing her arms back towards her chest. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you that the arms of a man are proportionally much stronger than a woman’s?” he chuckled with malicious glee.

“Argh!” suddenly he was crying out as the tall Goddess laced her calves and feet between his massive legs then ripped them wide apart in the blink of an eye. “Argh!” Mahishasura couldn’t believe how swiftly her lovely long legs had torn his magnificent muscular legs into a wide V, instantly disabling him beyond his limits of flexibility. “Argh!” he cried again. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you that the legs of a woman are proportionally much stronger than that of a man?” she taunted as her dark sultry eyes bored into his while her long black hair dangled into his face. “Arghh!” he cried again as she sent a burst of power through her smooth bulging thighs that greatly expanded their size. “Can you feel how superior my legs are? Can you feel the tendons in your legs beginning to tear?” she asked “I am only applying a fraction of my leg strength” with that her thighs expanded even more, shiny tanned and formidably powerful, thick like those of a stone stallion. The demon lord screeched disabled in sheer agony as his legs were torn even wider apart. “I could rip your legs from their very sockets and you know it” she taunted. Know it he did as his member pointed stiff and throbbed hard despite the searing pain between his legs, causing many moans of pleasure from the watching Sisterhood.

Mahishasura’s hands slipped from her grasp and moved to the legs tearing him apart but to the surprise of all they began feeling her long smooth powerfully bulging thighs, caressing them gently like a lover. “It’s the backside that provides the driving power” she told him “Why you don’t take a feel”. With that, He raised the back of her skirt and felt her backside shocked how her buttocks felt like smooth balls of granite. His member throbbed so hard that his kirtle was flapping up and down like a flag in a storm. “That’s right, beat it demon. Beat it for me. Shoot it all up into the air and weaken your life-force for me” the well-built Goddess teased and with her words, Mahisarura’s shaft exploded in a fountain of seed that shot high into the air. Where it fell upon the ground, new life grew. “Argh!” Mahishasura screamed as a terrible loud popping sound echoed through the mountainside.

Releasing his legs, the demon lord was distressed to find himself spent and spread-eagled upon the ground unable to move his legs. Massaging them in the hope to make them work, he watched as the Goddess got to her feet and stood over him. His eyes ran along those long thick legs and curvaceous thighs of immense power that had broken him so easily. Now relaxed they were smooth strongly shaped and highly alluring. The pain in his leg sockets were testament to their deceptive power. “Ready to start grovelling, foul demon?” Anahita asked standing over him in victory. Mahishasura was a sly one and his countenance became that of an incredibly handsome man sporting his magnificent moustache and powerful physique. “Come now Anahita” he spoke in a deep resonant voice that sent chills of excitement through the watching women. He puffed up his chest and flexed his stomach muscles making himself the image of perfect virile manhood. “There is no need to fight. We are one of a kind, you and I. Come be my Queen and rule by my side. You shall ride my mighty he-rod and I will give you eternal bliss” he spoke in the most beguiling tone. He was very handsome and set the pulses of many women racing but the Goddess was not beguiled.

Ripping off her halter, she flung it in his face. “You try to seduce me yet I can make you lust me more” she told him revealing her large firm breasts and stone-work stomach. Removing the remains of her skirt, she too flung this in his face then stood before him completely naked. “You see” she laughed as his staff became erect once more with rampant desire. Standing over him, she placed her hands on her hips and placed one leg forward. Her thighs expanded massively into rocky shapes and her stomach turned into a deep cut lattice of large square-like slabs that he just wanted to run his shaft along. “See my body, lust after me, foul demon but you are not strong enough to take me. Try it and I will break you” she teased with a seductive snarl as his eyes opened wide in lust. Then she added “Oh you can’t, you’ve hurt your legs, too bad”.

Suddenly the demon lord’s arms struck like snakes, seizing her ankles and pulling her feet from under her. “You may have ruined my legs bitch but there’s nothing wrong with my arms” he snarled. Using his mighty arms, he propelled his immense body upon her like a leaping lion as she fell upon the ground on her back. Massive rippling arms seized the woman’s neck in a crushing field of dense unyielding bulging muscle. Her face turned a dreadful colour as her hands pounded in vain upon his massive bulging arms. “Soon you will be senseless then I will lay a compulsion on you to be my sex slave” he growled as he wrung her neck roughly from side to side flinging her body around to follow like a straw doll. “Oh what a come down! When you could have been my Queen and ruled by my side. Now your cunt will be nothing more than a glove for my dick” he roared with laughter. The Goddess’s face was a terrible purple and her eyes were rolling up inside her head. “Get ready to break out the rape machines boys. We’ll have a party tonight!” he cried to his troops, prompting the Supervisors to hurriedly organise The Sisterhood into defensive lines trying not to fall into despair. Anahita’s legs and body flailed around getting slower and weaker while her neck was held fast in the brute’s terrifying crushing headlock.

With obvious weakness she place both feet flat upon the ground with her legs bent at the knees. Then suddenly her legs launched the rest of her naked body apart from her trapped neck off the ground. With great flexibility, her long thick shapely legs ascended skywards held perfectly together. They soared up until they pointed vertically whereupon the calves folded at the knee and her legs came plummeting back towards the ground. Except that her feet did not strike the ground but hit something much softer. BLAM! “Ooooooiiiiiii!” Mahishasura screamed in an chilling agonising high pitched yell that brought tears of sympathy to the eyes of his men. “Stupid place to put your reproductive organs” rasped Anahita as the brute’s arm fell away from her neck as his hands headed straight for his ruined balls. His face was pale with eyes wide open and his mouth fallen wide in a mask of sheer agony and indignation.

With a smouldering look of great anger, the naked Goddess grabbed the beast’s arm then threw herself down upon her back hooking her left leg over his neck so that his throat was in the crook of her leg. Likewise she hooked her right leg across his barrel chest then pulled his big brawny arm between her legs pivoting the back of his upper arm against her naked love-box. “Arghhh!” he cried in shock and surprise as he felt his elbow bend back stressed by the beautiful Goddess’s sex. Its curly hairiness pressed against his elbow humiliating him with its intimacy and use as a weapon. With great determination Mahishasura struggled and rocked his body trying to free himself but instead found every movement caused intense pain in his elbow. “Argggh!” he cried out in both frustration and pain. His movements were constrained as the naked woman’s long legs pressed down upon his neck and chest while she continued to hold onto his arm and stress it over her crotch. “Argh!” he yelped again as his own movements threatened to shatter his own arm. “Is that the only song you know, you great lumbering oaf” she said with scorn “Look how I control you with my sex”. Pressing down with her long strong legs she continued to stress his arm across her crotch.

“Let’s try and teach you another song” she told him with a cold hard edge to her voice. With that she bent her legs sharply at the knees so that both feet were pressing upon the ground while her calves pressed tight against the side of his face and chest. Her strong legs pressed upon her feet while keeping grip with her calves as she raised her feet onto her toes raising the height of the demon’s shoulder as she continued to pull back upon his arm. His torso was forced to turn away from her and towards her big calves. “Arghkk no no kkkkk!” he shrieked then began to choke as the large hard swelling calve pushed into his throat while a huge bulging hamstring clamped down upon its side. Frantically he tried to prise the calve from his throat but found it clamped tighter than a limpet.

The naked Goddess thrust her hips higher raising his shoulder further as she pulled back his arm across her crotch with a chilling look upon her smouldering seductive face. “Arghkkk No kkkk pleasekkk!” he croaked loudly as his arm joints screeched in agony. Never before had Mahishasura felt such helplessness, humiliation and pain. Yet his complete domination by a beautiful nude woman was powerfully erotic and his shaft throbbed greatly with futile lust. The agony in his arm caused him to cry out for mercy which surely as a woman she would grant but instead her legs just powered her hips so high that his torso was forced onto its side as she strained his arm. CRACK! “Arrgghhhhhhhh!” the terrible loud break reverberated throughout the mountains before being drowned out by the demon’s deafening screams.

“Now do you understand the power of a woman?” the powerfully built naked vision asked as she got to her feet and stood over the broken demon. As he clasped his ruined arm his eyes looked up at this mighty superior feminine figure as she flexed every muscle in her magnificent sculpted body. “Yes” he gasped and despite the pain of his broken arm, he was mightily turned on by this powerful female body and the way in which it had totally dominated him. So did his demon-hood lurch uncontrollably. “Well at least that part of you still works” she remarked with a smile.

Anahita’s face became seductive and her voice was deep and sultry. “Do you want to get between my legs?” her voice was rich with promise. “More than anything” he gasped. “Let it be so” she replied and with that she rolled him to his side then wrapped her thick thighs around his head. With his good hand trembling and his face sweating he felt the massive smooth thighs enclose his head then swell up several times larger swallowing his skull as they turned harder than stone. The demon’s face was strangely squashed and distorted as his cheeks were pressed in, his mouth forced into a tight circle and his eyes bulged looking out towards the glorious force of nature that was the Goddess. “This way the sight of my sex and breasts will constantly remind you which sex is destroying you” Anahita told him as he lay on his side facing her.

Mahishasura struggled in desperation to escape. His hard powerful body became massively swollen with swelling muscle ripped to extreme proportions until every small part of his skin was covered by a network of creeper like veins. “Ooh what a big scary man you are” the Goddess teased “Truly the most muscular, mightiest man that has ever been or ever will be, yet still you cannot free yourself from my smooth womanly thighs”. Thrashing his body around with single-minded determination but to no avail for his head was stuck fast between Anahita’s wonderful glorious swelling thighs. He clenched his fist and bunched up his huge swelling arms and biceps until they became monstrously huge shapes of dense rippling muscle. Trying to muster more beastly strength, the demon lord tried to break apart Anahita’s powerful sexy legs. His huge rock-like body was trembling and shaking with the exertion, completely helpless and unable to resist the Goddess’s sexy power as she crushed his head so hard that one could hear the bone in his skull creaking. “I could make your skull explode as easily as I could a ripe melon between my thighs” she taunted. He was afraid for he knew that it was true and his shaft stood erect at the thought saluting her superiority and dominance.

Some have said that he surrendered unto her powerful legs and just lay there making no attempt to free himself just feeling her mighty shining thighs over and over. Others say that he knew that her legs were too strong to try to escape but all agree that his erection was so great that it broke his kirtle and lurched about like a wild thing. So potently sexy was the Goddess’s domination that many of her human female followers slammed demon soldiers to the ground then roughly rode their faces to orgasm, often both climaxing together. The field of battle became a field of sex.

Anahita’s mighty legs, so smooth shiny and sensual yet so thick powerful and deadly tossed Mahishasura’s massive body from one side to the other with just a flick of her long limbs. The demon lord’s face turned bright red with his eyes bulging wildly and his teeth clenched as he struggled to cope with the awful realisation of the power of legs so long, lean and beautiful. All the while she laughed with joy as he tried not to scream. But scream he did as suddenly she threw herself upon the back of her shoulders, lifting the rest of her body from the ground pointing her legs straight her massively swollen thighs lifted the buffalo demon clean off the ground suspended by his trapped head. “Mmaargh!” his screams were terrible, his head so tiny between the Goddess’s tanned toned legs. “That’s it cry foul demon for I will slowly crack your skull making sure you savour every moment of pain” she taunted. True to her word, the naked Goddess slowly increased the power crushing down upon his head her legs like some deadly python, his face seemed to get thinner and more compressed. Suddenly Mahishasura’s impressive lingam began to writhe and swing about unleashing a tremendous spray of seed. Then did he scream most terribly as a ghastly cracking and popping rang out nauseating many who watched the sure death of the demon.

But kill him she did not, she opened her powerful sexy legs and allowed his broken head to flop down onto the ground. “Well you are certainly most fertile I will give you that” she said looking at the abundance of wild flowers around his body. Standing over the broken demon lord, the Goddess’s fabulous fit strong body was proudly naked and glistening in the sun. Anahita taunted him thus “How does it feel now, oh great and powerful one?”. Mahishasura forced his eyes to look up roaming along her long shins and shapely spear-head pointed calves that stood so close to his head. Over her large full curvy, relaxed though powerful thighs did his eyes travel, lingering over the hairy entrance to her sex before moving on over her slab-work stomach and over her large full breasts to her face. “Yes, I am all woman as you can see” she told him “Not so confident and boastful now are you?”

She stood astride his body with the sides of her big solid meaty calves pressing into his sides. “How do you like being demolished in front of the whole battlefield by a mere woman who is much smaller than yourself? Where is your boastful bragging now, oh master of the universe?” she taunted. “All I can hear are your screams for mercy and to be honest that is getting tedious and irritating” she said looking down at him with a cold sneer of confident superiority. “So now I’m going to put you out of everyone’s misery with the very legs that keeps your flagpole at full mast.

With that the Goddess squeezed her legs hard causing her calves to cut deep against his sides. “Please not the legs, please I arghhhh!” he cried. “I am going to kill you with my legs but I am going to make you suffer just as you poured misery onto others” she told him. With that her legs visibly tensed and grew harder as they squeezed. So hard did her legs squeeze that the demon’s sides were squashed up by her wide powerful calves that he threw back his broken head and screamed. His chest and torso distorted under the enormous pressure as her calves became deep wide slabs of sharp ridged power that looked harder than metal.

“Can you feel your ribs cracking oh mighty demon?” she taunted as his writhed in agony between her daunting calves. Her quadriceps too swelled up to enormous size as they poured immeasurable power through to her calves. “Can you feel your liver, spleen and stomach being crushed to jelly by my sexy calves alone?” she told the demon as his broken head was thrown back, red-faced and mouth wide in a ghastly silent scream. Yet once more his mighty shaft stiffened as if acknowledging her sensual superiority. “Such a waste” she sighed when she saw this sight.

Lo did Anahita’s thighs swell up so large that it was if the demon’s massive body was being crushed between two mighty shining temple columns that were being pushed into the centre of his chest. “Arghh no no please” he begged but the Goddess’s legs were without mercy. CRAACKKK! CRAACKKK! CRAACKKK! The ghastly sound of the demon’s rib cage breaking rent the air accompanied by such agonising screams that many had to turn away and cover their ears. His army fell into depression to see Mahishasura, densely muscle-bound and immensely masculine, full of arrogant energy and animal strength laying broken and humbled at the feet of the most beautiful and most desirable female in the universe. Her strong fit muscled build and dominant attitude only enhanced her feminine allure.

Naked and moving so sensually that no man could take his eyes off her, the Goddess began to dance. Every slight move of her strong toned body made muscles ripple beneath the skin and briefly swell signifying the deadly power that lay beneath. The seductive sensuous figure moved with fluid grace as she moved from one pose to another, each emphasising the curves and feminine allure of her body. So supple and elegant was she, her body so strongly inviting with such strong erotic promise that the watching men were fully erect. Raising both arms above her head, Anahita approached the fallen demon lord thrusting her hips from side to side in a manner so erotic that many a man wished to rush to her. Take her they would have if they had not seen her throwing out a strong shapely leg as she danced. For with each slow step that she took, the large smooth shapely thighs would expand with such powerful strong shapes they were reminded that these were legs that had broken their leader. This was no dance of seduction or entertainment for although her motions were graceful, the shapes that she made with her body emphasised the muscularity that no man could ignore. As if subtle reminders of her feminine strength, her biceps and triceps would flex and swell briefly as she raised and spread her arms. The quadriceps hamstrings and calves would swell with fearsome might with every step. Her back was a living wall of dense large slabs of hard muscle. The well-defined abdominals in her stomach danced and writhed, a living constantly moving carpet of hard toned female muscle that would move sinuously often setting into large hard slabs arranged in two columns up the middle of her stomach. Her bare full firm breasts bounced with unrestrained motion that even the sex rod of the broken demon lord was rigid at the sight.

But it was the flexing and swelling of her immense powerful legs, swollen up to such great size and shining with strength, waning and flexing as she danced, that filled Mahishasura equally with dread and longing. The upper part of each leg looked several times wider than his head. Each outer thigh was an extremely thick long slab of impenetrable muscle which curved outwards dramatically before terminating in a mighty solid bulb above the side of her knee. Opposite this above the knee swelled a no-less formidable teardrop of strength which tapered to mid way up her upper leg. Between these was thick jagged mass long and bulging down her leg. In addition, a thick deadly looking cord of inner thigh muscle swept from the back of the knee towards the middle of her thigh.

“Oh truly are your legs the mightiest living force in the universe” he moaned in open lust “the sexiest and most desirable too”. “You’ve got that right little demon” Anahita replied, her toned thighs pumping with every step and her ripped stomach continued to writhe. “The dance is on and no-one can stand in its way, not even you” she told him. Mahishasura continued to be aroused by her nude toned body as her dance worked every muscle. Yet he understood that he could never win against her for she was far too superior making him feel so weak and helpless in her presence.

The Goddess danced so sexily that it induced pure lust into all men who watched. The naked full-figured form seemed tempered from hardened iron yet writhed as limber as a snake. Anahita slowly approached the mesmerised demon lord drawing out every step as his feverish eyes openly lusted after every curve. “Look at your fallen hunk of a body!” her voice sang out, like pouring honey over the sweetest berries. The voice of great seduction and promise asked “Remember how your mighty body easily broke the bodies of Gods and how you crushed rocks and weapons with those bulging muscles?”. She turned around and raised herself upon her toes to make her calves swell into hardened pointed slabs. “Gaze upon these sexy lovely calves in desire yet fear them for they crushed your chest of iron”. Look with lust he did and he was indeed fearful with the memory of the dread feel of her beautiful calves about his sides.

She turned to face him and tensed her thighs and he did shake with terror, sweat heavy upon his brow as they expanded with fearsome potential. “I see you remember how these thick powerful beauties cracked your dense skull” she teased. Combining such sensual beauty with such latent power, her legs caused Mahishasura’s sex-rod beat with rampant desire as they danced the beautiful woman to his side. Suddenly in a stylised move with her hands raised, Anahita kicked her right leg. In the blink of an eye it snapped low to the ground striking the demon’s face without pause as her leg soared to a height level with her waist. BERLAM! The dreadful force of the dancer’s kick lifted Mahishasura’s body clear off the ground and sent it hurtling away across the clearing in a blur. Meanwhile the Goddess’s strong full shaped leg remained raised straight in front of her, her large thighs quivering with the power that they had just unleashed.

Mahishasura lay groaning loudly, stunned by the sheer force of the kick which had left his handsome face a bloodied ruin. “If it’s any consolidation, dear demon, that kick would have cleaved the head clean off a lesser being” she told him “It’s your own fault for being so hard to kill. It just means more pain for you”. The fallen demon lord found it no consolation at all. He could only watch with helpless foreboding as her large rippling legs danced towards his prostrate body. She was light upon her toes as she glided across the ground but there was nothing light about the thick swelling of her large calves and the sharpness of the double spear-heads on both. His eyes gaped in open fear at her thickly bulging rippling thighs. They hardened so fearsome and defined with every step changing from large and shapely to extraordinary huge and rocky.

By the time the naked vision danced to his side with such unstoppable inevitability, he had reflected upon his life knowing that he had no chance against those hard formidable thighs. Yet all that power kept his rod solid. Anahita crouched low by his side with each leg spread wide exposing her sex to his vision. “Oh mighty Goddess, I lie willingly at your feet to worship you for I have sinned most grievously for which I truly repent” he told her with sincerity “In my defence I will only say that I only sought vengeance for the death of my father by the Deva”. The Goddess saw that he was being truthful, for the Asura have honour to even their estranged kin. “Oh mighty Goddess, beware the 13 human councillors and their kin for they are without honour and more devious and greedy for power and wealth than any being that I know” he warned with sudden insight. She nodded while still crouching by his side. His eyes followed the thick lines of her inner thighs to her sex and he moaned “Let me worship you forever oh mighty Goddess”. The beautiful woman told him “You have had your revenge and in so doing punished the Deva for being so arrogant. Thus I will grant you a boon that you will be worshipped with me till the end of time”. Still crouching she raised her foot and swung it over his chest. “For whenever beings see me being worshipped they will see you beneath my feet” she told him.

With that she stamped her bare foot down upon the centre of his mighty chest with such force that it made her powerful thighs quiver as his chest shattered. Driving her foot deep inside his body, the demon’s eyes went very wide with shock as he vomited black blood at the same time as a fountain of life-force left his erection. Dancing joyously Anahita leapt high into the air then came down with both feet crushing his stomach flat to the ground. Ignoring his dreadful screams, the naked Goddess began to dance upon his body. He clutched and clawed feebly at her calves and feet as she stood upon him, feeling her iron-hard calves, unable to move them. Going onto one foot she raised her knee high to her head then drove her foot down so fiercely upon his face that it broke his skull. Barely alive he gurgled horrible blowing bloody red bubbles and begged for mercy in a hoarse rasp. His hand weakly felt her dominant devastating foot as it played atop his crushed chest seeking unbroken sections then bearing down with muscular intent to smash these. Without mercy and dancing atop his body, the Goddess turned and stomped upon his pelvis, her powerful thighs driving her foot to squash it to pulp while Mahishasura writhed in agony no longer able to voice his pain. Again and again she performed this deadly trampling dance upon his body stomping down with her powerful legs with such terrible power that the very earth itself broke. The shaking of the earth under her stomping feet was so strong that the entire demon army and her followers fell to the ground. Under her feet, she trampled, broke and squashed his body to pulp, grinding each and every part of him beneath her feet with a gleeful expression until all that remained of Mahishasura was a nasty red smear packed within a deep crack in the mountainside.

The demon army were shocked at this dreadful sight yet before they had realised it, The Sisterhood led by The Supervisors fell upon them and began to slay them with their bare hands and feet until all had been slaughtered. From the scene of great carnage, Anahita permitted a golden light to ascend to the heavens, freeing Mahishasura and his followers of their karmic debt and cleansing them of their sins so that their souls could attain peace.

Editor’s note: The April 1975 edition of this journal recorded an extraordinary archaeological find in the area given in this account. Deep within a previously unexcavated fissure was discovered the remains of a great animal whose ribcage had been shattered and bones broken showing great trauma. The Indian Government quickly sealed off the area and expelled Western researchers declaring that this was nothing more than a giant prehistoric form of buffalo. Oddly before they left, the scientists noted that the creature’s genitals appeared to have been severed and were absent.

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