Feel The Power of the Lord (JIMP#38)

Jim feels the upper body strength of an old female churchwarden

Actually inspired by old-time strong woman Lois Bosher, although older than she appears above.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
I was brought up in West Greater London close to Heathrow airport where the Underground trains run overground. For 18 years this had been home, until I went to University outside the capital. In the less congested suburbs of Southampton, I grew used to a quieter pace of life and returning to my hometown lost its appeal apart from visiting my parents. After my father died, I had no reason to return. Now many years later, I was back walking the streets dismayed at how much it had changed and feeling like a stranger in my own country.

My recent escapades and narrow escape made me think about mortality [JIMP#35-37]. So I had decided that it was about time that I paid a visit to my Dad’s grave, having not done so since he was buried many years ago. You’re probably thinking I’m a bad person for that. The truth is that I was bitter after I found out that he had cut me out completely from his will in favour of my sister. It hurt to discover that your own father must have hated you. So here I was walking into the churchyard of the old church where I used to go to Sunday school. This autumn’s day was dry and warm, so I only wore a T-shirt with a thick overshirt and jeans.

It took a while to locate the grave. It was overgrown with plants and covered with fallen leaves and dead flowers. Fortunately my sister had the foresight to give me some fresh plants, a trowel, secateurs and some cleaning bits. As I settled down to start tidying up the plot, I saw that I was the only person around apart from an old white-haired woman who was tending the grounds. Although she was some distance away, I thought I recognised her from all those years ago when I was a teenager and she was one of the adults on the committee that ran the church. I decided that I wouldn’t disturb her and that she probably wouldn’t remember me anyway.

By the time I had finished, I had a fair sized pile of rubbish but couldn’t see anywhere to dispose of it. The old woman was still working away in the distance, so I strolled over to ask her. She was kneeling on a pad doing some weeding wearing a knee-length white floral skirt with a matching top over which she wore a short-sleeved light blue cardigan. Her white hair was short and tightly curled. The face was well worn and wrinkled. Some people would unkindly call it ‘horsy’ or ‘manly’; long and plain with a narrow chin, broad flat cheeks with small eyes over which she wore thin rimmed glasses. Her nose was long and prominent beneath which sat a small thin-lipped mouth surrounded by deep creases of age. She wore no jewellery apart from a large round white earring sat in each of her long ears.

She sat back to reposition herself and I realised with a shock that I could see big nipples jutting from her top. I’m sorry but I couldn’t stop staring. By the way her small bust moved, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Oblivious to my stare, she leant forward to tackle some weeds. The front of her top fell forward giving me an eyeful of her small dangling breasts with occasional glimpses of her nipples that caused my groin to tighten. This was bad, here I was in a graveyard approaching an old woman and gawping down her top, but I just couldn’t tear my eyes away as her pale-fleshed mounds swayed and lurched as she worked. Suddenly she looked up and I guiltily moved my eyes to her face, into her steely grey eyes behind her spectacles. She sat back with her hands on her knees and smiled. “I’m sorry to disturb you but I was wondering where to put the rubbish that I cleared from my father’s grave?” I asked forcing myself not to let my gaze slip to her chest. The woman appeared to be hefty and strongly built with very broad deep shoulders with large shoulder caps that stretched the short sleeves of her cardigan. Below this her arms were thick and bulky and it looked like she had a swell of dense triceps. I must be mistaken.

“There is a wheelbarrow by the side of the church, you can bring that over and put it in there” she told me in quite a husky voice. As she indicated the direction, I swore that her relaxed biceps were a thick solid looking mass. I thanked her and walked over to the side of the church where I found the wheelbarrow but it was full of bricks and construction rubble. Urghhhh I try to lift the handles but it is way too heavy to move.

“Oh I’m sorry. I was demolishing the old wall and haven’t gotten around to emptying it yet. Here let me move it for you, I’ve got the knack” embarrassingly the old woman was coming to my aid. I was speechless. She had removed her cardigan to reveal that the top she wore underneath was sleeveless. Her shoulder caps and triceps looked absolutely huge, out of all proportion to the rest of her body. She must have been about 5’6″ and apart from her upper body, she was quite slim with a slim waist and long shapeless slender legs, which was disappointing because I have a thing for women with strong shapely legs. On her feet, she wore a pair of sensible black flat-heeled shoes. I had to say something. I couldn’t let a white-haired old lady strain herself on a loaded down wheelbarrow. “Uh no. It’s all right. It’ll be easier for me to bring my rubbish over here” I said. “Nonsense. It will only take a minute” she said. I couldn’t take my eyes off her powerful looking upper body and massive arms. They looked much bigger than my mother in-law [JIMP#13,22] and she was big in the mass department.

I watched, stupefied, as a long slab of bicep muscle thickened below her large rounded shoulder caps as the old woman took hold of the handles. The muscle in her forearms also thickened and, as she began to take up the strain, a network of vine like cords appeared. “My name’s Jim. Jim Priest” I told her, my eyes glued to her arms. “Lois” she replied as her biceps swelled like two powerfully ripped grapefruits as she lifted the wheelbarrow that I couldn’t budge. I was gob smacked, Lois’s huge arms had gone from large and soft to massive, bulging and vascular in a matter of seconds as they raised the overladened barrow and wheeled it down the path. As I followed trying to keep her amazing arms in sight, I confirmed that her calves were slim with no visible muscle, it was just her upper body that was so well developed.

My dad’s grave was on a higher terrace and we came to some steps. Lois went around to the front of the wheelbarrow to lift it. I went to help. “No, its alright” she smiled “I’ve had over 50 years experience lugging this thing about”. My eyes felt like they were on stalks as she lifted the front of the barrow and physically manhandled it up the steps. The trapezius from her neck to shoulder swelled thickly as she took the strain. I could even clearly see the outline of ripped pectoral muscles in the neckline of her top. Her large bulging biceps were now very vascular and pumped up. They weren’t the only things to be pumped up; I was sporting a hard-on excited by the sheer power this old woman displayed.

Confronted by such huge arms, my brain disengaged and my mouth went into stupid mode. “Wow you are seriously strong” I gasped watching her arms as she continued to push the barrow. “I thank The Lord for my strong body. I’ve been assistant and warden here for over 50 years, tending the grounds, doing all the hard manual maintenance work, clearing rubble, righting fallen gravestones that sort of thing” she told me. “50 years. You probably won’t remember me but I used to come here to Sunday school” I told her. “Priest? The name seems familiar but you don’t come to Sunday sermons do you?” she said. It sounded like an accusation. “I moved away some time ago. I’m just here to visit my father’s grave” I replied. “And here we are” I said glad to change the subject.

She brought the barrow to a rest, her big arms now ripped and pumped up. “Leave the wheelbarrow here. I will collect it later” she told me then turned to leave. I felt I had to say something before she walked away but was dumbfounded to think of something clever. “Your arms are amazing. Such incredible muscles for someone your age. Do you mind me asking how old you are?” I blurted then blushed as I realised what I had said. “I’m most terrible sorry that was very rude of me” I apologised. “That’s quite all right, dear. I’m 70 something if you must know” she said with a smile. “And you’ve those arms from doing the heavy manual work around the church?” I queried. “That and ringing the bells. They are very old and very heavy and they keep me fit and strong” she replied. “God gave us our bodies and we honour him by keeping them strong” she added.

“Watch” she told me and grabbed the front of the wheelbarrow, lifting it high with both hands. Her arms ballooned into massively ripped muscle as she lifted the heavy load up and down. I could see now that she had split biceps, each individual muscle clearly defined with a noticeable crevice between them. Up and down went that load of bricks and rubble, over and over again. Lois seemed oblivious to me watching with a huge boner as she became lost in pumping up her arms. Boy, did she pump them up, they were massive and fearsome. “Oh Lois, you are amazing. Please can I feel them?” I moaned before realising how stupid that was. Luckily she didn’t seem to have heard me. As if that wasn’t enough, she started lifting the barrow with one hand. I couldn’t even manage it with two. The sight of massive well defined arms, bigger and better defined than most male bodybuilders, on an other wise slim woman over 70 drove me crazy with lust. “Ohhhhh Lois” I moaned loudly stepping forward and placing a hand on her big pumped biceps.

My touch brought her out of her workout trance and the glare she gave me made me remove my hand. “Look at the time. I must go and ring the bells. You tidy up and I’ll collect the barrow later” she told me before I could apologise. I’m sorry but this woman’s powerful arms gave me an erection and I wanted more. “Can I watch you ring the bells?” I ask, sounding childish in my ears. She gave me a funny look then said “OK but tidy up first”. Quickly scooping the stuff and finding a place to squeeze it, I followed her into the church.

This was silly, what was I doing lusting after a 70-year-old woman? I thought to myself as I entered and saw Lois disappear through a small wooden door at the other end. This led to a stone staircase that spiralled up the spire until it reached a small bare room with bare floorboards and loads of thick ropes dangling from the bells higher up in the steeple. The sight that greeted me made me forget about my reservations. Lois stood in the middle of the room, her forearm thick and tapering as it pulled down one of the ropes, the split biceps bulging powerfully like twin rocky caps along her upper arm. CLANG! The noise was deafening. The rope slid back up through her hand, CLANG! Then she pulled it down again CLANG! She made it look so easy but the way her muscles were bulging made me realise that it was hard work. Moving from one rope to another, Lois rang out a cacophony of noise with practiced ease but the sound is so deafening that I can barely make out any discernable tune.

Lois grabbed two adjacent ropes with each hand, pulling down both at the same time, her biceps swelling enormously with the effort. CLANG! The ropes shot up through her hands as the bells tolled, the sheer size and power of her biceps even when relaxed left me open mouthed. As she countered the weight of the bells and pulled the ropes down again, her biceps swelled into two mighty fleshy mountains each hard peaked featuring a deep chasm between the bicep heads. Her forearms were also big and formidable, thick with writhing veins. She laughed and smiled with evident pleasure as her powerful arms rang the bells moving between different pairs of ropes. Finally she grabbed a thick rope in the middle with both hands and worked that in her mighty arms. CLANG! CLANG! The biggest loudest bell rang out, the reverberations continuing in my ears long after she had stopped.

This amazing exhibition of female upper body strength had me rock hard and aching. I tried to keep in control of my lust remembering that this was a 70-something year old woman I hardly knew. “Lois, your arms are amazing. Totally incredible” I said appreciatively. “Please let me feel your biceps. Please flex them for me” I begged. “Do you think this is Sodom and Gomorrah? A den of inequity?” she replied angrily. “Do you think I don’t see that heavy metal T-shirt or the horn of the devil in your trousers?” that made me blush with embarrassment. “I may be old but I’m not blind. Do you think I didn’t see you looking down my top earlier?” she accused. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, that was an accident” I tried to apologise. “Your arms. They are just breathtaking. So big and powerfully built. I really find that terribly exciting. I feel nothing but awe for them, I didn’t mean you any harm” I added.

Lois looked at me curiously. “So my muscles. They turn you on do they? They take your breath away?” she asked. “Oh yes. The sheer size and power of your arms really excite me. I want to touch them, feel them, worship them BOOOORRRRPHHH!” her right arm twitched then a cannon ball exploded in my gut. Her thick fearsome bicep had driven her fist so hard that it felt like it had smashed my insides against my backbone. I slumped against her broad shoulder and would have collapsed to the floor if she hadn’t held me up. Completely unable to breathe with my diaphragm clamped shut, my mouth is wide open in vain, my head swimming. The power of the punch was so debilitating that I couldn’t move. I was frightened that she had destroyed my insides and that I would never draw breath again. “God is the only one you should worship” I heard her voice close to my ear as I silently prayed to draw air once more. “You were right about taking your breath away and I will use these arms you lust after so sinfully to cure you of this vile perversion” she said as patches of red and black spun in my vision. I was so weak I would have fallen if I hadn’t clung onto the old woman’s hefty upper body. “Lust is the agent of the devil. I will make you see the light and worship only God’s work” she added.

Incapacitated by severe cramp, I was in no position to stop my head being tucked beneath her armpit and a thick solid slab of female muscle crush in on my neck while a wide forearm dug into my throat feeling rough with pronounced veins. Orrrrr! I would have cried out if I had breath as her awesome arm clamped so tight my vision blurred. My hand grabbed at the hefty arm trapping my head. With a sinking feeling, I realised that I was stuck fast and could never move the big solid limb. A hand grabbed my upper arm on the opposite side of where I was trapped. No! I was stunned as with a wrench of my neck I felt my feet leave the ground. My god she was strong! She was lifting me completely off the floor using my trapped neck and upper arm. The strain was terrible and my head swam. I was powerless as the white haired woman exerted her strength. Momentarily my feet returned to the floor and I felt her re-adjust her grip. Orrrr! A terrible surge of power almost ripped my head off and I felt myself rising into the air once more. This time a strong arm around my middle brought my body against her chest. “Over the years many a young man has felt the righteous power of my arms when I caught them up to no good in my churchyard” she told me as she slid her hand between my legs. “Orrrrrr!” I gasped as she released my neck and power surged against my crotch as she effortlessly lifted me with one arm high above her. As she loaded me at an angle across the top of her back with my crotch riding her shoulder, I had to put a palm down on her big hard shoulder cap for fear of falling off. “Many a yobbo has thanked me for showing them the error of their ways” she lectured as this woman who was much older than me manhandled me with ease. It was a thought that was both scary and yet at the same time exciting. This was a real demonstration of female strength and I was experiencing it first hand. “Nowadays it is mainly heathens worshipping false gods and with no respect for our culture who come here to desecrate this holy place” she told me as she grabbed my arm and forced me to lie along the top of her shoulders looking down at the floor. Beneath me, her shoulders felt broad, wide and solid likely a human windowsill. “Those foreigners put up more of a fight but I soon make them beg for forgiveness and confess their sins” she added. I automatically looked around in fear that a council officer had overheard and would arrest us for not being politically correct.

“Lois please stop” I gasped, my breath returning as she carried me around the room draped across her broad shoulders as effortlessly as if I were a pillow. “I will stop when I have cured you of this terrible affliction” she replied. Every step caused my groin to rub up and down against her powerful shoulders, reawakening my ardour. “Lord I offer you this sinner” I heard her say then gasped in amazement as my body rose horizontally as she pressed me high over head with her arms outstretched, the floor so far below. I’ve never understood the attraction of the lift and carry scene before, but now I felt the raw muscular power of this old woman’s upper body as she lifted me and pressed me high overhead, I was hard and throbbing with longing. “Look! See how the serpent yearns to enter my Garden of Eden” she exclaimed looking up at the front of my trousers.

“No!” I cried as my body fell fast towards the floor but instead of hitting the floor my momentum was halted at waist height by Lois’s strong arms. I felt a raised knee push into the side of my waist as she changed grip. “Woah!” I cried as she spun me over onto my back and swung my legs into the air. I was being held with one arm wrapped over my waist and another at the back of my thighs near the knee. “My body is a temple. Feel the power of the temple to The Lord” she chanted as she rocked me like a baby swinging me up into the air then back. I felt so submissive and helpless as the white haired woman toyed with my body.

“You are a child in the eyes of The Lord. Look how easily I control your body” she said then suddenly swung me right over so I was hanging upside down vertically with her mighty arms around the middle of my chest. “Admit your vile perversion, sinner” she commanded as the blood rushed to my head. “Please Lois. You’re a powerfully built woman. It’s only natural for men to be attracted to you” I said as the floor swayed above my head as she began to carry me like that around the room. “Natural! There is nothing natural about it!” she exclaimed. “Show me where it says in The Bible that thou shalt covert a woman’s muscles? You can’t. You are a vile deviant who must be saved from the Devil”.

I could hardly believe it, I was being overwhealmed by a white haired old woman. Suddenly she dropped me to the floor. I scrabbled around to face her and stopped open-mouthed. Lois had removed her top and stood over me topless flexing her right arm. “Tremble before the instruments of punishment that The Lord has blessed me with, sinner” she exclaimed. The large solid mass of the old woman’s arm soared skywards, growing a large separate rocky cap with a close-by outcrop of muscle. As breath taking as that was, my eyes were drawn to a striated chest above her small naked breasts showing a muscled cushion of well-developed pectorals. Even her stomach was rock hard, despite signs of childbirth, and I could clearly make out separation in her abdominal muscles even though they were relaxed. The sight of the topless muscle woman towering over me re-stoked my erection but her religious fervour unnerved me.

“You must know that you have a magnificent body” I said as I got to my feet, my eyes glued to the naked rippling muscle before me. “Magnificent in the sight of The Lord” she replied. “And magnificent in my eyes, Lois” I broke off what I was going to say when she glared at me balefully through her spectacles. I was going to tell her how much I wanted to worship that magnificent body but I realised that she would never understand. “Deviant!” she cried pointing at my trousers. No, she definitely would never understand. I needed to get away from this powerfully built but religiously crazed woman. But she was between me and the staircase, but as I tried to move around her, she blocked my way.

I found myself chest to chest with a topless broad chested old woman as she grabbed my hands and pulled them out to the sides then bent her arms exerting a fearsome force against me in a trial of strength that I knew I couldn’t possibly win. “Repent deviant. Feel the righteous might of The Lord” she told me. I could feel her hard jutting nipples slide up my chest as she slowly forced me down her incredibly developed upper body. “On your knees and pray for forgiveness, sinner”. I am unable to resist the awesome power as the twin mountains of muscle force me to bend my knees, turning me on all the more.

Forced to a crouch with my head level with the top of her legs, the white haired woman looks like an Amazon goddess with her powerful upper body. Her broad strong shoulders, wide flaring laterals, massive bulging biceps and big hefty forearms overwhelm me so easily that my erection is painfully hard against my trousers. “We will overcome the perverted evil in the world” she exclaimed looking down at me in confident superiority, her nipples fully erect. At that moment I just wanted to make mad passionate love to this awesome woman but I knew she would break me in two if I so much as tried. She released my hands in a shove that sent me sprawling to the dusty wooden floor. “Get to your knees and pray, sinner. Come on, let’s see you beg forgiveness for letting Satan enter your life and your trousers” she said wrinkling her nose as she gazed pointedly at the tent.

I kneel before the manic old woman desperately trying to think of how to get away. Her upper body is much too strong for me to cope with but as I kneel, I see the slimness of the skirt in front of me. That’s it! She only works her upper body with the heavy lifting and ringing the bells. She neglects her legs with the result that her upper body is out of all proportion to the rest of her. Although I knew from past experience not to underestimate the power of a woman’s legs, I was certain that Lois’s legs were her weakness. I felt bad about what I was going to do to this 70+ woman but I saw no other way, she was far too strong for me to handle physically and she was too entrenched in her beliefs to hold a meaningful conversation.

Reaching forward I wrapped my arms around her knees and pulled. Down she went with a thud as she landed on her back. A pang of shame made me stop and check that she was alright. “Are you OK Lois? I’m very sorry for doing that but you gave me no choice” I said with concern leaning over her. “I really meant you no harm. You really do have an amazing body, which I really would have liked to worship but I don’t think you would ever understand. Goodbye Lois, please don’t too badly of me” I told her.

I had only taken a couple of steps towards the stairwell when a beefy pair of sinewy forearms wrapped themselves around my shins and pulled my feet away from under me. WHAM! I hit the floorboards on my front. “Offff!” a heavy weight fell across my back and thick arm slipped around my neck. “Vile spawn of Satan. How dare you attack a woman in The House of God?”. “Arghh!” it felt like my neck had been encased in quick drying cement. I clutched at her big arm unable to ease the pressure as she bent my head back then rolled me over. “Orrff!” her weight fell across the top of my chest and an irresistible power stretched my arm out to the side and pressed down so hard that I thought she might force it through the floor. “Mmmmm!” she shifted around moving my arm wherever she wanted and I felt her bare chest pressing against the lower part of my face. “Lo! Thou shalt not suffer a pervert to live” I heard her say as her muscled chest lifted from my face. I’d never heard that in The Bible but was in no position to argue. The fanatical old woman was overpowering me easily with her strong upper body. I quickly found her sitting on my chest, pinning my shoulders with her knees and pressing my hands hard against the floorboards. Her gnarly wrinkled face looked down at me, her eyes glaring through the lenses of her glasses. Close up, her arms looked truly terrifying. They were so thick and solid, covered with sinew and rippling muscle. Despite my predicament, my tentpole was fully erect as my dark side enjoyed being so totally overwhelmed by an old woman. “I subjugate you, vile pervert” she told me.

The big scary arms reached down and wrapped themselves around my head as Lois unseated herself and lay her back across the top of my chest. “Urggh!” I had to close my eyes and clench my teeth as she pulled my throat tight against the side of her chest in a very tight side headlock. “I will teach you how to behave in The House of God” she told me. “Arghh!” I cried in pain as Lois sat up, her mighty arms pulling me with her like a trapped animal. “Urkk!” I cried as her arms slid around my neck and felt a solid mass growing into my throat as I realised with alarm that she had positioned her bicep against my neck. “Urkk!” I croaked as my hands slapped the thick solid arms in vain as the rocky cap of her biceps pressed my windpipe shut. “I cast you out of this sinner, vile serpent” I heard her voice against the throbbing of my blood in my ears as she cut off my air. My head was pounding and I kept slapping her meaty arms to no avail.

“Urrkk!” the terrifyingly strong arms forced me to my knees as Lois manoeuvred me around with ease. “Urkkk urkkk” I croaked in alarm as she pulled me into a crouch. “Orrrrrr!” I gasped with short relief as Lois released her crushing hold then reversed it so that I found my throat against the underside of her beefy arm. “Argg No please!” I yelped in agony as Lois pulled my head right back so I was looking up at the ceiling while a knee dug into my back as she bent me backwards. At the same time she had pull my back on the other side of her body against her hip. “Repent foul sinner. Are you cured of your vile perversion?” she asked. “Yes yes please I repent I’m cured” I cried, my head was swimming, her knee dug painfully into my back and I was losing all sensation in my arm where she’d pulled it back too hard. The sheer agony of the brutal grip of her arms had overcome my erection, which had deflated and shrivelled up.

“Halleluiah the Lord be praised” she said loudly releasing me. I nearly collapsed to the floor in an exhausted heap but Lois grasped the front of my shirt and hauled me to my feet with one hand. She gazed into my eyes with a wide-eyed fervour. “Now do you see the power of The Lord?” she asked as she held me at her side. “Yes, yes I see” I mumbled trying not to let my eyes slip to her naked chest. “Glory be” she said and to my astonishment she started to bend her arm, lifting me clear off the floor. The arm swelled into a massive chunk of muscle as she held me at least a foot off the ground. From my position I could make out the rippling contour map of her back. The split peaks of her biceps were even more pronounced from the rear and I’m afraid the sight combined with the effects of feeling her raw strength was arousing me again. “Please Lois, You’re too much for me to handle. You’re so incredibly strong” I gasped as my groin tightened with lust. She peered at me through her glasses. I placed my hands on the massive bicep feeling the frightening raw power of the thick solid muscle beneath the soft warm skin. A smile spread on her thin lips, a smile that sent shivers down my spine. “I knew it. The serpent lies” she said in triumph and her other hand stole to the front of my trousers. The feel of her strong hand around my dick made it stiffen and spring into life. Her eyes glinted manically. “Please no. It’s only a normal reaction to such a well-built woman and a topless one at that. No!” I cried in alarm but it was too late.

Her face full of manic glee, she pulled me against her chest then quickly wrapped her big hefty arms around my middle. “Arghh! Powerful muscular arms squeezed tight, lifting my feet off the ground and pulling my chest tight against her bare torso in a frightening bearhug. “Orrghhh!” I cried in agony, my hands resting on the large solid caps of her shoulders for support. The power flowing through her arms was immense; it felt like she would break my ribs as her muscular arms crushed me against her rock hard upper body. “Relent pervert!” she cried leaning her body back to lift me higher. “Arrrooooo please I relent, I relent” I gasped, it felt like I was being crushed by an industrial crushing machine and I would soon be pulp. The power of the white haired woman was too much. “Confess! You work for the devil and came here to prey upon good God fearing women” she accused, not easing her brutal hold for a second. “No, no” I gasped not even able to squirm in her powerful arms. “Just visiting.. Father’s grave”. “Liar! What are you really? What do you do for a living when you are not forcing your previsions on innocent women?”. “Arghh private detective” I moaned, she was crushing me so tight that I could barely inflate my lungs. “I knew it! The synod sent you to spy on us” she cried triumphantly. “No. arghhh! Working for Sir Humphrey. Bristlingdown manor. Found key to old diaries” I gasped feeling like I was going to implode in her arms.

“Orrrrrrr!” I protested, gulping down precious air as the tightness around my chest eased and she threw my back across her wide shoulders. “Arghhh!” I screamed loudly as the woman pressed down on my chin and pulled down on a foot at the same time in an excruciating backbreaker. “Arghhh!” my jaw felt like it was going to break, the tendons in my neck screamed against the abuse and worst of all my back was a white-hot torrent of nerve-scorching pain as my spine was bent back so much that it felt like all of my vertebrae would pop out. “I’m cured! I’m cured!” I screamed as the old woman tortured my back for what seemed an eternity. Eventually she rolled me off her shoulders, throwing me to the floor, a crying sobbing mess at the punishment she had inflicted. “Please I’m sorry” I sobbed, totally broken by this woman. “Glory be to The Lord” the fanatical woman chanted and began to sing a hymn while I lay on the floor.

Finally I got myself together and stood up. I stepped back in fright as Lois stopped singing and came to stand before me, showing no discomfort that she was topless. “Please no more. You win. You’re much too powerful for me” I begged frightened that she might wrap those fearsome arms around me once more. “You felt the power of The Lord working through me” she told me. Her big beefy arms rose on either side of her body then bent inwards at the elbow. Huge mountains of feminine muscle rose and solidified. At the same time, her small breasts seemed to expand and rise as her pectorals flexed, her nipples were fully erect. “Glory be to the power of The Lord” she cried flexing in victory. After being so thoroughly overpowered for so long, the sight of the massive peaked and ripped muscles on her naked torso was too much for me. “Urrrhhhhh” I moaned as a warm gooey liquid made an utter mess in my pants. Suddenly I saw the look of pure fury on the woman’s face. “Lois, I’m..” BAM! Her fist flew towards my face then it was lights out.
CLANG CLANG I come around, my jaw and teeth throbbing, my ears ringing and my equilibrium shot to hell. CLANG CLANG my body seems to be jerking around as if I’m at sea. CLANG CLANG as my senses creep back I am horrified to find myself completely naked stretched out horizontally looking upwards with my arms and legs tied separately to thick bell ropes, my body sagging in between like a human hammock. CLANG CLANG I feel my right arm pulled down upsetting the balance of my body as it falls lopsided to that corner then the rope is shooting upwards pulling my arm and jerking my right shoulder with it. CLANG CLANG Lois has tied me to the bell ropes and is ringing the bells with my body attached. Arm after arm, leg after leg in no discernable order rise up and down as the mighty strong-armed white haired woman rang the bells. “Please I’m cured! I’m cured!” I cry but my voice is drowned by the deafening peal of the bells. Over the din, I can just make out Lois singing but can’t make out the words only the occasional hosanna and praise be to The Lord. Naked and completely at the mercy of this fanatical religious power armed old woman, I resign myself to a very long day and wonder when, if ever, she will let me go home.
The smart dressed mature woman with the grey hair walked towards the seating area at the back of The Monument. Sitting down next to a man on a bench facing the landmark of The Great Fire of London, she glared at the businessman eating his lunch. The man gulped at the jowly winkled fierce looking face, grabbed his stuff and left in a hurry. A woman dressed in a black robe and cowl takes his place. “You were followed” she stated as fact. “I was sure I wasn’t. American?” the woman known as The Dragon asked. “Death squad. Seems your mistress doesn’t even trust you” Angel replied. The Dragon didn’t bother to ask whether the younger woman had taken care of her colleague, she took it as read. “Templeforth blew a fuse. He ordered the PM to hand over the detective if he ever surfaced” she said. “No doubt the snivelling weed agreed” the hooded woman commented. “Of course. I had to be quite forceful to persuade him otherwise” The Dragon replied. “Jim doesn’t have the device. It’s securely locked away and my people will make sure it stays that way”. “It should be for the benefit of Britain”. “The powers that be will fight over it and benefit no-one but themselves. You know that”. “Templeforth is threatening to collapse the World economy if he doesn’t get his way”. “Exactly”. For a moment silence hung in the air while a hopeful pigeon eyed the two strange women on the bench. “You would have made a good member of the Elite Death Squad” the Dragon said. “You would have made a good member of The Sisterhood” Angel replied, getting up to leave.

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  1. I’m impressed, I have to say. Really rarely do I encounter a weblog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your thought is excellent; the difficulty is one thing that not enough persons are speaking intelligently about. I’m very pleased that I stumbled throughout this in my search for one thing referring to this.


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