The Little Old Lady (JIMP#40)

A little old lady saves young man from a brutal beating

This is meant to be the little old lady seen in part two of the ‘Militant Wing’ story which some people wanted to see more of. In part inspired by several pictures I’ve seen of old ladies doing Karate!. The thug is based on Phil Mitchell from Eastenders who a lot of thugs model themselves upon

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
It was Sunday afternoon and I was going to see if any of my mates were hanging down by the river. As I got to the kerbside, I saw Bobby Priest go past in his dad’s car. Ahead of me already crossing the road was a little old lady. Even though I could only see the back of her, I recognised the uniform of The Salvation Army. She looked quite skinny and frail in her black knee length skirt and matching jacket, sheer black nylons covering her thin calves, black low-heeled shoes, topped by a black cap upon her head. Suddenly a car hurtled up the road doing more like 70 instead of 30, an angry red-faced man glaring over the wheel. I knew instinctively that he wasn’t going to slow down; in fact it looked like he was aiming his car towards the old lady. Without thinking, I found myself sprinting across the road, pushing the old lady to the opposite curb just as the car, which was now firmly on the wrong side of the road, clipped the shopping trolley she had been pulling.

The woman looked startled and raised her hand almost as though she was going to hit me. “The car was going to hit you” I explained trying to calm myself down after the sudden exertion and close shave. She probably thought I was a mugger. “This has had it” I said as I righted the trolley and finding that the axle was buckled beyond repair. “I’ll carry it for you” I added. “That’s very kind of you, dear. I live just here” she replied indicating a house just in front of where we were standing. I could now see that she was probably only about 5’3″ tall with a small slim wrinkled face, spectacles and short curly grey hair. Her face was a typical old nice granny look, quite pale with a small hooked nose, grey eyes and a medium sized mouth. I thought she looked very smart in her uniform.

I looked up at the sound of screeching brakes to see the car come to a halt further down the road. The red-faced man got out and looked at his front passenger side. “Oi! You’re going pay for that” he yelled in a loud course voice with a strong east-end accent. “Come on. Don’t mind him, he was on the wrong side of the road and speeding” I told her as I carried her ruined shopping trolley up her path towards her door. “Oi! I’m talking to you. Come here!” the belligerent man hollered. “What a horrible man” the woman remarked as she opened the door. “Shall I take this through to the kitchen?” I asked as we entered. “Yes please. You will stay for a cup of tea won’t you, dear? I have some very nice chocolate biscuits that I’ve just brought that we could share” she said. “Yes of course thank you” I found myself saying without thinking. She was a very nice little old lady and reminded me a lot of my gran before she passed away. I could see no harm in spending a few minutes with the old dear; she probably could do with the company as it looked like she lived alone. “Could you just put the kettle on? I’m just going to check on my washing” she told me heading for the back door. “I’ll unpack the trolley for you and leave the stuff on the side for you, if you like” I said. “Thank you, dear” she replied, heading into the garden.

BLAM BLAM BLAM! Someone was pounding on the front door. “Oi! Open up” someone hollered from the other side. Oh no, it was the thug from the car. I kept quiet, hoping he would go away. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! “Open up now”. BLAMMMM! Suddenly the door flew open. The bastard had just kicked the door open; either that or the old dear had it on the latch. “Right!” he snarled glaring at me with little piggy eyes in a face contorted in rage. I was scared; he was big and ugly with a stubby nose and large mouth. His head was severely shaved to make him look tough. “You’re paying for the damage to my bumper and you’re paying now!” he raged stomping down the hallway towards me. “It’s nothing to do with me. I’m just a passer-by” I cried in alarm backing into the living room. I’m fairly slender and not the athletic type, preferring music and books to football or anything sporty. “I don’t F***g care. You’re giving me my money and you’re giving it to me now!” he yelled. The guy seemed permanently in a bad mood. In horror, I found myself trapped. There was no other way out of the room. “Please. I’ve got no money” I cried. “Then I’m taking it out of your arse!” he yelled and grabbed hold of me. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! The bastard’s big chubby fists slammed into my face like a hammer smashing up my face getting me all bloody and bruised. BAM! BAM! BAM! The bastard punched me in the stomach then smashed my face some more. I stumbled away in pain; the bastard grabbed a chair and smashed it over my head. “You’re coming with me to an ATM and you’re giving me my money!” he yelled as his fists pounded away at me. BAM! BAM! BAM!

“You leave that poor boy alone, you overgrown gorilla” the little old lady’s voice called out. “Nrrrr!” the thug grunted and turned his snarling face towards her. “You’re the one that damaged my bumper. You pay up or I’ll beat the boy to death” he snarled, his lips curling from his large yellowing teeth. “You’re nothing more than a big bully. You tried to run me over and that boy is a witness. We’ll call the Police and see what they’ll say” she said reaching for a telephone on a side unit. BLAM! The snarling brute swept the phone away, yanking out the cord. “You’re calling nobody. No-one calls the old Bill while I’m around” he snarled looming over the petite woman. “Oww” I cried, my jaw hurting too bad to tell him to leave her alone. “I’ll deal with you in a second, chum” he snarled at me and turned back to physically intimidate the old dear with his size. “You’ve probably got savings stashed away under the mattress. Go get it now” he demanded with menace. Strangely she didn’t seem cowed at all, standing up straight to him.

“You get out of my house right now” she demanded. “Urk!” the hulking brute grabbed the old lady by the throat and started strangling her. I tried to get to my feet to go to her aid. WHACK the old lady’s hands chopped down on the inside of his elbows. WHUMP! There was a blur of motion as the old woman’s skirt lifted and a slim leg shot up burying a foot between the man’s legs with a solid thump. “Orrrrrgh!” the thug slumped forward with the old woman’s foot still in place crushing his nadgers until he let go of her neck to push her leg away. I was totally gob smacked; the feisty old lady had just kicked the big brute hard in the balls. “Argh You’ll pay for that you old bitch” he gasped clutching his groin.

“I’m not frightened of you, you horrible man” she scolded staring at him fiercely through her thick glasses. A sneer appeared on the big man’s lip as he forced himself to stand straight. “Who do you think you are? Trying to knock down people crossing the road then barging into their houses beating up their guests?” she asked with indignation. “Not that it’s any of your business but the name’s Phil Matlock and I’m taking over this manor” he shot back in his horrid raspy voice. Manor? Jeese this wasn’t London but a small town in the Home Counties. This burke thought he was some gangland boss. “And you still owe me that money” he rasped pointing his finger in my direction. “He doesn’t owe you anything. Now get out of my house” the feisty old lady was really courageous showing no sign of fear as she stood up to this thug. I on the other hand was terrified. She even had her fists raised, which would have been comical if the situation wasn’t for real. A petite frail looking grey-haired old woman confronting a big burly moron.

“Yeah, you want some of me do you?” he rasped angrily. My breath caught in my throat as a big chubby fist swung at the old lady’s face. To my astonishment, she ducked lithely beneath his flying fist. “Hai!” the unexpected sound from the old woman’s lips made my groin jump as, crouched, her tiny fist shot forward and punched the big man’s big paunch with a solid thud. “Mmmm” he grunted as she caught him by surprise otherwise unaffected by what sounded like a hard punch. The feisty old lady came up fast, her skirt riding up her skinny nylon clad thigh as she drove a bony knee hard into his gut. “Yah!” THUD THUD THUD “Mmnnnn” the big man creased around the middle as her knee buried itself in his gut three times in quick succession with a solid thud, each time the man folding up a bit more like a collapsing building. “Hai Yah!” my groin lurched again at the shocking sound from a little old lady as her hand slashed down, chopping solidly on the back of the neck. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The big burly thug crashed to the floor at the dainty feet of the frail looking old lady.

“Are you alright dear?” the white-haired woman asked me as I looked at her in awe. She was once more a sweet little old lady when seconds ago she had been beating a big ape of a man, if it weren’t for the prone body on the floor barely clinging to consciousness, I could have sworn that I imagined the whole thing as some side effect to the beating I got. “Oh dear, that looks nasty” she said with concern coming over to take a look at me. I tried to warn her that the moron was still awake, but it hurt too much to open my mouth and grimaced in pain. She gently touched my cheek and I winced. “Oh I’m sorry. He’s probably dislocated your jaw” she told me, looking into my eyes, her eyes magnified by her glasses. “I’ve got some medical bits upstairs in the bathroom that I can use to patch you up” she added. Just then the big ape rose from the carpet, face turning red with anger and glaring at us malevolently. “Mmmm” ow that hurt, I wanted to warn her but couldn’t open my mouth. “You best keep still until I return” she said. I tried to draw her attention with my eyes but she seemed puzzled by my actions. “What is it dear?” she asked soothingly. I tapped on her arm and pointed furiously at the approaching man behind her back. She got the message but it was too late.

“Now I got you, you old hag” Phil snarled as snatched her around the middle and starting crushing the thin old lady in his arms. “You’re pretty lively for your age. You won’t be by the time I’ve crushed your puny little body” he rasped as the old lady writhed in his grasp in obvious pain. I forced myself to stand, intending to help her, not knowing what to do. “You stay there son. I’ll deal with you in a second after I’ve broken your gran” the thug warned.

BAM! The old lady’s thin leg rocketed upwards, rucking her skirt up over her long thin thighs, hurling her foot over her shoulder clubbing the man hard against the head. I was gob smacked by the incredible display of flexibility that many women a quarter her age wouldn’t be capable of. Caught by surprise, Phil let the woman go. Spinning around, she placed a hand on his chest then quickly bent double standing on one leg, while the other whiplashed back in a scorpion kick to the face. BAM! A trickle of blood from his nose appeared on his angry red face. The amazing flexibility of the woman made my dick throb despite her advanced age.

The man-ape went berserk.  “I’ll F*** kill yer” he yelled like a madman and lunged towards the woman. “Hai!” the woman’s leg shot up in a forward kick. WHUMP! The rampaging moron charged straight into it, impaling his gut on her small foot. For a moment, Phil seemed puzzled why his forward momentum had stopped. The woman looked puzzled as well, so was I, I was certain if that had been me I would be on the floor curled up in agony. This little old lady had turned into a deadly fighting machine again and for some reason I found it terribly exciting. I could hardly believe that such a sweet old lady could be such a nimble and deadly fighter. The contrast was an incredible turn-on. “Wargh!” the red-faced moron yelled and charged her again like an angry faced rhino. The small old lady showed no fear as she stood her ground at the oncoming rush of man mountain. “Hai!” she casually turned away from him then her foot drove back like lightning stomping him hard against his middle. WHUMP! The kick was so loud and solid that I felt it from where I stood. The look on Phil’s face showed surprise as, for an instant, his feet seemed to leave the floor as once again his momentum was checked. God this little old lady could really kick but amazingly the moron was still standing.

Hai! WHUMP! Hai! WHUMP!Hai! WHUMP!Hai! WHUMP! The small thin grey-haired lady was amazing as she powered front and side kicks one after another into the angry moron’s gut. By the loud sound they made, they connected solidly, causing Phil to wince but still he didn’t go down. I knew that I wouldn’t have stood a chance and somehow that thought turned me on. This little old woman was amazing with her skinny legs covered in sheer black nylon that somehow exuded a sexy leggy power that had me rock hard. But I couldn’t understand why the snarling red-faced gorilla wasn’t creased over with the breath kicked out of him. Those kicks looked and sounded brutal yet he showed little discomfort.

To my surprise the old woman moves towards the much bigger man, grabs his shoulders and blasts a knee high into his stomach just below the sternum. WHUMPH! WHUMPH! WHUMPH! WHUMPH! Each blow drives Phil’s feet off the carpet, his face grimacing with the loud pounding she inflicts. Oh my God, she is amazing. There is no way I could stand such brutal punishment.

Suddenly the brute has his hands around her throat. Although he is clearly showing some discomfort from her leggy punishment, it doesn’t stop him from trying to strangle the life out of her. Her face is turning red and her eyes are bulging. I know I have to help her soon before he kills her but what can I do? I grab a chair and smash it over his head. The bastard just glares at me, his lip curling away from his yellowing teeth. “I’ll fix you ORRRGHHH!” he cried, his face creasing in anguish as the old lady’s bony knee shot up between his legs.

“Hai!” the instant Phil’s hands left her throat, the old lady stepped back and blasted a roundhouse kick to his head. From my position behind her, I saw her black skirt rise so high that I caught a glimpse of the her small tight rounded buttocks at the top of her tights and the deadly long thin legs, the light shining off the sheer nylon. BAM! The toe of her foot hammered into the side of his neck causing him to stagger back against the side unit.

He seemed dazed but something caught my eye about the way his shirt laid. I took a step towards him, but the old lady put her hand on my arm stopping me. “You better stand back, dear. He’s clinging on. He’s a tough one isn’t he?” she told me. “So you can kick can you, you little hag? Well I’m going to snap your skinny little legs off and shove them down your throat” he rasped, shaking his head from its daze. “For your information, the name’s Lilly and you are a nasty man” the small thin woman told him as she positioned her hands, clenched into raised fists. “Go ahead. Punch me in the stomach. Won’t do you any good. See” with that he ripped open his shirt. To my amazement he was wearing some kind of body armour, although badly dented, a testament to the power of Lilly’s kicks. Kick him in the balls or in his head I urged Lilly. However, she had other ideas.

“HAI YAH!” she screamed so loudly in that little room that it was deafening. I realised with shock that her fist was buried in the thug’s gut; I hadn’t even seen it move. Phil’s eyes were wide, his mouth dropped open like a goldfish. Lilly pulled her fist away and I was stunned to see it leave a big hole. She had punched right through his body armour. Oh my god! the sheer power of that punch had me throbbing. HAI! Her fist hammered out again driving straight through the hole she had created and deep into his gut with a sound like striking meat. Phil’s face contorted into agony. “Not so tough now are you, now that your silly vest is broken” Lilly taunted. What are you waiting for? Finish him. But Lilly just stood there until the tension went out of his face. HAI! Her fist pounded flesh again, the thug creasing forward. “Fancy a big strong man like you needing to wear a girdle” Lilly taunted. It’s not a girdle, it’s body armour and you just punched your way through it like it was made of icing. Again Lilly seemed to wait until the thug had just about recovered. HAI! Her fist hammered his gut again in the same place, the hole in his protection widening. Phil’s face was a mask of sheer agony and he creased forward greater than before. “I think you’re the one who is going to pay us for all the damage that you’ve caused” she scolded. Again she allowed him to recover slightly. HAI! Her fist was a blur as it went into his middle so deep that I swore that she had driven the whole thing inside him. This time, he folded over completely and crumpled to the floor, his mouth opening and shutting silently unable to draw breath.

As the big burly thug lay on the carpet desperately clinging on to consciousness, Lilly removed her jacket revealing a crisp white blouse. “I’m just going into the hall to hang this up” she told me then disappeared. Nervously I watched the yob on the floor, his head bobbing as he fought to stay awake. Was there anything I could hit him over the head with if he started to get up? Where was she? Why hadn’t she finished him when she had the chance? I had to admit it but I didn’t want to be here on my own when he recovered. I was relieved when Lilly re-appeared, although ashamed that I was looking for protection from a little old lady who was probably over three times my age. “I just went to get my medical kit for you dear. I’ll soon have you patched up” she said. I pointed at the thug who seemed to be recovering. “Oh, I expect he’s learnt his lesson” she said hopefully but I doubted it. As she came close and started dabbing at my face with antiseptic, I couldn’t help looking at her chest as it wobbled around in front of me. Although she had a thin body, her chest looked big and very low hanging. A smile spread on her lips and I realised that she was looking at something. Had she caught me looking at her chest? With horror I realise that I am sporting an erection and try to cover it with my hands. “Well I never thought I’d have that effect on a young man at my age” she chuckled as I felt my face turn red. “That’s all right dear. There’s no need to be embarrassed. I’m very flattered I have that effect on you, although I’m nothing to look at anymore” she added. Oh please change the subject. “Maybe it’s just the excitement of the situation. All that violence appealing to your testosterone or something or maybe you liked watching a little old lady defend herself against a big bully” she said. Yes, that was probably part of it but I also realised that I had been turned on by her unexpected flexibility and incredible fighting power. I mean she had just punched her way through body armour! It wasn’t like I fancied her. In fact the thought of kissing that wrinkly face put me right off. A grunt from the thug broke the uncomfortable silence.

Lilly left me and went to stand in front of Phil as he rose from the floor like a lumbering beast. I shouldn’t have been surprised by now to see the old woman adopt a fight stance with her fists raised. “Are you going to behave now or shall I treat you like a naughty boy?” Lilly asked. Phil grunted. He had always been top dog. Few stood up to him; his fists smashed those who did. He always believed in letting his fists do the talking. So he couldn’t comprehend how a frail looking old woman had punched the crap out of his body armour then knocked the wind out of him. It must have been damaged somehow that’s all, but how could a little old lady bend and kick like that? He couldn’t understand it and there was only one way he knew to deal with things he didn’t understand.

“Garrr!” he cried as he flung himself across the room. Her thin arms in her white blouse no match for his thick beefy ones. “Garrr!” his large bulky frame collided with the smaller woman like a rampaging rhino, pushing her backwards. Her feet hit the front of the sofa and she tripped and fell onto the seat. Phil loomed over the small wizened woman, her wrinkled neck tiny in his huge hands as he strangled her. She couldn’t move, her face was turning red. “Urkk” she croaked. Her thin legs were pinned against the front of the settee by his thick ones. She looked so frail as he throttled her. He’s killing her, I had to do something. I ran across and tried to pull him off by jumping on his back and hitting him but he just shook me off then turned and punched me in the face. “Sit down. I’ll deal with you later mush” he threatened. Ow, all that had given me was a bloody nose again, but the distraction allowed Lilly to free herself. She looked horribly vulnerable as she scrabbled to stand up on the sofa facing her attacker.

The big bully snarled and reached forward to reclaim his prey, but despite her diminutive appearance, Lilly was no shrinking violet. Standing on the sofa made the crinkly oldie about the same height as Phil and with a look of fierce determination she grabbed his shoulders and energetically powered a bony knee hard against his jaw. CLOCK! The thug’s head jerked upwards leaving his jaw slack-mouthed. “Hah!” she cried as she followed up with a brutal kick to the throat that lifted her black skirt high giving me a glimpse of sheer black nylon over long slim legs. “Kkkkk” a horrid strangulated croak came from the big man and he raised his hands to clutch his throat. The ferocious old lady stood with her legs apart, her black skirt taut and raised her fists with a look of strong confidence.  “Hai!” it made me jump each time she did that. “WHUMP” the amazing grey-hair swung her upper body behind a skinny arm pounding a small fist hard against the side of his neck. Phil’s eyes seemed to roll up inside their sockets and his face went slack then he just crumpled to the floor.

“That will teach you to mess with a member of The Salvation Army” Lilly lectured after she jumped off the sofa. The big thug looked out of it as his head lolled. “Now get up and face me like a man” she told him. His eyes kept moving like he was unable to focus and his head bobbed up and down as though he was unable to lift it. “I can’t wait all day for him. Come and help me lift him up” she told me. After that demonstration of what she was capable of, I didn’t want to disobey her. Together and with much straining and heaving we manage to lift the heavy thug then held him upright until he seemed capable of standing on his own two feet, albeit swaying a lot.

“What was his name?” she asked me but I couldn’t answer with my bust jaw. “Oh yes, Phil. Now listen to me Phil. Look at me when I’m talking to you” she raised her voice and the big man, although clearly stunned, actually looked frightened. “The Salvation Army won’t stand for gangs moving into our towns and villages what with your guns and drugs and evil ways” she told him. “Now hold still like the big boy you are. This is going to hurt” she added. “Wha?” he asked groggily.

It all happened so quickly but I could still recall every moment of it. I had seen the sweet little old lady in The Salvation Army uniform demonstrate incredibly flexibility and devastating fighting skills but nothing like what happened next. “HAI!” with a scream so loud that set my dick lurching, the little white haired woman with the glasses leapt into the air, quickly raising one knee which then snapped completely vertical so she was almost doing a standing front splits in the air. WHACK! In the blink of an eye, her small foot blasted the big brute’s face so hard that there was a nasty bone-grinding crunch as his head snapped back fast. The kick was so powerful that his body was launched clean off the floor and propelled rapidly head over heels. BAM! He hit the carpet hard and did not move. “HAI YAH!” Lilly’s nylon clad leg returned briefly to the foot before kicking up again. This time she caught it and held it vertical in victory over Phil’s prone body. My cock was rock solid, harder than I had ever felt it, totally turned on by the lethal flexibility of this tiny woman.

I just stood there gaping at her standing victoriously over the destroyed man until she lowered and leg and turned to me. “Come on into the kitchen, dear, and I’ll make you a nice cup of tea while I’ll phone my friends” she said sweetly as though nothing out the ordinary had happened. I was so flabbergasted by what I had just seen that I didn’t even think about covering up the huge tent straining at the front of my trousers. As she lead me out of the room, her hand accidentally brushed my erection and seemed to linger for a while before she sat me in the kitchen and made me some tea. Believe me, that erection took absolute ages before it went down. It was still hard by the time some more Salvation Army women arrived and one of them drove me to the hospital.
Several weeks later
My injuries have healed. I keep thinking about Lilly and often replay the memory of the lithe old lady beating the stuffing out of a much bigger and younger man. I’ve even had a few wet dreams over it. This morning I decided that I could put it off no longer and pluck up the courage to walk up the path to her house. Ringing the doorbell, I plan in my head how I am going to thank her for saving me from a worst beating from Phil and also to see how she is. All that goes out the window when she opens the door. “Oh it’s you dear. You are looking well. Do come in” she says. I can only dumbly nod my head. The old woman is wearing a crisp white oriental style martial arts uniform, a gi I believe its called, with a white wrap around jacket draped over her slender frame knotted with a black belt over loose white trousers. The unexpected sight has me speechless. I feel a strange mixture of fear and trepidation at the sight of the martial arts uniform yet a strange longing for the power this implies. The incongruity of a frail looking old grey-haired woman wearing glasses in a gi with a black belt is also confusing my emotions. I realise Lilly is staring at me. “I, I came to say thank you for saving me from that thug” I blurt out less elegantly than I had planned. “And and to see if you were all right” I added. “That’s very considerate of you. I didn’t catch your name last time you were here” she said. “Jimmy. You, you look amazing in that” I said before blushing because of how stupid that sounded. “Oh this. I took up karate after I joined the Salvation Army after my husband passed away. It keeps me fit and gives me something to do to stop getting bored and lonely” she told me. “You are amazing fit, all that flexibility when you were kicking that man” I gushed. “Why thank you. I’ll just change then make us a nice cup of tea” “No, please. I, I would love to see you working out” I have no idea why I said that out loud although it was true, I was absolutely fascinated by this amazing woman. More so, now that she was dressed in her symbol of power.

“Very well. Come on through to the garage. Well it used to be a garage but I don’t drive so I use it as my little personal gym” she told me as she led the way. I followed looking up and down the back of her gi as she walked, noticing that her feet were bare. The garage was about 35 foot long and connected the side of the house to what was an outside loo and coalbunker in pre-war times. A large area in the centre consisted solely of a large rubber mat, a punch bag and various piles of stone slabs. “Please remove your shoes” she told me as she stepped onto the mat and began some stretching exercises. As I did what I was told, I watched the woman marvelling how limber she was for her age. “Why don’t you hold the punch bag for me, dear” she asked. I agreed and took hold of the big red hanging bag on the opposing side. As the thin grey-haired woman adopted a fight stance before me and raised her small fists, a shiver of trepidation went down my spine. Come on, she’s just a little old lady, how hard can those thin arms really hit? But I remembered how she had punched her way through Phil’s body armour. Surely that was not possible? Maybe it had been damaged in the first place? “Hai Hai Hai” Lilly began punching the bag in a steady slow rhythm using alternate fists. The blows were quite light although I could feel the vibrations of their impact through the bag. “Hai Hai Hai” WAP WAP WAP the punches began to get stronger, her thin arms working like pistons. I now had to put some effort in to keep the bag steady. “HAI HAI HAI” BAM BAM BAM Oh my god, the bag keeps slamming back into me and I’m having trouble holding onto it. “HAI HAI HAI” BLAM BLAM BLAM I can feel the power of her punches through the bag and it’s shocking how strong they are. “HAI HAI HAI” I was barely clinging on, the power of her punches was so strong that the bag was making me stagger back and forth. I knew that if the bag wasn’t between us, those punches would break my ribs and smash my face in. “HAI YAH!” she yelled. The bag flew back so hard it almost knocked me off my feet.

“Wow, you punch hard Lilly” I gasped, relieved to find no more punches followed. “Don’t underestimate someone because of their appearance, Jimmy. You don’t need big muscles or brute strength to do Karate” Lilly told me. Strangely her words made my groin tighten. “Now hold that bag really tight. I want to work on my kicks” she told. I found my cock going hard remembering the devastating effects of her kicks on Phil. She stood calmly in front of the bag for a few moments then raised her fists and tentatively lifted a foot from the foot. “Hai Hai Hai” BAM BAM BAM I instantly find myself clinging on to the bag trying in vain to keep it from moving. WHAM WHAM WHAM the power of her kicks is so brutal that my feet are leaving the floor each time the bag jerks back. WHAM WHAM WHAM I’m just riding the bag, my feet barely touching the ground, the power of her kicks are unbelievable and I find my cock solid. “HAI YAH!” BARWHAM! My body flies backwards through the air and slams into the mat several feet away.

I am totally stunned by how hard this woman can kick. “You can take your clothes of now, young man” What! What did she just say? “I know the real reason that you came here. Just look at that thing in your trousers. You’ve no idea how much I’ve been dreaming of that since you were last here” Lilly told me. I was shocked by her outspokenness, but she was right, I was sporting an absolute rock solid boner. Lilly’s small liver spot covered hands moved to the front of her white gi jacket and pulled it apart. To my horror, she was not wearing a bra and I saw the inside edges of low slung breasts. “Don’t be shy now. You want it. I want it. So lets do it. Get them off” she said removing the jacket completely revealing her breasts in all their glory. Although she was old and wrinkly, and her breasts sagged, they were actually a full rounded pair that wouldn’t look out of place on a much younger woman. “Wow. They are incredibly sexy” I gasped gawping at the big low slung boobs that looked huge on her slim frame. “So get your clothes off before I make you” she sounded a bit angry. Still I hesitated. This was an old lady! It was her Karate power that turned me on. The thought of making love to a wrinkly old lady let alone kiss her didn’t appeal to me at all. “Please I, um” I didn’t know what to say, to turn her down without upsetting her.

“I see” she said huffily. “I think you better watch this” she added. She walked over to a pile of stone slabs resting on a trellis giving a side view of her bare upper body. I couldn’t keep my eyes off those low-slung breasts that looked so big on a body that was slim bordering on skinny. She peered at me over her spectacles looking over her shoulder. “Don’t just stare at my breasts, young man. Get your trousers off and come and get them” she told me. When I didn’t reply she sighed then bent down and removed her gi bottoms. Somehow I wasn’t surprised to find that she also wore nothing under them. She now stood completely naked in front of the slabs. Taking a few deep breaths, she raised a hand, open-palmed. Surely not? She’ll break her hand on that. “HAI!” a flesh-coloured flash and pieces of shattered stone flew everywhere in a cloud of dust. I felt my jaw go slack but it had barely fallen when the wrinkly old woman pivoted. “HAI!” a thin leg flashed out sideways into what I had assumed was a small low height wall partitioning her workout area. The wall exploded with broken bricks and mortar propelled across the length of the garage at great speed. My erection was twitching like crazy.

“Oh God, that was incredible” I gasped; I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. “Don’t take the Holy Father’s name in vain, dear” Lilly told me as she peered at me over her glasses. “Would you like me to demonstrate what a kick like that can do to a human body?” she asked as she walked towards me, oblivious to the bits of broken stone and brick beneath her bare feet. “N,no please” I stammered, too stunned to even think of running. She looked like a sweet little old granny but she was in the nude and the demonstration of her awesome power had me so hard and aching, I didn’t know what to do. She stood in front of me and I had to force myself from staring at her white-haired pussy. The naked senior citizen raised adopted a fight stance with one fist against her chest pointing at me, the other rose vertically. “Then take off your trousers, now” she demanded. I could scarcely believe that this sweet old woman was threatening me but she really looked like she was ready to hit me and that thought scared me. With shaky hands I did as I was told, greatly regretting that I had worn such tight pants that were now stretched by my solid member. My embarrassment was made worse because Lilly was staring at it and licked her lips.

“And the pants” she ordered. I hesitated. Swoosh Swoosh her fists exchanged positions in a rapid movement so fast I barely saw it. The threat unnerved me and I whipped them off in an instant. Lilly lowered her fists as she came so close that my erection brushed her body. “Kiss me, Jimmy. Kiss me passionately. Let me feel your passion” she said softly as she pressed our bodies together. I leant forward but I couldn’t kiss those dry old wrinkly lips. Anger flared in her eyes. Lilly stepped back and swept her right arm across to her other shoulder. “Hai!” it swung back like a coiled spring, the side of her hand chopping me in the middle of my gut. ORRRR! The unexpected attack from the old woman left me breathless and creasing up.

I sensed Lilly turn her back on me, her naked backside close to the side of my head. “Hah!” a bony elbow drove in the middle of my back sending me sprawling. I lie on my belly shocked that the old lady had hit me. A pair of bare feet appears before my face. They are small, white with prominent blue veins – urghh. “You can kiss them if you prefer”. I scrabbled away and got to my feet. The grey-haired wrinkly old woman stepped towards me and I backed up. “Please. I admit I’m turned on by your incredible karate power but I don’t want to make love to you” I pleaded as she came closer forcing me to back up some more.

“Hai Yai!” she yelled, making me jump in fright as she adopts another fight stance. “In that case you can complete my workout with a fight. Come on, I won’t hurt you too bad” she said, her eyes bright and magnified by her spectacles. “Please I’m not a fighter” I begged. After seeing her pulverise those stone slabs and what she did to that big man, I didn’t fancy my chances against the old wrinkly. “Hai!” she stepped forwards, her fists exchanging position. “Don’t be frightened. I’m very good at first aid” she said as I backed against a wall.

“Hai!” a skinny leg shoots past my face causing me to wince thinking it would rip my head off. Instead it misses me and Lilly holds it perfectly vertical in front of her. The sight of her amazing flexibility, so close I could almost touch her caused my boner to become very stiff once more. “I think you would like that, dear” she smiled then lowered her leg so that the back of her ankle was resting on my shoulder. She then hopped forward, sliding the leg forward until the back of her leg was pressing along my chest. Speechless and turned-on by such intimacy with a naked woman, I felt her take my erection and impale herself upon it. “Ohhhhh!” I moaned as Lilly thrust her crotch back and forward pumping herself on my dick. Her raised leg between us as she rides me is a constant reminder of her amazing limberness, dominance and karate power. “Ohhhh!” she is really good and her prowess keeps me rock hard. “Ohhh Lilly!” I moan as I lose myself in the feeling and I am soon using my arms to pull her closer so that I can kiss her mouth in increasing passion. I no longer care that I’m being screwed by a little old lady, lost to her sexual skill; she is a fit supple experienced woman. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” after what seems to be ages of her pumping herself on my dick, I can’t hold back any more and shoot my load in one big explosion that completely drains me. This triggers her own orgasm; her loud cries of ecstasy are a pleasure to hear, knowing that I had serviced this amazing woman well.

After lying on the mat to recover alongside Lilly, I get to stand up but she pulls me back down and the naked old woman climbs on top to sit astride my waist. “Hai! Hai!” the naked woman chops me on either side of my neck leaving me dazed. That demonstration of dominance and the sight of her well-developed breasts re-ignites my ardour. “Where do you think you’re going? I haven’t finished with you yet by a long shot” she tells me. “I may be over 90 but my sexual appetite is veracious”. She rolls off me and lies with her back on the mat and spreads her thin legs wide doing a horizontal splits. The sight has me rock hard again and I plunge myself in her and pump away furiously. It was as I was later to discover just the start of a very long day indeed.
The car drew up by the security gate then its engine died. The driver’s door opened and a slim female figure of average height got out. Dressed in black robes and cowl trimmed with white, the nun propped the bonnet and rummaged inside. One of the two guards on night duty came out to provide assistance. “Thank you, my dear. That’s very kind of you” the nun said. The middle-aged woman stood back to make way for the man under the bonnet. Out of view of his colleague back in the hut, the nun suddenly drove her elbow hard into his kidneys then chopped him on both sides of the neck. “Rest in the peace of The Lord” she told the figure as it slumped to the ground unseen.

The nun entered the security hut. “Oh, did Bob send you in here for a cup of tea HNNNNN!”. The front of the woman’s cassock lifted high as she kicked the man in the sternum. Moving fluidly, the nun grabbed the man’s arm and twisted it behind his back while pinching his spine at the back of his neck with her other hand. “Arghh!” the man cried as she forced him into a seat before the control console. “Disable the alarms and the fire suppression system in the archaeological section” she ordered. “Argh!” with lancing pain shooting up the back of his head from the nun’s iron nerve grip, the guard obeyed using his free hand to enter the commands. Swinging his chair around, the hem of her cassock kicks up once more as her foot blasts the side of his neck with deadly accuracy. “We must all make sacrifices for The Lord” she said as the chair tips over backwards spilling the limb body to the floor.
2nd June 1876
Windthorpe wants to lead the 103rd Regiment of Footmount into the dense jungle north of the city. I confronted him saying that I knew nothing of any military significance that would justify diverting the resources of The Royal Bombay Fusiliers. He confided that the destination was a cave complex of great antiquity that housed a magnificent secret treasure. I had heard of such caves but they were just holy places used by Buddhist monks. If there were any treasure here it would have been plundered by the Portuguese who had ruled here long before us. Windthorpe insisted that this was different and that he had proof.

His proof comprised two raggedy, and I feared abused, natives held captive in a small room. They were frightened, looking around nervously as if expecting a spectre. They communicated through our translator in some intermediary tongue begging us to release them before the spirits came and repeating that what we sought was the forbidden knowledge of the gods, only for the eyes of priestesses. They only speak of theological knowledge, that is their treasure, I said. Windthorpe was not convinced and wanted to whip these primitives until I objected. He did not like it when I pointed out that these primitives could speak several languages compared with just the one he knew. I told him to remember that we were British and were not like the Spanish committing genocide blaming their gold lust on God. He replied that Disraeli had recently made Queen Victoria “Empress of India” and that meant and any hidden treasure was property of the crown. It was our duty as Englishmen to return this treasure to its rightful owner, Her Majesty. I doubted these noble sentiments but kept such thoughts quiet and have decided that I would accompany  “the Old Toughs” as historical advisor.

Lord Gerald Symthe-Jones, personal diary

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