Wife’s Surprise (JIMP#37)

Tom learns the hard way a skill his wife has kept secret for the past 25 years

I quite like these ‘wife’s surprise’ type stories which is why I’ve a few like this. This is the first. I liked the idea of a man not knowing that his wife of many years actually knew Judo and in part inspired by a cartoon story in a fetish magazine many years ago.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
The name’s Tom and I’ve learnt the hard way that life is a bitch if you work hard and play by the rules. Many years ago, I was a bright-eyed thing leaving university with a 2.1 BSc(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. After several years I had worked my way up to a well-paid position in the engineering department at British Steel. I enjoyed pitting my brains against the challenges we faced and was proud to be making a contribution to British industry. You’re probably thinking steelworker, big burly type but you’d be wrong. I’m 5’9″ medium built and my job largely involves sitting down in the draft office, no great physical effort required.

Unfortunately I am rather introverted and lacking in self-confidence, which makes it difficult for me to make friends or talk to women. Having moved away from home to take this job meant that I was increasingly lonely and depressed when I got back to my small maisonette after work. I didn’t get to meet many women at work and was too shy to approach any I saw in the street that I might take a shine to. Finally I joined a dating agency. In those days that was very shameful unlike Internet dating today. It was a social admission that you were an utter loser. The experience was painful and humiliating. I had all but given up hope when I finally met someone who I seemed to get along with. Sheila was an ordinary uneducated working class girl, which didn’t seem to make a difference at the time; she was from a family of agricultural workers. She wasn’t slim or pretty but I liked her. With mousy blonde hair that naturally bleached blonde in the sun, Sheila was about an inch shorter with a plain face featuring intriguing green-grey eyes, a large Roman nose, small mouth and chubby cheeks. Her body was broad and sturdy. Big boned she called it. She was naturally tanned from working outside. Sheila had strong sturdy arms and legs developed by hard manual labour. In fact, her legs first caught my attention being thick and shapely, developed from cycling several miles to work and back each day. I also found irresistible her large full 42-inch bust that I couldn’t keep my hands off. Along with her smooth strong legs and incredible ability with her tongue on my face and neck, she could give me such an incredible hard-on, that in retrospect this probably fuelled my desire for the relationship to work despite our different backgrounds and 6-year age difference.

I never suspected what I know now but there was one clue when I picked her up once from her parent’s house for a date. Her father made some joke about putting into practice those self-defence lessons from school. That got me excited because I had a fetish about strong women and women who could do martial arts. This was in the days before the Internet and I thought that I was the only weirdo to have such perverted fantasies. Sheila dismissed it saying that her dad was getting senile in his old age.

We continued to date and then the worst happened. Thatcher declared war on the unions and smashed British industry in her vengeance. My works were closed down and I was forced to relocate to Sheffield or be deemed to have resigned and not entitled to a penny redundancy. I really didn’t want to move, as I liked where I lived but there was no other work locally, even though I looked hard. Sheila was happy to move with me, but we didn’t like the busy crowded town and we could only afford an ex-council house on a rough looking estate. As if the stress wasn’t bad enough, Sheila was pressuring for us to get married before we moved because her parents didn’t drive. The stress of getting married and moving to a place I hated wasn’t a good way to start a marriage.

At least I managed to realise some of my filthy perverted desires. Sometimes I would persuade Sheila to flex her biceps for me and she would notice how hard my cock got as I felt how big and firm they were. They were like two large smooth hills, not peaked or defined like someone who worked out but they were enough to get me going. She quickly realised that she was much stronger than I was, lifting me easily and beating me at arm-wrestling. Sheila would press my arms down to pin me helplessly to the bed while her amazing tongue licked my face until my aching erection was ready to explode and I was begging for her to ride me. She also had thick strong legs with a hint of muscle in her calves but I couldn’t get her to scissor me unless I stuck my head between her legs and licked her pussy. Then she would clamp her slabs of meat around my head and squeeze tightly until I couldn’t move, apart from my tongue. It could become quite uncomfortable and she wouldn’t let me go until I had serviced her to her complete satisfaction, but the feeling of helplessness and feeling my wife’s big strong legs as they squashed my head made me very hard indeed. With my head trapped firm wedged up against her wet love nest she would use her tongue skilfully on my erection until I shot my load. That pleasure became rarer then stopped completely when we had kids.

But Thatcher hadn’t finished with the working classes yet, again she smashed us, closing down British manufacturing and I found myself unemployed. I found myself skilled yet unable to get a full-time job. With my redundancy money quickly dwindling, unemployment ground us down and I began to despair and get very depressed. We had frequent rows and I would turn to drink to drown my sorrows. Sheila was not the kind of woman to back down in an argument and there were times when I thought that she really would hit me and was in no doubt who would come off worse.

Then a chance encounter with a former colleague got me a post as a security guard at a very secretive location in London. Okay it was hardly skilled work that befits someone who had gone to university but it at least paid the bills. In fact as I discovered, it actually paid quite well although I suspected that was to keep our silence and loyalty. It meant that we could afford to move to a fairly ordinary semi in semi-rural Bedfordshire where I could commute on the train and where our children could have a better standard of life. I wasn’t allowed to tell Sheila the truth and was shown what happened to those who disobeyed. I still have nightmares to this day of that poor man, his wife and baby daughter swinging from the gallows while bankers monkey grunted while they twitched and died.

I often stood at my guard post with a gun that I was too afraid to use. It was odd to think that up there would be business men and women enjoying the small green at Finsbury Square. If the weather were nice they’d be sitting in deck chairs during their lunch breaks listening to the music from the bandstand totally unaware of a completely different world beneath their feet.

The things I saw turned my stomach and made me depressed, sending me back to the bottle to wash out the memories. That so many people could be slaves in modern Britain in this day and age was bad enough. Then there were the Reivers, a bunch of lowlife scum who preyed on the slaves and the occasional newbie. But it was the rich bastards who ran the place who were the worst; free to indulge in any perversion they wished. Sheila moaned that I drank too much but she didn’t understand what it was like to see the faces of distraught parents on TV pleading for whoever had taken their precious little child to return them when I knew exactly where they were and could do nothing about it. Even when the plight of a little girl became a National cause we were warned to keep our mouths shut unless we wanted our love ones to disappear. It wasn’t just the men, what that female head of a powerful financial institution was doing to that young boy made my stomach churn. Yes, I drank to forget and you would too if you’d seen the things I had. Sheila kept moaning but I didn’t dare tell her the truth because I’d knew they’d kill her and the kids.

As I drank I became more irritable, the slightest thing setting me off. Sheila kept spending on the credit card even though I told her not too. I knew it was a con and didn’t want to be beholden to those bankers but every time the bill came the amount outstanding had shot up so it was almost at the credit limit. On this occasion we were in the living room, one kid having gone off to Uni and the other at College. Sheila always preferred to wear skirts and today was no exception with a white skirt that fell just above the knees and a matching white blouse. Her legs were bare, she didn’t like covering her legs and I admit that I liked the way this showed off her strong calves. However today I was in no mood to appreciate that, I had downed a few glasses before coming across the credit card bill where she had hidden it from me. “We sent £300 to it last month and it’s still at its bloody limit” I yelled. “What the flipping heck have you been spending on it? How will we ever get it down? No wonder we’ve never got any money for ourselves” I shouted getting really worked up. “Its all your fault, I get so lonely at home with nothing to do and you know I can’t get a job at my age” she moaned as I confronted her. “Oldies and British need not apply that’s what they keep telling me”. That led to a stand-up blazing row. I don’t honestly know what came over me because one moment I was screaming at her, the next my open hand was driving towards her cheek to slap her hard.

But my slap didn’t hit. Suddenly her hand clamped tight around my wrist. With a look of unbridled anger Sheila raised my hand high in the air, stepped underneath while turning her back to me then swung my arm down quickly in an arc. WHAM! I went spinning head over heels until my back slammed into the carpet. It all happened so fast that for a moment I couldn’t understand what had just happened.

“Wha-what was that?” I stammered sitting on the floor dazed as in disbelief I looked up at my wife of 25 years. “That was me kicking your sorry ass” Sheila roared, her face red with fury. “How dare you raise your hand against me? How dare you? I’ll teach you, come on get up so I can beat the crap out of you” she yelled. I wasn’t that drunk to know that Sheila was stronger than me and that I wouldn’t stand a chance if she started punching me. “What the hell was that? How did you do that?” I shouted heatedly as I got to my feet, embarrassed that she had pulled some kind of trick on me.

A cunning smile spread on her lips, which make me uneasy. “No Tom. Not at all. Here let me show you” she said. Before I knew what was happening, Sheila grabbed my right arm, slipped an arm around my waist then moved her lower body in front of me while turning her back on me. I felt her bend then my groin slid over her big backside as my feet left the ground. “Wha…” I cried powerless to stop myself riding over my wife’s hip in a controlled manner then tumble through the air. WHAM! My back hit the floor so hard that it momentarily drove the breath out of me. Stunned I looked up at the thick bare legs of my wife as she stood by my head. I felt an excited tightness in my groin. My wife had thrown me! I couldn’t believe it; my wife had actually thrown me, not once but twice. My wife had thrown me twice! “You will never take a hand to me again, Tom” she told me looking down into my eyes as I lay on the floor. “And for your information that was Judo and I’ve a good mind to show you some more of it”.

My groin started twitching at those words. Judo, my wife knows Judo? How did that happen? I couldn’t believe it. “I didn’t know you knew Judo” I gasped in astonishment as I turned myself around on the floor to look at her better. “Maybe if you were a proper husband you’d know me better” Sheila replied. “But we’ve been married for 25 years. You’ve never mentioned this before” I protested, getting to my feet. “Shows how much you care about me” she snapped. She was still angry but my mind was off that silly argument, I was stunned that someone I had lived with for over 25 years and thought I knew so well, actually knew Judo! “Judo!” I exclaimed excitedly “Oh darling please you should have told me. That’s incredible. Oh I love for you to play with me with your Judo in the bedroom” I exclaimed approaching Sheila with a stiffy forming with expectation. Unfortunately for me, she was still angry and she took a swing at me with her fist. Luckily I stepped back and avoided the punch. “I’m going to smash your face in” she shouted angrily. “Please Sheila. I’m sorry. Forget about that silly argument. It’s over. Please let’s make up and tell me about your Judo” I tried to sound soothing.

“You tried to hit me, you bastard” she yelled. “And I’m sorry. I really am. Please forgive me” I pleaded trying to keep my voice calm in the face of my wife’s rage. I really meant it, I was now fascinated by the fact that my wife knew Judo and I never knew it. Okay our marriage had been all but over in the bedroom department for some years and I thought she was a moaning old nag but this shocking news had me really excited for her for the first time in years. “You’ll be sorry all right. You’ve picked the wrong person to pick a fight with” she said. “Please I don’t want to fight. Look I’ve said I’m sorry” I pleaded but Sheila was furious. She stepped forward with a determined look on her face with her fists raised. That scared me, I knew how strong she was and didn’t want to be on the receiving end of any of her punches. “Please Sheila, no. Stay back please” I begged trying to back up but she kept coming forward. “No man raises a hand to me” she growled. “Please Sheila, I’m sorry. I never actually hit you” I pleaded stepping back again out of her reach. “And I’m going to make sure you will never do so again” she snarled. I had never seen her like this and the physicality of actual violence frightened me. If I moved back any further, she would have me trapped against the wall where those fists and strong arms could do some serious damage to my face. “Please stay back” I pleaded and out of desperation I tried to kick her. She caught my leg and lifted it to tuck her arm. Stepping close, she pressed her side against me. BAM! Her palm slammed under my chin and pressed my head back painfully. I felt the underside of her big thigh on the side of my supporting leg and a meaty calve hook around it. “Woah!” my leg was swept as if it were nothing at the same time she pressed hard against my chin. WHAM! Over I went, my back painfully reacquainting itself with the carpet.

I looked up at my wife. She was standing with her legs astride causing her skirt to become tight in a manner I found quite sexy. It had ridden above her knee and I could see the bottom of her strong thighs looking big, firm and very strong. Her calves were thick and very shapely with powerful looking muscle. I had always found Sheila’s legs to be the sexiest thing about her, apart from her large chest, but now she had a new attraction for me. After that last throw, there was no doubt it, she really knew Judo, my wife really knew Judo and my cock was becoming hard at the thought. “You may well look at me like that” she told me as I looked at her with a new appreciation from the floor. “For your information I did Judo at school and got a black belt” she said. Black belt! My wife is a black belt in Judo and I never knew. “Oh my god Sheila that’s incredible. I never knew. Oh please, that really turns me on. Please lets stop fighting and go to the bedroom. I really want to make it up to you’ I was getting incredibly turned on by own wife for the first time for many long years. “Please Sheila, I want you to Judo me all over the bedroom. I want to worship you and make love to you all night long” I begged getting to my feet. She looked bemused, no doubt wondering what kind of pervert she married. “Wow it’s a long time since you’ve have an erection for me” she observed. It was true, the shocking discovery that the wife I was beginning to loathe after all these years knew Judo had me so hard that it was painfully pressing against the inside of my trousers like a massive tent pole.

“Please darling. I’m so very sorry I tried to hit you. It will never happen again” I pleaded. “Oh Sheila, I really want you. We can make a new beginning. Please love” I was unbelievably horny for my wife and really wanted to explore her Judo skills in the bedroom. “You’re drunk. You’ve never wanted me before” she accused. She seemed calmer now. My lust couldn’t be contained any more. “Oh Sheila, I want you so bad” I moaned rushing forward to take her in my arms. Big mistake. Sheila grabbed the front of my shirt and fell backwards away from me. As she pulled me over with her, I felt her heeled foot in my groin. I was airborne, falling forward towards my wife. For a moment I thought I would fall on top of her but as her back hit the carpet, I felt a surge of power against my groin then I was flying fast through the air. Tumbling head over heels, my back crashed hard into the carpet on the other side of the room.

I lay in a daze, winded by the hard fall. My god she just stomach threw me clear across the room, my wife just threw me across the room. I lay on my back with a throbbing erection pointing skywards until I saw the thick muscled calves of my wife by my head. “Trying to rape me now are you, you bastard” she said harshly. “No, no, Sheila” I replied gaining my breath and quickly scrabbling to my knees. “I love you. You’re really turning me on. I just wanted to hold you, cuddle you” I added. I realised I was cringing from my own wife as she looked sternly down at me on my knees before her. She scared me with her strength and Judo yet at the same time the very same had me hard with lust. “Love me! You don’t love me. I don’t think you’ve ever loved me” she exclaimed. “But I do” I protested but it was too late.

Sheila’s hands closed around my right hand taking it by the wrist and fingers. “Arghhh!” I cried as she bent my hand right back sending bolts of pain shooting up my arm. “Yes it’s all coming back now. Judo is just like riding a bike, once learned, never forgotten” she said as she forced me to my feet. “Arghh arghhh please Sheila no” I squealed as I jerked and twisted spasmodically unable to ease the pain. Then I heard Sheila laughing sadistically at my predicament. “Just look at you dancing like a moron. How pathetic. You’re not so tough now are you wife-beater?” she sneered. “ARE YOU?” she shouted right in my face making me jump. “Please Sheila argghh! Please you’ll break my wrist” I cried, hopping in excruciating pain. “Oh don’t give me ideas” she said then a nasty smile crept over her face. “Please Sheila please” I begged in real fear that she would break my wrist. “Arghh!” I squealed as she lifted my arm in the air, my wrist feeling like it would explode. Sheila turned her back to me and levered my arm over her shoulder while leaning forward. Once more I felt her ample backside thrust itself into my groin as my feet left the ground and I was sailing over her bent form. WHAM! “Arghh!” my back hit the floor jolting pain shooting through my wrist which Sheila still had hold of. I felt relief as she released my fingers to take hold of my forearm with both hands. WHUMP Sheila dropped to the floor by my head at 90 degrees to me. “Arppph” A big club of meaty calve muscle bashed me across the face and another dropped across my chest. “Arghhmmm” she pulled my arm between her big warm thighs and levered it painfully over her crotch while my nose and mouth was forced into the crook of her leg squeezed by her big calve muscle crushing my cheek on one side and her big solid hamstring on the other. “Mmmmm mmmmm” I cried frantically. It felt like my arm was going to snap at the elbow and my cheeks cave in. “How do you like this wife-beater? Not enjoying your wife’s Judo?” I heard her say. “Mmmmmm mmmm” I screamed as she pressured my arm even more. I was sure it would snap. “You won’t forget this in a hurry will you?” she added.

“Argh argh I never touched you” I cried as she eased the pressure on my arm and removed her legs. “And I can make sure you never will again” she replied. “I broke the Sports teacher’s arm like that. Didn’t know my own strength” she added with a malevolent grin. “Please Sheila, that’s enough ouch!” I cried. Locking my arm straight and bending it vertically she scrabbled to her knees by my side causing me to howl in pain. “On your side now Tom or I’ll break your arm” she commanded. “I SAID NOW!” “Arghhh!” I yelled as with tears in my eyes and agony in my arm and shoulder, I had no choice but to roll away from her. As I did, I felt her kneel over me maintaining the brutal arm lock. “On your knees or I’ll break your arm in two places” she ordered. “KNEEL!” I had no choice but to obey my wife as she physically dominated me on the floor. My cock was still completely rigid and twitching, enjoying how completely submissive I felt at the hands of my wife’s Judo which was more than could be said for the ligaments and bones in my arm and shoulder which screamed in agony. I had never known her to be so dominant before and part of me was really enjoying it while the rest of me was in agony.

I moved into a kneeling position. “Argh!” Sheila lent back on the floor pulling my tortured arm between her legs while her large bulky calves locked themselves around my shoulder. “Argh!” I felt the strength in her legs against my straightened arm push down forcing me to lean forward. “Please Sheila no more. You’ve made your point” I cried. “Oh no Tom. I’m only just beginning to enjoy myself” my wife’s voice said with such ice-cold menace that I near wet myself. “I was always good at grappling with my strong arms and legs from all the hard work on the farm”. “Argh!” I screamed as Sheila pressed down with her legs at the same time as rolling to her side. I ended up weeping in agony, on my knees with my face pressed against her bare ankle while her big thighs were wrapped tightly around my over taut arm. I felt my hand become enveloped in her soft voluminous chest but I could not enjoy the sensation. “Come on then, show me what a big man you are” she taunted. I turned my head and could see my arm looking like a twig between her massive upper thighs, her tight skirt now ridden up completely to the top of her legs. They really did look terribly strong especially the hamstrings that bulged with a sensationally deep curve that got my dick thumping although my arm felt finished. “Just look at look at you? Unable to handle your own wife. Look how easily I’m dominating you. I could snap your arm in my legs as easily as I could snap a twig” she taunted. I felt so humiliated and there was nothing I could do about it, any move I made to escape threatened to break my arm. Then she said the word that, despite the agony, almost made me shoot my load. “Beg” she uttered sounding so supremely confident that I immediately started pleading and crying telling her how much I loved her and how sorry I was. Cruelly Sheila just laughed in my face while eliciting more yelps of pain as she squeezed her strong legs around my poor arm, which was starting to lose all feeling in my hand.

I was in a world of torment and utter humiliation as Sheila skilfully moved me from one painful hold into another without ever losing total control of me. “Arghh!” I was still on my knees but now my wife was laying in front of me, still tormenting my arm between her legs but this time with one leg hooked around the back of my neck with the foot locked under her other knee in a tight figure 4 around my neck and shoulder. “Oh I forgot how much I used to enjoy making the big boys cry with my holds. Are you crying Tom?” she asked sweetly. I was. “Please stop” I begged as the crook of her leg dug into the side of my neck. She just laughed at me. “Oh Tom. You’ve never given me such fun all the time we’ve been married” she said cruelly. She was really enjoying this and I was completely helpless against her. “Orrr” she turned to the side, slamming me on my side with my head and arm still trapped between her thighs. “Arghh!” her legs crushed the side of my neck and shoulder. It was really uncomfortable. With my free hand, I grabbed at her upper thigh feeling how strong and sturdy it was as it bore down on my neck. “Look at me Tom” she ordered. I obeyed. She looked so comfortable and supremely dominant while I kept screwing up my eyes against the pressure on my neck. “Please Sheila, your legs are too strong” I begged starting to feel light headed. “Oh but I thought you liked me squeezing your head between my thighs?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm. Believe me there was a world of difference between her scissoring me as part of our lovemaking and this painful Judo hold. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer, she could really knock me out with this hold and that both frightened me and turned me on. I had never been knocked out by my wife’s legs before. “And look at this!” she exclaimed as I clenched my eyes and tried to hold out. A hand flicked my erection. “Tom, you’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” she accused. I couldn’t answer, the leg crushing the side of my neck must be cutting off my blood supply, and I really didn’t feel well. “Tom? Answer me Tom. Tom? you’ve gone a horrible shade of red Tom?”. She was knocking me out; my own wife was knocking me out in a Judo hold between her legs. My wife was a Judo expert, a black belt in Judo and she was knocking me out between her legs. “Urrrrrrrrrrrr” I came long and hard, the warm goo spreading on the inside of my pants as I slipped away.
The light came flooding back, too bright at first. I became aware that I was lying on my back on the floor. “Still alive are you? I hope you don’t think I’m going to clean up that filthy mess. I only cleaned those trousers the other day” I followed Sheila’s voice to see her standing by the dinning room table putting things into an open suitcase. Everything came swimming back. We were arguing. I tried to slap her then she started throwing me around the room. Judo! Sheila knew Judo and I never suspected. Then she put me in some painful holds then knocked me out between her big strong legs. Oh my god, Sheila knocked me out with Judo between those strong legs of hers. My cock started to get stiff again at the thought. Then I realised with dawning horror what she was doing. “Sheila, what are you doing?” I asked getting to my feet. My right arm hurt like hell and was painful to move, my neck felt quite stiff too. “I’m leaving you like I should have done years ago” she replied walking over to the display cabinet to fetch something. “Sheila, please don’t” I stopped watching as she raised herself on her toes to reach a photograph of the kids from the top shelf. The large calves with which I were so familiar that I almost took them for granted bulged and solidified into thick slabs of muscle then disappeared as she lowered herself. My cock grew harder as I realised that I had forgotten my wife had great legs. She had taken up swimming for about a year now as something to occupy herself while I was at work and the results were plain to see. I used to try to get her to wear high heels to show off her large well built calves but she always refused. “Wow Sheila, you really do have great legs. Such amazing calves. I really do fancy you. Come on love, let’s kiss and make up” I told her as she returned to the suitcase on the table. “You should have thought of that a long time ago. It’s too late; I’m going back to my mother. The kids are old enough to make up their own mind” she said dismissively.

“No Sheila, we can work it out” I said reaching to touch her arm gently. I should have learnt my lesson. Suddenly my arm was jolted furiously in the air as Sheila pulled it over her head as she turned her back on me then she whipped it down savagely. The world blurred and span rattling my brain and scrambling my equilibrium. I flipped rapidly in the air, being bowled like a ball. WHAM! “Arghh!” no sooner had my back hit the floor then Sheila applied an arm lock, bending my elbow back against her knee forcing me onto my side facing away from her while she stepped on the side of my face. “Arghh please no!” I cried, my senses addled by the whiplash throw while my wife’s foot pressed down painfully on my cheek as she overextended my other arm. “Get used to the floor, Tom. That’s where you belong. I’m going be slamming you into it a lot more from now on” she growled. “Please I said I’m sorry arghh” I cried. “I told you not to touch me. What does it take to sink through that thick skull of yours?” she snarled as she stressed my arm.

“Argh argh Sheila no” I yelped as she forced me to my feet by stressing my arm so much that I could feel the bones on the point of breaking. “Argh!” with one hand holding my wrist, she pressed down on the upper arm keeping the joints locked while forcing me to bend over so much that I had to place my other hand on the floor to stop me from falling. “You need to understand who’s in control here now, Tom” she told me. “Please stop” I begged. “And you need to understand so it gets through your thick skull”. “Argh!” she viciously snapped me upright, pushed me away then pulled me back quickly. Suddenly I was falling on top of her with a foot in my groin. I felt a powerful push as her leg straightened as her back met the floor and I flew through the air at dizzying speed, tumbling head over heels. WHAM! My back hit the floor again and my legs hit the wall. I could do nothing but lay there with my head spinning and a growing erection as I realised that my wife had just thrown me clear across the entire length of the room.

Staggered by the power of the throw, I am further stunned when Sheila reaches down and hauled me off the floor. This wasn’t Judo; she quickly yanked me to my feet using physical effort alone. I knew she was strong but before I could collect my thoughts she grabbed my arm and slipped her own around my waist while shoving her backside into my groin. I braced myself for the throw but inside found myself on my toes partially bent forward with my wife’s rear thrust against my groin. Sheila has this trick where she can flex her backside into two rock solid balls and I could feel her doing this now with the erection in my trousers trapped between them. “You like that don’t you Tom? I can feel your erection so hard for me” She said. Had she forgiven me? Was this foreplay? The effect of her clenching and unclenching her buttocks was driving me wild. “Oh Sheila please I want you so much” I moaned. “Are you going to cream yourself on my backside, Tom? If you mess up my skirt, I’ll break both your arms and legs” she warned. “Ohhh” I moaned. The sensation is so good that I have trouble stopping myself doing exactly that. She laughed then bent forward sharply, thrusting her backside hard into my crotch as she lifted me off the floor and threw me over her shoulder. The world span like a top before I slammed into the carpet once more.

“Mmooorr” before I even think, Sheila’s bulky weight flopped on top of me. Kneeling over my waist, she leant forward and buried my face deep between her large breasts, wrapping an arm behind my head to keep it in place. I tried to slap at her arm but she caught my hand and somehow locked it using both the hand of the arm holding my head between her massive mounds and her other hand. “Mmmmm mmmm” I protested with my nose and mouth wedged in the warm fleshy crevice between her big fleshy orbs. Sheila wasn’t exactly a petite woman and weighed almost as much as I did. With her weight on top of me and my face between her big breasts, she was smothering me easily. “Oh stop complaining Tom. You’re always after my tits” she told me. “Mmmm mmm” it was hard to breathe buried so deep in her impressive cleavage. “The only time boys at school took any notice of me was when I had their faces stuffed up my tits with their faces going red like yours is now” she chuckled. I became aware of her feet pressing against my sides. “Mmmm mmmm mmm” I protested as she started rocking my body up and down as she slid her calves underneath me. “Mmmmm” her knees pressed tight against my sides and my stomach pressed uncomfortably against the underside of her big legs. Blinded and smothered by her big mounds, my hands found her knees and tried in vain to move them as her legs dug in tight to my sides. “It’s no use struggling Tom. I’m a black belt and know how to use it” she told me.

“Mmmoorr Sheila please” I gasped as Sheila’s big chest uncovered my face and I gulped down air. She began to move my right arm and I tried to resist until she applied another joint lock. “Arggh!” I yelped as she forced my right arm to point towards the ceiling then twisted it, forcing it straight by resting my hand against her shoulder and pressing on my elbow and shoulder joint. “Sheila please listen. Orrrrr!” Sheila flung herself to her side; my arm feeling like it would break off as it moved through 90 degrees. At the same time her legs slid around my middle and I found myself in a body scissors. My free hand felt a knee pointing upwards above my middle. “Orrrrr” I cried as she squeezed hard, the strong thick leg above me crushing downwards into my gut while the leg beneath sliced into the pit of my back. As I said, I’m not a physical guy and my wife’s strong legs compressed my gut with ease. “Orrrr!” I gasped at the powerful pressure around my middle squeezing me like a tube of toothpaste while she tortured my arm. “Please Sheila stop” I gasped, her big thick legs completely enveloped my middle and squeezed so tight that I could barely breathe.

In the past I had managed to persuade her reluctantly to scissor my face as part of our foreplay but I had never managed to persuade her to body scissor me. “Orrrr!” now that I was being squeezed by her big strong legs, I was really regretting it. I knew that her legs were naturally strong but never thought they could hurt me like this; I was devastated by how easily she had overwhelmed me. My free hand ran along her bare smooth upper leg lingering over her thick powerful thighs knowing that I had no chance at moving these man crushers. “Orrr!” the pressure was really so intense that my entire middle ached badly all around from my stomach, sides and lower back. My god, I never knew my wife’s legs were as powerful as this, I was completely helpless. I had to throw back my head, clenching my eyes and with my mouth open as her thick strong legs crushed the life out of me while she applied an arm lock that threatened to break my arm. “I thought you liked me squeezing you with my legs, Tom? It always gets you going” I heard her voice over the throbbing in my head as the brutal clamp felt like it was flattening my insides. “Oh so it does” she sneered. She was right, feeling the devastating raw power flowing through her smooth bulging thighs under my palm as she crushed me so completely helpless that I knew that I didn’t stand a chance, had given me a raging boner although I was in total crushed agony.

Oh my god! I screamed silently as Sheila rolled towards my feet while still applying her energy sapping scissors and arm bar. With crippling agony blazing around my middle and arm, I had no choice but to sit up then to kneel over to avoid a broken arm. Sheila forced my face into the carpet by bending my arm behind my back so hard I thought she would wrench it from its socket. Arghhhhh! An unbelievable surge of power bore down on me shocking me with its intensity. Oh my god, I realised in fright that she had been holding back and now my wife was squeezing even tighter than before. The power was too much, too overwhelming. I was squashed so tightly between her hefty legs that it really hurt to breathe.

I was so utterly devastated by my wife’s powerful mantrap, in so much pain and oxygen deprived that I barely knew what was going on. She toyed with me between her hefty strong legs, sometimes allowing me a few gasps of air before slamming down with such brutal strength that I nearly passed out. All the time she taunted me. “Look at you. How weak and feeble. Call yourself a security guard? You can’t even handle your own wife” the verbal abuse was non-stop but she was right, I was completely dominated and unable to do anything about it. “I feel so powerful. Look at how big my leg muscles are bulging. Oh this feels so good, so horny inside. Oh I know I could just break you in two with my legs. Orrr yes that’s right squirm like a worm in my big strong legs”. Completely zapped of energy and stuck firm, there was nothing I could; I was being completely dominated by my wife’s Judo and powerfully beefy legs.

Suddenly I felt Sheila get behind and pulling me back while her legs held tight. A thick arm wrapped itself tight around my neck, forearm across my throat and the side of my neck pressed into the crook of her arm. Another hand slipped behind my neck and started pressing forward while the other pulled tight. Oh God this was double agony. Her powerful legs squeezed my sides hard causing them and my lower back to hurt really back while her strong arms were squeezing my neck. “That’s it Tom. Time for beddie-byes” I heard her coo in my ear. Both hands were free and I tried to prise her arm away from my throat but she was way too strong for me and I was drained of energy. Ohhhhhhh I moaned silently as Sheila’s tongue swept around my ear. She had me throbbing like crazy in no time. “I’m knocking you out, Tom. Knocking you out with my arms and there’s nothing you can do about it” she whispered seductively between licks as I felt weaker and weaker. “I’m stopping your blood feeding your brain. Soon you’ll be unconscious. Oh that really makes me so horny thinking about it. I might just keep you locked in my arms then you’ll suffer brain damage or even die” she told me as a buzzing filled my ears and a red mist descended over my vision. “No I won’t kill you. I’m not going to jail because of you. Maybe I’ll leave you a vegetable so you can sit there always rueing the day you raised your hand to your wife” her voice sounded far away as a bitter taste filled my mouth. I could feel myself slipping away. There was nothing I could do, my wife had completely kicked my ass using Judo, oh my god my wife knows Judo, a black belt in Judo, and I didn’t stand a chance. My wife has a black belt in Judo and strong legs and is knocking me out. “Urgggg urrghh urghhhh” I came longer and harder than I’d ever had before as the edge of darkness slipped over me. In the distance the last words I heard were “Twice in one afternoon. That’s a new record for you Tom”.
So here I am guarding the private hidden playground of the rich thinking about how badly I miss Sheila and how much I fancy her. The painful discovery that she knew Judo had reawakened my lust for her more strongly than at any time previously. If it hadn’t been for that beat down she gave me, I would have missed her but not so desperate to win her back these last few months. She’s now speaking to me on the phone and tells me that she’s joined a Judo club and is enjoying slamming all the handsome young men around the mat. The thought of that makes me jealous and very erect. She also told me that she’s been working out in a gym to firm up and that made me very excited too. I kept telling her how sorry I was and that I have quit the bottle that made me so irritable and argumentive. She has agreed to a date this weekend and I can’t wait. She’s giving me another chance but I have to woo her again. We have our first date on Saturday and she told me that she is looking forward to throwing me all around the bedroom and crushing the stuffing out of me with her strong legs. When she told me that on the phone I had such a solid hard on. For the first time in 25 years, I am actually incredibly turned on by my wife and I can’t wait.

Out the corner of my eye I spot a middle aged man in a grubby looking business suit and a petite oriental woman wearing a yellow sleeveless top and shorts hanging around suspiciously. It’s that bloke that they’ve told us to keep a look out for. But sod it; I’ve been given a second chance with my wife, why shouldn’t I do the same for someone else? I turn to Fred, the other guard on duty. “It’s dead here. Let’s get a cuppa” I say loudly slapping him in a friendly manner on his shoulder to guide him towards the rest room. “One of us should stay here” he protested. “I’ve got those new fags you like. Confiscated them from a Reiver. You know you’re not allowed to smoke out here” I told him glancing over my shoulder as we reached the door. Yes the pair was going to make a break for it. Good luck to them I thought. A few months ago I’d probably have arrested them and claimed the reward but now I felt changed, renewed. All thanks to my wife’s surprise.
In 1971 it was necessary to go off the Gold standard. Gold could not be acquired fast enough so for the first time in financial history, paper money was no longer redeemable in gold. But now, the economies of the “developed” countries are becoming exceedingly worried over the massively inflated values of stocks and shares and other paper-related assets.

None of this worries the L’ordre de Maya. The magnificent fraud continues. Their greed knows no bounds so growth must continue to be inflamed as much as possible. The time has come to move away from the overdeveloped first-world countries and to concentrate on the yet undeveloped Asian world, where the prospects for growth are enormous. Even the most powerful of the used, the USA itself, is on the brink of being dumped. For bankers can in no way be called patriots.
“The role of the Masons in the Banking Community” Dr.C. Porter-Bowl

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