Scissored in the Supermarket car park (JIMP#41)

Two men learn the dangers of looking at womenInspired by some leggy women I saw in the supermarket and a cute Japanese girl with powerful looking legs I saw on holiday. There is a teaser for Madam Ball Crusher here who reappears in a later story.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
I’ll admit it; I’m a leg man. Whenever I see a woman with great legs, I have to follow them to take a good long appreciative look. This has on occasion led me into trouble [JIMP#14] but I just can’t shake off the habit. I was driving home from Cambridge when I decided to stop off at the Supermarket and stock up on a few drinks and snacks. I needed something to take my mind off the shocking damage the fire had caused at the University. Parking the car and walking towards the store, I reflected that if it hadn’t been for students returning from a late night raising the alarm, the destruction would have been much worse.

I was walking around the aisles when this woman up ahead caught my eye, although she had her back to me. What grabbed my attention was that she was wearing very tight black leggings that clung to her thick shapely legs and the contours of her backside like a second skin. She also wore a pair of calve hugging black knee length boots which were turned over at the top, cavalier style. As I approached on the pretext of looking along the shelves, I saw that she was about 5’5″, medium built with short red hair and a red V necked top that covered the upper part of her body to her waist and made her small chest look very appealing, although that might have had something to do with female brassiere engineering. She looked at me and gave me a smile and I found myself automatically returning it. She seemed to be in her early 40’s with an open pretty face with a slim nose, grey eyes and a small smiling mouth with a subtle hint of lipstick. I’m sorry but I was hooked. As she moved around the supermarket, I followed discretely sometimes going down an adjacent aisle so that I would turn the corner and approach her head on. At one point I found her leaning over a refrigeration unit and I just had to stop and stare. Her skin-tight leggings showed off a backside that was a beautifully rounded peach, not exactly small but a good size and very appealing. Beneath this her hams were quite noticeable and so shapely that I had to resist the urge to bend down and feel the backs of her legs. Her thighs also looked solid and very shapely. It was only when she straightened up to put something in her trolley that the trance was broken and I moved past hoping that she hadn’t noticed me gawping.

After a while I decided that I’d better get on with my own shopping and stop acting like a stalker. After all it had been a long day what with waiting until the fire investigators had declared the place safe to enter. Luckily a fireproof safe had saved Symthe-Jones’s diaries. I advised moving them to somewhere where we could keep an eye on them at all times and Sir Humphrey readily agreed, especially once the Police confirmed that the night watchmen had been killed and the fire suppression system deactivated.

As I stood in line to checkout I puzzled over the images from the CCTV system. Although it had also been disabled, it had not been erased so that we were able to replay the last few minutes. We watched as a small car stopped outside the security gate, just out of shot of the camera and then some moments later a robed figure wearing a cowl approached the hut. For a moment it reminded me of the strange wall painting I had seen in London Below [JIMP#35] before spotting the white headband and bib indicating a Nun. I packed up and paid then headed back to the car wondering how long it would take the DVLA to track down the registration against the owner, although I suspected that it would show up as stolen.
Scott watched Jim Priest enter the supermarket. So his boss was right, the bloody private dick had surfaced again from wherever he disappeared to. He had parked in a disabled person’s parking space that gave him a perfect view of the entrance. All he had to do was sit and wait for the bastard to re-appear. Suddenly a coach pulls up obstructing his view. “Shit and bloody bollocks” Scott swore to himself. It didn’t look like it was in any hurry to move either as a load of Japanese tourists slowly unloaded and entered the store. Bloody tourists probably taking a piss on their way to somewhere. If I lose Priest again, Sir Anthony will give me another bollocking. Cursing under his breath the spotty round faced man with big spectacles held together with sticking plaster and a chubby body got out of the car and approached the store in case his quarry escaped.

That’s when he saw her. Hanging around near the back of the coach listening to a MP3 player through earphones was a cute little Japanese girl all on her own. He guessed her age as early twenties. Standing about 5’2″ with a lovely slender body, she was very pretty with big brown irises set in almond-shaped eyes, a small cute nose and small mouth with luscious lips glossed in pink. Her natural black hair had been dyed in patches of light brown and worn in a floppy fringe over her eyebrows, swept behind her small ears then hung in twin braids falling over each chest. And what a chest! She wore a light blue top with a plunging neckline that showed off a big pair of beautiful rounded breasts. They weren’t super-humungous like those sex-mad freaks that locked him up [JIMP#25] but sensuously proportioned with a cleavage he just wanted to stick his dick down. Scott had heard that busty Japanese women were quite rare. Well this was a hottie. Tearing his drooling gaze from her chest for a moment he also saw that she wore a short denim miniskirt, thick black tights and wedge shaped shoes that sloped from heel to toe. The girl shifted her leg and Scott noticed that her big thighs seemed out of proportion to her slim ankles and nice shaped calves.

She was looking at him curiously. “Hi! I’m Scott” he introduced himself. “I am Yoshe” she replied in a pleasant feminine voice. “Why don’t you come with me and let me show you around” he asked leering at her cleavage. God I want to get my hands on them and give her a bloody good seeing too. “Very sorry Scott. But I am waiting for rest of my party” she replied in measured English. “Come on. It won’t take long” he said. “Sorry Scott but no. Thank you for asking” she replied. “Your loss” he snarled then turned to walk away. Oh just look at that cute face, Japanese girls are so gorgeous and that big bust, oh I want some of that. Looking around he saw that they were quite sheltered from view behind the coach. Even better was the secluded area around the side of the store. If I can get her to there, I can fuck the arse off her.

Yoshe now had her back to him concentrating on her music player. Creeping up silently behind her, Scott grabbed her from behind and lifted her into air. She’s so light it’s going to be easy to carry away. BAM! The cute oriental’s leg flashed back driving the heel of her shoe between his legs, hammering his nut sack. “Oooooooo” he cried in anguish dropping his prize to clutch at his ruined balls. “Hi!” the girl gave a shrill shriek as she turned to face her attacker and slashed her arm sideways chopping Scott hard on the bridge of his nose. “Ouch!”. Instinctively, he batted her arm away and grabbed her shoulders. Bad move. WHAM! The girl’s knee shot up like a cannonball fired into his groin, hammering him so hard that his feet momentarily left the ground. Scott folded over in agony around his aching nuts. “Hi!” BAM! the sole of her shoe punched the side of his head, sending him sprawling. Curling up into a ball, cradling his throbbing balls, Scott rocked back and forth, his face bright red and splotchy, his eyes watering.

“Ow ow ow!” Scott cried in alarm as the girl twisted his ear forcing him to kneel in front of her. Suddenly he found his head shoved between her legs which seemed a lot bigger now he was right up close to them. They were like big twin columns covered in a thick gauge nylon and they closed in like a black nylon wall. “Arghh!” he cried in discomfort, his aching balls forgotten, as the girl’s legs turned from soft to hard in an instant. “Argh!” He had a close-up view down the back of her legs and calves as her legs exerted a surprisingly strong force for such a pretty little girl on either side of his head. “Arrr” this was becoming very painful. Frantically, he grabbed the back of her knees and tried to prise them apart. “Argh!” his ears felt like they were being pressed against the sides of his head by a crushing wall whose inevitable march inwards was also pinching his cheekbones and jaw in a painful clamp. “Argh!” these things she called legs were like tree-trunks, they wouldn’t budge.

No matter how hard he pulled the pressure wouldn’t ease. BAM! A sharp elbow drove into the middle of his back. “Ouch!” “You ruin my tights, I break your head” he heard her voice. “Argh!” he saw the ground fall away from him as the girl raised herself onto her toes. The pressure racked by several terrible degrees. “Argh! Please no!” he cried, his eyes clenched and teeth gritted against the grinding pain. It felt as if he had his head stuck in an industrial compactor. “My legs are pretty strong, yes?” he heard her say over the pounding pressure against his burning ears. “I train for the Tokyo Ballet. Ballerinas need strong legs” she added. “Please!” it was too painful to talk, his cheeks and jaw was being compressed so bad, and it felt like they would break at any moment. His hands found the legs enclosing him, shocked at their thick girth for such a cute little girl. “Nnnnn” He felt in horror the big bulging slabs of thigh muscle, they felt so powerful he feared they would crack his skull and turn his head into bloody pulp. “Nnnnn” the pain in his head was excruciating. A splitting headache seared through his head. Oh God please make it stop, don’t let me die.
I had just returned my trolley when I saw the redhead with the sexy shaped legs heading my way. “I’m sorry but I’m having problems with one of the back seats. Could you help me?” she asked. She smiled so sweetly and had such a nice voice, how could I pass up the opportunity to spend a few moments with her and get a closer look at those shapely legs? I followed her across the car park to a large black monstrosity with blacked out windows that they called a MPV but in reality was nothing more than a large van with a few extra seats and windows added. Every morning there would be rows of these things at a near standstill blocking up the inside lane near schools, each containing a single woman behind the wheel and a small child somewhere at the back in the depths. During term-time, they were a nuisance that turned what should be a 15-minute commute into almost an hour. The woman was looking at me strangely. “Oh. I’m Jim by the way” I introduced myself. “Thank you for coming to help, Jim. I’m Lenora” she replied then slid back the rear door. “You need to get inside to take a look” she told me while leaning over to unlatch the seat in the doorway. Wow the way those tight leggings clung to her ample backside, clearly showing each rounded buttock was totally entrancing. Up close, the exciting shape of her hamstrings also grabbed my attention, they really were quite thick and beutifully curved. With a click and a scrape the seat folded up and the redhead stood back indicating for me to get in. I entered the vehicle, crouching by the opposite seat as she climbed onboard and slid the door shut. “The catch is a bit stiff for me” she said pointing to something at the base of the seat.

I leant forward to take a look. Suddenly a leather boot swung over my shoulder from behind. I raise my hands too late as the boot hooks around and catches my neck in the crook of her leg. “Argg!” my head is yanked backwards pulling me to the floor. The back of my neck meets a firm thigh as her legs lock together. “Orrarr!” I am surprised to find myself on my back looking up at the roof of a MPV while a lovely mature redhead has my neck caught between her calve and hamstring in a figure 4 head scissors. I raise my hands to the top of her upper leg and calve which move together tighter in response, the undersides pressing hard against my neck. “That will teach you to stalk me, staring at my legs like that” she told me as I tried in vain to pull her calve away. “Orrrr!” a powerful fleshy rock swelled against the side of my neck. Her hamstrings were a powerful irresistible muscular force that was exciting as it was deadly. On the other side I could feel a hard calf muscle beneath the soft leather of her boots. “Orrr!” her grip was relentlessly strong and I knew I couldn’t break it. “Do you really think that a woman likes strange men gawping at their legs?” she said. “Orr orrrr orrr please orr” I cried as she shook my head violently in her leggy clamp. If she didn’t want men looking at her legs why did she wear such form-fitting leggings? I couldn’t understand it. “You’re not the first pervert that I’ve crushed in the back of my car and no doubt you wont be the last” she told me then stretched out her legs, tightening the leggy trap until my head was spinning.
His head was spinning as the skull splitting agony came to an end as the cute oriental opened her legs and Scott slumped to the ground. His mind spun in a daze, his face and skull aching strongly from the effects of the girl’s powerful legs. “You are a scissor pervert, Scott” her soft voice chimed over his brain-blasting headache. “Many western men come to Japan to fight Japanese girls. Scissor perverts pay a lot of money to be scissored very hard. They like it so much they come back for more”. Scott groaned. Why would anyone pay for a girl to scissor them? They must be sick in the head. “You saw my strong legs and wanted Yoshe to scissor you. I always wanted to meet a scissor pervert” she chirruped. “No” Scott groaned, I wanted to rape you he thought but daren’t say that out loud. “Come. I will squeeze harder this time. Let me do it again, scissor pervert” she giggled.

The words were like an electric shock to his system. His fight or flight instincts kicked in and Scott was up on his feet in an instant ready to run. Unfortunately the cute oriental was quicker, grabbing him around the middle of his head in a headlock and turning her slender body against him for leverage. Scott put his hand on her thick thigh for balance, its size and firmness under the soft nylon a disturbing reminder of their bruising power. As Yoshe worked the headlock with her slender but strong arms, Scott’s chin sunk into the softness of the side of her buxom chest and he felt her compact backside press against his groin. They were very erotic feelings that took his mind of his aching head. “Arrr!” she suddenly yanked his head sharply downwards forcing bend over her hip at the same time as she thrust her tight hard buttocks into his groin. Scott almost tripped over her. “Arrr!” She did it again, her small backside felt good against his but this time he felt her leg kick back. WHUMP! “Oooiiii!” Scott squealed in anguish as the back of her wedge shaped heel slammed between his legs like a mallet. “Arr!” The girl yanked his head down again and Scott senses reeled as he was flipped over her hip to the hard tarmac, his spectacles skittering away.

WHAM! No sooner had he hit the ground than his face was being pulled right up between the girl’s thick legs and under her mini skirt. “Mummph” Scott got a mouthful of something soft and cotton-like before realising what it was. “Mmmmm!” he moaned into her white knickers as black clad slabs walls clamped to either side of his cheeks. “Ooooh that tickles, you naughty scissor pervert” she chuckled. “Mmmmmmmm!” he screamed as a muscular crushing power bore down compressing his cheeks and jaw hard. “Oooh so good! That feels so good. Do it more, you naughty scissor pervert”. “Mmmmm!” in blind panic, Scott kicked his legs around uselessly while his hands tugged at fleshy pillars that were causing so much pain, terrified to find thick bulging solid slabs of feminine muscle under his hands. “Oohhhh!”. It felt like his cheeks were going to break and his jaw shatter like glass under the intense pressure. “Mmmmm!” his body thrashed around with his head stuck fast, his hands clinging onto the insanely hard swelling muscular thighs powering the man crushing legs inwards like an unstoppable force of nature like a glacier. “Mmmmmmm!””Ohh yes, scissor pervert, yes!”. At that moment, it was hard to believe that these devastating muscles belonged to a cute little Japanese girl. Scott despaired at the thick feminine muscle crushing him helpless.
I despaired at the thick feminine muscle crushing me helpless. When Lenora unwrapped her figure 4 to put me in another hold, I made a lunge for the door. Fumbling for the door catch, the mature redhead jumped on my back with her arms around my neck using her body weight to pull me back. As soon as I fell on my back, the woman scrambled on top of me, her weight pressing down uncomfortably making it difficult to resist. Her well-rounded backside lay before me on my chest, the tight leggings she wore clinging to them like shrink-wrapped bowling balls. The leggings also clung to the contours of the back of her shapely legs as they spread away like an open V closing towards my head. She was going to get me in a reverse headscissors! I grabbed her legs and tried to keep them apart by pulling on them before they trapped me. Steadily they came together, they were so strong it was impossible to stop them from closing. I held onto those legs as best I could but they were so big and solid it was difficult to get a good grip. Her hams were thick and wide and impossible to stop clamping around my neck. “Nooo!” as if to mock me, her legs closed the last few inches rapidly as if to tell me that she had been toying with me all along.

“Arghh!” I clenched my eyes and gritted my teeth against the ferocious pressure crushing in on other side of my neck. “Ohhhh!” my head was trapped in a valley with her big wide bulging hams, the valley walls pressing in on both sides. “Arghh!” I clutched at them with my hands, unable to budge them. They were like separate continental plates crashing together and nothing could stop them, certainly not my poor neck. As well as crushing my neck, her hams were bulging painfully against my jaw. They felt so powerful that I was sure they could rip my head off. Despite the brutal crush, the feel of raw female leg power under my hands had me hard and she noticed. “Oh you like that do you? You’re one of those weirdoes that get turned on by strong women aren’t you? I always wanted to meet one of you” I heard her say as I clung onto the back of her legs knowing that they were far too strong for me to separate.

“It’s all in the quads and ass, you know” she said “to generate the power to crush out men in my scissors”. “Oooohhh!” I squealed as the shrink-wrapped rounded buttocks leapt together as she clenched them. “No!” the pressure around my neck and pressing against my jaw increased as the buttocks came together and quivered unleashing awesome power upon me. “Ohhhh!” I couldn’t resist touching those shapely orbs and wasn’t surprised they felt rock hard. I slapped them as hard as I could hoping it would make her let go, my hand stinging against the stony flesh. “Arghh!” I cried as I was rewarded by her glutes clenching under my hands pouring on power so hard that my head was spinning. “Don’t touch what you can’t afford” I heard her tell me over the ringing in my ears.

“Argh!” the pain was excruciating as Lenora rolled my head one way then the other clamped firmly in her powerful legs. I felt a hand steal to the front of my trousers. My stiff dick leaping to life under her electric touch. “That’s right you lie back and enjoy the power of Lenora’s strong legs and ass”. With that she flexed her gigantic glutes muscles. “Argh!” I cried barely clinging onto consciousness as the brutal squeeze cut the blood from my head and the big hams threatened to break my jaw.

“Ow ow ow ow!” I cried as she repeatedly flexed and relaxed her powerful backside, battering my tortured neck and jaw. It was like being hit repeatedly by a battering ram on both sides, I was getting punch-drunk from the punishment she was inflicting. All the while she kept stroking my erection through my trousers causing it to grow bigger and harder. “Wow. You really do get turned on by this don’t you? Let’s see how like this” she said. Her big legs slid back and I found my neck jammed right against her crotch with my chin buried between the lower part of her buttocks. I felt one of her calves fold across the back of my head locking it in place as she flexed her glutes hard in a series of excruciating squeezes. “Nnnnnn nnnn nnn!” it was too painful even to open my mouth with her steely glutes crushing my jaw in a vice-like grip that threatened to shatter it. “This is tight ass wedge and I can knock you right out with this” she told me as her rock-hard buttocks continued to batter my cheeks and jaw while her powerful legs crushed my neck. My head was swimming. I was in no doubt that she could squeeze me senseless and I was heading that way pretty soon, the pressure was intense.

A hand on my erection. “Oh that really is making me hot and bothered” her voice said over the pounding of my heart in my ears. Suddenly she grabbed me by my hair and shoved my face right into her buttocks, her legs locked tight around my head. “Mmmmm!” I protested as she started rubbing her crotch up and down my trapped face, her strong legs keeping me in place. “Ohhhh that feels so good” she moaned as the big hard buttocks mashed my face. “Ohhhh ohhh” her sliding motion over my face became more frantic causing the car to rock, its suspension creaking rhythmically. The sexual energy had me throbbing as her muscular backside pounded my face while she abused me. “Ohhhh cumming!” she moaned loudly.
“Ohhhh cumming!” Yoshe moaned loudly as she rubbed her crotch in Scott’s face. Scott was crying, there were horrible grinding noises from his jaw and his teeth hurt from the terrible pressure the young girl’s muscular legs was inflicting as she had her way with him. Suddenly the brutal abuse reached a climax and Scott’s head slid down between the girl’s legs to the ground. Sobbing, dazed and with a brutal headache and face ache. He can hear the young girl giggling flushing his face red with embarrassment and then to his horror he hears people clapping politely. With a start, Scott opens his eyes to see a large crowd of Japanese tourists taking pictures and talking excitedly. “They say they are very honoured to meet a scissor pervert” Yoshe tells him. “They take many pictures and video to put on Internet”.

“Oh God, no!” he moans scrabbling away from the girl’s feet, rising then looking for a way to escape. Everywhere he turns his path is blocked by smiling tourists. Scott spots the crowd is thinnest where a small old woman is standing, her dark hair peppered with grey. She is wearing a thick black jumper over a chunky looking body with a grey knee length pleated skirt that emphasises a wide waist. For a second, Scott glances at her lower legs. They are bare, wearing high heeled black shoes with chunky ankles swelling to a thick shapely mass of calve which makes him nervous after his encounter with Yoshe’s strong legs. “Come here Scott. They want to take more video of me scissoring you” Yoshe’s voice spurs him into action, frightened of being humiliated again between her thick thighs.

Rushing forward towards the old woman, he tries to push her out of the way, but to his horror her forearm sweeps up in a well rehearsed block and she draws back her other arm with the fist clenched. “Hai!” BORRPH! It feels like a small bomb has gone off in his stomach as the woman’s fist plunged deep into his gut. Scott begins to crease in agony; his diaphragm flattened and cramped with shock, unable to believe a little old woman with small hands could deliver such a devastatingly powerful punch. “Hah!” the pleated skirt opened in a semi-circle as a bare calve and heeled shoe rocketed through 90 degrees. “Oeeiiiiii!” Scott squealed as the sharp pointed toe of her shoe drilled right into his ball sack. He collapsed to his knees, rocking back and forth in blistering agony. “Go and finish your punishment Scott” the old woman tells him as he struggles for breath as the shearing pain throbs through his body from between his legs. In his world of pain, he can hear the tourists taking more pictures.

A hand upon his head makes him look up. He looks up into a big bust of sensual young flesh with a beautiful cleavage before his eyes. Yoshe’s pretty face was above it as she looked into his eyes with those beautiful almond shaped eyes. “Are you alright Scott? I hope the old lady hasn’t broken you” she said with concern. His gaze slipped back to the chest thrust in front of him. Oh how he wanted to just plunge his face into that cleavage before sticking his dick in there. Despite the ache in his balls, his dick stiffened at the closeness to those beautifully rounded orbs. Yoshe chuckled, noticing his erection “Oh you bad scissor pervert. You pretend to run away but you want more. OK one more then I must go”. “Nooo” Scott gasped, still suffering the after-effects of the old lady’s punch. “Oh yes!” she squealed with delight. Tucking his head under her arm, she forced him to his feet to stand stooped before her. BAM! “!!!!!!!” Her knee hammered into Scott’s ruined gut. On top of the old woman’s punch, the effect was devastating. He just wanted to collapse to the ground and curl up but the giggling cutie slammed his head into the back of the coach. BAM! With his head resting against the cold metal of the coach, the sharp cramp in his gut caused him to crease over.

“….!” A weight jumped onto his back. Scott was forced to put his hands on the ground to stop him from falling. Oh no please! He shouted in his mind as two slabs of muscle pressed in against his sides as if she were riding a horse. Riding a horse backwards that was, he could tell that she was sitting across the top of his back facing his ass with her back against the coach. “Noooooo!” he gasped as a powerful pincer-like force gripped him around the middle crushing in on his sides painfully. “Feel how strong Yoshe’s legs can squeeze, scissor pervert” she chuckled. He could hear the clicks of cameras, knowing that he would be unable to stop his shame being plastered all over The Internet. Please no! he pleaded in his mind, his lungs unable to give it voice. The big strong pillars ground into his sides compressing his insides and making it even harder to breathe. It was too much for him to cope with, his arms and legs wobbled and gave way. Unfortunately he now found himself supported by just her legs as her feet met the ground, standing wide apart to accommodate his girth yet still maintaining the devastating crush. His head swam through lack of oxygen and he prayed for a quick end. He couldn’t take it anymore; her legs were just too strong.
I couldn’t take it anymore; her legs were just too strong. After satisfying herself on my face, Lenora had toppled sideways onto the floor between the seats. Her legs had slide around my neck, so now the back of my head was resting against a firm thigh while her hamstring was wedged against my throat. “Kkkk” I croaked as the huge muscle swelled into my throat making it hard to breath. “That was fun, Jim, but I want to leave you remembering how easily my legs can put you away” she told me as I struggled in vain to pull the big meaty leg away from my neck. “….!” A surge of power and the hamstring bulged so powerfully into my throat that it closed my windpipe and threatened to rip my head off. “…..!” My head swam as the mighty hill of leggy muscle grew into my throat with no hope of survival. “Good bye, Jim. If I ever catch you stalking me when I’m shopping, I’ll crush you to mush”. The big bulging hamstring held tight unleashing a relentless pressure that prevented me breathing. Slowly and painfully I blacked out.
Scott couldn’t remember when the brutal crush slicing into his insides stopped. He might have blacked out, he couldn’t remember. Somehow he found himself lying on the ground feeling like he’d just been put through a car crusher. A well-shaped pair of calves supported by high heels came into view. “I hope that teaches you a lesson for molesting young girls” an old woman’s voice told him from somewhere above him. Scott looked up to see the old Japanese woman who had punched his stomach then kicked his balls looking down at him. “Go away you old hag” he snapped, a foul mood overtaking him. Slowly he started to get to his feet when suddenly a hand snuck between his legs. “Oiiiiiii!” he shrieked shrilly. The old woman had grabbed his balls through his jeans with a grip of iron, so strong that it felt as if his testicles were going to pop. “Yoshe is only young. She is mistaken” she tells him in a stern voice while her hand crushed his nuts in a fist of steel. Scott’s upper body jerked back and forth unable to remove the old woman’s hand. “You are no scissor pervert. You’re a mashed ball. I know your type anywhere” she told him. “You are one of those whose destiny is to have their testicles mashed over and over again”. “Please, let go, let go” he shrieked. He had never felt someone grip his balls so hard before. It was excruciatingly painful; the pain permeated every fibre of his being. “Wooooo!” he shrieked even higher in pitch as the old woman twisted his balls savagely and held them tight like she was wringing out her washing. “I am Madam Koumaru Assaiki. Madam Ball Crusher to you and you will listen” she said sternly. Dancing in agony, his twisted testicles held tight, Scott watched as the old woman put her hand down her jumper and withdrew a necklace. “…..!” She gave his balls a further hard twist silencing Scott in a world of pure agony that burnt through his body. “Take a good look, Scott. Look hard so you remember it. I said look”. “….!” She twisted again so hard that it felt she was going to twist his balls right off. Through bleary eyes Scott looked at the necklace and saw an Indian goddess with more arms and legs that was humanly possible surrounded by a ring of fire. The woman smiled as she returned the necklace. It was a horrible smile that sent shivers down Scott’s back. “You remember that, Scott. You describe it to your boss. You tell Sir Anthony Jones what you saw then tell him to mind his own business or next time we meet these are mine”. “!!!!!!” She twisted his ball sack so hard through his jeans that he sensed it bulging from the top of her closed fist like a demented balloon. She drew back a fist. Oh no please dear God no, he prayed silently. “Hai Yai!” her fist hammered the top of his nut sack bulging above her steely grip. The pain was so terrible and so intense that Scott blacked out.
24th June 1876
After many days marching through the jungle, the regiment came to the hills. We could clearly see many caves at the top, in which temples had been elaborately carved. “Hardly the work of primitives” I teased Windthorpe as we ascended a long steep staircase cut into the hillside. To my dismay we were soon harangued by beggars. Windthorpe shared my disgust at people who would deliberately mutilate their own babies, cutting off limbs, to play on the sympathies of honest God-fearing gentlemen. Fortunately these rogues were dispersed by a group of civilised natives who turned out to be pilgrims. They welcomed us and invited us to share a feast in our honour in one of the larger temples. As night was soon to fall, we accepted. I was amazed to find a two-story entrance cut into the rock itself, the lower story featuring elaborate columns. Inside is even grander featuring rows of columns cut into the walls on either side with a grand vaulted roof soaring high above our heads. Considering the remote location, the feast was elaborate featuring game and fruit from the surrounding jungle and native musicians and entertainers.

A young native dancer took to the floor and I felt transported to another world. Back in England she surely would have been considered barely of age and watching her made me feel uncomfortable. Her dark alluring eyes seemed to call to my loins whenever she glanced in my direction and she wore a rich purple and emerald green silk sari sumptuously embroidered with gold brocade. On her ankles were rows of delicate bells and in her jet-black hair were delicate white jasmine blossoms. One of my guests whispered to me that the girl was performing a very ancient dance that had been passed down through an oral tradition. Nobody knew their exact age, but the girl’s gestures and postures mirrored those sculpted on the temple walls that my guest informed me were over a thousand years old.

Through the cave temple, the deep earthy pulse of the drums began to sound while the girl stood motionless like a temple statue herself. Then, slowly, she came to life in response to the call of the drum, beginning to dance. She left me breathless. Never in all my life had I seen such grace, strength, and sensuousness. With her stamping feet, she chimed her ankle bells, calling forth the spirit of the Earth, while her arms and hands moved like snakes to the plaintive melodies of the flute. I was mesmerised by the dance though disturbed by my body’s reaction to such a young girl. On my left I heard Windthorpe enquire about the secret treasure of the Gods. Our guests became fidgety and nervous, their eyes flitting to the dancer.

When the dance had finished, I asked our hosts where she had come from and was told that the temple dancers were trainee priestesses from the holy temple of Anahita deep within the cave complex where only women were permitted. It was claimed that these women were taught the ancient sexual skills and for that reason very highly prized with rich men offering a fortune. However our host warned that it was very difficult to capture one as they were said to be fierce fighters when aroused and could kill many men with just their bare hands and feet. Windthorpe dismissed this as impossible. “They are just women. The weaker sex” he exclaimed boldly. He wanted to interrogate the girl about the exact location of the hidden treasure but the sergeant sent to bring her to us did not return. We found him dead although no wound could be found on his body. Through what cause had killed him, we could not see.

Lord Gerald Symthe-Jones, personal diary

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