The day my mum humiliated me at the Dojo (JIMP#39)

Teen troublemaker & Jujitsu black belt is disciplined by his mother at the Dojo.

Another story about my sister in-law, Marianne. I imagined what it must be like to have a mother who is better at martial arts than you are and then get a crush about her sexy legs. This upset some people who kept on about how a mother would never do this to her son. The bit about the hanging clothes is actually true based on an experience of mine when I was barely a teen

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
It’s Friday evening and I’m outside the sport’s centre smoking with the lads and downing some cans of lager. We’re wearing our gi waiting for the little kids to pack up and go home. A spot of slamming people around the mat then it’s time for more serious drinking and larking around. It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago I had been a gawky looking little kid, short with buck teeth and wearing glasses. That made me an instant target for any slime ball to pick on at school. Then Dad started going to Jujitsu lessons to help him in his black market ‘negotiations’ and took me with him. “Only killed three people today, Mum” I would joke on my return from school. She wasn’t amused and kept complaining to Dad that I was too young to learn a fighting art. She thought I wasn’t mature enough and would use the skills irresponsibly, but Dad thought it was a laugh and encouraged me to continue. Now, after 6 years, I’ve got my black belt and no one dares pick on me. It’s me who does the picking on and I’ll beat the crap out of anyone who gets in my way. People must show me respect or I’ll force them to. I’m at a 6th form college now and love the look of fear on their faces when I put a hold on them threatening to break their arms or legs unless they pay up. It’s what my dad calls being an entrepreneur.

“‘Ere Ryan. Ain’t that yer Mum in that car?” Andy said. No! It can’t be. I look at the battered old car pulling up at the kerb side with Aunt Julie behind the wheel and my mum in the passenger seat. Oh no what’s the silly old moo doing here? The gawky old blonde keeps on at me about bullying other kids and wants to stop me coming to the Dojo until I’m old enough to act responsibly. Dad says I’m doing great and we’ll go beat up migrants in the summer and fleece them for a change.

The door opens and my Mum swivels in the seat and a pair of white high-heeled shoes descends to the path at the end of long slim shins covered in sheer light brown nylons. She is wearing a light mauve sweater over a yellow skirt dress. “I thought I’d find you here even though I told you that you’re grounded” she told me, her stare magnified by the gawky spectacles that she wore.

“Shut up Mum, I’m 18 now and can do what I like” I told her turning my back on her, hoping she got the message. “Wow!” Andy gasped and I looked back. Mum had got out the car in a way that was hardly lady-like. Her skirt had rucked up and now everyone could see her long legs and stocking tops. Why does the old mare wear such short skirts? Its not like she’s a young babe. “Come on lets go in” I say. But they are reluctant to move and keep staring at my mum in a way that makes me feel very uncomfortable. I mean its not as though she’s good looking or anything. She’s in her late thirties or early forties or something, with a tall willowy figure with big boobs and long slender legs. Her face is quite plain, long and narrow with a deep chin and big ears. She has long sandy blonde hair cut in a fringe, tucked behind her ears and falling around her face to lie mid chest. Her blue eyes were small but magnified by the geek specs she wore on top of a long sleek nose that ended at a small thin-lipped mouth crammed with too many teeth. Such small features overemphasised her flat cheeks and deep chin.

“Are you smoking? You know your granddad got lung cancer and I don’t want to go through that again” she berated me, showing me up in front of the lads. “Leave it out mum” I shot back and turned to herd everyone into the Dojo but the boys won’t budge. “Orrrrrr! Great legs” Andy moaned. I spun around and saw that Mum was trying adjust her short dress but in doing so was showing all off her legs, stockings, suspenders and even her white knickers. “Mum!” I shouted in embarrassment. “I’m staying here a moment” “Yeah me too, great view””Wow, fantastic legs”.

I spun round angrily to confront the boys. “That’s my mum. Stop looking at her like that or I’ll send you home in an ambulance” I threatened. “Oh my God look at that!” Brad gasped, his eyes widening. I looked back, horrified to see mum leaning into the car to speak with Aunty Julie. Her dress was so short that it had risen half way up her bum, which was bare apart from a skimpy thong between her buttocks. “Ohhh great arse. Amazing calves” Andy moaned. The high heels were making my mum’s long toned calve muscles bulge. Although I was used to seeing my mum’s legs, now that someone had pointed it out, I found myself staring at the long diamond shaped muscled slabs at the back of her legs and finding them strangely appealing. Actually they were quite sexy, why hadn’t I noticed that before? “Oh my God, I’d like to suck on those everlasting legs” someone moaned. That broke my trance. What was I doing looking at my mum’s legs while she showed off her stockings and suspenders? “Orrrrr sexy calves, sexy calves”. I spun around, disgusted to find Andy rubbing the front of his trousers vigorously. “Stop that! That’s my mum. Don’t you wank off over my mum” I cried and tried to grab him but he ran off inside with me in close pursuit. “Ryan, you come right back here do you hear?” my mum’s voice rang in the background “Ryan, I’m warning you. If I have to come after you, you’ll be sorry”.

I thought that was the end of that and got Andy on the mat to give him a good beating. “Ryan, cease!” Sensei shouted. Reluctantly I released Andy, growling that I’d get him later and turned to apologise to Sensei. To my horror, mum was standing in her stockinged feet by his side. “Ryan, I want a word with you” she said so loudly that everyone in the Dojo stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I felt my face burn, how dare the old mare come in here and show me up? “Piss off mum, I’m busy” I snapped. “Ryan! You will show respect to your lovely mother and apologise right now” Sensei ordered. “What? I ain’t apologising to her. She don’t own me” I protested. “Ryan!” Sensei started but was cut off by my mum putting her hand on his arm. “It’s alright. I won’t take up anymore of your time. I can deal with my naughty son” she told him then walked over the mat towards me. Naughty! How dare she speak as though I’m a kid! I’m 18 now and a black belt.

My mother came to a halt in front of me and placed her hands on her hips. At 5’9″ she towered over my 5’4″. “Ever since you’ve taken up Jujitsu you’ve turned into a big bully. I thought this was going to give you confidence and help you up stand up to bullies, but you’ve become one yourself” she berated. “Mum!” “You’re just a yobbo who drinks and smokes and beats up little kids” she continued not letting me get a word in. “Shut your gob!” I spat, shocking her into silence. I was really angry now. “How dare you come in here and show me up? Who the hell do you think you are?” I demanded. “Ryan! Show respect” Sensei barked. “I’m your mother and you’re not so big that I can’t put over my knee and spank your behind” she replied. I heard the sniggers. “You’re just an old hag. Go home and wait. I’ll come home when I’m good and ready” I told her. “You will come home right now young man or I will punish you right here in front of all your friends” she shouted heatedly, her eyes blazed scarily. “Oh yeah! Like how you gonna do that? I’m a black belt in Jujitsu, you’re just a ordinary housewife” I replied hotly.

“Oh I know how to defend myself, I can deal with a naughty little boy like you” she flung back in my face. I remembered those self-defence lessons Uncle Jim brought her. Dad was furious about that especially after that incident with the burglar [SISLAW#1]. When we started Jujitsu classes, Mum wanted to learn as well but Dad said no. Martial arts weren’t for normal women, only big butch dykes and that was the end of the subject. “A few self-defence lessons won’t do you any good here, martial arts isn’t about kicking someone in the nuts then running away” I crowed. “I’m a black belt in a proper martial art” I sneered. “That’s enough Ryan. Apologise to your mother then leave” Sensei shouted. “No, it’s alright I will deal with it. I’m a member of the Salvation Army” the old bird replied. I burst out laughing. “Oh you gonna disrespect me with some hymns are you?” I laughed. “Right, you asked for it” Mum said and moved towards me. “Salvation army. What a laugh” I chuckled.

I’ll show the stupid old cow, I’ll scare her and put her in her place. Pretending to make a grab for her as if to make a throw, I lurched towards her. WHAM! The world spun in a blur and I was flat on my back on the mat with my head in a daze trying to understand what had just happened. “Argh!” a sharp twist of my arm forced me to roll onto my front. Seoi Nage! My mum had performed a perfect one-arm shoulder throw, grabbing my arm and turning her body into me while bending, throwing me over her shoulder so fast that she almost gave me whiplash. “Argh!” I sensed my mum crouch over my back, tucking my lower arm under her armpit then wrapping her arm around it. Keeping it straight, she pushed my elbow joint with the crook of her arm while pressing down near my shoulder with her other hand. “Argh!” she stressed the joint making me cry out in pain. Where the hell had the old maid learnt to do that? “You will do as you’re told for once, young man. You will get up, get changed then go home at once. Do I make myself clear?” she told me. “Argh!” I cried as mum stressed my arm so much I was scared that she might break it. “Do I?” she repeated sternly. “Argh! Yes Yes” I couldn’t believe it; within seconds my mum had overpowered me and was forcing me to submit. My mind couldn’t comprehend it. How could my own mother, an untrained middle-aged woman, get me, a young and healthy black belt in this position so easily? Of course I’d been in similar positions during class but the knowledge that this was my own mother made it different and strangely my groin started to twitch as the old mare again stressed the joint. “Arghh! Yes Yes clear” I cried, my eyes blurring with tears of pain. “Please mum you’re going to break my arm” I begged. “No more than you deserve for attacking your own mother” she replied. “Argh!” with one final push against my stretched arm, she released me and I sensed her standing up.

“Come on Ryan, I’m not waiting all night” she told me. I could people sniggering. “Mummy’s boy” someone said but I couldn’t identify who. Mum’s feet were in front of me and I found my eyes drawn up the length of her legs. Boy did they seem long and from my position on the mat, I could see right up her short dress as the incredibly long legs rose like two inward leaning pillars until they met at skimpy white thong briefs. Of course I had seen my mum’s legs before but never from this angle. Somehow she seemed dominant as I laid at her feet and I had an overwhelming urge to obey her. The sheen of her stockings shone in the lights and the sight of stocking top and black suspenders running over firm pale skin triggered an uncomfortable primal urge.

She started tapping her foot impatiently. As I got up, I could feel the eyes of the whole Dojo upon me. Obedience turned to anger. How dare the silly old cow show me up in front of the club? “I don’t know how you did that but” “Hai!” BAM! I tasted nylon as the sole of my mom’s foot blasted right in my face, smashing my lips against my teeth. The unexpected kick made me stagger and I had the fleeting impression of her long leg lowering from my face and the view all the way down to her skimpy thong covered crotch. “Hai!” BAM! Her other leg whipped up and around in a blur hammering my chin with a horrible click of teeth crashing together too hard and blasting my head back so hard that I saw stars. “Hai!” BAM! Something smashed in the side of my head, and I just made out the top of mum’s foot falling away as my vision tried to focus. My God, I didn’t know mum could kick like that! Her kicks were shockingly strong, that last one nearly knocked me to the ground. Focus Ryan, I can’t let her kick me in the head again. My mum’s face was calm, tight-mouthed, full of a self-confidence that sent shivers down my spine. “Hai!” her leg lifted in a flash of stockings and suspenders and thong briefs and strong calves. WHAM! The top of her foot smashed hard against the side of my chest. “Arrr!” I gasped as a shockingly hard kick rattled my ribs and drove the air out of that lung. Oh my God where did that come from? I hadn’t even begun to block it and so strong. Mum could really kick and she could kick hard and fast.

She grabbed my hand and lent back to pull it straight causing me to look into her piercing blue eyes. They looked so cold and fierce that a jolt of fear went through me. “Hai!” her leg moved like lightning, one moment it was on the mat the next it slammed into side of my waist like a metalworker’s punch. “Arrr!” the kick was brutal and I partly creased over on that side.

“Hai!” BAM! No sooner had the foot returned to the mat then it ploughed straight in the middle of my gut like an express train. “Borrrph!” my breath left my gaping mouth like an deflating balloon as the power of the kick drove me clean off the mat. SLAM! I crashed to the mat in an undignified heap unable to breath with an excruciating cramp in my gut. Laughter rang in my ears but all I could do was curl up with tears in my eyes in agony as my breathing refused to work. My face burned red as I realised that my mum just wiped me out again in seconds in front of the whole club with her long legs. She hadn’t been gentle about it either, her kicks really hurt and that gut kick was devastating. My own mother! how could my own mother be able to do this to me? It wasn’t possible, I was a black belt and she was nothing. Oh! It hurt so much; she had a kick like a mule.

“Well I certainly kicked your ass good and proper without once kicking you in the balls” my mother’s voice said. I too badly winded to answer. “Go on, kick him in the balls” someone said causing an outburst of laughter. This couldn’t be happening, it was like a nightmare. My own mother had floored me twice in less than a minute. I tried to move but a spasm in my gut stopped me. “Oh does your little tummy wummy hurt?” my mother’s voice was cruel and mocking. “Serves you right for back chatting me. Now get up and go home” she commanded. Urrg I rolled over onto my belly but although the cramp was starting to ease, I still couldn’t get up. I could see her legs in front of me with one slightly bent showing a long slender slab of muscle in her calve. I gazed at that, putting down a silly urge to put my hand on it and feel how hard it was. She might have a bit of muscle in her calves but in those sheer stockings her legs were nothing but feminine. My eyes followed the contour of the outside edge of her other calve as it swept down in a long shapely curve to her slim ankles. I worked my way up to her long slender thighs that held a hint of strength and the shapely curve of her hamstrings at the back of her legs. Andy was right she does have great legs. I tried to put that disquieting thought out of my mind as I felt another twinge in my groin.

“Come on Ryan. Stop mucking about; I didn’t kick you that hard. Get up” my mum ordered. Groaning and trying to breathe more normally, I began to stand finding that I couldn’t take my eyes of my mom’s legs. Wow they were better than most of the girls at college, so long, shapely and those stockings! Wow that made them look so sexy. The college girls just wore tights or leggings if they wore skirts at all. Jesus! Pull yourself together this is my old mum, not some supermodel. I forced myself to look at her face. Her eyes magnified by her spectacle bore into me with a piercing intensity that I couldn’t bear look at for long. “How many years have you been coming here?  And I beat you in seconds. What a waste of money” she scolded. “Probably all that drinking and smoking. Well that’s going to stop from now” she lectured as the class giggled at me. “Shut up mum” I hissed, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. “You just took me by surprise, that’s all” I said. “Oh like an attacker is going to give you a weeks notice” she said sarcastically. Everyone laughed outright. I was getting angry, how dare she show me up like this? “Those self-defence lessons taught you to kick real good mum but your legs wouldn’t be any good in real fight if I got you on the ground” I said heatedly. “Give it up, Ryan. You’re just a bully that got what was coming to you. Now get changed and let’s go home” my mum smiled condescendingly and turned to leave.

Everyone in the club was looking at me with open amusement. They thought I was a loser who couldn’t even handle his own mother. Well I’ll show them. I rushed after my mother and caught her arm then pulled her around to face me. I went to grab the front of her dress intending to throw her when suddenly she grabbed my gi jacket and fell backwards. It was a beautifully executed Tomoe Nage. Her foot came up against my gut and as her back hit the mat, her leg bent under my weight then straightened. Orrr I could feel the power of her leg as gave my forward momentum an added push and sent me hurling head over heels across the mat. WHAM! My back crashed into the mat with a loud slap. I was stunned, where the hell had she learnt that?

Orr! Mummy’s weight dropped across my upper body and spreading her legs for stability, hooked one under my thigh. Before I could stop her, she had wrapped an arm around the back of my neck and taken hold of my shoulder. Pulling my arm straight, she trapped my hand under the foot of her other leg which she brought up near my head bent at the knee then bent my arm across her thigh. Argh! She had me immobilised. It was a very intimate hold, my mother’s face looked down into mine only an inch away causing strange emotions within me. I had a strong desire to kiss that small mouth and not in a family way. Get a grip, what is wrong with me? “I bet you spend a lot of your time down here on the mat don’t you Ryan” that small mouth in a narrow jaw was so inviting when it moved. No stop it! “This reminds me of that man your aunty Julie and I beat up on the beach [JIMP#20]. He couldn’t handle me either” she taunted. What man? She’d never that before. “Has mummy kicked your ass again?” that mouth moved again, her blue eyes peering into mine, eyes one could lost in. The moment was gone. My mother released me and stood up to applause. My club mates were actually clapping her! I looked up again at my mother’s long legs as she stood over me like a triumphant goddess. Those sexy stockings and suspenders looked amazing on legs that just threw me again. God! What am I doing? My dick is getting stiff and throbbing! I’m perving my own mother, looking up her skirt and getting turned on!

Mommy looked so smug and superior as she watched get me get up. “I hope that’s taught you a lesson. Now go get changed” she ordered. Out the corner of my eye I could see Sensei shaking his head in disappointment. I was letting him and the club down; I needed to make him proud, but how? “Don’t just stand there” Mum said looking at me stony faced, her penetrating eyes and tight set mouth sending shivers down my spine and making my cock stiffen more. “Or do you want some more? Is that it? Haven’t had enough of mommy kicking your ass?” she taunted. “I warn you, the next time I won’t go so easy on you” she added. She didn’t seem to be joking, she seemed very confident. “You wouldn’t win in a proper fight” I mumbled. “What was that? Do you think I’d go around dressed as a lap-dancing policewoman if I couldn’t take care of myself? [JIMP#26]. I’ve floored you three times in a row with no trouble. If that doesn’t get through your thick skull, I don’t know what will” she retorted angrily. She certainly knew how to use those amazing legs and she was a lot better than I than I thought. Come on, I was a black belt, she had only been on a 12 week self-defence course many years ago, she can’t be that good. Remembering how quickly and decisively she had put me down made me uncertain. Come on, they teach women to clobber an attacker then run away, not to engage them in prolonged close combat. I needed to get her on the mat then punish her with some brutal groundwork. That would show her. “Don’t even think about it, Ryan” she warned as though she could read my mind.

Her blue eyes bored into me as she watched me. She showed no signs of fear. Here she was a plain ordinary housewife with no formal training yet arrogantly warning me as though she were the black belt, not me. So she knew a few moves and was very quick, but I knew more and practised attack scenarios with others. Those long legs could deliver a powerful kick, I’ll have to be careful of those, and I wasn’t going to let her take me by surprise again. “Ryan, I’m warning you” she repeated.

To my astonishment, mum stepped forward grabbed my gi top and deftly turned herself into me for a spring hip throw. The brush of her hip against my groin was electric and almost distracted me but I swept her feet away, dumping her on her back. Her short dress was up around her hips and I had to force myself to tear my gaze away from the sight of her skimpy underwear and sexy lingerie. Taking her arm, I crouched by her side and applied an arm lock, delighted when she squealed in pain. “And that’s why you don’t mess with me, mother” I gloated in triumph. “Argh! Ryan No” she squealed, her legs flailing around as I worked the lock. “Ryan! That’s’ enough” Sensei shouted.

“Sod that. This is payback mum for showing me up” I told her as she grimaced and squirmed under my lock. All of a sudden and with a flexibility I never expected, my mother flung her ass and legs off the mat. With her height advantage, those long legs easily found my head and before I knew it, I found the side of a lanky leg against the top of my chest with a beautiful long semi-peardrop shaped calve sticking up like a flag pole by the side of my head. The next second, the other leg came around and clobbered me on the head with a meaty calve then hooked itself around the side of my neck. I felt the rasp of nylon as the crook of her leg pressed my neck against her other shin then lock a tight figure 4. “Arggg” I was shocked to find that her legs were like a vice squeezing hard against the carotid arteries in my neck forcing me to clench my eyes against the pain. “Orrrr!” she was going to cut off the blood supply to my brain unless I prised her lower limbs away from my neck. I released her arm.

WHAM! In that instant, she grabbed my arm and slammed her legs to the mat. “Urkk!” I was flung on my side with my throat in the crook of her leg with the calve pressing tightly down the side of my face while she applied an armbar. “Arghh!” I cried as the underside of her leg crushed my jaw from both sides. With my eyes screwed tight against the pressure, my free hand probed for a way to break the scissorhold but the leg was wrapped tight with the foot locked beneath her other knee. I’ve fought girls who wore a gi but the feel of sheer nylon covering a woman’s leg was incredibly intoxicating. I just couldn’t stop stroking my mother’s legs as they throttled me. The silky smooth nylon filled with such firm female leg was addictive, I couldn’t stop feeling it. “There’s no escape, Ryan. Mommy’s legs were made for scissoring horrible little boys like you” she told me. “Argkkkk!” I cried as she raised her hips painfully stressing the armbar until I was choked off by the crook of her leg pressing so tight against my throat that I could feel my windpipe close. “I should have done this to you a long time ago. Now you’re going to learn the hard way” she said. “Kkkk” I could barely croak, the leg around my neck was also cutting the blood from my head. “You’re so helpless in my legs. Where’s your black belt skills you keep boasting about now?”. Unable to breathe with my head spinning and my eyes blurred by tears, I realised that once again my mother had humiliated me in front of the whole club. I tapped my mother’s firm leg to admit defeat wanting this nightmare to end and go home to hide. Tap tap tap; tap tap tap please mum let me go. “…!” “Had enough of mummy’s legs yet, Ryan? I’m only just beginning” I heard her say above the ringing in my ears as the horrible blackness started to close in.

The blood rushed to my head in a dizzying motion as the terrible choke suddenly eased. Mum’s silky smooth legs slid around my neck and I found my neck trapped firmly between her knees looking straight at her crotch, barely covered by thong briefs. The tight contact with her leg and the close proximity of her naughty bits was incredibly exciting. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop staring at the crease where her pussy lips were and, with shame, felt an erection growing. Lucky these gi pants are so baggy. “Oh this feels good, Ryan. I’ve really put you in your place, haven’t I?” I heard her say. The amused laughter reminded me that people were watching.

“Argh please mum no” I cried as the leggy mantrap opened and my mother got up into a crouch, stressing the arm bar all the time forcing the side of my head into the mat. “Argh no no” I begged as a knee pressed down on the side of neck while my arm was bent back and laced through hers. “This feels so right, Ryan” I heard her say as I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth against the weight pressing down on my neck and my twisted arm. “Mum, please stop. I give, I give” I pleaded and felt relief as she removed her knee, but it was short-lived.

The next second, she had sat herself down behind my head with my arm still locked and nylon-clad limbs had snaked either side. Closing in a tight figure 4, I could feel strong thighs covered in soft nylon clamp around my neck with a long hard meaty calve like a steel bar across one side of my throat. She squeezed relentlessly twisting my head in her strong legs from one side to the other in a show of dominance. “Arghh, please stop please” I begged. I never knew a woman who didn’t work out could have such strong legs and to make matters worse this was my own mother scissoring me and shaking me like a rag doll. “Like you stopped when you broke that little girl’s arm. How old was she, Ryan, 12, 13? It’s lucky your dad scared her parents off from pressing charges”. I remembered the girl; it wasn’t my fault she wouldn’t pay up. Luckily Dad found out her family were illegal immigrants so put the scare onto them.

I felt relieved that it was all over when mom’s strong legs stopped crushing my neck and she forced me to stand using the armlock. “I’m sorry mom” I mumbled then froze at the look she gave me. Her eyes blazed so fierce, her pupils wide with excitement. “You’ll be sorry all right, son” she said with her mouth tight. At that moment I feel real fear of my own mother. When she turned her back on me and pulled my arm over her shoulder, I knew what she was going to. All thoughts of a countermeasure went out of my mind when I felt her backside shoved into my groin as she started to bend forward. Oh that feels so good. My cock stiffened even more as it rode up her backside until my feet left the floor and I was tossed over her shoulder like a bag of rubbish. BAM! As I hit the mat, mom stood on my shoulder and applied a wristlock, bending back my hand sharply. “Arggh!” I yelped. “Shall I break it? Show you what it feels like” she sounded angry. “No, please. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again” I begged. The tendons in my wrist seared in agony feeling it would snap at any moment.

Suddenly her weight was upon me, falling across my chest and trying to wrap an arm around my neck. She was going for a scarf hold, where the hell had she learnt this stuff? I used both hands, one still hurting, to push against her neck to fight her off. I couldn’t believe it, I was grappling on the mat with my mum!. She had the advantage of position and weight and managed to trap my good hand under her arm as she wrestled against me. I felt a knee against my side and I knew she had spread her legs on the ground for stability against my efforts to dislodge her. Suddenly her big bust was hanging over my face then it fell towards me. “Mmmm mmmm mmm!” I tried to wriggle my face out of the big boobs that were now smothering me but my mom had slipped an arm around the back of my head to hold it in place. “Mmmmm!” I felt mom’s bodyweight get on top of me and her legs lace mine. “Mmmmm! Suddenly my legs were ripped apart by an overwhelming force. God her legs were strong, I could do nothing to stop her putting me in a wide grapevine that had the tendons at the top of my legs burn in agony while my nose and mouth sank deep into her cleavage. “Lucky bastard” someone muttered. “Great tits” someone else said. “Mmmm mmm” please mommy please stop doing this I begged silently forced to sniff the warm damp between her big breasts. “You used enjoy being breast-fed, Ryan. Does this bring back mammories, I meant memories?” my mother joked to appreciative laughs. Oh this was so humiliating yet at the same time an incredible turn-on. I had never been between a girl’s tits before and my mum had plenty. My dick was throbbing as she slowly suffocated me.

“Mmarrrrr!” I gulped down fresh air as my mom’s dangling rack lifted from my face and her legs released my aching limbs. All of a sudden she spun around on my chest and I saw bare buttocks, with a tiny thong between them, sliding towards my face as her legs slid around my neck once more. “Mmmmmm!” I protested, as to my complete horror I found my mouth and nose pressed firmly against my mother’s naughty bits while looking at her shapely buttocks. “Mmmm!” a musky smell filled my nostrils, something I had never smelt before but not unpleasant and strangely alluring. Her legs crushed in on both sides holding me in place, but strangely I had no desire to escape. Trapped so tightly between my mum’s sexy long legs while feeling her strong hard hamstrings underneath her stockings while looking at her peach of a backside while my lips are pressed hard against her sex while breathing in her odour was the most erotic thing I’d ever encountered. “Er highly unorthodox but very effective” I heard Sensei tell her.

“Mmmm mmm!” I protested, fascinated by the way her buttocks clenched into rock hard balls as she sent waves of power crushing around my neck. God, that was the sexiest backside I’d ever seen. “Mmmmm!” I swear I could feel the lips of her pussy through the thin briefs and I could swear that she was rubbing it against me in small movements. Oh my God, my mum’s wanking herself off on my face for everyone to see. “Jesus he has a stiffy” someone said. Oh no! it was true, I was becoming so highly aroused that the loose fitting trousers of my gi could no longer hide my shame. I think mum must have heard because she stopped then sat back, plunging my face deep between her buttocks. That only lasted a moment because she turned around and I found myself between her thighs as she pinned me, sitting very high on my chest and immobilising my arms.

“Argh” she clenched her thighs hard, squashing my face firmly between them. “Have you had enough, Ryan?” she asked. “Yes, please stop mum” I pleaded. “Do you admit that I beat you fair and square?” “Argh!” her strong thighs crushed my face. “Yes, yes. You won” I admitted. I don’t know how but she had beat me repeatedly even though she had no formal martial arts training that I was aware of. “Will you stop being a bully?” “Argh!” she clenched her thighs again. Oh how could such sexy slim legs be so strong? “Yes, yes. I promise” I replied, my face burning red from the tight squeeze and with humiliation. “Will you stop smoking?” she asked. “Argh!” she squeezed again when I didn’t answer. “I see you need to think about it. I’ll just make myself comfortable while you do so and remind you whose boss” she said, her cold blue eyes boring down at me through her spectacles. With that she shifted forward, right onto my mouth with my nose pressed right up against her panties. “Mmmmm!” oh no! this can’t be happening. My own mother is sitting on my face, dominating me with her sex forcing me to snuffle her scent. My cock was rock hard and throbbing like a mast pole in the front of my gi pants for all to see. I was in tears, my mother had me in the most humiliating position possible and everyone was laughing at me. Well nearly everyone. “Cor. Lucky bastard. I wish I was in his place””I wish my mom did that to me”.

It felt like she kept me in that humiliating position for what seemed an eternity, my hard-on never diminishing, before she finally sat back on my chest while I swallowed fresh air. “I’ll ask you again. Will you give up the fags? I will do this all night if I have to” she said so seriously that I knew that she would. “Yes, yes. Please mum. Please you’ve done enough. Please let me go now” I sobbed. “Very well. I really hope you’ve learnt your lesson” she said then stood up. Looking up at her from the mat, she looked like a goddess towering over me with those long sexy clad legs.

Teary-eyed and ashamed I got up glad that it’s all over but my mom isn’t moving. When I look in her eye, icy tendrils crawl down my back. She grabbed an arm and slid an arm around my waist then slammed me over her hip. WHAM!. No sooner had I hit the mat, she knelt applying an armlock then punched me gently just under the ear. “That’s just to remind you that I can beat your ass whenever I like. So you better behave from now on” she lectured.

Forcing me to sit with the armlock, I was surprised when mum sat in my lap facing me and wrapped her legs around my waist. At the same time she wrapped an arm around the back of my neck and grabbed the other arm that she lent on my shoulder close to my head, clamping a hand across my mouth. Orrrr! Her thighs squeezed tight around my middle, pulling me tight against her body. My cock was beating like crazy against her but she didn’t show any signs of noticing it. Her arms squeezed inwards, pressing the side of my neck into the crook of her arm. I realised with alarm that this was some sort of chokehold and that mum was trying to cut off the blood to my brain. Trapped in her arms, unable to move my head, I was forced to look at my mother’s face. Locked tight against her body, our faces were intimately close. Orrr! the clamp around my middle was so strong that I put my hands on the encircling legs. Her legs might be long and slender but they felt rock hard and devastatingly strong. I found myself caressing the silky nylon of her stocking tops, feeling the contrast with the firm bare skin above as mum’s legs pulled me tight against her body closer than a lover’s embrace. How could she fail to notice my cock beating against the underside of her legs. I looked at mum’s long narrow face, her blue eyes boring into me through her glasses, the sleek nose, the cute cleft in her upper lip and sternly set small thin-lipped mouth as I felt her firm legs beneath her stockings.

Orghh I could feel the circulation being cut off from my brain and grabbed at her arm in alarm. Like her legs, her arms were slender and I had never given them a second thought. There were no outward signs of any strength yet they now felt solid and unyielding as they pressed tightly against my neck. These weren’t a mother’s loving arms of comfort, these were firm bars of female steel trying to knock me out. My own mother was trying to knock me out while scissoring my body with her strong sexy legs. “Mmmm!” With her hand clamped over my mouth I couldn’t even beg her to stop. “That’s it Ryan. Mummy’s in complete control and there’s nothing that you can do about it” she said so coldly it gave me the chills. “I’ve had enough of this Jujitsu nonsense. I’ve work to do back home. I’m going to knock you out now and when you come round you better come running straight home. Do you hear?” she demanded shaking my head in her steely grip. I was completely beat, at the total mercy of my own mother, powerless to stop her. She was utterly dominating me again and strangely I was enjoying the feeling, my boner aching harder than it had for any girl I’d known.

I closed my eyes against the relentless clamp around my neck and middle but mum shook my head again. “Look at me, Ryan. Look at your mother. I want to look in your eyes as I knock you out. I want to see you acknowledge my superiority in your eyes before the lights go out, knowing that I’ve beat you and there’s nothing you can do about it” she said. The words were chilling but at the same time heightened my arousal. Oh mommy, I want to kiss those lips so passionately. At that moment in my mother’s tight embrace, she was the strongest person in the world, so powerful, so totally dominant. Oh mommy, you’re turning me on so much. It was so wrong but I didn’t care, my emotions were so strong.

My head felt groggy, like it was in a pillow, my body so weak. I don’t remember whether I fell or mum pulled me, but I became aware that I was lying on my side in my mum’s draining embrace. Orrr I could breathe only in shallow gulps, my mum’s legs like a steel clamp preventing me from taking deep breath. The feel of her stockinged legs under my hand was addictive, I couldn’t stop stroking them, fascinated by a long hard bulge of sleek thigh muscle. This was different than being scissored by a man, the sleek silky smoothness of her legs, the power felt somehow feminine even the bulging thigh muscle felt incredibly feminine. She shook my head again forcing me to look at her, a strand of blonde hair falling across her face. She was so close we were almost touching noses, her eyes boring into me. “I could put you away in seconds if I wanted to, Ryan” she told me, the way her small mouth and narrow jaw moved was mesmerising. “I want you to fully understand that just because you’re 18 doesn’t mean that I can’t punish you and since you are older I will punish you hard” she said but somehow I just knew that she was putting me away slowly because she enjoyed it. I could see the excitement in her hers and the unsettling way she kept making small thrusts of her crotch that rubbed up against my throbbing erection.

My gaze slipped from her eyes back to that smiling small mouth, so kissable. At that moment, my mother was the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world as she crushed me against her body like a lover. I felt weird, all sensation dulling except the brutal grip of my mums strong legs squeezing my sides and gut in her relentless powerful grip and her strong arms around my neck. My cock was throbbing, pulsing as my body relaxed succumbing to my mother’s superior fighting skills. Her face filled my vision, so close, her small mouth formed in a strange satisfied smile of victory, that mouth was so pretty I wanted so badly to kiss it. “I’ll put you out like this every night from now if you don’t change your ways” her mouth moved but the words sounded distant. Oh mummy! Why is it getting so dim? As my vision darkens, my mother’s smiling face is the last thing I see. Her arms are ever so tight around my neck and her legs are so overpowering. She’s putting me away for good.
Light comes back painfully bright as my eyes adjust. I’m lying on the floor wearing my gi, a sticky uncomfortable gooey mess in my pants. Slowly getting up in shame, I find that my gi jacket is loose and I look around for my belt. “I gave your belt to your mother since she beat you so convincingly” Sensei’s voice called out from the other side of the Dojo where he was tidying up. No-body else was around. How long had I been out?. “An amazing woman, your mother and she hasn’t had any formal training? Quite amazing” he continued. “I will give you a replacement belt once you’ve proven to me that you respect the skills I have taught you and have respect for others”. “Yes, Sensei. I apologise for my behaviour” I mumbled looking down at the mat. “Apology accepted but I think that it is your mother you should be apologising to. You better go home now. She said that if you’re not home by 10 she’ll be around that college of yours tomorrow and give you a repeat performance in front of the whole college. I think she was quite looking forward for it to be honest. Amazing woman” he said.

I quickly jumped in the shower to clean off, got dressed than ran home as fast as I could. I didn’t have my keys with me so had to ring the bell. I saw mom’s bare legs coming down the stairs, long and beautiful, shown in full under a very short nightshirt. Wow she has great legs I just couldn’t stop staring. The door opens and she stands there with a knowing smile upon her face, her blue eyes glaring at me. “I’m sorry mum” I mumble and look down in shame as I go past her, sneaking another look at her amazing legs. “Good. I hope I’ll have no more trouble from you” she tells me as I headed up the stairs to my room. I lay in bed that night, unable to sleep, replaying the events in my mind over and over. Hanging above the radiator are some of mum’s clothes, short skirts and dresses drying in the warmth. They never bothered me before but now I imagined my mother’s body filled them and was slamming me around my bedroom, kicking me senseless and putting me in tight sexy intimate holds. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t stop, the thought of my mother utterly dominating me in unarmed combat got me so aroused that I wanked myself over and over again. I just couldn’t stop, I was a sick puppy. Every time that I got back into bed after cleaning myself up, those dresses would come alive in my imagination and totally destroy me over and over again. I wanked myself so silly that my balls ached for over a week.

Mum never said a word about that night but I never forgot. I found myself stealing long looks at her legs enjoying their shape and remembering how they had felt around my neck and waist. They made me so hot and bothered that I frequently would have to rush upstairs to relieve myself while imagining them kicking the stuffing out of me. Each night the fantasies would return, especially if her dresses hung in my room. Sometimes I would find myself rubbing myself against them until I put them back in fear that she would discover stains all over them. Often I dream about facing her in the dojo except the holds were much sexier and she would do things that mothers definitely shouldn’t and I would awake finding my sheets covered in cum. I know its wrong to perve over my mum, but her legs now get me so worked up that I’m exhausting myself and just can’t stop until my balls hurt. I keep thinking about having a rematch at home in private but I can never work up the courage to ask her. Every time those penetrating blue eyes look at me, I turn to jelly unable to get a word out. Anyway I don’t think she would understand and besides which I know she would beat me because I just want to experience being dominated by her again.

This morning my dad asked me why I wasn’t going out with girls anymore like I’d used to. How can I tell him that after what mum did to me, no ordinary girl could attract me unless she was a black belt with a great pair of legs. Oh and I’m trying to stop acting like a jerk and not bully anyone any more – unless they deserve it that is : -)
“God be with you, Holy Father”
“And to you, your Excellency” (mumbles as the man departs) “Jungle bunny”
(Shocked) “Please your Holiness!”
“As-Salamu `Alaykum” (Peace be upon you)
“Wa `alaykumu s-salamu wa rahmatu l-lahi wa barakatuh” (may God’s blessings be upon you)(mumbles as the man departs)”Towel head. I like to drop a plane on his head and see how he likes it”
“Please your Holiness!”
“Are they all here?”
“Yes your Holiness”
“Gentlemen. I have convened an extraordinary meeting of the conclave to discuss a matter of grave importance to us all”
“Yes we know. Templeforth has threatened to crash our stocks but we have stockpiles of gold and treasure to fall back on”
“No. It’s worst than that. The key to the Bristlingdown diaries has been found which will allow them to be decoded” (uproar)
“If the great unwashed discover we’ve been lying to them all these centuries it will finish us”
“That is why we must stop this from coming to pass”
For most traders, we don’t really care that much how they’re going to fix the economy, how they’re going to fix the whole situation. Our job is to make money from it. I have a confession – I go to bed every night and I dream of another recession, I dream of another moment like this.
Alessio Rastani, stockbroker, BBC interview September 27, 2011

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