The Legs of the Rickshaw Woman (JIMP#36)

Mature oriental woman shows men the power of her legs and Kung Fu

More controversial sci-fi elements. Ling again, based on a former work colleague who I didn’t know had such awesome calves until the last day we worked together because she kept them covered. Also inspired by the awesome legs of Michelle Jin, pictured above.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011

Many recessions ago, I used to be an architect working in IT product development. There were a few women on the team and one who I worked with quite closely for several years called Ling. She was a mature oriental, I’m not certain from which country she originated, but she had a cheerful cheeky disposition that made her easy to get along with and we became good pals. She was short, standing 5’2″ with a pleasant face, perhaps plain in Western eyes, long with chubby cheeks and a good firm complexion that gave her a youthful appearance. Her eyes were almond shaped and brown with a short stubby nose and a small mouth. Only her short jet-black hair strongly peppered with grey betrayed her age.

Our relationship was purely friendship, we were colleagues that worked well together and could have a good laugh at the same time. Besides we were both married with kids. There was however one aspect about Ling that often caught my attention and that was her short but shapely legs. As was the fashion at the time, Ling wore thick grey jogging leggings that emphasized the shape of her legs but revealed nothing. Like many Orientals, her calves were large and meaty in complete disproportion to her size. They stretched her leggings as they flared out from her knees to a big meaty mass as wide as her thighs then swept dramatically into slim ankles. From the side these looked like huge semi-pear drops and I often wondered what they looked like bare. Then one day I got my wish when she came to work wearing trousers cropped just below the knee. I couldn’t stop staring. Relaxed, her short calves were a beautiful sight. The natural tan colouring of her skin made her large, rounded and shapely calves an irresistible draw for my eyes. However, when she walked each solidified into a solid mass of hard diamond shaped muscle with a sexy cleft between them that almost had me drooling. These were calves that would make male bodybuilders green with envy. I was intrigued, how did she get calves like that? Did she work out? No, she claimed that the only vigorous exercise that she did was dancing. She also mentioned that she did a bit of Kung Fu when she was younger but when I pressed her on this, she dismissed it saying that it was a long time ago and that she hadn’t been very good. She probably wondered why I paid her so much attention that day. I can tell you that I had a permanent boner all day long.

After we both got made redundant I lost touch with Ling for many years. About a year ago, I needed a woman of foreign extraction who I could trust to pose as a cleaner in order to check out an auction house in London [JIMP#26]. Thanks to the wonders of social networking, we had arranged to meet at a supermarket. As soon as I approached the entrance, I spotted her looking in the opposite direction. She was wearing low heels with those big oriental calves covered in sexy sheer black nylon that made those muscled slabs shine so erotically that I actually spent several minutes watching her from behind like a pervert. I was captivated by the view of the sexy calves that I hadn’t seen for so long, marvelling at the dramatic difference in size compared with her slim ankles and adoring the sheen of sheer black nylon as it stretched over the large muscles. Finally she turned around and spotted me, breaking the trance. Over a light snack and coffee, she agreed to do the job for me. Unfortunately I was now wracked with guilt because I sent her into that place the very night it got blown up. I had not heard from her since but held a glimmer of hope that she had escaped in the secret tunnel I suspected lay beneath the building.

Now as I waded down the flooded quayside of an underground canal [JIMP#35], a familiar looking oriental woman in her early 50’s stepped in my path and placed a hand on her hip. “You wanna ride mister or wot?” she asked in clipped English. I felt a big stupid beaming smile form on my face and was about to rush forward to give her a big hug when she fixed me with a stern stare and gave a subtle shake of her head signalling that it wasn’t safe to show that we knew each other. I was used to seeing her in more formal clothes than she wore now. A pale yellow sleeveless top covered her boyish upper body; although there was nothing boyish about her full medium sized breasts that had seen several children raised to adulthood. Her bare arms were thick and quite firm looking. She also wore denim shorts that looked like they had been cut from a pair of old jeans.

“Why are you talking like that? You speak better English than I do” I whispered. She put a finger to her lips. “OK girl but you better be fast. If I miss my meeting I’ll have you flogged” I said imperiously acting like a City slicker. “I go very fast. Fastest rickshaw on water. Very strong legs. Very strong legs indeed” she answered in character. My eyes automatically went to her short thick legs and I was staggered by what I saw. One leg was facing forward and I could see a huge mass of calve meat flaring out from behind her shins. The other foot was slightly turned showing the dramatic size difference between her slender ankles and the huge depth of her beefy calves. They looked absolutely gigantic, much larger than I remembered.

I think she noticed my gaze because she smiled then turned her side to me placing one foot upon the stone lip that edged the quayside so that I could see the inside of her leg. Bending her foot onto her toes, the thick mass at the back of her lower leg solidified into a large deep flat slab. The bottom of the muscle formed a sharply pointed V with a deep edge as it rose like a cliff from the slimmer plains above her ankle. I was positive that they never used to be this big or this muscled. For a woman her height, they were outrageous. “You like? Very strong legs, peddle very fast” she said, clearly amused that I was gawping at her legs with growing lust. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the massive calve muscle. “Oh I like very much. They’re magnificent” I gasped in genuine appreciation, my groin stirring at the sight. Beneath the sharp cliff of the main calve head I could make out another muscle, the soleus, forming a ledge. I also noticed how thick her upper leg was. She always had short thick thighs but now I could see how strong they looked as they stood in a thick slab above her knee and the back of her leg displayed a nice thick swell of hamstring.

“You gonna gawp at my legs all day or get onboard mister?” her voice broke my trance and flushing with embarrassment I turned to look at the contraption on the water. The only way I could describe it was a floating rickshaw attached behind a bicycle that was fitted with paddles. It looked ancient and well rusted. The once black ironwork was heavily coated with red rust and the black leather upholstered passenger seat was torn and well worn as was the black folding canopy above it. “It plenty old and safe mister” Ling said by my side. “Ain’t lost passenger since Christmas” she joked. I could hardly believe that a highly skilled and experienced IT developer was now literally a pedal pusher. With trepidation I boarded the craft and climbed slowly into the rickshaw seat, not liking the way the thing wobbled on the water with my every move. “Big pansy” I heard Ling mutter behind me.

After unmooring the craft, Ling climbed onto the saddle with her short legs either side of the frame. Her toes barely reached the deck, causing both calves to flex. “Wow” I gasped admiring the clear definition of each huge muscle and the size of the solid sharp edged diamond shaped calves. “I’m sorry?” she turned her head towards me. “Uh nothing. I was just uh admiring your incredible calves” I told her. “Please don’t. They’re so big and ugly, I’ve always hated them but now they’ve blown up like balloons. I wish I could get them reduced” she whispered back at me. “Please don’t. I think they’re sensational. Really, I mean it. They’re incredibly sexy” I replied. “Well in that case you just sit there and watch what a year of peddling this ancient rust bucket has done to my legs” she said and turned to face forward.

Placing a foot upon the highest pedal, the large calve flattened and became more defined. As she applied pressure the muscles under her skin rippled and bulged as they exerted a mighty force to get the contraption into motion. As the pedals rotated, she brought up her other foot and I could see the brute muscular power she was using to gain momentum. The sight of the big muscular calve heads flexing and waning in constant motion set my groin aching. As we gained speed, a spray of droplets rained upon her legs, causing her constantly pumping muscles to glisten and shine. Her calves were really getting pumped up as she steered the craft through the other traffic on the canal. I could clearly see the separate three headed calf muscles bulging with raw power as they pushed the peddles around and around driving the craft forward. The natural tan of her skin combined with the muscle tone made her legs shine so sexily. Her hamstrings were also thick and bulging at the back of her legs as she pumped away. With my view from the back, I also got occasional glimpses of the sides of her huge thighs swelling into rock hard slabs ridged with a sexy forward pointing V shape ridge as they powered the peddles. I was getting really turned on by the close-up view.

How could such a petite woman have such huge bulging muscle on her short legs? I was rock hard down below in no time watching the constant demonstration of female leg strength. Driving us at a good cruising speed, the muscles in her legs were in constant motion. Her big calves were now so pumped that they had striations making them look incredibly powerful. By the time we had came to a halt by the mouth of a tunnel so she could light her lantern, I was also pumped up into a huge boner that I had to try to cover as she looked over her shoulder at me. “Is something wrong Jim? You look strange” she whispered. “Ur no it’s fine” I gasped with embarrassment. “It’s not safe to speak here. I know somewhere a short way up ahead” she whispered. She looked at me querulously then gasped. “You’ve got an erection! You’re not really turned on my legs are you?” she whispered in astonishment. I shifted uncomfortably in the seat trying to cover my excitement. “Er yes. your legs are so sexy, they really turn me on” I replied bashfully. “I can see that. I always knew that you were a leg man, but this is weird” she chuckled then turned back and continued to cycle. This was getting embarrassing. How do you tell a former workmate that you’ve know for years that you have a thing for powerful muscular women and that her muscular legs are driving you wild with desire as she pumps them up on the water rickshaw better than any device in a gym.

We entered the tunnel and headed into the gloom. Soon it was too dark to see anything apart from the lanterns of other craft giving me time for my boner to go down. After several minutes, Ling swung the craft from the main tunnel into a small passage that finally emerged in a large cavern lit by large mirrored lanterns. However, instead of entering the main part of the cavern, Ling squeezed the craft down a narrow channel and into a small hidden alcove behind a large outcrop of rock.

Mooring the craft, she told me “This is my place, We’re safe here”. Looking around I saw some bedding and other signs of habitation. I stepped ashore and gave Ling a big hug, which I think surprised her. “I’m so glad to see you. I was afraid that I might have got you killed” I admitted. “I’m glad to see you too, Jim. I was very surprised when the Maasai approached me. How did you get down here? The entrances are guarded” she replied. “They are looking for you, you know” she said with concern. “That’s why they cut off my distinctive locks and gave me waterproofs and a change of clothes” I said, indicating the suit I was wearing. I didn’t ask the tribe where it came from.

We sat on the bedding and Ling produced from a small rucksack various items of food which we consumed while I told her of the trail that led me to her. With her legs bent at the knee as she leant back against the wall, I could see the inside of one calve and again I was amazed at the thickness of the edge of the big slab and the difference in width compared with her ankle. Ling noticed. “You really do fancy my calves. What’s wrong with you?” she exclaimed slapping me playfully on the shoulder. She crossed her legs, the huge meaty slab of muscle now emphasised by a furrow running lengthwise down the top near her shin and the thick slab of secondary below the calve. “Oh Ling. I’m sorry but your calves are so well developed they are driving me wild” I admitted. “Please can I feel them?” I asked. “I didn’t know you were this weird. Yes I guess so” she replied hesitantly.

I reached out to the calve sitting on the top of her crossed legs. The size of it was outrageous. I ran my palm around the large arrow shaped slab facing me. “It’s so big and hard” I gasped. “So lovely and smooth. It’s beautiful Ling. Look at how deep and sharp the edge is” I cried in wonder. “You’re weird. I think they’re far too big” she said as she rotated the calve slightly. “Oh Ling, they are amazing” I gasped as I felt the thick soleus muscle that now swelled beneath her calf. “Peddling that damn rust bucket for miles up and down the canal has done that” she muttered. “Your lower legs are really so well developed. I love it. Wow every muscle is so defined. Perfect diamonds and everything” I told her turning her leg and running my palm over her muscles with increasing excitement. “I didn’t think guys liked that sort of thing” she told me. “Of course they do. I’d bet you’d look stunning in high heels. Men wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off them. If you walked down a street, men would be bumping into lampposts not looking where they were going with big boners in their trousers” I said. That raised a chuckle. “Like this you mean” she laughed playfully flicking the lump in my crotch, which made me blush.

“I know a woman about your height with these flared rounded calves like balls of steel jutting out from the back of her leg. They are so strong that she can crush things between them like melons. I’ve even seen her knock several men out cold between them and break bones [JIMP#21]” I told her. “Oh Jim! You talk such shit sometimes” she laughed and slapped me on the shoulder. “No its true, Ling and yours are much bigger and look much stronger” I said. “Yeah. You’re weird” she chuckled.

“Well if you’re going to touch up my legs, you might as well make yourself useful and massage them. They get so tight after peddling that rust bucket all day” she told me. I’m sorry but that was like a red rag to a bull. Gently taking her ankle in one hand, I raised her leg and began to rub the tanned meaty calve with my other palm. “When a man tells a woman that she has great legs, he is referring to the muscle that gives them their shape” I tell Ling greatly enjoying the feel of the hard muscle under her smooth soft skin. “And you have very shapely legs” I tell her feeling her calves. “But they’re too big and muscular” she protested. “No, They are very shapely and a woman in high heels showing well muscled calves will always turn men’s heads. Yours will stop traffic” I said then leant forward and kissed the large muscle in my hands. “Jim!” Ling gasped with a giggle.

By pulling gently on her ankle, I stretched out the leg and ran my other hand to the back of her leg. “Oh Ling your hamstrings are amazing. So thick and shapely. You really have incredibly sexy legs” I told her with mounting passion. The big muscle swelled underneath her upper leg and I could feel its strength under my palm as I massaged it. “Wow that really turns you on doesn’t it. I wish I’d known that all those years ago. I quite fancied you, Jim, but you were never interested in me like that” Ling told me as I hungrily fondled her hams then kissed them passionately.

Ling slapped her big meaty thigh. “What about these little piggies then, Jim. You should see how big these get after a day’s cycling” she told me. With that she stretched both legs and flexed her thighs. My cock went so hard it felt like it would burst out of my trousers. “Ohhhh my god, they’re beautiful” I moaned lustfully. A thick beefy slab of solid thigh ran down the outer edge of each of her short upper legs. As she rotated it slowly for my benefit, I saw that her thighs actually had a thick ridge of muscle along the upper edge that sloped to a point by the side of her knee where it met a lower corded tendon. A big teardrop shaped muscle bulged on the inside just above her knee.

I just lost it completely. With my hands frantically feeling her incredible thighs, I got to my knees in front of her. “Oh Ling, they are so sexy. So powerful” I moaned crazed with lust. Taking a thigh in each hand, I moved her legs apart and pushed my body sideways between them until I pressed against her crotch. Kissing the short woman passionately on the lips, my erection throbbed hard. “Oh Ling, please crush me in your strong legs. Please, Ling, please let me feel how strong they are. Crush me. Crush me helpless. Make me do whatever you want. Crush me and make me your slave” I begged between kisses, closing her thighs around me. “Orrrrrr!” I gasped aloud as a thick wall of tanned beef tightened around my middle with an overwhelming pressure that flattened my diaphragm instantly. I was totally stunned by the unbelievable raw power in her short legs that had me helpless in less than a second. The pressure disappeared immediately. “Oh Jim, I’m sorry, have I hurt you” Ling asked with concern. “No it’s fine, huh huh I never expected them to be so strong. Please squeeze me again, gently” I panted closing the short legs around me again. “I don’t know about this Jim, I might hurt you” she protested. “It’s okay. Please I really want to feel your strong legs around me. Please, if it is hurting, I’ll tap your legs like this” I demonstrated. “And you really like this? Wow, you’re really weird” she told me.

“Argggggg” before I had a chance to reply the thick canyon walls of flesh encircled me and clamped tight. I gasped at the tremendous power being exerted by her short stubby thighs so much so that I wanted to tap immediately but ashamed that would make me look stupid after I just asked her to squeeze me. I clung onto her legs struggling to cope as my gut felt like it was being crushed to mush. “Arghh” I gasped at the brutal grip of her untrained legs. I really felt like tapping but was too afraid of looking like a woose. I tried to hang on, gritting my teeth, with my hands on her thighs, startled to feel how big and rock solid they have become. The thick ridge of muscle along the upper edge of her chunky thigh is like a steel cable covered in flesh. “Arghh” tap tap I gasp and tap frantically as she crosses her calves behind me and sends the pressure soaring. I really couldn’t take any more; her short legs were far too strong. To my surprise, I find myself flung to my side trapped fast in her muscular legs compressing me like a boa constrictor. Tap tap. “Oh come on, Jim. I’ve hardly started, I can squeeze a lot harder than that” Ling tells me. “Urrrrh” I gasp, my eyes screwed tight trying to hold on, barely able to draw breath with my mid-riff crushed tight. It really feels like she is cutting me in two with her legs. Tap tap.

I gasp as I feel a hand on my erection. “Wow this really gets you going, doesn’t it?” she says. “God it’s been so long since I’ve had some of this” she adds. “Uppppph” I gasp in precious air as the tremendous squeeze eases. Ling laughs at me as I lay panting between her legs. “Wow did my little piggies really do that? You were completely helpless between them and SO hard” she said. “Oh that felt so good. That was really making me feel horny. I was completely in control”. “Argghhh!” I cried as the short bulky thighs snapped into a thick solid mass around my waist. I slapped her thighs and tried to rock my body in vain as the short but thick bulging muscle swelled under my hands crushing the air out of me. Ling just laughed manically. “Oh I really love this. I feel so powerful. Just look at you so utterly helpless between my little piggies” she laughed. “Orrr!” I cried out again wasting precious oxygen as her legs clamped down even harder. Her legs were brutally strong and had crushed every atom of air from me. The tight wall of flesh around my middle was unyielding and prevented me drawing breath. I slapped frantically on her thighs, my hands stinging against the muscled bulk.

The brutal pressure eased off slightly allowing me to snatch gasps of air. I felt Ling’s hand steal to my trousers and unzip them. “Wow. You’re still very hard. You are really getting turned on by my little piggies although you were turning a funny colour just then” she says. “You’ve heard the story about the little piggies. Well these little piggies say argh”. “Argghgh!” I cried as intense pressure snapped on once more. “Beg. Beg to make love to me over and over again in penance for trapping me down here for a year” she tells me as I struggle to survive in the thick warm slabs of beef she called her legs. “Oooh that feels so good, Jim. I feel so dominant. I can make you do whatever I want. And I want it” she tells me as my head swims and my insides feel like they are crushed to pulp. “You said that woman could break men’s bones with her calves. Well I’m sure these little piggies can break your body” she laughs.

My head was swimming and my vision was getting blurry. “Jim!” Ling shouted. I looked in the direction of her face and made out that she was holding something. In my oxygen deprived state it took me a while to recognise what it was; The decoder [JIMP#19]. “This is what you risked my life to find. Was it worth it? Jim? Jim?” her voice receded into the background as I spun out down a deep dark hole.
It was sometime later that we set off once more on the antique water borne rickshaw cycle. Ling had thoroughly enjoyed the experience of using her ‘little piggies’ to make me do whatever she wanted, and she hadn’t been gentle about it. Absolutely shagged out, we had lain back and discussed how to escape London Below, but Ling told me that most exits were policed by armed guards and those that weren’t were securely locked. I had suggested looking at some of the less used further flung parts of the system but Ling was keen to show me something first.

We moored at a large wharf and walked to an area beneath the old financial heart of the City. We joined the flow of City types as they waded through busy pedestrian tunnels, all heading in the same direction. After several minutes pressed up against the top earners of humanity, I discovered the destination for all the slickers. I would have stood open mouthed in awe if it were not for the flow of the crowd pushing me forward. It was possibly the largest enclosed space that I had ever seen. The area was so huge that I couldn’t make out where the floor of the vast cavern ended. It seemed to be a huge trading floor. The walls had been smoothed and covered with a gleaming yellow metal rising as high as a ten story building all around in a gigantic circle. “Solid gold” Ling muttered beside me. Above the walls, the roof curved in a vast unsupported convex. “Templeforth cathedral they call it. A temple to corporate greed and ruthless ambition” she added “This is where the real money is made”. At the very peak I could make out what looked like a tiny glass office from which descended a glass shaft running vertically down the centre of the open space like a thin strand of a spiders web. “Ground level” Ling whispered. “Templeforth’s personal lift. Everyone else has to wade through a foot of water while he keeps his posh upper class feet dry” she added.

As we moved forward with the crowd, I saw that the lift shaft ended on a large raised platform elaborately decorated with precious metals and jewels but none more so that an elevated throne on which the man himself sat. A single flight of stairs rose from floor level heavily guarded by black uniformed men in riot gear. “Banking police” Ling muttered. “Bastards, all of them” she added. A line of business suited men and women waited at the bottom of the stairs for their turn to kneel before the big shot. “Anyone who wants to do business with him has to wade through the water and bow down before him” she told me. Huge screens behind the man projected a meaningless garble of stock prices. “They are buying up all the precious metals and mineral resources they can lay their greedy hands on. Leaving everyone else with shares that aren’t worth the paper it’s printed on” she whispered.

I saw a smart suited man whisper in Templeforth’s ear. “Sir Anthony Jones” Ling told me. So that was the man who had ordered attacks me while I had been at St.Agatha’s. Suddenly the man, one of the world’s super rich elite, rose from his throne. His audience ended, the man who had been grovelling on his knees was ushered away. I suppressed a gasp, I was certain that it was the Prime Minister. “Friends, fellow bankers and senior financers of Britain” Templeforth’s voice boomed out from hidden speakers. “I welcome you all as we approach our goal of consolidating the world’s wealth through another recession. However we have an intruder amongst us”. I resisted the temptation to glance around nervously although I felt myself blush. “Don’t be shy now Mr.Priest. You wanted to meet me well come up and bow down before me”. There was an uncomfortable silence as the crowd waited for me to make my presence known. I knew that would be a mistake and I couldn’t let the decoder, now sitting at the bottom of Ling’s rucksack, fall into his hands. I felt Ling’s hand give mine a reassuring squeeze. “Come now, Mr.Priest. You may have been clever enough to get in here but there is no way you are getting out alive. Even if by some miracle you did, where would you run? The Government? The Governments don’t rule the world, Gildeman Sacks does and I own them!”. The cathedral to greed erupted in cheers that took a long time to die down. “Are you a gambling man Mr.Priest? We’re all gamblers here”. That caused an outburst of laughter. “We gamble with your pensions and endowment mortgages and life savings. You win, we win. You lose, we win. No matter what we always win. We are the top 1% who will shortly own 99% of the world’s wealth and we don’t give a damn about the likes of you”. More cheers. “Do you think the Sisterhood will help you? I don’t think so. They’re just puppets to those who pull the strings behind the scenes. Once we learn the mistresses’ secrets we will cut their strings and take control. The world will be ours to control and ours alone”. “Uh uh uh uh” some of the city types began grunting in unison while others cheered.

I had seen enough. We backtracked through the crowds and located the passageway that led back to the canal. I had just turned the corner, when I walked straight into a bunch of thugs. “Oi! Watch where you’re going mush!”. “I’m sorry”. “What’s your sort doing down here anyway? Going to give the Chinky a quick fuck?”. They were a mixed bunch of big ugly brutes with faces showing the evidence of too many brawls. “Give us yer wallet””Look at him bag o’bones. Shaking like a leaf””He’ll be more than shaking by the time we’ve finished with him”. “Leave him alone” I head Ling’s voice as half a dozen thugs surrounded me. They were reivers, an underclass of low-live scum who existed by stealing and preying on others. “Shut your mouth Chinky or I’ll shut it for you””She your girlfriend mate? A bit past it ain’t she? I can get you a young girl. A very young girl if you like”.

“Leave him alone” Ling shouted trying to push her way through the thugs towards me. I saw a tall thickset man grab the petite woman from behind and pull her away. “Little slave slut has the hots for a slicker” he laughed as he pulled her against him and started fondling her ample breasts. “Nice tits, Come on love, let us all have a look” he laughed as she struggled in his arms. I wanted to go to her aid but was pushed back by the other thugs crowding around me. “She’s just a slave. We can get you plenty of better looking ones than her””Here, where’s his pass?””Er? You ain’t the one they’re looking for, are you?”.

The Ling I knew was quiet and calm to the point of almost being placid, but she looked absolutely furious now. “Yah!” she yelled. A short chunky bare leg blasted upwards. The top of her thigh struck her chest and her knee hit her shoulder driving a large meaty calve past the side of her head. The man was enjoying the feel of the woman’s soft tits when suddenly a blurred streak shot high over her shoulder. BAM! Something clubbed his face so hard with such a solid thud that it felt like he’d been hit with a baseball bat. “Arghh!” he cried as his head reeled under the furious blow. “Yah!” her elbow shot back like a freight train plunging a chubby elbow deep into his gut. “Orrrrrrrrrgghhhh!” he wailed in agony and let go of the woman and begin to crease up.

The unexpected flexibility of my former workmate and ordinary mother of two grown children set my groin twitching. Ling spun around and leant away from the man then raised a leg high bent at the knee, the movement stretching her shorts tight across an ample but shapely backside. “Yah!” a short stubby leg rocketed straight into the man’s jaw. Driven by her large powerful thighs, her shoe struck like a hammer against an anvil. The kick was so powerful that he barely felt his jaw shatter before his head whipped back so fast that he lost consciousness long before his body slammed backwards on the flooded floor.

As one, the other thugs turned away from me drawn irresistibly to outbreak of a fight. With eyes blazing and lips curled from their snarling grins, five big burly men approached the petite mature oriental. “You’re dead meat bitch” one snarled.

Outnumbered, Ling realised there was no time for niceties. Stepping towards the closest, she turned and blasted a kick to the middle of his chest. “Yah!”. A large muscled calve backed by big thighs hammered her shoe home against his sternum like a metalworkers punch driven by a hammer. “Orrr!” there was a cracking sound then his body flew backwards so fast that his feet left the ground before crashing into the men behind him.

A big ugly brute closed in on her with three others at his side. “We get her together, they can only fight one on one” he growled then rushed forwards. “Yah!” Ling’s chunky leg kicked high, the fabric of her shorts taut over her shapely rear as she drove her foot towards his face. The grinning man had anticipated this and raised his arms to block the blow. “Arghh!” he cried at the brutal jarring impact as though a bat had clubbed his forearms. His arms seemed paralysed by the powerful kick, held shaking in front of him. She could have finished him off then but didn’t get the chance as two others tried to grab her. “Hah!” Ling yelled as to my utter astonishment, she leapt high into the air like a cyclone, a tanned beefy leg scything around clubbing one man around the head so hard that it drove him hard against the other causing both to fall.

Another man rushed forward and grabbed Ling from the side. “Got you!” he cried. “Yah!” she shrieked swinging her fist between his legs. A look of anguish appeared on his face and his hands jerked away from her as if she were electric. “Yah!” her elbow forward in an arc, slamming the point into his Adam’s apple. “Kkkkkkkkqqqq” the man croaked and clutched his throat. The petite woman grabbed the man by his shoulders. “Yah!” her podgy knee slammed hard between his legs, his face a mask of raw pain as he crumpled before her. “Yah!” she stomped on the side of his knee. CRACK! “Arggh!” he went down to his knees, one leg looking awkwardly bent. “Yah!” Ling jumped into the air and came down driving the point of her elbow into his back as he bent forward. THUD! The man dropped and flattened face first into a foot of water.

The front of my trousers were stiff with excitement. Within seconds this ordinary little woman had dropped 6 big burly brutes, mainly using her short but powerful legs. What made it more exciting was that she wasn’t even a trained warrior like Isina [JIMP#35] but an ordinary woman who had done a bit of Kung Fu when she was younger and she even claimed that she wasn’t very good at it.

“Let’s go” I yelled to her but it was too late. Swarming down the corridor from both sides, more reivers appeared attracted to the scene of violence like bears to honey. “Oh no” I moaned. This looked helpless, there too many to fight and I’m no fighter.

“Eeeyaahh!” with a mighty yell, my little friend ran towards the approaching tide then leapt high in the air. Her short legs scissored apart, her shorts tight around her crotch as she kicked a foot skywards right into the leading man’s face. BAM! The man fell back in an explosion of blood as Ling deftly landed on her feet then leapt into the air again. “Yah!” her body twisted in the air and a thick stubby leg swung around and smashed the next man around the top of his head. THUD! The guy staggered and fell as her powerful thighs blasted her shin against his head clubbing him into unconsciousness.

Another man tried to hit her with what looked like an oar but missed as she turned her shoulder to him. “Yah!” her hand flashed back in a chop to the groin. “Yah!” she turned back to face him and powered a chubby knee into his balls. The man, face in agony, started to bend forward. “Yah!” an elbow to his back hastened his way to the floor just as another man moved in to take his place. “Yah!” a solid sounding punch to his face by a small fist left him with a bloody nose and his head reeling. “Yar!” Ling yelled and hammered a downward stomp against his thigh. CRACK! “Arghhh!” the thick powerful muscles in her thighs and meaty calf quivered as they drove her foot so hard against the man’s leg that the break was audible before his screams filled the air. “Yah!” she didn’t give him time to fall, her knee blasted between his legs mashing his balls. The guy collapsed to the floor, puked in the water then passed out.

I quickly picked up the oar and used it to take passing shots at any thugs that got too near. Ling was like a petite deadly whirlwind as she moved among the much bigger brutes, kicking and punching all who got in her way. This was no Kung-Fu movie; this was a normal woman fighting savagely for her survival and mine. I couldn’t see how we could last out, we nearly didn’t.

John was a big heavyset man who liked a brawl; in fact he enjoyed punching strangers as they walked by just for the sheer hell of it. The rush he got when he smashed his fist hard in the middle of someone’s face was almost orgasmic especially when he felt the bone collapse under his sledgehammer punch. He didn’t give a toss if they never got back up again. That was what a Reiver was all about, doing whatever you wanted and getting away with it, just like the financial masters who ran this place. No silly little slant-eyed slut was going to make a monkey out of him and he looked forward to pummelling her skull to pulp. The little bitch didn’t even have the decency to look afraid as she faced him with her fists raised in a fighting stance. “You wanna brawl slut? You got it” he yelled. “Don’t you watch the movies? The woman always wins” she taunted. “Not this time” he snarled and moved forwards, his big fist hurtling towards her face with bone crushing ferocity. He was too close, he couldn’t miss – but he did. In the blink of an eye, the woman swiftly ducked beneath his thick swinging arm. One hand grabbed top of his arm around the shoulder, the other grabbed his wrist. Flinging herself backwards, the woman pivoted on one leg leaning her torso back until she was level with his waist looking up at him. At the same time, a stubby tanned leg swung upwards. BAM! Her foot blasted over the top of his shoulder and clubbed him on the top of the side of his head. Ouch! Pain lanced his head as his vision blurred; John was shocked by how hard the little woman could kick. “Yah!” he felt the weight lift from his arm and regained enough vision to see the flexible bitch kicking high into the air to one side then swinging a stocky leg back in a blurred arc towards his head. BAM! In fear of another blow to the head, John raised his forearm to protect himself. Ouch! His arm whipped against the side of his face under the shocking power of her kick. She might be little but she could kick like a mule, his forearm stung badly.

“Hah!” the tiny bitch kicked again, he got the fleeting impression of thick shapely bare legs flying apart with a great view of the open crotch of her shorts. BAM! Her shin clubbed him around the side of his face, the toe of her shoe hammering his temple. It was like being hit with a hammer, a blinding pain seared through his skull and he staggered trying to retain his equilibrium. “Yah!” BAM! A big pumped calve muscle drove the toe of her shoe into his neck on the other side, punching the artery that supplied the brain. He went down like a ton of bricks, a foot of cold water barely cushioning his fall.

The man had barely hit the water before Ling’s arm was grabbed from the side. Without missing a beat the woman in the shorts turned and blasted a roundhouse kick to his head. BAM! Powerfully pumped thighs drove her foot so hard against his cheek that it shattered, whipping his face around, his mouth bleeding and spitting teeth. “Yah!” she jumped in the air, a leg shooting upwards in a vertical splits that blasted the man’s head back savagely with a horrible click. As the man hit the floor with his head lolling unnaturally, another man rushed the woman from behind.

She sensed him at the last moment, and spun while swinging a leg into the air, but it was too late. The man caught the lower leg with both hands before it had even got chest high, shocked by the power that momentarily lifted his whole body into the air. Holding on to the big meaty calve, he stepped back pulling it sharply causing her to fall onto her backside into the water. “This will stop you kicking like a mule” he sneered. He crouched intending to press against the knee with one hand while holding her ankle but he quickly found that he needed both hands to keep hold of the big strong calve as it jerked around as she tried to free it. Damn, her legs were strong! The big calve slid out of his grip. BAM! BAM! BAM! The freed leg pumped again and again pounding her foot into his face smashing his nose and buckling his teeth. The battering stopped when another man managed to pin Ling by kneeling on her shoulders from behind and had her head below the water strangling her neck with both hands.

I wanted to help Ling but had my work cut out keeping the others away battering them with the oar and avoiding them when they tried to grab it. BAM! BAM! Ling’s shins blasted the man in the face but he kept on grinning and wringing her neck while occasional bubbles of air breaking the surface worried me that she couldn’t last long. Wow! I almost lost concentration as Ling’s short but very shapely thick bare legs rose vertically in the air, dripping wet then parted to form a wide V that got wider. Cor! Once again her unexpected flexibility got me hard as a rock and even some of the other thugs stopped and stared at the leggy sight. The vast expanse of smooth inner thighs, tanned and glistening in the artificial light, with sexy bulges radiating from her crotch as they stretched her shorts so tight that I expected them to split at any moment. BAM! Suddenly her thighs slammed shut, like a Venus flytrap around its prey, her meaty calves wobbling as they came to rest either side of the man’s neck. The man’s face showed shock as the big meaty calves clubbed him either side of his neck. I saw his eyes tune out instantly but Ling’s big calves continued to hold tight and swelled up turning rocky hard, his head looking tiny between Ling’s huge shiny calves. The big calve meat turned into large prominent slabs of shiny sharp edged muscle that bit deep into his neck. I could see her large hamstrings swell as the back of her legs bulged and became striated as she focussed enormous pressure through her legs. The sight of the sheer power exerted by those legs had me sporting an uncomfortable arching hard-on in my trousers. Within seconds, the man’s eyeballs rolled up inside his eyelids and he began to drool as his arms flopped senselessly by his side.

As I lustfully gawped at her legs, a couple of the thugs got past me and rushed towards Ling, just as a rapid explosion of bubbles broke the surface of the shallow water closely followed by her head, gulping in air. Sitting with the man’s sleeping head locked fast between her bulging calves, Ling suddenly slammed her legs sideways to the floor. With a gristly crack, the man’s body flopped over like a rag doll into the path of the oncoming men.

John had recovered from his brief blackout and now towards the woman as she tried to get up. Looming over her, standing astride her waist he started kicking her in the side. “I can kick too, bitch” he gloated, enjoying her squeals of pain. Suddenly her hands grabbed his ankles then she lay back down in the water. “Effing bitch” he cried trying to shake off her grip. He saw the woman fold both knees against her chest with her feet pointing towards his groin. “No!” he cried realising her intent. BAM! The woman’s feet blasted into his exposed crotch. “Oooooeeeee!” it felt like an atomic bomb had gone off between his legs pounding his nuts so hard that felt like they were being driven back inside his body. With the terrible throbbing pain in his groin, he was shocked to feel the power of the woman’s short legs press him clean off the ground while she clung onto his ankles. “Arrrrrrgg!” he wailed in anguish as the woman’s legs bulging with power kept him aloft with his weight concentrated on his ruined balls.

The feet mashing his nuts disappeared but the terrible body searing pain didn’t go away as he crashed to the ground and struggled to stay upright. The pain was so intense and soul destroying that he felt like curling up and dying. He knew lesser men would have done that but not him. Immobilised by shooting pains in his groin, John watched as the petite mature oriental rose from the flooded tunnel floor. She was soaked, her short black hair hung limply and water dripped from her face. Her sleeveless yellow top and tight shorts clung to her body like a second skin, and what a body! The top was so wet, it was virtually translucent and showed off a sensational chest that he didn’t realise that she had. A wide prominent shelf of very full heavy looking breasts filled his vision and called to his aching loins. Such an ample stack on her petite frame looked absolutely huge. Even though the outline of her bra was visible that too was soaked and he couldn’t tear his gaze from her large dark aureoles and nipples. The material also clung to a stomach that looked taut and hard etched with lines that hinted at a toned abdomen. Despite the crippling pain in his nuts, he was painfully growing an erection, his abused balls screaming their protest.

“Are you looking at my tits? Well you won’t like this, you bastard” she told him. “Yah!” her scream reverberated around the tunnel and paralysed the big man with fear. He watched in horror as the little woman leapt into the air with her legs folded before her. BAM! “Urrrrphh!” two broad knees drove into his upper chest with fearsome power and speed. He felt his sternum driven into his body, his ribcage bending and ribs snapping as the air was brutally hammered from his lungs. Suddenly he felt a wet shoe on his thigh then the woman’s big wet bouncing bosom rose before his eyes. “Yiiii!” A wide knee rushed towards his face like a cannonball. BAM! Bone crushing pain blasted through the middle of his face. Sharp bright jagged lines shattered his vision, a painful thumping filled his head and warm wet blood filled his mouth as his head was whipped backwards. He felt himself falling backwards but never felt the splash of the cold water of the flooded corridor.

The sight of the petite woman in very wet clothes, skin glistening with her big boobs bouncing in a very erotic manner as she fought the big man had mesmerised everyone, myself included. I never realised Ling had such sensational big breasts before and certainly never expected to see them like this, she might as well have been topless for all the covering that wet top gave her. There was an audible gasp as she climbed up the big man and hammered a knee right into his face. The sound of the man hitting the water, out cold, broke the Reivers from the spell. They pushed past me and rushed together towards Ling.

I was stunned, as my former petite workmate became a deadly leggy whirlwind with her body dripping wet and with plastered bouncing breasts inflicted great violence on the gang of big ugly brutes. “Yah!” a thick shiny leg shot up and kicked a man at short range on his shoulder blade. “Arghh” the man cried as something broke. “Yah!” without stopping, Ling spun on one heel, leant to one side, raised a short glistening leg and stomped another man right in the middle of his stomach. “Borrrpppph!” sounding like a balloon deflating, her powerful thigh muscles looked oiled as they bulged as they flattened his diaphragm and hurled his body backwards with incredible force across the tunnel to smash into the tiled wall and slide to the floor. “Yai!” a man tried to punch her from the side and found the sole of her foot lodged forcibly in his throat. “Kkkkkk!” he croaked staggering back clutching his neck then fell to the ground, his body flailing and arching in desperation to breathe.

My heart missed a beat as a man came up behind Ling as she was trying to dispatch another man with a flurry of kicks that he kept avoiding and grabbed an arm trying to restrain her. “Come on, get her” he shouted to one his mates. “Yai!” big breasts lurched like some wild animal tucked up inside her top as a chunky shiny wet leg shot vertically in the air, her wet shorts clinging tightly to her crotch as she performed an amazing axe kick that blasted a foot into the man behind. Like a deadly fighting machine, as the man fell back clutching his face with blood oozing between his fingers, Ling was already moving towards his colleague. I saw the surprised expression on the man’s face as the small woman bent to lean her head against his side then snapped a kick backwards, her lower leg arcing over to blast a heel against the top of his face. Her leg dropped to the floor as she righted herself and grabbed another man by his hand and lent back. “Yai!” a short glistening leg kicked out sideways ploughing a foot high against the top of chest close to his neck. The man grimaced in pain and staggered clutching his chest as though he was having a heart attack.

Ling adopted a fighting stance, looking fierce, her big bust plastered with thin wet fabric, nipples erect, thrust out like a challenge. “Come on then. Whose next for some thousand year Chinese whoop ass?” she challenged, looking around. It was then that I realised that there were very few Reivers standing and those that were, were nursing their injuries. An ordinary petite woman had beaten a whole gang of big burly thugs in a matter of minutes. My cock was rigid as I approached her cautiously. I stopped when she turned in my direction with her hands still raised as if to chop me on the side of the neck and punch my lights out. Her visible ample chest heaving up and down as she breathed, her hard stomach showing signs of a definite six pack. God, that caused my erection to throb. “I think we should go in case any of them slipped away for reinforcements or to call the guards” I told her but her eyes were bright and pupils wide with adrenaline fuelled excitement. “They started this fight, Jim. I’m going to finish it. You’ve no idea the horror these bastards inflict on the slaves down here” she told me in an angry voice.

One of them stood between us and the direction of escape. As we approached, he took a swing at Ling. “Hah!”” her forearm blocked the punch. “Hah!” the side of her hand chopped the arm on the inside of the elbow, the arm falling limply as he grimaced in pain. “Hah!” both hands chopped him on either side of his neck. His head jerked back with his mouth open in shock. BAM! His face creased in anguish as she grabbed his shoulders and propelled her knee between his legs with a solid thud. As his legs sagged, I watched in amazement as Ling stepped onto his thigh then swung herself around his back so that she was sitting on his shoulders. Any discomfort the man showed at having the weight of a petite oriental woman on his shoulders vanished as she folded a calve across his throat neck. “Urkkk!” he cried in a strangulated gasp as she started squeezing. Her calve is so big and meaty that it forces the man’s head back to make way. “Kkkkkk!” her big solid calve muscle is no match for his throat as it crushed his windpipe shut with ease. I saw her short but thick thighs, shiny with wetness, bulging and swelling with raw feminine power as the man’s eyes bulged wide and he made horrid croaking noises. I had felt the power of those legs and knew that he didn’t have a chance. He grabbed at her foot and leg vainly trying to pull the big fleshy crossbar away but it was too strong and his body was rapidly depleting of oxygen. His eyes fluttered and started to roll up under his lids as his body began to fall. Ling nimbly leapt off and landed on her feet just as the man’s back hits the water then she was upon him. She just flopped down on him with her legs apart landing with her crotch right upon his face. My dick was throbbing again as I watched Ling sit upon a man’s face pinning his arms with her knees, holding his head under the water and her hands upon her hip. Her big full breasts weighed down the front of her damp top and I couldn’t help noticing that her nipples were fully erect. “Oh this feels real good. Cor you got another stiffy, Jim! You want me to sit on your face like this?” Ling teased with a smile. “Oh yes please” I gasped without thinking. “But on dry land” I added. The man’s legs stopped thrashing as the small stream of air bubbles stopped rising between Ling’s thighs. I couldn’t help it, I rushed forwards and kissed Ling passionately while fondling her breasts. “Jim!” she exclaimed brushing me away. “I’m, I’m sorry” I stuttered as I stood back shamefaced and let her rise from her human seat. “How are we going to get out of here?” I asked. “I’ll ask” she replied.

With a look of determination on her face she approached the nearest thug still standing. She must have looked so fierce and calmly confident that the big brute started backing away from the much smaller woman until he found himself backed against the wall. BAM BAM BAM BAM Ling grabbed him by the shoulders and hammered her knee over and over again into his gut, her knee plunging deep into his middle. BAM BAM BAM the man’s face was a mask of sheer agony at the repeated onslaught of the petite woman’s big knee. BAM BAM BAM finally her knee came to rest buried so deep inside his body that it must have felt as if it pressed against his backbone. She kept it raised like that watching him as his head bobbed back and forth, mouth open but unable to breathe. “What’s the easiest route to the surface ? I know you bastards sometimes go up there to snatch children. Answer me” she snapped as the movements of his head got slower and slower, his eyes glazing over. “Damn. Too far gone” she muttered then removed her knee. The man just fell face first into a foot of water and lay there not moving.

There was a scrabbling noise as Ling turned. One of the thugs on the ground tried to scramble away but Ling stamped right on his balls. “Arghhh!” he cried, his torso shooting up out of the water into a sitting position. Grabbing his arm, Ling sat by his side. “You saw what I did to your friend. You saw how I destroyed all of your mates. Do you fancy your chances with me one on one?”. “No please no more” he begged “You’re too much to handle”. “Then tell me what I need to know” she said. Before he had a chance to reply Ling wrapped her chubby thighs around his body and with a twist slammed him down on his back. One leg lay across the top of his back, enough to keep his face above water. The other leg lay across the top of his chest with the back of her knee pressing down on his throat and the side of her large calve pressing against his jaw. His arm was pulled across her crotch and over one hip where she pressed down while squeezing with her legs. “Huurgghhh!” he cried as Ling’s beefy legs swelled up around his chest and the crook of her knee crushed down upon his neck. “Kkkk Please!” he cried, his voice strained as the smooth silky thighs grew into solid slabs of rock, shiny with running droplets of water. “Oh God please kkkkkkk” he pleaded as Ling’s legs punished him. “Tell me how to get out of here without being seen by the Guards” she asked forcibly. “Noookkkkkk” he shrieked as her thighs ballooned up into thick solid shiny muscle and she pulled back so hard on his arm that I thought it would snap. “Kkkk Not possible. Kkkk” he wept openly. “Pleasekkkkk please I don’t know” he cried pitifully. “Noo……” he wailed as with a look of angry determination Ling leant back bending his arm back with a gruesome snap and focussed down on the frightening power in her legs. The short shiny legs swelled with irresistible power, every muscle of her quads bulging hard and clearly defined. I had felt their awesome power and the thought that I had been between them made my dick throb. “Arghhhk” he wailed. “You’re killing me” he croaked. The sheer bulk of her tanned thighs, shiny wet and looking rock solid, exerting such unimaginable raw power had me so hard that I had to force my hand away and suppress the urge to wank off. The brutal scissoring eased leaving the man broken and sobbing but still stuck fast, his head looking tiny compared with the mass of muscle across his chest and throat. “Tell me how to get out” Ling asked, her voice stony hard. “Old sector” he sobbed “some of the older entrances are lightly guarded and can be bribed. Argh”. Ling’s thigh briefly swelled again then relaxed as she looked at him, her eyes cold with fury. “Baker Street” he gasped. “No……” Ling  flung herself back into the water and squeezed hard. I gasped in amazement as she bodily lifted the man out of the water writhing in agony between her thick muscular thighs as she bore down with every ounce of strength she had. Each muscle in her short thick legs stood out prominently as she bore down with everything she had. The human body is not built to take that amount of pressure and Ling’s legs had been built up recently by a year of peddling a rusting heap. The big solid slabs of bulging muscle were quivering so hard when there was a chilling cracking sound as his chest and throat gave way and her legs seem to come together with a lurch. The man just flopped between her brutal legs for several moments before Ling dropped him into the water.

She stood up shaking and I quickly went over and took her in my arms intending to cuddle her but my lust taking control. I kissed her passionately. “Oh Ling. You were amazing. The way you destroyed all those big guys with your Kung Fu and your legs. Oh my god, your incredible legs”. I kissed her hard getting carried away in my passion until I felt a hand on my erection. “Not now Jim. We’ve got to go” she told me pushing me firmly away then led the way down the tunnel. As we walked she looked at me, tilting her head to one side with a strangle smile. “You really are very weird, Jim. You never used to be this horny for me but now I think I understand why. I feel so horny myself after beating up all those men, I just wanted to crush that last man forever and ever with my legs just to see how strong they really were” she said then a dark look came over her. “That was bad wasn’t it. I would be thrown in jail if I did that above ground” she looked so sad I just had to give her a cuddle. “Forget it. They are just nasty people who pick on ordinary people” I said. A mischievous smile appeared on her lips. “Now I know what gets you going, I’m going to enjoy playing with this tonight” she chuckled before slapping my boner playful. “Now put it away. We’ve got to disappear from here as fast as we can”
The dark bank set up Hitler, through his friend the banker Hjalmar Schacht. The plan was for England and France to join forces, with Hitler bearing the brunt, to eliminate communist Russia. It is said that Hitler came to power directly on orders of the Bank of England. Instead, Stalin negotiated an agreement with Hitler and Germany attacked Poland, with whom England had a protection treaty. In the end the financiers, mainly based in the USA, got to finance the rebuilding of Germany as compensation for losing absolute control of Europe.
“The role of the Masons in the Banking Community” Dr.C. Porter-Bowl

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